I’ve decided to write about some of the unusual things that have been happening in one article instead of focusing on one anomaly or event at a time in multiple articles even though doing so may read rather scattered and seemingly disjointed. Scattered and seemingly disjointed is exactly how life and reality is now for most of us anyway. Because of that it feels the most helpful at the moment to just talk about some of these main 2019 events, anomalies, awareness’s and personal experiences I and many have been having all lumped together because that’s exactly how we’ve been experiencing them. I’ve always preferred to write from my firsthand experiences and direct knowledge and this article isn’t going to veer off of that format at this late date within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes.

One of the many things I wanted to include is a great channeled term I read many years ago from Steve Rother and his group. Their line was, ‘the many little gods’ or ‘little gods’. The second I read their term I burst into laughter over it because it was not only true but funny because it indicated some—what shall we call it—possible irritations?, conflicts?, clashes, differing points of view and beliefs between the many neophyte ‘little gods’. 

What this great term ‘little gods’ was referring to was us, the First Everythingers, the Volunteers, First Wavers, Second Wavers, Forerunners, Starseeds, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers and those of us first to Embody and how we would deal with each other, interact, work together, play together, Consciously Create individually and together once we’d reached the evolutionary level where we had actually become ‘little gods’ individually. This sounds mildly humorous at first but as more of us have discovered over the past few years, it’s not so funny at this point, but a very real challenge for each of us to learn from and adapt to individually. How does a Group of Embodied Individual human Masters deal with the other Embodied human Masters? With the highest respect and deepest gratitude.

One of the many things that’s been difficult for me and I know for many others is our continuous evolution from little 3D people of the old lower frequencies and density into greater, larger 5D people of the NEW higher Light frequencies. These Ascension Process and Embodiment Process changes over the past twenty-plus years has oftentimes been not only hellacious but colossally weird in that we HAVE been evolving from lower frequency and consciousness ego-based little humans into much higher frequency and consciousness multidimensional Light Crystalline humans who are individually becoming physically Embodied ‘little gods’. That is what the Embodiment Process is; us becoming ‘little gods’ from having Embodied, unified with, merged with, had our Higher Self/Selves/Soul take full residency with our little people selves in our physical bodies. We’ve become—with more choosing the Embodiment Process every day—Embodied individual ‘little gods’ over the years and that process has not only been extraordinarily remarkable and exasperating to personally live, but also sometimes difficult to watch other ascension teachers/writers going through themselves.

We’re no longer old lower world little people but we’re not quiet yet 100% Embodied NEW ‘little gods’ either, but an oftentimes awkward, ungainly and unattractive combination of them both. This reminds me of going through the insanity known as puberty and how awkward and unattractive the majority of us were during that phase! Same case now with our individual spiritual Embodiment Process. We are not what we were before it started, but we haven’t fully completed the changeover into full-blown ‘little god’ Embodiment either and are doing our current best to not look, sound or act like awkward, raging hormonal nitwits with spiritual pimples everywhere during this, the final phase of our profound individual transmutation into something entirely NEW and radically different.

Because of this—and all the rest of it!—let’s please be kind to those living the Embodiment Process during this final completion phase of it. Give each of us the space, room, time, patience and understanding for each of us to complete this extraordinary living in-body transfiguration. Sometimes we flail a bit during our individual Higher/lower Embodiment Process spiritual puberty awkwardness. It too just is what it is and we’ll Master this as well. But know that those of us who chose to Embody first are in our final stages of this esoteric, mystical, unfathomable process in 2019, both glorious and awkward all at once.

Fully Embodied NEW Light humans on Earth, along with everything that January 2020 will also anchor in, is and has been greatly accelerating the Separation and Shift. You cannot have increasingly Embodied Souls existing in physical human ascended bodies on Earth and expect anything to remain the same.

One of many side effects of the Embodiment Process, and general Ascension Process for that matter, is that many of us have been having much more obvious interactions with certain people that are NOT in the same Earth world reality and timeline we are. I’ve experienced this numerous times since 1999, but its become blatantly obvious in 2019 when two or more people are trying to communicate with each other and all of them do not exist on the same Earth world and timeline as the other person does. 

Sometimes I cannot understand what the other person has said because to me it sounds like another launguage. Other times I hear English being spoken by the person but what they’re saying makes no sense to me whatsoever. It sounds to me like they’re lying, making up random crap about something and they can’t even do that well. When this happens I consciously understand what’s going on and why but that doesn’t make it any easier to accurately communicate with the person or people before me that exist in a different Earth world reality level and timeline than I currently do, and vice versa.

Have you ever said something to someone and they instantly look at you like you are crazy, stupid or both? I have many times and it’s highly frustrating sometimes to be so completely misunderstood by someone. The opposite is true too. Sometimes when someone not in the same Earth world and timeline as I am says something to me, I look at them like they’re crazy, stupid or both! Every time I’ve done this I apologize for my dumbfounded slack-jaw response and ask them to explain what exactly they meant and we attempt to go from there. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Welcome to the numerous and surreal side effect of the Separation of Worlds!

Another thing I’ve wanted to mention for a long time and kept forgetting is how those of us that can hold higher space really well, oftentimes experience sudden accidents and/or other traumatic life-changing events. In many cases, not all but many, these sudden severe accidents and/or events happen to help dislodge us, literally shake us loose from what we’d been holding energetically in place so well for so long. When abruptly impacted like this, we’re instantly freed to move on to the next higher level and phase of our Ascension and/or Embodiment Processes. There’s physical, emotional, financial and whatnot recovery time involved here too of course but we’ve been dramatically released from some old situation(s), person/people etc. from the old lower world and timeline that we very much needed immediate release from.

When this is happening to you it seems like your life and personal world has suddenly exploded and is in ruin all around you. It seems this way because it is exactly what’s happened and it was necessary, important and very helpful to you even though it doesn’t look or feel like it at the time. You have been freed by your Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source from your previous holding pattern and space which is a blessing in the long-run. It may take some time for you to recover, recuperate and rebuild anew but that’s what these ascension lives are all about. Stair-steps that just keep going higher and higher and isn’t that a great thing!

Another aspect of this that I’ve been hearing more about from different people is that some are having sudden accidents that have caused them to break bones, many needing surgery or multiple surgeries to put the bone(s) back together again.

Because my Sun is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn and they rule our physical inner bones and skeletal structure, that’s my first thought when I hear about someone in 2019, having a sudden accident and they break a bone or bones. The second thought I have about this is the current Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn happening all year and reaching their one and only EXACT to the degree conjunction on January 12, 2020. What is it in you personal life and structure(s) that’s needing to stop holding old lower space and/or pattern(s) so you can be freed from it/them now? Nothing slows us down and forces us deeply inward than having our physical bodies suddenly immobilized. I don’t see anything “wrong” about any of this, only an obviously highlighted something that wants you/me/each of us experiencing Saturn and Pluto getting increasingly close in Capricorn all year to break free from past structures and spaces we’ve held so that we’re free to Shift, Separate and transcend into higher NEW spaces and states of personal inner being and external reality. 

Another thing I want to include is some of the phenomena and other strange anomalies I’ve repeatedly seen physically and Seen clairvoyantly in 2018 and 2019.

