Dealing Multidimensionally With The Negatives

I’m intentionally quoting this October 3, 2018 blog article by Lisa Renee following my latest article about how to discern what’s organic and what’s inorganic.

Now I already can feel and hear certain ascension writers going into their familiar automatic judgmental blame game insults over subject matter such as this and my focusing on it, or focusing on anything that’s short of a constant bliss state. I’m sorry but I’ve ‘been there, done that’. Like most First Everthing-ers/Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers, I volunteered to exit that higher “bliss” state and level to physically incarnate aspects of my Higher Selves to directly assist with, seed and anchor the Ascension Process from the physical Earth. After the hard, dirty and dangerous Ascension related energetic Work is done, then a whole lot more people will have a much easier time eventually reaching personal “bliss” levels themselves on ascended Earth. Sorry but everything cannot be blamed entirely on the human ego; there have been more players involved all along. We are after all, multidimensional Beings.

One more aspect about this I want to include is that just because I am or anyone else is talking/writing about these less pleasant dark topics and negative Beings does NOT mean we are perpetuating them. We write/talk about things that are currently happening and being experienced by many people, myself included with some of the material Lisa Renee talks about below, that are due to the Ascension Process. I’m the first to admit that I’d like to never ever need to think or talk about these ancient players, however every time I’ve tried to ignore the fact that some of them still exist, I get into trouble because hiding one’s head in the blissy sand does not make these negative aliens and other hierarchical beings and entities magically disappear, especially if one Volunteered to help evolve everything beyond them. Every time I’ve been too exhausted, too busy, lazy, careless or just all done with Team Dark to take FULL current responsibility for myself (meaning incarnate volunteered Denise Le Fay aspect) and where I am to keep my body and physical house energetically protected from Team Dark, I get attacked more aggressively. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand that it’s the very people who volunteered to incarnate into physical Earth reality now to live, embody and anchor the Ascension Process and help lift, shift and transition Earth and its capable inhabitants to the next higher Evolutionary Cycle that are the individuals that come under the worst and constant negative attacks.

“…When miasmatic patterns from the Egyptian timelines are rising into the collective consciousness, those of us that are sensitive may exhibit a range of ascension symptoms. These tend to be related to the psora miasm, such as an assortment of skin eruptions that may appear to be red, inflamed and itchy, like rashes, hives, eczema and insect bites. Insect bites are related to the pestilence curse, which was common to curse enemies in so their crops and harvest would fail or become diseased with insects…”

It’s because I’ve had these small red inflamed but painless dots on my skin in places over the past couple of years that Lisa Renee’s information about this is important to me personally. I’ve never had skin rashes but these small red dots have appeared on my lower jaw, neck, upper chest and forearms and take forever to go away. And I’ve had conscious direct connections to very ancient Egypt all of this life and have written about this years ago. I’ve known for the past few years that a nearly incomprehensible amount of multidimensional energetic Work across multiple timelines has taken place and continues to because I consciously remember much of what I do, meet and experience in the sleep state and other altered states of being, including what some of the Other Aspects of my Higher Selves do as well with this Ascension Process. Also, there’s been a few of my readers who’ve written Comments about their experiences with mysterious “bug bites” on their skin when there wasn’t any physical bug(s) involved.

A couple of years ago while taking my mom to the lab for doctor ordered blood to be drawn on her, I got “bit” on my left inner wrist by a small nonphysical entity in an agitated state of blood-lust. I felt a sting and looked at my wrist and watched a tiny raised bump appear that itched for hours. It wasn’t enough that human blood was being drawn constantly every day in that and every other medical lab everywhere, these ravenous little negative parasites bit me on top of a vein in my wrist while my mom was having blood drawn by the lab technician. Did I remember to beef-up my energetic protections around myself and my mom before I wheel-chaired her into that building? No, which is exactly how and why we learn to do so no matter what and where and why.

