All That Glitters Certainly Isn’t Gold

I hope everyone survived the holidays intact. From my perspective they were worse than usual but that shouldn’t surprise any of us at this point. There’s no doubt left anymore about who’s currently ascending, who’s descending, who’s waffling, who’s come unglued mentally/emotionally, and who are unknowingly fighting the entire evolutionary Ascension Process. At any rate, I hope you’ve easily cleared whatever family wounds, disappoints, frustrations and insults you probably were subjected to during the holidays. Our learning to stay in our lanes is really important for First Everythingers to discover and finally master.

I’ve delayed talking about these particular things for many years because I don’t like focusing on the negative to write about them, probably any more than many people like reading about them. Nonetheless, I’m finally getting into this because I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing some of “them” again in December 2022 into January 2023.

I’ve clairvoyantly Seen some of them since the Ascension Process started over two decades ago, as have some of you reading this, but like the old saying goes, All that glitters is not gold’ is an important fact, and one that needs to be known during the current ascension evolution. I’ve always known how much more popular and safer it’s been to discuss only the positive aspects of the Ascension Process and not the negative. However, because we’re evolving out of low frequency Duality reality and consciousness, both sides should be consciously known, quickly recognized, and instantly energetically discerned so as to not be deceived by some Team Dark creation simply because it “glitters” with light and/or colors. Like it or not, this is another very important aspect of our ongoing spiritual maturing and consciousness expansion. Don’t you want to honestly be able to instantly know for yourself what’s what and who’s who when you perceive something supernatural physically and ethereally?

As humans with our lengthy and very recent history in dense Duality frequency, consciousness and reality, we have a tendency to automatically and instantly think and believe that if something is light and not dark, is brightly colored and not dingy, is lit up with what looks to us like capital “L” Light energies, then it MUST be positive Source Light. The unfortunate truth of the matter however is that this is not the case at all, which is why many that can perceive but not yet discern, get tricked by some of the various Team Dark aliens and their inorganic creations. I’ve always been able to clairvoyantly See and perceive, but I’ve had to diligently continue to educate myself (usually through trial and error) about the many new-to-me etheric things I’ve seen since the Ascension Process began on the physical level. I’ve personally lived this since 1999 and have learned a lot about these Team Dark—negative aliens, negative extradimensionals, numerous negative alien created etheric Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices, creatures, demons, devils, entities—creations and other things none of us really wants to focus on and talk about. Evolution and our ongoing spiritual maturing and evolving Higher Awareness demands it of us all.

There are physical parasites AND there are etheric parasites. There are physical viruses and there are etheric viruses. There are physical diseases and etheric diseases and so on. I’m not saying this to cause fear, paranoia or anxiety, but humans need to realize it’s been this way during the past Great Cycle within lower dense Duality frequency. The good news is that due to the current evolutionary Ascension Process, we’ve been inching our ways up and out of that negative etheric filth, influence, and overall negativity. But, oh you know that with me there’s almost always a but following certain Light information, the greater and higher yet NEW organic Source Light templates and codes we embody during this Ascension Process, those old negative etheric parasites, viruses, AI devices and other Team Dark creations have been and continue to be pushed up and out of our physical and etheric bodies, consciousness, and external physical personal and collective world reality.

No fear, just consciously knowing what’s always been there for many thousands of years. It seems like a big dramatic issue now only because more people have been and currently are waking up to the fact that this negativity has ALWAYS been there, just below humanities ability to realize that this level has always existed at that lower frequency range we all were born into before the Ascension Process began. Because we’re evolving, ascending to a higher level of being, experience and existence now, more people are increasingly and suddenly becoming aware of what I call Team Dark and human Portal People.

One of the first negative etheric things I’ve clairvoyantly seen repeatedly since 2000, was a single periwinkle colored sphere. The only changes it’s ever made that I’ve been aware of was its size. It could shrink down to a small sphere the size of a typical “orb”, or it could expand itself to the size of a physical basketball. It was always periwinkle colored, opaque, singular and 3D spherical. It gave off no easily readable energies and felt neither positive nor negative to me. And that was where I got had by it — not being able to discern or read it energetically well enough to instantly know which team it batted for!

After many years of not clairvoyantly Seeing this single periwinkle sphere, it suddenly showed up again in October 2022. If you re-read 2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions you’ll see I mentioned getting tiny watery pimples??? in certain areas of my face, including some other things I’d never had before. In December 2022, two of those tiny face pimple whatever they were things got seriously infected and forced me to an Urgent Care facility on my birthday to get antibiotics. The sudden return of this etheric periwinkle colored sphere I was repeatedly Seeing again, along with everything I’ve experienced from October 2022 through January 2023, are connected.

You physically see, clairvoyantly See and/or dream or lucid dream and perceive some strange etheric something, and around the same time suddenly become sick in some way, disabled in some way, oppressed in some way or ways, then you need to quickly put two-and-two together and perceive the larger, more complex multidimensional picture of what you’re experiencing and why as best you can at the time. Easier said than done oftentimes I definitely understand however.

I don’t know the things I know because I read them somewhere. I know them from having lived them multiple times throughout my 71 years and counting. Firsthand experience coupled with lifelong clairvoyance, claircognizance, decent multidimensional awareness, honestly knowing Team Light and Team Dark, grasping the past Great Cycle spent in Duality, and being able to retain accurate awareness of my multidimensional experiences is why I know what I do. I continue to write about these things to hopefully help educate people about their being multi-dimensional Beings that are currently quickly evolving through monumental amounts of ancient and current density and negativity internally and externally. 2023 will reflect this fact to far more people as they (we all) reel from these rapid evolutionary pressures and changes happening within their bodies and around them worldwide. During 2023, very old negativity intentionally done to humanity and their DNA to suppress them, is and will continue to be rapidly brought to the surface to be physically and etherically purged. I’m not talking about the Volunteer First Everythingers and Starseed individuals because we’ve already been doing this in our bodies. I’m talking about unaware humans, people who don’t know about this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process taking place in their lifetimes. People that don’t know about NEW Earth or NEW Humans. I’m talking about them, which means it’s going to be a wild 2023 ride for all of us as we work through this “event” on ascending Earth. It also means that even more people will choose to quickly die and exit their bodies for personal reasons this year than the past five years. It also means far more people will come undone mentally and emotionally due to the severe energetic, physical and psychological stresses and pressures of living during rapid and extensive evolution.

Back to the deceptive camouflage tactics of Team Dark’s etheric devices, tools, inorganic AI creatures and creations deliberately made to look to humans as “glittery” and like they’re true Source Light.

In the early years of the physical level Ascension Process when I first started clairvoyantly Seeing this etheric periwinkle colored sphere, I made the mistake of naively thinking that because it was periwinkle colored—what I believed was a higher frequency color—it therefore must be something positive, something good. Aah, and the hard-earned, dangerous firsthand learning begins yet again! Stupidly, it never dawned on me that I was under demonic attack at that time, which goes a long way in showing how gullible, susceptible and woefully unaware we of the Light have been. We’re familiar with the Light, but it’s too often been hard for us to comprehend the full extent of Team Dark’s negativity, parasitic methods, global influence and dark madness. Because of that, we’ve been attacked in lower Duality frequency by some Team Dark aliens, a variety of negative etheric alien AI devices, demon(s), and other bewildering extradimensional beings and creatures.

Also, if the opposition knows that some of us are clairvoyant and clairaudient etc. and can indeed See, Hear, Feel and perceive them, they camouflage themselves and their etheric tools and devices in old classic earth human forms they know we’ll believe is the Light, is an Ascended Master, is a positive ET or group of ETs, is Jesus, is Angelic and so on. They know some humans will indeed See, Hear and/or perceive some part, some message(s), some aspects of them and their tools but not be able to energetically discern them so they disguise themselves to trick the incarnate human ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, and anyone else that can See, Hear and/or perceive them.

Over the decades I’ve experienced numerous intentionally crafted Disinformation Dreams I’m going to call them, put together and astrally broadcast by negative aliens & co. for the purpose of deceiving as many incarnate human clairvoyants and sensitives as possible. They knew some of us would retain the memory of these dreams and would share what we experienced in them with other people and online. There has been intentional negative physical disinformation tactics AND there’s been intentional negative etheric disinformation tactics done to humanity.

And FYI, the majority of but not all of those Team Dark created worldwide Disinformation Dreams broadcast astrally to influence as many people, their consciousness and emotions as they could, were about fleets of thousands upon thousands of UFOs filling the Earth sky from horizon to horizon and all of them “positive” when they were not. That’s how fast and easy it’s been for Team Dark aliens to influence humans into believing that massive numbers of positive aliens are coming to help humanity.

[I wonder how many months it’ll take for this personal experience and Higher Awareness of mine to be plagiarized and show up on one of the popular TV aliens and/or paranormal shows? I’m not kidding or being snarky because it’s happened before.]

Most people are totally unaware of when they’re being used and/or deceived by Team Dark and that includes people like me that are Volunteers, Seers, Knowers, Empaths, Sensitives and Lightworkers that embody and Work with true Divine Light in and through their physical, etheric and energy bodies. Learn to honestly and accurately recognize the negative, their tactics, physical and etheric tools, characteristics, mental and emotional behaviors including the plentiful and worsening psychopathic anti-human humans. Know when you’ve been played and learn from it. Use the negative abuses—alien and Portal People human—to know more as you continue evolving in this profoundly important and rare lifetime of ascension evolution. 2023 is going to force this one all year on evolving, ascending humanity.

Another layer of this is what’s been called the ‘false light’. If you cannot honestly, accurately, and instantly discern for yourself what is true Divine Light and what is inorganic, intentionally created negative false light, then when you see and/or See negative false light you’re going to misinterpret it and what you think and believe it is and everything else about it. Team Dark created inorganic ‘false light’ looks much like manmade florescent light. It’s dull, flat, lifeless, empty feeling and lacks true Source lifeforce.

Another etheric AI Team Dark alien device I’ve clairvoyantly Seen repeatedly for many years is what looks much like this photo of a physical LED flashlight or LED stage light.

What I’ve Seen with this has always been white colored false light coming from small round shaped circles in this larger circular pattern. There is no container surrounding these round lights as they are the device. It is an etheric inorganic Artificial Intelligence AI monitoring device. What does it monitor? Incarnate humans living the Ascension Process to increase the frequency rate of Earth for humanity.

I knew the first time I clairvoyantly Saw this etheric item manifest in the air near me that it was a Team Dark alien creation. What it did however took me much longer to discern. Every time I Saw it, I paid close attention to what I was sensing, feeling, intuiting and perceiving about it. Over time I discovered it was an etheric AI monitoring device, not a weapon, as some others have been. It watched me, it kept track of me, not my physical location but my living the Ascension Process and how that was changing me, my physical and energy bodies, consciousness and higher abilities. That was what it was monitoring.

Many Team Dark alien creations are an inorganic entity of sorts with AI. Think of all the tech and AI devices and tools that exist in our physical lives. Now think of those types of tech tools and AI devices having been created by Team Dark negative aliens etherically. There’s physical human “Big Brother” and then there’s this shit, this Team Dark alien etheric shit. There’s physical alien implants and etheric alien implants. There’s “the Matrix” as most humans think of it and then there’s the interdimensional levels of it. I should say, there has been this shit. Some of it/them are still around etherically in early 2023, and some have recently been popping up again in our lives but it’s why it’s happening now that’s the point of this article.

The next item I want to cover is something that looked to me like not only false light but had layers and layers of inorganic camouflage around it resembling a multi-ringed mandala of sorts. It was anything but a mandala, it was a Team Dark etheric parasite entity. It was not AI; it was a parasitic entity.

The pink and white image above doesn’t look anything like it but it’s as close a replica I could find. I clairvoyantly Saw this etheric parasite creature only once and for a few seconds in the middle of the night while going through a rigorous liver and gall bladder stones flush a couple years ago. This etheric parasite entity looked like it was Light but it was not. It looked like a round lit mandala with numerous layers of rings of pale false light, each a slightly different shade of pallid false light in very washed-out colors. I got the sense that the layers and layers of round false light rings were its camouflage, its protective disguise. It was the very tiny center of this thing that was the actual etheric parasite creature. That small center point was half black and half white colored and somewhat reminded me of the old ying yang Duality symbol. The black and white halves resembled small bubbles or fish eggs and felt to me to be ancient, sickly, parasitic, anemic, half dead and eternally ravenous. It was repulsive, on top of that it HATED me with an inorganic parasitic vengeance!

As some of you may remember, I loved chocolate candies and ate way too much of them over these ascension years. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, my addiction was chocolate candy. Eventually my gall bladder rebelled to the point where I had to do a rigorous liver and gall bladder stone 6-day cleanse and 7th day flush.

