Things Are VERY Different In 2019

We’re only a week into February 2019, and it’s very clear that energetically things have changed considerably. Much more to come throughout this year so be flexible in all ways because quote unquote “reality” is in grand and glorious transmutation now more than ever before due to the current physical level Separation of Worlds. And if “reality” is in transmutation then we Volunteers and Earth certainly are too but in these latest NEW and very different ways.

I mentioned in a Comment recently that I’ve been perceiving for the past few months—like it’s being repeatedly transmitted—that we’re in the Separation of Worlds right now, not in the near or distant future but right here, right now. So far it doesn’t look like what many of us thought it might but who cares! What’s important is that it’s finally happening so let go of more expectations and just be present in it, and if and when needed steer from your HighHeart, not your head. Head is old lower and not remotely capable. You’ve now got to use your HighHeart ability to FEEL to consciously discern “reality”, people, places, events and situations etc. Don’t think in those old familiar small linear ways anymore, perceive now using your much larger and proper NEW tool which is your entire quantum being from your HighHeart center. Look at “reality”, any and all realities, from your NEW higher and larger focal point where you sense through nonlinear Higher Awareness feeling/sensing instead of lower linear thinking from your head. Everything has changed, again, and we’re all feeling it in different ways and this is “normal” for where we are now within this entire Ascension Process.

Some other phenomena I want to include here is how I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing with my eyes open and when I blink, certain deep gemstone colors in beautiful kaleidoscope-like patterns…almost every time I go into my bathroom and get near the sinks, aka water in the plumbing. Weird I know, but. Back in December 2018, the decade long drought here in southern California was suddenly ended energetically I felt and it’s been raining and snowing off and on ever since. I’ve always loved the rain so this is wonderful to me. My physical body can more comfortably cope with the higher and higher frequency Photon Light and other super high frequency Light energies when there’s cooler temps and moisture in the air and ground. For the most part of the past twenty years it’s been abnormally hot, cloudless and there’s been next to no rain at all. It’s been constant baking in longer and longer periods of high heat and evolutionary NEW Light energies, so to finally feel this December 2018 shift was a blessing.  As a child I often used my precious annual birthday wish on, “Please, make it rain!”, that’s how much I’ve always loved the cleansing, calming and softening of physical reality that rainfall causes.

When I felt the energies change in December 2018 in a split-second from longstanding drought to a LOT of rain and snow here, I knew in that moment, exactly like I did when the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse happened and in a split-second the old Team Dark negativity done to and within the Moon was completely and permanently removed, that very big and important improvements have taken place. Longstanding things, energies, weather patterns, physical and energetic structures, lifestyles, belief systems, human consciousness, human biology, human DNA and so much more have been and rapidly continue being evolved in a seeming split-second now. And much more of this is coming due to the Separation of Worlds that’s happening now, in these ways we didn’t expect.

After Seeing deep pure gemstone colored ruby-red, emerald-green, sapphire-blue and other rich colors in stunning and different complex patterns every time I was near water in my bathroom and/or kitchen sink, I used my HighHeart Higher Awareness to figure out why I was experiencing this now. What I perceived is that another major set of old lower Earth world and Earth core organic and inorganic energy codes have seemingly, in a split-second, been removed and instantly replaced by much higher organic NEW Light codes. One aspect of this latest NEW change to the Earth’s core, Earth and our physical bodies is to the water. The beautiful gemstone colored different patterns I’ve been Seeing have taken place in and to the water on and in ascending NEW Earth, and if that’s happened/happening to Earth then it’s also happened/happening to the water in our bodies. The codes have been and continue to be evolved quickly now which means our DNA is as well. That alone is going to cause many of us to feel very differently, to See, perceive and experience many NEW-to-us sorts of ways including some NEW-to-us ascension symptoms or side effects.

Combine the Earth’s core change, the Moon being freed of all that old negativity, and the entire Water on Earth and in every human and human body and living thing on Earth all having been dramatically changed and evolved since December 2018, it’s increasingly easy to see how quickly the Separation of Worlds is actually happening.

I don’t need to say how utterly exhausted and in physical pain most of the time I am and I know most of you are reading this still are too. We’ve been at this physically, biologically for the past twenty years and I for one am all done dragging any and all density from the old lower Earth world, consciousness and reality along with me any further. It’s time to fully sever that old lower connection to the dense past, which the Separation of Worlds is doing right here, right now. I want to add that even though I’ve been in nearly constant physical pain since forever it seems, I’ve also been very consciously aware of the fact that many of my lifelong physical body issues have been steadily decreasing and some have, many years ago, completely disappeared. Great news but it usually gets overshadowed by all the ongoing Ascension Process aches and pains, but if you look carefully and honestly, you’ll discover that many if not all the physical genetic and karmic body issues you were born with and/or accumulated over your lifetime have been transmuted and removed.

Despite as great as it is outgrowing our genetic and karmic physical body stuff, most of us are in deep and constant body pains and it’s increasing due to these NEW higher frequency Light energies. Since December 2018, I’ve had a few NEW-to-me ascension related side effects such as stomach pains, nausea in a different way than I’m used to with the Ascension Process, ongoing changes to my physical eyes, greater pressures in my skeletal structure, spine, joints etc. Part of me knows that this is normal because of all that’s going on but… enough already fer gawd sake!

This brings us to the main reason I’m hurriedly throwing this particular article together. The other day I received a mass email notice from Aluna Joy containing her latest article quoted below. Those of you who are familiar with me know that I very rarely quote or share links to other Ascension teachers information, and you should know that when I do it’s because that particular article is very important and needs to be seen by as many people as possible in my opinion. Because I’ve been living everything that Aluna Joy talks about in her January 31, 2019 article for a very long time, I know it is accurate and distortion-free and that many of you also need to read it now too because of the crushing exhaustion and physical pains we’ve lived with for so long.  Here’s the link to Aluna Joy’s website and Thank You Aluna Joy for this material. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 7, 2019



Lots going on in this transmission . . . Including –
Breaking from the Global Inertia – The Greater Plan – Nostalgia & letting go of the past
Tower of Babel Program – Revitalizing Earth Ambassadors.
Aluna Joy Yaxk’in and The Star Elders.
From Sedona’s Throat Chakra on 1/31/2019


“Global Inertia . . .
The last few years, many in the trenches, those anchoring the light publicly and those behind the scenes, have felt a bit burned out. We have worked hard to stay positive. We have seen little windows of high energy, feeling hope returning, and little doors to synchronicities and miracles manifesting, but then only to watch them dissipate quickly leaving us deflated, exhausted and depressed. Most of all, these things don’t seem to build or grow into anything much bigger as they did in the pre-2012 years. Yet I am not surprised. I was told by the Star Elders decades ago about this collective depression and global inertia that was coming after 2012, as we entered a brand new cycle of creation. It feels like we are trying to start a car with a dead battery. But now it is time. We can jump start this car, this new cycle, but it will take a large group to participate together in this new frequency restart. So why are we here at this juncture, and what can we do to get moving again?A Greater Plan . . .
We see the reality that there is a greater plan unfolding. Many, many, many of us out here have been given clear visions, blueprints and plans to evolve and ground this new cycle. The truth is that our greater plan in this new cycle is not about finding one savior, one avatar, or one enlightened being to pull the weight of the entire new cycle back into focus. That was the program for many past cycles. But this is a new cycle with a new plan! This time around the greater plan needs the participation of a majority of awakening, diverse, sentient beings, including YOU, to get on board and work the last bit of the problems, so we can fly.But have had a set back and feel a disappointment that many have lost hope, or quit, because of the huge energy plunge that we survived entering into 2013. Yet we survived the plunge, and this was a huge victory in itself. But this survival left us in an odd, void space and left our spirits a bit stunned and traumatized, like spiritual PTSD. (This is why I started a private Facebook group called “Ascension Symptoms Support Group – What are you feeling today?”) The issue, and even more, so since our recent lunar eclipse, is that we are clearing deeper levels of toxicity that we are just now becoming aware of. Our eyes have been opened even wider to the light, and to the polarity of the light. We have more clarity on all levels. In spite of all the challenges, we still have a strong faith and commitment to the plan. But we also understand that we know very little about what might transpire at this point. I know you understand this too.

Nostalgia . . .
We have been seeing that this time has triggered a huge wave of weirdly comforting and unexpected global nostalgia, and a time of looking backwards. This is caused by us not knowing what is ahead of us just yet. We see this manifest in the mass media with the rehashing of really old stories, crime stories, and re-makes of already re-made movies. This nostalgia is also very personal as we look back to our favorite memories, but it is also healing old wounds and processing old grief and loss. But our deep processing has also pried our eyes open to see a broader, unfiltered truth, and we learn to find peace by accepting these more encompassing realities. Because of this nostalgia and unrealized idealism, it has triggered feelings that maybe this is it, or that it is already over. This has also triggered a subconscious feeling of not feeling safe. Some are called to plan wills and make preparations to leave. Many people are on the brink of giving up. I hear some people think that they are preparing to die! But the sun rose up this morning, and we are still here. And we will be tomorrow too. When there is a letting go, it is an ending, but then there is also new landing place . . . and it is always here.

I know that many of you feel this . . . when the sun comes up in the morning, and we just open our eyes and leave our dream state, we feel the heavy weight of this world hit us, and we think “OH NO! We are still here.” BUT . . . this feeling is telling me that we are on the brink of something new that our subconscious is already aware of. If there wasn’t something better ahead, we would not be so disillusioned by what we are living in now. We really don’t want to live in the past if we truly ask ourselves this question. So with that said . . . don’t ignore feelings that are sad or depressing as they are awesome predecessors and clues to incoming new codes of light!

