Parallel Earths & The Coming Separation

The above image is intended to represent the Separation of Worlds, the old physical Earth world and energies reaching their final Expiration Date December 21–23, 2012 and continually reducing energetically from that date forward. The image shows two parallel lines, one continually increasing, the other continually decreasing side-by-side. Replace those two parallel lines of blocks in the image with two parallel physical Earths, an ascending Earth that’s been returning to full organic energies and continually increasing energetically, and the other old inorganic patriarchal Earth that’s been continually decreasing energetically since December 21–23, 2012.

At some point these Earths that have existed parallel to each other will completely split-off, separate from each other and no longer exist in this old position and state. The NEW organic Earth will continue to energetically and physically ascend while the old inorganic Earth continues to rapidly decline and eventually exist no more. That inorganic Earth world most of us incarnated on in these lives reached its full Expiration Date in December 2012 and will not exist indefinitely. This is the Separation of Worlds and it is now very close at hand physically. Some say it will happen physically in 2019, and for a couple of years I’ve thought it would happen in 2020 due to multiple things, one big reason being the approaching Saturn Pluto conjunction throughout 2019, then it reaching exact conjunction on January 12, 2020 at 22° Capricorn. Look at those numbers!

Before we go further I want to briefly clarify what I mean by organic and inorganic Earth. Earth was originally organic meaning Source designed but it was intentionally manipulated by Team Dark negative aliens and beings into a profoundly diminished inorganic state many thousands of years ago. They did this to parasitically use physical humanity and Earth, the solar system, much of the fourth dimensional Astral plane and more as their personal etheric and physical energy food and fuel sources. They intentionally distorted Earth, other planets in this solar system and humanity so severely that it all was energetically diminished to an inorganic state. Original organic humans were beautiful, loving beings that respected each other, Earth/Gaia, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, females in general and all else on, in, around and off planet. However, when Earth and humanity were seized by negative aliens, humanity was intentionally distorted into being anti-human, anti-Earth, anti-female, warring and murderous because that is how those negative aliens were and felt themselves; “humanity created in the image of god.”

Some Ascension teachers and some channels have stated that old patriarchal inorganic Earth will last for another 100 years, some claim another 300 years, and a couple of channels have claimed it will exist for another 1,000 years. Based on what I know as of this moment—and I reserve the right to know more tomorrow and the next day and the next—much of when the old inorganic Earth completely disappears depends on the Embodiers Pathpaving from the physical in-body levels now. Don’t feel pressured Embodiers, Forerunners, First Everythingers by this because you have, we have been doing this all along anyway.

The more you/me/we Embodiers, Forerunners, Pathpavers Embody and elevate ourselves, our physical bodies and DNA etc., the faster we automatically pull and lift everything and everyone else behind us up to increasingly higher energy levels. Think how race cars draft off of the lead cars. Like my old cartoon drawing of the Angel with a huge chain over its shoulder intentionally hauling Earth up stair-steps all the way back up to organic frequencies and state internally and externally, you and I have been doing exactly that throughout this entire Ascension Process. We have always been those who Volunteered to incarnate in these current lives to in all ways override and elevate what was long ago stolen and horrendously distorted energetically, etherically and physically by Team Dark negative aliens and other beings. Said simply, the Volunteers incarnate now came in to clean up the negative aliens and beings ancient energetic and etheric distortions done to Earth, the solar system, much of the 4D Astral and to global humanity and continually energetically override and elevate everything back to a fully organic state, DNA, human consciousness, Earth and external reality.

We could have stopped this monumental Ascension Process effort years ago because the agreed upon base ascension level had been reached, however, because we were soul-deep into all this evolutionary ascension business physically ourselves, we decided to pull the whole thing up even higher, then higher than that, and yes even higher than that much to the many cosmic onlookers surprise. Many of them weren’t expecting us to do that but we have and we continue to do so today because we’re of the heartmind of “why not go as high as we can with this now and Embody and Pathpave even higher for everyone?”

