2023 Eclipses & Pluto Retrograde: Big Energy & Consciousness Changes

In my April 2, 2023 article, Additional NEW Template Layer Added, I talked about perceiving a vast deep BLUE colored energy template LAYER recently added to the Divine Mother Feminine template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Since then, I’ve been curious about how some of this latest template layer addition would manifest individually and collectively. To me it’s felt strange lately, I mean more so than usual, kind of like how it often feels before a physical earthquake happens. There’s a steady buildup of energetic pressures that, if you’re sensitive, you very much feel in your physical body and nervous system. And it is not a pleasant feeling and makes you energetically anxious, edgy, uncomfortable and high-strung until the earthquake(s) physically releases that built-up pressure. The moment it does, that pent-up internal pressure you were living with is instantly dissipated, and you feel oh so much better.

This 2023 six-month Eclipses and Pluto Retrograde period may make some feel like there’s a lot of internal energetic “movement” going on within them. It’s not earthquakes, but energy templates and energy patterns getting jostled around, removed and replaced. How this feels to each of us will be slightly different, but I’m certain you will sense and feel another big chunk of old Duality reality being demolished, and additional NEW Triality reality put in place within us.

On April 19, 2023, there’s a Total Solar (Sun) Eclipse happening at 29° Aries, (Fire) which is ruled by Mars. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse happening at 14° Scorpio, (Water) which is ruled by Pluto, but before Pluto’s discovery, was ruled by Mars.

On May 2, 2023, Pluto goes Retrograde at 0° Aquarius 21″ (minutes). Six months later Pluto goes Direct on October 12, 2023 at 27° Capricorn 53″. Pluto going Retrograde for half of this year is directly connected to all of the 2023 Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Also, when Pluto goes Direct motion on October 12th, it quickly reenters 0° Aquarius 0″ on November 20, 2023, and does NOT Retrograde back into Capricorn again. From November 20, 2023 forward, Pluto is in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years.

We are hurtling through mega evolutionary Ascension Process changes faster than ever before in 2023 because a tremendous amount of old Duality-based patriarchal reality is swiftly being removed and simultaneously replaced with higher NEW Triality-based energy template layers. The April into May, and October 2023 Solar / Lunar Eclipses, plus Pluto’s final months in Capricorn are all helping accomplish this rapidly for NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

Six months later on October 14, 2023, there’s a Solar (Sun) Eclipse at 21° Libra, (Air) which is ruled by Venus. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse at 5° Taurus, (Earth) which is ruled by Venus. 

Do you sense some important 2023 energy themes unfolding and coming into focus?

As I’ve said before, I don’t perceive astrology from the old lower pre-ascension frequency level of consciousness and reality. I perceive it from where I exist today, in this moment. Because of this, my astrological interpretations are and will continue to be Triality-based and somewhat different, less linear and separated. That said, I’m going to throw out some points about these 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde and then Direct around the same time as these Eclipses.

To me the first standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Mars, the second standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Venus. 

The 29th Degree Energy

The April 19th Total Solar Eclipse happens at the 29th degree of Aries. Any planet, point, angle in the 29th° of any sign is called the Anaretic Degree. The last degree of every sign has a strong sense of urgency, finality, of big changes on the brink of happening, and symbolizes karmic completion related to that planet’s or point’s energy, which in this case is Mars at 29° Aries, and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse meaning EVERYONE will be experiencing Mars at 29° Aries energies.

This April 19, 2023, Total Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries is pushing every person to come to terms with the fact that they are not who they’ve believed themselves to be. I sense humanity is going to experience being pressured to evolve and expand (29th°) their personal sense of self and human identity (Aries). Are you Duality-based patriarchal preprogrammed herd sheeple people, or are you evolving into a Triality-based free HighHeart centered NEW Human? This Solar Eclipse will push us all to promptly broaden our sense of personal identity, free ourselves from pre-ascension patriarchal limitations, childish beliefs, disempowerment and separations and individually eclipse karmic completion and become an evolving, ascending NEW Human of NEW Earth.

It often happens that some people choose to die and exit physicality during Eclipses. Eclipses are energy points when there’s a type of momentary opening, a brief clear open space of energetic neutrality that’s easier than usual to exit a physical incarnation. Some people will take advantage of these 2023 Eclipses to do just that, die and leave physical life and reality. Be prepared for this possibility throughout these April into May and October 2023 Eclipses.

Some people will die and exit this world via these Eclipses, while those of us that remain will feel the evolutionary stress and strain of becoming much more of our greater, higher Selves in these physical bodies, identities and individual sense of self. Aries is individual self; opposite sign Libra is all Others.

    Back and forth old lower frequency Yin Yang Duality with the Sun and Moon / the Moon and Sun 2023 Eclipses and all of them taking place in Mars and Venus energies.

  • Solar Sun masculine, male
  • Lunar Moon feminine, female
  • Sun eclipsed
  • Moon eclipsed
  • Mars, masculine, male
  • Venus, feminine, female

When viewed like this it’s easy to see the pre-ascension Duality separation of Mars/Venus, male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon and how that’s influenced humans, human consciousness and physical reality. However, what’s taking place now is the permanent dismantling of the old Duality-based energy template we were born into. All of what’s been separated and dualized continues being torn down and replaced with a totally NEW higher frequency, greater integrated, unified Triality-based energy template we continue evolving into. These 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde into Capricorn for the final time for six months between Eclipses—and them being distinctly Mars/Pluto and Venus highlighted—indicates that humanity will be undergoing greater removal of old patriarchal Duality male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energetic separation and separation consciousness. Simultaneously humanity will individually and collectively be undergoing much greater integration of male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energies and consciousness. Pluto Retrograde for six months back into late degree Capricorn is putting the final expiration touches on the dying global patriarchy and the profound separation that went with it. When Pluto goes Direct motion and reenters 0°Aquarius on November 20, 2023, after the two October Eclipses, you and I and much of unaware humanity will be magnificently more individually and collectively energetically integrated. When greater energetic integration takes place, it automatically produces more Triality consciousness and therefore reality.

Over the past few years, I repeatedly written about how the ascension Divine Mother Feminine is anything but goddess like, warm and fuzzy, plump and cuddly etc. SHE/IT is something new to humanity in that SHE/IT is greatly integrated and contains both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. And vice versa. The less old separation there is, the more powerful everything naturally becomes. The greater the energetic CHANGEOVER into Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth, the less negativity, insanity and chaos there is. The more integrated each person becomes energetically, frequency-wise, vibrationally, evolutionarily and so on, the less and less anyone would ever do anything to harm anyone or anything for any reason. These 2023 Mars/Pluto and Venus Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde for the last time into late degree Capricorn are aspects of the latest NEW deep BLUE energy template layer.

Let your old habits and beliefs about all things male/female, masculine/feminine, Mars/Venus, the Sun/Moon, the four elements and all other old separations of our past freely go during the next six months. This is humanity’s current ascension agenda—more evolving out of past separations and patriarchy and into greater integrations individually and Triality reality and consciousness. Expect miracles, expect rapid miracles. ❤

Denise Le Fay

April 18, 2023


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Additional NEW Template Layer Added

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2023. All Rights Reserved. DMCA protected and enforced. My Copyright Intellectual Property I write for HighHeartLife.com is NOT created for parasitic people to quote on their sites to attract readers and make donation money off my work. I’m talking to you not so Golden Age of Gaia site owner & site crew and anyone else continuing to do this in 2023. 

In October 2022, I began clairvoyantly Seeing another layer of the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template for ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans rapidly heading towards us. The way I perceived this second energy template layer late last year, was Seeing it far away and approaching us very fast. It came from On High, not from far out in physical space. It looks like a massive, deep BLUE energy layer that’s the latest addition to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine reality template.

In October 2022 I found myself dealing with some new physical body purging difficulties I wrote about (link below) and again in December 2022. This hasn’t stopped for me since 2022 and I know some of you have been going through this constantly too since late last year.

2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions

The late 2022 approaching deep BLUE Divine Mother Feminine next template layer was first felt by some of us as another stage of multidimensional negativity distortions being cleared, transmuted, neutralized and replaced by this NEW template layer. Out with more of the old negativity and simultaneous embodiment and anchoring of another layer of NEW Humans NEW Earth energy template.

This is now a single energy happening, not a long drawn-out 1 – 2 Duality punch process as it often felt to many during Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’re in Triality frequency now, and one of the many aspects of it for First Everythinger Volunteers is things present to and in us now as a single ONE event/happening/experience/process. One big hit-you-hard-at-first event that becomes easier the more we embody and/or Embody. Even my saying that in this linear, one word following another word form isn’t altogether correct.

(1) You know how you can feel things getting better inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (2) You know how you feel things feeling worse inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (3) You know how they now feel like ONE and the same thing while the transmuting, clearing, purging shift process is taking place? That fellow ascension co-workers is you functioning in and feeling Triality frequency instead of lower everything-is separated-from-everything-else Duality frequency, consciousness and reality. Don’t forget this because everything is going to increasingly be and feel like this—no longer separated and linear—but a single more complex Triality-based experience, life, reality and consciousness.

Have you seen the 2023 Oscar Best Picture movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, yet? When I saw it, my first surprised thought was how like my ascension Volunteer life reality it was in that SO MUCH was happening ALL AT ONCE from different dimensions, different timelines, alternate lives, past lives, worlds, consciousnesses and probabilities and this Denise version is the one doing the Pathpaving for it/them all. Can you relate ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworking, Embodying Energy Transmuters? We should all place a single plastic adhesive googly eye over our Pituitary Third Eye Seer foreheads!

I was surprised a complex movie like it was even made, however, when physical linear time has been continuously speeding up the past twenty-five years and global humanity has been living that, plus NEW world reality energy templates and additional layers are being added to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, some individuals are going to sense these things at deep inner levels and attempt to creatively externalize them. There are important reasons why this particular movie won the 2023 Oscar Best Picture. Humanity needs to become conscious of the fact that they’re multidimensional beings and “reality” is far more complex, malleable, and creative than previously believed.