All this just is what it is, no more, no less, but soon gone however. Hard Work pays off for All. Thanks again Lisa Renee for this helpful blog article. ❤

Denise Le Fay

October 3, 2018



“During recent weeks, there has been dramatic adjustments in the rotational axis of the planetary staff which has altered the orbital relationships that existed between the Sun, Moon and the Earth body.  From certain latitudinal positions on the earth grid, the Sun and Moon may appear to have slightly altered its path of rising and setting in different degrees upon the horizon, as well as potentially manifesting other solar and lunar body anomalies. It appears that there may be attempts taken to manipulate light refraction in the lower atmosphere to camouflage these stellar body changes. As a result of impacts made upon the portal system, there have been a series of intense conflicts occurring over regaining territorial control in some areas of the grid system, such as the Trinity Gates, which are allocated as a transit gate for the earth inhabitants with under 4 DNA strands connected. This event has dramatically altered the primary energy vortices in the Middle East, including the Giza Gate, Temple Mount, Hatshepsut Temple Gate, and the 10th dimensional access portals that directly impact the Phoenix Grid and Golden Eagle Grid.

These areas hold historical timeline trigger events that are important to the Egyptian timeline histories that are still used today to power up the black magic grids used to control the financial-economic structures that run the black magic money system. As a result of the world currency supply being run on black magic grids connected to the Egyptian timeline trigger events, recently there has been a purge of planetary miasma and collective consciousness miasma related to the surfacing of these black magic curses, hexes, spells and related artifacts that seem to impact those that may have timelines connected to the Egyptian histories. The 18th Dynasty in Egypt was the last period in which Atlantian technology and ancient knowledge was being kept secret and protected by the royal families that served the Law of One. They had access to Arc and Ankh tools, and had retained the memories of the events that had occurred during the wars over the Atlantian Colonies which led to the Atlantian Cataclysm. Some of them were wisdom keepers that attempted to keep the ancient knowledge of the Law of One alive for the future generations on the earth, after the Luciferian Rebellion. The historical records of Hatshepsut and Akhenaton’s reign were intentionally demolished in order to destroy any evidence of this fact, in so that this ancient knowledge would remain hidden and their legacy tarnished.

When miasmatic patterns from the Egyptian timelines are rising into the collective consciousness, those of us that are sensitive may exhibit a range of ascension symptoms. These tend to be related to the psora miasm, such as an assortment of skin eruptions that may appear to be red, inflamed and itchy, like rashes, hives, eczema and insect bites. Insect bites are related to the pestilence curse, which was common to curse enemies in so their crops and harvest would fail or become diseased with insects. During the Sumerian-Egyptian invasion, as well as during the important timelines of Egypt, mummification and death rituals were common in order to bless and protect the spiritual principles that existed within the physical body, such as the internal organs and glands themselves. The Egyptians understood the astrological correspondence to the consciousness principles that were connected into the layers of the human body, and built their temples and tombs to be replicas of the sacred geometry that mirrored the human body along with the celestial star maps.  Family members would carefully place the deceased internal organs in canopis jars, and arrange this with other personal memorabilia in the tomb, in so that the body parts would be blessed and this was intended to support their loved one’s journey of ascension towards the stars. Grave robbers were hired to desecrate the tombs of royals or powerful families that had acquired enemies in their lifetime, where black magic was placed on the body, and its organs. It became common practice for black magicians to desecrate tombs, curse the canopis jars, as well as the bloodlines, in order to direct astral control over the consciousness after the death process. Many of the black magicians were not human, and this was carried out by the NAA invading forces that sought control over the royal human bloodlines, inserting themselves into these families in order to hijack the ruling classes of that time.

What is Black Magic?

The manipulation of consciousness technology and the world of forces for Service to Self and negative ego purposes without regard to the consent or consequence of others. There are many different levels of the propagation of Black Magic. Black Magic is a form of Satanism. Until a person has knowledge of what Black Magic actually is and how it is perpetrated and represented in energy, that person is not protected from the effects of black magic. Knowledge protects, while ignorance harms.

Some ways to define Black Magic:

  • Practicing Rituals based in Service to Self crafts and methods for personal gain and profit at the expense of others.
  • Sending Curses, hexes and negative energy patterns to people with intent to harm, such as making them sick, ill or wishing them dead.
  • Using deceptions, schemes and manipulation with intent to harm another.
  • Practicing blood sacrifice or the killing of a living thing dedicated to ritual or cleansing.
  • Practicing Black Arts for conjuring elementals and demons to work for the practitioner.
  • Acquiring knowledge without tempering higher consciousness that results in Succubus activities or the stealing of others life force for use in selfish gain.
  • The use of Alien Implants, inserts or etheric weapons to assault and harass another.
  • Black Magic used in sexual acts to conjure forces and bind the soul of the person through rape or forced sodomy.
  • Any sexual act involving lack of consent between parties and/or a child.
  • Any actions or behavior of which the Luciferian or Satanic force is called upon, conjured or embodied.

