March 2019 Channeling by Celia Fenn

I’ve written about these issues, as have certain others, for the past decade and longer but I enjoyed Celia Fenn’s recent AA Michael channeling about them. Some of the names and terms used in it are different, but the way this information is expressed is so easy to grasp the complexities of this ancient negative alien hijack hustle that’s been in effect on Earth and in humanity and human DNA for many thousands of years. Thank you Celia Fenn and AA Michael for this great message. ❤ ❤ ❤

Previously I’ve been talking about clairvoyantly Seeing many of the NEW Crystalline codes, NEW Crystalline DNA (what I described as crystal triangles, Crystalline Triality-based codes), NEW different Light energies, colors and patterns etc. for a while now. Those ancient intentional negative alien distortions and DNA tampering to prevent humanity from evolving, constant interference in every way by them, the 3D planetary hijack by Team Dark a very long time ago, the necessary Earth and human quarantine put in place because of that ancient planetary and human species hijack — all that and more the Ascension Process has cleared and taken back, energetically overrode and reinserted, re-seeded the NEW original organic Divine codes, templates, blueprints etc. They’ve poured in for a while now and will only continue to do so. Because of this long Worked towards take-back result, everything will now change very quickly. The Volunteers have been those who first physically Embody the NEW codes, live the Separation of Worlds and re-seed the original Divine codes. This is what we Volunteered to do, why and the end results we’ve been Working towards for a very long time. Indeed, a very special March Equinox 2019 everyone.  ❤

Denise Le Fay

March 19, 2019

Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes: The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox 2019

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                                                                                                  image by Meg Archambault
“Beloved Family, as you move into and beyond the March Full Moon and Equinox, those of you who have chosen New Earth as your destination are experiencing the reactivation of your Divine Human Template within your DNA. This is a powerful process that involves receiving powerful incoming Diamond Light Codes that are not only activating the original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in the DNA Genetic Key patterns.

The Elohim Angels were the original creators of the Divine Human Template, according to the Divine Plan. In this original Template, Humans were created as guardians and caretakers for the Sacred Planet Earth. They were created as Peace Loving and Gentle, designed to live in harmony with their fellow beings and the environment.

But, you should know, Beloved Ones, that there was a race of beings that we will simply call the “Draco-Sumerians” who coveted the planet and decided to make it their own and to divert it from its original purpose. To do this, they altered the Genetic patterns and keys of the human “keepers” on the planet, so that they ceased to be peace loving and harmonious and became greedy and aggressive. They did this by altering the patterns of the Masculine energy flows, so that where the masculine and feminine had been in perfect balance before, now the masculine was designed to seek domination and control through money, sex and power. All other beings were seen as subject and subservient to the human masculine energy.

Now, after thousands of years of this imbalance and distortion that is perpetuated through the DNA and its records, the incoming Diamond Light Codes are becoming so powerful that they are simply washing away the distortions and manipulations to the original DNA and allowing the Divine Human Template to emerge again. The Elohim knew that in time this would happen, and they designed the process of Ascension to bring the “Earth Keepers” back to an awareness of who they were and the inherent power and empowerment within them.

So, Beloved ones, you have reached that point where your DNA is being purged and cleansed, and you are reconnecting with your Divine Power. As this process continues, you throw off the old masculine pattern that was imposed on you and embrace what we call the new Divine Masculine, which was modeled for you on Earth by Jeshua as he walked the path of the Christ consciousness as an Avatar. Together with Mary Magdalene, they showed how the Masculine and Feminine could be brought into balance to create the Golden Star/Light within the Human Body and DNA. As these energies come into balance again, you will feel the Golden Light within your cells illuminating your life and your path.

This Equinox/Full Moon, with its emphasis on 1 degree of Aries and Libra, focuses on the New Masculine (Aries) and the Sacred Marriage (Libra) within your cells and your DNA. Masculine and Feminine seek equality and balance and a new way of being that will allow the Divine Human Template of the Elohim Creators to emerge and to activate the true purpose of each human and the New Earth itself.

This will be both a powerful and a magical time. There will be an acceleration of the awakening process and an acceleration of the cleansing process within your bodies. It is important that you take good care of your physical body and that you rest when you need to. Now is not the time to be starting grand projects, for your body needs you to allow it the time and energy it needs to return to its original settings and align with its Divine purpose.

A New Earth: A New Life and a New Mission

Beloved Ones, as the Elohim remind us, the Earth was originally created to be a Sacred Temple Planet or place of Spiritual Retreat where beings from all over the Galaxy could come to enjoy the Planetary Garden that was the creation of the Elohim as well. The various Star Nations were invited to create Sacred Sites and Temples that would link back to their home worlds and be a mirror of their relationship with the Divine. The Earth would hold the “Temple” or Sacred energies of many Star Nations, and Humans were designed to be the Keepers of the Garden Planet and to maintain its beauty and harmony.

After the alteration of the DNA, that original purpose was lost, and the Star Nations withdrew from the Earth as the Elohim figured out what to do to reclaim the Earth without resorting to violence and manipulation. Their plan was to send out a call to Light Warriors and Workers around the Galaxy and beyond to come to the Earth to assist in the process of raising consciousness so that Humans would remember who they were and throw off the distortions and manipulations of their own accord. And so, that is why many of you are here, you answered the call and you came to bring your light and power in the project of reclaiming the Earth and birthing the New Earth, which would reset the Galactic Mission of Earth to be a Sacred Planet and a Place of Spiritual Light and Sanctuary for the Galaxy.

So, at this time, Earth is ascending to her new purpose as a Sacred and Pristine Planet of Spiritual energies that are anchored in the fifth dimension but ascend all the way to the 9th dimension. And those of you who have chosen to ascend with her are also opening to the higher dimensions and allowing yourselves to anchor those higher dimensions on the New Earth grids.

Not all are ready to ascend to the New Earth and cross the Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Those who can not yet move beyond the fifth dimension will continue on the present Earth which we call “alternate” Earth, a place where lower frequency humans can live out their lives through their choices, with the possibility of awakening being always present.

Alternate Earth and New Earth exist in the same space, but in different dimensions. That is why it is possible for you to move between them once you have got your bearings in the new quantum continuum of energies.