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If we keep looking back with fondness to what we knew, or where we felt safe, or we pretend that today is something that it isn’t, will we ever move forward? YES! Please go ahead and reminisce, have a good cry and a good laugh. It is important that we finish this nostalgic, homesick process. When we do, we can also let go of the past, and allow the new emerging codes to begin to build this new world. This process can be a bit scary as this is a very deep letting go that feels very real and very final. We are truly saying goodbye to much of what we knew as truth. We need to do this. So . . . if you are still reading this, it is the right time for YOU. All the recalibrations have been made. All that is left for us to do is to say goodbye, and break out of the inertia that we are in.

The Tower of Babel revisited . . .
As we are working to pull together as ONE, we seem to be revisiting an extra, old story that began in Genesis. We are moving through a Tower of Babel-like program. This is telling me many things. First, we have been very successful, because we have returned to the beginning and are rebooting the very core of humanity’s separation program. Only a few months ago we were working on healing family and ancient global lineage lines. Some of this is continuing still, but we have come back to the genesis of humanity’s separation now.

The first clue I noticed is that we are having a great challenge with communication, unlike anything we have experienced in our life time. This is a global phenomenon. It might feel like there we are speaking different languages, but all perspectives are true, even if we can’t see this right now. But this issue is going much deeper. If you pay attention and watch, you will see this all around you. Many people are not communicating completely, and we are not reaching each other. We are hearing through our filters of perspective, experience, assumptions, and programs, thus creating many varied personality clashes. We are not communicating fully, nor are we listening fully, and nor are we being heard fully. We are seeing this as an almost complete breakdown of communication globally, and an old core belief in the illusion that there was ever a great divide in the first place. This is amazing! We are beginning to heal the beginning of the separation of humanity all the way back to the Tower of Babel. We are gathering up all the fallen stones and are bringing them back together.

If I lost you, let me explain . . . Please understand that this is an over-simplified and very metaphysical slant on the original story. In the story of the Tower of Babel, humanity decided to try to avoid another great flood. So they decided to build a tower to reach the heavens. Of course this tower was built from fear, and not to mention it was physically impossible to do. Their efforts eventually fell to pieces in a pile of stone. Each stone symbolized a different language and the builders could only babble to each other. The builders could no longer communicate with each other. They had only one choice, to find their own path, to find their inner truth by going within. They learned that there is no short cut to freedom from fear or spiritual awakening. We must do our inner work.

The path to paradise will take deep work, and also by letting go, all at once and in tandem with each other. We must embrace every new moment, while saying goodbye to each passing one. It will take being authentic to each moment, which also asks us to be vulnerable and transparent with brutal honestly and total integrity. If we are not being as authentic as consciously possible, then we are stuck on a cosmic, hamster wheel.

Revitalization of Earth Ambassadors . . .
It is clear that humanity has the biggest spiritual light team the planet has had for many ages. We will carry the weight of this new cycle together. But . . . there is a great need for an enormous energy infusion to get our massive team back up and running again after the huge energy plunge in 2013. Many of the visionaries, messengers, teachers, healers, ambassadors and light workers I have spoken with lately will admit in confidence that they feel they have taken a big energy hit. Some even feel they could have possibly been targeted and thwarted especially in the last two years. This is on a global scale. (Please don’t go into conspiracy theory fear here, as it is a waste of our precious energy.) We are seeing our global light supporters hunkering down or even giving up. Most I speak with feel they are operating on fumes, and this is not sustainable. We need wide scale revitalization and healing on all levels for these ones.

Being a visionary, messenger, teacher, healer, ambassador and light worker has become deeply isolating in our electronic age, and has created a place without energetic or other kinds of support. Most are lucky to have a few people that they can speak authentic truths to without being judged. It would be helpful not to place our visionaries, messengers, teachers, healers, ambassadors and light workers on pearly, isolated pedestals and to ridged spiritual perspectives. They/we/us are not perfect. They/we/us are all human, and have stories that have molded our lives into what we are today. Our global supporters challenging life experiences have cracked us open so that the light can get in. We have grown through so much . . . just as YOU have. Don’t hold them to inflexible spiritual expectations and ideals that were created in the past, because everything is being upgraded right now in front of our eyes. The beauty of this time is that we are becoming even more aware of amazing, new, subtle energies that are filled with light and promise, but we are also having our eyes opened further to energies that are toxic or not supportive to the greater plan. Let all our visionaries and messengers evolve as our reality does, moment by moment. Our global teachers, messengers, and visionaries put their neck and lively hood on the line when they share what they have seen and learned. I am sure that if you asked anyone of them (or ask yourself), they would say that they did not pick their job. It picked them. It is a calling, just as you have your callings. So support those who support you, with love, energy and any other way you can. And I know that there are many out there that can relate to this.

Still today sacred sites today are the most reliable places on earth where we can feel current releasing energies and feel that good old feeling of being plugged in, and are places where we can feel our light and higher self. Sacred sites still hold the cosmic center focus while the world wobbles, reboots and re-calibrates. The problem is that we can’t live in these places full time. We are all searching for energy and a place that feels like home . . . and if we are searching for home, home must be already here. It always goes back to a core question . . . Does desire create that which it wants? . . . or . . . Is the desire a clue that it already exist? I think the latter is true for me.

The one thing that we can always count on IS that everything passes and nothing ever stays the same. The fact is that our core reality is changing so fast now that we cannot keep up with our minds. We can only understand with our open hearts. We do not want to be held back by outdated teachings of the past, although some ancient teachings are still foundations stones for every age. Be open and listen with the heart to new visions that will continue to grow within the new codes and frequencies. If you are too comfortable at this time, then you have lived this way too long, and you have quit learning. But note here that having some comfortable times is also rejuvenating and needed for you to be able move on. The Maya call this living the serpent wave. We have high times and low times. Own today for what it is with all its glory and all its atrocities. But living authentically and surfing reality is what keeps us moving forward.

Here comes a big point the Star Elders want to make today.

Prophecies are always based in fear . . .
The Star Elders to ask you to let go of prophecies and watching and waiting for further and further dates in the future that might give us faux hope. We need to BE here today . . . not waiting for some arbitrary date in the future. As Ram Das famously said “BE HERE NOW”. I have been watching a long, long . . . too long of a time. I see that when there is yet another prophetic date placed out in the future that might save us, we are hampered because it puts off facing our issues and responsibilities, thus blocking our progress. Prophecy can be very dis-empowering. Yet, visionaries do see probable outcomes. These are most likely truth at the time they received them, but are received in order to trigger a needed course correction, and are not to have you sit back a wait for something to change for you. You have creative power that only works when you step on the gas pedal. Don’t fall back into deep inertia when another repackaged prophecy comes along. They will keep coming if you keep buying to them. Getting caught up in future prophetic dates, no matter how entertaining, only slows our progress because our energy is not here today.

But why do we buy into these future dates? The fact is that we are worn out, we barely feel our future right now, and we all need hope to go on. I hear this, and I do feel it too. But this I know for sure . . . Today is the only reality that we have . . . Day by day, and step by step. As Jeshua shared “Keep your lamp lit.” Be always ready. Again, this is why we need a wide scale, powerful revitalization and healing on all levels for our global ambassadors, messengers, visionaries etc. So again, I am asking the universe for insight in how we can create this global revitalization. I am listening, but I am also told that we are already on our way to doing this. The revitalization has been triggered and empower by the law of reciprocity.

So . . . Today is today. What if you woke up today, and this was it? This was the day. Are you ready? The fact is that we will NEVER know the day or the hour. We must be as ready as we can be in each moment. Be the best we can be in each moment. Being ready might just mean that you got out of bed this morning, or that you were on fire and wrote a blog, or taught a class that changed lives. Don’t judge the days that we might not feel ready . . . today or any day. The fact is that your heart is ready. You have already staked your claim in the new world haven’t you? If you are reading this, then it is true! Otherwise, you would have stopped reading this at the first paragraph. You are ready, and always have been! You already know this to be true.

So there. Take that and run with it as far as you can, and do it again tomorrow. Support those who inspire you with love, energy and abundance, so they have the energy to keep inspiring you back. All are needed here. All are valuable in this process. It might look like we have had a slow start in the beginning of this cycle, but we have a plan. There is no doubt that we are making sure that all are aboard and are ready to surf the new waves coming.

My hippie nostalgia song for the day . . . How is this for some nostalgia?
“For What It’s Worth” – 54 years ago this song was written by Stephen Stills and was recorded by Buffalo Springfield in 1966. There’s something happening here – What it is ain’t exactly clear – . . . Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. ”

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97 thoughts on “Things Are VERY Different In 2019

  • Dear Denise and all..
    another intense night….but with added insights. I was surrounded by intense violet light (very soothing) and reminded of ancient loves…I am still sorting and allowing, and perhaps this is about the coming together of energies…not sure.
    It is time!
    warm regards Penny

    • Yes! Getting dreams of licking brilliant colors that are impossible to describe their vibrance and the joy they give in the waking state! Never dreamed of them until the last year and a half or so!

  • Like most everyone else here, I am having extreme physical symptoms, including nausea, which is quite intolerable. However, I’m also experiencing many and quite often epiphanies of suddenly knowing or understanding something. I feel I’m moving deeper into “somewhere”.

  • Yesterday (17th) I was sitting in the parking lot at the Dollar store and I felt this unusual pulsation from my heart to my root chakra. It felt like the energy was attempting to flow into my solar plexus and then kind of got stuck in my root. I can’t recall ever experiencing anything like this. I started laughing and thought, “maybe I’m starting to go through menopause. “LOL! But, the pulsation was so subtle. 🔆

  • Anyone else feeling VERY strong and pronounced incoming energies yesterday and today? I have been so dizzy with head and face pressures and some mild nausea these past two days and had to lay down for hours yesterday. Wow!! I know there is a full moon so that must be amplifying whatever this is!?!?!?

