We’ll All Have COSMIC RAYS Straight-Up Please


No more diluted evolutionary Ascension energies, no more deflecting them from directly hitting Earth and humanity caused by solar winds or anything else. It’s now straight-up, full force, full body and soul direct impact cosmic energies driving everything into greater evolution. Can you feel it? Of course you can, and it’s all getting increasingly surreal, wonderful, terrible and far more intense in NEW ways constantly. Surrender to it continuously. Live in an established state of intentional openness and transformation and the outlandish weirdness becomes much less strange. This is just where we are now and what we’re going through. There are no guidebooks or manuals for the Embodiment Process, for having more NEW Crystalline DNA activate in your physical body, or for physically living through the Separation of Worlds. Enjoy the ride for it’s a rare mystical one indeed.

The quote below is from Spaceweather.com, posted April 24, 2019.


April 25, 2019


COSMIC RAYS ARE NEARING A SPACE AGE HIGH:  “Ten years ago, NASA reported a “perfect storm of cosmic rays.” During the year 2009, radiation peppering Earth from deep space reached a 50-year high, registering levels never before seen during the Space Age.

It’s about to happen again.

Ground-based neutron monitors and high-altitude cosmic ray balloons are registering a new increase in cosmic rays. The Oulu neutron monitor in Finland, which has been making measurements since 1964, reports levels in April 2019 only percentage points below the Space Age maximum of 2009:

Source: The Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory in Oulu, Finland.

What’s going on? The answer is “Solar Minimum.” During the low phase of the 11-year solar cycle, the sun’s magnetic field and solar wind weaken. Cosmic rays find it easier to penetrate the inner solar system. In 2009, the sun experienced the deepest solar minimum in a century. Cosmic rays reaching Earth naturally surged.

Ten years later, solar minimum is back with renewed weakening of the sun’s magnetic field and the solar wind. Again, it’s a “perfect storm.” A panel of experts led by NOAA and NASA recently predicted that the current minimum would reach a nadir in late 2019 or 2020, likely matching the record-setting minimum of 2009. If they’re right, cosmic rays will continue to increase, with a new record possible in the near future.”  http://spaceweather.com/

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  • Hi Denise

    “Over these ascension years I’ve HAD to repeatedly adjust what foods I eat because my body (all of our bodies) continues going through these ascension changes. I’ve found that I have to be super discerning over foods — I think and look at something first and sense how it will make my body feel if I eat it. Most of the time I get a strong DO NOT EAT THAT NOW sense. What I could eat two days or weeks ago often suddenly makes me feel poisoned for many hours another day so this entire eating business is something I’ve HAD to be really flexible with and open to constant change on a daily basis. Just be prepared for what you eat now that seems fine to suddenly change, multiple times.”

    Yep…my experience with food as well…same goes for sleep patterns.
    Having been consistent with exploring every type anti-inflammatory, auto immune dysfunction diet, protocol over the course of 15 yrs?…Its really all about what is going on in our bodies each day, and it can change at any given moment too! Because, its so much more related to the energetic field, integration & embodiment process’s…and interference’s, etc…all of this can set us off…I just don’t eat much at all anymore, one meal a day (unless going through one of those “just can’t eat phase, this year I had 2 sever episodes that were brutal on digestive and I became really weak). I often even forget eat! this past year was especially brutal on the physical vehicle. Especially after my mom passed in June (She was living with me and I her full time caretaker) so lots of processing with that in addition to the usual…Also, most of my energetic work is done, felt, processed through my physical body rather than emotional body? At this point in time (born 1952-Pathcutter) this body has pretty much experienced it all…Or so I thought! If that makes sense? Anyway…like Denise…I sensory-test my food and/or any nutritional aids, supplements before I ingest. I personally believe that the best we do for ourselves is to develop clear communication with the physical body, and after a while we just know what it wants needs by focusing within, asking it and listening sensing to what its telling us. after a while. I had to do this because doctors,and/or taking drugs are not even open for discussion for me personally…As I know my body just doesn’t tolerate any of it? So, I stay as far enough away from the medical system, those energetic’s, frequencies (avoid even walking in the vicinity of hospital, medical facilities) as much as possible. YIKES! I got a juicer for my birthday, as I find that green juice is like medicine for me…so doing that daily as first meal of day around noon, has been truly helpful in many ways. And my protein smoothies a life-saver during those can’t eat solid food days. One rule I have is to always eat real clean foods, organic grass fed, free range meat, eggs, raw cheese in moderation, whenever possible…Can’t tolerate any alcohol at all either (5 years +) not even beer (which I truly miss sometimes, because just a 1/2 glass would often help me sleep during those frequent “all-nighter waves” of “WTF do I do with this energy and end up working/writing till at 4 AM?!!”)??

    Anyway…I truly enjoyed reading these wonderful posts today on this gloomy, rainy, NYC Sunday! I deeply to much of what everyone is experiencing, sharing here. And thank you Denise, I find the similarities of our experiences, ways we deal with and move through these process’s so very supportive.
    God Bless Us All as we continue moving upward and onward in our process.

  • can you tell me how to Embody?. I dont know how or if i am. All i am asked to do, is flow the light through to earth, and from earth up. To direct it to certain places, some time…. At mo i am just begin to understand, to do it into 5d. New, for me…. re lady probs emf, i still live some of my time in 3d, and still use supplements, minerals etc to support my 3d body. I understand you saying, we need go inward, away from duality. I dont feel i know how. Could you expand on this please. On embodyment, i ask my higher self to guide me. May feels so lovely, and that more new coming in. Thanks

    • Linda H & All,

      I’m working on an article that hopefully will explain these complex happenings so they’re better understood. I’ve suddenly got some expensive house plumbing repair problems going on now so it’s going to take me a bit longer to get this particular article done. Besides these plumbing repairs etc., what I want to express, and what many people really need to understand much better, isn’t easy to convey especially in this linear written way. But, that’s what we’re working with so give me some time to do my best on this important article and I’ll get it done as soon as possible. Until then, get out of you head and into your HighHeart and FEEL the Divine within you. ❤

      (Linda H., your other comment won't get published because you need to read Jain Lee's comment to Lyn about this. I'm intentionally trying to redirect Lyn and those of you who still perceive the way she is about certain things and old tools, healing methods and beliefs etc. etc. etc.)

  • I just can’t resist sending this quote from spaceweather.com today!

    “WHAT IS A GEOMAGNETIC JERK?: Earth’s magnetic field is notoriously inconstant. The north pole itself has been wandering across the Arctic for centuries. Currently, it is racing from northern Canada toward Siberia on an unpredictable path that has prompted hurried updates to world magnetic models. And then there are the “geomagnetic jerks.” Every 3 to 12 years, Earth’s magnetic field suddenly accelerates in one direction or another, a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists since it was recognized in the late 1970s.”

    I ‘get’ what’s happening with Earth’s core, etc, but it was “Geomagnetic Jerk” that sent me into a laughter high! I might know a few! Feeling so much better today. What a long haul that was. This morning I woke up and my first thought was, “I’m getting really tired of being held hostage by my body” and lo and behold, I discovered much to my delight, I had been released. Am now out for good behavior, but I’ll be watching out for those Geomagnetic Jerks! Love, B. (Rest of the article at spaceweather.com is quite good and as Denise mentioned sometime ago, they are finally catching up!)

    • Oh that is a good one Barbara. ❤ All of April was one giant painful jerk from my vantage point, magnetic or otherwise.

      But the energies shifted big-time the last two days of awful April and now we’re very much in another NEW higher Crystalline space/place/state. This one was a massive shift that crippled many of us but here’s to better easier times ahead because of it.

  • Denise and all

    Sharing info which could be helpful to some of you who like myself are struggling at a low energy base and making our way through considerable health issues. Many are having unrelenting TD attacks via technology and from just being out and about.