I’ve mentioned this before but it needs repeating. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based energy template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans will continue having additional NEW template layers added to it. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template blueprint didn’t come in completely finished right from the start. The first massive energy foundation framework of it arrived in the physical in 2022. And as has always been the case with this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process, it unfolds bit-by-bit, layer-by-layer, embodiment chunk-by-embodiment chunk.

Even doing it in this safer incremental fashion, we still get hammered by nearly every energy addition, whether it comes from On High, from the Milky Way galactic center (GC), through our Sun, other Stars, galaxies, Angelic beings and so on. Because evolving rapidly as we are while remaining in our physical bodies is a very big and difficult deal, the Ascension Process HAS to unfold a little at a time, so we and our physical bodies survive it and Earth isn’t ripped apart by it either. And so, layer after layer after layer of more energy template layers will continue being added to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template. So far, it’s been one a year, but I sense this will quicken if those of us Embodying and embodying first can cope with internal and external energies and realities changing even faster than they have been. We can and will because we’re functioning from, living within, existing and Working from Triality frequency. That was my version of a big hearts up about these NEW template layer additions this year. It may be only this deep BLUE one, but I keep sensing the strong possibility for another layer arriving at some point after July 2023. While I typed that I perceived, there may be two smaller template layers arriving in the months after July 2023. 

Some of the side effects from this deep BLUE template layer addition I’m experiencing have been a greater inner calm and fixedness, greater energy strength, greater energy empowerment, greater self-confidence because I’m more Embodied Soul ME now than I was prior. This latest early 2023 greater Embodiment unification is undeniable. If you’re living it yourself, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. As I’ve said over the years, this ongoing Embodiment Process some of us have chosen to undertake during this evolutionary Ascension Process not only dramatically changes us, but it quickens the Ascension Process as well. The less separation between physical you/Higher Self You/Soul YOU there is, the greater your personal unity Triality becomes and that profoundly changes and improves everything everywhere all at once. 

This latest deep BLUE template layer has also made it easier to embody, circulate, and consciously direct the NEW Light energies and codes within our physical and energy bodies, HighHearts and consciousness much faster. It’s astonishing to experience in and through my physical body and HighHeart Self, the building and physical level manifesting of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

I’ve always known that the more Team Dark negativity and distortions that’s removed during this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process, the easier and faster it would be having the next higher level of Divine Source energy templates automatically put in place throughout the dimensions and worlds. In other words, remove the past Evolutionary Cycle’s Duality monsters and we’re automatically evolved, ascended to the next higher Cycle. This is what’s happening in very accelerated ways since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began in January 2020, and it will continue accelerating from here on out. Each additional NEW template layer added to the Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template for ascending NEW Humans, NEW Earth accelerates both the end of the old lower everything and the implementation and manifestation of ascending NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

April 2, 2023


Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2023. All Rights Reserved. DMCA protected and enforced. My Copyright Intellectual Property I write for HighHeartLife.com is NOT created for parasitic people to quote on their sites to attract readers and make donation money off my work. 

Saturn & Pluto Change Signs March 2023

There are some extremely important astrological sign changes—astrological energy templates—happening in March 2023 I want to talk about from the Ascension Process NEW Earth NEW Human level. Please keep that in heartmind as you read this. We no longer exist in the old lower Duality frequencies so astrology in general needs to be understood from this higher octave of growing human consciousness and existence. Astrology is changing because humanity is evolving. And believe me, Saturn entering PISCES and Pluto entering AQUARIUS in March 2023, at this high frequency level and Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process, will prompt global humanity to come to terms with this fact one way or another.

•December 21, 2022 Jupiter entered 0°Aries on the Winter Solstice initiating the start of a new higher frequency 12-yearlong cycle around the zodiac.

•March 7, 2023 Saturn enters Pisces

•March 20, 2023 Sun enters 0°Aries Vernal Equinox

•March 21, 2023 New Moon at 0°Aries 50′

•March 24, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius

•March 26, 2023 Mars enters Cancer

It is the Saturn and Pluto sign change transits I’m primarily focused on. And I’m focusing on them for the same reason I focused on the January 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn Conjunction that kicked off Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, activated the Divine Cease & Desist Order that’s still in effect, and everything else that began unfolding in January 2020. In 2023, it continues to be Saturn and Pluto working together to eradicate the lower frequency patriarchal everything and bring about the higher NEW energy templates and cycles for ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

The Saturn in Pisces transit will end old global patriarchal “Church” and the Pluto in Aquarius transit will end old global patriarchal “State”. 

March 2023 two heavyweight planets change signs. The first is Saturn into Pisces on March 7, 2023. The second is Pluto into Aquarius two weeks later. Saturn does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7, 2023 through February 2026. It takes Saturn 2½–3 years to transit one zodiacal sign. Because Saturn doesn’t retrograde back into Aquarius early in this sign change, the energy influences of Saturn in Pisces—in the higher NEW Human, NEW Earth energy template and matching frequencies and codes—will hit hard right from the start. This is good, very good despite the challenging reality side effects it will cause globally.

My first sense about transiting Saturn in Pisces for these next 2½–3 ascension years was — here comes the long-awaited end of the profound negativity done globally throughout the 2,100+ yearlong astrological Age of Pisces. This is going to hurt some much more than others. This is what you get when you believe your God is the only true God but don’t have the conscious wherewithal and spiritual maturity to discern if that’s even true or who your “God” actually is plus believe you have carte blanche to terrorize, control, murder, subject and force others around the world to accept your religious zealotry for 2,100-plus years.

The Patriarchal Duality Fish are dead, long live the free Triality Waves.

From March 2023–February 2026, transiting Saturn in Pisces demands each of us take full personal responsibility (Saturn) for our personal spirituality (Pisces). The Christian get out of jail free card of the past Piscean Age no longer exists, it never did, which humanity will now coldly discover. People can no longer “sin”, lie, steal, cheat, rape, war, kill, brutalize, suppress and abuse females, vandalize etc. then go to church and have religious patriarchal males absolve you of your responsibility. This negativity has made it disastrously easy for people to not learn and grow but continue doing what they have or worse throughout their lives. Sounds exactly like what “God” would want humans to do, right?

A person has to learn to honestly deal with physical reality Saturn energies and repeatedly face the varied responsibilities it brings each of us. Once a person has honestly accomplished that, they gain much more conscious and direct energetic access to the “outer planets” beyond physical reality Saturn — Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The “outer planets” frequencies carry higher levels of consciousness, awareness, conscious access to other realities and dimensions and to have interactions and experiences with them. Now, who and what would want humanity to be prevented from accessing higher levels of consciousness, personal empowerment, higher frequency energies and abilities? It sure isn’t “God”, but Team Dark who’ve duped humanity into believing they were God and gods. Now go to church, get on your Capricorn Saturnian knees and be absolved of your responsibilities, of Saturn and your personal ability to access the outer planets frequencies and levels and much more. I’ll go one more step with this and ask you, which of the planets in our solar system was intentionally inverted and portrayed as satanic during the Age of Pisces? It was Saturn.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 through February 2026 will permanently end the past 2,100+years of deliberate inversion distortions done to humanity and human consciousness throughout the Age of Pisces via the main three patriarchal world religions. The human religious contortions from this evolutionary change will be something to witness, as will the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Piscean Age main world religions and global governments, political and dictatorship controls over humanity have expired. These two planets’ transits in Pisces and Aquarius, in these higher frequencies, will rapidly remove the old thoroughly corrupted patriarchal Piscean Age Neptune and opposite sign Virgo the Virgin consciousness and systems globally. Remember in January 2020 when Saturn and Pluto made that single Conjunction in Capricorn? Look at what all has happened and changed since that Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction! Saturn and Pluto changing signs in March 2023 are a higher-level continuation of this rapid evolutionary Ascension Process and global clean slating of the past Age of Pisces Neptune and all that went with it over the past 2,100+ years.

NEW Divine Father Masculine & the Capricorn Saturn Pluto Conjunction

From Capricorn Lead to Diamonds

2022 & 2023: The Final Years of Pluto in Capricorn


Transiting Saturn in Pisces will force humanity to become consciously aware that they can no longer use Neptune—ruler of the sign Pisces and the Age of Pisces—to “escape” through drink, drugs, religious inversions, religious zealotry, emotional body manipulations, delusions, deceptions, self-deception, spiritual delusions of grandeur, power over others delusions of grandeur, energy and financial parasitism, patriarchal elitism, the horrors of global negativity and greed done to other humans and females, animals, Earth’s water and air and its surface and underground.

From Piscean Age Big Pharma pharmaceuticals to opposite sign Virgo the Virgin foods and grains, Big Oil and all else who’ve greedily used and abused, controlled and become incomprehensibly wealthy and powerful during the Age of Pisces Neptune energies will now experience the end of those systems and control over global humanity. Religious, spiritual, new age, ascension and disclosure frauds, cons and self-deluded individuals with delusions of spiritual grandeur will no longer be able to dupe evolving humanity. The three-yearlong Saturn in Pisces transit will reveal these people, one after another, for all to finally realize they are not what they’ve claimed and/or believed themselves to be. Understand, this is more about you than them so learn, discern and grow through this extremely important transit.

Some negative patriarchal people have known that it won’t be the Age of Pisces forever (many others don’t know this) and because they’ve known, have been sinking their greedy controlling claws into the new Age of Aquarius Uranus energies for the past many decades. Things like Big Media, Big Tech, Big Communications, creators of mental body control devices like virtual realities, AI, Big Medical Tech transhumanism factories, negative internet, social media, virtual violence gaming and more. Same old negativity and greed, just in the hurried process of changing external Age costumes these past 50-some years to utilize the incoming new astrological Age energy changes. However, what most of them don’t know is that this Age change from Neptunian Pisces to Uranian Aquarius is taking place at a higher frequency and level, which means they and their old tactics won’t pan out or last as they did in the old lower frequencies and consciousness of our all to recent pasts.

The time of giving all your personal power, abilities, consciousness, emotional needs, blindly accepting force-fed patriarchal reality definitions, your ability to directly commune with Source/God/Mother God/Father God/Nature over to other people, governments, religions, political and religious leaders, systems and ETs unknowingly or knowingly is over. The evolving NEW Humans of NEW Earth are like kids who’ve just turned 21 and are having to learn how to be an adult, an adult in Earth society and an adult in Universal society.