      • Actually yesterday was the first time I felt better from the last “loss.” I really vibe with this from Sandra’s link, “A shuffling of alliances occurs this year, where new relationships, co-creations and Teams form to align with new Wayshower expression. This regrouping is related to Contact and working in tandem with the higher realms in a more physical, direct way. Clearing the akashic distortions clears outdated alliances; a reflection of the resolution happening on a Universal level.” thanks Denise.

    • Hi Colleen……Yes I have had and am having many strong symptoms. …nausea, indigestion, face pressure and extreme anxiety Also a lot of bathroom visits and instant naps…WOW and Thankyou Denise for Sandra Walters site….I thought I was “loosing the plot”…my eyes at times felt like they were glued down!

    • Good morning All. Yes, have been feeling intense energies since last week. Yesterday was a challenging day for me. Had to be out and about for work. I was in the vehicle with husband. The Glen Frye song “Smugglers Blues” was playing. I was singing along and said “I’ve got the strugglers” blues. I caught it and laughed. My husband looked at me and said “Honey, you have had “strugglers blues” today. It was a good laugh we both needed.
      I, too, am eating yogurt and guided to drink more water. Thanks for sharing everyone and Denise. Couldn’t do it without y’all.
      Love, Karina

  • Water, amazez me, the cycle…. rain catching the sun solar rays, pours the incoming light codes to land and sea. Its cycle of being on earth, then sun changing it to be carried in air, where it is distilled , purified, by sun. (and carrys earth codes, up).Condenses to fall somewhere else…. it has 3 forms, liquid gas and ice, solid. At imbolc first day spring in celtic countrys, known as day, of freeing of the waters. We were coverd in snow. Again the light codes carried in it,, as snowflakes, millions of light encoded, 6 pointed crystals, covered the uk…… imagine being in a ship and seeing earth. Blue, water covered, planet. Each day, i bless, every drop, every ocean wave. As it has memory, as each of us bless and love it. The message carried to all water. It is interdimensioal, and aids us in ascension, as we bless, and thank it in our bodys, it purifys, and raises our vibration.
    Like you Denise, i think it is wonderful.
    I so love the comments, and yr replys.

    • So synchronous as I just was told this morning to somehow get moister, more water in and saturation my tissues!

      Also Denise yesterday, though I know I am grieving a longtime friend freaking out and banishing me from her life, I had several heavy waves of sadness and heat then chills then sadness and heat. No I don’t have a cold or flu. I just tried to ride with it, and did Tapping and prayer. Also revealed to me that the two times my pets were attacked it was TD effing with me through them. Doing more protection around all 3 of us now.

      Looking forward to what you say is comin next and “not laughing.”

      • E-K Daufin,

        I’ve been having this extreme and rapid fluctuation between being unusually cold (inner cold radiating outward) in certain body areas and then a quick build up of inner heart and back again and so on for months. I know our metabolism has been changing greatly for many months due to a lot of things. Things like more embodiment and Embodiment, more personal Unification of what has been separated such as masculine/feminine, higher/lower, more releasing the old lower and embodying more NEW higher and so on within ourselves, consciousness and physical bodies. There is so much happening now because we’ve reached that evolutionary point within the Ascension Process where everything everywhere is moving, changing, shifting, evolving into the NEW. With the past 20-plus years of preparation Work we’ve done, we’re still finding it daunting at times to go through all we now are on all levels. But that’s what 2019 is about and it is building rapidly towards THE mega “shift” or changeover that January 2020 brings. 2019 is going to be like no other within the entire Ascension Process everyone. ⭐ ❤

        • Dear Denise Re your words ” But that is what 2019 is about and it is building towards the “Mega” shift or changeover that January 2020 brings”
          I cannot see or get anything after December this year. It is as if a wall of light or barrier is blocking me seeing or knowing after this date. All I know or sense is that something very important is brewing and when the time of truth arrives and our moment of sovereignty comes we will know and see. Roll on Father Time! Maureen

  • Oh my goodness, 2019! Last night I had my worst night ever. I am the least upset about it, amazingly. I cannot describe any of it but it was like my bed became a soup pot of light and I was the chicken thrown into the pot! It moved all over. My head was reeling, my body was unstable, completely out of my control thought patterns, not ugly necessarily But I felt sick because I was a live chicken in the soup, all of me was “stirring”. I am at altitude and I had a chest cold. I prep for altitude with an entire regime that leaves me completely fine, but I was still sick. They both impacted me too I guess. I’m up in Mammoth Lakes this is the Eastern Sierras near Yosemite National Park. Every time I come up here, and I’m drawn to come up here, it is so light infused it’s extraordinary. And every time I do, it has increased!!! I just wanna live here. I’ve said that before. This time driving up here the light above my head, the light around me, the light I’m witnessing as I walk to the bathroom where I’m staying… it’s incredible! Amazing. Seeing it more and more clearly, this time it was lovely pastel colors and maybe gold, I think like little fish scales floating! It’s pretty and so much light! I can only imagine what some of you would see clairvoyantly if you came up here! I actually would like to know!! I think many people need to get on a plane or drive and come to places like this, frankly. So, I’m wondering if the combination of light and maybe approaching dates made it an opportunity to turn me into a big pot of soup and do extra something in me for the night. This happened once before when I came up here. One can argue “altitude”, but I’ve been up here using nutritional cocktail and not a problem at all. But we also know what the energies feel like. I know what it’s like to crawl to the bathroom from my bed and then crawl back. Body pain and skin blotches galore presently!! But the speed at which I’m stepping out into the world continues to accelerate, lots of things and people and doors happening! Denise I hope you’re OK I can’t help but to imagine you right now on the floor face down! LOL hope you’re laughing!

  • Another TD attack experiences to assist our awareness.

    I mentioned that I was attacked and ended up with a frozen shoulder well that was not the only style of attack at the time. Had considerable discomfort (that’s putting it mildly) from a sensation best described as a red hot poker burning away in the centre of my chest as well. It went on for sometime and I was so concerned of damage occurring to the heart. Well that too turned out to be another TD attack but again the body goes into battle and it’s defense once again is the fire energy. It produces stomach acid and sends it to the esophagus area to remove the menace from the body. We need to assist the body as acid is acid it can do damage as well. The body is calling on us to attend to the issue. Home remedies helped, over the counter options mostly yuk too harsh for me and eventually together with acupuncture it was cleared.

    Round 2 – 2nd big attack and oh yes the hit to the heart thing (the red hot poker journey again). Finally we thought of tissue salts (cell salts) – minerals to balance the bodies acids. They have worked so well and I will continue with them for awhile until the area is healed. Less expense thank goodness.

    For years I had all the stomach issue problems as many do with this journey but worked that out as well, so knew the acid thing was not related to any of that. The Naturopath/Acupuncturist explained what was going on so now I am more empowered with knowledge and with what to do.

    Once I am stronger these attacks will not occur.


    • Lynn you probably did this, but one of my guides shouted “yogurt” to me one morning, as I was in old habit of being lazy about self-care while suffering miserably with acid reflex. (Self-care was not so much allowed growing up, I learn it daily now.). I got sheep‘s yogurt (cows milk not good for me) and it worked wonders. Thank you for the reminder to be vigilant with self-care and to help ourselves and this!

      • Marcy thank you so much. Yes no cow products for me that gives the biggest problems with these transcending bodies. It takes 3 days to recover from these attacks and cell salts worked then didn’t but watermelon has proved the best. Alkalizing and much more no doubt. It’s summer here so at its sweetest. Sheep cheese on toast for brekkie this morning followed by watermelon. Happy and tired body today and all has calmed down, but tomorrow having very long overdue haircut and that means it could be on again.
        Trying tourmaline water elixir for protection. May or may not work but we will see.

  • Dear Denise

    What is coming up from within is the word Energy. The Divine is Energy. The Energy of All That Is. Everything is energy nothing but. We are that same energy too. When we realise this we become awakened. Sri Aurobindo called it the Consciousness Force. Consciousness being Divine Masculine/Force being Divine Feminine. I think you could say The Divine Mother is truly making her presence felt. When this inner knowing grows in us our vibrations increase and our body starts to transform. We remember what we always were infinite beings timeless, formless, limitless, boundless eternal transcending mind, ego and become again one with unity consciousness, divine love and light. Love and Light to all. Not forgetting the body does the transforming not our eternal spirit.

  • Dear Denise and All Here,

    Thank you so much for this post and for all the succeeding Comments, especially those relating to psychic/TD attacks.
    It may sound bizarre, but every time I’ve re-read this post I feel almost ecstatic because it makes me realize that THIS TRULY IS IT and that I’m walking this path with the many fine people that I find here. This post makes it unequivocally clear that NOTHING from the old 3D existence can tag along or go with me into the New Ascended Earth World…nothing that is parasitical, anti-life and non-affirming, inorganic and “synthetic” (great words coined by others regarding TD), controlling or manipulating in any way…not that I would ever (consciously or unconsciously) ever have wanted to! Up until recently, my mind/ego was doing its best to figure out IF something was happening and WHAT it was…Now, I’m so happy to REALLY feel and know that my mind’s ability to figure anything out has ended…FINITO! Like some here, I’ve been experiencing significant skin irritations and rashes on my arms and trunk of my body (right side primarily), and have come to the awareness that “some thing” has latched on to the disabled companion I care for 24/7 (and all his visits to various doctors, blood and other tests, vaccines etc.). May all here and you, Denise, please know that I’m so grateful for all the wisdom and experience each of you imparts and that I, for one, continue to grow into my Ascension because of all of you. Blessings from my HighHeart to all of you!