Any of the above may qualify a person practicing Black Magic to be called a Black Magician. Black Magicians exist in the human realm and in every dimension. Many Christos lightworkers deal with Astral Plane Black Magicians, human and non-human, who consistently throw etheric weapons and curses and implants with intent to harm, from the astral or during the sleep state. This is why learning how to contact Krystal Star, focusing on prayer, meditation and krystic spiritual housekeeping is critical at this time of Ascension.

Curses, hexes, symbols

Although some people do not know that this phenomena exists, it is because they are unaware of energetic vibrational laws. Curses, hexes, and symbols for projecting extremely negative energies, negative forces such as demonics towards a person, place or thing do exist and have consequences. This is also a form of Black Magic. Generally, these specific curses are used in ritual and designed with the intention to create harm and havoc upon the object or person that is being cursed.

Also, a common form of the use of curses, hexes, and symbols is to intend harm and issue these negative patterns upon the bloodlines, such as land holders or other powerful families which may have had accumulated wealth or possessions that the NAA desired to steal in order to give it to their genetically preferred bloodlines, who serve them. This is the intended creation of the hierarchical class system of the ruling classes and the slave classes that they control.

When addressing ancestral clearing, it is common for the need to clear curses, hexes, and symbols in this regard to the family of origin matriarchal and patriarchal lines. Black Magicians also use these negative patterns in the family of origin miasma and the manipulation of these karmic patterns is also considered Black Magic.

Alien Implant

Many Alien Implants are artificial intelligence but work similarly as curses, hexes, and symbols. Their purpose is for the same general reason, to generate harm or manipulate negative energies or thoughts with harmful intent.

Black Magician

Black Magicians exist in the human realm and in every dimension. Many Christ lightworkers deal with Astral Plane Black Magicians, human and non-human, who consistently throw etheric weapons, curses and implants with intent to harm, from the astral or during the sleep state. This is why learning how to contact Krystal Star, focusing on prayer, meditation and krystic spiritual housekeeping like 12D shielding is critical during this time of Ascension.

Negative Spirits

Negative Spirits as it is their nature, will reveal themselves to behave in all ways that are parasitic, vampiric, as manipulators and thieves. They deceive and steal in order to cord, attach and gain energy from their host or target. Sometimes they cast curses, hexes, and symbols to place a Black Magic vibration in their target in order to weaken their aura or to derail a person’s spiritual purpose. Their ability to parasitize and control the minds, emotions, soul or physical body of human beings is heavily dependent on whether their target is spiritually strong and internally developed, and how pure and energetically balanced their spiritual lightbody has been built in so to communicate with the higher self and God forces. A strong, balanced and clear aura or neutral energy field, is the ultimate protection from these dark force attacks.

AI Technology

During the Ascension Cycle, the NAA and Controller groups became more advanced as higher computer technology was brought into the lower density levels to more specifically impact targeted individuals on the earth plane. Such as AI quantum computer networks that hold individual DNA and then are programmed with curses, hexes, and symbols that can be used for black magic streams to be directed to that DNA target. That program is on automatic transmission and tracking for the DNA target coordinate location to continually weaken or derail that person. 12D Shielding and knowing the necessity to clear black magic often, is helpful to remove these electronic assaults immediately.

When undergoing ascension symptoms such as these, it may be helpful to intend to clear and remove these potential items of black magic from impacting your general health and wellbeing. It is possible to direct the 12D shield with the explicit intention of clearing and releasing black magic, and to direct the Christos shield to specific body parts affected, in order to reduce the negative effects of these curse patterns. At this time, skin rashes and insect bites may surface, this may be related to pestilence programming and highlights the changes occurring in the body which are similar to detoxification effects. When the body shows sign of inflammation patterns, taking steps to reduce inflammation can be soothing and comforting to the physical body.”