One strange and uncomfortable visual was something I’ve never experienced before 2019 and hope I don’t again. It’s happened a few times throughout the year and looks like the physical external reality I can see at the time is being moved towards me and away from me incredibly fast. It’s not moved a great distance, only about ten feet or so from stationary me, but it’s the rapid speed and repetition of it that’s almost unbearable. It’s like someone very large is rapidly and repeatedly pushing and pulling  physical reality toward you and away from you very quickly and you’re seeing this with your physical eyes while awake. It doesn’t last long thankfully because I’d be falling over and vomiting all over the place if it did!

Another increasingly common visual I’ve been Seeing, and I know many of us have been seeing and Seeing far more than ever before too, is Light anomalies, Light patterns and colors both in your energy fields and in your physical environment. These are too numerous to list and I’m sure what each of us has been physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing has continued to change, expand and become much more multidimensionally complex.

The NEW codes have much to do with what we’ve been seeing and Seeing since late 2018, and constantly and more vividly in 2019. By 2020 these NEW codes will be the NEW normal, the NEW and only set of codes for all of humanity in this higher Evolutionary Cycle. If you’re a Seer, a clairvoyant, someone that’s able to perceive these NEW multidimensional codes, templates, patterns, blueprints for humanity and reality etc., then you too have been seeing/Seeing some very beautiful NEW geometric code patterns, energy waves, clusters of patterns and colors, transparent Crystalline cluster patterns, Diamond waves, Diamond sparkle Lights and codes and on and on. Just beautiful and such a lovely distraction and bit of “high” from all the lower collapsing stuff, crap and difficulties trying to get most anything done in the old world with most of those people in it. At this point, it’s the small things.

The other day when I woke up I Saw an up close view of the evolutionary Spiral we’re on. This visual was of only one particular small section of the Spiral, the one we’re on now, and I knew my attention was being directed to it because it’s exactly where the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and Shift takes place.

This small Spiral section with its invisible demarcation line is where we cross-over, where we Shift from the old lower Spiral rung up to the next higher Spiral rung. From a Universal perspective this is an extremely brief moment in time. From our incarnate physical perspective it’s life and reality repeatedly exploding, piece by piece, situation by situation, habit by habit, expectation by expectation. It feels like we need to be wearing hazmat suits, helmets and other protective gear to protect us from these constant evolutionary changes. From higher levels it’s a rare and special moment where we cross-over from a lower Spiral rung to a higher Spiral rung and are never the same again. Based on what I Saw a couple of mornings ago, we’re in this cross-over area now and will be traversing it for the rest of 2019.

This crossing-over is also energetically connected to those living the Embodiment Process first. There are many different evolutionary happenings that are connected to our current crossing-over this invisible demarcation Shift line on the evolutionary Spiral. All of these things are why we’re feeling the profound pressures of completing the last twenty, thirty years of Ascension Process right now. We all feel everything is about to pop, Separate, Shift and fully Cross-Over into the NEW. This is the completion point of this phase and where we transition over so don’t throw the towel in now fellow First Everythingers! Your HighHeart is in charge and taking you there.


August 1, 2019

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66 thoughts on “Crossing-Over

  • Well this is a new one (for me). I was just at Safeway; I walked up to the automatic door but, it wouldn’t open. None of them would open. Must be broken? Power outage? Then a man walked up to the door and it opened right up and I slipped though. Am I disappearing?

    • Gerry,

      I experienced this and other similar things throughout the 2000’s. I wrote about them at TRANSITIONS back then. I experienced the same thing many times with different auto open electronic sensor doors and other like devices. I’d walk up to the door to where I was within range of activating it but it wouldn’t open. I tried walking back and forth in front of it/them trying to trigger the sensors but it never worked. I waved my arms around and that didn’t work either. I’d be stuck outside the store waiting for a “regular person” to walk up because they’d trigger the electronic sensor device and then I’d rush in behind them. It was unbelievable, and frustrating.

      It got worse. You know those auto sensors in public bathrooms that motion sense to turn on the water so you can wash your hands? You know those toilets with the auto sensors that automatically flush the toilet? You got it, those didn’t work for me either at that time in the 2000’s. I’ll never forget this one time I was in the bathroom in WalMart and couldn’t get the water in the sinks to turn on so I could wash my hands and there were other women in there at the sinks watching me struggling with three different sinks. Finally one young woman came over and passed her hand under the faucet and the water instantly turned on and she looked at me and crossed herself. 🙂 Aah the Ascension Process.

      Another aspect of this that I went through during most of that first decade of the AP was getting zapped by everything really strongly. The build up of static electricity in my body was so much more than usual that I’d get zapped when I’d touch anything metal. And I’m talking about big, loud, other people see this mini lightening bolt zap and pop between me and metal shelves in stores and other things. My CNS was so frazzled anyway from the whole AP but getting zapped all the time only made that worse. The 2000’s were a very difficult time.

      Anyway, it sounds like you’ve altered the energies in your body enough that you’re now experiencing those electronic sensor devices not responding to you and your different energy field. Welcome to the Party Gerry! 😀 Always be calm and focused when you drive so you don’t affect your car. Same could be said of computers and other such devices.

      “Am I disappearing?”

      Yes, you are, all of us are and have been since 1998-1999. We’re “disappearing” because we literally vibrate at a different frequency now than most of the “normal people” and their matching frequency Earth world and reality. This is another aspect of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. No fear, just some extra patience when still needing to deal with that lower frequency world. Thanks for sharing your Safeway door experience with us all Gerry because it will help someone else when it happens to them. ❤

      • This has happened to me many times as well and then once inside, I would be invisible to people too! Even if I was standing front and center and obvi next in line, they would always take any other person in the area. Sometimes I would say out loud, am I invisible?! The soap dispensers, sinks etc still never work instantly for me. I’m always waving my hands around trying to get soap or water. And just fyi if anyone experiences this with the auto commodes, there is a button on the back that will force them to flush. 😉 It’s nice to know it isn’t just me.

        • Dear Denise and All,
          On the 8th, Lion’s Gate I went for a walk on the beach with feet in ocean, very therapeutic and purging. Afterwards, I was really tired; there was a indoor- outdoor restaurant on the beach, so I stopped in for a rest and a bite. A few customers were there, so I sat in a booth opposite the cash register, and was totally ignored. I waited awhile and then decided the patio was really nice, so I decided to go out there. I passed 3 waitresses in a staging area and sat near the other patrons. A waitress came out, asked how they were doing and walked away, obviously not seeing me. Then I remembered how you said, Denise, that we became invisible! I left and drove over to a drive-thru nearby; they can still sense my car, it seems, thankfully!
          On another note, I had a dream of experiencing a big change into 5D. My guides were showing me how it ‘comes from the inside (of me) out’. It was like “WOW!” I felt 2 X ‘larger’ than now, in perception. It was like going to a “3D” movie, with the glasses on and having something come directly at you from the screen.
          Also, the other morning I awoke to a mellifluous male voice saying; “If I stand in this place (position), will you be able to transform me?” I thought, WTF? My Guardian said that was a part of my dream, night work…Like, the ‘Doctor is in’, with a line of people at a realization level and wanting to ‘transform’ out the door. No wonder I’m always tired!
          Thanks again for your ‘saying it like it is’, Denise! It really helps me and others going through this change-up, I’m sure.
          Love 💕 and Light 💡 to you, Denise and All,

  • “Sometimes I cannot understand what the other person has said because to me it sounds like another launguage. Other times I hear English being spoken by the person but what they’re saying makes no sense to me whatsoever.”