    • Raymond. I have had really bad skin rashes for about 2 weeks now, very itchy and tingly all over but especially arms, legs and trunk as well. I try not to scratch but if I do it hurts and feels scalded. It looks very much like hives, which can be an allergic reaction to something. Stomach aches and headaches as well with nausea.

      • Also meant say all these symptoms over and above aching bones and sore muscles everywhere. OH what joy LOL!

        Would just like to say A big thank you to Denise, and everyone here for sharing all your knowledge and experiences, it is a big comfort to me to know are all still ok and still moving ever onward and upward.

        Blessings, love and hugs to you all

        From Megan x 🙂

    • Ditto Richard. I was not really paying attention to all the little blotches on my face, as I have some freckles and checking myself in mirror feels like luxury, as it’s still a marathon happening though I’m finally enjoying my life! There was a week where it all vanished, my face suddenly looked SO clear. Then I realized what blotches were about. They started coming back some this week. Two days ago, I had large red blotches on my lips, maybe an allergic reaction, I doubt that, now they’re suddenly gone. I don’t know what’s going on but I was going to ask Denise, the team dark thing, it feels super covert and simple, anything/everything that may stall or prevent to our final letting go process for us of all…I personally can’t see through it

    • Its hard for me to discern between dark attacks and other physical ascension conditions or effects. As far as feeling drugged I have felt like that for years much of the time, either that or recovering from a long illness. But I don’t guess it matters anyway which or what it is. As the oft quoted saying is “it is what it is”. The solution will be the same.
      What I wanted to mention how the dark has attacked us financially. I noticed this more a few years back but also now but to lesser degree. Every minor financial transaction became a big deal. Delays in getting paid because of weather, illness of office personnel, when received a check it wasn’t signed or lost in the mail or the bank would refuse to cash because of no account or put a hold on funds. Of course this was minor inconveniences in comparison to the hassles selling or buying any thing major like a house dealing with insurances etc At the same time there was often surprises like manna from heaven. I dealt with a lot of this during my wife’s illness and passing several years back..Guess we need to all go back and read the book of Job. It was probably written specifically as a warning to all of us.

  • In response to Karina, Karina, love your hornet dream, wow, just beautiful. A few summers ago I was going through a dark period, processing through my own sexual abuse experiences as a child, and as I was bringing up the feelings and memories, I think I got stuck in a dark hopeless place for a while. The yard outside physically actually got several yellow jacket nests right at that time. And they were angry and even attacked my son. It was amazing to me how my environment was mirroring my experience. It was a great learning experience in how to clear this stuff out. One of the things I learned personally was don’t linger there, in the dark, see it and process it and then hurry back into the light. I guess that’s why your dream just seems so amazing to me. You eliminated your hornets with light, I did it with insecticide, lol. And yes! I have been having the same visualization, the body filled with liquid light. I see it as calm and coherent, rushing down toward the earth. Whereas when I encounter some folks out in the world, those that are having a harder time right now, their energy can look like static, very frenetic. Thanks for your beautiful post.

    • Thank you Debbie for your response. AND Denise! The support and nurturing here is priceless. Thank you from my HighHeart! 💓

  • Hi there Denise, Since we’re talking about attacks from team dark, I wanted to add this. Yesterday a helicopter flew low over my house so that the house was shaking. This has happened before, though it’s been a while. And sure enough, not long after this I got hit with depression. There was no “reason” for it, other than that I believe I got hit by a low vibe blast of energy from the heli. I couldn’t shake it, I tried meditation, visualization, ice cream, nothing worked. Then that night, about 8:30 pm, a wave of the new divine energy came in. Energy zapping through my body. So uncomfortable. Damn I said, this energy again, and ran for the couch to lie down. Well, guess what? By morning I was right as rain. No depression, back to balance and good energy. The energy feels like the good mother I never had. Not to be too gushy here, but the energy feels like love.

    • “I couldn’t shake it, I tried meditation, visualization, ice cream, nothing worked.”

      Not even ice cream! I loved that and could totally relate.

      I’ve had planes and helicopters fly directly over my house many times over these ascension years too, one helicopter once was so low and loud it momentarily scared me. But despite all their high-tech devices, attempts and tactics, they’re nothing against Divine Source, evolution, the Photon Light, GC transmissions, the Sun and its energy transmissions and we of the Light.

      It is LOVE and it is Divine Mother and much more. Pass the ice cream. 🙂 ❤

  • Sometimes I wake up with a “message” from my Higher Self, and since I’m focused on this Shift these days, this is what it’s usually about.

    This morning I woke up to a song playing in my head: Closing Time. Some lyrics: “Open all the doors and turn you out into the world…Turn all the lights on over every boy and every girl…You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here …Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…Time for you to go out to the places you will be from.”

    Seems to be saying that there’s a definitive “closure” upon us, maybe a drop of A LOT more density.

    • Thanks for sharing that Thelma. I couldn’t agree more about how we’re now in (2019) such a different space and stage within the entire Ascension Process that it’s all very new NEW to all of us. We’ve never been here before and everything feels so different and transitional — and intense! Just another day… ❤

      • This sacred space, The mood. The Beings I sense who are here.
        It’s like that ceremony years back. A Handover. That is Now-here.

        I/We address the next Ones: WE have done our part. It is your turn now. WE leave soon.

        (…..for that is how the STORY unweaves Itself. letter by letter, word by word. until IT is read by ALL!)

      • Debbie, another song that has been flowing through my head has been another Pat Benatar song – Shadows of the Night. “We’re running with the shadows of the night, so baby take my hand, you’ll be alright, surrender all your dreams to me tonight, they’ll come true in the end.’ Divine Feminine is saying “I’ve got your back baby girl, let’s do it’. Thanks Thelma for sharing your message. You always have such wisdom and love in your words. 🙂

        • As Karina wrote, I believe Divine Feminine/Source has our backs now. And everything is changing. For most of us, our role in this density is truly over. We came to help, it’s done … and I’m ready for whatever is next. Feeling a sadness, too, like a final goodbye. Many some of you feel it too?

    • Hi Thelma,
      That song has also been in my head for a week, and I never liked that song to begin with!
      Thanks to everyone sharing their experiences here. I’ve had a whole week of dreams about being kidnapped and raped, lots of timelines. Also, driving is becoming even worse than it was before, as it seems I am INVISIBLE again!!😟😬 Psychic attacks, rashes——
      It’s nice to know I’m not alone.
      Much love to all💜💜💜💜
      Tammy R.

    • Thelma I’ve been listening to REM a lot this week! How wonderful so wonderful, and the songs I’ve been listening to are all the same theme (from that band and other bands too). Thank you for sharing that! I hit the brakes at a stoplight Friday morning a traffic person walked over to me and gave me a lecture on how I better only focus on driving while driving! My guide said to me, “welcome to the world” Marcy! What a welcome! I’m marrying these new hellos with my goodbyes at the same time. It’s good to say hello and goodbye sometimes at the same time, it’s good. 😊❤️😭

      • Marcy, thanks for your share. I like REM – I agree that the theme of the songs is probably what’s important. I look forward to marrying hello’s with goodbye’s. Nice way of putting it.

  • I appreciate the psychic attack experiences everyone. The sharing is so important for our growth and elevation.
    I have had the heaviness of the eyelids things happening for quite sometime and knew that meant something low level was in my space. Just the other day my wonderful friend who looks after me come home and as soon as he walked in the door I immediately detected that something nasty had accompanied him. I reopened the door and told it to leave, sprayed around with my energy clearing spray and all seemed okay. This can happen when we are on the phone also.

    Many of us in our learning phase with all of this probably need assistance with how to move these energies on without sprays or crystals etc. Perhaps it’s just being assertive and telling them to get lost? Difficult when you don’t have vision of what is happening. Would appreciate wisdom from the wise ones among us.


    • HI Lyn, a couple of things that have worked for me that might help: when I get the sudden sleepiness heavy eyelids thing, I get up and walk around, perk up, splash my face with water, or whatever works, till it passes. It does have a different feeling, when it is an attack, than general sleepiness, it feels like grog, being drugged, being pulled on. Awareness is the key for me, if I am aware of it, it is easily stopped. Then I raise my vibration through meditation and visualization. It can take just a moment to come back to center, because I find that being exposed to the low vibe can pull me off center. I have a feeling you already know this, but there you go anyway fwiw. I love your term fire energy, btw, perfect. I wonder if these hot flashes I get on occasion, and these cold flashes that seem to follow pretty soon after, are actually burning / freezing out what shouldn’t be there, like a one-two punch. Fire and ice energy, the power of the elementals. As Denise said, Divine Mother is returning. I feel like we are definitely in a time of rapid healing now that is going to benefit all of us.

      • debbie c & Lyn,

        This grogginess you both mentioned, in relation to Team Dark, is often them trying to get us to fall asleep and exit our physical body. Why? Because it’s much more easy for them — or it has been at those old lower levels and states — to literally hijack us from the physical dimension and etherically pull us into either the lower 4D astral levels or someplace outside of that to do any number of negative things to us and our energy and physical bodies. Keep your energies and focus high and Lightwarrior empowered and you’ll be fine.

  • Thank you to all on this site once again and Denise your the best – surviving this process because of your great efforts.

    It has gotten to the point that I am so susceptible to psychic attack because I am so physically weak. This is the only safe AP/EP site for me to visit. I have had to let go of very close friends who are healers and very loving but they just do not understand how contaminated the energies are that they work with and there lack of questioning and discernment. I cannot be near them or communicate by phone or email without being severely hit. Really has broken my heart that we are now moving on different paths after so many years of friendship. I just respect the individual process and know that eventually we will all get there in the end.