With Love and GSF,

Lisa Renee


(Source: Ascension Glossary – Curses, Hexes and Symbols)

28 thoughts on “Dealing Multidimensionally With The Negatives

  • Hi! I want to add my coincidence. On Oct. 1 & 2, for the 1st time by conscious choice and awareness I asked for all the Sun is giving in line with the divine plan for my life and I pulled it down into all my bodies and Being. I wrote about this last news letter. I have felt so different, so stabilized. But ALSO I found myself asking/praying for protection against any “spells or curses leveled against us”. There was an ongoing theme of that prayer both days. Those days just flowed. I do ask for, or speak, or call in aspects of Spirit to abide in me and in my environment at home and the work place. I.e. the spirit of Peace, the will to good, play and fun, integrity and uprightness, etc…. This habit builds up energy over time along with inner transmutation work. I’m just so grateful for every bit of education in these areas. Lisa Renee is heavy processing for me but bits that I can use and apply jump out at me. Oh, and I immediately thought of you when I read the blog. I thought about asking you, but I came over here and you were already all over it! I’m glad it’s time for plain speaking about what’s happening here. As for people thinking it’s not ok, I have found in many of the older teachings in books that TD is very much included but oh so carefully, and it is due to Denise, Lisa and others that in hindsite I see it clearly.

    Denise I hope you got rain in your part of California too! And now it cools down!

    Have a Blessed Day All!

  • This made me laugh although it’s really not funny. I read it while I was sitting in the dermatologist waiting room. I was just there for a regular checkup but was trying to decide how to explain all of the itchy red bumps I have on my torso. I I feel like I’ve been sleeping with mosquitoes all night because I wake up every morning with new itchy bumps. I just told him I had been spending a lot of time outside! This has happened to me periodically over the last couple of years and this is the first time I’ve had it explained energetically. Thank you!

  • I’m very grateful these two posts appeared today. I have been intrigued with ancient Egypt since I was 3…never thought how immensely important the history and connection would be! But as a “firster” (lol) it has been a guiding force to my intense studying of spiritual history (not found in the books!) as well as indigenous intelligence including understanding my “existence” through my natal chart and connecting our true human history.
    That being said…I’m a bit shocked that others would take the time to be in “defense” mode with what you are revealing. Your posts have helped me with great clarity, especially the energies that I feel and could never explain to others. I am proud to have chosen to be a wayshower in this lifetime. Its been rough as hell since age 10 but now (as in the last two weeks) the swords have cleared, baggage dropped, and the power and excitement to be a wordsmith warrior is in full effect.
    The number one hang up I see with others, and fight within myself, is the practice of compassion. All the half ass “spiritualists” are being revealed with their inability to practice and share compassion with others. Without compassion there is no true progress or action…just chaos in communication. Which I personally am very over. Compassion and empathy are the two strongest forces the creator has given us to live our lives in bliss. They are also the two hardest entities to practice daily in the face of 3d adversary. But they are also the two strongest virtues to mastering our sovereign individual lives and truly being the change. I am proud to have been a silent light warrior all these years. And I am very grateful for all who have shared the truths we need to continue our upward ascension with Mother Earth and all her loved inhabitants. Thank you 🙂

  • WOW. The other week I came up in weird red lumps, slightly sore and itchy – one on my wrist, one on my jaw, a few more on the forehead, face, lower neck – and I was baffled. They appeared *in front of my eyes*, as I was brushing my hair in front of the mirror. I thought, “It looks like some bizarre mediaeval pestilence!”
    I have never had an allergy, had not eaten or used anything new or different, and I have never, I mean NEVER, had a skin eruption in my life. (I’m 57). Even as a teenager, I didn’t get acne. I actually had to google ‘hives’, I had no idea what they were.

    I thought I’d come and have a look at your page to see what was going on at your end, “Not that Denise is going to be talking about mysterious red bumps or anything, haha. As if.” So you can imagine how blown away I was to read your post! :O
    Interestingly, I’ve had repeated dreams recently, in which I saw that a thing like a black spider, but with the body of a scarab beetle, had appeared in my home. (Not at all the normal kind of dream I have, I am pretty well ‘fenced’ against intruders).
    I knew it was evil, and I calmly and dispassionately killed it. (The strange red bumps then went away).
    We live in interesting times.

  • I sense something is up, a shift is happening, everything is in flux. I see and hear non-existent things, people are freaking out and my cat chases something that isn’t there. All the while Im trying to keep calm knowing it’s on par with the “program” but at the end of the day when I can really relax I just think, ‘I wish I was home already.”

    May the Source bless you Denise and give you strength and all that you do, cuz I sure as hell don’t wish to, even with the little bit I’m dealing with in my corner of the world. Yeah, I know I know, I’ve gotta do my own work and I’m chugging along but some days are just so…(💩)

    I don’t know how to describe anything, words are so limiting, I feel the baseline of the collective anxieties which add to my anxieties but, BUT, there’s a higher note of something (higher self?) of KNOWING that tells me to remain calm, that it’s all happening for a reason and that it’s gonna be okay, better than okay.