All the things that humanity has refused to take personal responsibility (Saturn) for in themselves for whatever the reasons throughout the Age of Pisces now have to. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius starting in March 2023, are going to seriously and continuously pressure every human alive to rapidly mature into ascending NEW Human “young adulthood” to become vibrationally compatible with and capable of existence on ascending NEW Earth. This includes always being personally responsible, honestly aware of Self and all others, energetically sovereign, Duality and negative ego transcended, energetically embodied, empowered in evolved ways, and aware that Self is an individuated aspect of Divine Source and existing as such. Own it because you now must, we all now must because it’s the next evolutionary step for evolving, ascending humans.

There are plenty of other personal things about transiting Saturn in Pisces and there are many excellent astrologers and sites to get more personal information about this transit. But as I said at the top, I’m talking about the Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius transits from the Ascension Process and evolving NEW Human, NEW Earth perspective.

The second heavyweight energy template pattern sign change is Pluto entering Aquarius March 24, 2023. Unlike Saturn that moves through one zodiacal sign in 2½–3 years’ time, Pluto takes approximately 20.2 years in one zodiacal sign. 284+ years around the zodiacal wheel. Twenty years in one sign is a whole generation of incarnating souls born with Pluto in the same sign, same energies, in this case, Aquarius. More personally for those of us here already, we’re looking at life for the next 20.2 years with transiting Pluto in Aquarius. In my case and many of the other ascension elders, we’ll most likely spend the rest of our lives with transiting Pluto in Aquarius.

As mentioned above, transiting Saturn in Pisces does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7th. This is not the case with Pluto however as it DOES retrograde back into Capricorn for months in 2023 and 2024. It isn’t until November 19, 2024, that Pluto remains in Aquarius through 2044. (The next USA presidential election happens November 5, 2024, is sworn in on January 20, 2024, the day the Sun enters Aquarius.)

The approaching Pluto in Aquarius energies have already been causing humanity to excavate, externalize and express long suppressed Plutonian Underworld (subconscious) feelings and issues and finally give voice to them in this higher Light. These feelings and issues have always been there, it’s now time for humanity to consciously purge them and feel heal deal and most importantly, release them.

For many years I’ve stressed how humanity is currently evolving out of mind control unthinking groupthink up to self-empowered, individually responsible, energetically sovereign, consciously and directly energetically connected with Source and Soul in their current physical bodies, HighHearts and consciousness. I’ve repeatedly stressed this because many believe the Uranian Age of Aquarius is about a higher groupthink Group situation when it is not. Yes, there’s a NEW club, the NEW Humans of NEW Earth frequency club, but entry into it requires each Individual be a specific elevated internal frequency rate and opposite sign Leo Sun HighHeart level to enter and exist on ascending NEW Earth. In the past pre-ascension times, anyone could join some group/tribe/clan/pack/gang and be absorbed into it and parasited by it. NEW Humans however must be self-responsible, high frequency Individuals for the NEW Aquarian Age Group to work at its highest and most pure. When each Individual is whole and “ONE” themselves, the Group becomes something else entirely. This is what the ascended high frequency Age of Aquarius Uranus / Leo Sun is all about.

Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years is about global humanity learning how to be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered NEW Humans on an ascending high frequency planet I’ve been calling NEW Earth. Pluto in Aquarius is the end of anti-human humans’ controls over humanity.

As humanity quickly learns to take back their personal powers, responsibilities and consciousness, they’ll repeatedly find themselves directly facing their Plutonian Underworld stuff and junk they’ve long stored away in their subconscious basements. Humanity is going to be doing prodigious amounts of Plutonian deep sea diving expeditions into their subconscious basements to face fears and other unpleasant personal Dorian Gray type negativity they’ve avoided all their lives, usually because of certain religious beliefs, general fears, weaknesses and tenacious negative ego determined to keep its power and control no matter what.

The mandatory reasons for this rapid compressed global human maturing is because each person now has to excavate their Pluto subconscious basements to get themselves honestly free and clear. This is deep, direct ego transcending Pluto Work, and starting March 2023 when Pluto first enters Aquarius, global humanity will begin this mandatory process to continue evolving and become energetically, psychologically and emotionally capable of such vibrationally elevated existence on ascending NEW Earth.

To be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered, ego transcended and honestly free and clear NEW Human Individuals, all residual dark subconscious Pluto stuff and junk in each of us must be removed by each of us. Not by someone you’ve paid and/or plan on paying to do energy work in you for you. Those expensive “new age” circumvent sidestep attempts don’t work with the evolutionary Ascension Process. What does work is you doing The Work on, in and through yourself, your body, your subconscious Pluto basement and everywhere else that must be cleared by you and you alone.

Just like you couldn’t buy your way into old Piscean Age heaven, neither can you pay someone to do Aquarian Age ascension energy work on you to reach NEW Human frequency.
To become a NEW Human you have to do the internal Work yourself because it is Energetically Alchemical and how you are actually transformed from a lower slower frequency to a higher faster one. That absolutely cannot be purchased. That absolutely cannot be done to you by someone else. It must be lived.

“We the people” will become something completely different and profoundly better during these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years worldwide. As good as that is, understand that this shift, this CHANGEOVER, this “event”—and it certainly is an event—won’t always be safe or comfortable a lot of the time. It hasn’t been for the past decade already. Many don’t want what’s happening and what’s coming to ever happen, but it will despite all of their efforts.

I went outside February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was frying everything some more and saw human aircraft laying more chemtrails directly overhead. I laughed out loud at the 2023 sight of this longstanding patriarchal tactic of trying to deflect and shunt what the Sun is and has been transmitting energetically to evolve humanity and Earth by manually chemically scent marking the skies with patriarchal anti-evolution sunscreen. And the past patriarchal human attempts to control and direct the physical weather has also been ended recently.

With Saturn transiting Pisces and Pluto transiting Aquarius starting March 2023, the negative old Duality reality planetary elite Team Dark shitshow comes to a permanent end on ascending NEW Earth. This is what we’ve been Working towards for so long, and now that it’s here, we have to live through it.

I know it’s more popular to forecast happiness and bliss but there’s more ascension Work to be done. The ascension Volunteers didn’t volunteer to incarnate now so we could live in physical earthly bliss. We volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to do the heavy lifting to help humanity and all life on Earth break out of the Team Dark control inversions and distortions; evolve out of low limiting Duality into higher Triality frequency; help humanity through the energy template change shift out of the Age of Pisces Neptune and its opposite Virgo sign energies into the Age of Aquarius Uranus and its opposite Leo Sun sign energies; evolve vibrationally high enough to enter a higher dimensional frequency range, plus CHANGEOVER to the next higher level of the Great Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral.

With Saturn (physical reality structure, responsibility, discipline, realism, maturity) and Pluto (birth, life, death, transformation, evolution, renewal, upheaval, ego death) entering the signs they are in days, bliss and happiness will for the most part, be found within each of us and not so much out there in the radical severity of these profound evolutionary reality changes. This is one more reason why we need to do greater daily self-care, be alone when you need, be in Nature when needed, if you can’t get out to Nature then do your best to create Nature in your home and yard no matter its size. Buy some plants, pot some plants, get a hammock or patio lounger, an indoor and/or outdoor water fountain, put out a birdbath, birdseed, get a windchime etc. Make your current residence, property and space look, sound and feel how you want and need it to now to help you remain in as much calm Nature comfort and peace as you can during these extreme shift years.

For the most part we Volunteers are used to creating our personal transition cubbyhole spaces to be our protective higher frequency sanctuaries, our private little renewal shrine nooks out of ascending necessity, and we’ve gotten really good at doing this for ourselves during these Ascension Process years. However, we’ve reached the point in the evolutionary Ascension Process where the rest of humanity has fully entered it PHYSICALLY. We’re familiar with and very good at changing entire reality energy pattern templates, jumping timelines, moving forward and back in time repeatedly to energetically Work on this period of compressed evolution. Mass humanity isn’t so good at change, even small change, yet everyone is now in epic ongoing planet-wide physical reality and consciousness change across the board. Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years will evolve global humanity worldwide to become self-empowered, self-governing, self-regulating, self-directed and leaderless. Yes, leaderless. Absolutely every evolutionary change that ascending humanity is now having to live through is not just a little bit of change, but a complete 180° change, plus massive evolutionary frequency increases from how it has been and that puts a tremendous amount of stress and strain on people, their consciousness, bodies, CNS, psyche and all else.

I want to stress how huge and reality-altering these two particular upcoming astrological sign changes and transits are. Again, think back to January 2020 —the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process— when the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened and review how much and how quickly all of our lives and realities were changed by that single astrological aspect. Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 will make their January 2020 Capricorn conjunction seem small in comparison! I could not be more serious about this. It’s going to get even more wild and radical for a few years as global humanity goes through this mega shift change internally and externally, physically and energetically. We Volunteers, First Everythingers, Angelic NEW Humans are the physical level energetic counterweights to this evolutionary global upheaval.

Those of us knowledgeable about the Ascension Process because we’ve been living it for over two decades already, will continue to do our HighHeart parts to make this global transition as gentle and stable for all as possible. There are many nonphysical Others that will continue helping us do exactly this for all life on Earth. The Volunteers have cleaned, cleared, purged and embodied nonstop since 1998–1999, but now we’re needed to energetically help unaware ascending humanity cope with these profound continuous and rapid global reality and consciousness changes. I’m not saying you need to say or teach anything, unless asked by someone to do so, or do anything physically for humanity. I’m saying your embodied physical presence as a high frequency Volunteer NEW Human does much to get this transition accomplished with less fear and trauma to humans and all life on Earth. You’re needed to help this epic frequency relocation resettlement of people currently willing to change and grow to the higher NEW, by being Triality-based, embodied, HighHeart-based, free and clear you/You/YOU. Your high frequency, HighHeart, embodied physical presence helps stabilize much in this next huge phase of the evolutionary Ascension Process. Don’t feel or think that your invisibility and silence means you’re not doing anything helpful. You absolutely are. You’re holding the higher NEW Earth and all that goes with it in your physical body, Embodied Soul and Self as a physical Angelic NEW Human for the rest of humanity.