    I have that ‘see mouth moving but no comprehension’ phenomena a lot – and I’m wondering if it has to do with how wonky time is now. It seems to me that I already heard what was said, wrote it off as bullshit or boring, and moved on from the conversation in a short leap of time to avoid/prevent myself dropping into that lower 3D frequency that I’m no longer interested in.
    Does that make sense?
    Is time-warping part of the current stair-step?

    Love your articles! Thank you for paving the way so deLIGHTfully!

    • “I have that ‘see mouth moving but no comprehension’ phenomena a lot – and I’m wondering if it has to do with how wonky time is now.”


      This has to do with the individuals each being on a different timeline which means, and this is the important part to this, that each person is existing at the time of these attempted communications on different frequency levels. Higher, lower, faster, slower, more Light, less Light and so on. This is one of many aspects of the current ascension related Separation of Worlds/Timelines Shift. We’re still within range of trying to communicate with people currently living and functioning on a lower Earth timeline frequency and vice versa, but it puts a very real strain on those of us vibrating and existing at higher Light levels because we’re Embodying our Higher Self/Soul into these physical human bodies.

      If you’re familiar with paranormal “ghost” phenomena, what we’re currently experiencing is really close to that in that one person exists in another dimension and the ghost hunting people exist in another and they’re all trying to communicate with each other. In the case of the Ascension Process and Separation Shift, no one has died but everyone is NOT existing in the same frequency level so there’s these growing difficulties with communication and understanding between both, all sides!

      Eventually this frequency, energy, consciousness and reality gap will grow so large that those of us who’ve Embodied and/or are carrying enough Light we’re completely out of range from the lower and we will seemingly “disappear” from their perspectives. We’ll still be able to perceive them if we intentionally focus on doing so but they won’t perceive us. This and other normal side effects of the Separation Shift will expand greatly once all of the NEW codes for humanity are physically anchored in on Earth with the singular January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn exact conjunction.

      There’s SO much to talk about now — in-between the tremendous increases of the Embodiment Process (EP) and how that makes one feel! Has anyone felt like their head and eyes are getting seriously expanded the past couple of days? Anyway, this is how it’s going to be the rest of 2019. I’ll try to write when I’m able to about these growing anomalies and other normal side effects of both the EP and the Separation and Shift. When I’m not able to write an article, I try to get some quick, shorter information shared in Comments about these things. ❤

      • This totally makes sense to me. Everything falls into place with these words. Sometimes someone is in my life and other times they are not. If I’m feeling up those people who are also are there and vice versa. If I have a certain goal or project, certain opportunities or information is suddenly there for me. Spiritually also. I must say you are always there for me. Yay me! Sometimes I am not able to comprehend your posts right away and go back and totally get it. I thank you so much Denise!

        • Gratitude High ❤ hugs Linda Cosari and thank you for going back and giving my article(s) a re-read later. Higher information often is perceived slightly differently a day or two later and it will then effortlessly fall into place within us so I appreciate you giving mine a second read-through. And I'm glad my brief explanation about these communication problems between us and other people existing with less Light in them in different frequency levels helped. ❤

      • “Has anyone felt like their head and eyes are getting seriously expanded the past couple of days?”

        Yes! Especially my eyes… big as saucers, they feel like. My humor tells me, I want to SEE, really SEE! And “Yes” to not being able to communicate with anyone when I’m ‘out there’. My conversations are getting shorter and shorter and extraordinarily repetitive. I loved your phrase… “normal side effects”… I’ve not been able to determine what “normal” is for at least the last 20 years! Thanks, Denise, and All Here, the Comments sure do help. Love, B.

        • Barbara,

          The head pains, not “headaches” but those lovely mega Light Energies that come down from On High and enter from above your physical head and then do what all they do to the insides of your head — and eyes in this latest case (again) — have been really severe for me the past two days. Yesterday was mostly just sit and expand into it all but this particular side effect inside the head that’s connected to the eyes is extra painful. I know I don’t need to say that to anyone experiencing this! 🙄

          Every time I blink my eyes I experience a pain in my head and temples that flashes (yesterday) down the right side into my neck and ends where neck and body meet. Today it’s both sides and at the moment, in both temples, and the flash of pain in specific locations in my head and eyes EVERY time I blink. I haven’t had this particular ascension related side effect for a few years and thank god they don’t happen too often because there’s not much one can physically accomplish during this!

          I know, “normal” what the hell is that anymore? I sometimes intentionally word it that way to help those who don’t know that these really bizarre AP and/or EP side effects are indeed normal for what’s happening now. If we didn’t know what’s going on inside our heads and eyes with this much related pain, we’d run to a doctor! But, we know better so we sit and expand into it and then bitch n’ complain in Comments and/or emails to each other about our ongoing evolution. 😆 And hell yes the Comments sure do help us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Denise, when I read your reply to Barbara about the big saucer eyes, I had just come in from the yard because I had such a rather severe eye pain which shifted to a not as bad in the other side of the head. Then, when I was reading your comment, the right eye again and the exact floating down the right side of the neck as well. Glad to know I’m in good company, per usual!

        • “Has anyone felt like their head and eyes are getting seriously expanded the past couple of days?”

          Yes, been experiencing crown activity, all sorts of head and eyes pains. And going down the right side of my neck as you mentioned (yup, sometimes it’s left neck or both sides). Usually when this happens to me I also experience the pain going down even further than that side of my neck and into my entire arm.

          “But, we know better so we sit and expand into it and then bitch n’ complain in Comments and/or emails to each other about our ongoing evolution”

          😄 So true! No one else would truly get it though 💜. And lets say even if you did try telling someone else, the first thing to come out of their mouth regarding all my/your/our pains would be “wow, you seriously need to go see a doctor”.

  • Happy Lions Gate!! I had a surreal experience this week and Denise’s comment to me about “shit in, shit out, keep moving forward and don’t fixate” helped me, so I thought I’d share.

    On Monday I pulled a muscle or ligament in my right groin. It was intermittently sore but not debilitating. All of a sudden on Tuesday evening, it became e x c r u c i a t i n g. Like, shocking. I could barely move and it constantly hurt no matter what position I tried. It would take me several minutes to rotate myself off the couch and ages to inch my way to the bathroom. My 7 year old suggested I try crawling. 😂 It was almost as if I didn’t have my right leg, like it was a dead weight. After trying to distract myself from the pain and taking some ibuprofen, I finally went inward and asked what was happening. I had this sudden image of a shark biting off that leg in another lifetime. I shifted the energy around that story and then focused on Denise’s “mantra” about letting the shit out as I fell asleep. I continued this as the pain woke me up every 45 minutes or so most of the night. By early morning, the constant pain has lessened and I could sort of walk again. I connected with the shark again last night for more healing and started crying. I could feel remorse from both of us about how it happened, and it felt like I was holding his head in my hands and touching my forehead to his snout and even touching his teeth with love. It felt like we were really seeing each other for who we are. I asked him to help me regenerate whatever had gotten pulled in my body, and I felt him supporting my body’s healing process! Since then my pain has been steadily lessening and my movement dramatically improving.