    I have really been hammered because my body is struggling so they have really gone all out. Repeated attacks hitting the center of my chest and affecting my digestive systems to the point where I was battling to keep food down.

    Many months ago when the 2nd stage of the EP/AP process started up a friend suggest I purchase a EMF blocking pendant has she herself had found very helpful with technology issues and perhaps that was part of my problem. At that point technology was not a problem for me nor the TD attacks. I wore it for awhile, saw no improvement and put it away.

    A few days back I was hit the hardest that I have been since this all began simply using my laptop and trying to connect an old bluetooth device. I have tried many other things with these attacks and nothing was working. My body would do some level of recovery only to then be hit again which constantly depleted my energy and ability to heal during this process.

    I remembered the pendant which is so well made by a couple who had been through very challenging circumstances some years back when they found the land they had purchased to build a home on was a grave yard for African slaves.
    Financially they were stuck and had to work it out so as to speak which is great for people like me under considerable attack.

    I put the pendant on and immediately the forceful energy in the center of my chest stopped. It was a light bulb moment and at least part of a solution. We have also taken the computers of wireless and they are again directly plugged into the phone line. The issue that is giving me grief is my android phone so I have ordered a blocking device for the back of my phone and we will see how that goes. The business is very genuine and offers a 30day money back guarantee is products do not assist.

    I have also turned off bluetooth and wireless on my phone just to eliminated some of the energies bouncing around us and a radiation blocking mat has been ordered for the base of my laptop from another source.

    So there is help and no doubt from more than one provider and keeps us online and connected.

    I am once again already able to spend considerable time on the net. I feel cold pressure on my chest that is all as they still try and penetrate. My digestion has bounced back quickly also but still will need time to heal further. Once I build up more strength that will go I am sure and my body can once again fight the fight.

    It reverses polarity.


    • “It reverses polarity.”


      As long as you or anyone remains at the old lower frequency level where polarity/Duality has been, you will continue to experience these types of problems. Unity is individual integration of polarity/Duality which automatically “ascends” one well above and beyond polarity/Duality frequency. You enter an entirely higher frequency and range.

      The other thing that’s completely related to old lower polarity/Duality and its consciousness is the beliefs that all problems etc. can be fixed or healed by EXTERNAL tools, devices, other people like healers, doctors, herbs, meds, tonics, eating enough broccoli (I hope everyone gets this call back I’m using here) and so on. The solution to all this is to evolve beyond the old lower frequencies so you’re no longer affected by them. Play in polarity/Duality land and you live in that frequency because you’re a vibrational match to it. I don’t know how to express this any clearer Lyn.

      • I had to comment regarding Lyn’s post. Not too long ago I was also searching outside of myself for answers and I very much relate to you Lyn so I wanted to share this story.

        While surfing the web, I came across a website extolling the virtues of andara crystals; how superior it is because it’s monatomic, manifests wishes faster, absorbs all energy, zero point, makes you breakfast, yada yada…,all for a low low price of $88 for a tiny nugget and all the way to $1,000+ for a sizable chunks.

        They really had me hankering for one until my Heart said, ‘wait a minute, I AM a giant crystal, I have crystal INSIDE me, why do I need this, aside from the fact that it’s pretty?’

        Then I laughed and laughed at myself, the absurdity of some “New Age-y” websites and shut the whole thing off then took my cat for a walk. It’s good to just KNOW now.

        High Heart Hugs to ALL! 🙏😘🌈

        • ‘They’re gods for god sake!’

          — Ostara, American Gods

          Perfect Jain Lee and thanks for sharing your realization about your own Crystalline self. ❤

        • Love this, Jain Lee. Reminds me of when everyone was Eclipse Crazy, traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to be in the path, getting stuck in huge traffic jams, stressing over finding a place to sleep, crowds everywhere they went. Some friends couldn’t imagine that I wasn’t going on the pilgrimage. I enjoyed explaining to them that I could experience the phenomenon at home because “I AM the eclipse!” 🤣

          All In Love

        • EXACTLY Rachel and Jain Lee. Humanity has been so profoundly steered, conditioned, brainwashed etc. toward the external, the other(s), the thing(s) and NOT themselves for thousands of years that they don’t know how to drop those old addictions, habits and conditioning now. But that is exactly what the AP forces everyone to do in these ascension lives; release the past everything and evolve into the NEW internally and externally. Thanks ladies. ❤ ❤

    • I got it Denise thank you. Will work on this. Have got to regain my full power.
      Thank you Jain Lee also.

      • I don’t know if this helps but my experience in Embodying for so long had been confusing as hell. For awhile I really thought I was supposed to float up to the sky, or that I was suddenly gonna end up in the 5D Earth with others who also chose it.

        So many questions, so much confusion and no answers, not really anything solid that satisfied my MIND. Until I got so fed up, let go of ALL preconceived expectations of what its “supposed” to be, written by oh so many “lightworkers”, stopped fighting and SURRENDERED to the flow.

        Wasn’t easy at first, my rational MIND kept bugging me with the “whys” and the “hows.” Each time I told it to just shut up and let it go, just be in the NOW.

        Few things I do daily,
        1) Upon waking, say my gratitude to The Universe and Source.
        2) Catch myself if I’m forming a judgment about someone and to just drop it.
        3) Set an intention to act with Consciousness at all times.
        4) Listen to music.
        5) Go for a walk.
        6) Before sleeping, say my gratitude and ask for help from Source to EMBODY more.

        Things I notice since,
        1) People are nicer.
        2) Places I go to are much more pleasant.
        3) My friends and family seem happier.
        4) I’m just happier, laugh more and things just “work out”.
        5) Opportunities and “coincidences” manifest.
        6) (this is a biggie) I AM IN 5D.

        One day and without knowing it, I realized I was solely operating from what I FEEL, and not what I THINK. And that has made all the difference in how much easier it is now.

  • “Can you feel it?”

    Yes! We’ve really turned the tide, didn’t we? So much gratitude to everyone for BEing and BEcoming into their own divineness and special thanks to lovely loved Denise! I feel as if we’ve fully anchored to 5D now!

    My lovely 10Y old daughter has seen the wobble of the matrix and she KNOWS. I couldn’t be more proud of her!

    So much light is coming in and I’ve had to adjust my family’s diet to half liquid and half solid whole food regimen. Lots of smoothies and leafy greens, some light proteins. None of us are really that hungry anymore lately.

    This May energy is very different than April energy, very soothing and much more feminine. I’m glad for it. It’s a balm for the soul.

    With much gratitude, love and special HIgh Heart hugs to ALL!

    • This May energy is very different than April energy, very soothing and much more feminine. I’m glad for it. It’s a balm for the soul.

      It certainly is Jain Lee and All. April Aries/Mars has almost always been a tough month to traverse in these ascension years but April 2019 was THE most intense, difficult, physically painful, emotionally testing and psychologically ragged month ever. I mean ever!

      We have indeed crossed into another higher, deeper, more intense level or layer of the NEW which is why all of April 2019 was a flaming bloody warrior ram of a month. I honestly had my doubts three different times in April if I’d survive what was happening. What was happening is something I’m going to be trying to clearly and as accurately as I can write an article about soon.

      May is Taurus/Venus so just these changes feel great after all that April was. But… more to come. Smoothies sound so good! ❤

      • Dear Denise,
        I agree with you that April was and still is the most intense month ever…physically and emotionally. My body feels broken in many places….AND the sun is so intense for me and it seems to burn instantly.
        I also had my doubts about surviving. I still find it very disturbing what most people can’t see and yet some are recognizable immediately. I am learning to keep my head down when I venture out.
        Have the timelines moved up recently? It seems that the wrap and pack show is close.
        Your book has arrived Denise…I am so happy about that!

        • Penny,

          Thanks so much for buying one of my books. Let us know what you think when you’ve finished it and happy reading. ❤

          “Have the timelines moved up recently? It seems that the wrap and pack show is close.”