New Earth is a clear and pristine energy that elevates the Sacred and exists as a harmonious, loving and creative frequency. This is what we call the “Sanctuary” or “Temple” frequency.

Alternate Earth is a chaotic place where energies whirl as many people who have not mastered their energies attempt to create and co-exist together. They release much fear and anger as they have not sense of the damage that can be done by out of balance emotions and mental patterns. They have not ascended to love, but are still following out of date patterns of greed and domination to attempt to create what they need.

Let us explain it more clearly: in 2012 the old third dimensional Earth ceased to exist. It was replaced by Alternate Earth which was a fifth-dimensional Earth that could accommodate the populations of the old Earth. It also contained the seeds of New Earth that are coming to fruition right now, as the First Wave of Ascenders prepare to activate their inner bridges and cross over to New Earth frequency.

Service and Purpose in a Sacred Context

Beloveds, it is clear that with this huge shift in the Earth and her purpose, there will be a similar shift in your soul mission and purpose.

Those who shift into New Earth frequency will feel an intensified desire to align with the Sacred Mission of Earth, and to activate their Soul Missions as Keepers of the Sacred Earth energies. They will be the Keepers of the new Temples and Sanctuaries, which may be as simple as a room in a suburban home or as grand as a new building devoted to Divine Service in the New Earth.

There will also be those who are called to reactivate the Paradise Garden through the Paradise Codes. They will reconnect with the Earth herself and the Devas and Nature Spirits to manifest the energy of Paradise in those places on the Earth where the New Earth frequency is grounding.

For, Beloved Ones, you are the New Earth, and where you are that is where this new Diamond Crystalline frequency is grounded in you and through you.

However, many of you will choose to spend more time in the alternate Earth engaged in the processes of assisting those still there to awaken. You will be Teachers and Guides and Healers, and you will find that your work is rapidly expanding and growing as more people are guided to you.

Many are being called right now to step up and make themselves more available for those who are seeking the light and moving into the awakening process and who need support and love and guidance.

So you can see, that there are many options available to the Light Warriors and Workers as you move forward into this exciting new phase.

But, we would also say that the emphasis here is on service to the light and the divine plan, and not on making money and having a great and successful business. That is the old paradigm. In the New Earth energy you simply follow your intuition and your guidance and allow the flow of divine creative intelligence to sustain you. If you are are aligned with this flow, the you will be supported in everything that you do. The purpose of the Earth is also to sustain all life, so that you should never have to be anxious and fearful if you follow your impulse to service and expressing your purpose on Earth.

Equinox March 2019 and Full Moon

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that you hold your awareness at the Equinox and be prepared to listen to your guidance and your soul.

Make choices as to where you would like to be and what you feel you want to be doing to express your Soul Purpose on the Earth/New Earth.

Above all, hold the energy of the Sacred and of Sanctuary in your Heart.

Perhaps you will even begin to build your own Sanctuary to the Divine Light!

Or perhaps you will begin to create the Garden in your Heart and in your Life!

We rejoice and celebrate with you at the returning of the Light and the Earth to its original purpose as “New Earth”……The Sacred Planet of Divine Light.”

© 2006-19 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global – You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

84 thoughts on “March 2019 Channeling by Celia Fenn

  • I absolutely adore this online community and feel great and glorious connection with Denise, Thelma, and so many of you who are sharing your heartmindspirit here. I am feeling pushback from some in my life who feel hurt and abandoned because I am no longer feeling resonance with them and stepping back. Like others, my High Heart knows unequivocally when to say “Yes” and when to say “No” and when to say “Not Now.” I’m living rural near the NM/CO border if anyone wants to meet up!

    • “I’m living rural near the NM/CO border if anyone wants to meet up!”

      I LOVE that you did that Rachel ❤ , I think it's time we start physically connecting too if we’re able. If anyone else wants to share their physical locations with the HHL community here in hopes of connecting physically, please do so. ❤

  • Dear Denise, this comment is not about this topic. I am troubled by something I am noticing all around. Dog problems and unprovoked attacks and kills! At first I noticed my dog was triggered into behavior that is difficult for me to address. Prior to that a friend of mine’s dog was also triggered into behavior (not dangerous. She and I both have dogs difficut to train and are more than we can handle when they act up by getting out/escaping). My dog was fine for years! Then in the news story after story of dog mauling people and killing. Dogs finding their way out of fenced yards who then locate and kill a child! I have felt to pray and cover my dog from whatever it is that’s causing this, and that was b4 some of the worst stories happened. What is going on?!

    • Yes Denise or others if you have some insights into this dog biting issue I would love to know. I have rescued animals most of my life and had great communication with them and awareness. Yet in February a 10 lb. neighbor dog who I was trying to rescue from a neighbors abusive neglect and who knew me well, after rehab and 5 days in my home went crazy and after I got a piece of trash from him, purposely attacked me repeatedly, ripping into my hand. He was sorry for it later but I had to surrender him to the shelter where I volunteer when I can.

      My OWN dog who I love more than anyone (and have lived with for more than a decade) bit down on my hand and broke my skin while I was trying to give her her monthly heart worm medicine. (That I have given to her in the same way for over 10 years every month without incident) It shook me. I found a different way that she will now accept the pill and have kept her but what the heck is going on? Though in the

      • E-K Daufin & Edith,

        ‘Man’s best friend’

        Like so many humans going absolutely berserk lately, I would expect some, I repeat SOME dogs and other animals but mostly dogs to not be able to deal with these NEW higher energies pouring in like never before since December 2018.

        I know this is a touchy subject because there are so many people that love dogs. However, as we all know, there are a lot of people who have dogs that shouldn’t for a variety of reasons, lack of true knowledge about pack animals that need an “alpha” leader — canine or human — in particular to keep them balanced and sane. Because there are a lot of imbalanced humans, there are a lot of imbalanced dogs and that affects all the rest of us within hearing range of barking and/or biting dogs, including other dogs. In other words many of man’s best friends are unstable because man has been extremely unstable. The human pack leader isn’t up for the job so everyone else is negatively affected by that.