Respectable run-of-the-mill ascension wasn’t enough for most of us after the early transmuting and residual clearing Work was accomplished so we collectively decided to go for higher gold so to speak with this Ascension Process on physical Earth. Why the extra Work, aches, pains and additional old negative bullshit from the old lower fronts? Because cosmic spiritual opportunities like this only come around every few hundred million years or more so why not take it as high as we could for ourselves and Embody, build and Pathpave energy migration routes for the rest of humanity coming up in 2019, 2020, and 100, 300 or 1,000 years behind us? We already hurt like hell and had gotten used to being strategically stationed around the entire planet as living Lighthouses isolated from other Embodiers and Forerunners, so a little more of it all wasn’t that big of a deal to us at that point within the Ascension Process. We’ve taken Earth and humanity back to planned Divine Source organic energy levels, plus we’ve taken it to Crystalline Christ frequency availability for every human that may desire that as well. Wind us up and stand back because this is who we are. Source knew we’d make the decisions to go farther and higher long before we knew we would.

Because the Volunteers took a vote over a decade ago about the state of affairs with the Ascension Process on Earth back then, and the majority voted to wait longer in hopes of more people elevating their frequency and joining the Ascension Process by finally getting so sick and tired of the old global negativity, we waited. However, that long wait is now over and the Separation of Worlds is close to happening.

Will The Separation of Worlds Happen On The Physical Level?


To discuss this I’m going to use the percentages of 28% existing on the NEW Earth and 72% existing on the old Earth that Inelia Benz talked about in her November 15, 2018 blog article.

Frustrating that it’s 72% after our 2007 vote to wait and give them more time to get fed-up with the anti-human heartless negativity and all else of the old Earth world and start developing heart and a desire to stop the global internal and external personal and collective pain. After all of our individual Forerunner ascension blood, sweat and tears Work transmuting, clearing and continuously increasing our frequencies and Light and Pathpaving energetically for mass humanity, there’s still 72% of global humanity that prefers the old negativity, insanity, personal and collective pain(s) and everything that went with that lower frequency inorganic state, consciousness and Earth world. That’s why I voted for the Separation of Worlds to take place in 2007 because I knew we wouldn’t get the numbers most Forerunners were hoping for and believed was possible back then. They won’t in 2019 or 2020 either which is why the Separation of Worlds is finally going to happen on the physical level. There are many Forerunners, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. that cannot exist in this in-between state any longer because the gap in frequencies and people is too great and too painful at this point. The full separation from the old inorganic patriarchal Earth and humanity on it must happen soon for the Forerunners to thrive and continue the Higher Work for all.

With some of the earlier choices, votes and Work revisited again here for perspective, we’ve finally reached that point within the Ascension Process where these two parallel Earth worlds cannot continue as they have been since December 2012, and the Separation of Worlds is about to unfold physically. Let’s cover some of that to get a better awareness about how it will most likely look to those in the 28% group. To explain this I’m going to talk about some things I already have many years ago at TRANSITIONS when I first experienced them. It’s time to put these different experiences and events over the years and decades into perspective in relation to the 28% and 72% groups of people on parallel Earth worlds. Become more conscious of your nonlinear being and Work you’ve done and continue doing both in and outside of linear time and space.

I want all the elders and others who’ve been living the Ascension Process as First Everythingers from the very start to remember back twenty years ago or so to when you first noticed other people rudely getting in your way when you were somewhere shopping. Remember how suddenly people were walking up and standing in front of you way too close physically and refused to move out of your way? Remember how they’d just ignore you and your shopping cart and what you were doing and trying to look at on some shelf in stores? Remember how goddamned mad it made you having strangers treat you like you didn’t exist, like you were invisible? Yeah, you see where I’m going with this. Those people weren’t intentionally being rude or disrespectful to we First Everythingers, they did not see, feel or sense us standing right there in front of them and this began happened repeatedly twenty years ago! Because we were vibrating at a slightly higher and faster FREQUENCY than they were, those individuals didn’t see or sense us at all. This has always been about different individual levels and rates of frequency and vibration. Higher and faster, lower and slower. If you doubt this try this. Intentionally induce an emotion in yourself that’s based on something you’ve experienced that caused you to be really angry or fearful. Recreate that emotion in yourself as completely as you can then pay attention to how your vibratory rate drops. After this, intentionally induce an emotion in yourself that’s based on something you’ve experienced that caused you great joy or peace or gratitude etc. Feel that in yourself and your body and honestly compare the radically different frequencies of those emotions and the different levels of frequency they produced in you. Existence today in dying inorganic Earth or in NEW organic Earth basically comes down to which frequency range each of us has within us and maintains. Anger, fear, hatred, greed, causing pain to ourselves and others or respect, honesty, compassion, equality, real freedom, sharing all with all and so on.