          Wrap and pack show is close! Loved that. 😆 Yes, we’re in it now and will be all year and for many all of next year too.

          The entire month of April 2019 had A LOT to do with (1) why we all felt incredibly ill and in such pain — I too have felt like certain body parts were literally broken, my feet for one — and (2) why there’s been an increase in anomalies and much more. In April A LOT of NEW energy changes happened which have yet again greatly increased the Light energy levels, our DNA, Earth’s core has gone from old iron to NEW Crystalline and more. Because of these latest energy increases and changes, we have once again “ascended” up a few more energy Stair-steps hence the pains and aches and related weirdness and dreams etc. and other anomalies. This won’t stop, we just continue to vibrationaly, energetically, physically and in all other ways literally evolve/ascend up further and further. This Separation of Worlds Stair-step Process is the unfolding ‘wrap and pack show’ feeling many of us know is taking place.

      • Yay! The energies FEEL different – lighter, more buoyant. Ready for the “wrap and pack” anytime. I think we’re done with the lower levels … love to ALL.

  • I rarely write comments.

    Thoughts and words are too dense and heavy,
    slowing down my vibrations, pulling me back in ’time’ and need energy.

    Lately had a vision and perception about the spheres. Still explore…

    Imagine our dense Earth. Around it there is a transparent, plasma sphere, it is a Quantum Field, our known time/space continuum, that comprise of human consciousness.
    Above it there is another sphere, that envelope the first one, where there is another Earth, not so dense.
    Above it, another sphere envelopes the first two, where there is another Earth, a lighter one and so on…and on, a suppose till 12.

    Like Russian dolls, spheres within spheres, realities within realities, dimensions within dimensions with different vibrations.

    They are not linear, but spiralling. In every sphere there are different laws, different time, or merely time is shifting, banding, and becoming a space, so there is no time at all.

    Humans from every sphere recognise only their own sphere and the spheres below them, but not the spheres above them, they even don’t suppose and know there are spheres above them.

    It a choice as to where one is focusing attention and is able to hold corresponding vibrations of which sphere.

    A few words about the latest ascension symptoms.

    Eating less and less quantity food, light food and drink a lot of water. It seems the body is feeding more and more from photonic light, still feel tiredness, but not so much and of this type as before. Feeling very well in quietness, just listening stillness.

    Have sparks in the hands, especially when touch metal objects or switch light, there are visible small white crystals below the skin of palm and hand, that are increasing.

    The other day had a bunch of flying, flashing, fluttering, triangle, yellow-white, ‘snowflakes’ around me, while was at the computer, about 10 min. So beautiful. It was happened many times before, but this time was more intense, it is obvious an intelligent energy, communicating.

    Thanks Denise and all, to everyone – be kind and gentle to yourself!

    • Anna, your descriptions of the “spheres” and “worlds within worlds” are so beautiful and I resonate with them. Loved reading about your “snowflakes” too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Hello everyone ❤
    Denise I finally ordered both of your books, and I'm so excited to read them! Thank you so much for mentioning about them in one of your previous comments. They had been on my mind since I discovered your site but I totally forgot about them since I don't see the side panels from the device I read your articles from. But nonetheless I know I was meant to read them now ❤ . Plus the fading linear memory! I feel like I go through phases where at times the memory is worse. For my last phase I couldn't figure out twice about how a few bills arrived in my wallet. No one else has access to it, so obviously I put them there for a certain purpose but I just couldn't remember why. Took me 2 weeks to remember for one of the incidences, and the 2nd one I still have no idea and it's been so long. Then I almost threw my clothes in the trash but realized that was not the laundry hamper. Or re-soaping my body after rinsing, realizing I had already put soap! Another funny moment similar to Denise's experience of when she couldn't remember which side of the car to sit in to drive (right/left), is where I couldn't remember which one was my left leg/right leg!! I started questioning myself: is this my left leg? no this one is, wait is it? This was my most surprising incidence since it had to do with having known which leg was which my whole life. 😂

    Denise thank you so much for sharing these wonderful charts, it's an exactttt representation of my life journey. Made me get so many flashbacks as I looked at the chart in awe. From the peaks of the solar minimums representing breakthroughs (2009-2010, plus we're getting close now to another peak!), and several years prior to both peaks representing my sequestered years. I find it interesting how the august harmonic convergence is also at a peak, that is exactly when my parents met and I was also conceived the same peak (I'm 30 now). 2003 (where the 2nd chart starts) is exactly when symptoms started increasing (in comparison to the previous years or the shifts I had felt). 2003-2004 I had this same dream repetitively where I was shown me entering a human sized tank full of water. In the dream I saw my entire body immersed in the water where I stayed for quite some time. Then after some time I saw myself coming out of the tank where I had been completely transformed. I was lighter, vibrant, fully restored/transformed, healthy, and glowing (dream was showing me I was in the AP/EP process) but despite seeing this dream over and over again I didn't get that back then. 2006 was my initial "dark night of the soul", more like a year, lol if only it was a night! Even though the effects lasted years. 2009-2010 I had a breakthrough as my awakening was in phases (further awakening after 2012). At the space age maximum of 2009-2010 was when I first learned that union within was possible (been working on that since), it was the best year of my life – experienced 5D where I could feel love energy flowing out of me, I could feel it overflowing where I wanted to give and be of service to others. I had zero triggers from anyone, was so content with everything, full of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation. That was the bliss state phase I went through, haven't ever felt that intensity since nor prior in life. I did experience it again some time in 2014, and briefly here and there when I'm alone in nature. Ever since August of 2014, I feel like I've been in another "dark night of the soul" where it has been about 5 years now (a super long one) where I still feel like I'm trying to claw myself out. 😢 Looking forward to the upcoming peak we're about to reach.

    Another strange thing I wanted to share was me hearing birds chirping at 3 am rather than the other sounds you all shared. It has happened several times now, thought they started chirping about an hour before sunrise!

    • Prabhi K.,

      Thanks for purchasing both of my books. ❤ I think you'll enjoy them.

      “Then I almost threw my clothes in the trash but realized that was not the laundry hamper. Or re-soaping my body after rinsing, realizing I had already put soap!”

      Had to giggle over both of these because I’ve put trash in the refrigerator and have almost thrown clothes into the trash and on and on. And god save you if your mind wanders while taking a shower because you can’t remember if you shampooed your hair already or not and/or how far you’d gotten in the body washing process. After having a mind wandering moment in the shower I’ve stood there trying to figure out the shower process and where I need to jump back into it. All these ascension related side effects are so ridiculous but true. We’re becoming quantum conscious beings of Light that occasionally get lost in the shower when our minds wander or we can’t figure out which is our right and left sides. Hysterical at times, shocking at other times but just the way it is. 😀

      I’ve heard birds singing away in the middle of the night too this year. Sandra Walter talked a bit about this and how it has to do with the NEW energies feeling very spring-like no matter what season it is. Makes sense at this point. ❤

      • Yes Denise and all! I have slipped on and out of this time/space continuum since I was 3 periodically but whoa! So rapidly happening and repeatedly now. I am starting to be tickled by it rather than troubled by it. I do a little laugh yoga and feel delight!

        I also lost my glasses. IN THE HOUSE about a month ago and after some immediate frantic through searching I thought sure they would literally pop up somewhere in plane sight as so many other things do! But not yet. My old back up pair is at least 4 years old but so see perfectly out of them. That’s the reason I loved “The Borrowers” as a child. I figured when things slipped away the Borrowers had taken them and when the objects appeared back in plain sight in a place I KNOW I look , the little people had just returned them! 👏🏾😘🤣

      • ❤ Hehe, trash in the refrigerator, gotta love it ❤ . Yes, they are ridiculous! I can relate to the hair shampooing scenario as well. Oh so that’s what the chirping birds represent (along with the even brighter light we noticed back in January), spring like energy. Fascinating!