        If you know animals you know that they immediately pick up on the energies humans give off, and because most dogs want desperately to be told what to do and be helpful to their human pack, if their human pack leader is all screwed up him/herself then the dog’s imbalances are amplified by that. The entire role of all animals in our lives is going to radically change for the better for them and for humanity with our entrance into NEW Earth and HighHeart unity/Triality consciousness and external reality. Until then everyone needs to be aware and careful around anyone human or animal with all these intense and constant energy and now reality changes. ❤

  • Wow, I feel as if I’ve just attended a feast. I’m traveling with my little family this week visiting my in-laws and didn’t read Denise’s article or any comments until just now, in one fantastic go. Thank you, all! ❤️

    Since I’m in a warmer climate, I was able to full-moon-gaze for much longer than normal. Eventually I Saw a triangle of light pointing down. And then all the light started merging and shifting and showing me silhouettes of so many different people or rather spirits if they’d taken physical form. Just enough nuances in each light person to convey their different personalities if that makes sense. It was beautiful. Feels like a homecoming, which makes even more sense with everything expressed here.

    A couple nights ago as I went to sleep, I was doing my mental energetic “shower” and felt inspired to proclaim full restoration/reclaimation of my highest divinity across all time/space/dimensions/directions. It’s not like I’ve never said something like that, but it felt SO REAL and powerful. The next day I could see something different in my reflection, and I felt it, too. .

    And then last night I had an AMAZING dream. I work with animal guides a lot because that’s a spiritual language that comes naturally to me. I dreamt of watching a magnificent Turkey Vulture soar in the sky out my window. Then it flew in a large loop around my house, nearly skimming the ground, just inches above. In my dream, I was ELATED. I knew exactly what this meant. My mom ((one of the few people I can truly discuss the AP/EP with) was visiting in my dream and I ran to her with huge excitement, proclaiming that “yes, we ARE at the bottom of the barrel!!”

    The dream made me think of you all and the many discussions here about cleaning up garbage and transmuting. Because Turkey Vultures are the “clean-up crew.” They scavenge and live off dead, rotting, decaying flesh. If Denise doesn’t mind, I just wanted to share this quote from an Audubon article about why this doesn’t make them sick:

    “Once the dead flesh is ingested, immensely powerful acids in the vultures’ gut begin digesting the flesh so thoroughly that they even destroy the prey’s DNA. But this dynamic digestive system destroys only some toxic microbes. It filters out others and concentrates them in the intestines. Vultures not only tolerate this deadly bacterial brew but appear to put it to work, extracting nutrients from food. In other words, they use bacteria from the food they eat to help them digest the … food they eat.”

    They change DNA and transform garbage in order to grow!! I just feel so excited about everything to come. Many thanks to you First Wavers. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Kara! I, too, dream with spiritual animals a lot. Thank you sharing your experience and excitement. I could feel it. I think many of us are. I had a dream this morning about three cats following me, they formed a triangle. I went over to them, petted and loved on them then they melded into one. I remember saying telepathically to them, “come with us, we’re going to NEW Earth”. The cat smiled and I woke up. Thanks again, Kara.💓

  • I feel the exact same way. What you spoke about resonates so much. I am ready to go…universe take me home!!

  • Hi Denise and All! I woke up this morning with the Doors song “Break On Through To the Other Side” playing in my head. The past few days have been great awakenings and lessons. Wednesday, March 20th around 12:15 EST, I felt and heard a “cracking/splitting/opening” within ME and so much was released. It was a mixture of emotions (anger, irritation, impatience, etc.) – It showed ME that I. AM. DONE. I can so totally walk away from everything here. People, things, places – that on some level I was still holding onto, not sure. Well, boy howdy, Am I now! I feel freer and more neutral

    I’ve been cleaning and clearing my personal home space for several months – getting rid of things that don’t bring me joy. I’ve been telling my husband “I’m not taking it with me”. He says, “where are you going?” – Me – “I don’t know but I won’t need all this stuff”. I hit a place that I am even willing to leave him and move on to NEW Earth – with or without him. How does that work, Denise? I’d love to take house/property with me to NEW Earth but what about other people in that space. I’ve been talking more vocally about dimension/space/creating realities in words I haven’t used around him – he thinks I’m kooky anyways but loves me.. I don’t know if this makes sense? I am so done with this world and ready to move on. I would love any of your insight and thoughts – anyone else too. Thank you so much for BEING here – all of you!! So much LOVE!!!

  • Hi Denise & All.

    Yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off from work, not the eve, and I spent my day in a strange stupor. I embraced the downpour incoming energy. However I forgot to eat. I was already exhausted from weeks of extra work hours (totally a gracious welcome blessing) and nursing a chronic painful heel. Meaning that after work I can’t walk so much as limp, shuffle and stagger around the house😃 which has limited my being able to care for things. Yesterday I tapped into frustrated anger. Felt furious when observing duality and control issues in our country. Felt fear. And I reminded and continually remind myself I am not my thinking, my beliefs or emotions. I have them. I have had lots of cramping around my rib cage and I remember once years and years ago being told that the rib pain was indictive of deepest oldest stuck (crystalized) core belief releasing. (As well as full hip to feet cramping after feeling manipulation of my feet hile in bed, but from healer or interference I couldn’t discern.)

    Oh, and several days ago I accompanied a friend to Costco. We had to enter the exit and it was an unpleasant chore and I felt aggressive, impatient. After fighting my way to the bathroom and walking back to locate my friend I embraced an idea. In a normal voice I spoke some strong affirmations. No one noticed or heard me! The cool part was I felt a downpour response swirl around me and I felt uplifted.

    And as to Celia’s channel, it fits and I still feel a deep excitement about the reveals. I have read her blogs for years.

    Also my comprehension about how manipulation of humanity is utillized against them increased. As I rise out from under another layer of BS I’m able to turn around and make sense of “it”. The most recent is the removal of wisdom and common sense, the removal from schools and local community a sense of higher purpose and intention as an individual within a group. The loss of same within the family and extended family. I grew up without purpose or place within family. The same within community. There was no community. In school there was no lobger civics or any discussion of a person’s place or purpose in life or as a contributing citizen. Multiply me by how many? What this does is make people vulnerable to ANY IDEA that gives a sense of place and purpose! And pointed out to me is that the pushing of race issues, gender issues, offense, any issue where people feel a purpose yet ironically creates further division and separation instead of a unity and a higher purpose or identity. I see the unity angle being distorted into socialism type aspects. My point being is that I’m now seeing how this is created, manipulated and nurtured within humanity.