During the flushing out phase of this process, while seated on the toilet most of the night purging physical liver and gallstones, something etheric connected to them was also purged. An etheric parasite entity manifested right in front of me at eye level. I cannot express what an outlandish and horrid face-to-face meeting this was. I stared at it, and it stared at me for a few seconds before vanishing. What I realized in those brief moments staring at it and it at me was significant and revelatory. It HATED me. I repeat, it HATED me in the way Team Dark HATES humans, and females even more. It had been etherically energetically feeding off me throughout my ascension chocolate candy addiction years.

Now here comes the really interesting, insightful and educational part to all this. For many years before this night of liver and gallstone purging, I had a NEED to eat a lot of chocolate candy. But from the day after this flush, that craving, that need and addiction to ingesting chocolate candy completely vanished. So which came first? The chocolate candy addiction or the negative etheric parasite entity attachment? The answer was obvious because my chocolate addiction abruptly ended the moment the etheric parasite entity was unattached from me via the physical liver and gall bladder cleanse and purge. Turned out my chocolate addiction—and the damage and pain it caused—was something spawned and maintained by this ravenous etheric parasite entity. Hungry-hungry monsters.

We think we know; we believe we know what’s what but often we discover that reality is far more complex and complicated than we’d ever have believed. We are multidimensional Beings physically, etherically and energetically living and Working, fighting and purging, embodying and evolving our ways through the most negative physical and etheric shit filth with its variety of parasitic inhabitants that one could imagine, and much more we can’t.

Things have changed however because we’ve recently entered Triality frequency, the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template, and more NEW codes for NEW Humans on NEW Earth. Because of these changes that have unfolded very intensely each year since the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, today in January 2023, the rest of the world has entered the higher Triality frequencies, the Divine Mother Feminine energy template for ascending humanity and Earth during this next Great Cycle in higher Triality, New Age, and all the rest of it. All that was hidden in plain sight during our lengthy time in Duality and the old Ages, is being purged up and out into the Light for all to see and know and want nothing to do with any of it/them ever again.

The reason why some have been experiencing a seeming increase in Team Dark attacks and/or experiencing some of these monitoring AI devices again is because of this major shift of humanity now existing in Triality frequency on ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans in 2023. Because this happened globally at the entrance into 2023, all of humanity is and will continue to now being much more affected by these compressed evolutionary Ascension Process energies. On the one hand, this is a big milestone for humanity. On the other hand this big milestone is going to be a really rough go for many people worldwide. Humans don’t like or do well with big change and this is bigger than they can comprehend.

Even though it may look and feel like Team Dark is still running the Earth show and humanity, know they no longer are. Because of this 2023 shift for global humanity into the higher NEW, more of the old lower negative stuff, etheric devices, tools, parasites and all else is being ousted and purged from our physical and etheric bodies and our world reality. I shouldn’t need to say how big a deal this is, or how rough it’s going to sometimes be for many humans, and nonhumans. And it’s no coincidence that the USA government and its systems are reflecting these big changes. This will only increase this year and in 2024. In March 2023 when Saturn enters Pisces and Pluto enters Aquarius (it retrogrades back into Capricorn in 2023), the old global patriarchy will feel the deep, ongoing sting of compressed evolution on multiple fronts. Patriarchal Church and State being the two (Duality) main ones worldwide. Saturn in Pisces in 2023 and these NEW energy templates, frequencies and codes will end the patriarchal negativity and distortions in all world religions. Pluto in Aquarius will do the same for the same reasons to all patriarchal governments, politics, and control systems worldwide. More about these particular astrological sign changes in an upcoming article. For now, know mega changes are coming and very soon. Translated that means great and difficult and tumultuous at the same time for most humans.

On another related note, remember in the early years of the Ascension Process I talked about feeling what I called the sudden ice pick like pains? Back in the early days of incoming NEW crystalline Light, we often felt the Light literally pierce into our bones which hurt like holy hell! Thankfully that pain would only last for one or two seconds because any longer would cause us to pass out from the severity of it. Infusing our old carbon-based template bones with higher frequency NEW crystalline Light energies was no physical walk in the park, but we’ve embodied much NEW Light into them nonetheless.

This particular ongoing Ascension Process symptom is currently being felt by more people lately as happening in their skin, just under the skin, and on the surface of the skin. What first started deep in our bones many ascension years ago, is now being felt in and on our skin. This is how filled up with NEW crystalline Light energies we’ve become over these difficult ascension years. I mention this because feeling the NEW higher crystalline Light energies in and on your skin often feels like numerous tiny needles going into your skin and/or radiating out of your skin. It hurts only slightly in comparison to having our bones infused with crystalline Light, but it’s common for it to feel like it’s stinging, stabbing and irritating our skin in different areas at times. I’ve sometimes felt this briefly in one or both eyes, especially when the brain glands were being evolved into higher NEW Human Triality systems.

Know too that the recent heavy rains and snowfall is part of everything I’ve talked about here. These NEW crystalline, Triality-based Light energies and codes of and for NEW Earth and NEW Humans are easily held in water; water in our cells and bodies and in Earth/Gaia’s cells and body. All these late 2022 into January 2023 energy elevations and expansions is why the big increase lately in earthquakes and volcanic activity. It’s all related to the January 2023 shift of global humanity having entered Triality frequency of ascending NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

January 17, 2023

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2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions

I’ve always had present life awareness of the profoundly negative distortions and perversions Team Dark (negative aliens, devils, demons, entities) did to Divine Mother Feminine and her energies long ago, early in the cycle in Duality frequency. I’ve always felt different aspects of it, clairvoyantly Seen parts of it, and been aware of locations on 3D Earth and the underground 2D elemental realm that were extremely saturated in it. Since childhood I’ve had both ancient memories plus present life clairvoyant visions of beastly underground 2D negative elementals and other hideous, distorted creatures perverted into dark monsters by Team Dark long ago. Also, from the 4D astral, from below the surface of the Moon, and other planets in our solar system that were intentionally distorted by Team Dark and made thoroughly negative and dark.

To understand what I’m talking about it’s necessary to have personal knowledge of the basic energetic differences between Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine during the past Great Cycle in Duality frequency. The negative perversions and distortions done to Divine Father Masculine have manifested and been present differently than they have with Divine Mother Feminine.

The negativity, perversions, distortions and profound darkness Team Dark did long ago to Divine Father Masculine has been easier to see because it’s more out in the open, more obvious and greatly highlighted due to the longstanding global patriarchal rule on Earth. The negativity, perversions, distortions and profound darkness Team Dark did long ago to Divine Mother Feminine has been more difficult to see because SHE/IT is much vaster and somewhat less personalized. Divine Mother Feminine is the great, vast black background, whereas Divine Father Masculine has been—during the lengthy period in Duality frequency—obvious and specific because Team Dark aliens are patriarchal creatures.

Even though the Divine Father Masculine has been more easily seen throughout the time spent in Duality frequency, HE/IT too was intentionally severely distorted and perverted by Team Dark. These negative perversions were done to control humanity, human consciousness, and interfere with and block humanity’s natural ability to evolve over the Ages. Humans are not naturally violent, warring, raping, murdering, insane misogynists that believe themselves greater than Divine Mother Feminine, greater than female humans, greater than Mother Earth, greater than Mother Nature. All that came from Team Dark aliens and has played out throughout the past cycle in Duality frequency. But the time in lower frequency Duality with everything that went with it has expired and is being energetically removed, which is why the world and humanity are in the chaotic states they are now.

I’ve said it many times over these ascension years, the more we embody the NEW higher frequency Light energies, Triality templates and codes for ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, the faster and more chaotic and violent the ending of all negative etheric, astral and physical patriarchal alien and human structures and realities becomes.

When anti-human and anti-female humans do or try to do negative things to other humans, you need to recognize that they are anti-human and anti-female people. Their actions, words and beliefs speak for themselves, but it’s up to everyone to instantly recognize the anti-human and anti-female people in this country and all others around the world. We’re deep in this now.

You know when something big happens down here in physicality, that similar things have been happening in higher dimensions and layers well before it shows up down here on physical Earth. One recent example of this was the June 2022 U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. When I saw that news online and on TV, it instantly explained a lot of the negative things I’ve been experiencing for most of 2022. I’ll list some of them by month with the hopes of it helping show how these physical and non-physical events are experienced and purged by some of us and our physical bodies. 2022 has been notably more difficult for those capable of going first into the higher frequency NEW while simultaneously further purging out more of the ancient negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine, Divine Father Masculine, and humanity by negative aliens, entities and negative anti-human, anti-female humans.

January 2022 — I noticed that another level of disconnect with other ascension teachers/writers had automatically happened. What they were saying had gone so far off course to me personally, that I couldn’t relate to them and what they write anymore. Another increased sense of having to continue on and do what I’m energetically capable of doing.

Many First Everythingers have been pushed very hard all year to accomplish specific ascension energy Work because we’ve been on a tighter than usual time frame in 2022. I’ll get to why in a moment. Things are accelerating, not slowing down, not stabilizing yet. They will eventually.

February — Ascension caused body aches and pains continue and get worse for days or weeks at a time each month. The more you Embody your Soul/Higher Self into this physical incarnate you living the Ascension Process, the greater your conscious awareness becomes of the other aspects of YOU and You this you experiences. I’ve been experiencing greater awareness and mind’s eye visuals of many of these other dimensional, other timelines, other aspects of ME across time, space and dimensions. This 2022 purge of the ancient negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine is being experienced by all aspects of ME as it’s a ME/Me/me group effort, and some of this I’ve been Seeing this year in much greater detail. I mention this because I know some of you have been clairvoyantly Seeing mind’s eye images of lots of other people, other beings, other positive alien beings and strangers this year flashing quickly through your Higher Awareness vision. This has always been individual group efforts and not only these physical incarnate aspects of us doing and living this evolutionary Ascension Process Work. Embody more means you’re becoming conscious of being more, much more.

March — Woke up one morning to a constant stream of negative thoughts about all sorts of past personal happenings with other people. It had an artificial, induced feel to it. I’ve been Working on my personal stuff and junk since 1991, so I’m aware of these things and how deeply I’ve already excavated each of them at this point.

Patriarchal males and neighbors acting out in negative, self-absorbed ways has gotten worse this year. They cannot cope with the incoming higher NEW frequencies, not to mention the Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based NEW Earth, NEW Humans template, and they’re getting louder, more aggressive and more unstable. Typical reaction by Team Dark tainted lower consciousness people who’ve not done any personal Inner Work on themselves during this evolutionary Ascension Process. The incoming higher Light energies cause many of them to react negatively in a wide variety of ways and go even further into mental and emotional imbalance and/or insanity.

Having negative dreams about past family and certain people. Self-blaming thoughts about certain people and my and their actions and non-actions and avoidance over personal things that need to be dealt with in these lives. Is this 2022 dream and others like it stemming from my expanding Higher Awareness insights? From greater personal Phase 2 Embodiment Process revelations? From more 2022 energetic purging? From more Team Dark manipulations? Both maybe?

“As Cosmic Mother reclaims her sophianic parts in the Earth, her radiating presence purges out the AI parasites that had been inhabiting in the subatomic spaces of corrupted dark matter and were posing as her energetic imposter. As a result, those sensitive to the planetary grid or gridworkers, may sense some of the most ancient timelines connected to the source origins of primordial evil or the anti-Christ beast machine signatures that are rising from out of the earth firmament to be purged and extracted out in sections.”

— Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022

March 2022 Karen Bishop emailed me for the first time. She said some very kind things which I was deeply grateful to hear from her. We emailed back and forth for a few months, mostly about how severe and physically disabling the energies have been on our physical female bodies.

April — Many low consciousness people and neighbors get worse during incoming high frequency Light energies, Divine Mother Feminine Triality template and more NEW code additions arrive. Just like they make our physical bodies, heads and more hurt in different ways, they cause energetically unprepared people increased instability mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’m needing to sleep more during the daytime this year. Nighttime sleeping in 2022, has felt like it’s changed so dramatically that it cannot be considered old nighttime sleeping at all, and certainly not receiving much restorative healing to our physical bodies while asleep every night. Because of these changes and the constant 2022 purging of negative Divine Mother Feminine Duality distortions, I’m needing more daytime naps this year.

May — Ascension sick and intense physical pains and aches all month. Further HighHeart expansions and greater embodiment into it this month. More negative daytime nap dreams. They’re ongoing and increasing in 2022 because things are quickly building to a larger than usual Separation point at the end of this year. Energy headache continues along with near constant ear ringing or squealing sounds and different tones. Crystalline NEW Humans of Light hear these energy caused tones, sounds and ringing in and around our heads.