    But damn, it’s hard to maintain and keep holding the light amidst this world with all the ignorant masses and having to deal with them. Omg, I wanna be at a vibrational level where they can’t get to me! Team Dark will not win but they’re TRYING.

    I know you’re waaaay past this but just wanted you to know what the ones in the back (way back) are feeling. Maybe you’d like to hear from “Universe-ity” freshmen perspective, haha.

    I don’t know much, but I know with me, you Denise resonate the PUREST. For that and so much more, may Source bless you.

    • “I sense something is up, a shift is happening, everything is in flux…”

      You are so right Jain Lee, something huge is up and is accelerating the Ascension Process. I’ve been wanting and trying to write about this particular aspect since the last week of August 2018, but because I’ve been living it and still am, I’ve needed some time to do so and gain another NEW and higher perspective about everything because of these ongoing changes, not to mention it’s hurt pretty badly. I’m talking about my and many others currently Embodying NEW DNA and dealing with the side effects of that. My next article will finally be about this.

      Those who are aware of the Ascension Process have been learning how to Master holding the higher Light energies within themselves despite the violence, insanity and general chaos of the patriarchal “end times” and Separation of Worlds. And yes, those of us on Stair-steps a little or a lot farther along have always felt those coming up behind us including the fears, confusion, anger etc. of the unaware people as they increasingly become aware that their old world reality is falling apart around them.

      You’re doing a great job and Thank You for it. Hang in there and Hold and Shine the Light that is you. ❤

  • Thank you! I read Lisa Rene’s too and the same paragraph jumped out and hit me. I’ve had an unexplained rash on my jaw for 3 months that did not respond to any treatment. After inner work and some guidance by my inner-self it is rapidly going away. I have been getting glimpses and impressions from ancient Egypt (much earlier than before the one we are taught about). I felt that this is what the rash was about, and yes, unexplained bug bites as well. Seeing this in your post just confirms everything I’ve been feeling. I am learning the importance of protection and grounding. Keep up the great posts. I don dwell on the negative either, but if you don’t know what’s out there you can’t protect yourself from it. LOL…and that’s why there are airbags in cars. You don’t freak out over an accident maybe happening everytime you drive, but you’re aware that it is there.

  • Denise, Great work as always! I would say it’s past time we feel apologetic for talking about real things, and even pay attention to the way ‘sleepwalking awake people’ feel about mentioning darkness. We’ve got a much tougher role than them, and we should stop catering to them in any way. There has been nothing denying them from accessing the truth, and at this point, I would say that anything less than Totally Real is delaying our progress, and that includes everything in this phony ‘law of attraction’ culture. This is a job, plain and simple. Life is not a mystery to be lived, but actually is a problem to be solved.

    In relation to skin rashes and the like, a few months ago, I was riding bikes with my son, and he screamed in pain at one point because he felt a sharp sting on his temple. I looked at the spot and there was nothing there at all, like a mark from a wasp sting, which is sort of the opposite of what you are referring to. He was in severe pain, and I am wondering if you have any ideas. I have my suspicions, but absolutely no proof.

    One thing that is certain at this point is that darkness is incredibly intelligent when it comes to picking its targets, and has far better organization than we do. They see what real threats are and what is benign, and this may look quite the opposite of what we may believe it to be. They don’t give a crap what ‘story’ we believe, only in stopping us from becoming empowered. This is just what Emery Smith said recently – that darkness does not care in him talking about secret projects, but will not tolerate him talking about technology that could actually help us.

    I’ll just close by saying that water is my best friend when it comes to dealing with all of the pain and b.s. Cool showers have been a lifesaver.

    • Adam Rose,

      After my just reading and responding to Annette’s Comment, reading yours was brilliant and accurate and I thank you for it. ❤

      Everyone, I bolded everything in Adam’s Comment because I want to draw attention to what he said.

      I’m certain your son got attacked as a way to try to get at you, to try to “wound” you and/or “threaten” you and so on. These very intelligent heartless, soulless monsters know that oftentimes they can hurt we Forerunners/First Everything-ers/Pathpavers etc. more by attacking someone we love like our children or our pets instead of us. The more difficult it is for them to directly get at me, the more they go after people around me to get at me. This is exactly the same thing as what you said Emery Smith — who I’ve never heard of before but will now check him out ONLY because he sounds like he really knows — Team Dark doesn’t care at all about anything or anyone, only their own survival.