    And that’s Miss Edith’s view for now! Life is Good!

  • Hi everyone, yesterday was a beautiful sunny and warm day here in the UK. The energy was amazing and I felt very happy, relaxed and very much at peace. But today, I have a monster migraine, nausea, sore neck, shoulders, and oh so tired despite a really good nights sleep. Looks like all the physical symptoms are back in full force once again! Emotions are fluctuating between joyful and sad as well. Is anyone else feeling this or is it just more of my own “stuff” to sort through and let go? Much love and hugs to all and happy solstice! From Megan 🙂

    • Also meant to say how inspiring the channelling from Celia Fenn was. I have a feeling that events here on the world stage are going to accelerate at warp speed and that we are really going to see the rapid decline in the functionality of team dark. I’m noticing that there are very tangible blocks falling into place regarding their failing ability to completely take over and how very hard they are trying to push there agenda to completion. Just maybe humanity as a hole are finally at the tipping point and able to leave team dark behind for good.

    • Megan and All,

      YES! Yesterday I felt absolutely the same!

      The day as you said was warm, sunny, full of joy and peace, I was waiting for the equinox at night.

      And in the later afternoon, just when I was preparing a meal for the dinner, suddenly, in an instant, I felt THE BANG! (as Celia has today mentioned) and the whole joyful mood went down.
      I felt so bad, left the dinner and went in bed. Extremely tired, sleepy, sad, vertigo, nausea, like in a vortex, doubts, doubts, many doubts and questions, laid in the bed in early evening with the last thought: “I am so tired, I am soooooooo tired, I can’t go on anymore”.

      Then this morning I woke up so fresh, like a reborn, with so much power, again joyful….a typical pendulum …Pufff!!!!

      I have the sense that, our DNA have reconnected with the SUN as well with the core of Gaia and we are direct conduit, transmitter and receiver of their energy. What happens to them, happening to us and opposite. Like our bodies don’t belong to us anymore and the show is running directly from our Higher Self and we are this Higher Self.

      Thank you for your post as well to all here.

  • Latest Update from Celia Fenn March 21, 2019

    “Solar Flare Brings In New Light Codes

    We can expect an energetic wave that will lift us across the coming days into a strange and magical new world.

    Everything is changing so fast, we are vibrating at ever higher frequencies and receiving Light Codes at an ever accelerating pace.

    First wave ascenders are preparing to bridge into New Earth, second and third waves are working on their light bodies and grounding the soul in the body. It is an ongoing process, with each new wave lifting us higher and taking us further.

    EARTH-DIRECTED SOLAR FLARE (UPDATED): Northern spring began with a bang. On March 20th at 1118 UT, new sunspot AR2736 exploded, producing a C4-class solar flare that lasted more than an hour. (

    Just as I predicted, the Equinox has been marked by the return of a Solar Flare, as opposed to magnetic solar winds and storms.

    Solar Flares are electrical in nature and express the masculine energy. So, as we are receiving and grounding new light codes for the new masculine, so we can expect Solar Flares to begin to increase in 2019.

    The predominant colors I am seeing in the Light Code transmissions from the Sun are still Aqua and Indigo, representing the new masculine energy (Aqua) and the cleansing energy of the Indigo/Violet light frequencies.

    So, ride the waves, surrender to the process, and see you on the other side!”

    Celia Fenn

  • About Celia’s article and this statement: “many of you will choose to spend more time in the alternate Earth engaged in the processes of assisting those still there to awaken. You will be Teachers and Guides and Healers …”:

    I DON’T believe this applies to the majority of First Wavers/Embodiers. Such a role would require us to lower our frequency in order to deal with old mindsets and blocks. I understand our primary role is to receive and activate the Source codes and hold as much Light as possible. By staying in Divine neutrality and doing what brings us joy, we hold an energetic space for others whenever they’re ready to shift.

    I did life coaching for 9 years, mostly to help others with self-esteem and self-acceptance and received a very clear message from my higher self that continuing to work with clients and their issues would prevent me from fully clearing out my fields and embodying more Light. My “mission” changed.

    I just want to point out that we already provide humanity and the planet an amazing service by choosing to reside for the most part at higher frequencies. There’s no need to act as teachers or healers for those on another timeline unless we truly feel called to do so.

    Love to all.

    • “I DON’T believe this applies to the majority of First Wavers/Embodiers. Such a role would require us to lower our frequency in order to deal with old mindsets and blocks.”

      That is absolutely 1000% correct Thelma. Most of us can barely cope any longer with even being connected to that lower frequency world and its population. Many of us First Everythingers, and I’m speaking of myself here, are at our breaking points with this right now which is why I Worked the ways I have today with the spring Equinox 2019 energies to hurry this separation along.

      It is NOT our jobs from this point forward to coach, teach, direct, assist etc. those people coming up far below us in all this. It would be damaging to us and them and more if we did. There are far more people that are the ones to deal with them now, far more of them than First Everythingers so the entire ascension structure of us has just changed in a lot of ways. Thanks for highlighting this important aspect Thelma.

      • Exactly Thelma and Denise, and that is why I commented that I was ‘packing a bag’ and ready to leave ………. so done with this

      • Yes Denise and Thelma. Also recognizing the difference between those of us who have never served that hardship duty and those of us who have done that to the breaking point while doing the difficult work of embodying the New Codes and earning a living! Yes.

      • Dear Denise and Thelma,

        “It would be damaging to us and them and more if we did.”