    It was a really powerful experience because I work a lot with animal messengers and offer workshops to help others develop their own connections with animal spirits or guardians. It feels like a language I’ve been learning for many lifetimes. And an accessible way for people to start trusting their intuitive insights. I’m actually offering a new meditation workshop tonight for the Lions Gate that my guidance/higher self recently insisted I create. So the timing of this healing is great!

    The whole thing reminded me of what Denise said in this article about a trauma or pain helping us dislodge from OLD. It feels important that I healed my relationship with sharks because they are so misunderstood and maligned, and have a lot of wisdom to share.

    Sending everyone lots of love. Denise, thanks again for your insights to have in my back pocket right when I needed them!

    • I know my lingo is sometimes crude and "potty mouth", but I do this for different and important reasons. It's not easy to stay in one's headspace when a spiritual teacher tells you something like shit in, shit out, keep moving forward and don’t fixate. 😉 We’re all so good at getting WAY too intellectual with these types of inner issues so sometimes keeping the suggestion super simple and crude even instantly turns a seemingly big complex inner situation or problem into a much less severe and important thing. Humor and discharging some “problem” by making fun of it and/or us makes it so much easier and faster for each of us to see, understand and then quickly deal with. That was a huge spiritual education tactic Master Hotei taught me, repeatedly. 😆

      Never forget everyone that when something suddenly presents like what Kara experienced, and other things not body related, are doing so to help you/me/each of us to get ourselves FREE from that old lower stuff in whatever form because we’re about to move up higher or Embody more Light, more Higher Self/Soul etc. Shit in, shit out, keep moving forward and don’t fixate. 😀 ❤

    • Hello Denise and Kara 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your experience in regards to you pulling a muscle/ligament in your right groin that Monday and about the shark. Denise’s “shit in and shit out” is definitely simple, funny but powerful; it’s helping me too so a big thank you to her. I found your experience interesting because you mentioned not being able to walk and that is something I too experienced (but in a different way) a few days before. For me it was due to intense exhaustion from my body taking longer to recuperate (as it had been an entire week rather than the usual up to 3 days) combined with my entire body waist down (both legs) that felt like it was breaking. I’ve had this painful symptom before many times but was having difficulty walking. After I slowly made my way up the stairs to take a shower, for the first time I had to rest in bed for 1-1.5 hours before actually going in! It was overwhelming so I too ended up crying as it hurt while even laying.

      I’ve noticed my body being able to handle less and less in terms of anything. For example, before I could manage 1-3 hours walking at a park, now I feel exhausted after 10-20 mins. If I go for 30 mins, I’m done for days. That’s what happened that week, I ended up walking at a park for an hour and it knocked me out the whole week. Felt like I ran several marathons and was aching all over. Makes me feel restricted/trapped and sad as I loved going out into nature more often than I currently am able to.

      • “I’ve noticed my body being able to handle less and less in terms of anything. For example, before I could manage 1-3 hours walking at a park, now I feel exhausted after 10-20 mins. If I go for 30 mins, I’m done for days. That’s what happened that week, I ended up walking at a park for an hour and it knocked me out the whole week. Felt like I ran several marathons and was aching all over.”

        Prabhi K & All,

        I had to go to the grocery store this morning so that meant I showered/shampooed/blow dried etc. first. Some days just taking a shower/shampoo/blow drying etc. is all I can accomplish and then I have to rest after doing just that! Those days where I shower/shampoo/blow dry etc. because I’ve got to do some shopping or whatever, usually once I’m back home and have unloaded the groceries, I’m in such physical pain that I HAVE to lay down and take a nap before I can do anything else. That’s what happened today. I just woke up from my recovery nap from having showered/shampooed/blow dried and then went grocery shopping and to the bank. I HAD to rest and nap after all that and before I could write a Comment reply to you! Sad but true and this is simply how it’s been for many years now.

        However… because it’s 2019, and because many of us are now in the last phase of our personal Embodiment Process, and because the NEW codes are being Embodied by us now and not in 2020 when they’ll arrive fully for mass humanity, we are HAVING to deal with what all our bodies (and lives) are going through this year in slightly different ways than previous years. Remember I quoted Sandra Walter recently saying how “…the new energies is our 2020 Gate already in progress, doubling the Christed Timeline energies EACH MONTH as we approach the December 26 eclipse…” I know this is true because my body and I have been experiencing this this year and much more so since June 2, 2019.

        Another thing I want to include with that is how strange and otherworldly parts of the days and nights have been for me since August 9-11, at least I hope it’s over now! I’ll see how tonight goes. It seems that near the end of this August 2019 Lion’s Gate, some of us have experienced some unusual things, including some mild negativity for short periods bleeding through into the physical from the etheric. This hasn’t been serious, just a slight surprise at this point and mildly irritating to be having to deal with this crap again. It just feels like we’ve really moved through into another NEW location, space, energy space etc. these last few days of this year’s Lion’s Gate and some entities haven’t been happy about that.

        In the end we’ve all got to understand that the ways these energies have been for each of us personally is NOT how they are now and NOT how they’ll be for the rest of 2019. We’re deep into the end phase of a lot of different events, energies, huge changes, our Embodiment Process, Embodying the NEW codes and on and on and on. Because of all this we’re experiencing our physical bodies having to adjust to these doubling of the Crystalline/Christ timeline energies EACH MONTH the rest of 2019. If that means more sleep, more daytime naps, more recovery time needed after doing something physical, then that’s just what we have to do. Take EXTRA care of your physical body this year because of all it’s going through, all you are going through, because this is the Separation Shift and as usual, we’re doing it first because that’s what Pathpavers do. ❤

        • Thank you SO much Denise. The copious amounts of rest needed after being in contact with others! Thank you for helping me to release the shame and even more “different-ness” about that!

        • And thank you Denise BC I just had problems with in-person and telephone multiple muggles who (all native speakers) didn’t know what I was saying, said stupid inaccurate things to me, then when I corrected and insist they look further, the repeat the correct answer back to me as if I had not just said this. I used to experience this with more and more students as a college prof but didn’t associate this with the shift. These were all very young people, certainly not Indegoes, etc. This is so painful and frustrating and time consuming. Even on the phone before I left the house. This is mind blowing and a little frightening, I must have more people in my life who are shifting with me! Ack!

        • Haha yes Denise! We’re in the same boat when it comes to experiencing physical pain before and after doing anything (which is bare minimum majority of days). I can totally relate to all you shared in regards to napping/resting after/before any sort of activity such as groceries, bank, showering, comment replies (hence why this reply to you is late 😄), cooking, cleaning, etc. and even eating!
          I too can feel the energies building up. Feeling a lot of pressure but it makes sense as you shared they are doubling every month as we approach the end of this year. Thank you for the reminder, rest rest rest! Love you dearly ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Denise, just wondering if you’d care to comment on Inelia Benz’s latest video on The Split. For what it’s worth, my own opinion/discernment/judgment is a giant Bah Humbug!

    • elle,

      Because of your Bah Humbug! in regards to Inelia Benz’s latest video (I didn’t even know she did videos), I didn’t take a look at it yesterday on the 8-8. I did this morning and the speed was super fast and you couldn’t understand anything she said, expect for that last sentence. Is that what you meant about it or am I missing something?