    The extensive rash on my arms some weeks ago was actually a psychic attack. Mended from that but then came the normal catch up phone calls and emails. Wham oh – another rash and hits to the heart. The rash spreads to under the arm. Really trying to get to my heart and take me out. Wow what an experience and learning curve. Also my blood moves cold throughout my body when I have done too much or been psychically attacked it seems. New territory!

    What a year 2019 is proving to be. Best to bunker down, get use to the fact that much is leaving in many ways.

    Only things that helps now is complete rest, nutrition and acupuncture (so my legs work well enough to get me to the loo).

    So looking forward to normal functioning but fully appreciate “what must be done must be done”.


    • “The extensive rash on my arms some weeks ago was actually a psychic attack. Mended from that but then came the normal catch up phone calls and emails. Wham oh – another rash and hits to the heart. The rash spreads to under the arm. Really trying to get to my heart and take me out. Wow what an experience and learning curve. Also my blood moves cold throughout my body when I have done too much or been psychically attacked it seems. New territory!

      I’ve known forever that the majority of people that have read my articles here and at TRANSITIONS, weren’t really familiar with Team Dark and psychic attacks etc. It’s been so pervasive and unknown that it — this unbelievable amount of global negativity directed at us constantly — was “normal” to most of humanity. What an extremely sad statement that is. Anyway, I too got attacked a few days ago which at this point doesn’t happen much but there’s been SO MUCH old negativity recently removed — the Moon, the old Earth’s core, the water on the entire planet and so on — so I suppose some increase in these types of negative activity should be expected now and again. I freaking hate to even say that at this point but, there it is…

      Does everyone remember a really weird experience I had in late 2015 where I was sitting in front of my magnifying mirror doing face maintenance? I would never have physically seen this with my physical eyes if I’d not been in that exact position looking in the mirror. What happened was a tiny pinpoint of light came flying in from my left just above my upper lip. I watched it zoom in suddenly, this tiny little dot of white colored light and once it reached the area under my nose it made a sharp 90 degree turn and zoomed up into my left nostril and into the flesh of my nose. I was shocked and within a couple of hours a big swelling in that exact area INSIDE my nose appeared. It hurt like holy hell and took almost two weeks to heal and disappear. Well, the same damned thing happened a few days ago with my right nostril but this time I didn’t see it as it was happening. I just recognized the pain and swelling in this weird location. It’s obvious that some negative little entities or devices want very much to get into our physical bodies.

      At the same time as this I discovered another really sore bump under the skin in my left eyebrow. That’s sore but nothing like the nostril flesh penetration. I’m so goddamned sick of this negative parasitic shit. Anyway, TODAY there’s a potent astrological transit hitting “exactitude”; it’s Mars conjunct Uranus at 29 degrees ARIES — which rules the head, skull, face. It feels like there’s a lot more old lower world stuff being removed and some of it is up and flying around searching for someone to attack because of this latest level of planetary eviction. So much going on now. But this Mars Uranus conjunction in late Aries is very visible on my face at the moment! 🙄 Be safe everyone, physically and etherically. ❤

      • Thank you both so much for speaking about the psychic attack. I got hit yesterday. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced one that intense that I was still reeling from it today. This conversation helped immensely. Thank you again 🙏🏻

      • Thank you Denise and yes I absolutely remember your experience and really took note.

        The critters where multiple that attacked me and my body reacted with the fire energy to repel them and I used essential oils which all assisted. Not a pleasant experience physically but experience is the greatest teacher.

        Just to continue with this to assist with greater awareness with these attacks. 12 months ago I tried to go back to work and it was too much as I had no idea at the time that this was all going to be serious AP/EP work. My body crashed so severely that I just clung onto life and had a large hole in my aura (a god save I was told). This allowed psychic attack from a very close older family member who is preparing to transition and fearful at some level. A dumping of the feminine suppression experiences (lineage related also) which in the physical meant a frozen shoulder for me. More pain, suffering and restriction for me. It actually took a few months for me to feel that in my physical body. I am very fortunate to have good support and I have been clearing these issues slowly instead of them having to be dealt with in the future. In some instances frozen shoulders can occur for some physical reason and at other times it’s can be an attack as was my case.

        The complications of being of service for the greater good I guess. But oh I sure am getting more switched on and I appreciate that empowerment.

        • Lyn, I’m so glad you mentioned the experience with your family member. The ‘family’ member that sexually abused me for nine years of my childhood is close to transitioning. His name came through to me prior to the attack, and the energy of it was the same that I would feel when I was terrorized as a child. When I read what you wrote it all clicked. I thought this was coming primarily through someone else and since I was so frazzled I couldn’t see it clearly. I am so relieved that I know what to do now that the light has been turned on. Thank you both again! ❤️

        • Thank you Lyn, Michelle and Denise for sharing this dialogue and commenting about TD and attacks. It ALL makes total sesnse now. At the beginning of the month, during dreamstate for 7 days straight, my dreams were “mission work”. There was a female figure (whose appearance changed each night) but I came to know immediately that it was the Divinne Feminine guiding me/us/all. One in particular was quite memorable – the atmosphere was always dark and shadowy – a hole/portal appeared near me that consised of angry hornets and “rabies looking” bats – the portal was growing and I became concerned. In steps DF (Divine Feminine) with a can of spray and approaches it from the side with such coolness. As she started to spray the space, I wanted to make sure she had good Light to get every inch of the space – so I raised my right arm and it at once was like a light saber/flash light. So we both took that nest out and closed the portal with a LIGHT spray and LIGHT touching them . It was pretty cool. These type of dreams went on for 7 nights//mornings (with just me/ DF/and others on the team).

          As Michelle mentioned, I had a dream about 4 nights ago regarding a family member that sexually molested me as a child (in this lifetime). In the dream, I saw him sit next to me and reach to touch my right thigh. I quickly moved, looked at him and said “you can NOT touch me – Now or EVER again. OR anyone else. You are DONE!!” Then, each night since I’ve had dreams where I have/or experiencing through others in a dimension/timeline abuse, rape, being fed off of, etc. Last night, going to bed, I said to my higher selves/soul – we are divinely safe and protected, whatever is going on, we are LIGHT and it can not survive in our space/environment/timeline – mentally, physically, emotionally, etherically – we are safe. I have been visualizing/SEEING the past few days – water/liquid – that which is ME/US/ALL – inside my body – it is liguid Light coursing through the entire body. Not much dreaming/activity last night to my recollection.

          SO, I know this was long, but everything you, Denise, and everyone else here shares – it helps us all to put the pieces to the puzzle, know we aren’t going backwards, that we are on the right path and those little fuckers just don’t like it and try to bamboozle us. The Pat Benatar song “Invincible” has been streaming through my head/consciousness for several months now – almost daily. Yet, it is true. Thank you ALL for your comments/sharing/dialogue – I love you all and Denise!

        • Thanks for sharing all that Karina because as you said, our being honest about everything we experience, including the negative stuff, helps everyone.

          Because my negative entity nose penetration business hurts like having an abscessed tooth, which is making much of the right side of my face, some teeth into the jaw, the right eye hurt like crazy, when I went to bed last night I forcefully did some more physical and etheric level Team Dark clearing out and Return to Source Work. Enough of this crap already. After I read your Comment Karina, it’s more obvious that this is a “theme” right now which shouldn’t surprise any of us old Lightwarriors. We are multidimensional beings and we do our Mission Work on multiple dimensions and that includes the conscious and intentional Work of removing, “transiting”, sending back to Divine Source these negative beings, aliens, entities, AI devices etc. I just remembered while writing this that last night while I was forcefully removing more of them, a Reptilian head and neck image appeared clarivoyantly. It was one of those smaller, less warrior type TD Reptilians but it didn’t like what I was doing and popped in etherically like this to get a look at me.

          Like Thelma correctly stated in her latest Comment —

          “Seems to be saying that there’s a definitive “closure” upon us, maybe a drop of A LOT more density.”

          Keep spraying and shining the Light everyone! 🙂 Interesting that the Team Dark Draconians I’ve Seen look very bat-like, very bat vampire-like. The humans that carry that energy and/or have been and are being manipulated by the Drac’s themselves look very bat-like and all look very similar. I’ve always wanted to do an article with nothing but photos of humans that are owned and operated by TD Dracs but I’d probably get sued… but I’ve wanted to bust those people for over a decade by doing something that physical for everyone else to see for themselves. And yes, some of them are well-known Ascension Community people. Moving right along… 😉

      • Denise, I don’t know whether this relates but I’ve experienced for the past year this and last repeated skin problems on my face especially the left side, this and other feminine regions of my body sorry if this is too much information in the form of inflammation and sorts. This has recently subsided and my whole life I’ve had a record of clear and non-problematic skin…but I always wondered what is it about the left side of the body in relation to the feminine side of the human that may be prone to energetic attacks. I was out today and it snowed heavily to the point where schools and many businesses/activities were cancelled, I don’t know what prompted me to encounter not one or two but a slew of cashiers who seemed to have personal beef with me despite me not knowing them and being non-provoking. I didn’t have my glasses on and it seems like any “slip” in personal defense routines…be that like a commenter mentioned in this or a previous article wearing certain clothes so as to feel protected to not be barraged at life, from people, etc. seems to invite an opportunity for life or other unconscious people full of fear, hate, or what have you to attack you or sense a weak spot so as to come in that way. I guess this on the other hand and higher level are tests to help us grow too.

  • Dear Denise love you. love you for the service you have provided these many years and loved your words to my words!

  • Dear Denise
    I have had a similar experience with water. When bathing I see my body, skin and flesh change to a crystal/crystalline hue.