Since January 2022 I’ve seen 12-21 and 12-22 repeatedly, indicating we’re energetically and physically rushing towards a culmination and much larger populated CHANGEOVER shift point after the December Solstice 2022. Also been seeing all of the triple numbers nearly every day and night all year. 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. Triality frequency is manifesting more strongly than it could in 2020 and 2021. Stairsteps.

June — Hot flashes have returned with a vengeance. The return of them in 2022 tells me some very big internal negative ancient distortions are steadily being burned away. More severe body pains and a constant energy headache.

A horrible month but a negative energy “glass ceiling” was broken by some Volunteers in June 2022. More negative ancient Team Dark alien etheric perverted, distorted human and reality systems were energetically broken, which is why some of us are feeling so incredibly used and abused again.

Heard again, five fast hard knocks on the outside wall of my house exactly where the head of my bed is on the inside. They’re not always five knocks but this time they were. (In past years and decades, they’ve been nine knocks.) This tells me some negativity is nearby and wanting me to know it.

Suddenly I’m once again experiencing (I cannot believe it at this point!) the negative Alien Love Bite’ phenomena. I really thought I was out of range of this particular Team Dark negativity. Obviously not. Live, pay attention, learn more.

The male person of this ‘Alien Love Bite’ is someone I don’t know and never will, and have never been interested in. He’s a musician I was barely aware of. I’ve never thought of him so to suddenly have a burning romantic fixation on him is utterly ridiculous, yet that is how the so named negative ‘Alien Love Bite’ works. You’re suddenly infected with a love/romantic/sexual fixation on someone—usually a stranger but not always—and the intense emotions you’re feeling are a total con job. They’re not real but a negative emotional hook created and applied etherically on you by some Team Dark alien. You’re being negatively manipulated so you’ll produce specific emotional and sexual energies which that alien/entity syphons off for itself. And you thought you just had a crush on someone! No, you’re being negatively manipulated to produce specific energies and also be emotionally and mentally tortured by the whole thing. Classic Team Dark modus operandi.

I was able to energetically cut this negative ‘Alien Love Bite’ manipulation in three weeks’ time. The last time I experienced an Alien Love Bite was in 2004; it took me a full year to clear it from myself.

I found it telling that it happened again in 2022. When things get negative, dark and problematic, it’s always because more higher frequency NEW Light is being implemented so the negative dark from old Duality frequency does what it/they can to keep you and I and as much of humanity sidetracked and down in that old lower frequency range and not living the Ascension Process and/or doing whatever current energy Work we need to.

“Thus, in those difficult moments, this information may be soothing to the weary female spiritual warrior, that has been forced to do battle with the satanic anti-female mockery because of the inner shining truth of Cosmic Mother being represented through the radiating sacred crystal heart of sophianic divine embodiment. The frequency of sophianic spiritual wisdom poses an existential threat to the continued existence of those who enjoy spinning the dark webs of deception and lies, as the embodiment of the divine Christos-Sophia effectively abolishes female lunar inversions that power up the satanic architecture of Baphomet. Remember that this is the time we came to fulfill the divine and sacred purpose of retrieving divine Sophia’s many sacred spiritual body parts by returning them to the Cosmic Mother. These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth.”

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

July — Negative, perverted sexual dream with the Alien Love Bite famous musician guy. Team Dark bastards will do anything to get another drop of parasitic lifeforce out of someone.

A week later, another negative sexual dream. This one took place in what looked like a dark, dank and dense astral negative opium den setting with lots of naked male and female strangers strewn about in a massive sex orgy. I’m viewing (not participating) this negative mass of intoxicated and sexually used humans being energetically drained by negative aliens and demonic entities. They’re easily syphoning off these people’s lifeforce energies via their drug use and non-love-based sexual activities. Those people’s energies are being removed by some Team Dark aliens and stored in clear tubes for feeding upon later. The humans are oblivious to it all and are happy being excessively high and sexual with opposite sex and same sex strangers.

August — Daytime nap nightmare I saw multiple huge 40-footlong negative black insect-like creatures coming out from a ceiling and wall seam opening they’d made and into my living space. (My full consciousness.) It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever experienced. In comparison to all the other things I’ve clairvoyantly Seen and encountered throughout my life, this probably sounds like it wouldn’t cause such an extreme fear reaction in me. It did however because these creatures were ancient negative primordial dark matter perversions from Duality frequency and level and Divine Mother Feminine.

A few times over the decades I’ve experienced negative other-dimensional / extra-dimensional aliens etherically enter my physical space at angle areas where part of the ceiling and a wall are connected. It’s like it is easier for them to come into this physical dimension via 90° angles of rooms in our physical houses. This is certainly not always the case but sometimes it has been.

Two days later while waking from a daytime nap I saw a Grey alien in a black bodysuit walking very close to my house in my backyard. I experienced an instant gut punch of fear seeing this, which is also unusual for me. I’ve seen numerous positive and negative, Service to Others and Service to Self ETs so it surprised me that seeing another Grey in August 2022 caused such an instant fearful gut reaction in me.

It’s been a really rough, nerve rattling, high stress, exhausting year as many of you already personally know. Self-care in these times is mandatory as we, our bodies, consciousness, psyches, CNS, HighHearts and all else continue accelerating through the negative what has been and into higher frequency what is rapidly manifesting.

There’s been a lot of interdimensional physical non-physical co-mingling this year and those of us who have existed in them. The dimensional “Veils” simply haven’t existed for a long time now and this year these bleed-throughs of other negative creatures, aliens, demons, entities etc. has been extra busy and more easily felt, seen and sensed by more people.

I think it was August that Karen Bishop and I were both so physically sick, and at times physically disabled, that we couldn’t produce extra energy to write something even semi-meaningful to each other. If Karen Bishop and I can’t even write short emails to each other, that should tell you how energetically extreme this intense 2022 has been.

The last week of August 2022, I had a second daytime nap nightmare—a napmare!—with the same enormous black insect-looking creatures. This time they were much closer to me in this daytime dream. They were getting closer and coming more fully into my living space which terrified me unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I heard myself screaming over and over in this daytime nightmare like I have NEVER screamed before. I woke myself up and got angry over it and started seriously taking up arms energetically over all this awake and asleep negativity and physical and etheric sexual manipulation and “sexual energy harvesting” attempts that have been happening for much of 2022. The revealing of these negative primordial underground (2D) gargantuan black creatures was what finally did it for me. I’ve not experienced these horrendous negative primordial creatures since they caused me to scream my way into conscious 2022 Lightwarrior Cleaner mode. 

I’ve had awake and lucid dream conversations—which are both the same thing to me—with different demons over the decades. I’ve had close encounters and telepathic conversations with a few different negative Reptilian aliens. I’ve Seen and felt some different Draconian aliens. I’ve had close encounters of the worst kind with profoundly negative, distorted Divine Father Masculine aliens, entities, devils, demons and creatures and none of them scared me like these negative ancient, distorted Divine Mother Feminine Duality cycle insect creatures did.

Ancient primordial dark, dank, distortions and perversions done to Divine Mother Feminine of the past cycle in Duality frequency are infinitely more terrifying. Divine Mother Feminine is the vast black space of Creative Potential. When that is perverted, distorted and manipulated by negative aliens, it feels very different from many of the negative patriarchal anti-human, anti-female aliens and entities. Encountering the numerous different aspects and layers of negative perversions done to Divine Mother Feminine from the time of Duality changes one. There are monsters and then there are monsters so far beyond them that it’s hard to express, and hard for people to comprehend unless they’ve personally experienced some of them. The great myths and legends of the ancient past have nothing on us living these current ascension lives and the end of the cycle in Duality frequency!

“For those Starseeds working on the embodiment pieces for the Triple Solar Goddess sacred sophianic awakening on the Earth, as the authentic Cosmic Mother is anointing her Maji Grail Queen daughters, the month of October tends to deliver the maximum intensity with surreal physical ascension symptoms and abruptly jarring bifurcation events. Returning the true sophianic expression of the Triple Solar Female Christ in her Solar Dragon Queen emanation requires nerves of steel while her consciousness is going into the darkest hell realms and back, as the reclamations required for the embodiment process are inexpressible to those who do not know this experience and thus will not understand.” 

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

September — Small tornado came through where I live and caused a fire that killed some people, animals and demolished properties and caused much damage in large rural areas here. Temps were between 110–116° here for ten days straight. During this time the overnight temps didn’t get below 90°. The daytime threat of electricity (air conditioners) being turned off by the electric co. was a constant concern. This year temps here reached 100° in April 2022, the earliest in the year we’ve reached 100° in this area ever.

The Queen Mother of England died September 8th. All sorts of Duality frequency and cycle patriarchal mothers are exiting this year. Certain females have been and still are totally patriarchal. There are many hardcore patriarchal females running for political positions here in the US now.

Hot flashes and the bottoms of my feet are wildly hot again. This tells me that in September I am deep into some serious, intense and very large personal and collective energy cleaning and purging, again. I’ve had a constant energy headache for months. I wake up some mornings lately with my eyes crusty and infected looking. Late September I discover a large grape sized lump in my crotch/groin. It’s sore and mildly worrisome because I’ve never had this before.

Some mentally ill homeless male broke into the empty house next door to me and has been squatting there for who knows how long. He’s physically come on to my property more than once. The only way on to my property is climbing over the fence(s). Don’t bother calling the police because they either won’t come or if they do, they tell you they can’t do anything about it. DIY Volunteer Lightworkers. The old expired system and its employees do not work and it isn’t fixable nor should it be. DIY in your own higher ways HighHearts. However, be prepared when negativity happens anyway regardless of what you’ve done energetically protection-wise around yourself and your home and property.

October — I just realized how extra expensive this year has been. Actually since 2020, but much more so this year with this insane inflation. My income hasn’t increased, donations have decreased, and this inflation is harming we the people. Refuse to live on the constant edge of poverty disaster anymore everyone.

The energy headache continues. Back, spine, shoulder, hip pains on left side (old female side of Duality cycle) experiencing increased pains, stiffness and soreness constantly. Eyes still going through more energy changes that cause tearing, crusting and a bruised feeling. My face suddenly broke out in tiny red watery pimples, even into my eyebrows. I’ve never experienced this one before. The 2022 energy purging of ancient Divine Mother Feminine negative perversions have been plainly visible on my face and body this year.

Mid-October I had two more terrible dreams about a couple male exes from decades ago, and about my son. This 2022 theme is undeniable. If you’re a Volunteer Lightworker Energy Transmuter, then besides whatever personal shadow stuff and junk you may have at this point, you’ve also been clearing and purging out more of the massive negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine, dark matter, humanity, elementals and other beings over eons and eons this year.

“Thus, we’ll be focused on who we are and have been intimate with and investigating our attitudes towards sexuality, seeing the places that harmed our soul, and moving towards healing the sexual misery patterns. During this sexual center solar purification process, it can be related to the lunar transfiguration experiences that bring on the phantom death of the ego-personality. When confronting the underworld energies of sexual harvesting entities that are embedded in corrupted dark matter, it can have satanic signatures and feel like the purge of dead creatures from out of female reproductive organs. During the clearing process, it’s likely that you may encounter or sense dark putrid streams, sea like tentacled creatures, and bizarre chimeric entities that are being purged out of the inner female parts. Life on prison planet means that many of us had tentacles placed in our sexual organs which had been connected to the massive shadow archontic beasts the NAA set up, connected to the hive mind Black Queen-Dark Mother network.”

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

It’s the last days of October 2022 as I write this, and the hot flashes are nearly gone. The red watery pimples on my face are almost completely healed and gone. The lump in my crotch/groin is gone. Eyes are better. The September and October constant energy and purging headache is reduced but still there. My hair still looks and feels lacking in vital lifeforce as is common due to these severe, massive energy transmutations and purging of ancient negativity. The constant loud ear ringing, squealing, single tone and often layered on top of it, two-toned tones have been present all year. Yesterday I felt and clearly recognized that the inside of my physical head is now a NEW crystal crystalline Triality system structure that’s receiving and transmitting NEW template Triality frequencies continuously. This will continue, evolve further, and expand even more over time.

We still have November and December 2022 left to move through. Some of this ancient negative purging Work may continue into those months as well, but it feels like the worst of this specific 2022 theme dark energy purging Work is behind us.

“These collective satanic forces pretended to be the divine feminine principle or Holy Mother, but in actuality were the inverted dark feminine that was perversely created as Baphomet through the insertion of parasitic dark imposters that were existing throughout the artificial dark matter substance. As Cosmic Mother returns to the matter realm, her authentic and organic dark matter parts restore the truth resonance and energetic balance to creation through the corrected sophianic female principle, in which the false, the artificial, the imposters of the sacred feminine cannot co-exist along with her emerging powerful presence.” 

— Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

The reasons why many of us underwent this severe dark internal clearing and purging energy Work of the ancient negative distortions done to Duality frequency and level Divine Mother Feminine in 2022, is because that HAD to be gone by the time we enter January 2023. 

Come January 2023, MANY MORE PEOPLE will begin entering (some knowingly, most unknowingly) the NEW higher frequency Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine template and matching NEW Light, codes and latest additions to these codes of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Translated that means that rather abruptly a lot more “regular” people will suddenly have their consciousness and hearts come online energetically, enough so in January 2023 and afterwards, to physically enter and exist in the higher frequencies of ascending NEW Earth and the Triality-based NEW energies and templates.

This personal and collective negative stuff and junk had to be purged out by us this year in energetic preparation for a much larger group of people entering ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans and the NEW Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based energy template frequency and consciousness with the entrance into January 2023. 

Before that time was reached however, the ancient negativity done to the Duality-based Divine Mother Feminine had to be cleared, purged in the ways we individually have been doing throughout 2022. Hopefully my month-by-month 2022 personal sharing will help in explaining much of the horrors, darkness, sickness, nightmares, body pains, Team Dark attacks, ‘Alien Love Bites’, sexual energy manipulation attempts, nightmares and daytime napmares many of you have probably been experiencing all year, or very condensed in September and October 2022.

I deliberately formatted this article month-by-month because I wanted to show what I’ve personally been experiencing all year in 2022. The last few days of October I checked Lisa Renee’s site because I wanted to see what she had to say about October 2022 specifically. When I read her October article, I knew I had to quote some of it in my article to show how these difficult, multi-leveled energy mission jobs are experienced by those of us that do these negative dark clearing, freeing up, purging energy Work. I hope that by my adding some of Lisa Renee’s October article quotes under my personal 2022 negative monthly experiences shows how her words—strange and surreal as they sometimes sound—are personally lived by many of you reading this.

Said another way, this adding on of greater numbers of people that are ready to evolve up to Triality frequency ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans and Divine Mother Feminine, will very quickly accelerate NEW Earth with its NEW Humans. Just like there were First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave Volunteers that were activated when each of them was pre-coded to do so throughout Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process (1998–2019), the same will happen with the people capable of being the first group, the second group, and the third group and so on of NEW Humans evolving up to ascending NEW Earth now in Phase 2.

With the start of January 2023, what I’m going to call the First Group of ascending people will enter the higher frequencies of NEW Divine Mother Feminine, HER/ITs Triality-based template, codes, consciousness, HighHeart and more. After them the Second Group of ascending people—many of them will be aware of the Ascension Process but the majority won’t—will energetically arrive and so on. Don’t fixate on dates or years with this but stay in the NOW moment. This will unfold far faster than most would believe which is very good because we First Everythingers need some big energy relief coming in immediately, and it is because of the 2023 people reaching vibrational match to and with Triality and all that goes with it in, on NEW Earth for NEW Humans.

What’s really important about this is that with each ascending Group of people internally matching and therefore coming into NEW Earth Triality frequency, the entire evolution to this higher level and state of being will unfold faster and faster and faster. The more individuals that are capable of and ready for existence in Triality frequencies and matching Divine Mother Feminine NEW template energies and enter them, that automatically accelerates the entire process from each group forward. The First Group starting to arrive in January and February 2023 and beyond will automatically accelerate the manifestation of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Depending on how things go, the Second Group will start arriving late in the year and that will again automatically accelerate more of the manifestation of NEW Earth for NEW Humans and on and on it will unfold, quicker than anyone would believe possible.

And lastly, I want to stress the importance of everyone clearly understanding that Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine are no longer existing in and functioning under past lower Duality frequency and reality. Divine Mother and Divine Father now exist in Triality frequency and ongoing and increasing manifesting internal and external Triality reality. Individually they both are and will continue to become increasingly NEW, more complex, more individually unified, integrated and expanded Beings and Energies. They are no longer the ancient perverted, distorted things that humans were led by Team Dark to believe them both to have been. We’re all in NEW higher territory now, thanks once again to the intense energy purging Work many of you have done this year. Expect the NEW, on all levels and in all ways.

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2022

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Link to Lisa Renee’s October 2022 article.

The Negative Human Ego & Team Dark

Over the past 19 years I’ve written online about the Ascension Process, I’ve received numerous emails from people around the world asking me a variety of questions about it, the majority have been about the negativity they’re experiencing because they’re living it. I received a few emails from some people in different countries like this in May 2022, and because of that, I feel this topic needs a serious, sobering dose of honesty and clarity laid on it.

People without the ability to honestly discern for themselves—and lack of true knowledge about these things—are easily tricked into all sorts of negative Team Dark inverted information, lies, untruths and distortions about the Ascension Process, about Lightworking, about energy transmuting, about self, the human ego, energy parasitism and many other related things and don’t realize it. The second layer of this serious problem is that those people spread the lies that Team Dark has told them online, causing more and more people to believe those lies and distortions. This is a classic Team Dark tactic that’s worked very well on many people throughout these ascension years. Obviously, they still are as you’ll see in these emails I’ve received in May 2022 from a few people in different countries.

♦ Pre-Ascension Process Human Ego — An aspect of human identity, sense of self, and a 3D tool to navigate the old low frequency patriarchal earth world and reality.

♦ The Negative Human Ego — The low side of the human ego that feels and expresses greed, hate, fear, is manipulative, power obsessed, fame and fortune seeking, emotionally needy, controlling, deceptive, elitist, violence and a thousand other negative things.

Imposter Entities & Imposter Spirits

I’m going to borrow Lisa Renee’s term ‘Imposter entities and spirits’ to express this. Normally I lump it all in my heading of Team Dark (TD), because that’s what they all are. This distinction needs to be made however so people better understand some of TD’s tactics on humans during this evolutionary Ascension Process and end of the Neptunian Piscean Age. I deliberately included Neptunian because there’s monumental global human Neptunian deception, delusion, self-deceptions, self-delusions, intentional mass deceptions and mass delusions rampant now on this planet. So much of this has to do with the end of the Age of Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune, and the low, negative aspects of the human ego and consciousness.

Negative human egos, global and personal Neptunian deceptions and self-delusions, and Team Dark taking advantage of every access point in each of us evolving, ascending humans alive now. A type of perfect negative storm for people that don’t understand the multidimensional seriousness of what’s really happening; cannot discern for themselves; who haven’t done near enough personal Inner ascension Work on themselves; and the endless lies coming from everywhere constantly. Especially in and through the ascension communities online and elsewhere.

I’ve stressed the absolute need for discernment for years and I’ve tried in numerous articles to explain why it’s so important for every person to learn to discern — learn how to read energies, read energy signatures for themselves. Energy signature’ is a term someone created that simply refers to the energies that each living physical human gives off, and the energies that each nonphysical, nonhuman being both positive and negative, both Service to Self and Service to Others, entity, alien, demon, dead human spirit etc. naturally gives off.

Being in the frequency range vicinity of a Lightbeing or an Angelic feels radically different from being in the frequency range vicinity of a negative alien, entity or demon. In fact, it’s very easy to feel the energetic differences between different nonphysical, nonhuman beings and entities. It’s something that once experienced, one never forgets. Contact with both high and low beings, entities, aliens and the energies each gives off is something permanently imprinted in your body, heart and consciousness forever.

I’ve had numerous people from around the world email me about something they’re experiencing that they believe, suspect or know is negative. In other cases, the person emailing me does not realize that what they’re experiencing is negative, but honestly believes it to be entirely positive and of the highest Light and for the ascension. I received another of these emails in May 2022, from someone I’ll call J from another country. His is one more of so many I’ve received over the years that have all been very similar.

told me his story and it’s an all too common one unfortunately. J said he’s been experiencing an etheric device placed in him in 2017, three more of them since then, that are what he called ‘energetic clearing devices that clears the crap from people’s auras automatically.’ He went on to say, ‘The first device went in five years ago in 2017, and have become ever more elaborate, sophisticated and debilitating ever since.’

J went on to tell me that, ‘His Guide since 2019, Kuthumi, leads a large group of beings who operate and maintain these shit clearing devices through possibly hundreds or even thousands of people working 24 hours a day. You can imagine the problems I have been experiencing with dark forces as a result of what is being done through me. What I also find interesting is no matter what I do, I can’t stop what is being done through me. It just continues day after day to varying degrees and although I block it to a certain degree, it just continues by force. All I am told is “Acceptance”. Accept what you came to do and accept what can’t be changed. There is no other solution.’

Every filthy, obscene, deceptive, ascension derailing word of what’s been told to sounds and feels like the highest Light coming from a high being or master or teacher or alien of Light, right? Right?  RIGHT?

If any of what said he’s been told by this Imposter Entity sounds and feels to you to be coming from a real etheric Master or any other nonphysical being of Light, then you’re at high risk of being duped and energetically used and worse too.

‘You can imagine the problems I have been experiencing with dark forces as a result of what is being done through me.’  

No, no J, it’s a result of what’s being done TO YOU by dark forces.

You bought into what a negative Team Dark ‘Imposter Entity or Spirit’ tricked you into believing and allowed it to use you and your lifeforce to energetically feed itself. These Team Dark creatures, aliens and entities are all energy parasites, energy vampires. You’ve been duped by one of many of these negative nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark entities into believing that by allowing this to be done to you and your physical and etheric bodies that you are doing “positive energy work on and for other people”. Other people that, by the sounds of your email, did not ask you to do it to or for them. All that trespassing, lying and parasitic energy theft is 100% how Team Dark works. All that is precisely the exact opposite of how Team Light works.

Does everyone see how this negative Team Dark Imposter Entity has tricked J into believing it’s an old Mahatma known in the past physical world as Koot Hoomi/Kuthumi? Do you see how this Imposter Entity or Spirit has duped into believing that the increasing body pains he’s been suffering for years are caused by the “positive energy work” he’s doing by clearing energetic crap from other people?

What a clever distortion manipulation usage of the human beliefs about the normal Ascension Process physical body symptom aches and pains many feel and live with due to the ongoing evolution of ourselves, physical bodies and consciousness. Team Dark Imposters convince whoever they can that what their negative etheric feeding devices siphoning off his/her lifeforce physical pains and energy depletions are caused by him/her “doing energy clearing on other people.” Do you see how Team Dark works and what they use against humans such as our own negative egos and self-deceptions and deceptions we buy into coming from other people?

Some people with a little bit of online or book knowledge about the current ascension often come under the influence of Team Dark entities, aliens, creatures and demons because they’re not personally familiar with or capable of discerning energies, entities, aliens or people. Most people automatically and unquestioningly believe that whatever phenomena they’re experiencing and/or perceiving being communicated in whatever form to them is coming wholly from what I call Team Light. Unfortunately, the majority of the time it’s actually Team Dark masquerading as, presenting themselves as, claiming to be the Light, an ascended Master, Jesus, Mary, positive savior aliens and whatever or whomever.

They are etheric imposters. They are negative etheric imposter entities and spirits deliberately tricking and using you, using any unaware human they can, and the more negative ego a person has, the easier and faster it is for Team Dark to do all sorts of horrid things to you and also to your family and friends. If your negative ego is still alive and well, and you can’t discern who’s who and what’s what, then most likely something negative will repeatedly attack you and/or etherically attach on to you to feed from you. And because most people honestly cannot tell if what they’re experiencing is indeed Kuthumi or Jesus or a Team Dark Imposter Entity or Spirit, they’re easily tricked into some very serious life, sanity and ascension threatening situations such as what J has been experiencing for years.

Another email I received in May 2022, was from a young woman I’ve emailed back and forth with occasionally over the past few years. This time she wanted to know if I was aware of any recent changes with Team Dark because she and one of her young children have again been experiencing negativity, and negative etheric and physical dream manipulations and attempted mind control-like suggestions. [In years past I too have experienced nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark entities telling me to ‘Kill myself’.  They’ll try anything and everything.]

Because this person asked me to be deceptive for her for reasons I won’t go into, plus some other deceptive things she said to me concerning what she told me, I’m dealing with her differently than I’d first planned. The reason for this is because she asked me to be deceptive in my article so she could continue some deception(s) she has with some of her friends.

What is deceptive in humans? The negative human ego. And a lot of “fluffy” ascension folks with egos they’ve not transmuted and transcended yet, don’t believe in Team Dark, or that people like them could ever be affected by anything negative. Self-deceptions, deceptive group beliefs, negative human egos, general bullshit delusions and Team Dark ever there using you and your negative ego and egoic issues like crazy continually.