Next I want all the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners to remember back to the start of the physical, biological Ascension Process in 1998–1999, and how when driving your vehicle other drivers would nearly hit you and/or run you off the road. I want you to remember how they would change lanes and almost sideswipe your vehicle, or how they’d suddenly pull out in front of you, how they’d run red lights and almost hit you and on and on and on. Other people drove their vehicles like you did not exist, like you were invisible and simply not physically there. These mega jerks endangering us, themselves and other drivers may have not been the mega jerks I, we first believed they were because over time we realized they DID NOT SEE US which meant we had to pay extra attention to not only our own driving but everyone else’s. We were invisible to many people when we drove and that was truly harrowing and another aspect of us living the Ascension Process first and at a higher frequency level than the majority. Many people couldn’t see us and our shopping carts in stores nor did they see us in our cars when we were driving them. Like living and Pathpaving the Ascension Process first wasn’t difficult, painful and dangerous enough we’ve also had to physically deal with and emotionally cope with our being invisible to a good part of humanity since 1999.

All of us who began the physical level biological Ascension Process first because we were per-incarnationally coded to do so in 1998 or the start of 1999, began living our lives and realities in a higher frequency space from that time forward and has continually increased in frequency and vibratory rate, expanded in size and amount of Light energies we’ve continually embodied and Embodied ever since. Because we’ve been continually increasing our “Light quotient”, evolving, ascending in all ways and literally living and existing within our personal secluded higher frequency physical homes, apartments, properties etc. since 1998–1999, we’ve been living the continually increasing Separation of Worlds the entire time.

I wrote about a few experiences I had throughout the decade of the 2000s that dealt with this from my Forerunner of the Forerunners higher frequency perspective. One of these many bizarre experiences looked to me like I was viewing certain lower frequency physical humans and locations through a very long dark tunnel. One time some neighbors yelled at me from down the street and when I turned to look at them they appeared to me to be small and very far away and I had to strain to actually see them through this long dark tunnel. The first time I experienced this it was shocking and as usual my first thought was, What the hell is wrong with my eyes?! There wasn’t anything wrong with my eyes, I was simply viewing those neighbors and other people who existed in the 72% group frequency, consciousness and old Earth world reality from my position in a higher and faster frequency level.

I’ve had many face-to-face encounters and battles with very evolved Team Dark aliens and other demonic beings etc. and yet, as odd as this may sound to some, it was a physical awake experience I had in the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in the mid-2000s that really shocked me to my core. Monsters? Yeah, whatever, been there done that. Having physical buildings disappear while I’m physically standing in them is a very different story, or it was to me back then. Today I think I’d be ecstatic to witness the old lower frequency Earth world totally disappeared from my view and personal reality. These past twenty years of living the Ascension Process as Forerunners should have prepared each of us emotionally and psychologically for the ultimate separation from the old inorganic Earth world, reality and its 72% population.

I had to go to the DMV office in the mid-2000s and after waiting in line outside the building for nearly an hour, I finally reached the only public entrance to the office. When I crossed that threshold into the building—which I’d been in many times before—I couldn’t see anything in that large building other than the tiny narrow queue line leading up to only one window. Everything else in the large DMV building was pitch black and literally physically gone from my perspective. The only thing I could see was one tiny narrow line I was in inside the office that was dimly light overhead by one very dim light. I couldn’t believe what I was and was not seeing! There were no sounds at all which is rare in busy loud public buildings like the DMV. I remember thinking to myself how profoundly grateful I was that there were a few people ahead of me in this line and that there was at least the one dim overhead light so I could even see where to go and then how to exit the building. I was in the DMV office for about twenty minutes and the entire time 99% of it remained completely invisible, blacked-out, soundless and with only that tiny single line dimly light overhead the entire time. I was never so relieved to exit a physical building than I was that day.