      Thanks Adam for your knowledge and honesty and yes about cold/cool water. It cuts the negative “static” instantly.

  • This Ascenion process is anything but ‘pure bliss’, but this information truly upsets my concentration!! Who needs this!? I guess all the ones that resonate/dabble in such energy!
    Not for this gal.

    • Annette,

      ‘Dabble’?! ‘Resonate’?! Are you *&^*$# kidding me with that #$*^?! You’ve completely missed what I’ve said many times about this. People like you are lucky there’s people like us that clear this negativity, simultaneously to all the positive Ascension changes, even if WE’D rather not have to deal with it. And you’re welcome Annette even if you’re unaware of the larger, more complex picture(s) of the overall Ascension Process and totally unappreciative. Happy trails Annette.

    • Annette
      It is not dabbling, it just happens. It means they are ready to enter this stage.
      Individuals have developed to the point where they have the strength and integrity to proceed and make their way through this most difficult of all stages. It’s great for our planet and much more and is fantastic. Ultimately we will all have to do this work, no avoiding it. The stages of each individuals journey are to be acknowledged and respected.
      Best to remember that the 1st everythingers have a much more arduous journey that those that follow.

    • So let me get this straight. You got up before five in the morning to read something you did not understand, don’t agree with, don’t like and do not want to know about. And then you wrote the person about it to complain. Ok. “Dabble” means to practice. Like negativity does with us sometimes, it dabbles with us, to do unsound, unhappy, uncouth things. The writer was in the act of warning people about dabblers and being dabbled with, in all their forms. Which scares the crap out of me, too. But the most troubling thing was that you said you experience no Bliss? No bliss at all, in this process of Ascension. I’m sorry. Whatever process you are experiencing, it’s probably not Ascension. I am experiencing it though. The affect of light on me has been tremendous. It has transformed every nook and cranny of me and every corner of my life. It has relieved me of every heavy thing. It has freed me and is freeing me still. I wouldn’t turn back. The love in me alone is incomprehensible. Never mind that it’s kind of cool to see the light in your own eyes increase. The day to day joy and happiness is off the charts and off the ground past all understanding. This is living. Who would ever go back? Stop dabbling and come join us. Truly pray, it is incredibly important to do now, as Lisa and Denise said.

      Denise if you need to delete this I understand.

      • Dabble does not mean to practice. It’s dictionary delineation is ‘to do anything in a trifling or small way’. You state that negativity dabbles with us sometimes. I think it’s far more focussed than that!!!!!!
        You write at length about your high state of daily bliss being off the charts. Very ‘me’ orientated and lacking in compassion or Christos energy for other struggling souls incarnate here.
        I have few moments of bliss and those moments are wonderful, then it’s back to work shovelling shit in the dark, exhausted, aching all over until the job is done. Also embodying, painfully at times, the incoming highly pressurised cosmic energies. As are so many AP/EPing our way through The Divine Plan.
        The Divine Source created us so we all carry the Divine Blueprint within our ‘knowing’ conscious or unconscious. Acknowledging, touching, even embracing and expressing that is The Divine in action

  • Oh, thanks a lot, Denise…..this is the answer of my unknown the last month…..I cant`t believe for all these things….but it`s real….the symptoms and our work is sooooo strong …..Thanks for your absolutly true writings and Being ❤ Linda

  • Haha, I went out a few hours ago to get rid of some particularly pervasive weeds on the road to my home. I only managed to get a handful out and I was crowded with our local ‘inch ants’. I have them around my house but haven’t been bitten for years as they are to be avoided! However I got three bites on my upper legs and hand and flicked off another five ants. I decided today wasn’t for weeding and I came back home and found this article. Talk about relevant, and maybe explains why at middle age I am frequently subject to pimply skin. Crazy times ….
    Thanks for your words Denise

  • Denise thank for this timely article.

    What an intense few days. Anger and disgust coming to the surface for me while having to deal with our ugly merciless welfare systems. So unwell and just functioning. Making a cuppa and a light easy meal is about the extent of my current capabilities and they want to prepare a job plan for me. Desperate TD attacks on several fronts including direct heart hits during night – woke ups with heart beating rapidly. Exhausted but recovering and needing to get more serious with protection.
    Experiencing the bites also.
    The bliss work just never rang true for me. I have kept my focus on the writings of yourself and Lisa Renee for several years now.
    Truly grateful for the efforts of both of you and I look forward to the bliss when the cleanup is over.