        Thank you both, this was definitely the message I needed to hear!
        I spent yesterday working in the garden and with nature. Around the time of the equinox my digestion started acting up. At bedtime, just before I fell asleep the phone rang (in my head of my indicators of work ahead and pay attention). I spent a very busy night. The thought of not being in 5d and staying in 3d…well it is not my wish!
        Again….thank you both

      • I hope this isn’t a silly question. But how does one know which train they are getting on so to speak? The thought of staying behind to continue carrying others forward is almost unbearable to me. I feel like I’ve been doing this unknowingly and knowingly in one form or another since I was very young and I simply can’t/don’t want to do it anymore. It has taken nearly everything out of me. I feel like I need to move forward for my own survival at this point. I have spent a lot of time wondering if I was being selfish feeling this way. I can’t help but want to cling to what you said, Denise- “It is NOT our jobs from this point forward…”

        • Your question is so important Francesca that I’ve quoted your Comment and will answer you in an article. This is another very important topic that needs to be covered immediately because of all the NEW changes/energies/Light/DNA etc. Give me a couple of days Francesca and thanks for your honesty about this, we’re all feeling the same way too. ❤

        • Francesca,

          If I can give my two cents on your question: how you FEEL (which is increasingly from your High heart and not through ego) is how you know which train. Your answer is in your words: “I can’t/don’t want do do it anymore… I feel like I need to move forward for my own survival…” YES! You need to allow yourself to break free and follow your own path. It’s the idea of being “selfish” that’s skewed. By serving your Highest Self, you serve ALL of humanity and the planet as well.

          A number of years ago, we were (consciously or unconsciously) following Ascension Plan “A” to help human consciousness rise in time for a collective mass awakening in December 2012 and when we knew that wouldn’t succeed because of too many people not being ready, First Embodiers went to Plan “B” which was for them to clear their own fields, purify and then receive the Divine Codes through them to create a different external reality.

          We went with Plan “B” and it worked!

          This train is SELF-LOVE and self-acceptance which also encompasses love and compassion for all others. What we feel within becomes what we reflect outside us (or in the case of unsurrendered ego, what we project unconsciously). We need to treat ourselves with kindness, integrity and respect.

      • Thanks, Denise, for spelling this out more clearly. I found this part to be a distortion in Celia’s otherwise excellent article. It just felt wrong to me. We KNOW we aren’t meant to go back and relive our expired roles. Others will jump in to fulfill them which is perfect. We mustn’t feel GUILTY for continuing to spiritually evolve when it’s exactly what’s needed. Most of us have new roles at this point.

        My role of guiding/teaching others expired between 2006 and 2008 (work just dried up, couldn’t find conference facilities, etc.) and I think this was common for many so-called Lightworkers. Looking back, I can see WHY we were steered into more sequestered lives prior to entering a huge purification process. Wasn’t easy, but we’re emerging on the other side.

        Much gratitude to you.

        • Thelma, I deeply appreciate your insights. Thank you so much. What you said really rings true for me in my High Heart.
          And Denise, thank you for your online presence. It is a blessing. I will be looking forward to your upcoming article. Much Love for you and everyone here. xoxo

        • “Looking back, I can see WHY we were steered into more sequestered lives prior to entering a huge purification process. Wasn’t easy, but we’re emerging on the other side.”

          Thanks Thelma! So true! The isolation! The dastardly things done to us to make us let go when all that had saved us was holding on for dear life! The fear and financial challenges! But here we are and for those here somehow able to have computers/ smart phones available to communicate with hear others. Thank you Denise and all Good in this Group! 💖👽😎

    • Yes AND I also feel strongly about social ACTION vs. New Age “I don’t do politics,” type of stuff. AND I also am getting that the one-on-one heavy lifting that you describe may be over. I am called to literally perform my own art vs. sacrificing all to teach and support others, as well as joining others where I can to work as a group activist/builders with those ALREADY on the path such as Denise and the wonderful folks here. Beautifully written comment too by the way. 👽💖🌺

    • I did an absent healing list.taught in my 20tys to link, people to those that serve divinity, by healing. One day, guides said, not to do it anymore, as i had been doing daily 4 45years, i asked for confirmation, and explanation. Told we have to go inward ourselves now, not rely on others. However before i stopped, they linked everyone with their guides, extraordinary, so they could ask for help. I dont know if these peeps followed it up….. i feel same, done with 3d bulshit, and wont want hang around. I have an aquaintance, who always is in some emotional karma drama cut ties as she used me as her emotional dumping ground. I taught her how to release, without indulging, but she not interested. i have explained to everyone i know, re ascension, once. That i feel fulfilled my mission. To others. They not interested. .. the lady text me her latest drama, yesterday. I just felt tremendous compassion. “This is real to her” what her life is. It is not ours on asc path. There is no reconcilliation, we have to go our seperate ways. How can we communicate, or change, people, who are just a set of constructs, emotional, mental, mechanics….. we are told we have free will, but it seems to me, most peeps, cant go beyond this conditioning. So have they free will. ????? When we heard of ascension path, we resonated, and have done yrs of hard work, to break free, from this conditioning for ourselves, and all others, by bring light in. I jst want go home, am in new earth, my true nature, but long for seperation of worlds. I love the soul,s of peeps, but not the empty shell, mechanics, i see.. we may be holding them back, we cant see, the whole picture. Maybe they do better, on their own. I just ask for the highest good for all

      • My heart understands what you are saying. Sometimes it is just letting go…it helps us and them. Always trust your heart.

      • Hi Linda! I agree with Podvig and Linda C. – your words resonate so strongly and had my head nodding the whole time. My Heart and Being were saying YES, YES, and YES. Much love to you All! Thinking about you Denise – my Love is with you too. 🙂

  • Dear Denise and All Light Workers,
    At the Equinox I intuitively heard a large reverberating sound: ‘The cracking of the Earth splitting ‘, I was told. Since then the energy waves have been blissful and alive with joy. Me, I feel relaxed for whatever reason, a feeling I haven’t had in a long, long time! I hope that the vibes are good for all.
    Love and Light to you , Denise, and to Lightworkers everywhere!

    • Georgia & All,

      Potent March 2019 Equinox and Full Moon — 0 Aries and 0 Libra — everyone.

      The Volunteers aka Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Transmutors, First Embodiers etc. got very intensely focused on pulling in the strongest, highest energies yet to Embody and cross that bridge to NEW Earth and disconnect from the transitional Earth or ‘alternate earth’. It’s time for this so we’re doing our part to assist and Embody it and make the full Separation of Worlds within ourselves and reality. Enough already! It’s still happening so I won’t be online for much longer. By the way everyone, here in southern California it’s raining today on spring Equinox day. I have no memory of it ever raining on March Equinox in this area so it’s another big sign that the NEW codes are continuing to be added, embedded into us and Earth via WATER carrying the NEW codes.