There have been numerous other similar experiences where I couldn’t easily or clearly see or See at all certain places, buildings and people that exist in the old lower frequency Earth world. Likewise, since 1999, there’s been many people in the lower frequency 72% group that couldn’t see, hear, feel or sense me or you in the 28% higher frequency group. My point in going over these two radically different levels of frequency and existence again in January 2019 is to remind us that we’ve been living the Separation of Worlds ever since it started in 1998–1999 on the physical Earth level. Additionally, its continually accelerated every month and year since December 21–23, 2012. It will most likely reach complete physical separation from the 72% lower frequency Earth and human population on it at some point in 2019.

The big question on most everyone’s heartmind is how will this final physical level Separation of Worlds look and feel to those of the 28% group? And how will it look and feel to those in the 72% group?

From the 28% perspective, physical NEW organic Earth and reality will no longer have the 72% individuals in it. They will not exist in this higher frequency NEW Earth nor will any of the old negative patriarchal systems and structures. That dream I had in December 2018 where a kitten spoke with a human voice, “There’s a lot of Work ahead of us” is making more sense now that we’re in 2019 and facing the completion of the Separation of Worlds physically!

I know that many of you reading this have personally experienced buildings, people and areas suddenly just not be there more than a few times. You’re driving somewhere and old familiar landmarks are nonexistent and you momentarily get lost because of it. They weren’t torn down by physical construction crews, they’re simple gone. Certain places and people just disappear and you do your best to not get rattled by this and continue with whatever it was you were doing when you discover some more of old Earth reality is gone. This is much like what it will look like and be to those of the 28% group on NEW organic Earth; all the lower frequency people and systems and all else will simply not be there.

From the 72% group perspective it will just be what it’s always been to them. They won’t even perceive our departure. The old Earth world and reality they prefer will still be there— for the time being —so to them there won’t be any change whatsoever. What is today, and will accelerate and increase in the old lower inorganic Earth world is its escalated deterioration and eventual total demise. It has no energies supporting it to continue, so for the 72% group, life on old expired inorganic Earth will continue to get increasingly unpleasant. They all have the option of individually migrating to NEW Earth via increasing their frequencies, their Light quotient via the Ascension Process which will help them make the evolutionary transition. Not everyone within this 72% group will do this in 2019, 2020, or 100 years or 300 years or 1,000 years from now however. Most will but not all.

Personally I sense that the remaining time left for old inorganic patriarchal Earth’s physical existence is very short. 100 to 300 years at the very most. The Embodiers been very intensely intending both the elevation and acceleration of the entire Ascension and Embodiment Processes for ourselves and humanity behind us and it’s working. I’ve never sensed that there’s 1,000 years left for old negative Earth to exist as it disintegrates. I feel it’s much less linear time than that.

To gain access to ascended NEW Earth the 72% individuals must raise their individual frequencies up out of all that’s been normal, accepted and encouraged on the old negative inorganic patriarchal Earth world. Again, this is about different levels of frequency and individual “Light quotients” as it’s been called. You either vibrate higher and faster or you don’t. Remember that the Forerunners waited for an extra decade for more of the 72% people to increase their individual frequencies via the Ascension Process energies and naturally evolve, “ascend” to a higher frequency. We waited a long time for them to do this and it was hard on us in just about every way to do so but we did it. The waiting period is finally over however. Now we’ll move on and it’s up to the 72% to increase their individual frequencies and traverse the ascension energy migration Pathways we Pathpaved for them for this very reason.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ As usual there will probably be some interesting questions and answers discussed about the strong probability of the physical Separation of Worlds taking place at some point in 2019 in Comments under this article so I recommend you check out the Comments too.


At some point during the last two weeks of December 2018, I had a visitation from a group of seven ET Lightbeing types. I didn’t write the date this happened down so I can’t remember exactly but it happened during that time. I was awake when this group of seven ET Lightbeing types intentionally appeared to me. Nothing was telepathed by them or me and this visitation seemed to be more about them letting me know that I was (as of December 2018) in a NEW higher place and that these types of direct conscious meetings would continue not only for myself but for most all Embodiers.

