Magda Vaughan’s Online Gallery

In April 2020 I shared some of Magda’s unique artwork here because I felt it needed to be seen and felt by more people now. Beautiful Art by Magda

Since April Magda has been working on creating a website for her amazing art to be viewed, felt and purchased. Magda Vaughan’s website gallery shop is now live and open for business, and plenty of extended gawking! Her art is so complex and intricate, subtle and otherworldly that you have to stare at every inch of each piece to take it all in.

Thank you Magda for creating an online space and way for people to view and purchase your stunning artwork. Good luck with your new online gallery shop and please keep creating for us all. ❤

Denise Le Fay

July 28, 2020

17 thoughts on “Magda Vaughan’s Online Gallery

  • I agree, Raymond. There is a sense of infinite endlessness of water and such life(!) in Magda’s art. Truly divinely guided.

    Congratulations on your launch Magda, we’re all cheering you on and upwards!

    • Thank you Jain Lee. I do feel divinely inspired when I am drawing. It’s the only thing that seems to make sense. I don’t meditate. It’s my version of that I think.
      I said to Denise in an email that Highheartlife is the only place I have ever felt I belonged. It literally saved me. So thank you for being my energetic family ( as Ana put it so well ) and cheering me on. 💜🌸 love to all of u xxxx

  • Hi Magda,

    Your art is truly imcomparable! With so many of your images, I feel as if I’m in the ocean – maybe even at the bottom of it – being wafted about amongst plant and animal life that no one on land would ever see. I’m reminded of seaweeds and sea anemones and other sea life and sunlight streaming into the water while scuba diving or snorkeling. Thank you for the beautiful inspirations!

    • Hello Raymond
      Your words made me smile . I am a Pisces so water is in my blood so to speak. Despite being a poor swimmer ! I am glad my pictures have given you so much. Thank you for your encouragement . Yours and all the comments have really made my day.
      Thank you 💜💜

  • Beautiful work Magda and I feel the vibration that comes from each piece.The website is beautiful too.Blessings to your work.Rosaleen

    • Hi Rosaleen
      Thank you so much for your lovely words. I try to make the pieces as light as a can. So thank you for letting me know that you feel them as that. Blessings to you too 🌸🌸🌸

  • The Ascension Artist website looks beautiful! Your daughter creates wonderfully, as do you! I love the simplicity and substance presented/blended together. Kudos to you both… Magda and Oona! I LOVE the acknowledgement of Denise too. This was so touching to me. I felt like a family celebration for all of us!! THANK YOU! And Congratulations!

    • “I LOVE the acknowledgement of Denise too. This was so touching to me. I felt like a family celebration for all of us!!”

      Thank you for saying that Ana. I too feel we are an energetic family at HighHeartLife. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I hope this is not rude, but I have a question for Magda that I don’t see on the site.
    Magda, are the pieces in your shop original artwork or are they prints of the original?

    • Hi Ana
      Thank you so much for your lovely words. Yes my daughter did me proud bless her. It certainly does feel like a celebration!!

      It’s been a very long road. But I have arrived , somewhere new. Not quite got my bearings yet. Thank you for your support. Denise has certainly been a star. I could not have done it without her encouragement.

      Love and Light

    • Hi Mark

      No it’s not rude at all. The work for sale is prints only. I would consider selling the originals if there was interest.

      Thank you for looking and for your enquiry.

      Love and Light

  • Thank you Denise for helping me so much. And for believing in my art.
    I’m so excited for my website, created by my daughter Oona. I don’t know what else to say except I hope people will enjoy viewing the pictures as much as I have enjoyed creating them
    Much love and gratitude hugs to you
    Magda 💗💗💗💗💗

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