  • Hi Denise! Long time reader, first time commenter. I’m trying to wrap my head around being around people and living in a neighborhood, but not actually being in the ‘3D’ part of it so to speak. How does that work? How do these neighbors view us from their perspective? Does that mean we’re sort of immune to the crap around us while physically being in our home if were disconnected from all that stuff and living from the heart and by how things feel? (tv, radio, news, sports, going to bars, etc…) I pretty much already know, but how would you know if you are on the ‘other side’ (the 28%) – What does that look like for the 72%? I hope all this makes sense, it’s hard to verbalize this stuff sometimes and I don’t even know if I’m actually asking what I’m trying to ask. Heh..

    Also, just a side note as it relates to your article, – Yesterday afternoon I woke up from a nap and out of nowhere, I had my first migraine headache that turned into violent vomiting and numbing/tingling of the body and then the cold shakes… A half an hour later I was back to normal??? I rarely get sick and never get headaches unless I’m really hungry and that was the most painful one I’ve ever had, And I’m 43. Felt like I was giving birth or something and I’m not even female. But the interesting thing was, I had a knowingness inside that it was purging something really heavy that needed to go. Afterwards, it was like my whole body felt smooth and relaxed inside and free of any kind of stress… So yeah, I believe the volume got turned up to 11 very recently!

    Thank you for your articles and insight! It’s very much appreciated!

    – Justin

    • I am so interested in Denise’s response to you question. I have some nasty neighbors who are influenced by Team Evil and as Odvig said about his schizophrenic neighbor – hate me and cause trouble but I am sure don’t know why. I would LOVE to have them sink out of my worlds or me to be invisible in theirs. I love when Sacred Synchronicity Keeps me out of their loop. But Sunday was unfortunately NOT one of those days. Unfortunately when they call the police on me for burning safe in my own yard, the police see me and also dislike me not boing why! 👂🏽

    • Yep Justin, none of us ever know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to feel physically when we wake up. Sounds like you had a heck of a purge, you’re lucky it only lasted for a half hour! More out with the old and more in with more NEW. 😉 Good job.

      Your question is one that would take pages to answer. I may write another article attempting to discuss these differences in frequency, awareness, sensitivity, consciousness and external reality.

      Super short answer to your question is, do your very best to stop thinking and perceiving in the old familiar 3D linear way. That does not work with what all we’re living through via the AP and EP. It’s one very small and old frequency that humanity is evolving out of. Do your best to not think linearly but FEEL spherically. This is a bit harder for males only because they’ve been more habituated to linear left brain consciousness whereas females could more easily feel and be abstract and right brained etc. Now however even that duality is old and not working anymore either. We’re evolving into integrated “Unity” consciousness and being that’s from the HighHeart not the head. These NEW tools — along with more NEW multidimensional quantum DNA — can perceive multiple realities, dimensions, beings, creations etc. from what I’ve called Spherical Consciousness, which is the opposite of linear consciousness in linear time.

      Gotta use the NEW higher tools to grasp the NEW we’re moving into deeper and deeper, the old linear head/intellect tools are nowhere near elaborate enough to do so.

      • “…none of us ever know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to feel physically when we wake up.”

        Truer words never spoken! Woke up this morning after a night of working hard ‘out there’, exhausted and CNS tingly/hurting/walking on glass/barely moving/breaking up inside and out etc., and then as the day went on I started to feel not so bad and then spherically, I went full circle… from shit, here we go again pain and fatigue day after day (this whole past month) to a sudden surge of energy and feel good that I haven’t felt for a really long time. Smiling here… I wanted to rip my clothes off and dance in the rain… not raining here, oh well, next time!

        Note to Justin… re the sickness of migraine, throwing up, etc… what I’ve discovered is if I eat any food that holds within in it a stress that came as a result of trauma that I experienced in prior AP days when I was eating that food with friends and/or particularly family, then eating that food now will cause a stress so severe that one must get rid of it physically. Hence the purging. It has to do with releasing the traumatic energies that came, not from the food, but from the circumstances of your environment when you were eating same. Hope that helps. Love, B.

        • Hey thank you for the tips, Barbera! I’ve been aware about the energies in the foods and who prepares them for awhile now, but haven’t thought about it in the way you described. Thank you! What was weird in this case, was that I started getting the headache and it was fairly mild and I thought it might be lack of food related, so I ate a turkey ranch bacon sandwich and that just sent my headache over the top and thats what brought on the nausea and then I threw it all up. ugh.


          – Justin

      • Hey thanks so much for the response, Denise! Heh, it doesn’t surprise me that it would take pages to explain. Story of my life. It would take me pages to actually write some of the more deeper questions and things I’ve been experiencing. Like a strange deja vu I’ve been having. Not of places, but of feelings from a different time. Really hard to describe.

        I like to think that I do perceive things differently, but I’m going to have to figure out this ‘Spherical’ way of thinking out. It’s not immediately computing in my brain and I’m a super detailed type of guy so It’s gonna throw me for a loop for awhile, heh. Can you elaborate on this?

        I have absolutely been feeling the multidimensional aspects of this whole thing. It’s like some days I wake up to a little bit different of a life where It’s a slightly different me, or a different me that’s dealing with crap I feel like I got past already. Then I jump to one where I am just on fire and feeling like the me I want to feel like… And then the next day its like nothing ever happened. It’s the strangest thing! Recently I’ve started getting random memories of things I haven’t thought about in a long time just pop in my head. Random moments or experiences that seem to have some event tied to them that I need to heal… So I visualize myself going back to that very moment in time and fixing the problem and talking to myself or whatever needs to be done and this seems to have really done some things to me in the present. so maybe thats what this wild purge was all about for me.

        I appreciate you taking the time to sorta break it down. I do look forward to reading a more in depth version if you can find the time and energy to write that up some time. I know it’s a lot of work, so no pressure. 🙂

        Thank you!

      • Interesting, 10tinbluebirds! I never get headaches.. Especially ones like this, so ‘something’ was going on for sure. I’ve had days where I know I’ve changed, so I can relate, big time!! I can just feel it, like I’ve leveled up 2 or 3 levels overnight. Had one of those just recently, actually.

        • Justin, there’s an old book by William Least Heat Moon called Blue Highways. In it he says, there’s nothing better than feeling good after you’ve been feeling bad for a long time. This has always stuck with me. 🙂

          I just read this on Schumann Resonance Today regarding April 29th: The amplitude is keeping on this magnitude (maximum peak at 78 Hz) for this last hour (930UTC) to further increase with a spike to 89 Hz at 9 UTC. This seems to fit my timeline best, so maybe?? I’m curious what Denise thinks. 🙂

    • Hello Justin, Denise and all,
      Wow, your comment about you suddenly vomiting yesterday stood out to me. Not only did yesterday I have another train dream, but I also vomited (something I had not done in a long time). I felt nauseous for several hours, then suddenly ended up vomiting 20-30 minutes before Saturn went retrograde (which I realized afterwards)! lol

      And interesting question about neighbor’s. I’ve also been experiencing a neighbor playing loud low vibrational music every other day, or at times daily for hours on end (even full days/nights) continuously for the past 1.5 years now. Been a very frustrating situation.

      • “…I felt nauseous for several hours, then suddenly ended up vomiting 20-30 minutes before Saturn went retrograde…”

        Don’t know if this causes vomiting but we all may want to a few times! April 24th Pluto went retrograde and remains so until Oct. 3rd. April 29th Saturn went retrograde and remains so until Sept. 18th. So we’re spending May through September and early October 2019 redoing, reworking, reevaluating etc. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn things and energies personally and collectively etc. — more than this is how this retrograde period manifests out there across the world — all in preparation for when they both go direct right before and after the September Equinox then rapidly move towards the exact conjunction on January 12, 2020.

        • “Don’t know if this causes vomiting but we all may want to a few times!”

          Haha yes! I have no idea either, just found the timing of it funny so shared.

      • So interesting that you all had this same experience yesterday! I know it was something energy related because it didn’t really make any sense otherwise.