What struck me about them was that they all looked exactly the same. The image above is a close representation of them in that they all were the same color—white in this case—and all the same height, size, shape etc. They were identical and yet I knew they still had some individuality to them. They all wore the same floor-length white robes, had no hair and barely any facial features and milk-white skin. They were a small group collective but as I said still had some small amount of individuality left in each of them. Everything about them was white and of Light. They stood very close together and didn’t move, speak, telepath or do anything other than reveal themselves to me because I had reached a level where these types of meetings and visitations with new to me ETs and other Lightbeings could finally start happening. These NEW visitations are due to our Embodiment levels to date, the Crystalline Christ frequency DNA continuing to connect within us, our latest intentional positioning within the Photonic Light, and the physical level Separation of Worlds probably happening this year. All those things we’ve Worked so long and so hard to reach are finally starting to manifest in multiple ways because we’re existing at a high enough level for them to do so. And, far more to come all year and beyond as well.

As we continue to Embody Higher Self within lower physical body self; as we continue to Embody greater amounts of NEW Crystalline Christ frequency DNA connections; as we continue to intentionally and consciously drive our Ascension Embodiment Processes, the more we’re going to find ourselves in NEW territory and realities along with far, far more new to us Universal neighbors. This isn’t in the future but in our now lives and realities and it’s all going to expand like never before in 2019 due to the upcoming final physical Separation of Worlds. Well done everyone, now comes the really exciting NEW everything. Are you ready? Are you really ready for it because it’s coming and soon.


January 9, 2019

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115 thoughts on “Parallel Earths & The Coming Separation

  • Hi Denise. This border wall issue is dangerously draining. I’ve become convinced the only sane choice is high heart neutrality. When reading all the pov out there it seemed to me that duality consciousness was being fractalised into infinity. And people seem solidly polarized. I mean there appears to be zero give and take. No tolerance or compromising. I retreat! 🙃

  • Glad to see someone predicting it to happen so soon! I’m still continuing my ascension journey being an anchor, for i simply cannot do otherwise… but i have found my self reaching a point of becoming dissonant to anything ascension related. This old way of life has gone on so long i all i hear is “bluh bluh bluh soon”, most messages are like a looping CD record! But i look forwards to the level of peace /bliss i will find myself in the moment that separation happens… ahhh ❤

  • Hi Denise and Barbara,

    Greetings to you, Barbara! Nice to meet you…I’ve followed your comments and responses to Denise’s writings for a great long time, both here and on TRANSITIONS, and your observations of January 14 (and earlier) are spot-on as usual. I was reminded of what someone once said: “You will never influence the world by being just like it.” I suppose this is why we “renegades” (to utilize an old term from Barbara Marciniak”s “Bringers of the Dawn” and “Earth”) have embraced our roles in effectuating evolutionary changes from outside the prevailing energetic matrix and that, ultimately, we were/are unable to be and do so in any other way! As I continue to both develop inwardly and deconstruct the inner paradigms that no longer apply – and connect with others like yourselves who have gone/are going through similar experiences – I certainly get how it is that Denise feels “blissed out” in her HighHeart. These are like little “mini-ecstasies” that I’ve recently been experiencing, and I’m so enlivened by them! Thanks to both of you…

    • Raymond Boeri,

      ❤ ❤ ❤ The NEW normal on NEW Earth and in the NEW Humans.

      For many people it won't be until they start experiencing some higher frequency NEW energies, consciousness and HighHeart in themselves for them to honestly understand how profoundly dark and negative everything was before this Ascension Process. Looking forward toward the Light from within the darkness is a very different situation and personal feeling than looking back at or remembering the old global darkness from the Light. We’ve come a long, long way in a relatively very short period of linear time.