Denise Le Fay

March 1, 2023

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And the Voice Said…

At some point in the first few days of December 2022, I clairaudiently heard a nonphysical male voice clearly say, “Many won’t survive this Solstice.” The voice specifically meant this December 21, 2022, Solstice.

As this month has unfolded, it’s become increasingly evident that more people are indeed not surviving December 2022 for a variety of reasons such as illnesses, bomb cyclone, covid-19, suicide, accidents, murder etc. More will choose to quickly exit their physical bodies in 2023. The main reason for these rapid, unexpected deaths is because with the start of 2023, global humanity will enter a NEW and much more elevated frequency level within the evolutionary Ascension Process. This shift into greater Triality frequency and the NEW Human, NEW Earth energy template is larger and more intense than everything humanity has been through since Phase 2 started on January 2020. There are smaller evolving/ascending energy stairsteps, and then there are much larger ones, and December 2022 into January 2023 is one of the largest and most intense so far.

On another note, I’m aware that I’m currently experiencing some very potent astrological transits in my natal chart— aka me —and that some of these transits will last for many years. I mention this because the severity of what I personally have been going through leading up to December 20th, and then extremely so from December 21—27th, has been rather physically and emotionally daunting, educational, and most importantly freeing. Some of this has been due to where the recent astrological transits and aspects landed in my natal chart—aka me and my physical body, emotional self, life and so on. Without going into all the gory physical details and complex astrological explanations, I got a skin infection on my face which quickly became bad enough to cause me to risk going to an Urgent Care the morning of my birthday. I have to be bleeding from my eyes before I’ll chose to play Russian Roulette with my health and life by entering any medical facility waiting room and sit there for 45+ minutes surrounded by numerous contagious people just to get a simple prescription of antibiotics. What a self-perpetuating system patriarchal Big Medical is and has been.

Some of what I’m talking about was for me, astrological, and so precise that I thought for a few days during December Solstice week that I could possibly become one of the people that won’t survive this Solstice. Thanks to the Russian Roulette gambled birthday antibiotics I made myself get, I’m doing better, and the 12-21-2022 Solstice Day Jupiter entrance into 0°Aries square the Solstice 0°Capricorn Sun is less obviously playing out right on my face and head! I kid you not, I and my face and head—my natal Jupiter is 5°Aries in the first House, my Sun is 1°Capricorn in the tenth House—pushed me and much more into this next 2023 higher NEW level face first! I do not recommend this method whatsoever! So where did this powerful NEW higher cycle Solstice transit energy event happen in your natal chart and self First Everythingers?

In the late 1970s, I attended a local weekly spiritual meeting which I’d done many times before with this particular small group. This time the elder male friend who headed these spiritual meetings, led us through a meditation. It was very cosmic, and in it I experienced going into deep space and sliding into what today I would call a parallel world reality. Only my head up to my neck pushed upward, breaking through the invisible frequency membrane between where I physically existed at that time, into this other parallel world because that’s as far as I wanted to go. I only wanted to pop my head through, take a brief look around, then come back to my world reality. At the end of this guided meditation my main thought was how far I seemed to travel in it only to push my head and face into some parallel world that looked very much like this one! Actually, I wasn’t much impressed with what I came across in that old ’70s meditation.

However, here we are all these decades later, and what just happened this December 2022 is actually something very similar to my old parallel world meditation experience. Yes, this is all rather weird sounding, and yes, this is based on my personal December 2022 experiences—good, bad, ugly and painfully sick!—but something very similar has just happened with our ascending world reality and us.

The December 2022 Solstice, and the weeks before and after it have been us popping through, breaking through, crowing our physical heads (Jupiter entered 0°Aries on the December 21, 2022 Solstice and began an entirely new higher Triality frequency level 12-yearlong cycle) through into ascending NEW Earth. The First Everythinger Volunteers have been Working on this for many years, incrementally building it out energetic inch by energetic inch, but the actual physical level shift has taken place with the December 2022 Solstice and much more. When we enter January 2023, this physical level shift into ascending NEW Earth will encompass every human alive on Earth now who is capable of existing in higher Triality-based NEW Earth and its energy template and NEW codes. Every human worldwide that’s currently capable of existing in these much higher energies and frequencies will automatically be doing so come January 2023. Those that don’t want this or aren’t ready for it will continue to quickly die and/or disappear.

These are some of the reasons why many of you have been having such amplified intense and different ascension symptoms for most of 2022, and more so since October. In late 2022 into 2023, we’ve reached the point where ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans is now finally the only physical level game in town. You and your body, HighHeart and Soul helped with this manifestation and providing a higher, from one perspective parallel world reality, for evolving humans to migrate to with the start of 2023. You did it First Everythingers, we did it, but now I need to take another antibiotic pill, swab more antibiotic ointment on my infected volcanic facial eruptions and let my physical body recuperate from finally reaching this important ascension milestone shift point. Thank you for your Divine Work in all this and for pushing your heads, hearts, physical bodies and embodied Souls fully into ascending NEW Earth first, making the energetic path clear and safe for following humanity.

Denise Le Fay

December 28, 2022

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The Expansiveness of NEW Earth

Lots to cover.

First, I want to remind you about the astrological transit of Mars in Gemini Squaring Neptune in Pisces. It’s a doozy of a transit and many won’t cope with it well at all. Be sure you’re not one of those people. Daily honesty, integrity and personal self-reflection then rinse and repeat for the next six months at the bare minimum! Those qualities should already be your natural, normal state, but this transit is going to test all of us. I suspect it’s going to become even more difficult witnessing (and feeling) people show how deluded and dedicated to their delusions they really are and what they’re willing to do to support them.

Additionally, there’s still five planets retrograde — Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune — so we’re continuing to feel like we’re severely “held back” in different ways, which is common with multiple planets retrograde. Retrograde months are the time for reviewing, reconsidering, reevaluating and rethinking whatever it is you need to in you and your life and world now. When the planets go direct motion in a few months, the “green lights” will turn on again.


All this throughout the 2022 midterm elections here in the USA. Know many people already are, and soon will be much more intensely feeling the fiery Mars need to get more aggressive with their Neptunian delusions and spread them across the country. Not much more needs to be said than that. Don’t fixate on the people descending into worsening self-delusions and needing to communicate (Gemini) them. It’s just going to be a rough, crazy and probably violent period with this particular astrological transit and it’s going to last for half a year. Deep breath and continue holding the Higher as you have been. Let the Separation of Worlds unfold.

Over a decade ago I wrote about the people around the world that very strongly want to descend into greater density, negativity and patriarchal control. Stay out of their way and let them. They won’t take you with them unless you follow them down that descending path. This is the Separation that’s been happening for many years now. It’s just reached the point in 2022, where it’s much more obvious to far more people finally. This will get worse between now and the presidential election in this country in November 2024, and sketchy into 2025 as well. Never forget that the exiting old lower everything is happening simultaneous to the continual incoming higher frequency NEW everything.

From birth there’s been two main things about life on 3D physical Earth I’ve detested because I’ve had conscious memory of higher states since my birth into this incarnation. (1) That Team Dark had hijacked physical Earth, humanity, and more and was running the show from the shadows unbeknownst to humanity. (2) That Earth has long been what I call a One-room Schoolhouse.

What I mean exactly by One-room Schoolhouse is that planet Earth has been a place where all could incarnate regardless of their personal spiritual development. Just like an old physical one-room schoolhouse of the past, regardless of age, all students were crammed into one single small schoolroom to learn together. From age 6 to 20, were all squeezed into a one-room schoolhouse together.

Incarnating on Earth before the evolutionary Ascension Process was the same thing. Everyone of different developmental levels were all crammed into a very small physical One-room Schoolhouse called physical 3D Earth. Sinners and Saints, murders and Mystics, Old Souls and new baby ones, Lightrealm and Starseed beings and dense humans have all been crammed in together on tiny physical Earth because it’s been a One-room Schoolhouse for all who incarnated.

I want to clarify why I’ve been stressing how small, cramped and tiny the entire old Earth one-room schoolhouse was. I created the simple image above with the different sized and colored stacked bands as a visual to help with this information. The colors are there only because I wanted to show not only size differences, but frequency range differences too. The colors I chose don’t indicate anything special and are just visuals for greater clarity. Also note that the lowest of these colored bands is very small, narrow and condensed and they increase in size the higher you go. I repeat, they increase in size the higher you go.

The same is true with the different dimensions, levels, realms and their different frequencies and frequency ranges. The denser dimensions are smaller, the higher ones are increasingly larger.

To make this easier to express, let’s say that the green colored band was old pre-ascension physical 3D Earth we all incarnated into. You can see how tiny that particular band of frequency and physical reality was. It was a very tiny, narrow band of physical reality with matching frequencies. It was a One-room Schoolhouse, and it was really small, cramped and uncomfortable because it was open to any and all who wanted to incarnate there.

However, because of the evolutionary Ascension Process, we and Earth have been evolving up to a higher frequency band altogether. Since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020, we’ve been rapidly embodying our ways up to let’s say the gold colored band with its matching frequencies and frequency range. As you can see, it’s much LARGER than the more dense, lower frequency and range of the small green band. 

With the start of 2021, I realized I had to close comments and change my copyright at HighHeartLife. Because the evolution from the tiny green band and frequencies of old Earth was well underway, and some of the first NEW Humans were ascending to the much larger gold band and its frequencies, I knew I had to make some immediate personal changes. I’ve been calling this the ongoing ascension to NEW Earth by the first of the NEW Humans. Because I was experiencing this, I had to make certain changes so I could continue on at the pace I was capable of at that time. The same is true today, and will be tomorrow, next year, the year after that and so on. Stairsteps for each of us at our individual pace and ability. Do what you must at the time and don’t hang on to anything or anyone you have no right to take with you to the next higher level. 

Now here’s where all this gets not only interesting but profoundly refreshing and exciting.