        That sounds awful, Prabhi. I can relate. I’ve been on a few camping trips where someone decided the whole campsite needed to hear john cougar all night long.. I can only dealing with that for 1.5 years. Ugh… Thankfully our neighbors are all quiet and it’s very peaceful around here.

  • Had a lucid vision a few days ago – two vertical columns of what felt like some plasmic matter, one column coming down, the other going up — and the two ‘kissed’ (met) midway. ( Previous related images would show two columns going separately – upwards downward and not meeting, and the material would not be distinctly plasma-ic.) When I read what you wrote Denise that “it’s now straight-up, full force, full body and soul direct impact cosmic energies driving everything into greater evolution,” I felt this image I Saw click into place. It’s like what’s going is a two-way process — we raise our vibrational frequency higher, Higher, HIGHER for our destined rendezvous with those streams of magnificent cosmic rays.

    Unlike this recent image, what I would see in the past would be two columns going separately – one upward the other downward, not meeting at all, and the feel of the columns’ material was not plasma-ic. It would be great to hear of others’ take if any on this image or of similar inner Sightings and experiences.

    Like Podvig I think (and others too) I also have a sense of an imminent occurrence this April/May. I am not among so-called Event-ers (made up word) so it must be something else. I think that this sensed impending something may have to do with an apparent “upstairs” decision in light of some developments to accelerate ‘already fast tracked events.’ I wonder if the idea of a magnetic pole reversal or pole shift resonates with anyone here? Until a recent vision and inner intel I was beginning to waver (in my clean slate “bring the earth to its lost gradation” scenario) toward the popular idea that emergent dominant timelines exclude the (high) probability of this natural occurrence and the consequent impact it will have on the planet and on living things on it including humans. Recent experiences and information leave me with sobering thoughts: What does one really know? How can one expect certainty in a Reality of eternal motion, of core-stillness, and of infinite possibilities? If I let you in on my self-talk these days this is what you might hear: Ok you know the drill. Do not get attached to specifics or to your previous and current understanding. Expect the unexpected always. Prepare/brace S/self for whatever comes. Be on constant alert. Keep faith for all is well and in Divine order.

    So there.

    Love to you Denise and the other beautiful HH kith here.

    • Absolutely TA. Anything, group or individual that insists on taking MORE of humanities freedoms and individual choice over anything and everything is a huge negative from the old lower dying patriarchy. They’re trying to take away everything now so it’s really time to get one’s backside out of that Earth world and up to the NEW. ❤

  • I relate to so many of your comments and just wanted to say hi. What a weird and surreal chapter this is!!! ❤️

  • For what it’s worth, I keep multiple cans of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and bottles of Ginger Ale on hand for those times when my stomach is empty (usually in the morning) but the idea of eating nauseates me. So far they both work and I get past it. I too find the combination of a meat (fish, chicken or turkey) and a serving of potato, rice or pasta, and always – always a vegetable salad (with avacado) for my one major meal, and lighter fare during the rest of the day works to keep me functioning. Eggs are also a staple, although not always something I can stomach (better go with the chicken noodle soup instead). Bananas are a staple too, especially good for keeping the digestive tract working.

    Thanks for the heads up on the incoming solar activity Denise; so far so good!

  • Denise and all

    Thank you so much for sharing diet, technology and people experiences. So reassuring.

    Not easy but shows progress.


  • An Ah-Ha Moment, Denise, you commented:

    “Now this business is more related to the Separation of Worlds and different timelines people are on one day and then on a different one the next day and so on. Such are the times we live in, but, it’s easy to just go directly to whatever website you’re wanting to read if mass email notifications go haywire for whatever the reasons. I expect this to be happening more to everyone as the Separation of Worlds and Embodiment Process continues, accelerates and expands greatly…”

    Recently I’ve been noticing that when my energy is okay, high, optimistic, etc… when I turn my computer on in the morning, it’s a no-go… takes at least four or more reboots to get up and running, it’s slow and almost non-responsive. When my energy is not okay, low, down, exhausted etc., my computer starts and runs like a dynamo. It occurred to me because of your comment above, that in order for my computer to work as it should, I have to meet its frequency, which isn’t the highest as the news of the world continues to cause fear and loathing. This morning my computer worked on start-up and is super fast, while I’m whacked and woofed, and therefore likely vibing to its frequency! Just thought I’d thank you for the ‘ah-ha’ moment in case others are experiencing the same. Weird and wired! We won’t be needing computers on NEW Earth is my thinking… I say, hopefully. Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      Thanks for sharing this experience with matching and not matching old lower frequency reality and those things, tools, machines, people etc. in it. We are literally vibrating right out of all these old lower level, frequency, reality/realities and consciousness. Separation of Worlds. 🙂 ❤

      Like Master Hotei has shown us all through his book, this is us now "laughing" (the 28% ascending) to the point we become transparent and eventually fully disappear from the old lower 72% level(s) completely. And with more and more NEW Crystalline DNA and everything else, many of us will be able to not only telepath with like-others but bi-locate also and much, much more. Many of us are already able of communicating with like-others from our HighHeart in quantum no time. I feel you, you feel me, we feel them, they feel us and so on. 5D Group collective and matching consciousness and abilities. As much as it hurts still, the really fun stuff is rapidly increasing for us — our individual higher abilities and greatly expanding Creativity etc.

      Thanks again Barbara for your perfect example of old lower world and NEW higher world experiences. ❤ ⭐

      • Denise! Barbara!

        Yes. Warping in and out of dimensions! Machines, apps, phone systems not working as they should, behaving in frustrating but lol funny CRAZY ways. I have been blaming a lot of it on my bargain mobile phone service provider but maybe it’s Ascension stuff. Bizzare feeling in my head of being high and loopy. Rapid increase in repeating numbers appearing and and license plate geomancy on the road. People coming into my life with first, sometimes first and last names of TD type characters from my past but these are different people with wonderful energy! Wow. Thanks.

      • Denise and all

        Technology has been a real issue for me in recent months. Too low level and the body pulls me out quickly by the mechanisms of “pain and discomforts”. Can only have a phone conversation for no more than 5 minutes every now and again. As for internet 5 minutes here and there for no more than around 20 minutes a day.

        Can only see the odd person here and there also and again for a brief visit. Even my own children.

        The pain and suffering given by the body is the “Gerd”. It’s not just digestive related. It’s any contact with lower frequency. Stressful for the body and in the early stage when I continued I would suffer for days. The lower frequency diet part I am adjusting now. Basically back to very simple carnivorous diet. Meat, whole grains, greens, nuts, seeds and berries. Anything else and I am so ill. So much for vegetarian, vegan etc as not the match for my frequency now and I would have though it would have been the other way around.

        I am hopeful it is just during the peak of this transition stage but more than likely it is preparation for the separation of worlds.


        • Lyn,

          Over these ascension years I’ve HAD to repeatedly adjust what foods I eat because my body (all of our bodies) continues going through these ascension changes. I’ve found that I have to be super discerning over foods — I think and look at something first and sense how it will make my body feel if I eat it. Most of the time I get a strong DO NOT EAT THAT NOW sense. What I could eat two days or weeks ago often suddenly makes me feel poisoned for many hours another day so this entire eating business is something I’ve HAD to be really flexible with and open to constant change on a daily basis. Just be prepared for what you eat now that seems fine to suddenly change, multiple times.

        • Hi Lyn and Denise, I’ve just spent two weeks in hospital being fed! Since leaving I find I can just about eat carbs and meat with salad as long as its simple..one at a time… and small portions… Same computer and communication problems here, seeing beautiful high frequencies and sudden whams which aren’t freaking me out so much now. Still only 40kilo but feel I’ll make it now whatever it will be! Grateful to you all as ever…. Love everyone 💜🎶🌿

        • Wow Lyn and all. I just can’t stop amen-ing these posts! Yes – repeated dropped phone calls. Only “allowed” brief contact with ones who lift my heart. Always want to get away from the lower vibration folks. Often very lonely in between. The need of mostly a carnivorous/omnivorous food.