      “At the Equinox I intuitively heard a large reverberating sound: ‘The cracking of the Earth splitting ‘, I was told.”

      That is exactly what’s happening. ❤

  • Dear Denise & All,

    I resonated with Celia’s message … I have come to believe that “Elohim angels were the original creators of the Divine Human Template.” I feel I was there at the very beginning and have felt the immense sorrow about what happened after this planet was invaded and “diverted from its original purpose.”

    It’s a great confirmation that we have finally arrived at the point where we’re reconnecting with our inner Divine power. There’s true joy in that because it means our outer world MUST change to reflect who we are.

    What she calls “alternate Earth” is probably what Denise has called “secondary ascending Earth” and others call “transitional timeline.” The different terminology can be confusing. But I fully agree that 3D Earth is no longer supported and is in fact “gone.” All beliefs in the old structures and attachments to an outdated paradigm must be released. This is a long process for those in the “secondary ascending Earth” or what Celia calls “alternate Earth.”

    For First Wavers, I assume MOST of us are ready to more fully anchor our consciousness in the fifth dimension and higher. When we DO “visit” the lower dimensions, we maintain our neutrality and cannot engage in the drama that continues to play out. It’s a very odd sensation to be walking among the masses and feeling so detached.

    For myself, I feel increasingly drawn to Nature and am actively seeking “green spaces” and natural bodies of water to nourish myself. So what Celia wrote about a “garden planet” makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    Love to all.

  • Yes Denise! The knowing in my heart says this is true. Certain family members who haven’t reached out or who were doing their own things have changed their lives so completely and have visited more. My son who was a drug addict for years has been clean for three years now and working on himself with a lovely woman has made great strides in his relations with other family members. My other son who was depressed over his marriage ending and seemed to be self destructive just opened his heart a year ago and changed his attitude towards life an met someone a year ago that that has a beautiful light shining from her. That is just part of the changes in my life. Everyone seems to be connecting with higher vibes and changing. The ones who haven’t seem to have disappeared from my life. I’m okay with that and trust they are making choices that are for them to go through on their own paths. The thing for me that I found is that I can let go. There is a great peace in being able to let go. They know where I am. It is a wonderful feeling!

    • Linda I too have had to disconnect from loved ones, but when I consciously made those choices, it was from a higher perspective, knowing full well it is never ‘the end’ ‘ but only ‘goodbye for now’. Many friends left my life during the early years of me becoming ill (ascension symptoms maybe), I wasn’t able to keep the connections, and had to learn to just release and let go, and that’s what I have had to do many times over, even as recently as early 2019, but these days I feel full of confidence and higher knowing that I will keep moving into the higher energies without looking back. My loved ones are as precious to me as they ever were, I love them dearly, but it is much healthier for me to keep on moving up and out of the constant dramas created by family / friend dynamics.

      It is wonderful for you that your family’s energetics are being healed, every soul has the opportunity to make this leap ……. here’s hoping that many more follow. 💖

      • Hope, exactly! It’s seems I can barely get through work days and work on myself! Just want to fall in an irresistible sleep. So I just trust they are doing their own upkeep in their own lives. The ones who are no longer in my life, I love them and wish them the best on their journey. I find time hardly exists for me now. Not in the way I knew it before anyway. I find it harder to convey thoughts into words lately…it’s like I just want to go on to the next wave and not look back! I am so grateful for Denise and all the others who come here. It is a safe haven. Thank you Hope for your support, Linda P.s. Haha! See how I ramble on?

  • Thank you so much for reposting that channelling of archangel Michael. It rings so true and clear and really moved me and made me joyful 🙂

  • I have never commented here before but have been reading this blog for a couple of years now. I appreciate your wisdom and knowing, Denise. Thank you very much for sharing it. I have felt very lost for a while and this blog has given me some sense of understanding. My hope is that I am somehow included in this shift to a New Earth as I am extremely drained. I have been working to embody Light and Love in ways that make sense to me for many years and feel I have been on some kind of evolutionary path for a long time. I have had an uncertain inkling that it is my purpose in life. But I don’t “see” things at all and often feel that I’m groping around blindly in the dark. And I have had a multitude of physical symptoms that have been overwhelming, debilitating, and unexplainable.
    Let there be Heaven on Earth. Thank you to everyone here.

    • “But I don’t “see” things at all and often feel that I’m groping around blindly in the dark. And I have had a multitude of physical symptoms that have been overwhelming, debilitating, and unexplainable. Let there be Heaven on Earth.”

      I’m glad you decided to join in with the Comments Francesca. ❤

      You and everyone else that's been having intense, debilitating, nearly constant physical Ascension Process pains and all the rest of it for a long time ARE why heaven is able to return to physical Earth. IT has been, is, and will continue to be seeded and anchored into physical Earth by those of us who've been embodying the NEW Light energies and everything else. We often do our best Work when we're flat on our backs, sick and in pain because we're embodying and Embodying these tremendous higher Light energies and Crystalline DNA, NEW codes/templates/blueprints etc. into our physical bodies so they're physically seeded and anchored into NEW Earth which makes them available for mass humanity. Somebody’s got to catch the balls that Source throws out way out here in the Milky Way Earth outfield. 😉

      • Denise, smiled when I read the end of your comment: “Somebody’s got to catch the balls that Source throws out way out here in the Milky Way Earth outfield.” In the last two years, I had dreams about being in the baseball outfield, with balls zinging at me which I easily caught. Felt like they were targeted at me, so I kept catching them. At the time, I had no clue what these dreams were about. Now I understand I was about to catch “Source codes.” Thanks for the reminder!

        • Thelma I too LOVE the poetic part “way out here in the Milky Way outfield! I often see this galaxy in my mind’s eye and see is all the way out near the top of one “finger.” Thank you.

        • This is so odd. I played a lot of sports and thought it was natural to dream about them but I recall now my many dreams in the last few years playing baseball and catching flys.