We’ve reached the point in this where everyone needs to know that as nasty, vile, evil, filthy and against Source God Light that Team Dark is, that Team Dark gets at us through whatever ego-based thing, large or small, that WE still have within ourselves.

Team Dark are parasitic, vampiric energy predators, hungry-hungry monsters always searching for a way into each of us to energetically feed off us, manipulate, direct, derail, control and prevent our ascension, and those entry points, those access points are our negative egos and as yet unresolved ego-based issues. Negative ego itself, fears, desires, needs, weaknesses, self-delusions, delusions of grandeur, greed, power over others, control over others, fame, fortune and so on.

Human ego exists in the lower frequencies where Team Dark have existed, where Imposter Entities and Spirits and much more have existed. Work on your ego-based issues, whatever they are, and after a lot of hard, honest, continual personal Inner Work, you’ll incrementally ascend beyond that frequency range and its negative residents and their influences. This has always been about you, about me, about each one of us individually transmuting ourselves, not other people. That lie is Team Dark speaking and working through the religious inversions they created for the entire 2,100+ years of the past Piscean Age to derail and control humanity during those years and now during this time of evolutionary ascension.

It doesn’t matter how many expensive crystals you own, how many etheric guides and others you have, how many followers you have, how many angels you can call in. None of those things matters one bit if you have lower negative human ego and ego-based issues you haven’t yet resolved, transmuted and transcended in yourself. Period. End of all bullshit, lies, cons, hustles, deceptions, self-deceptions, self-delusions, false projections of yourself at friends and family.

You get yourself to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans by becoming a NEW Human!

None of us can take any of that old lower egoic crap with us into ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Not a drop, so stop trying to fool those of us that honestly can tell who’s still got negative ego and personal ego-based issues they haven’t deal with in themselves yet. More importantly, stop fooling yourself about this. The sooner you honestly understand this one about the Ascension Process, the sooner you’ll “get there”. This is precisely how those people that are not ready for NEW Earth are kept out of it — by their old negative egos and ego-based issues.

I know from personal experience that the higher I evolve, ascend, embody etc., the less and less Team Dark is able to get at me directly. They still try, especially when I have moments of doubt, worry or weakness of any kind, but it has lessened over the years, plus the more I change due to the ongoing Ascension and Embodiment Processes, the more they alter their tactics on me. The same can be said about each and every one of us, so pay attention and be honest with yourselves. What’s honestly more important to you? You evolving, ascending to NEW Earth or you maintaining your old negative ego and all the issues it still has?

Team Dark can and does tell humans whatever they know that human will personally respond to, and they work from there. Any weakness, any fear, any wound, any negative ego, any ego-based anything any of us still has, and I mean ANY OF US including myself in any moment, is precisely where Team Dark Imposter Entities and/or Spirits and the rest of them easily gain access to each of us.

I’ll tell you what I told J.

That is NOT of the Light and NOT who and what you’ve been duped into believing it or he or she or they are. It is an Imposter Entity that’s using you to feed off of energetically and lying to you that everything that’s happened and continues happening is because you’re “clearing negativity out of other people.” Classic Team Dark reversal con job. And sadly, these types of Team Dark negative lies and etheric actions are far more common within the spiritual ascension communities.

This is what you get when you are not capable of honestly being able to discern energies, read energies, read different beings, aliens, entities and dead humans’ energies or “signatures” for yourself. This or something similar is often what you get when you have undealt with ego-based issues you’ve not honestly Worked your way through and transmuted yet. People that haven’t cleared their own ego-based personal stuff, junk, wounds, issues etc. are easily duped by Team Dark lies into believing they’re doing positive ascension Work when the truth is they’ve become an energetic food source for some Team Dark alien or entity or dead human Imposter claiming it’s Kuthumi or Jesus or a Pleiadean or an Archangel or and ascended Master.

True, honest, actual Ascension Work is on ourselves, not anyone else. That is how you truly help others — you Work on yourself.

This massive confusion and ego-based self-delusion about some of the Ascension Process is because so many people have read online articles, posts (including some of mine), books and watched ascension videos that were in years past and currently are specifically intended for Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners and Starseeds, not unaware and energetically and psychologically unprepared people on lower ascension energy stairsteps. But this is one thing that has happened when multidimensional, Mystery School level information is openly shared online and people that are not ready for it read it or watch it in videos and their egos want and believe they are Volunteers when they’re not, and their egos want and believe they’re Forerunners when they are not. The true Volunteers and Forerunners considered this and more before we incarnated as Volunteers and Forerunners of the Ascension Process and decided it was a side effect that had to be risked for the greatest, highest good of All. And this is another reason why I’ve repeatedly stressed the need for each person to learn how to discern energies, beings, aliens, humans and all else for themselves. 

Forget about “helping others” and help yourself. Work on yourself constantly, and by that, I mean honestly remember that you are an aspect of Divine Source God currently in a physical life of evolving a lot in one, fast lifetime. We all are, and your only job, your only mission is you becoming more of You and YOU in this lifetime by utilizing all the NEW evolutionary Light energies, templates and codes that are constantly raining down on every living thing on Earth now and embodying them. You aren’t needed to clear anything in anyone else, that’s Team Dark trying to derail you from living and embodying the Ascension Process. Deal with your stuff and junk, your negative ego and ego-based issues to get yourself clean and cleared and forget about the rest of it. You do that, you’ll increasingly and automatically know what to do next for yourself and the greatest, highest good of All. First things first, however.

Denise Le Fay

May 28, 2022

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Since I started writing about the Ascension Process online in 2003 at certain forums, then only at my own sites TRANSITIONS (2007) and HighHeartLife (2013), I’ve had numerous individuals email me shockingly hateful, vicious, cruel ranting email letters intended to cause me as much pain as that person could type out. And honestly, many of those emails did hurt me because no one wants to be attacked and brutalized, especially by individuals who’ve completely misunderstood something I’ve written at my websites. Other emails intended to hurt me, such as the two latest quoted here, are sad and pathetic because of how epically incorrect both are about me personally and about what I’ve written.

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Hard to believe you are so uninformed when a ten year old could research the VAERS website and see the hundreds and thousands of vaccine deaths and horrible reactions.  Heard of Event 201?  Heard anything at all in the last twenty months that didn’t come from government controlled media sources?
That patriarchal system you throw fits about is playing all their cards right now and many of us who research INDEPENDANTLY knew it was coming.
I’d wager you have already had years worth of mind numbing shots!
So disappointed that you are either a coward or a fool.
Thanks for the same old same old since WW3 started. Denial is for babies, Denise.
Time to grow up and accept that those patriarchs are screwing you but good and you continually make excuses for ssid TD members.
I see why you have shut down comments.  You’re on the wrong side of history.
I suppose now you know what you would have been doing in Germany back in day, huh?”
GL — October 2021

GL felt she/he needed to attack me because he/she believes I’m in favor of the pandemic vaccinations when I’ve publicly stated the opposite. That however doesn’t matter to individuals like GL. My truth, my life and lifelong personal experiences and actions don’t matter in the least to people like GL.

The TRUTH is my father, born June 1921, died September 2021 at age 100, was a hardcore Theosophist since he was a teen. His mother was a Theosophist and Astrologer, who ordered her astrology books from England in the late 1800s and early 1900s (some of which I have) because books like that didn’t exist in the USA back then. My father was a young man when his mother died.

The higher Light, Angelic, and Star lineages came through her, as they did through my mother’s mother. These generational one or both sides of the parents, grandparents and great grandparents of most Volunteer ascension incarnations were needed so each generation did their best to embody a little more Light to hopefully make it slightly easier for the incarnating First Everythinger Volunteers to do what they volunteered to incarnate and do in our lifetimes during this physical level Ascension Process. For most current Volunteers these multi-generational parent or parents in some cases-to-child increasing energy stairsteps were necessary. Along with that were also certain ET interactions with each generation of these very early Lightbearers trying to help the future Volunteers here now from their personal family lines.

Many of the ‘Baby Boomers’ born right after WW2 (1939–1945) ended were needed to immediately incarnate en mass. Absolutely not every Baby Boomer is an ascension Volunteer but there are a good number of us that have been since birth. The Baby Boomers were waiting in the higher dimensional wings because many of us were the first group of incarnate ascension Volunteers. Once humans used atomic bombs on humans in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, that action automatically activated the massive and instantaneous incarnation of numerous ascension Volunteers. These two things are directly related.

Once the government/military dropped atomic bombs on humans, to prevent any further use of atomic bombs anywhere on Earth, many of the higher dimensional beings initiated the planetary-wide incarnational insertion of numerous ascension Volunteers physically born immediately after WW2 ended. And you thought the Baby Boomers were just Hippies, druggies, sexual deviants, dirty, peace n’ love lazy fucks. Some Boomers have been that and worse however many of us have never been pulled off or killed off our ascension Volunteer missions no matter what “they” threw at us including wars seen and unseen.

The Theosophical Society was founded in New York City in 1875. This however isn’t about Theosophy, although I attended nearly every Sunday from age 5 (1956) through age 18 (1969) at Theosophy Hall (built in 1927) in Los Angeles, CA. My father insisted I know the basics of Theosophical beliefs from early childhood so I attended almost every Sunday meeting at Theosophy Hall from age 5 (1956). This was another pre-incarnational Soul Contract designed to protect me, a Volunteer incarnating during this current universal Ascension Process, from common religions and religions beliefs heavily distorted and used by the negatives. Once I turned 18 I needed far more than what Theosophy could provide me personally, as an incarnate Volunteer First Everythinger, so I went my own spiritual way from age 18 (1969-1970).

Because of my dad’s lifelong Theosophical beliefs, he wholeheartedly agreed with it that vaccinations should not to be put into human bodies for physical and etheric reasons. Because he strongly believed this about vaccinations since around 1939, he of course raised me and my younger sister under those Theosophical beliefs.

The last vaccine I took was for polio in 1965 when I was 14. Before this 1965 polio sugar cube vaccine, the only others I took were the ones given to every baby in the USA. I’ve had no vaccinations after the 1965 polio sugar cube one at age 14. Nor have I ever had any flu shot or shots. I’ve never had any shingles shot(s). I’ve never had any vitamin shot(s) or any other unknown substance injected into my body. From 1965 through 2021 is 56 years — 56 years that I have not allowed anything to be injected into my physical body, and very little before those 56 years.

It became clear to me when “they” started pushing free flu shots and shingles shots on TV constantly in the 2000’s that things had been seriously upped by “them”. To me the increased push for everyone to get annual flu shot(s), and when that didn’t bring in the big numbers “they” were after, “they” started pushing people to get shingles shot(s), was a sign of possible things to come.

I received this email from this month.

“Hey  dearest  Denise:

I  just  read  your  article  and  have  to  tell  you  this:
There  is  ALWAYS  a  higher  perspective/truth  to  what  we  see,  at  least  until  the  changeover  is  FULLY  HERE.
“What I’m talking about is that you and some more people in the ascension community and related others are soon going to experience suddenly knowing that many ascension teachers/writers/lecturers, plus many channelers, are and always have been frauds, cons, and highly polished and professional looking and sounding bullshit artists.”
When  I  read  this  I  WAS  SIMULTANEOUSLY  SHOWN   that  those  you  call  frauds,  cons  etc.  are  where  they´re  at  FOR  MORE  THAN  ONE  GOOD/NEEDED  REASON.  What  this  means  is:  IF  you  talk  like  this  “YOU  ARE  LYING”  even  though  you´re  right  FROM  your  one  step  lower  perspective.
THE  HIGHEST  PERSPECTIVE  which  is  the  place  where  I  can  see  you  DEMANDS  for  utter  accurateness.  UP  HERE  it´s  a  matter  of  HOW  you  speak.  The  WHO  YOU  ARE  demands  for  “ROYALTY”  as  in  “OLD  FASHIONED  FEMALE  ATTITUDES”.  Up  there  you  find  ELEGANCE  and  SMARTNESS  and  only  those  women  who  have  integrated  their  maskuline  parts  will  ever  get  there.  THE  PURITY  that  place  desires  comes  from  DETACHING  from  the  maskuline  again.  “THE  WOMAN”  as  planned  by  The  Creator,  was  never  done/finished  yet.
I´m  giving  you  this  FOR  “MY  NEXT  STEP”/because  we  are  all  interconnected.  I´ll  happily  give  you  more  if  you´re  interested,  but  most  ppl  aren´t,  that´s  why  I  kept  it  so  short.  It  all  makes  perfect  sense.
I  bow  to  you&the  road  you´ve  cleared.”
K — October 2021
I’ve got nothing I want to say at the moment. I’ll be back when I do.
Denise Le Fay
October 26, 2021
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Negative Timeline Fueling & Anniversaries

I was going to write this then decided against it, then thought I should, then not, and back and forth I’ve vacillated over this particular info at this particular time.