    On the 7th February I experienced a massive download of extremely intense energy which left me physical feeling very unwell queasy stomach, intestinal distress, eye pain and headache and depleted. Whats new all in a days work/Service.

    I have noticed the energy of the sun just gets more and more intense. The Sufi Mystics say the diamond white light is the highest feminine principle-The Great Mother-at its most intensive. When the moment of truth comes and we experience our full sovereignty- As the Tibetan said “Mother Earth is giving birth to a new age and like all new births the labour can be difficult but the end result will be so beautiful”. Just feel that day is not so far off now. Words are failing me now so will sign off. Peace be with you all. Maureen

    • Every word is true Maureen ❤ and words fail me too, all the time with this whole Process.

      Very few of us have talked much at all about how much Divine Mother has returned so far. I can feel IT pouring in now like crazy in the water, in the Earth, in the space and Light we're inhabiting and Embodying, and in our HighHearts and expanding consciousness. It is beyond words for sure and is easier to FEEL and radiate. That "birth" is happening this year into 2020 and is why everything is feeling so profoundly amplified.

  • Yes Richard, I agree with you entirely and Denise on her comment of well said! Trying those alternative healing modalities was also a part of my journey of healing myself till I too realized there was nothing to heal or fix and it was all a part of the process. I just maintain intuitive health habits as you mentioned and support my body through it the best I can.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Thank you, Denise and all here. First, I want to apologize to Richard. Sorry, Richard, I didn’t ‘hear you’ when you responded to my comment a while ago, there were reasons, but it is true that I should not preach to the choir. We are all doing the best that we can, and apparently our best is very good indeed. Next, I wondered if anyone else is experiencing waking up from extended sleep periods and having a very difficult time getting fully back into their physical body. This morning, after nearly 15 hours of must-get sleep, except for bathroom breaks, I had a heck of a time getting back into my body. This has happened on numerous occasions, but these days the effort it takes to get my body to come back online to just start moving and get up is becoming quite challenging. There’s a feeling of a tremendous weight on it and that it’s not my body! Hopefully, that made sense. Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      I know all about needing to sleep a lot more now but I’d suggest you try to “cat nap” sleep more instead of long hours of sleep at one time. I’ve had to throw out the old beliefs and habits surrounding sleep and getting those 8 hours a night and other related old lower stuff. What I’m experiencing now is that with every increase in the Light/energies/codes/DNA etc., the more I need to sleep for short periods — 45 minutes to two hours usually — but even that has been hard to reenter my physical body afterwards. Why? Because while we are out of our bodies, there’s a lot more NEW Light energies entering them and our DNA etc. so when we reenter them we instantly feel different and it takes us some time to integrate every NEW change that happened to our physical bodies. I feel like I’m making no sense whatsoever because my head feels so strange and it’s freezing cold. Excuses, excuses, excuses! 😆 ❤

  • E-K Daufin,
    I am so sorry to hear that. I too had a friend show a nasty side I hadn’t known was there, a few days ago, and thought, ‘Oh great, another one gone.’
    Even when you understand why, it’s still excruciating, isn’t it?
    When this kind of thing happens, I think of Denise, who keeps trucking, even while caring full time for her mother (anyone who’s looked after the elderly will tell you how gruelling that is), and she hasn’t “retired” or stopped writing ….. I think of all of you who post here, some of whose stories I know, and I send everyone good thoughts and energy, and remind myself that I am not alone, like a ship lost in space; somewhere out there, Thelma is noticing this, and Penny thinking that, and so on.
    It makes me feel better, on a day when the main achievement is like, “Managed to carry on breathing”! 😀

    • Amen Podvig, My goal, as of 2017, is staying alive, and keeping my bills paid on time. Everything else takes a back seat! Much like your “Managed to keep on breathing” achievement, we must try to focus on the most basic essentials, one day at a time, and accept the changes (losses) knowing there is a purpose and we will understand why fully when the time is right.

      Denise, I too am grateful you keep on trucking in spite of the energy you must invest in caring for your mom. I retired at the end of 2003 to care for my mom and it was all consuming. I am so glad I decided to do that though, as I spent her final 6 months of life being with her every day. Looking back, I cherish that time and am grateful to have been able to do so.

      And Barbara, I also have been taking longer to get “back into my body” after numerous naps with intermittent bathroom breaks. I wonder occasionally if there will ever come a time when I (we) can schedule something and feel confident that it will actually take place as scheduled!

      Thanks too to all who comment here and share your experiences, and concerns. It’s what keeps me going; Denise and all her fans.

      • “Amen Podvig, My goal, as of 2017, is staying alive, and keeping my bills paid on time. Everything else takes a back seat!”

        Barb K. & All,

        I’ve lived exactly like this for so long now, just doing my best to get the daily necessities done is sometimes a mega accomplishment.

        Now, everyone, don’t hate the messenger okay? :-/ I’m going to say this and most of you already know this because you’re living it and can easily feel it. But… it’s already gotten much, much more intense in 2019, in fact the energies bumped up again in pretty big ways yesterday, Sunday February 10, 2019. It’s going to be like this all of 2019 and into 2020 but there are and will be profound improvements as we continue embodying all these changes this year.

        Yesterday there was a small 3.6 earthquake only 8 miles from where I live (this has been happening over the past two years or so) which wasn’t a big deal. However, within about a half hour I was crying over nothing again and felt pretty terrible in my head and spine and certain body areas. About an hour after that there was a second small quake further north. The local quakes shifted more inner Earth energies which I felt almost immediately physically and emotionally (magnetic changes always make me weepy and achy) and I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck today. My head hurts and feels strange and different from the old familiar Ascension related head/skull/face pains and pressures. There’s so much more going on now in 2019 that’s all very NEW and different and I intend to be able to write an article about it soon. Our bones/skeletal structure is evolving greatly in 2019, becoming far MORE crystalline than ever before.

        I’m mentioning this because what we’ve BEEN dealing with has again shifted, elevated, amplified and expanded in NEW-to-us ways and it’s going to be like this continually all year because we’re building towards huge changes. Hang in there everyone because 2019 is going to push us all like we’ve not been pushed before. It’ll be so worth it however. 🙂 ❤

        • thanks for the confirmation Denise, I have experienced the 8th, 9th, 10th of Feb as brutal physical pains, especially upper spine, neck, into head, and a general all over body aching. The clumsiness has also increased, dropping things onto the floor, and wondering how the heck I can safely retrieve them 🤔

          Last night, late on 11th (uk time) I felt something changing, I became very sad and asked Source why so many of us have to continually suffer, with very little respite. This morning I woke with a stiff painful neck again ……….. this heavy duty body pain seems to bring a lowering of energy at all levels. When the emotional stuff kicks in, I recognise that something is happening on a higher level, and this helps me to move through it with a better attitude (otherwise I would be having a 3D temper tantrum 😡 ) last night whilst feeling the sadness I really needed a hug, thank gawd for teddy bears 😄.

          Hope everyone manages to steer themselves through this latest tough patch with a sense of humour, and of course big hugs to you all. 💖

  • Prabhi K
    What I like most about sharing on this forum that many of us understand the many physical challenges we have faced for so long. We express our conditions such as extreme fatigue but we do not expect anyone to do anything about it. We understand that it is a “normal” reaction our body has to these upgrades. While wishing this long process would conclude we do not expect or want anyone to heal us. Years ago when I would tell those I thought of as somewhat aware about my many debilitating conditions I got many recommendations for healers who used various methods of crystals, calling on guides, using meditation, removing energy blockages etc. I even tried a few of them but they all seemed so contrived and unnatural. There is nothing to heal in regards to our light body process or our cleansing duties. But having said that there can be underlying health conditions that could benefit from treatment. An aware person going thru this will be able to discern. Also i think it is beneficial to maintain our bodies the best we can by practicing good health habits.

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you so much for all you do. I have been following you for a very long time, but never have commented here. This article was spot on for me…thank you for sharing Aluna Joy’s article, too. I look forward to reading your posts for your take on the current energies. I’m a massage therapist/healer/lightworker and have had my share of the exhaustion, body aches, pains. Its always a gift when I read your articles as you are spot on with what you express. I can relate to so much of what you share.
    I just want to say thank you. Reading your articles and all the comments helps me to carry on.
    Love to you all

  • Dear Denise and everyone,

    Yes Marcy, Richard, and Denise I too have noticed the outside light being even more brighter the times the sun does shine in addition to the spring like feeling many of us have felt since January.

    Richard, I am also experiencing crampy intestines (since February started) and daily intense headaches, along with many other symptoms that require me to go flat most times.

    Salvatore, I agree with your concern of extreme exhaustion/fatigue. I too am very concerned about this, especially since the past 3 years. Have been mostly resting like you for 13 years (with some periods during this time-frame where I was able to accomplish things or at least function). I was hoping 2019 I would be able to start functioning again at least. I know many here are transmuters as Denise mentioned in her last article and I don’t mind getting the symptoms on-and-off (although I am sick and tired of feeling “sick” and tired) but it would be nice to have some energy to do things other than just the absolute bare minimums of activities of daily living (personal hygiene, cooking/eating, cleaning). I can relate to others who have commented here of seeing others have so much energy/start all these co-creation projects or other creative endeavors etc and wishing you could as well. Whereas you feeling left behind or pressure that you’re not accomplishing anything in life still having to mostly be flat for so many years. Based on “3D standards” I am an entire decade “behind” for so many aspects of my life which doesn’t feel very empowering, although I’d much rather be on this journey.