  • For the past few days, the ascension symptoms have been off the wall, off the floor, out of bounds, over the top, more extreme than I’ve ever experienced before. Dragging my arse, my heart, my mind, my… whatever. I’m exhausted, neither sad nor angry, just so very glad it’s over. I feel now that what I must remember is how to live in 5D and beyond. I want to remember, but for now I feel like a shepherd, one of many, who has found safe haven for her flock and can at last rest. I still have some humor… you know that campfire we’re building… I’ve collected some wood, you’ll now find me sleeping underneath an oak tree on a wonderful sunny day, dreaming about the acorn who made the oak. Thank you, Celia, Denise and the Volunteers… waves don’t matter… the love of the ocean does. Love, B.

    • Embodying these many NEW codes and Crystalline trinity DNA, NEW Light and Photonic energies, Earth’s NEW core reset diamond energies, the water on and in the planet and us is pushing all Volunteer First Embodiers to an even higher level. We haven’t been were we now are and we’re all feeling it in our bodies and beings. Said as gently as I can, this phase isn’t comfy but good gawd it’s exactly what we’ve Worked for since forever!

      I’ve recently been having moments–sometimes longer periods–of profound inner joy, peace, comfort, relief, pride and gladness in us all because we’ve done what was needed to free Earth and humanity from the past negativity, across the board distortions and much more. Remove the monsters and their evil deeds, clean up that mess, Embody the Divine NEW original codes and templates while incarnate in a physical body on Earth and NEW Earth is manifest. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Ah, Denise, you make me smile, thank you! Me too, periods of inner joy, peace, etc., and one I’m especially fond of… lots of bouncing around in my living room while saying/singing out loud… “Damn, I love! Damn, I love!” Woke up with amazingly high energy this morning and am so looking forward to a NEW mission. This past 20-year-plus one is wearing thin! Wish I was… physically! Happy, happy Spring Equinox Everyone. Love, B.

  • Hi Denise. I wish I understood a lot better than I do. All I can say is I have been drawing using colours and shapes I have not worked with before. Repetitive patterns and colours that have cleared more rubbish from me. I have also started a picture that is a space garden. It’s like a grid with everything in its place. But it’s full of flowers and leaf motifs. The sun is literally a flower. I hope that doesn’t sound crass or like I have missed the point. I feel like I am going somewhere but the path isn’t before me yet. And the creative part of my life is what will move me there.
    Love and light to you and everyone here. You’re the best xxxxxx

    • The path will clear, and continue clearing for all of us because there’s no ceiling on this Process.

      There were things AA Michael said in this Celia channeled message about the “Garden”, the “Temple”, aka the NEW Earth etc. that were very much my past life with Master Hotei in his Inner Temple and in his Outer Temple which was the Garden his Inner Temple sat in the middle of. And my present life here now as a Volunteer and First Embodier. Are we all getting this yet?! 😀

      The First Embodiers are the physical level Inner Temple and the NEW Earth is the physical level Outer Temple, the “Garden” and so on. There are important reasons why you’re perceiving what you called a ‘space garden’ Magda. NEW ascended Earth is the “space Garden” for as AA Michael put it, the Star Nations. ❤

      • 💗💗 thank you. Sometimes I really feel I have lost the plot. But I do trust what’s inside. It’s not led me wrong yet. Xx

    • Magda, I’m so glad you mentioned the colors and shapes you work with that have repetitive patterns. I’ve been doing this too, and the drawing I colored last night LOOKS like a garden, except all the “flowers” have small geometric shapes, mostly triangles, embedded in them. There are lots of pinks, yellows and blues and heart shapes in that garden too. It’s stunningly beautiful! I would trust your creativity and inspiration, as they are led by your Spirit. xo

      • Thank you Thelma. I really appreciate ur heartfelt advice xx it’s like all the repetitions I draw are pouring out of me. Patterns like a new grid for living. It’s overwhelming. But amazing. It’s like a picture version of all the source energy in me. Just needed to build the stamina to withstand it. And to be clear enough of crap to be able to try and draw it .xx

  • I feel very moved reading this article, it stirred my heart. I could explode with joy at the thought of being on the verge of this big shift, I have waited such a long long time for the arrival of the higher planet Earth, I am trying to calm myself and not get so excited as there is that little niggle that says ‘how long is a piece of string’, if you know what I mean. I feel that I have ‘kept a lid on it’ for over half of my life, and suddenly this article has prised that lid up a little.

    Many years ago I had a similar joyful feeling when I read The Mythic Call by Ariel Spilsbury, it spoke to my soul at a very deep level, much like this AA Michael info. explaining in a mythic story how the call went out for volunteers to manifest their Light on planet Earth. Right now I desire to step onto the highest possible version of Earth and stay there, I have had more than enough of the lower frequencies and the people who live in them, in fact I could go and pack a bag this very evening in readiness for the move …….. 🎒 💫 🌎

    Happy Equinox everyone – @ 21.58 pm GMT …… hope I can stay awake to meditate 🙏

    • Thanks hope! This is exactly how I received this info too. Thank you so much for posting it Denise. At a human rights organizing workshop today an organizer I trust said that “Something has changed…it’s in the air,” about the possibility of more humane laws being passed in our infamously brutal state. I felt yes! It’s the New Earth! Been so ready for so long!

    • You won’t need a bag! Everything you need will wrap around you like colours suffused from outer to inner and inner to outer, and your cloak will be your everything. Love to see you where we can all live joyously without our baggage.

  • Hi Denise, it’s funny you posted this today cuz I read it yesterday and it made me cry. There’s a decision to be made isn’t there; stay and heal/guide/teach or go to the New Earth. As much as I want to go to the New Earth, how do I leave behind loved ones who aren’t quite ready? I’m not expecting an answer, for I already know.

    I am ecstatic for those that choose to go, such as yourself. You deserve it!

    I soothe myself with the knowledge that I can (have already) create my own 5D reality and go back and forth between 3D/lower 4D as I need to. And one day when it is time, we shall all meet on New Earth.

    These last few days have felt like I was circling around Event Horizon just before getting sucked into a black hole, spagettified, reassembled and now everything is still. Only constant ear ringing/buzzing. It feels like the stillness before a huge explosion.

    I hope everything’s well with you and much love to you and everyone.