      • Hi Denise,

        You’ve alerted me to a very astute distinction as I assess my own relationship to both the Light and the Darkness…I’m reminded that I have no ability to gain any perspective on my personal history while I’m immersed in it…but after having crossed an “evolutionary bridge” (of which there will be many), I can say that looking back at global darkness while residing within the Light is infinitely more pleasant than when I was caught up in the darkness and negativity of it all, clawing and grasping for any available Light I could get my hands on! Your insight also reminds me to remain in “vibrational equanimity” (my term) as I’m presented with the difficulties (me and) others will encounter in integrating the “higher frequency NEW energies, consciousness and HighHeart in themselves.”…even though we will never advocate that anyone need experience any pain, struggle, suffering, drama or lack while doing so! (thank you, Denise and Inelia Benz!). A long, long way indeed have we traveled…

    • Raymond, same here; love those moments of bliss that come periodically as I “deconstruct” old paradigms that no longer apply – habits are hard to undo as they are mostly unconscious behavior. Still, it is so freeing to do so that I almost feel guilty. But not for long. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and thanks to all those who comment here to Denise’s articles. It IS a haven from the world out there that is rapidly crumbling. Courage can indeed be found in numbers.

  • Hi Denise. Any thoughts about the 2 asteroids colliding near mars and what that’s about? Just saw a share about it. The person didn’t elaborate but said it “explained a lot.”

    • I hadn’t heard anything about this but it does makes some more sense about the collapsing global patriarchy. Astrologically Mars has, I repeat HAS represented male/masculine energies and drive but with a lot of lower consciousness so it’s been manifest as warring, violence, elitism, the patriarchy etc. In some cases like this these events are representative of these old Mars energies being “pummeled” into evolutionary change and that fact is better recognized by some people as these types of rare space events. Or, you can watch an hour of World News on TV and see it actually playing out on the world stage. 😆 America and the UK are deep in it and “it” will only escalate like crazy this year and next. Mega changes coming for all.

      • Denise, thanks for making that point about Mars having been expressed mostly as war, violence, patriarchy, etc. It will be refreshing to not see the planets in extreme polarities (positive – negative) anymore as we move higher up the stairsteps!

        • ⭐ I’m going to throw this bit of information out here for everyone.

          Today is January 17, 2019 and I clearly saw a huge flash of white Light out my kitchen window today. It’s been raining all week — it’s so wonderful! ❤ — so my first thought was that it must have been a lightning flash. I waited for the thunder and none came and I realized that what I'd seen outside was a NEW higher frequency flash of Light, not lightning at all.

          I see flashing sunlight constantly coming from me like I'm radiating the same solar Light that's flashing, which is what many of us have been doing for a year now. But, what I saw today outside was something different and NEW to me and feels like the time leading up to, through and beyond the Sunday January 20th Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is us entering another higher level/frequency of Light and all that goes with it. Be open to experiencing NEW to you phenomena and such this week and next. It feels like we're on the higher move yet again which also means we'll be seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing and possibly encountering more NEW to us things etc.

        • Denise, thank you for sharing your experience. I have been seeing flashes of light too but the past few days the flashes have been brighter and more intense (yet softer). I had a dream at the beginning of the year that I heard from a light being, “Go! When you see the Light open and flash”.
          Last night I had a deep level of purging emotionally yet had a quicker “recovery time” and able to be back in my HighHeart with divine neutrality. THAT was a first. Going to bed, saw the flashes again. I look forward to all the NEWNESS. It’s exciting! Love you.

        • We’ve reached another higher Light level this week Karina. That’s great a Lightbeing told you to “Go when you see it!”. We are going and as quickly now as possible! “NEW Earth Now!” Not later but Now.

          Congrats on the fast purge and faster recovery time. Makes it all much easier to blow right through… like a flash of Light! ❤