I already know the answer to this question, but it needs to be asked. Have you been feeling, even if only for a couple of hours at a time, the sensation of tremendous energetic expansion of physical reality in 2021 or 2022? Said another way, have you been feeling, even if only for a couple of hours at a time, that you are no longer imprisoned in the cramped old 3D physical Earth One-room Schoolhouse anymore? Have you been feeling, even if only for a couple of hours at a time, that you are no longer in the green band and frequency, but the MUCH larger gold band and frequency? I have, and I know some of you have too off and on over the past two years or so now. Know that this sensation is real and indicates that you are in the process of increasingly embodying and adjusting to no longer existing in the tiny, narrow green frequency band and Earth reality, but in the higher and much, much larger gold one better known as ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans

Everything, and I mean everything of the evolutionary Ascension Process is done in energetic stairsteps so it won’t kill us, maim us, explode or implode us, destroy our bodies, CNS, etheric protective layers, hearts, minds, psyches and all else. We take one, two or three energy stairsteps upward in frequency and then we’re given some time to integrate and acclimate to what we’ve just embodied. That said, the higher we go in all this, the faster it’s happening and with less and less time to integrate and acclimate between energy bombardments.

From my perspective we’ve been in this accelerated level of embodying greater and higher frequency NEW energy template (blueprints) and matching NEW codes etc. since 2019, with 2021 and 2022 unfolding much more quickly than ever before. This will continue, and it will be okay because you’ve got more NEW in you now and can more quickly and safely embody even higher frequencies with less time in between these elevated Phase 2 levels of ongoing embodying. From tiny green to much larger gold; from One-room Schoolhouse to only matching energy people in your space and vice versa; from cramped and confined to stretch out and enjoy the vastness and space between people that was ever possible in the old 3D physical Earth world and reality. This is why some of us have been feeling hours, days, or weeks where billions of people no longer exist in the same space as you currently do. This will continue and it’s because you’re continuing to embody greater higher Light energies which cause you to go deeper into ascending NEW Earth which exists in a higher, LARGER, much vaster dimension that, to us feels huge, empty, quiet, pure, and lacking all of the old lower dense ickiness, negativity, insanity, people and Team Dark entities of the old lower One-room Schoolhouse Earth.

Every year since December 2018, I clairvoyantly See when more Light energies, more NEW codes and template blueprint energies are added on to the original Triality-based NEW template and codes. Like the four images above, each one of them is more complex and more color rich and Light reflective. This same process has been and will continue happening with the NEW template and codes for NEW Earth, and of course to evolving humans that are becoming the NEW Humans too. We’re all being added on to with more and more NEW, more complex, more color saturated, greater Light reflectivity (Light receiving and transmitting) Triality frequency facets.

In other words, some NEW codes didn’t just replace the old ones and the old grids in Earth and humans in late 2018 and late 2019. NEW codes were set up, but they’ve continually been added on to each year since and this will continue for a long time. These NEW Triality-based energy codes and templates for ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans are added on to and this has been much more intense for most of 2022. In June of 2022 I experienced my physical body castoff what had been with it since the very start of my physical level, biological Ascension Process in 1999. What was activated back then finally was over this June for me and my body changed as quickly as it did when the Ascension Process started! I have long hoped this would be the way it would go, and I was very glad in June 2022, to feel those Phase 1 levels be no more within my body.

Wait, the other Ascension Process shoe is now going to drop.

Since June 2022, I’ve been experiencing a return of the old damned hot flashes. I’m 70, they’re not menopause related, they’re 100% ascending NEW Human related. I’m sharing this information because I know some of you have also been going through the internal fires once again this year. If you’ve had ascension related energy “hot flashes”, then you know they’re not for the faint of heart, weak or timid! In their unique ways, energy caused hot flashes sometimes seem somewhat like strange NDE’s — Near Death Experiences.

They’re sometimes, “OMFG!” level hot flashes. Other times they are, “I’m good-to-go God!” level hot flashes. Other times they are, “Oh please, I just took a shower!” level hot flashes. All in all, they’re miserable, and they’ve been coming in hot n’ heavy much of 2022. I’ve been having as many as 10–18 of them every day for weeks on end. They’ve been worse since August and still happening in October 2022. We’re energetically fast-tracking it to 2023 so we’re better prepared to embody the batch of 2023 energy additions. 

The increase in 2022 hot flashes and other ascension symptoms this year are because there’s been a steady adding on to the NEW Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine NEW template and NEW codes of and for ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans. Those first to CHANGEOVER from green to gold have been embodying more complex, more color rich 2022 energy template and code and DNA additions that typically cause hot flashes, further head pressures, pains, body and joint aches, exhaustion, anxiety, overstimulated CNS, further hair falling out, hair feeling and looking lifeless again, greater need for daytime sleep, further eye and vision changes, further HighHeart expansions, further Triality head brain trinity glands Rewiring upgrades and on and on and on. Not to mention your personal waking/sleeping realities often going temporarily weird and not resembling, feeling, sounding, looking or behaving like what you’re used to. Trust the Process and roll with it.  

Briefly, in or around June 2022, some of us were finally freed from the very first severe Phase 1 level ascension energy structures and symptoms we’ve endured since 1998–1999–2000. As abruptly as those first ascension symptoms were activated in some of us, they were deactivated in some of us around June 2022 just as abruptly as they started so long ago. Not everyone has or will experience this, but I wanted to mention it in case you’re one that did. It’s a positive sign that that level of energy Work is completely finished and gone from your body. We’re now energetically Working at a much higher and more complex level internally, and by our very presence, externally too, because we’re some of the first NEW Humans of NEW Earth. Much more to come. RELAX BODY!

Denise Le Fay

October 14, 2022


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2022 Life On Ascending NEW Earth

Over the past few days, I’ve received multiple emails from readers wondering what’s happening energetically because it’s been so wildly amplified.

Remember back in February 2022, I talked about how some of us had made first physical level contact with ascending NEW Earth? During January and February of 2022, actual physical CHANGEOVER first contact was made with ascending NEW Earth. Think of this from frequencies, not physically changing from one Earth to another. Think of and feel this information “holistically”, Spherically, not linearly and separated.

By February 22, 2022, an incredible ascension frequency milestone was reached, and most don’t realize it. From my personal experience Working on this CHANGEOVER, we entered ascending NEW Earth on the physical level late February 2022. It wasn’t blatantly noticeable at the time as we’d only just stepped into the first energy level of this higher octave Light energy template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. However, every week and month since, it’s gotten increasing more energy intense and very rapidly. It is much more noticeable now in mid-September. And can you believe it’s days before the September 2022 Equinox already? What a high-speed entire frequency shifting process it’s been—and will continue to be—since our first physical entrance into higher realm and frequency ascending NEW Earth in late February 2022. The September 2022 Equinox will make this evolutionary frequency shift consciously known and felt to far more people.

It needs to be stressed that, since 1998-1999, we’ve always been on the approach side of this important evolutionary frequency CHANGEOVER point. We’ve been Working our ways towards this incredible shift point where we finally ascended from the old Earth world to ascending NEW Earth. We are no longer Working on the approach side of this major transition point; we are now in the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template of ascending NEW Earth. That’s why the energies are so much more intense, more crystalline brilliant Light, purer, and so much higher in frequency. We very much have ascended up into this higher energy frequency octave and NEW reality template and we’ve been increasingly feeling it in all sorts of ways in our bodies, minds, hearts, CNS, lives and personal realities since February 2022. Understand that you are no longer on the approach side but are now on ascending NEW Earth and existing in its matching NEW crystalline Light energy template structure(s), matching codes, greater NEW DNA, and more.

There are plenty of body and head symptoms from our ascension up to higher frequency NEW Earth and its NEW template and codes this year. One primary one is what I’ve called the Inner Body Vibrations. The more higher frequency Light we embody, the greater, faster vibrating, and brighter our individual inner Light becomes. Said another way, the more Light we embody, the faster we vibrate, meaning the higher we ascend frequency-wise until we’re capable of existing within the next higher realm because we’ve individually and internally matched it within ourselves and physical bodies.

Lately there’s been more head pains and pressures because our Pituitary gland (old lower Earth template frequency and energy system “Brow Chakra”. It is much more now, so do not limit it or anything else with old lower consciousness and beliefs that no longer apply because we’ve evolved beyond them) is expanding and ascending some more. This often is connected to the again old lower Earth term “Crown Chakra” Pineal gland, which is usually felt both inside your physical head in the center and also outside the head about a foot or more above the physical head.

This ongoing ever higher ascending expansion typically causes headaches, head pains, head pressures, and sometimes mild to severe counterclockwise (Milky Way galaxy spin) head spinning vertigo. These head spinnies/vertigo periods are different things, one of them being how much more the first NEW Humans have vibrationally synced up with and can consciously feel the Milky Way galaxy rotation in their physical NEW Human Triality frequency, crystalline head and brain gland energy structures.

The same is the case with Earth which is why more and more first NEW Humans are and will continue to individually feel Earth in their physical bodies because they are vibrationally synced up with ascending NEW Earth.

The same is true with the Sun and the first NEW Humans and how they’ve vibrationally synced up with the Sun to the point where they can feel what’s happening in the Sun in their physical bodies, heads and HighHearts.

The same is true with the Water, the Air, animals and all life on Earth, and increasingly, beyond it. These are just some of the normal higher frequency Triality traits, abilities and HighHeart Center consciousness that every NEW Human will have. The first ones are already synced up enough with the Milky Way galaxy, the Sun, the Earth/Gaia and increasingly more every month which automatically makes it utterly impossible to mutilate or parasite off of anything anymore. It would never enter a NEW Human’s consciousness to do so.

Another intense Ascension Process symptom, and now the CHANGEOVER shift to the next higher frequency realm where Triality-based ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans exist now, is what I’ve called the Inner Body Vibrations. That’s a general term for our ongoing internal increase of greater and ever higher frequency embodied Light. We embody more Light, we vibrate faster internally, and this is felt inside our physical bodies as a mild to extreme vibration and/or actual shaking. Increasing one’s ‘Light quotient’ naturally causes one to feel their internal vibrating faster and faster over the years as one accumulates greater embodied Light frequencies internally.