          Thinking of Denise’s hysterical bit about folks criticizing us for not “eating enough organic broccoli.”

          All these have been trends/qualities of my life but now the speed and intensity of them are on steroids! Wow.

        • E-K Daufin,

          During the first decade of my physical AP there was SO much going on in my body and life (intense transmuting and demonic attacks etc.) that it needed periods of heavy protein foods. I used to joke about how I ate more pot roast and peanut butter during that first decade of my AP than I have in my entire life! I’ve never been a fan of beef but pre-cooked packaged pot roasts were fast and easy, as is a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, during those times where your body needs more heavy protein than usual but you’re too exhausted to cook for yourself. The flip side of all this is that there are many days where I can’t even eat veggies, or anything for that matter, so it becomes a water only day until things shift a bit again. Just roll with it all; eat when you can and don’t eat when you can’t or sense you shouldn’t and forget about all the old 3D food rules and beliefs because they simply do not apply to people living the AP and EP processes.

        • 💖 Yes! You are 100% right Denise. I am fortunate that I do Intuitive Eating (Judith Matz’ Dieters Survivors Handbook easily describes and supports the process) that I learned to recover from the disordered eating dieting, including “cleanses, fasts, clean eating” and all the other draconian, manipulative, judge mental New Age eating commandments created for me and so many folks. It has been a lifesaver as the EP causes so many “odd” unexpected given al those theories for the spiritual seekers much less we Ascension Volunteers!

        • Yes! This has happened to me with alcohol! For the last several years, I have been drinking wine diluted with seltzer water just to enjoy the ritual more or less. Then I stopped drinking it altogether back in the fall. Since January, I have had increasing crystalline-diamond-y plasma-like energy flowing into me VERY strongly especially in the mornings. I can’t believe my body is able to take so much of it in at this point but it’s doing it! It’s VERY strong and potent!

          I have tried to have a glass or two of wine here and there in the last few months, and my body COMPLETELY rejects all alcohol now. Even just a half glass of wine sends this body into major processing, purging, and healing mode for a few days which means NO SLEEP for a night or two. Chakras go crazy! Now even just the slightest bit of alcohol is like putting a poison or toxin into this body throwing it completely out of wack! I was kind of sad realizing I really can no longer drink alcohol because it is such a vibrational mismatch now. It’s very unpleasant for a day or two if I do.

          Speaking of sleep, anyone noticing they fall asleep differently now? I can’t quite pinpoint it but it’s a different way of falling asleep. It’s like sudden and extremely deep sleep. My head hits the pillow most nights and then I wake up the next morning with the flow-y plasma energies coming in. Some nights, I don’t feel like I was in my body but rather away from it all night and then jolting back into it in the morning when waking up! Dreams don’t seem so much like dreams but rather journeys and visits to other realms! ❤️🌸❤️

  • Hi Denise, thanks for your info, i find it strangely helpful in spite of not being as far along the path as you and your readers are. But am very drawn to it and i know certain things really resonate. I have a question – could the sudden onset of illness (polymyalgia) in a loved one, leading to muscle weakness and pain, and extreme tiredness be linked to the energies? My gut tells me he’s being given time to pause, meditate (or ponder stuff!) and integrate, but it is like nothing we’ve witnessed before and am trying to make sense of it alongside the energetic changes occurring here for us all. Any thoughts from any of you welcome, thank you.

    • “I have a question – could the sudden onset of illness (polymyalgia) in a loved one, leading to muscle weakness and pain, and extreme tiredness be linked to the energies?”


      I had to look up polymyalgia and what little I just read about it I could say I’ve got it! I don’t think I have it but I have what I know to be Ascension side effects that are very much like the descriptions of polymyalgia. You understand that physicians and the medical community etc. don’t know about the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP). Many of us have joked over the past 20 years about how doctors have had a huge increase of patients all because of the Ascension Process. So many people with strange and sudden pains, aches, seeming “illnesses” etc. that I know most doctors just guess at and diagnose as such and such.

      For the past 20 years I’ve experienced my body suddenly hurting and having what the Ascension community has called ‘Ascension Flu’ every time the Sun did/does anything. Solar flares, solar winds, storms, CMEs and so on and my body instantly registers changes in the Sun and the energies it transmits immediately. It doesn’t take 3 days for those solar energies to travel the distance from the Sun to Earth, I feel them the second they happen on/in the Sun. Most sensitives do.

      My point is that the AP energies are designed to suddenly cause humanity and all else to evolve in all ways and the Sun is one way these energies are transmitted to us and Earth and beyond. Other energies come directly from deep space, the Milky Way galactic center (GC) and so on. These energies cause most people different levels of physical pains, pressures, aches and such. For the compressed evolution we’re going through in these lifetimes, these body pains and all the rest of it are normal. The medical community doesn’t know this now, they will once they discover that many people’s DNA has changed, but for now they label people with these types of aliments and diseases when in fact most cases are due to people experiencing the Ascension Process.

      You may benefit from reading some of my older articles about the AP and it’s many symptoms at my first site TRANSITIONS.

      The other thing about all this that we all need to keep in heartmind is that these compressed evolutionary energies continue to get higher and higher in frequency and much more intense. 2018 and 2019 have caused many new-to-me type AP and Embodiment Process physical body pains, pressures and other anomalies and so on and I know this will continue. We can’t have NEW higher Crystalline DNA activate in our physical bodies and not experience all sorts of different physical and consciousness side effects from that, and there’s more happening to us than greater NEW DNA activating in us now!

      Go to the doctors but also be aware that what’s happened to your loved one is in my opinion ascension related and not a “disease”. I also think that this person is being forced to slow down and look and feel within and nothing does that better than a lot of pain and immobility! As this person changes internally these side effects will change too. I’m much more evolved and integrated etc. than I was 10, 20 years ago but I still hurt a lot during big energy shifts such as what we’ve been in constantly for the past three years or so. Evolution in one lifetime and one body hurts… but what a thing to experience. And we haven’t even started to grasp what embodying NEW DNA is going to do to us! ❤

      • Wow Denise, what a great review. I think many of us needed to hear it again too. You rock. Thank you. Love and Ascension.

      • Thank you for this Denise. It all makes sense. I first found you at Transitions when I was waking up in around 2011/12 and matched many awakening symptoms with what you were writing about. This has now reached a whole new level (as i observe it in another) and you have reminded me to go back and re-read and take on board once again what is happening. I am in full agreement re doctors and have heartfelt resistance to even being in the allopathic medical institutions and prefer to think of this as a condition not a disease and that it is here as part of his, and my, experience/learning. Interestingly acupuncture is helping. Thankful for alternatives to the prescribed cr@p offered. Gratitude for your full and helpful insight ❤

      • Hi Denise and Carrie,

        Because of my own experiences, I have a somewhat different view of the relationship between illness and ascension symptoms. I’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) since the mid-eighties, and what I think are ascension symptoms since the late nineties. I’m not familiar with polymyalgia, though it sounds somewhat similar to fibromyalgia, which some people think is the same as CFS or at least related to it. My feeling about my own illness is that it’s not the same as AP symptoms but has somehow been a preparation for them. It may have been set up, maybe by my higher self, as a way of sequestering me into a kind of monastic existence that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I can usually, but not always, tell the difference between CFS and AP symptoms — my CFS relapses can be set off by too much activity, stress, an allergic reaction, etc., while AP symptoms just come out of the blue, depending on the cosmic weather I suppose. They also feel different, too. I know a lot of other people with CFS because of a support group I was involved with, and I think some of them may have AP symptoms in addition, and their CFS has removed them from the world for decades, possibly for spiritual or AP-related reasons. But I also think many of them probably just have a “regular” illness.