    Yes! So true Denise, the rich colors show up the most against a black/dark background. Very complex kaleidoscope patterns/designs. Something I noticed was that the intricate patterns/designs are constantly changing and forming a new pattern/design every few seconds, and never seems to repeat again! And the pastel colors show up on white/light backgrounds which are swirling and also the feeling as if they are coming towards you at the same time. But for me the pastel one always seems to be the same pattern unlike the rich colors that show up that continuously change.

    Denise, I wanted to share an exciting experience I had in the middle of reading your article in the evening the day you published it. Halfway through I got up to go count something downstairs and discovered sitting on the wall shelf that the plain rocks I had picked up near the lake almost 1.5 years ago were now glittery!! I was so amazed my heart melted in joy knowing the rocks were also evolving. Interesting thing was they were all at different stages based on the amount of light they held. And I’m not talking about crystals/gems here. The black and white rocks had the most visible glitter, so much that when I held them in my hands the glitter got all over my palms and fingers. The other 3 rocks (beige, peach, red) had some glitter. Then I went back upstairs and found my 2 heart-shaped grey rocks which also had some glitter despite sitting in a drawer for the past several months. I know we are but I wonder if everything will be developing this physical glitter such as plants, animals, and even “inanimate” objects! I should inspect the few plants I have to see if I can spot anything, all this is so very interesting.

    Thank you Denise and everyone for sharing, highheart hugs to all! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thanks so much E-K Daufin, Thelma and Podvig for your comments. I know so many of us are going or have gone through this. I agree Podvig: “It’s like a re-streaming process, isn’t it, when people who have been in your school class since kindergarten, won’t be going on with you, it’s a parting of the ways. “ I think in many cases we’ve been karmically entangled with these people since time began, so to speak. It is so odd/disorienting to be disentangling roots that have been knotted together for lifetimes. And so damn painful.

    On a happier note, a couple of days ago, a coyote left tracks in the snow in my front yard in the shape of a dna strand, all the way down the yard, then he went over the driveway and continued in the snow on the other side. We only have one resident coyote in the town, that I’m aware of, he surprised me and the neighbors by showing up here @ 6 mos ago. This is not usually coyote territory. So he must have run up the yard doing one side of the wavy dna strand and then run back down doing the other side overlapping the first. Made me so happy. Have been seeing a lot of good signs in nature.

    It’s so nice to meet up here with people of a like vibration. Thanks for that, Denise. Love to all and have a great day!

    • Wow. Exactly! Thank you! Just as I turned on my phone to check emails I was reminded of a tumor my first do had in her knee. The vet said it had tentacles entwined with so many different other tissues when he pulled it out and was lucky to get it all. Exactly how this feels. Thank you.

  • Debbie, I so feel you on this. All the rest of the ascension challenges are like one peanut compared to this agony. Yes, I understand why, yes, I accept it, am no longer trying, praying, urging others to ‘not miss the six o’ clock bus’, yes, I know it would be weird if everyone we happened to know through karma, all happily reached the exact same level of spiritual development at precisely the same time. That was never likely to happen, was it?

    I do know all that, and yet this is the most agonizingly painful thing of all. And I think we are right and justified in feeling that grief. It’s like a re-streaming process, isn’t it, when people who have been in your school class since kindergarten, won’t be going on with you, it’s a parting of the ways. They couldn’t deal with your class, the ‘advanced geometry’, say, would be too much for them, they’d struggle and suffer until they had breakdowns. Nor can you go back to their class. So there are tears, hugs and goodbyes …… and to make it worse, because all this severing is taking place on the other dimensions, it’s not even like you can talk about it in public and meet with understanding and sympathy: ‘Your whole family and five friends died in a fire?! Oh NO, how devastated you must be!!’ So we feel on our own with the bleakness of it all. It IS heartbreaking, we’re just gonna have to go through it. 😦

    • Wow! This is exactly how I feel. Lost my closest and longest continuous friend in a painful solitary life on Thursday. She showed a racist side to her I had never seen before and set her racist daughter on me. Excruciatingly painful even as I know why this is happening now.

  • Oh thank you, Denise, for that pick-me-up article, and yes, Aluna Joy’s article was good too.
    As always, I was nodding my head in agreement all the way through your article …. like most everyone, I am, as Aluna Joy puts it, running on fumes, worn out and need some hope.
    BUT …. but …. the sunlight is so much brighter that I keep thinking, ‘Is it spring already?’ And just yesterday I was reflecting on how, strangely, any and all ‘old’ body things have mysteriously gone now, and the thought came to me, I no longer had any of the old genetic stuff, anything inherited from our family and ancestors has been removed.
    And the clarity, as you said!! The separation of worlds is here, now, and no longer coming to a theater near you soon, and is it noticeable! But with a calm clarity as if overlighted by my wise higher Self, I see and understand perfectly why this and that happens and what was the reason for this, that or the other separation. I know we are more powerful, the reins are now in OUR hands, we’re winning ….. seems a strange thing to say while physically feeling beaten up and having nothing left, but feel it I do. (I thought I would manage to exhaustedly type just three words here, ‘Thank you Denise’, before going to lie down, but you have given me a Keep Going infusion again!) 😀

  • Yes the sun seems whiter and brighter even on cloudy days. Yesterday February 8th the sun set off a blast that hit my solar plexus hard with crampy intestines. Today i a procssing it through my higher chrakras with headaches and sinusitis and am recovering as usual in the horizontal position.

  • Is it just me?..the light outside seems even brighter now, in a really soft way! It feels…different, it’s like I can “feel” the daylight now. ?!? I don’t think it’s just a nice winter Cali day thing either. Energy this week is soo different. I’ve had massive sharp pains, then high voltage energy that was long and steady, made me feel catapulted upward, then suddenly all sleepy. All the general woozies have a different quality. Like being in rippling water. Hope all are well, really enjoying reading these posts, so helpful, so grateful to all 🙏💓 also, on a sad note, I’ve seen many animals run over in areas you never see that, many accidents, more than normal. Though I’m not feeling impacted when out and about by surrounding rage, amazingly. Seriously set up for forward motion and being so helped, even with intensity coming and going in the body. So glorious exhausting.💛

    • I was out this morning for a bit and immediately noticed that the sunlight has, once again, gotten even brighter and more intense. This will only continue which is another reason why we’re all feeling more aches, pains, pressures etc. now. So much going on constantly energetically and it’s very different in 2019 and much higher in frequency. When I feel a bit better 😆 🙄 I’ll try to go into more explanations about some NEW Higher Awareness images I’ve been Seeing so far this year concerning my/our physical bodies.

  • Dear Denise & All,

    Loved reading about your seeing all those colors and shapes! Can’t wait until this becomes the new normal for many of us. I’ve been looking forward to this Separation of Worlds but, as others mention, there’s a sadness in letting go of all those who are no longer on the same track or seeing the same reality. I find solace in knowing that they will now be free to evolve spiritually without interference.

    Thanks for including Aluna Joy’s post. I especially liked this: “we have returned to the beginning and are rebooting the very core of humanity’s separation program.” And it’s so true that “communication problems” are extreme these days, with people being so intolerant of other viewpoints. Yes, there’s no point to waiting for anything. We’re ready to become conscious co-creators and see the world reflect what we hold inside.

    I am noticing more people being kind to each other, helping strangers cross the street in icy conditions or holding doors. Hoping to see this blossom as we go forward and I never hesitate to extend a hand myself.

    Blessings to you & everyone here.

  • Denise, I saw an article today called “Whoa, Uranus Looks Totally Messed Up Right Now,” that talks about a massive polar ice cap that’s been growing substantially since appearing 10 years ago. Really interesting given what you’ve said about Uranus moving fully into Taurus on 3/1. And I wonder if there’s some connection regarding water and what you’ve said in this article. Loved hearing about that healing!

  • Hi Denise. I’m so fascinated by the moon info! Anyhow I have been experiencing feeling intense heat for like a couple minutes followed by intense sneezing and then some coughing. Even tho I’m of a “certain age” this heat seems to arrive and penetrate from the outside inwards. But maybe it is menopause related. From the hips down I feel weighted. Heavy. My feet ACHE. (I also recently had a chiropractic adjustment ). I feel the most at ease I’ve ever felt and don’t any longer (I hope!) seem to react with that deep fear or anxiety. I still do react sometimes with fear but its lighter. And I sure do feel people when they come from the solar plexus in my own! I strive to stay in Today if not in the Now and trust my heart Life. And it’s a lovely day!

  • Hi Denise,
    The day before you wrote this article I had one of the episodes where I see colors and geometric shapes, but this time it was gemstone colors like you mentioned—- beautiful, deep, deep blues, reds and greens! And it took me a minute to figure out that the shapes were in a kaleidoscope pattern! I used to play with a kaleidoscope when I was a kid for hours and hours. It was like being transported somewhere beautiful, come to think of it that’s probably exactly what was happening. At first, of course, I thought I was having a stroke or a brain tumor!! until I got a grip and remembered that I had seen colors and geometric shapes before this. These are SO different, though. Like you said—- EVERYTHING is different!!!! Things are definitely going to get more and more weird and exciting. I say LETS GO ‼️‼️
    Today I need to rest, though, as there is some HEAVY DUTY energies coming in!
    💜💜💜💜 to All
    Tammy R.

    • Tammy R.,

      I too had a kaleidoscope when I was a kid and would get lost in those constantly changing colors and complex geometric patterns. Many of us Volunteers, Starseeds etc. as kids recognized these images as 6D morphogenic patterns for all sorts of things manifest in lower, more dense 3D physicality. We didn’t necessarily know this on a conscious level but the reasons we were so drawn to those kaleidoscope patterns was because at another level of our MULTIDIMENSIONAL being we were familiar with complex patterns and colors.