It’s common to feel extra physically weakened (whole body and certain major muscles) and deeply exhausted after another round of embodying more higher frequency Light energies into your physical body, and/or going through another HighHeart expansion. This has been happening at profound levels all year, much more so during the second half of August and all of September 2022. This and more will continue from here on out because the great CHANGEOVER shift has happened and we’re now in the much higher frequency NEW Earth side than the previous approach side. Everything we experience, feel, do and create is now in this NEW higher level and state of being, so expect some fairly big, potent changes to how things feel and seem to you for a good while. Again, the September 2022 Equinox will cause more people to become aware that this major evolutionary CHANGEOVER shift has indeed happened earlier this year.

Another natural ascension symptom is periods where your mind and thoughts just don’t work for you as you’d like them to at the time. I’m not talking about ascension caused “brain fog” but periods where it just doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. I’ve experienced this off and on since my Ascension Process started in 1999 and had a brief period of it again only last week. You need to mentally focus on something and “figure it out” but that part of your pre-ascension mind/brain/consciousness simply is shutdown, is totally offline at the moment. And because this can’t be strongarmed back into working as you want it to, you’re left with having to wait until some semblance of old linear cognition returns. This too is part of our evolution from one frequency level, one dimension, one massive energy template for humanity and reality into a higher frequency level, dimension, template, consciousness, state of being and much more. Trust, wait, learn and be willing to change repeatedly. Your mind isn’t broken or not working correctly, it’s deliberately been put on hold because a NEW higher system is replacing it.

I’ve also been experiencing lately an amplification of some seriously unpleasant, violent, negative thoughts rolling through my consciousness. Because I know what’s mine and what’s others, it’s fairly easy for me to recognize that these recent super nasty violent thoughts are mental sludge from humanity and not from me. This has been rather severe (again) these past two months, so if you’ve been experiencing this too, discern if it’s yours or more human mental flotsam. Shit in, shit out, and carry on as usual first NEW Humans.

Because of the constant energy increasing fact of our now being firmly planted in and on ascending NEW Earth at this much higher NEW level, the die-off rate will continue to accelerate so be prepared for that too. It was activated when Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020, and many chose the pandemic as their fast exit out of ascending Earth life. Now that contact with ascending NEW Earth was made in late February 2022, this sudden, rapid die-off of more and more people (and certain animals) will escalate considerably. We’re now going where we’re going and they’re now going where they are. Carry on as usual first NEW Humans.

I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing more energy additions, further energy expansions taking place in the NEW Triality-based NEW Human, NEW Earth codes the past two months. I can tell they’re the same NEW template higher octave codes that started arriving in December 2018, and more of them in December 2019, but that they’re being added on to in 2022, which changes the way they look and feel to me somewhat. Basically, they’re becoming increasingly complex. This is another reason why we’ve been feeling more intense ascension symptoms in our physical bodies, heads, HighHeart Centers and CNS this year. We’re “there” yes, but we’re still in tremendous NEW growth and expansion and will be for the rest of our lives.

Don’t think of or celebrate the September Equinox—or anything else—as a singular, isolated, linear energy event. We do not exist that way at that lower level anymore. Think of the September Equinox as another energy stairstep in a long flight of ascending stairs. Stop deifying dates, numbers, New and Full Moons, eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices and recognize them all as different energy stairsteps within the evolutionary Ascension Process. Perceive “holistically”, Spherically, not linearly and separately. We’re in Triality frequency now which is a higher realm and frequency entirely and we’re now on ascending NEW Earth which exists in it.

Denise Le Fay

September 16, 2022

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Up Two & Three Stairs at a Time

During the second half of the potent August 2022 energies, I clairvoyantly saw a visual symbolic message about the remaining months of this very intense year. This symbolic message was of a human quickly running up a flight of stairs, taking them two and three steps at a time.

This meant that this Phase 2 evolutionary Ascension Process acceleration is, substantially since February 2022, unfolding exponentially. We are carried increasingly faster and higher into greater NEW Human complexities and consciousness on here and now ascending NEW Earth.

That said, currently there are seven planets retrograde. 

  1. Mercury
  2. Jupiter
  3. Saturn
  4. Chiron
  5. Uranus
  6. Neptune
  7. Pluto

Energetically we’re bounding up multiple ascension energy Stairsteps like crazy now, while physically most are, for a wide variety of physical and energy reasons, very strongly currently held in place. We are going nowhere seemingly physical lately, but energetically we’re bounding up two and three ascension energy Stairsteps at a time! And yes, this can do a real number on your CNS if you let it. My 2022 “mantra” is ‘RELAX BODY!’ until you know it’s time to do something else.

Just because the vision message I received late last month looked like it was very physical — a human running up two and three stairsteps at a time — does NOT mean that what we’re doing now, and probably the remainder of 2022, is or will be accomplished by a lot of physical actions. You can’t have seven retrograde planets and a lot of forward moving physical actions! Seven retrograde planets mean slow down and reevaluate, rethink, review, reconsider, and redo if and where needed.

The forward moving we’re now doing is energetic and internal, individual and personal, emotional and spiritual, and all of it is currently needing to be done in a deep inner quiet period and/or some form(s) of restricted physical movements and actions. The 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order is still in effect and will be for the rest of our lives.

When external forces push you into physical hunker down and ride it out mode, respect Nature and whatever else it may be at the time and go physically still and quiet and continue your ascension Great Work from there while the external world goes through more extreme changes, purging, and accelerated embodying.

The September 2022 ‘Fairview fire’ in SoCal started about a mile from my home and burned away from the city. I’m okay, my house and property are okay, really dirty from a mini tornado/dust devil that blew through first and most likely started this fire, plus a lot of ash from the fire. Then the very rare hurricane/tropical storm arrived where I live, and because many were intending there to NOT be 60+ MPH predicted winds from it that would have made the fire far worse for so many more people and animals, there were no winds at all here, where I live. Surrounding areas yes, but not here. The higher was intentionally held while more old lower was purged out and all while I was, in multiple ways, completely immobilized physically.

Your, our “doing” is no longer strictly physical and external. Your, our “doing” is increasingly looking like we’re not “doing” anything physical at all when in fact we’re “doing” our Light-filled HighHeart backsides off like never before. Allow yourself to “do” in these NEW higher ways and give credit where credit is due. NEW Humans consciously create from the radiant Light of their HighHearts, not the sweat of their physical brows. Get familiar, comfortable and satisfied with this stupendous evolutionary change.

Denise Le Fay

September 12, 2022

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Some Divine Mother Feminine Template Effects

My previous article was a short recap of the evolutionary Shift into the NEW Divine Mother Feminine template that began in January 2020. Here I want to discuss some of the changes it and Triality frequency has felt to me so far. Much, much more to come however, this is just the beginning of NEW Earth and of the NEW Humans.

I feel I must clarify exactly what I mean by Divine Mother Feminine. Every time I type it, I can feel too many people not understanding what I mean by it, which is my fault because I’ve so condensed what all IT is into this simple title. IT is far, far more and that needs to be clearly understood.

We’re no longer existing and functioning in, perceiving and creating in the previous template and frequency of Duality, Duality consciousness, internal and external Duality frequency, consciousness and reality as a species, a planet, a solar system and galaxy. We’ve Shifted, evolved, ascended to the next higher template and frequency of Triality in January 2020. Not only humanity, but everything can now function more fully because the numerous separations of the previous Duality cycle have been greatly integrated, embodied, reunited and unified individually. The numerous separations. The numerous integrations. The numerous inner unifications from separation Duality, to integrated Triality.

Duality Doing vs Triality Doing

In the old lower frequency Duality world and reality we all incarnated into in these lives, doing was hard, usually took much linear physical time to accomplish, was laborious, often fraught with setbacks, dangers, difficulties, even injuries in some cases, and often plenty of legal “hoop jumping” to get anything done. In the old lower frequency Duality world of separation, it was hard getting things done, it was hard doing most things because of the seeming distances that that separation caused, and linear time produced.

In this NEW higher frequency Triality reality we’ve evolved into in these lives, doing is very different. It feels different and it functions differently, and the first NEW Humans are slowly learning how this ascending NEW Earth world functions and how greatly doing” has changed.

For the most part, doing in Duality was external, physical, sweat-of-the-brow hard work. Currently we’re learning that doing in Triality is internal, energetic, intentional Conscious Creating from one’s Triality-based HighHeart. Not from ego, negative ego, separated left-brain intellect, but pure, true evolved diamond HighHeart.

This aspect of the evolutionary Shift will I suspect be easier for females to jump straight into than it probably will be for most males. Females are more used to doing differently than males. Nevertheless, all of humanity must now learn how to do, how to create, how to manifest anew within themselves individually from Triality and the NEW Divine Mother Feminine template.

Because I was already fairly internally energetically female male integrated in this life, body, consciousness and self, this evolutionary Shift change into Triality and the NEW Divine Mother Feminine template of NEW Earth for NEW Humans has felt much more normal to me. Because of this I’m not confused by or struggling with this higher way of intentionally Consciously Creating for myself personally, or for NEW Earth, and taking full personal responsibility for my doings.

My doing is totally invisible to unaware humans. My doing is me being the NEW Human that I am. My doing by me being the Light and NEW template and codes that I’ve embodied only helps accelerate the 2022 and beyond manifestation of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans to Shift to themselves. Many of you do this too and aren’t aware of or fully aware that that’s what you’ve been doing by being embodied and/or Embodied you/You/YOU.

My doing is me Consciously Creating my life from this point forward and being fully responsible for it consciously in current time. Triality frequency doesn’t have karma or delayed karmic lag time as was the case throughout the previous Great Cycle in Duality frequency. We now do and adjust in current time whenever needed to remain energetically and emotionally transparent (pure, clear, present, unobstructed) in this higher frequency range. This is one of many Triality-based states — conscious self-responsibility and self-governance in current time. This is another layer of individual energetic sovereignty that all NEW Humans will have on NEW Earth.

My doing is private, personal, unknown and unrecognized by most people. It would take another person with a similar level of embodied Light to Know, See and Feel what I am and what I’m doing as a Conscious Creator NEW Human. To unaware people, I’m just an old woman moving around singularly and quietly in the world. What they don’t know and never have is that I’ve constantly been energetically transmuting the old world, ending numerous negative hijacked others in other timelines, embodying and anchoring Light, and intentionally helping create NEW Earth simultaneously the entire time. I’m ending multiple expired worlds and Creating multiple NEW ones, yet it looks like I’m doing absolutely nothing other than what’s physically visible to those that cannot perceive from higher levels. Many of you have been doing these things too during this Ascension Process.

