WTF Just Happened WordPress?!

OMG I’m shaking and in shock. I’ve been writing articles in WordPress since 2007 and I’ve NEVER experienced what just happened when I hit the publish button on my November 12, 2021 article minutes ago. Never! I’d cry if I weren’t so shocked over this.

Five minutes ago I hit the publish button on my lengthy November 12, 2021 article and I don’t know what in the hell happened to it but it sure as flaming shit turds is NOT the article I’d finished and edited and gone over repeatedly and had ready to go. And I can’t find that article, the completed one, the one that took me longer than usual to write because it was longer than any article I’ve ever written. Oh gawd… and you’ve waited for my next article longer than usual and THIS happened?!

I’m immediately writing this to let you know that the article I just published is NOT the article I had finished and ready to publish but something that’s only parts of it, and even that isn’t how I wrote it. I know I can’t duplicate my original finished article but give me a couple days to try to rewrite it from scratch and I’ll cover the important basics that were in it. I am so very sorry that this happened to all of us. I worked really hard on that article for all of you.

Denise Le Fay

November 12, 2021