  • Denise, I mentioned awhile back about schools. How kids have changed. The social dynamic massively transformed over the past 3-4 years, dramatically. As of last year, there was a circa 30% stronghold of purely positive, self-empowered, kind, humane energy collective, showing up in a unified group of unique kids of all kinds. They are the dominant force now. As with all youth, they must align with a groups to go through development, the strongest group…wins. They control the state and dynamic of their culture and environmental development. I wanted to remind you of this last article. Not that you need any reminding of anything like this because you know this is happening. I just want to say how magical marvelous and miraculous it is to be in a microcosmic environment with 2,800 people and witness it, witness the new majority – the new New. There are kids holding darker stuff still in the negative, but they are now singular and collect only in small groups of three, I’ve noticed. There’s no power in their force, there is no power around them or to surround them. Their issues are like close they are individually wearing. They are seemingly alone. There are still teenagers with angst and issues, of course. But the new positive dictates their ebb and flow. They can’t/don’t “go with it” the way they used to be able to, unless they’re truly stuck on that side of it. And then they go it alone with one or two people. This is Los Angeles, that’s what makes it even more amazing, to be in a city so corrupt, so modern day Babylon like, so filled with heaviness and darkness (pre-fire, that is) that it’s utterly astounding to witness this self-empowerment in teens and brightness in their life force now. They are utterly completely and totally different from anything I’ve seen in the city in over 20 years. They are unlike any former generation ever. They are proof like no other, in my opinion. Also, I believe that (and your article has inspired me to find out) the size/percentage actually may have increased!!! It feels like it’s increased, I don’t know how much though! I walk around now and I have to look to distinguish the negative, which made me aware that the positive must have become larger. I’m not centered in the middle of the school during the day anymore. But I’m going to take a look at lunchtime, doesn’t take very long to pick up on it. I do believe the group has actually grown in size, though. And of course it would! I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that! I didn’t let myself, I was so excited to see what I saw, as it was!!! And this is a very very very good report !⚡️ These kids are not only a sample of the future. They ARE the future. The influence upon their generation and the ones to come can’t even be assessed, it’ll just grow exponentially, it has to. They don’t comprehend nor do they agree with the negative anymore, they don’t even understand what older people are on about sometimes. At large, I am also aware that the top is off the bottle for the” bad” out there now. It’s downright violent and spewing where it can, when it can. Also, friends and family in recent weeks are telling me dreams their shown about relatives etc. More are getting direct messages and making shifting choices, at least those I know. They’re done, some of them. They state this to my face. I’m hoping that this could mean that our wait was wise, at least somehow it saved some, 99 go back for the one AND I also see now how for REAL the mad stuff is and was, as all my victim shit is floating behind me and the boat I’m sailing in now.. I don’t feel sorry for anyone anymore. I feel overwhelming compassion, but I don’t feel weak or willing to give in.

    You know, I personally noticed every time you used the word “back“ in this article. I kept thinking of the film “back to the future” and the phrase itself. For me, Marty & “ back to the future” is tremendous metaphor for my life (probably not the only one). I knew at 20 I had to just get to the future. Rogue One, Marty, Rudolph whatever!! I had to get back to the future, Han Solo style. Three years ago, this kid all alone walks past me in white converse tennis shoes and a “back to the future” T-shirt and then another crosses the quad right toward me with a “heaven on earth” T-shirt. The sweet message wasn’t lost and the funny thing was it happened on about the date in the movie when Marty returns to the future in 2016! And all of this occurred as I was placed in the middle of the school during breaks 3 years ago. I got to watch the kids and their entire dance manifest, in all the glorious energy that bathed them, woke them and reinvented them. Now I can’t believe it, what a gift, what an absolutely perfect place to be to witness. I love when humanity creates things and does not know what good it does and how it serves!💗.

    By the way it’s been a really really hard energy week, really hard!! Vomiting (acid reflex on crack), hardly able to get out of bed! That letting up soon??! And I want to move! Now!! To the Sierras, into nature so badly!! And leave where I am working (mission done) so very very much I’m about to scream!! I feel like popcorn in a popper!!! Agh!! Bless you and everyone here and all of us!❤️🙌🏻✌️ And I can’t stop talking!

    • Thank you for writing this! So glad you recognize the “New Positives”. Sorry about the hard energy and acid reflux but that’s the way of it right now, isn’t it? Denise’s comment on food sums it up.