Triality Feeling is Not Old Duality feeling

Old lower ego-based Duality reality was about profoundly extreme highs/lows of such severity that it’s amazing everyone wasn’t bi-polar. We probably were! The Duality agony and ecstasy extremes of the old 3D earth human template is over. There’s no longer a need to bleed for things anymore because we’ve evolved beyond Duality frequency experimentation and learning. Because of this, we’re also currently learning how to feel differently and also how to feel using different parts of ourselves and bodies.

Feeling personal emotions, feeling other people, feeling energies.

In Triality and the Divine Mother Feminine template we’re quickly discovering that feeling emotionally is seriously different from what it was in old extreme Duality reality. Like I said, we do not bleed for anyone or over anything anymore as humanity did prior to this evolutionary Shift.

Example: Before the 2020 implementation of the Divine Mother Feminine for NEW Humans of NEW Earth, in a variety of ways—world religions, politics, military recruiting patriotism etc.—certain people did their best to emotionally manipulate people into sending money to starving children somewhere on the planet, to send money to save certain animals somewhere, to rescue abused or abandoned pets, save trees, water and on and on. Also to sign up and be available at any time to go to war or possible war to ‘protect your country’. We’ve all seen those TV commercials that deliberately emotionally manipulation viewers to get them to send money, stoke patriarchal patriotism to sign up for the next war, or increase religious fervor. This has been how lower consciousness has dealt with things; throw endless amounts of money and humans and human lives at problems so you feel better about the profound negative shit going on in your country and/or the world.

Here’s how the NEW Divine Mother Feminine template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans deals with things.

You feel all life on earth and are filled with divine necessity to uplift, protect and care for all humans, animals and life on earth equally. Anything less is impossible. Anything less is incomprehensible. Anything less will never happen here, ever.

Throwing money at problems won’t work anymore. Temporary band-aids won’t be allowed anymore because they ignore the core problem(s) which perpetuate them. In the old lower patriarchal world much of that was intentional. Evolving humanity and their consciousness is the only real solution, and wonderfully, that is precisely what’s been happening for many years, and much more so in 2022. Human HighHearts have been blossoming and taking over because anything less won’t happen on ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. This is not an intellectual issue, nor is it a NEW rule or law that people have to obey while they’re something less than it. It is a structural energy human species and reality template. And a small amount of humanity has recently embodied and evolved into it earlier this year. It cannot be ignored, gone against, overruled, bypassed, manipulated or any other such low tactic. Humans evolve, ascend up into the next higher energy template and become an internal match with it to be capable of co-existing with and in it.

The Divine Mother Feminine template makes you feel much more in larger, all-inclusive, more complete ways than was possible prior to this evolutionary Shift. You now feel instead of think, of intellectualizing, of endlessly playing around in your left-brain and ego. Feeling awareness is the NEW “thinking”. Feeling in this evolved way makes it impossible for you or anyone who’s existing at and functioning and creating in the NEW Earth frequencies, consciousness and HighHeart to allow one speck of lower negativity to exist in our NEW Earth. You won’t allow it. I won’t allow it. The NEW template won’t allow it. We all won’t allow it which is why we’ve been helping Work on ending certain old Earth worlds and timelines for decades on different dimensions awake and asleep.

In the Divine Mother Feminine NEW template, when you see or hear about something negative, harmful, wrong, unjust, lowly and cruel, you feel the divine necessity to immediately move it out of your, out of our NEW Earth world and reality. You now feel the impossibility of anything of a lower frequency, consciousness and action existing in this, our NEW Earth. This doesn’t come from ego, hate or anger, prejudice or entitlement, but a higher frequency that cannot contain any of those energies.

In 2022, you should be easily feeling how Divine Mother Feminine has integrated all aspects of Divine Father Masculine in HERSELF/ITSELF. Humanity will also increasingly feel and become consciously aware of how Divine Father Masculine has integrated all aspects of Divine Mother Feminine in HIMSELF/ITSELF too. This is Triality frequency and reality, not old lower Duality frequency where Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine were themselves greatly separated because everything was existing and manifesting in the energy template of that time which was Duality based.

I’ve written multiple articles over the past few years trying to express this, trying to familiarize people with some of what Triality levels of reality, being, consciousness and life will be like. I’ve told you how strong, intense, how NOT all warm, voluptuous and cuddly this evolved current version of Divine Mother Feminine is. SHE/IT is fierce, intensely masculine, protective, powerful, unwavering and won’t take a pinch of shit! Been there, done that SHE/IT has after what all went down in the previous Great Cycle in Duality with Team Dark. The old separation is over; the old disempowerment is over; the old abuse and negativity is over and a much more integrated Divine Mother Feminine is now present and is ascending NEW Earth and NEW Human’s template for this Great Cycle in Triality.

Divine Father Masculine will of course be present too but in this greatly integrated, less separated version for NEW Humanity. The evolutionary ascending journey HOME is done in steps and levels, and this is part of that journey.

When something is wrong, negative, harmful or disrespectful of anything or anyone on our ascending NEW Earth, it/they will promptly be ended and removed one way or another. We all will be personally witnessing and living this the rest of 2022, all of 2023 and 2024 in very intense and seemingly extreme ways around the planet for the next few years.

How good are you at witnessing the end of an astrological Age? The end of eons? The end of negativity? Epic greed? Obsessive global warring? How good are you at witnessing the end of an entire planetary and human species template and rapid implementation of the NEW higher one happen? How about coping with massive numbers of people quickly dying off? This and more is coming and I want each of you to know that it’s the strongest that are incarnate during incredible, intense evolutionary CHANGEOVER periods like this. Not the weak, not the confused, not uncertain “newbies” but old pros at this. You and I are the ones strong enough, durable enough, conscious enough, capable enough of being living bridges between the ending Age and Great Cycle and its energy template, and the implementation of the next higher NEW Age and Great Cycle and its energy templates. Our current whole-body aches and sense of ungroundedness, tripping, falling, stumbling etc. of late are because of this. Not everyone is currently capable of this level of ascension energy Work and being physical living transitional bridges between dimensions, realities, worlds, extremely different frequencies, and entire planetary and species energy templates.

And someone recently channeled that it was time for us specifically to retire and leave now.

Get familiar with feeling more but not being emotionally torn apart by it or attached to it, whatever it is. Get used to feeling in NEW ways that are much larger, more complex and neutral emotionally because you have personally integrated much separation and evolved to Triality frequency. Get used to feeling more and knowing more and simultaneously being emotionally neutral and unaffected by it all and being able to instantly make high conscious changes to you, your personal life, body and reality and also the ascending NEW Earth whenever and wherever needed.

Get familiar with doing by being. Get familiar with doing massive Conscious Creative things from your ascended HighHeart and having no one know you’re doing this and other things you are and have been. Get totally comfortable with doing by seemingly not doing anything physically, externally. In this NEW Divine Mother Feminine template, it’s all an inside job. 😉 And know that more of these NEW abilities and consciousness, Higher Awareness, Conscious Creating, continued being a living bridge for humanity to CHANGEOVER from the old lower to the NEW higher is coming. If you’ve gotten familiar with the feel and function of emotional and energetic Triality-based neutrality, then you’ll be better equipped to deal with the increase of global changes and human and animal die-offs coming. Stay in your HighHeart where you/You/YOU know what’s going on now and why all of it is happening.

Denise Le Fay

July 24, 2022

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I Know It’s Been Really Hard Lately

A brief recap for perspective, and hopefully some small level of comfort in all this.

January 2020 was the start of what I’ve been calling Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process. No one needs a recap of what 2020 manifested in the physical world, such as the pandemic and the domino effect it’s had on all aspects of human life and reality globally. What arrived with the January 2020 Phase 2 and Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction was what I called the Divine Cease & Desist Order. It is still in effect and will be until no longer needed by humanity.

The Divine Cease & Desist Order is a blessing in that it’s helping, forcing, every human alive on Earth now to stop and release their old lifestyles, habits, beliefs and consciousness, expectations about their personal lives and reality, general expectations, beliefs and habits in relation to global Church & State structures and systems, global religions and governments, politicians, priests, police etc. All of it. All of our lives and reality before 2020 has been, since January 2020 and the Divine Cease & Desist Order went into effect globally, in a state of chaotic collapse, ongoing changes, shifting of powers away from what has been, which was total disempowerment of humans, into evolving into a NEW higher level and frequency of humans and life on Earth. Because humans are habitual, stubborn and resistant to change, the Divine Cease & Desist Order was implemented in January 2020 to push them upward in this compressed evolution Ascension Process.

And as is so obvious, there are people and groups of people globally that are doing everything they can to prevent change of any type because they don’t want to lose the power over humans—female and male—and the money, control and power etc. that they’ve had. The global patriarchy, the ‘Christian Taliban’, and all the other sick aspects of the (expired and exiting but still hanging on and fighting to continue the old negative game) global patriarch do not want to lose what they’ve had.

However, it doesn’t matter what they want because they are not stronger than natural, divinely orchestrated evolution. They are not stronger than what the Sun has been and continues transmitting. They’re not stronger than what the Milky Way galactic center is continually pumping out to evolve this galaxy and all in it. They are not stronger than what the entire Universe is going through now which is natural evolution. But boy do they want you to think and believe they are!

Do your best to not look back at, listen to, be influenced by their current frantic lies and actions. Their time is over, and this is us unabatedly evolving on through the end of it and them to the higher NEW. As of today, Pluto is 27° Capricorn 33 minutes. Pluto is in the final degrees of Capricorn (30° per sign) which is one big reason for all the last-minute extreme negative actions by those that don’t want the patriarchy to end and lose the powers they’ve had. (By November 2024, Pluto will be in Aquarius with no more retrogrades back into Capricorn. Massive change is coming in human consciousness and external physical reality in all ways. More information about this soon.)