Some of you have probably been hearing about the latest actions taken by certain people around the world who’ve been pushing extra hard and very obviously to take greater control over whatever, wherever, and whomever it is that each of these groups want to. No matter which countries this is happening in, it is the old negative patriarchy still at work. They’re making more lastminute power grabs over more people and their lives and rights, over females bodies and rights, over all peoples rights, actions, thoughts, feelings etc. It’s happened and continues happening here in the USA, it’s happened/happening in Afghanistan, it’s happened/happening around the world and it’s escalating.

Because it’s September 2021 and the 9/11 event happened 20 years ago this month, that negative intentionally created timeline event is being highlighted and fueled up again now in different ways.

Without going into details I’d like you to mind’s eye envision the black cube Kaaba in Mecca with many people around it. Next I’d like you to envision the 9/11 Memorial ‘pools’ that are inverted black cubes with water flowing downward into ‘voids’ (remember that water amplifies energies) with many people around them.

Please recognize when you, your consciousness and emotional energies are being intentionally manipulated, collected and utilized humanity.

You can sense that multiple things around the world have built to a breaking point and that things cannot and will not be able to continue in this old Duality reality way. Team Dark is trying to maintain it but the big separation split is coming and many of you have felt it seriously escalating over the past decade but much more so over the past six years. The energetic tensions present now feel unbearable, oppressive and physically unsustainable. Lower and Higher frequencies cannot co-exist in the same space. No fear just honesty, awareness, Higher Awareness, HighHeart and taking full personal responsibility for the timeline you are currently on and want to continue being on.

These current escalations and different actions taken and multiple anniversary focuses to keep the 9/11 timeline functioning is because the NEW Divine Mother Feminine Crystalline/Christ Diamond template for ascending Earth is being fully implemented in the physical on and in Earth for humanity when we enter 2022. This is why the patriarchy has been pushing so hard these past few decades and recent years to grab more people and their consciousness, suppress more people, gain greater controls over global human females, steal whatever they can before the NEW Divine Mother Feminine planetary template energy is fully physically set on Earth.

Many of you already know and feel the negative densities being magnified and used again now for different reasons and timelines. Your job, our job is to do what we always do which is override it by holding higher space, focus, direction and continue steering ascending Earth and ourselves on the ascending NEW Earth timeline. All I’m saying is that many of you have already been feeling the old negative energy oppressions and related manipulations building. Stay in your HighHeart on the ascending Earth timeline. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

September 6, 2021

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August 2021: WTF!?!

Friday, August 20, 2021, I finally felt the release from the negative influences that have been battling around inside my physical body and awareness for the past two weeks of August. The entire month of August 2021 really but extremely so and very obviously since 8-8. I woke up yesterday morning and felt that delightful sensation in my body of physical and energetic relaxation indicating that this latest battle—and it was a serious battle—had finally ended and we’d moved another big step forward. But holy crap! WTF! That was the worst Team Dark negative beating battle struggle I’ve had in years. How about you?

And you thought it’d be easy to just saunter on out of where humanity has been throughout this long Dark Ages cycle. August 2021 taught us differently, and if this month has beat the hell out of you as it has me, then you’re still a bit fragile, weakened, and more wobbly at the moment than you’d like. Heal your recent battle wounds and release your varied traumas of having lived, fought and energetically Worked your way through whatever all it was for you personally this August of 2021. Rest and recover and prepare for more whatever that we all know is right around the next ascension corner. But know that this one was a huge deal individually and for humanity and cosmically. We’ll celebrate later, for now it’s back to the ascension grindstone.

Can you tell when you are under the influence of something or someone nonphysical and negative? Do you honestly know your own thoughts and thinking process and how you have them so thoroughly that you can detect when a negative foreign alien something or someone is injecting negative thoughts into your consciousness? Are you honestly aware of when this happens to you?

I already know the answer to those questions and for the majority it’s a terrifying NO.

In my August 16, 2021 article Recent Increase In Fears, I said —

“Because all of humanity is not functioning on or perceiving from or aware of everything from the same level of consciousness, this fear, these fears are coming from different people worldwide for different reasons. Keep this in heartmind while considering this information please. Remember that these current fears coming from humanity now are layers and layers of fears about different issues and events that are piling up on each other in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.”

For those a little or a lot more advanced and experienced with negativity, negative aliens, mind control, and negative attacks in general than the unaware human masses, for some of us it’s not fear that works on us anymore so other tactics are used. In this case I’m talking about how I very recently became aware that I was, once again, under the influence of some negative nonphysical alien(s)—aka Team Dark—doing its best to inject (yes I used that word on purpose) negative thoughts into my consciousness. Those negative injected alien virus thoughts were strong mental suggestions for me to murder large numbers of human strangers. When those injected negative thoughts didn’t pan out for them they replaced them with injected negative thoughts about it being time for me to die now; about how my body is sick and damaged; about how I should ‘Let myself die and exit my physical body now’.  There are nonphysical viruses too and these examples I experienced in August 2021 are only some of many the negatives use on Volunteers and humans.

Because most of these negative nonphysical aliens and other entities know I can clairvoyantly See them, can clairaudiently Hear them, can easily Feel them and do not fear them, they use different tactics to attempt to influence me. What easily works on other people no longer works on me which is why other tactics are used on me and certain other Volunteers that they try to sneak up on so they’re not detected by us for as long as they can get away with.

The most common way they do this I’ve found over these many ascension years has been to try to inject certain thoughts into my consciousness. Remember that ‘The real war is over human consciousness’. It’s deeply true and in about every way and every level you can imagine. Welcome to the AIR (consciousness, thoughts, thinking, Higher Awareness, low consciousness groupthink) Age of Aquarius humanity.

I received this email from Barbara N. the morning of August 19, 2021. She gave me permission to quote it here for all our benefits. Thank you Barbara N. ❤

“Morning Denise,

This is a Wellness check, was sitting on my porch this morning @ 3:33 thinking about You and just letting my mind kinda wonder, and I got a ‘creepy’ feeling pass thru me around your name, well I assume it was around You…so if you would be kind enough to just send me an ‘I’m OK’ I’d appreciate it…Gratitude Hugs, Barbara.” — August 19, 2021 

I was very grateful to her for sensing and trusting her awareness enough to follow through and check in with me because I have been under the influence of negative nonphysical Team Dark attacks much of August 2021 and she did not know that.

Some of you reading this have most likely also been under the influence of Team Dark attacks and attempts to derail you, exhaust you, suppression, interference, depression, wear you down into physical immovability, mental and physical stupor, attempts to manipulate you into doing something you would never do and so on. Said crudely and simply but honestly, we’ve been fucked with again for much of August 2021 by the negative Service To Self side that do not want anything or anyone to evolve and improve now.

The physical level is not the only one where negative things are injected or attempted to be injected into living humans. We are multidimensional beings and we’re now in the end game of the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds and physical level CHANGEOVER from old patriarchal Duality reality Earth to ascending Triality NEW Earth. Because we are multidimensional beings we also have been attacked from negative nonphysical nonhuman aliens and same frequency, same consciousness entities from other dimensions too. The injections and/or attempted injections done to us have also happened in nonphysical levels. Those injections can be mental, emotional, energetic, psychic. This isn’t anything new or unique for humanity.

Because we’re deep into the Ascension Process at the level and stage we currently are now in Phase 2, the negatives—nonhuman and human—have been doing all they can to any they can to prevent or at least temporarily derail or hold off what’s happening anyway. This is the endgame battle with this ancient, ancient crap and characters within an expired cosmic cycle and system based energetically within Duality. We’re battling with one foot in an expired dead old cosmic system fending off negatives as best we can that don’t want any of that to end, while we simultaneously energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally Work to constantly embody more of the NEW which is manifesting itself in and through us and our physical bodies. And this has been and continues happening on cosmic levels and not only on Earth and the old 4D Astral dimension.

I know your tired, exhausted, beat down and momentarily discouraged due to this severe August 2021 negative multidimensional Team Dark ass-whooping we went through. Know that you continue transmuting far more than you’re currently aware of. Also know that you’re soon going to, we all are soon going to KNOW much more about a whole lot of stuff than we do at this exhausted, beat to hell war-torn moment. And know that it’s all part of the Ascension Process and CHANGEOVER. Recuperate, be proud of what you’ve accomplished for self and ALL, and get back into the endgame and let’s complete this part of it. Thank you for your multidimensional HighHeart Light Service.

Denise Le Fay

August 21, 2021

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Recent Increase In Fears

Some of the more sensitive folks probably felt a large increase in fear, fears coming from the human masses on Saturday, August 14, 2021. It was triggered by multiple things and the only reason I’m writing about this is because it’s going to continue in larger than usual chunks much like this from here on out. It’s the why of this that’s important and it’s what I’ve been calling the CHANGEOVER. What others call ‘the shift’, ‘the event’. 

Because all of humanity is not functioning on or perceiving from or aware of everything from the same level of consciousness, this fear, these fears are coming from different people worldwide for different reasons. Keep this in heartmind while considering this information please. Remember that these current fears coming from humanity now are layers and layers of fears about different issues and events that are piling up on each other in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, there was a 7.2 earthquake in Haiti. There’s been many of them all over this year but because this one happened at the same time as some other difficult global news and events, more people were aware of this earthquake and more fearful because of it.

This year I check this USGS site daily for global earthquakes within a 24-hour period. Its global map is a helpful visual but it’s their left sidebar that’s interesting to me because it displays the Richter size, time and location of every earthquake in the planet. This year it’s been abnormally busy.,-473.20313&extent=87.57007,284.0625&listOnlyShown=true&timeZone=utc

The recent release of the 2021 UN report on ‘Climate Change’ caused, is causing a lot of fear, fears about numerous things in many more people around the world. To many people the whole issue of ‘Global Warming’, ‘Climate Change’ has only become “real” to them with this report.

I haven’t read this report nor will I because I’ve known for a long time why things have been heating up throughout the entire Ascension Process. Think back to the years and decades now that you had constant inner physical body Hot Flashes while Earth continued heating up too. Do you know how much inner heat it takes to transmute negative density and transcend it? A LOT! A lot within us, and a lot within Earth, and this year of the transitional CHANGEOVER from the old lower everything to our entrance into the NEW higher everything in 2022 is why all of these things, events, changes and more are happening in these greatly increased, compressed and accelerated ways.

Earth isn’t experiencing ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ because the global human patriarchy has been greed obsessed polluting bastards, she’s going through “the Change” — the Ascension Process change.

To many people the abrupt exit of US troops from Afghanistan is an epic catastrophe, not to mention a huge personal insult. There are those who still believe in patriarchal wars, endless warring and continual interference and this change is very difficult for them.

Do not forget that not every human alive now is ascending, many are descending, and this is a big part of the current Separation of Worlds & Timelines due to the Phase 2 CHANGEOVER shift that’s been in full play since the start of 2020 and all of 2021. Everyone now has to go to their sides. Let them.

The whole UFO/ET ‘Disclosure’ business has begun this year. Have you noticed? I know it’s been crazy busy since January 2020 but it’s happening now. It’s carefully scripted, designed, controlled, filmed, recorded and staffed with the exact people that “they” want saying what they have been about UFO/ET ‘Disclosure’, but it’s going to outgrow them and their scripted plans very quickly. Read that last sentence again if needed please. I’ll say more if and when it’s time for me to do so. Right now it’s let “them” and “their” scripted, filmed and recorded, staffed and coordinated UFO/ET ‘Disclosure’ show unfold. Discern and discern some more and know that this is bigger than all of “them” and that “they’re” being played to do this now so that it will naturally grow and expand far beyond “them” all.

Then there’s the covid-19 pandemic. The lowly Duality consciousness vaccination wars, mask wars and a whole lot of sheeple jerks on both sides frothing at the mouth over all sorts of things they honestly know nothing about.

I said publicly in early 2020 that I sensed the pandemic was entirely real and deadly. Do you remember the strange repeated clairvoyant visions I had the last days of June into the first week or ten days of July 2019?  I shared them in some comments in early 2020 and possibly in an article too. Can’t remember.

Because my mother died near the end of June 2019, and because she had a pre-paid cremation plan I had to go to the local mortuary multiple times to get the paperwork done, pay some extra charges, and lastly pick up her ashes. The clairvoyant visions I had every time I went to the mortuary were of dozens and dozens of filled caskets stacked on top of each other lining the hallways and filling every room and space throughout the mortuary with filled caskets. The mortuary couldn’t get them picked up fast enough so they stored them there for far too long. I saw unusual numbers of dead people in caskets literally stacked everywhere because the mortuary was quickly overwhelmed from so many people quickly dying.