      After her November 2018 blog article (that I quoted here) about the Split and the ‘28% and the 72%’, I expected her to talk more about this. She probably did in this video that no one can understand! I hope she fixes it soon.

      • I believe the video is like that on purpose, all gibberish except for the end, to make herself seem enigmatic, all-knowing or …something. Revenue raising for a show pony.

        • Yeah, it’s sort of weird but who knows why that video was recorded so fast as to be useless. It’ll be interesting to see if Inelia fixes it, or not. Why waste 30 minutes of ones time/life making a video that’s pointless because it can’t be understood because it was recorded too fast ❓ ❓ ❓

        • She did it on purpose. The high speed was part of the message about the split and different vibrational levels of people. Maybe the idea was to demonstrate it from the lower vibration perspective towards the higher one.

          See her Facebook post on the 7th of August and there’s discussion about the speed. If you’re really curious what she says on the video Youtube allows to slow down the speed to 0.25x but it’s still rather hard to comprehend.

        • I’ve only read that one article (about the split) by Inelia Benz, and then watched a few of her videos after I discovered her since Denise shared that article. Just as Pete shared, I too feel it is intentional to convey a message.

          I feel it was a followup video as it’s only 30 seconds long (posted Aug 7) to get her message across that she wanted to share which is “you are the split” in her own simple/funny/creative way. There is another video she posted before that on June 30 called “Updates on the planet, the human collective, and the split” which is close to 30 minutes long where she shares the split is not an internal event nor an external event and how we are the split.

  • “… and are doing our current best to not look, sound or act like awkward, raging hormonal nitwits with spiritual pimples everywhere during this, the final phase of our profound individual transmutation into something entirely NEW and radically different.”

    😂 Thanks for the laugh Denise! I loved your little gods and going through the awkward phase of puberty analogy. And also thanks for indirectly answering my question I posted in the last article just shortly before you published this article, perfect timing and synchronicity. You wrote about it in this article, about this being the final phase, as well as crossing-over to a higher spiral rung. I knew you’d publish it sometime after the new moon, which you did the following day. I could just feel it! I could also feel the buildup energy few days before, perhaps you were busy typing away then and writing/coming up with all your jot note points for the article. ❤

    I seriously need to take extra time out after I read your article's to comment right away because I get excited to see you posted and end up reading and then going to bed or whatever thinking i'll comment the next day or following day (as it usually takes me at least an hour just to gather my thoughts and put them into sentences that make sense – scattered feeling as you mentioned). And then when the time comes to comment I can't even remember what you wrote about other than the fact that you did!

    I've also had a lot of those moments where I cannot understand what the other person is saying, despite them speaking English, or at times me asking them to repeat it for me. So many times I've just laughed, smiled or happily nodded along where the other person thinks I got it when I didn't. I've noticed at times during those moments either I zoned out or other times even if I'm trying my hardest to concentrate to understand what is being said my mind does not process their words. So you're right about sometimes this not working.

    And yes I can relate to the feeling of immense pressure/popping. I also relate with what Barbara said regarding feeling an increase of symptoms this past week prior to tomorrow's lion's gate.

  • … Consciously Create individually…

    Dear Denise, I’ve surfaced a wee bit from the exhaustion, wobbly strangeness of it all and just want to say that your expressing of the “Consciously Create individually” is what hit me full-on in this post. I’m a loner by Heart and in the past years I allowed myself to get led down a garden path that somehow I was insufficient by myself, but needed to join others so that Source would find me acceptable, but then I realized that Source itself was all by itself until it decided to split into two and journey outwards, and it did so not quite knowing what might be experienced. What’s important to me is that regardless of the what’s, why’s, how’s, etc., that I stick to what I understand is consciously creating individually while to the best of my ability, doing it with Love, Kindness, Humor, and no Judgment… that’s the toughie… no Judgment… then, hopefully, wherever I’m going I will have had a bit of the experience of how Source… and even perhaps Christ Consciousness… struck out on its own and said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but any road will take me there.” Thank you, George Harrison! Hope this comment made sense, and oh, yes, “the highest respect and deepest gratitude” for each of the “little gods’ is a must. Love, B.

    • Barbara, thank YOU for these words! Reading your heart felt wisdom is exactly what I have been experiencing myself many years also. I was just sitting on my back porch, early morning, having coffee and communing with nature, the birds, my soul/higher selves/ALL. I was drawn to come to HHL and I read your words. Divine timing and synchronicity. As I was typing a reply here, a large hawk swooped in (trying to get an easy meal at the bird feeders which are very active right now) and he came inches away from my face and I felt the wind from his wings. Wow! That was something.
      Thank you Barbara, Denise and All that share and comment here. It helps more than you know. Love to you all! 💓

    • Barbara & Karina,

      Beautiful ladies, thank you both.

      Our "waking up" to our natural natures, which is that EVERY one of us is an aspect of Divine Source God All That Is, is part of our AP and EP and our becoming increasingly sovereign INDIVIDUALLY not only energetically and creatively but in all ways.

      Over the years I’ve tried to make this better understood by writing the words Group or Groups and Individual or Individuals in bold and capitalized. I’ve been trying to draw attention to this NEW change for a lot of reasons. One is because of the astrological Age change from Pisces and its opposite sign/energies Virgo (the “virgin”) to Aquarius (the Group) and its opposite sign/energies of Leo (the Individual, but not the old lower 3D frequency of Leo but the 5D and higher HighHeart Embodied and Ascended Crystalline/Christ frequency Individual). That alone is huge but add to that the fact that we’ve not only changed astrological Ages and therefore energies but we also evolved from 3D duality frequency to 5D unity frequency!

      In the past lower level we’ve just evolved out of, humanity grouped together to parasite off of other people, systems, countries, belief systems etc. In this NEW evolved level and dimension the total opposite is the case and we First Everythingers have been having to make the incredible evolutionary shift back into embodying everything we’d been separated from and INDIVIDUALLY become sovereign because there is no more parasciting whatsoever by anyone anywhere in 5D and higher. We each have to be self-contained energetically in these NEW very high frequency ways and going through the EP does that. What’s needed now is as many Individuals (Embodied, Crystalline/Christ frequency etc.) as possible so that the NEW Group is entirely composed of ‘little gods’ that are capable of Consciously Creating more and more and more within this NEW higher level and phase on this higher rung of the Spiral.

      Barbara, remember that great term Barbara Hand Clow used in some of her books — ‘god poison’? Every human on Earth has or has had some degree of ‘god poison’ thanks to Team Dark doing what all they did to humanity and its DNA to keep them at very low levels. Now that that’s done and gone, we’re all having to evolve back into a close and direct Individual state with Source and our own Higher Self/Selves/Soul and “house” them within these selves and bodies. From way low to way high in a very short span of one lifetime… this one! Onward we go. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you for this post, Denise. I can relate to much of what you shared.

    On crossing over: Back in April and early July I was told that a demarcation line has been already reached and traversed by some beings in form and a few have already “crossed the rubicon of the ages.” Such synchronicities on this point among us can mean only that we must be really making significant evolutionary strides and the impact/results/impact around/within are increasingly becoming manifest/more evident.