The 2020 Phase 2 Divine Cease & Desist Order is helping and forcing each human alive now to stop living in, thinking from, acting from, expecting more of the old lower same from the patriarchy no matter which country you live in. The Divine Cease & Desist Order has been and continues to force humanity out of our old lower reality habits, actions and consciousness into ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Don’t resist the Divine Cease & Desist Order, use it to make your personal evolutionary Ascension Process journey easier and faster. It isn’t going away so lean into it and go through these continuous changes. I know it looks, sounds, seems and at times feels like the old patriarchy is still in charge and control but they are not. They are dying and want you to believe otherwise.

♥ January 2020 also began the energetic and physical implementation of what I’ve called the Divine Mother Feminine template for ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. That entirely NEW planetary and human species energy template is what we’ve been living in since January 2020, even though it doesn’t yet seem, look, feel, act, sound or behave like it externally. Because the CHANGEOVER into this radically NEW species and planetary energy template and frequency began in 2020, our personal and collective lives and realities have been increasingly surreal and often miserable, volatile and violent. Change is hard, evolutionary induced Universal change is vastly harder, obviously, but it’s simply where we are now and will be for years.

For some reading this it’s very easy for them to Know that they are, that we are doing both grand things at the same time — ending and exiting the old lower everything while simultaneously entering and beginning the higher NEW everything. For most people this is hard to grasp or believe however, which makes them doubt themselves and the evolutionary Ascension Process and people like me telling them about it from my perspectives.

Things are uber shitty and seriously sketchy now because of the evolutionary Ascension Process and humanity leaving the entire previous Duality-based planetary and human species energy template and CHANGINGOVER into the entirely NEW, higher frequency Triality-based one and much more. Things, products, foods, habits, lifestyles, systems and structures are all disappearing because of the evolutionary Ascension Process. The very proof that it is happening is reflected in the current WorldScape reality, and of course, in your own physical and energy bodies. If the evolutionary Ascension Process and shift wasn’t happening, our lives would be calm and carrying on as usual and our bodies wouldn’t hurt like they have since this Process started. Again, open heartedly lean into all this and ignore the dying lies, liers and chaos and Know that by you having been the first to embody the NEW Earth, NEW Humans planetary and human species energy template, you are currently manifesting it physical for the NEW Humans to transition into. This part of this Process is and will take some time, as everyone should be aware of since January 2020 started.

♥ Phase 2 and the different NEW Earth, NEW Human template WHOLE-BODY aches and pains.

Someone I’d like to name but won’t because I haven’t asked her permission to do so, recently said something in an email that caused me to better understand something I needed to. We’d been talking about how ascension beat-up our physical bodies are and how severe and extreme much of those body pains are that we both have endured for so long. She said that she’s been experiencing them more as ‘entire body pains’. Her saying that made me rethink how I’ve been increasingly experiencing ascension caused body pains as something more along the lines of them feeling like I’ve fallen down a flight of stairs or been in a serious accident and whole-body battered about by it.

I’ve lived with some level of physical body arthritis and scoliosis pain constantly since age 20 (1971) which has often made it difficult for me to tell what were my old familiar body pains, and what was strictly ascension caused body pains. I can’t remember exactly when this started for me, but it was a few years ago. Some ascension caused body pains have become instantly recognizable due to 23+ years of living with and embodying them. My physical body lets me know in very solar radiation plasma specific ways every time the Sun is doing anything. My head, brain glands, eyes and higher complex systems let me know in very specific ways every time greater and/or more NEW higher frequency, more complex template components are being embodied, activated and utilized. These ascension pains, pressures, aches and such have become common and recognizable over these many years.

However, a few years ago I began experiencing a steady increase of whole-body ascension pains. I’m going through this again now so it’s ever so fresh in my awareness.

Example: It currently feels like I fell down a flight of stairs and different body parts, joints, muscles, ribs, certain internal organs are bruised, swollen, very sore and mobility restricted. I haven’t fallen down a flight of stairs, and it’s been enough weeks since I did trip over the vacuum and fall, that I don’t think all of what I’m currently feeling is caused by that.

Every time I’ve experienced this NEW and different greater, more inclusive whole-body ascension pains I’ve thought it was “just me”, “just my body”, but I’ve discovered it isn’t. It is, for the time being how my body, and some of you reading this too, are experiencing these Phase 2 NEW Earth, NEW Human template energies and accompanying NEW codes in our physical bodies. It feels like we’ve been in an accident. Like we’ve fallen off a galloping horse. Like we’ve fallen down a flight of stairs. Like we’ve been beaten up all over and are internally bruised, sore, swollen, in pain and having a hard time moving and doing much of anything for days and weeks and longer sometimes on end.

This won’t last forever, but it will for a while, and not everyone will experience this, be glad about that!

What I’ve discovered is that the greater the amount of Light energies, and the higher in frequencies they are now in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, many of us are embodying them but now feeling them as whole-body pains instead of specific pains in specific body areas only. The more and greater and higher the Light energies, template and codes we embody, the more our whole body is feeling these levels of them. I’m sharing this information with you so when you feel like you too have fallen down a flight of stairs or went 10 rounds in the ring with a heavyweight champ, then you’ll know that you’re in a higher, larger, greater stage and ability of embodying higher, larger, greater Light energies and more.

Fun huh?! It won’t always be this bad, this painful, this debilitating, this disabling, but it is now for growing numbers of us NEW Earth first embodiers. Know what’s changed, what’s increased greatly now and how that feels in your physical body. Know that you’re carrying MUCH more Light than you ever have or could throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. Know that you are a NEW Earth embodier forerunner for NEW Humans. Because of this, take extra care of yourself, your physical body, your emotions and all else because you’re doing Energy Work internally in ways and at levels you and I weren’t capable of before we reached this point in 2022. More is coming as usual.

Denise Le Fay

July 12, 2022

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Major Personal Inner June 2022 Shift

Anyone else experiencing their personal inner self, desires and life intentions abruptly shifted in the latter half of June 2022? I certainly have been, and it was completely unexpected, swift, intense and very empowering.

I’d mentioned in my previous article that on June 14, 2022, I perceived that more human DNA had instantly been Restored to its original Divine template, instantly freeing humanity from the profound limitations done to human DNA thousands of years ago by certain negative aliens. These two June 2022 happenings are most likely related. The whole business is still unfolding within each of us, and I suspect there’s a lot more unforeseen personal inner self and life changes still to come. This is just a brief notice about how you may already be or soon will be experiencing some big personal inner shifts happening instantly within yourself, your physical body, consciousness, higher abilities, creativity, and overall NEW life direction.

What I’m talking about is not an external timeline change, but a major personal inner change in me, my body, my life focus and more. It feels like I was just released from what’s been an invisible lifelong personal prison template life reality — the intentional ancient negative unplugging of certain human DNA and the external reality that went with that action and agenda.

Because of this latest evolutionary change, I was instantly freed and evolved into a bit more of the NEW Human I am increasingly becoming. The same is true with those of you that have experienced these huge personal inner changes from around mid-June 2022. More people will be experiencing these same sorts of sudden personal inner changes and shifts in their bodies, DNA, lives and much more throughout 2022 and beyond.

  1. June 14th-ish Divine DNA Restoration done to human DNA.
  2. Any day after June 14th, sudden experiences of personal inner shifting’s to your body, life, desires and near future life.
  3. Any time after June 14, 2022, experiencing periods of feeling very physically ungrounded and tipsy. Not vertigo or dizzies as we’re used to, but more of an ungrounded, not yet anchored into the latest NEW symptom. Because of this the chances of falling or tipping over have been strong the last half of June 2022.

June 28th, I caught my toe on the vacuum hose after vacuuming the kitchen floor and fell fast and hard. Faster and harder than I usually do I mean.

Usually when I trip and fall, I experience time slowing down, my senses become super heightened, I experience the unfolding “crash n’ burn” fall in slow motion and do that feline thing of twisting my falling human body to land on a padded butt cheek instead of my face! This June 28th trip and fall was so fast that I wasn’t able to do my normal feline flip landing maneuver and went down really hard on one knee on the bare floor. Time did not slow down; I did not see what was coming; I did not make slow motion mid-fall body corrections to reduce possible physical injuries, I simply went down fast and hard in an unaware blur of WTF-ness?!

I’m okay, the bruises are fading, my Capricorn gladiator knees are fine, but I must have braced my fall with my arms because one forearm is black, blue and yellow and the other shoulder joint is so sore I can barely move it. It will be okay despite my not bouncing like I used to when I fell and could get up and shake it off. Very grateful I didn’t break or fracture anything however.

My point in sharing my falling a few days ago is because I’ve noticed that when we go through another of these major energy shift changes to a higher frequency level, and in this case on ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, quite often some of us experience some type of “accident”. It’s all rather Uranian in that it happens super-fast, is unexpected, rattles you down into your Saturnian bones (or worse breaks them), and instantly forces you into changing your personal life, inner self, consciousness and personal reality.

I call these personal inner earthquakes.

They’re not external physical earthquakes, but internal personal quakes caused from us going through major energetic changes in a split-second. And, because some of these evolutionary energy stairsteps we’re traversing are seriously huge and rare, we sometimes experience a physical body “accident” shakeup. In this case it was a trip and fall for me. For some it may be less severe, or more severe, so everyone be aware of what you and your physical body are doing during these periods of intense inner and outer shifts and changes.

And 4., I suspect that all of these happenings are connected to one last big thing, which is our exiting out of the 23+ yearlong evolutionary sojourn through the fourth dimensional (4D) astral plane. By we I mean Earth, humanity and all life on Earth.

I’ve been working on a 2-Part (possibly more) article about this very topic. I mention it here because that information is connected to what we’ve just gone through in June 2022, and what will follow. The personal inner earthquake(s), the trip and falls, the sudden accidents, broken bones, the unexpected body and life changes, the June 2022 Divine DNA Restorations, the grand existing of ascending Earth from the 4D astral plane are all aspects of the major energy shifts and changes we’re currently going through step-by-step.

For now however, I and my icepack need to be intimate for a while again, and I may need to make it a threesome and include my heater pad as well. Hang on people and surf these energies, shifts and changes as best and as safely as you can. Welcome to becoming a NEW Human everyone.

Denise Le Fay

July 2, 2022


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