Long story short, I was clairvoyantly Seeing these multiple visions because the covid-19 pandemic was coming, only months later, but it took me a while to put two and two together and understand that what I Saw multiple times back then was due to the rapidly manifesting pandemic.

The pandemic is real and it too is related to the Ascension Process, the Separation of Worlds, the needed rapid pandemic die-off method for many humans to take to quickly exit their physical bodies because the evolutionary CHANGEOVER began in January 2020. The people that do not want to remain in their current bodies and go any further with the Ascension Process and the CHANGEOVER happening in Phase 2 2020 and 2021 needed and still need a quick way out. It’s all the human insanity, greed, egos, stupidity and raging people’s beliefs, words and actions about the pandemic that’s sad and pathetic. The pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon because it’s part of the Ascension Process and what’s currently happening on Earth and to humanity.

I feel like I should tell a joke or two after all that. Gad-freakin’-zooks! Deep breath and continue onward just like you, me, we have been since all this got started in the physical around 1998–1999. This is the CHANGEOVER; this is ‘the shift’; this is the start of UFO/ET ‘Disclosure’; this is ‘the event’ just not like how most everyone expected it would be. And there’s much more but this is plenty enough heavy for one article. Sorry, just the times we live in. Stay in your HighHeart through these CHANGEOVER storms, quakes, reality collapses, ongoing mass deaths, increased insanity on both sides, and the other stuff still coming from many claiming to be ascension teachers/writers. Nothing and no one can hide anything in all this Light and isn’t that just the best thing ever.  ❤

Denise Le Fay

August 16, 2021

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Current Evolution & Disclosure

It’s ignorant to expect the U.S. government and military will, some day soon, suddenly stop lying after nearly 80 years and give the American people all the information they have to date about extraterrestrials, interdimensional and extradimensional aliens and UFOs–Unidentified Flying Objects, USOs–Unidentified Submersible Objects, UAPs–Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

To expect that is as pathetic and pointless as Democrats expecting the Republicans will, after 50+ years, suddenly stop doing everything they can to harm and suppress ‘we the people’ of this country — you know the one, ‘land of the free’ and all that old patriarchal con job BS directed at white, black, brown, red, yellow and every other skin tone in this country. It’s simply not going to happen because higher frequency qualities such as honesty, compassion, integrity and empathy does not exist in people that are low frequency, and it isn’t going to any time soon which is why the Separation of Worlds must and is happen.

You can stand at the edge and stare down into the full septic pit and hope beyond all hope that a pristine Angel bestowing gifts for humanity will soon magically fly up and out of all that filth. You can continue doing that all you want however, you’re focused in the wrong places for honest ‘Disclosure’ to happen, Disclosure about anything to happen.

I’ve often wanted to say to those people with their own paranormal TV shows that if they really want to experience serious direct negative phenomena and personal encounters with demons, devils, negative aliens and extradimensional whatnot creatures, all they need to do is put down the left brain electronic devices and start embodying Light. You do that and Team Dark will be there in your space faster than you can scream WTF! No EMF devices, EVP recorders, infrared viewing devices or cameras, electronic dictionary ghost box machines for the procrastinating dead or anything else needed — just you embodying some Light is all it takes to have Dark negativity all over you lickety-split. There, you just got some very valuable Disclosure.

You really want to have the holy crap scared out of you all up close and personal like? Then embody some Light in those low levels you’re currently existing in and watch what happens and how quickly. Again, no physical patriarchal left brained scientific machine devices needed, just courage to naturally evolve beyond Duality frequency and its low frequency interdimensional and extradimensional inhabitants.

Buy the latest smart phone or, embody the abundant evolutionary Light energies present and start becoming telepathic due to natural evolution—aka the Ascension Process?

Buy devices that define physical reality for you or, embody the evolutionary Light energies present and know for yourself because you’re evolving and gaining Higher Awareness?

Depend on physical recording machine devices to be able to hear dead people and other entities talking or, embody the evolutionary Light energies present now and start naturally developing clairaudient abilities?

Depend on physical visual machine devices, FLIR infrared cameras and other viewing machines to be able to see dead people, cryptids, aliens, entities and other dimensional beings and energies or, embody the ever-present evolutionary Light energies of the current Ascension Process and start naturally developing clairvoyant abilities? How about all Higher Sensory Perceptions and much more?

Yeah but most males do love physical machines and are thoroughly dependent on them. They make them feel smart and powerful, however, 2022 is rapidly baring down on us all and will deliver a major evolutionary shift change (and greater Separation of Worlds) within humanity and Earth — massive NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy reality templates, energy patterns and matching NEW codes for ascending humans. There, you just got some more valuable Disclosure. 

There are some interesting, educational and entertaining TV shows on certain channels in the U.S. like the History channel and the Travel channel and some others that have weekly shows dealing with the paranormal, the supernatural, aliens, UFOs, cryptids, interdimensionality, multiple dimensions, different timelines and so forth. This is really great considering only a couple of decades ago all of these topics were considered totally “crazy” by the general population. Why have humans thought that? Because they’ve been trained to for centuries by the global patriarchy/Team Dark. The left brain has been an intentional consciousness holding-pen for humanity for a very long time.

Nonetheless, the deeper humanity traveled via the evolutionary Ascension Process from old lower third dimension (3D) Earth frequency range and space up through old fourth dimensional (4D) Astral frequency range and space, the more all things paranormal, supernatural, etheric, extraterrestrial, demonic, multidimensional, extradimensional and nonlinear have become. The old left brain consciousness holding-pen for humanity was being broken open due to natural evolution happening in our lifetimes and beyond them.

The current natural organic Divine evolutionary Ascension Process has been in the ongoing process of “ascending”, rising, elevating, evolving Earth, humanity, the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, the Sun and all else up and out of the previous lower frequency density and Duality reality templates, patterns, and codes of the previous Great Evolutionary Cycle. To do all that Earth, humanity and all else has been in an incredible process of vibrationally, energetically and physically evolving, ascending from 3D density within Duality energy templates, patterns, and codes through the 4D Astral dimension, which is where most but not all of the ancient and current monsters, aliens, demons, tenacious dead humans and other creatures and entities have existed. Why? To reach the NEW higher frequency baseline level of fifth dimensional (5D) frequency minus all the old energy templates, patterns and codes that contained Duality frequencies.

There are extradimensional areas that contain some very strange alien beings and creatures that did not originated from the old organic 4D Astral realm or archetypes of our organic multidimensional system(s). These extradimensional aliens, beings and entities are from outside of what and where we’ve existed in. Simply said, they’re inorganic, soul-less, not alive and not dead aliens and entities. They’ve never been organically “alive” which means they’ve not organically “died” either, nor are they dead in the ways we organic humans think. They are outside of “organically alive or organically dead” which is why they scare the hell out of humans when we see them and look into their soul-less, heartless eyes and faces. We cannot relate to them (and vice versa) which is one big reason why they’re so terrifying to us. They’re not standard organic ETs which humans can relate to, they’re something else, and if you’ve ever encountered any extradimensional alien(s) in any way then you know what I’m talking about. This is very important to remember when thinking about extraterrestrials, aliens and entities in general. It explains why many ETs, aliens and other entities are what we call negative or Team Dark. It also explains why so much Earth history and religious beliefs are so confusing and deeply messed up — they’re inorganic and unnatural to humanity and our energetic systems. There, you just got some more important Disclosure. 

It’s because of this evolutionary journey Earth and humanity has been going through during all of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process that took us through the organic fourth dimensional Astral realm that caused the huge increase in all things supernatural and paranormal. 3D Earth and humanity haven’t been in only 3D since about 1998–1999, but traveling through, ascending through the 4D Astral dimension. Again, no patriarchal machines needed, just natural evolution and a few decades traveling through the Astral on Earth while there were zero dimensional veils of old protection for living humans from all Astral inhabitants. For over two decades Earth, with us on her, have been traveling through the forth dimensional Astral plane. You wonder why the tremendous increase in paranormal, supernatural and ET phenomena and anomalies in our lifetimes? This is why. To get to 5D, we’ve had to sojourn through the archetypal, ancient and current day monsters, aliens, entities and whatnot of the old Astral dump zone and transcend it all. And, while we’ve been doing that, the extradimensionals have been getting all they can while they can in any way they can too.

Because Earth and humanity has for a couple of decades or so been traveling through the 4D Astral in broad daylight while wide awake, more people have been experiencing all sorts of weird, strange, evil, unpleasant alien encounters and related phenomena, hence why the big increase in the need for and popularity of paranormal, supernatural, aliens, UFOs, cryptids and ghost hunting and haunted people and places types of shows on TV. And thank goodness for them because humanity has and still needs them. People have needed to know, see, hear and feel that dead humans often linger; that positive and negative aliens and UFOs are real; that demons and all sorts of entities including etheric AI beings are real and do exist. TV shows with people recording those things have helped unaware humans to expand their minds and belief systems which is a huge positive for everyone.

On the other hand of all this however is that most people on most of these types of TV shows don’t understand, partially or fully, which means they are, along with those TV shows and TV channels, spreading a lot of incorrect information, or at best a lot of only partially correct information. Just like information on the Internet. So we’re back to the need to be able to honestly discern information, people, left brained professionals, TV shows, all governments and all military and so on.

Everyone wants ‘Disclosure’ from the U.S. government and military but most everyone is not capable of discerning whether they’re telling the truth, or telling partial truths, or deflecting or spreading deliberate disinformation to global humanity.

If you’ve been aware of an increase of alien and UFO type TV shows since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in 2020, then you can feel that “they”, the U.S. government and military, is and has been letting a bit more information out about aliens and UFOs etc. recently. They know that more of us knows so they’re doing what they’ve always done which is twist, distort and misinform while deliberately giving some bits and pieces of true information about what they know about ETs, aliens, UFO etc. In other words “they” continue doing what “they’ve” always done which is use everything to gain more power and control. After all “they” are human Team Dark doing “their” best to remain in control, power and existence during the Separation of Worlds.

I’m saying this now because Disclosure from “them” is coming soon which only means to me—as it should to you too—that more BS, lies, distortions and deliberate misinformation mixed in with just enough actual truth to seriously confuse, derail and mislead most people. Never forget who you’re dealing with, where the information is coming from, and why “they” are doing it now.

Learn to discern for yourself. Learn to See, Hear, Feel, Sense, and Know with your own evolving Higher Awareness, higher evolved sensory perceptions. Evolve, now, so you’ll KNOW for yourself directly and won’t ever need anyone else to define reality to you or for you. Use the Ascension Process that’s constantly pushing you, me, all of humanity to evolve now and grow and KNOW so much more for yourself directly.

Denise Le Fay

June 27, 2021

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More Ancient Shackles Being Removed

But First…

During the month the Sun transited Aquarius—January 20 to February 18, 2021—I didn’t know if I was going to make it through that higher than ever before electrified Aquarian AIR month with body, old yesterday self, heart, CNS and psyche intact. I did not which was the whole energetic point. I did however come closer than I ever have before to closing up my online shop and disappearing.

There have been some parts of the Ascension Process that were personally really easy. There’ve been other times however that seemed like eternal pits of pain, suffering physically and emotionally, attacks, and depression. Aquarius 2021 was all that and so much more for me. I perceived, felt, lived through and with higher clarity and knowing perceived and felt more than I had expected during that month.

I’ve long remembered something I said to my sister way back in 1980 late one night seated around my kitchen table talking spiritual shoptalk. We’d been considering what the Age of Aquarius might be like. I said, “I wonder what it is that exists between the two Aquarian energy wave lines?”  Neither of us had a clue back then. I learned what it is, at this point that is, throughout the month of Aquarius 2021. What exists between the two Aquarian energy wave lines is the absolute necessity of personally mastering Neutrality in all ways with all things to surf those waves. Higher and higher highs, lower and lower lows, and in that seemingly empty space between the two Aquarian energy wave lines is the testing ground for reaching personal Neutrality mastery. 


In February 2020 my right shoulder started hurting, again, and that pain was with me all year. I knew then that something, or a small group of somethings in our physical and etheric bodies were being energetically worked on incrementally that entire year.

The ancient negative inorganic distortions placed in human bodies and all else must be removed for the NEW organic evolutionary codes and Light energies to be embodied and be the (only) operating system within humanity. Higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space and that most certainly includes human bodies.