    Anomalies and visible NEW in the physical environment: Like seeing the sun midday enveloped by an orb-like rainbow, and this long, dense and smog-filled thoroughfare that transforms into an incredibly pristine, diamond-like clear area, like an insert or a mirage in that road of old. It seems that perception of phenomena as these I cited may no longer be a rarefied monopoly of those ‘who can see, hear, know” types? Our driver who was with me also beheld and was as stupefied as I was by what he witnessed. .

    I also observe that I am able to make with greater dispatch connections and links with certain people or groups that I had intended to do in the past but these did not happen for one reason or other; yet when the timing seems “right” things can come together almost instantly. I notice too a deepening ability in connecting of “dots” and in discerning layered meanings and “operational” implications ( ie as relating to functions, roles, missions etc) of “higher/deeper” information/knowing and experiences I had for years even for decades but I could not decipher or truly understand.

    On locations/placements — I am set to leave the family-land that has been my temporary refuge for a year and move to some place in the metropolis. I have timed for August 8 the symbolically simultaneous ‘ending” and “beginning,” – the same date last year when I made the trip in reverse. It’s like this signifies (for me at least) the closing and the completion of a circle and the beginning of a new one of infinite circles in the evolutionary spiral. With the impending movements, I feel no sense within of being uprooted or of setting down roots. Instead the sensation is one of floating, flowing….One makes temporary stops and stay overs as nudged, always poised for the next move, and the next, and the next,

    Somehow I see these changes, recent experiences, visuals, links made, etc like pieces that when seen from deeper/higher/vaster perspectives they are like inputs/elements of sorts maybe for what comes (next).

    I have a feeling that one’s “crossing over” heightens and amplifies the fuzziness in and uncertainty of “what’s next,” and that is alright. I KNOW everything will make sense and fall into their placements in perfect divine order and timing.

    ONE/my I AM team almost chidingly reminds me recently to be playful and to smile and teasingly asks if perhaps I have forgotten that this is a Dance of Life that I have decided to take part in and there are no missteps for beings as this One in form …

    Such mystifying, confounding Time we are in and looks like things are only beginning to heat up 🙂

  • Yup, so true. And my use of English. I know who I am. I think I am of a limited “tribe”. I cannot explain that. ” Other times I hear English being spoken by a person but what they’re saying makes no sense to me whatsoever”. . . Mostly what I have told or ‘teld’ makes no sense. But if you really listen through the hardship of words,. . . And use your intuition, you may find my Sunny side beaming in glorious acceptance.

    When targeted people reach out to you. . . How can can you dismiss them? My comment is not showing even as an observable occurance. I am here. Part of this. Just that you know.

    Probably she has abandoned me too.

    • “When targeted people reach out to you. . . How can can you dismiss them? My comment is not showing even as an observable occurance. I am here. Part of this. Just that you know.”


      It sounds like you have something you want to say directly to me Dian so please do so. Who do you feel has “probably abandoned you too”? Do you mean me?

  • Many thanks for this most excellent post. No only am I often misunderstood, frequently people don’t even see me. They look right through me. People with whom I have had a fair amount of interaction act like they have never met me (can I have your business card?) I’m skipping time lines and vibrating at different levels much more frequently. I know I’m not the only one! I do think it’s quite wonderful that light language is being spoken a LOT more. That’s lovely!

  • “Scattered and seemingly disjointed is exactly how life and reality is now for most of us anyway.”

    Couldn’t have said it better… actually, I couldn’t have said it all with any coherence as the scattered bit has reduced me to an almost total dithering, CNS-jittery, wall-bouncing, nauseated, fatigued idiot. Thank you, Denise, for this post loaded with info that I’ll need to find my brain to digest fully, but oh my, if we thought April was awful, the last few days of July and so far into August have been SPIRAL to the max. I feel like I wear myself out climbing up the Spiral and then tumble back down, spinning and diving, twisting and turning, only to regroup my High Heart and climb again. Too much movement within and without. I’m okay with the exploding geometry visuals, they are quite beautiful and full of color and must have something to do with the 6D geometrical forms that we’re bringing to NEW Earth, but I so hoped that as we approached the Lions’ Gate, the symptoms would lesson, not get more severe. With as much vigor as I can muster, I will INTEND that once through the Lions’ Gate, we will have indeed Crossed Over. Love to you, Denise, and all here.

    • ❤ Barbara. I can't remember anything before April 2019 at the moment but everything since then has been…searching for the right words here…fucking unreal! 🙄 😆 But in all honesty, I can feel a tremendous improvement on all levels thanks to the across-the-board NEW codes. NEW codes meaning all the old lower ones, including the distortions done to them by TD, have been replaced so that's why some are calling them the ‘Freedom’ codes. Despite how severe it’s been just about every moment of 2019, (we knew it was gonna be potent), the positive improvements cannot be denied, along with our growing NEW “freedoms”.

      “This new energy is our 2020 Gate already in progress, doubling the Christed Timeline energies each month as we approach the December 26 eclipse. It is important to remember this is happening NOW, as the collective timeline shift was a *done deal* since June 4…” – Sandra Walter, August 2, 2019.

      DOUBLING EACH MONTH from now to December 25, 2019 and the New Moon Solar eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn 7 minutes happening on Christmas day. This eclipse happens on December 25, 2019 at 9:13 PM Pacific Time, not on December 26th.

      As Sandra Walter said it is really important for all of us to remember that indeed all this is happening NOW in every moment, breath and heartbeat we’re having so make use of these amplified energies NOW, every day and night, and then take EXTRA care of yourself and your bodies everyone. Why? Because the energies have doubled and are increasing each month this year which is why 2019 has been, is, and will continue to be…searching for the right words here again… 😉 Yeah, that and more. ❤

    • Barbara, I so relate to what you wrote and I need to add that this world terrifies and repulses me. It’s taking every ounce of courage I can muster to just keep going every day, with my shaky hands and failing body. Going to a doctor for pain medication is a huge ordeal but totally necessary and I so resent all that’s necessary to keep eating to keep the body going. Except for the peaceful times sitting in the sun with the companionship of pets, it’s one huge endurance test. I pray not to fall by the wayside, I pray for all of us.

  • Dear Denise,

    Just want to mention how much I appreciate knowing we’re at the “crossing over” or “completion point” of this phase of our Embodiment and stepping onto a “higher spiral rung.”

    Your ability to “See” what’s happening energetically is a true gift to those of us who are still flying blind in the lower frequency levels. After 20 years of being turned inside out, steam rolled and then regurgitated in an unrecognizable form of myself in the Ascension Process, I am SO ready for knowing that our Embodiment Phase nears its end.

    Who and What are we becoming? My dream last night showed me that my childhood bed was being removed and upgraded and the room it was in also renewed, which to me indicates that not only memories from my earthly past are being swept aside but the very foundation I based my beliefs upon.

    Thanks so much for letting us share our experiences in this space … invaluable to be able to express what is otherwise inexpressible in the world around us. LOVE to you, Denise.