      • Kathy you’re welcome! I couldn’t find recent remarks about food but I know what Denise has said before about listening to guidance/intuition about food. I usually do that after a day or two of suffering! A guide yelled “yoghurt!” at me as I woke earlier this week! Bought some goats milk yoghurt (it’s lactose free I think and loaded with minerals, beyond cows milk) It worked, live culture, cooled it a lot, duh! Only thing else is mashed potatoes – they don’t seem to cause a problem. I crave them now and know it will be okay eating them. I don’t normally crave potatoes. Not into white food. Funny, speaking of guides, many visited and worked this week in AM and at night (see their funny faces waking, looking at me, finishing up whatever) yesterday one said “are you okay?” I wanted to laugh but it’s been one of those frying baking frizzzled crashing weeks, so I just said “yah it’s just…” and I went about weird dreams to him! So much visual stuff, images of Egypt, really old b&w film reels, not intelligible, very confusing!! Also what’s hard with food is rising in AM to eat in the morning. I could barely move when I woke this whole week so no time for breakfast before work, an alkaline breakfast might have helped! And also I know in some cases nothing would help; I’ve had it surge on a completely empty stomach. I will be purchasing some Rolaids too LOL.

  • Thank you Denise for yr helpful reply…… re bringing up negativity in people. I need a cleaner, as cant manage to do it. Joined a co, that finds them for you…. cleaner supplied, very down, emotionally, but he got more and more peculiar avoiding doing job. Walking up and down stairs. . What to do?????? I put intention, only love and light, may enter house…..I no longer go out, into 3d, it is actually dangerous. Except to go to holy well. If i go to supermarket it so low tone, most people hardly have energy to do job, then you get a loving , bright spark who makes your day……
    At mo i am tryint to understand, , how the predator, prey, among the animal kingdom, will work, on new earth….. in 3d beings have to eat other beings to survive. This is perfectly ordered in nature, a perfect balance. You said once “there is no death” do you think predation, will cease in 5d……. i so loved yr comment, your house, is going with you!!!!! My crystals, and books and tuning forks, going with me. Even though, i will be in contact, with their ideas, and essence,more fully.
    So many comments on this article. It got us relating. Thanks all who posted so we know we are out there. As path, a paradox. We are isolated, in 3d, but joined, with helpers, soul familly, on the inner.
    Big thankyou Denise, and commentators

    • “You said once “there is no death”…”


      I have no recall of ever having said, anywhere, that there is no death, physical death. Moving right along…

      “…do you think predation, will cease in 5d…”

      Yes. Think about how over these ascension years everything we’ve been able to eat and drink has been changing because we are evolving physically, energetically and in every other way too. What you, me, every person whose been living the Ascension Process for the past 20 years has normally eaten (and drank) and never had any problems with has increasingly made us feel horrible, sick like we’ve been poisoned. Over these AP years, what we’ve been able to eat has decreased tremendously and most all of us have HAD to lighten up what we eat. Example: I can eat vegetables with no negative reaction in my body, stomach, digestive tract etc. When I eat anything with preservatives in it I become sick, poisoned feeling within 10 minutes. What I’m saying is that due to our ongoing evolution, what we’re able to eat and digest easily and so on has, is, and will continue to change dramatically.

      3D dense lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower energy, lower everything old Earth world and humans needed much heavier, more dense protein foods but evolved 5D Light-filled, NEW DNA humans do not. Some of us are already capable of feeding and fueling our physical bodies through taking in Sunlight energies, inducing happiness, LOVE (all caps type of higher LOVE I mean), and creativity which is LOVE. Oh we’ll still eat more Light-filled, less dense foods but animal protein foods is already being greatly reduced by more and more people. Another important part of this everyone, is why some of our beloved pets have died recently. They too, the animals, are evolving and their diets and digestive tracks etc. are too of course. Everything on NEW Earth will be Light-filled which means what we eat, what the animals eat and so on is all evolving to a much higher level and frequency. Food is Light and food is LOVE, with some veggies thrown in when needed. 😉

  • Hi Karina!

    Thanks for your friendly greetings in response to my Comment! I’m so glad Denise created this forum and space in such a way that Conscious New Earth Creators and Ascenders (like us!) could acknowledge and interact with each other through studying her writings and working with her guidance. Wherever you may live and find yourself on your AP/EP journey, please know that I’ve received your warm HELLO and THANK YOU most HighHeart-ed-ly! May all go as smoothly as possible for you in every way and on every level…and always thank you, Denise, for making these interactions possible! Knowing others are experiencing such an “other-worldy” incarnation has greatly reduced any residual concerns about not living on purpose!

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