  • Hello, Denise and All you readers. My experience sinds march ( and many years before, but now in extreme !!!) Ever thing in high tempo,,,,,,; Day and night ritme are changing .Some days 20h awake,4h sleep. then 10 hour sleep, naps, lost of energies burst out. that is going up en down. 10 mini rest and many hours energies. Strong focus and than no focus ay all. No intrest in many subjects or talks .Memorie by mind is falling away and become very intuïtief. Direct knowing. But if I have to follow the 3D mind I get tired .

    There are days of deep peace/ balance, ITS ALMOST PERFECT>> than there are days with strong energies income from all sources, and they manifest in events, information ,from all high/ levels ,true people ect, they come forward to deal with. Extreem sensitief, fore light and noise, smell. In silence and nature things become much better. Yes there is no Path that we can follow. We become//embodied THATS the Path.
    thanks fore sharing!
    with Love Diviana

    • “Yes there is no Path that we can follow. We become//embodied THATS the Path.” –

      This so resonates, Diviana. . Indeed, WE each create/have created, embody, become and are the Paths. Thanks for sharing this deep insight.

      Love to you

  • This past week or so I have felt flatlined (remaining as quiet and in my home space with my sweet dog as possible) with almost my entire existence. Boredom, intolerant of small minded human selfishness – yet tired and wired to boot. I was doing pretty well staying neutral, detached and then last night at work, I had clashes with co-workers who were playing games which involved me (typical 3D immature, drama) and I called two of them out johnny on the spot, which is somewhat atypical for me. I did not back down and right on schedule, one of them asked why I was “being so negative”. The Separation of the Worlds is more pronounced in recent months and this last few days shifted it to another level for me. More bifurcation to come…….

  • 🙂

    It has been truly mad MAD recently… that high level of agitation, irritability, sensitivity… I feel like I’m turning into a crazy witch 😦 (not a nice one… my children and my family members and my ex partner could testify 😦 )

    Thank you for updates, Denise. …again, I have been wondering what is happening with you as no emails were arriving for some time…

    Many many many BLESSINGS to you. Lenka

    • Agreed Lanka. Wild energies. Repeated Synchronicities. Even a blinking read ship a couple weeks ago. Intense strange, sudden sickness for a week, fever, chills, deep or fitful sleep

    • Lenka M.,

      I’m glad you’ve reconnected here. Everyone, whenever email notifications etc. stop for no reason, please just come to HighHeartLife website and check.

      In the past certain people would be intentionally interfered with by Team Dark to prevent them from going to TRANSITIONS and/or HighHeartLife and getting the latest AP information from me. Now this business is more related to the Separation of Worlds and different timelines people are on one day and then on a different one the next day and so on. Such are the times we live in, but, it’s easy to just go directly to whatever website you’re wanting to read if mass email notifications go haywire for whatever the reasons. I expect this to be happening more to everyone as the Separation of Worlds and Embodiment Process continues, accelerates and expands greatly so if needed please go directly to my or other people’s websites and don’t rely on mass email notification about a new article or new comment etc. Thanks everyone.

      “It has been truly mad MAD recently… that high level of agitation, irritability, sensitivity… I feel like I’m turning into a crazy witch 😦 (not a nice one… my children and my family members and my ex partner could testify” 😦 )

      Me too Lenka. 😦

      I always get upset with myself when I do these types of nosedives into unpleasantness. Most of April 2019 has been a real test for me because I am, as I know so many are now, dealing with things, energies, Embodiment levels etc. that I have, that we have NEVER experienced before. Sometimes it’s a shiny, glittering breeze of a thing but other times it’s traumatic, difficult, super intense and unbelievably nerve-wracking and I do not want to hear, smell, see or feel another human being at all. 😡 😦 😐 Just being honest about some of these Embodiment levels happening simultaneously to the Separation of Worlds. Onward we go… ❤

      • “Most of April 2019 has been a real test for me because I am, as I know so many are now, dealing with things, energies, Embodiment levels etc. that I have, that we have NEVER experienced before. Sometimes it’s a shiny, glittering breeze of a thing but other times it’s traumatic, difficult, super intense and unbelievably nerve-wracking and I do not want to hear, smell, see or feel another human being at all. 😡 😦 😐 Just being honest about some of these Embodiment levels happening simultaneously to the Separation of Worlds. Onward we go…”

        Thank you for this, Denise. I was slammed yesterday with sudden onset of severe pain encircling mid back all around to area just below sternum. It happened so quickly … one moment I was fine and the next I was in excruciating pain. I was in the midst of preparing to leave on a trip with a friend to the mountains of NC, looking forward to getting out of the suffocating city and into the serenity of nature. We’ve been planning this trip for a few weeks and I thought I might have to cancel, dreading doing so because we’re going in my car and I’m doing the driving. Notified her of what was going on with the possibility that we might need to leave later than planned, but wondering to myself if I would be able to make it at all. This is the most severe physical ascension symptom I’ve experienced in a very long time! Woke up about an hour ago, after a night of dreams which I can’t recall but feel meaningful, and knew I was going on this trip. The pain is still there but not quite as severe. I know the trip may be difficult in some ways because as much as I’m looking forward to some clean mountain air … “I do not want to hear, smell, see or feel another human being at all” … So, yes, onward!

        Again, many thanks to you and all here. ♥️

        • Lane & All,

          It’s amazing how you can go from feeling okay to suddenly in such severe pain that you can barely walk or do anything. And as suddenly as these phases come they just as quickly stop, leaving you feeling like you just experienced a hit and run by something invisible!

          I grabbed this sternum image because these pains you’re having are caused by greater expansions in the HighHeart area of the physical body and you Embodying more. It can cause pain not only in the front of the body but the sides and out the back and spine too. It very much does encircle the body as you’ve described. It can also cause the heart to pound VERY hard while you’re at complete physical rest. After a round of HighHeart expansion and greater Embodiment it’s common to get weepy over anything and nothing for a few days.

          To one aspect of us these energetic hammerings are painful and disrupt our day, night, or our plans and it’s easy for us all to overlook the fact that we’re in a profound state of constant evolution. We are becoming something NEW, literally, physically and in all other ways and levels too. We all need to be kind to ourselves because of these ongoing evolutionary changes. Recuperate and rest out in Nature will help you. I hope the drive isn’t uncomfortable. ❤

        • OM(freaking)G Denise yes!!! Thank you for this image and these words!!!

          I had a cyst on my back heart center that took weeks to fully drain. The weepiness came the last few days after not being able to cry for over 5 years! Yes! Yes!

  • Hi Denise and all – I must say I’m not feeling anything except total exhaustion and boredom with life lately, nothing exciting or different at all. However my dog seems to be just as exhausted as I am and has been really low key the past week – is anyone else’s pet acting differently? He just had his yearly checkup a couple weeks ago so I know he’s okay – but I think the energies are impacting him as much as me – our morning walk was about 100ft this morning – we just looked at each other and turned back home, too tired to go on. Yet my cat is a maniac lately, zooming around like he’s on speed and more affectionate that usual. Strange days indeed… Thanks for the update Denise, now I’m going to try to keep my head from falling onto my desk for six more hours, ugh …..

    • Yes! My dog has been going into frequent and very deep long sleeps. My cat is more affectionate than usual. 2 months ago my beloved dog also bit down on my finger when I was giving her her monthly anti-heart worm pill instead of just swallowing it as she has every month for her whole long life! They are feeling it too!

    • Oh yes, my cat has been more affectionate than usual and I can’t seem to sleep even though I’m feeling exhausted! Ah well, this too will pass…

    • kt1111,

      I’ve felt like your dog AND your cat the past couple of months. Utterly exhausted and weak and then internally and externally hyper and can’t sit still for longer than five minutes. No naps, no resting, no ease, no comfort just you and YOU and Source all up close and personal in a smaller space than you’d have EVER thought possible! Oh the Embodiment Process…

      This back and forth between ‘wired and tired’ produces more exhaustion along with extreme hyper sensitive CNS, fried nerves and overall senses in general. Sha sha Shattered shawdoobe… 🙄

      ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Oh the extreme purging. Gerd full on. Gone beyond the regular digestion issues as acid seep throughout lungs etc. Thank goodness for celery juice is all I can say and of course reclining chairs. Too damaging to the body otherwise. Anyone else experiencing this issue or have experienced it?