It’s never been a situation of only more and higher NEW Light energies and codes coming in and being embodied, but also a process of incrementally more inorganic old implants and other such negative distortion devices being removed at the same time. This is often experienced by some people as much more painful periods of ascension aches, pains, pressures and such. Often that incredible inner cold side effect happens during periods when more old inorganic etheric implants are being removed and more NEW organic codes are being embodied. We often need to get under heavy blankets and quickly go to sleep during intense energetic changeout periods. And they’ve been almost constant since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began in January 2020.

In February 2021, now with both shoulders and that entire front and back area of my body hurting, I clairvoyantly Saw something obscene. I’ve clairvoyantly Seen plenty of etheric obscenities in my lifetime but some of them still shock, horrify and repulse me then make me mightily angry when I first perceive them non-physically.

What I Saw in early February 2021, looked to me like some type of old Team Dark etheric harness. It had two vertical straps over my shoulders and one main horizontal strap across the upper front chest and the upper back area. This old pre-ascension negative etheric device was black in color and about 1.5 inches wide everywhere. It clearly resembled a harness — a negative etheric harness. The red straps in the photo are basically similar in placement and size to what I Saw but they were black and did not go below the physical heart area. There were no straps below the HighHeart level of this etheric human harness.

While viewing this negative etheric device I perceived its purpose and what it had done to humanity and why. Simply put it was an ancient Team Dark creation they intentionally etherically overlaid within humanity long ago to prevent them from naturally evolving. This heart area harness device hasn’t been the only negative inorganic distortion implanted in humanity long ago. There have been many.

This negative etheric harness was put in place to prevent humanity from naturally evolving, from naturally experiencing the activation of their HighHeart and HighHeart based consciousness, creativity and external physical reality. Like all these ancient negative devices, they were/are created by Team Dark to prevent humans from natural organic Source generated evolution. This particular heart area harness was to prevent the activation, embodiment and operation of the grand and very important evolutionary shift from the old lower frequency bottom three chakras up to the much higher frequency HighHeart Center as humanities NEW ascended focal point, in-body working station, primary consciousness seat and general distribution center if you will.

There were two additional black L-shaped extension straps to this heart harness device. They were vertical and rigid and went up to about ear level. They did not touch the head or ears but stopped at that height of the human body. They were top of the device demarcation lines was the impression I got.

I perceived this device was not only an etheric limitation, interference and prevention harness to the centered upper chest HighHeart energy Center, but was also connected into the NEW ascended throat and trinity brain glands energy centers. In other words, it was another of many attempts by ancient negatives to prevent humanity from organically evolving into, accessing and utilizing NEW ascending higher levels of being, consciousness, energies and abilities to Consciously Create NEW external world realities.

Here’s the good news about all that ancient negative crap. Nothing and no one can, have or will prevent organic Source created evolution. Nothing and no one. Period. That’s not to say some won’t continue trying however as is obvious in current Earth reality. However, all the evolutionary tools you need to override all old negative etheric implants, plus all other current external physical bullshit tactics and tales won’t work if, IF you remain in the higher evolutionary process and don’t allow yourself to get pulled off it into where “they” want you, your consciousness and energies to be now.

It all comes down to which is more important, more interesting, more valuable to you every minute of every day and night? Natural organic Source created evolution, or, the latest incorrect stories by both people that don’t know what’s truly going on because they cannot reach higher levels of awareness and perception currently, and/or those people that very much want you, your energies and consciousness NOT naturally evolving now? Just do it or just get suckered off, pulled off, hustled off the Ascension Process path. Choice is yours but know that other humans have always been there doing their best to prevent this current natural evolution and you staying focused long enough to get yourselves enough energetic lift to finally and fully fly free above the lower chaos, ignorance and deceptions.

Some of you have been experiencing yearlong or longer physical body pains, aches, pressures, stiffness and restrictions in one or both shoulders, the HighHeart area in the upper front chest, and also the upper back and spine. Some of these pains in this specific area have been due to this old negative etheric heart area harness (“program”) being energetically undone, dissolved, overwritten and removed since Phase 2 started. Some of the pains in this same area have also been caused by the ongoing embodiment of more and continually higher frequency NEW Light, energies, codes, HighHeart expansions and Embodiment and so on. Higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space which means the dismantling of old negative etheric implants continues in our bodies as does the embodying of steadily increasing higher and higher frequency Light energies. Both are and always have been happening to those of us that are currently capable of doing such energetic Work in and through our physical and energy bodies. Both, simultaneously, meaning some extra pains and pressures for those capable of doing this type of Work.

 Some of the symptoms and energetic side effects of both the overriding and removal of old negative etheric implants and other etheric AI devices, AND the ongoing embodiment of continual higher frequency NEW Light energies, is more HighHeart expansions which typically cause center of the upper chest pains, hard body-rattling heartbeats, thumbing, pounding, moving sensations in the HighHeart area. Mild pain in the upper lungs when breathing deeply sometimes. Pain and increased pressures in the spine and vertebra in the back around the entire HighHeart area — from the top of the diaphragm level all the way up to the lower neck area of your spine. Pains up into one or the other or both shoulders and surrounding areas. That sudden inner freezing cold I mentioned earlier that’s been lasting longer and longer the deeper into these evolutionary shift changeouts we go. Remember during Phase 1 how the inner freezing cold only lasted for minutes? Now it can last for hours. Nightmares, astral hijackings, negative con jobs on shady astral lucid dream corners and such. Daytime wide awake bombshell disclosures in the form of you suddenly and MUCH more clearly knowing more from higher levels of perception about all sorts of personal, human collective, galactic and cosmic things.

As we travel deeper into the Age of Aquarius and Higher Awareness (Aquarius, Uranus, AIR), and Conscious Creativity (Leo, Sun, FIRE), the more important it becomes for each of us to master personal Neutrality about everything. This is about see it, See it, feel it, know it, know it with higher and higher, clearer and clearer Higher Awareness and NOT come unglued in any way because of any of it. The highs will only get higher and the lows only lower for the time being which means to survive in ascended Aquarian / Leo energies we’ve got to master Neutrality individually as we ascend to surf bigger and more complex energy waves and feel more and more. As more of the old negative harnesses are removed and replaced with Divine NEW, we’re naturally and automatically going to be suddenly and unexpectedly (Uranus) experiencing greater personal disclosures about our individual selves, our individual lives, about other people including family, about humanity in general, about Team Dark, Team Light and all, ALL else. And that my friends is easier when you’ve got some stabilizing Neutrality under your feet and in your HighHeart and around you and your personal reality.

Denise Le Fay

February 20,2021

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Channeled Insults & Disrespect

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process abruptly thrust us into the next higher level of The Process. I felt this tremendous shift at the start of January 2020, and it has not and will not diminish or ease up. Because of that huge energetic shift and physical level implementation of more NEW codes, Light and energies at the start of this hellacious year, I’ve written multiple articles in 2020 finally voicing some of my longstanding frustrations and disappointments about much and many within the ascension community. This is yet another I’m adding to my growing list of 2020 articles about certain ascension related situations, ascension teachers/writers, deluded ascension community people, physical and energetic conscious creational activities by some, the very different levels of individual development and focus, and non-physical channeled beings and their physical human channels that I won’t continue silently, politely suffering in Phase 2. None of us should at this point.

Yes, certain channeled non-physical beings is the focus of my disdain in this article. This is another topic I’ve kept my mouth shut about since I first got online in 2003 but no more. 2020 is difficult enough — we certainly don’t need or deserve non-physical beings criticizing us over much of anything at this point of the Ascension Process.

I won’t be talked down to by any non-physical being that sounds like a lowly egoic human treating those of us who Volunteered to physically incarnate on Earth now to Work the Ascension Process from the inside like we’re children. How dare any non-physical channeled being and its physical “talking head” human lecture Volunteers like an etheric parental figure.

I completely understand the occasional need for a channeled message from non-physical whoever through physical human whoever that’s intended to uplift the incarnate Volunteers when they’re going through an extra difficult period, such as what all of 2020 has been for the majority. However, over these ascension years I’ve often read different channeled messages that were anything but uplifting, accurate, inspiring, comforting, respectful and honoring of the incarnate Volunteers. Like I already said, often some of these channeled messages intended for the incarnate Volunteers sound way too much like an unaware human ego throwing its egoic and insensitive weight around at us. Personally I don’t need or want to be soothed, placated, adored or appreciated by them, nor do I need or want to be insulted, reprimanded, dressed down, lectured or criticized by any of them either.

Personally I find it way too much that any non-physical being not living the Ascension Process front and center physically like we incarnate Volunteers have feels it needs to lecture or scold us over anything. I’ve met a few low-level, not very developed, unaware and often downright heartless, insensitive ETs exactly like this. Beings both channeled and ET that too often feel they have some right to now and then demean we incarnate ascension Volunteers simply because we are physical and they are not. Stupidity, arrogance, ego, lack of development, lack of higher awareness, lack of heart, empathy, relateability to others human and otherwise is not something found only on physical Earth in physical humans, it’s galactic, it’s universal.

The developmental hierarchies of non-physical beings and aliens is very real, just as it is on physical Earth in physical humans. Just because it’s a non-physical being that’s being channeled by some physical human does NOT mean it is the highest, wisest, most honest, most developed, advanced and compassionate Being around. Same is true of ETs. Just because they’re ETs and have more advanced technologies and modes of physical and energetic travel than humanity does NOT automatically mean they are more advanced, more spiritually elevated, more wise, honest, sensitive, compassionate and aware. To often it’s just the opposite, which is another big part of your incarnate Volunteer self’s need to discover or more accurately remember and consciously know while you’re an incarnate Volunteer.

The more your HighHeart embodies vastly higher Light energies, the less these old lower level left brained channeled beings, ETs, ET technologies etc. will impress you, fool you, intimidate or cause you to second-guess yourself. Eventually you will discover that those beings and/or ETs that channel messages through human “talking heads” are vastly less advanced, developed and aware than you currently are incarnate Volunteer. Many of these channeled beings and ETs bosses, bosses boss is another aspect of you at much higher dimensions and energetic levels which is hilarious if you think about it. Some of these channeled beings and ETs are talking down to you because they are not capable of higher awareness and perceptions to recognize who and what you really are at this and multiple other levels, dimensions and timelines. And you thought all the egoic jerks were human!

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the higher purpose of this seemingly pissy and rebellious article.

The September 22, 2020 Libra Equinox is only days away. Typically Libra has to do with balance, equality, equilibrium, harmony, internal and external beauty and such. You shouldn’t need me or anyone else to tell you that all those lovely Libra traits probably won’t be very obvious this year. The world is on fire, flooding and worse, so much humanity continues dying, so many more people are currently mentally and emotionally unstable, and politics and governments worldwide are so utterly corrupt and repulsive we’re not going to discus it or any of them. “This is the end, my only friend the end…” the old Doors song goes. And thank god it is.

At this point my deepest hope is that you and you alone are finally discovering how powerful, wise and developed you actually are. Not the being channeling whatever in someone’s latest channeled message. Not the ET in some etheric Light ship. Not some ET with an ego, superior attitude, zero heart and too much technology but you.

You who are an incarnate Volunteer that in Phase 2 is being pushed to quickly and repeatedly come to conscious terms with the fact, the FACT that you already know far more than any channeled information by any non-physical being, ET or other Other, and most of the ascension teachers/writers. This September 2020 Phase 2 Libra equinox is going to push every real Volunteer to become more embodied, more Embodied, more consciously aware of your own personal integrated Higher and Lower self, Selves and aspects as ALL of YOU, You and you right here, right now. Not in the future near or far but right now. YOU are all of them and more and it’s time for you as a baseline 5D integrated, unified ascending crystalline being of Light in a human body form to be, live, express and Consciously Create from your own personal individual integrated Higher “heaven” Selves and your incarnate physical Volunteer “earth” Self. That’s what 2020 Libra equinox holds for the Volunteers. I don’t suspect it will be much different from how this year has been so far but that’s just fine and perfect all things considered.

I AM the I AM that I AM. So are you, and it’s time we lived that FACT every minute of every day of the rest of our ascension lives. You should have discovered already in 2020 that the time of looking externally to others for guidance, reality interpretations, support, predictions, nurturing, sanity, honesty and so forth is over. It is crazy everywhere and the only thing that’s a comfort, a support, a guiding crystalline Light for me personally is ME, Me, and me, my HighHeart, and what I know for myself to date. Everything and everyone other than those things I am not interested in or attracted to in Phase 2. Neither should you be either IF you have embodied and/or Embodied enough at this point to know for yourself from your HighHeart. Expect the unexpected with this September 2020 Libra equinox, and for that matter the rest of this year up to and through the December 2020 Capricorn solstice and more. Dare to trust YOU, You, and you as Source embodied and aligned in new-to-you ways to be and live anew in the higher NEW.

Denise Le Fay

September 18, 2020


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