    • Amen to all that Thelma … flying blind indeed … good way to put it. I think we are all ready for the big change … thanks Denise for being our light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. ❤❤

  • Heartfelt thanks once again Denise💓 I concur also with the ‘foreign language’..I also don’t go out there much in the lower vibrational world as it takes a couple or few days to regenerate, when I do I experience others not understanding what I’m saying just giving a simple food order at a restaurant..too many occasions had to repeat it a few times, even speaking slower..bizarre😄 I’m reminded also when you mentioned before about others not seeing us in traffic, grocery stores etc..Yes! Back in ’99 that happened quite often with me and I wasn’t consciously awakened then and often thought about that cause it really did seem I was invisible and I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on with people😄 Still happens now, I’m aware though, thank you..Onward we go!✨💫💖

  • I don’t seem to have the visually surreal experiences that many here have. I do live with continual lightheadedness, and the non-stop intense emotional triggers (mostly fear) are what have been relentless for me. I’m constantly and consciously trying to process those difficult energies through my worn out physical self with as little attachment as possible, while still going through the challenging worldly actions that each situation requires. I can’t help but find myself feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending barrage. Yesterday I did have an unexpected, split-second image of myself walking peacefully on a beautiful beach somewhere. It was a very fleeting moment, but it was pure bliss. xoxo

  • Hello Denise
    I can relate to this post with the “Foreign Language ” part, I have had quite a few conversations with people and wondered if I was speaking another language and I’m pleased to have it explained by you that it’s not me going mad. Thank you for that one. My partner broke his thigh bone as I mentioned in your last post, and the explanation you have given about being dislodged from our holding position makes sense now to me. This put tremendous strain on me having to care for him as I am somewhat disabled myself, but it has made me realise that during this trying time there have been people that I have to say goodbye to as they’re a drain on our lives. Unfortunately some of these people are my partners family so I don’t know how this will go down, but can’t be held back. Also a lifelong friend of mine has been a big problem so trying to ease away from her too. These dramatic events certainly sorting everything out. I feel anger and judgemental and evil towards folk at times and I hate myself for it but need to keep going with the process. During this time I have been bitten by an insect and my arm swelled up so making me have to see a Doctor, and a few days later my foot swelled up and haven’t been able to walk so partner had to see to stuff for me. It’s been a nightmare but we’re getting through it and thanks to you Denise I see it’s all for a good reason. One more thing, I have noticed for sometime now, when I’m reading or writing and I have the T.V. on as well, the very word I’m writing or reading is spoken at the same time on T.V. this happens frequently and wondered if anyone has experienced this and has an explanation for it. Thank you Denise for your much needed information and insight, Love to you and all here. xxx

    • Yes, I experience and LOVE the Sacred Synchronicity of reading or writing and hearing the same words or ideas or story in something else! The Magic of living in the Golden Age, a little taste for encouragement!

    • Linda, E-K Daufin & All,

      “I have noticed for some time now, when I’m reading or writing and I have the TV on as well, the very word I’m writing or reading is spoken at the same time on TV.”

      I am noticing this as well – not only with the TV and not only with words I’m reading or writing. When I SAY something to someone else, those same words are often immediately reflected back at me from the external world. It could be something I hear on the radio (or TV), or the sign I see on a truck rolling past. The exact same words or phrase comes back at me.

      To me, this is PROOF that we’re creating our personal reality (hologram) all the time. Maybe now there’s less obstruction, less distortion and it’s easier for us to see.

      I believe staying at zero point neutrality/ not emotionally reacting to anything helps us to see this mirroring from our external world more clearly. The more we OWN our ability to affect and create what presents itself to us, the more confident we will be in using our creatorship ability consciously … of course this comes with accountability, but hey, we’re ready!

      • I only agree with part of what you say Thelma so I am just energetically returning the part that isn’t helpful to you.

        It IS true for me that The Shift is happening and interference from Team Evil is lessening so the new way can actually work more and more fully for the Forerunners. Many Forerunners still have much work to do on seeing and rejecting, irradiating unearned privilege and using their unearned privilege (White privilege, White Fragility, White supremacy) for the Higher Good. Amen

      • Thank you Thelma for your explanation of this mirroring of words. I had not thought of it that way so grateful to you.I try very hard not to react to adverse situations but find the emotion/ anger comes back at me later when alone and I have to process it then, maybe that’s ok, at least I don’t get involved with conflict and stay in control. The words thing though always makes me smile when it happens, another good thing!! Love to you and all xxx

  • Could it be our physical reality is starting to break apart? Denise, when I read about your experience of your external reality being moved towards you and then away, it gave me that feeling of things glitching out.

    And THEN yesterday, something weird happened for me. I was expecting my neighbors to come back from their trip. When I looked outside, I saw their van pull into the driveway, so I got the mail I was holding for them, then looked again. Driveway was now empty. Their van arrived almost an HOUR later… but somehow I saw it earlier in the driveway, at the point where they were on their way. So color me crazy …

    I find myself more and more entranced by Nature, comforted by it too … and less able to “socialize” because I have dropped my 3D mindset. This in-between stage is rough. I really hope I can fully Embody by next January… part of me keeps asking, “ARE WE THERE YET?”

    Love to all.

  • Sacred Synchronicity Denise, I went to an art lecture tonight and one of the slides showed an abstract blocks of color and I SAW them more around for a minute or so though it was a still slide and I don’t think anyone else in the whole auditorium saw it! Wow. Also was sent a video about crossing over and NDE’s that I had never seen before. Thank you.

  • Well, between quite a period of basically being unable to move (back), getting kicked out my apartment, and moving to a new place(was completly unable to move a foot without screaming the day of the move((back))))), I CONCUR!!!!!!
    Thank You Denise
    This was soo helpful to hear and FEEL it explained
    BTW, moving fine now and really enjoying my new place
    My God I needed it

  • Another timely and much welcomed article Denise. Thank you! I am just getting back to the US after a 2 week trip to Paris and Barcelona with my 14 and 18 year old daughters. It is a similar trip I took with their brother 8 years ago, and man what a difference those 8 years have made! On the one hand, h feel like I ‘floated’ through the trip and it was effortless. On the other hand I feel like I don’t know I managed to make the trip and survive these energies! We had a wonderful time together, but I already look back on it and wonder exactly what we did, if that makes sense. And just thinking about my ‘regular’ life back home-well I cant even think about it because in these past two weeks it feels like that life has been altered immeasurably! Talk about accelerated change! What’s next??

  • “We are not what we were before it started, but we haven’t fully completed the changeover into full-blown ‘little god’ Embodiment either and are doing our current best to not look, sound or act like awkward, raging hormonal nitwits with spiritual pimples everywhere during this, the final phase of our profound individual transmutation into something entirely NEW and radically different.”

    THIS!! And everything else! The crazy looks from others when we open our mouths and vice versa. Oh and the reality zooming in and out! (Nauseating indeed!) Omg Denise! Yes Yes YES. Thank you for your huge High Heart for putting everything into coherent words cuz lord knows how HARD it is for me to even formulate anything to describe 1/100th of any of this anymore.

    Love you all, hang in there everyone, we’re soooooo close!

  • Ah, Denise, thanks for this! Especially:

    “Because of this—and all the rest of it!—let’s please be kind to those living the Embodiment Process during this final completion phase of it. Give each of us the space, room, time, patience and understanding for each of us to complete this extraordinary living in-body transfiguration. Sometimes we flail a bit during our individual Higher/lower Embodiment Process spiritual puberty awkwardness. It too just is what it is and we’ll Master this as well.”