      These kaleidoscope-like rich deep gemstone colored patterns we’re Seeing with Higher Vision are typically always against a black background, which only makes the intense colors pop even more. There’s a second very prominent set of Higher Vision images many of us have been Seeing and is the complete opposite to this. These images are always on or within a white background and the colors are always very light pastel shades like pale pink, pale baby blue, pale mint green, pale yellow, pale lavender and so on and they’re always iridescent. They shimmer and undulate slightly and are extremely beautiful in a very different way than the super dark rich gemstone colors against black backgrounds are. Two very different energies. I’ve Seen these pale pastel iridescent swirling, undulating colors on/in a white pearlescent background multiple times since the mid-1990s. They are very, very high frequency beings and energies.

      “…Our human bodies are not transmuting the karmic and miasmatic base fast enough, the planetary Miasma, and this is required in order to move us through less dense frequency formats in order to handle the accelerated transmissions of intergalactic plasma frequencies. This is the primary reason that we are having the Aurora host support this planet during the ascension timeline. The Aurora krystal families have been working with many of us, consciously or not. The Aurora consciousness has a pale, white opaqueness saturated with many hues of colors, which may appear as pastel rainbow ribbons that look like cellophane, or individual iridescent colored orbs…” by Lisa Renee from her blog 2-2019.

      The first time I encountered this energy /beings was around the mid-1990s in a lucid dream. It was so beautiful and gently folded back and forth on itself like warm taffy candy does. I knew in that dream that it was both an energy and a being from a very high level of frequency. Today it, they — the “Aurora Krystal” — are all around us and working with us, helping us to more quickly do what we’ve been doing which is move through tremendous amounts of density while we simultaneously embody and Embody higher and higher Crystalline (Krystal) and higher Light energies etc. so we can do ever more even higher! No rest for the weary! ❤

      • Dear Denise.
        As a child…just as I was falling asleep (to the upper right) a kaleidoscope of circular prime colours would arrive and I would leave..there is no memory now of what I did or learned…I also have seen shapes as well colours..triangles mainly.
        The soft hues of colours is beautiful too…all telling a long awaited story..
        The one thing I still get hung up on is the earth,,,especially 5d .emf etc. I tell myself to step back..but its not easy.
        warm regards

        • “As a child…just as I was falling asleep (to the upper right) a kaleidoscope of circular prime colours would arrive and I would leave…”

          penny & All,

          Most of us Ascension Volunteers/Starseeds etc. had serious and constant refresher course training from early childhood through to our first Saturn Return at age 29-31. What you described sounds very much like this. As we’d fall asleep someone or something would be waiting there for us to exit our physical bodies so we could get to our refresher course trainings in our etheric bodies with our appointed Guide(s) and/or some ET kinsfolk from higher dimensions during those years. I had one main Guide from about age 5 until 29 who helped me to remember how to intentionally get out of my physical body and into my etheric one and then move, use, fly and “steer” my etheric body so I could intentionally go to other places for other educational reasons, all related to the Ascension Process that would begin decades later in the physical dimension. Prep Work in other words for those of us who needed some help with being in physical bodies but came in to them from higher nonphysical dimensions voluntarily and so on. They helped us with so many things so we’d be better prepared for the Ascension Process activations around 1998-1999.

          Thanks for sharing this Penny. ❤

        • Dear Denise, I’m STILL getting training almost every night, workshops and lists of huge conferences. Never had a guide I could identify as you did though. I am sometimes the teacher but most of the time I have unwilling to learn Earth students as I did in my “3D” life daily.

  • Yes the exhaustion since 2012 has been so much more than the exhaustion prior. I can understand that we made a collective choice to help as many people as we can, to go down in density to do so. Now that the separation is upon us, I am so sad about the people I will have to leave behind. Certain people I love so much. My heart is just broken about it. I have had many dreams where my higher self has shown me it is like a school here, the people you leave behind are just continuing on in a lower grade. It is a process I have to allow or else I am interfering with their free will. It is a helpful analogy, but I don’t know if anything has ever hurt more than this.

    • Yes! Debbie – dramatic experiences of having to leave behind even the few folks who have supported or connected with me here because they suddenly revert to lower vibration dramas! Heart wrenching. But we’vr Done all we can do.

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  • Hi Denise⚡️I feel like this article is extra. Thank you. I feel electric change. I’m walking into the bathroom at work now and seeing dots of light too!! It was funny to read you say that! Regarding water, several months ago I started ordering live spring water from a company in LA that bottles water in Oregon. It’s live under processed water. I couldn’t pallet LA water anymore. It was back when things were hyper intense and just the taste of water here, even filtered, was intolerable. I mentioned this to others and they just said put crystals in it and do this or that. But I knew I wasn’t supposed to drink the water here for a while. LA water moves in a circulartory system. Same water, round and round. I started to research water then. I know you probably know this, water is the most impressionable substance on the planet. So, it can be made holy or hateful. During intense months of 2018, there was no way I could drink it here or enjoy a bath much. I wish I had just gone out into nature more back then!!! But I looked online and an Oregon based company came up immediately. Drinking water that was unprocessed and alive was almost otherworldly. And especially so now. I’m still ordering it. Also, regarding resolved physical ailments, I’ve been praying by singing songs, psalms, past 6 years. For years the songs I sang mentioned pathogens…being cleared or dissolved through light up into swirl of light or bath of light in me. I was confused back then at first, but slowly knew my body was recovering physically from physical ailments, karmic and life issues. Goodness knows what problems I would’ve had otherwise. Peace to you I’m off to bed 🙏

  • Hello All,
    The one thing that personally has had me concerned at times is the exhaustion. Needing to rest has kept me home much of last 12 years, receiving little income, but still living in abundant surroundings. If you asked how I would survive after 2008-2009, I would never have answered the way I am living now. And do not say this negatively. I literally have let go of everything, including the insane numbers of bills and overhead. A true wake up call that set me up to rest a lot. 2018 I was given direct instructions about doing groups again. I said ok, accepted it as truth, but had no idea that that was all I was going to do, nothing else. 2018 was one of the most non-physical years I have had and there have been a few. Entering 2019, I had an expectation that it was going to change quickly. Not the case. I am still requiring very little time outside of home. I never liked the word recluse, but I am starting to feel like Howard Hughes. Not so much the germaphobe part, just the not being around people part. I keep trying different foods, supplements and even went back to eating red meat when I turned 50 (now 55). As was mentioned in the article, “The last few years, many in the trenches, those anchoring the light publicly and those behind the scenes, have felt a bit burned out. We have worked hard to stay positive. We have seen little windows of high energy, feeling hope returning, and little doors to synchronicities and miracles manifesting, but then only to watch them dissipate quickly leaving us deflated, exhausted and depressed. Most of all, these things don’t seem to build or grow into anything much bigger as they did in the pre-2012 years.” I can concur completely that this matches my history for many years now. There are people all over the world experiencing some of what we forerunners are, but I do not feel these symptoms are epidemic proportions. People are still having their individual energy levels run through. I am quite envious as there are many I see that are full of energy like the eveready bunny. Thank God, because I would not want to be hanging with a crowd of people feeling exactly what I am feeling. Yes, I love the comfort of like minds, but thank God I can surround myself with people in different places and energy levels just to remind me there is another experience. I, for one, am ready for another experience.

    • It was wonderful and confirming to read your experience. I can relate and many many levels. I’ve always been a workaholic and never would have imagined doing what I am doing right now after many hard years of working toward something that I feel has enriched me in a myriad of ways and which I know I’ve agreed to do and then would also be important as a stepping stone in the future…but am not in the field of at the moment. I have played piano for 20 some odd years, 10 truly seriously. I had been asked whether I would become a professional musician, pianist, but never dreamed that I would be doing that or anything related. Before, I had always thought of maybe retiring to the back woods somewhere and teaching piano as a pastime then. Never did I think I would be a full time piano teacher right after studies and that was all of my 2017, 2018, until now – which has been a gift in the deepest way and extremely dream-like in the way it manifested. I never went and completed an ARCT after the other levels because I didn’t think I would be teaching and as a main job, yet I am learning and seem to have it in me somehow to actually give out what I’ve had all along. I think if I died and never passed the baton of piano/music skills and the joy of it to anyone I would have some regrets that I haven’t thought of given how I’ve pushed this part of me to the background. I feel like not only has music saved my life in a subtle yet strong level, somehow the ascension process and all its pains and unspeakable losses, and gains, is assuaged even if partially by having art in one’s life. This and the right brain, the feminine, and our intuition including telepathic abilities then also tied into with Nature, Mother Earth, and the goddess in all things and every one that has been lost yet is rooting again with the AP process. How long a trek this has been…through the woods full of mud and even just to rekindle and keep alive something that is so much a birth right – that of having feelings, benefiting from beauty, experiencing the abstract ( in colour, sound, what have you art, music, drama, writing, athletics, etc. much of which funding in has been usurped in many a university), or simply the time, money, and freedom (that which we call leisure and luxury now) in one’s life. I’m sorry, this was too long. I truly appreciate Salvatore for sharing his experiences and everyone else who have and will be commenting, also Denise. ❤

  • Dear Denise,
    Deepest thanks from me for grinding out these articles when you constantly feel so belted around physically, energetically, and emotionally from the trolls we don’t get to see.
    My bright spot of noticing change was yesterday when I went to the library and I only had to walk 50metres and I passed three mature men walking separately. Each smiled right at me or said hello! I’m mid 50’s and look like a bookworm so it was nothing icky. My town is a gentle well to do place but people still won’t talk to you unless they know you.
    And both my twenty something’s are getting right into gardening following their vegetarian concerns for the planet. They have lived in a garden all their lives so why this week?
    Love to you All

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