    • No no no Jain Lee, you are quantum and multidimensional and you/me/we can go anywhere we want now. Please re-read my article with this image in it. And re-read this one too in a few days. ❤

      The either/or thing is old Duality consciousness and we've evolved, continue to evolve into higher frequency Triality or Unity consciousness and external reality which means either/or PLUS everything else! I’ve written so many articles about this over the years but we’re now, you are now at that point where you can, if you wish, reside permanently in Ascended NEW Earth. Guess what?, the First Embodiers ARE the NEW Earth! ❤ You see you don't have to sacrifice one thing for another because we have evolved enough to have them both PLUS all the other stuff everywhere else too.

      All us Volunteers have the ability to be NEW Earth now within ourselves and our physical bodies AND if we want, we can go back down vibrationally to say Sears or JCPenneys or the grocery store or the gas station or a loved ones home etc. No matter where I go, where I AM, I AM the NEW ascended Earth and much more and now everyone else in those lower frequencies gets to deal with that. They can be irritated by this–which most people are–or they can follow the Light to the NEW Earth (higher frequency of existence, being, consciousness etc.)

      Please everyone, don’t overthink what’s happening right now, just get still and quiet and open your HighHeart and Embody the latest NEW codes. The best and fastest way to help others is for you/me/we First Everythingers to Embody more. 😉 ❤

      I have not yet figured out how to reduce the size of certain images I add to Comments! Sorry about that everyone.

      • After posting last comment, I sat still and perceived that everyone I love, everyone on earth, humanity CAN and will go to New Earth and then YOU’ve posted this response to me! Omg! Yes yes yes! WE ARE THE NEW EARTH!

        Hallelujah Denise!

        • All humanity CAN go to New Earth but won’t, not now in linear time. But I live what Denise says about the going back and forth though so far get be Energy zaps when I do like Superman having been near kryptonite, having to recover.

        • I loved your exchange Jain and Denise. I am so ready for living in joy in the multidimensions. What is holding me back now as many is the lingering physical and emotional delibilatations. This has for to end for us to move forward. As you say we don’t need to overthink this just allow and embody but it’s time for this to happen.

        • “What is holding me back now as many is the lingering physical and emotional delibilatations. This has for to end for us to move forward.”

          Wrong Richard, and stop overthinking all this.

        • I respectfully disagree. I think it is important for us to feel good and if we don’t it limits is in our ability to enjoy our experiences

      • “no matter where I go, where I AM, I AM the NEW ascended Earth and much more and now everyone else in those lower frequencies gets to deal with that…”

        Oh, Denise, you said exactly what I felt I was doing in a Philippine-wide intergenerational, intermovement dialogue I attended last 21-22 March. I should mention it was a first venture since my “resurrection” to be in a huge, heterogeneous space of senior, junior, millennial feminists, human rights activists, rural community leaders, environmentalists, student leaders, etc etc. I did not frame the WHY of my being in that forum, I merely heeded the inner nudge. I felt it was no happenstance that I would be in Metro Manila on Spring Equinox and in this forum. Like your assertion Denise, I was the I AM in that Moment. No 3-D identity carried – not even the label of feminist lawyer/women’s rights leader that people knew me to be for decades and decades. It was ME ALL OF ME I AM in the large and smaller circles in which the conversations in that forum took place. There was no editing/no premeditation on positioning. I was listening, sharing, Being ME the whole time. Some kindreds emerged to my delight, and we embraced Spirit to Spirit – these were mostly millennials who said they understood and also shared what I was talking about. Representatives of my generation of women-leaders who were present talked about the martial law days when some were detained/tortured, experiences as Marxist or radical feminists, and regaled the young present with the early days of our feminist/women’s rights movement in the Philippines, and on and on. I realized that though I love many of them, there was little or none anymore that bound me and my hitherto sisters in the cause, and I felt fine with this realization. It is what it is.

        I remember that you talked of diamond triangles and triality in a previous article Denise, and you and others mention here about gardens. Anyways on the night of March 20th/early morning of March 21st – I was looking out of the window of the 23rd-floor condo lent me for the duration of the forum I mentioned. Sleep eluded me though I was very exhausted. I looked up the sky and across the wide Metro Manila city scape before me. At first I thought I imagined it, I looked again, and again, yet there they were: Golden/silver triangles lined up on the ground in many rows in different directions, spanning quite an area from my 23rd floor vantage point. And in the sky on the same side, I saw what looked like golden rays shaped as a triangular star/object that looked as if they hung from a golden string that hovered above the ground-level rows of golden/silver triangles. I checked again, took off and put on my eyeglasses, covered my left eye, my right eye – the scene remained exactly as I saw it the first time. In daylight, I checked the vista and saw triangular parts of roofs of some houses and some triangular shapes on the side of some buildings. But these did not have lights, were few, not the many golden triangles in rows that I saw. The following night when I checked, my ‘garden of golden triangles” was gone, but it was no mirage I know. Could we be energetically planting our “source codes” and seeds of New Earth where we are in our perfect placements?

        • “Could we be energetically planting our “source codes” and seeds of New Earth where we are in our perfect placements?

          Thank you for sharing your March 2019 Equinox experiences and visions here Eleanor. ❤ The changes happening now, finally, are reality-altering with much more to come.

          Today I'm going to do my best to get an article done about what you and many others are Seeing clairvoyantly with Higher Vision and/or seeing with open eye physical vision of the NEW codes, the NEW DNA, the NEW templates, blueprints etc. The triangles we’re Seeing/seeing are the NEW codes etc. of Unity or Triality or Trinity which are all the same thing. The triangles are the NEW templates/codes/blueprints for humanity on NEW Earth and all else. We are no longer in or have in our bodies and cells etc. the old Duality energies and consciousness; we and Earth and all else here now have the NEW codes in our bodies, cells, DNA etc. and our consciousness that is Triality, Trinity etc. which is a much higher frequency than the old Duality level.

          We are literally embodying and Embodying the NEW codes and NEW crystalline triangle/Trinity DNA codes and more because it’s WE who are capable of doing this first, just we’ve done with all things ascension, in our physical bodies and DNA so they’re seeded and anchored here for the rest of humanity today and in the future to evolve into. Thanks again for sharing your amazing visions with us. ❤

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