    I’ve been feeling so judgmental lately. Towards myself, and towards others— which I know is only a reflection of my own OLD. This puberty analogy is spot on. Spiritual pimples indeed! 🤣

    The parts about trauma/accidents/breaking bones sparked fear in me. Even though I’ve experienced some of this in the last handful of years and can see the enormous and positive changes that came about! I don’t feel like I can handle any more challenges at the moment. But it’s showing me another pocket where I need to release and trust. Thanks again. ❤️

    • Oh Kara, I FEEL you. You must be at a tremendous threshold to break on through a huge stair step to feel like you can’t take much more. And your Higher Self knows this is done through releasing more of the OLD. You know you’ve GOT this. I KNOW you do.

    • I totally agree- it brought fear up in me also- I feel like I’ve been hanging over the cliff by a thread for a long time now, got some better, and now feels like a few more filaments of that thread disappeared- so no accidents or more trauma please- ease and grace, ease and grace- that’s what I keep saying- just not sure they’re listening- or their idea of what those words mean is different than mine….

      And the judgement- oh lord!!!! Esp in my worst times, when I’m releasing/ removing the most- and I still think it is the true me- even after all this time….

      • Denise, thanks from my deepest heart for all of this and for your additional insights. Everything is so surreal! I’m excited to experience more and more of the new on the other side of all this.

        And Thelma— your encouragement means a lot. 💖 You’re exactly right. I feel the most joy and creative flow when I throw out any attachment to its reception. Thank you for your kindness to me!

    • Kara,

      Going through really amplified periods of feeling very judgmental towards everyone, including ourselves, is a common AP side effect. Many years ago at TRANSITIONS I wrote multiple times about how I was repulsing myself at times. Everything becomes super hyper amplified to us, in us, which produces the “Princes & The Pea” type of sensitivity in us. It’s ALL related to the AP and EP processes. It’s great you’re conscious of the fact that you feel the way(s) you do at the moment but also know that it’s part of The Process and you will move through it and not feel this forever. Believe it or not, it’s a good indicator of how far into your EP you are.

      The fear over things already experienced that you mentioned, is also this ultra Sensitivity to everything at the moment. Again, it’s positive that you’re being honest with yourself about everything but also know that you can allow what I’ve called to myself in phases just like this — shit in, shit out, keep moving forward and don’t fixate. 😉 That phrase helped me to allow myself to feel all I was and at the same time NOT burden myself over any of it or get hung up or feel guilty etc. over all the junk rapidly flowing through my being. We are living, breathing Alchemists who are doing all of the Alchemical Processes right inside of our bodies and selves! Because of this sometimes it gets momentarily icky in there! 😆 It will pass and clear and more “gold” will be left in its place. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Well, that was a good cry over here. ❤️ Thank you, Denise, Jain Lee and Sandy Parks for your kindness and encouragement. I related to what you all said and felt the love connection. It means a lot, and I’m sending it back to you ALL!

        Denise, if you see any search terms about repulsing oneself at TRANSITIONS, you’ll know it was me, ha! Hearing about the ultra-sensitivity and not fixating is really helpful.

        To be honest, the bulk of my judgment feelings are around certain spiritual, new age or energy-based marketing/offerings in my community that feel toxic in that they give lip service to intuition while actually undermining trusting yourself. Or offer superficial positivity without acknowledging the real Work like you do, Denise. Meanwhile, I have this crazy soul pull I cannot ignore toward creating/sharing my own offerings (guided meditations/workshops, oracle decks, poems). Not to replace someone’s process, but to share what’s helping me in case it resonates with someone experiencing a similar situation. And so I keep following the nudges and it’s brought a lot of joy and meaningful connection. But then I feel like a hypocritical jerk because I can’t maintain divine neutrality for these others and my ego is jealous of their success, which spirals into “who do you think you are” to do any of what you’re doing. I’m probably fixating here, and I’m also embarrassed about all of this and tempted to delete it. But I’m just going to go ahead and pop that spiritual pimple in front of you all like we’re at a junior high slumber party. Thanks for holding this space, Denise, to be real and share and heal. 🙏🙏❤️

        • “To be honest, the bulk of my judgment feelings are around certain spiritual, new age or energy-based marketing/offerings in my community that feel toxic in that they give lip service to intuition while actually undermining trusting yourself.”

          Oh lord yes Kara, this one has frustrated me since forever! TD has used the “new age” to do as much damage to it, the Ascension Process, and confuse and derail people like nobodies business for decades. Same can be said about many channeled information. This is why discernment is a must-have personal tool for everyone otherwise it’s just old school snake oil salespeople working people with BS for as long as they can get away with it.

          I LOVE your honesty about some of what you’ve been dealing with in yourself Kara. Trust me when I tell you that I could relate and I know many others here can too. Higher/lower selves merging and old beliefs and self-doubts and all that. We’ve all had our stuff we’ve dealt with and still are in different ways.

          Every time I write an article I scribble down 1-2 pages of notes for it with reminders to talk about this, talk about that, talk more about this, share that. And even though I do this for myself so I don’t forget to include things I want, I still forget certain things that should have gone into that article. I did this again with this article so here comes what I forgot to mention in it.

          Because we’re in the final phase of our Embodiment Process, and because we’re in the Crossing-over phase on the great Spiral and many other things as well, much of what we’re currently feeling in our bodies, and anomalies such as what Thelma just shared about seeing/Seeing her neighbors arrive but they hadn’t yet, ascension and Embodiment side effects and so on are going to be slightly DIFFERENT from what we’ve experienced since the AP began physically two decades ago. That is saying something! because it’s been weird all along, so for things to get even more surreal, weird, visually distorted (the Separation and bleed-throughs because of it), experiencing more quantum than linear and so on is to be expected. We’ve never been at the end and Separation Shift Cross-over point before so there’s simply going to be some moments were “reality” isn’t “normal” for us. That plus who knows what it feels like when we’re so close to having 100% of our Higher Self/Soul Embodied in our physical body, self and consciousness? In other words, shit’s about to get real as they say and that’s a positive even though things will most likely continue to morph, shake and move. Just this afternoon I watched something in my house move up and down repeatedly. I blinked and tilted my head and it continued for a few more seconds and then finally stopped moving. Did it really “move” physically like I saw it? I don’t know, I kind of doubt it but that’s what I saw. Much more phenomena, anomalies, strange and NEW body side effects from our final Embodiment Processes not to mention how that will Shift everything we perceive, feel, see, do. Deep breath everyone, this is gonna be record breaking! ❤

        • Kara, about your own offerings, I would DEFINITELY honor that “crazy Soul pull” of yours to create and share what you have to contribute.

          Forget any old-worldly definition of “success.” I struggled with this too, seeing how others have reaped great material rewards in areas where I wanted to excel and my ego being taken down a notch or two because that was not MY experience.

          Trust that what you have to offer is valuable because it comes from your heart and personal truth. I would also say to trust your Higher Self, that it’s bringing you the experiences you need for your Soul path. Blessings to you.

  • Hazmat suit, HA! HA! 😂 I AM LOVING this New phase crossing over and this time it feels like it a landing place, going to stick with us. WE ARE still observers, but not going back down those steps! 💜

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