  • “We’ll All Have COSMIC RAYS Straight-Up Please”

    Reminds me of deciding how to take off a band-aid… will I take it off slowly or rip it off and get the pain over… either way, it’s gonna hurt! I know, I know, bad metaphor, but that’s how I’ve been feeling, like my body is doing a total band-aid removal inside and out and sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow and… and… arghhh.

    Denise, the picture you have at the top of this post I wanted to comment on. What I call ‘black vision’… I’m sure there’s a better term, just haven’t heard it yet… comes through my Third Eye when I’m in bed, eyes closed and can’t sleep. Those visions are like the old black and white negatives that used to come with photo packages, oh, eons ago, but perhaps some will remember. They were black and white of the original photo, but reversed. Where was I? Oh, yes, so a vision I had a couple of nights ago was very much like the picture above… I was ‘out there’ looking at Earth from a great distance, could see the continents and oceans, black and white, not any of the nice blue that it’s in the pic above… that will come.

    Okay, back to band-aid removal…

    “Surrender to it continuously.”

    Okay, Cosmic Rays, do your thing. Love to All Here, B.

    • Hello Barbara,
      Great band-aid analogy. I feel like I’m at a point where I’m ready to quickly rip off the remainder of it!

  • ‘Outlandish weirdness’ is right, Denise! :O
    Like a lot of us, I was aware of (dreamed about it twice) having had those new codes arrive a couple months back (those colored shapes of light), and I also had the feeling something strange was going to happen in late April, but I didn’t know what.
    I was just thinking a few days ago, ‘I don’t know what those codes brought? I don’t feel any different, I get up, go to work, life goes on its usual way, beats me what that upgrade was, haven’t noticed anything?’

    I’m teaching myself to paint, and have been practising, with some art ‘how to’ books, since February. I’m not very good. I enjoy it, and keep practising, for maybe half an hour to an hour each day.

    Yesterday, I was doodling, using some scraps of paper to practise drawing on. I happened to think of someone I know, and I drew the perfect portrait of them! I thought of somebody else, and drew them, too. I was stunned. I usually have zero talent for portraits. Here I had not just done a technical likeness, but these 3 minute throwaway sketches were so good, that it was as if I’d captured their very soul. I literally wouldn’t dare show them to the people concerned, because they’d be so disturbed that it would frighten them! There is NO WAY I could get such incredible likenesses, even if I had the people concerned sit and pose for me for the next ten months. Every tiny nuance of expression was there, I thought, ‘Whoah, how did I do that??! That’s just impossible.’
    Then I remembered those new codes, and came here to see if you’d written a new article! 😀
    Slightly misquoting Lennon: “Denise told me there’d be days like these.
    Strange days indeed …. “

    • I’m with Kara, Podvig – the story about your drawings is AWESOME. You must have up-leveled your Embodiment. And who knows what talents will emerge from us all?

    • Podvig, You have NO idea how much your art experience speaks to me! I’ve been feeling the urge to express myself through ART (among other things), and though I’ve been doodling on and off (mostly off) since February I haven’t created anything that truly excites me, so I haven’t been invested. And yet I keep being told to PLAY with it. Just PLAY. With art, with music (another way I’m yearning to express). That we have to SHOW UP first and be WILLING to allow the WHOLE creative process to happen in all it’s forms…and then, at some point, there will be a CLICK into place that enhances and evolves our abilities. And you just SHOWED me how it happens! You’re showing up AND you’re enjoying it (honestly when I can’t create the way I want, I don’t enjoy myself so much!) which probably are the two key ingredients! Thank you SO much for sharing your experience, which is DEFINITELY inspiring me to SHOW UP a hell of a lot more! And to ENJOY it! (I would sooooooo looooooove to see your portraits!)

      Densie, Thanks for the heads-up, Sister. BIG racing heart today. Oh! and guess what I got in the mail today? Six little gold laughing buddha figurines! I’m going to place them all over my house so I’m laughing wherever I go!

      Love to you both and everyone here.

    • Second reference in so many days to the R&B song “Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This.” Wish I could paste the YouTube version here for you all.

      I LOVE your art story Podvig and am looking forward to the same happening for me. I am a folk artist but never been good at portraits yet so we’ll see.

      License Plate Geomancy has been intense for me this year and accurate and helpful and magical. However yester day I burst out laughing as I was being shown my bra size!!’ Hahahaha. Cosmic comedy maybe?

  • well, all I can say Is ” this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”
    and I have finally come out of a 3 day sleeping thingie. My cat is still snoozing.

    Today I feel nearly normal….And visions And paying attention to words spoken are helping, And as long as there is tea there is hope!

    Many thanks to you Denise and all that come here to share energy.


  • Hello Denise & All Family!

    Wow! that was fast, just clicked from site and came back to comment, ask question really, and see new post was up! Anyway, I had this dream that I was a meeting in a large stadium with many people attending. I was sitting high up in the bleachers/seats listening and watching the ones down on the field a they did the speaking, the program ended and the ones on the field all had some kind of ‘Red’ pointers on their fingers and they all said ‘New Year’ and started waving, pointing their fingers in some sort of design, chanting “Happy New Year”. It became so thrilling that I joined in from my seat high up in the bleachers, making my fingers do the movements, started dancing as it was so exciting, their was a sea of red fingers moving, started from the ones on the program on the field moving on up to the others seated in the stadium…
    Just a few minutes ago I started to read an article on Spirit Library.com by Pamela Kribbe-she mentions New Year “You have come here on the eve of a new year. Let go of the energies of this past year, wash them from you. It was good as it was; you have gone through a lot and lived through much. You have observed pain in yourself and, in many of you, old layers have emerged and become visible. Sometimes they felt raw, like a wound which is not yet healed. Imagine that you now soothe these wounds with tender love. Let the energy of Earth, and of the New Year that is coming, tenderly cover these wounds and heal them”.
    Denise can you comment on this New Year, what it means, have we started on a new year and left 2019 behind? Anyone else got this message or care to comment is most appreciated!

    • “Denise can you comment on this New Year, what it means, have we started on a new year and left 2019 behind?”

      Avian Gray,

      I suggest you email or Comment etc. directly to Pamela Kribbe and ask her what she means. 🙂

  • Denise, the raw power and simplicity packed into this post is what I have been waiting to hear! By balancing quiet neutrality with intermittent bursts of action and high-vibe unfoldments, my past week has been the all, the All, the ALL! It seems that nearly everywhere I go, there is an unspoken “cosmic wink” among me and others — and, yes, that includes people working for State government, at Home Depot, the Goodwill store, and the grocery (where I received a divinely personal tutorial at the self-check-out area/LOL). While I was waiting my turn at the gas pump, a woman asked if I could help her out with a bit of change. I was inspired to give her $5, and then we proceeded to have a teary lovefest of deliciously oozing, mutual appreciation! Plus, my creative work will be in Sandra Walter’s High-Vibe Gift Bag this weekend in Sedona — an out–of-the-box step I took the moment I learned she was seeking contributions. It’s a bit like giving birth (which it is, of course!): If One can relax and breathe between contractions, or cry or scream as appropriate, One can move forward with creating at the highest, most phenomenal level. If you’re not there quite yet, don’t fret. You are an integral part of a glorious, timeless, expanding Universe of Light — and this, my Dear Friends and Family, is Our Time!

    • SOOOOOO with you on FEEEEEELING IT!! Also, I scanned your lovely website and kept saying, “YES! YES! YES!” I will ready more and share it with others. Thank you for showing up here and thank you, Denise, for this post.

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