  • Wow, Denise! Thank you so much for this article. I was getting ready for bed last night and saw red dots all over me!! And then came the “insect bites” that swelled up, one right on my third eye! As I’ve mentioned before, I have been dealing with skin issues, especially rashes, eczema, and cracked and bleeding hands, since 1996 when my physical AP process began in earnest. But last night was crazy, and for the first time it made me just laugh 😂🤣😂😂
    I thought how f*** up this place is, why did I volunteer, when will this end, blah blah blah…
    And I just started laughing again at the absurdity of it all, and the “bites” and dots disappeared. Still have the other stuff, but it was nice the recent ones went. And absolutely have been feeling and processing RAGE big time since Sunday. Today is much better, yes.
    So glad there are other people on this “team” —- especially you, Denise, who can write about it for the rest of us! Much love to you and everyone!
    Tammy R.

  • “Blissy” writings do serve the purpose of representing the dualistic opposite of the historical akash. That said, deconstructing the “dark” agendas and pulling apart the collapsed consciousness that created them, is also valuable for context and to validate the ancient-ness of incarnates–as Earth has been the battleground for so much conflict over millions of years. For that, I appreciate your work. Unraveling the knot takes commitment and strength that not all of us seem to have, and yet, like it or not, we ARE “ascending” into higher and higher conscious frequencies, previously the control realm of black magicians. Kicking and screaming, at times, the bottom line is we are here to wrest control of our multi-dimensional-ness from dark forces, and realise our role in sub-consciously giving away that power upon embodiment. Onward!

    • Very cogent and expressive way of putting it. Thank you. I also really appreciate Denise’s insights and try never to miss a blog. I have experienced miasmatic eruptions on the lower back portions of both legs for 10 years now, and only learned it was miasm through a post on Transients earlier this year. It heals but comes back. I also went through a long period of extra-heavy dumps and realised it was transmuting negative energies and getting rid of it. I also went through gagging and nausea for about 4 years, which may have been related to a period of time when things just got too much in my personal life, and I had to change and back off from those inputs, but I also think it is dealing with negativity in the collective. I accept these things, much as one accepts learning experiences. It’s nice to have a place where like-minded people can relate. Love you all, for taking on this mammoth task and flying with it.

  • Once again great article Denise, so resonates with what iv been experiencing too, and i also really could not believe how timely Lisa Renee article much synchronicity and stuff that has been happening around me and my mum too, its kinda like ” here we go again” another deeper clearing and shifting…awakening and discerning, discipline is definately the key, however tired or weary we can become…we are so thankful for the information sharing we have available. So many truths to our bloodline, and history in our family to what was brought across in her article, and yours are so on the ball too…thank thank you for sharing…it keeps us path cutting our way forward 😊💖💖💖

  • Thank you. It is thanks to you and Lisa that this info is avail to us. It helps understanding so that we can begin to deal with what is happening. For so long I thought I was nuts. Because I am empathic by nature it was very hard to appreciate that the dark was outside of me. In that sense it got under my radar. This was different to outright manifestation that’s so in ur face you know what it is. Except when that happens it’s either so scary or takes you so by surprise you forget what to do. For me it has been demons and shadows and entities. That has been enough. No aliens. i literally did not sleep as a kid. It’s only been the last five years I have been able to properly. And that is due to evolving.
    Bless u and keep you
    Magda xx

  • Denise
    This is timely as is often the case with your articles. I have had a very “dark” week. Been up against whatever it is that harasses and oppresses. I woke up Monday night in the middle of a psychic attack. Couched as if it was a dream. Dark like a kaladescope of dark light (?) was trying to get into me. My heart was beating so fast. When I woke up I fortunately realised it wasn’t a dream and prayed. The oppression and dark lights went. It was vile. There have been a couple of other things but that seemed the worst because I was so vulnerable asleep.
    I lit a candle yesterday and said the words aloud as I did so- that I would see my ascension process thru whatever it took. I needed to say those words. Needed to hear them. Ascension is so many things. But it is also a choice. My choice.
    Thank you
    Love and light Magda 💜💝💖

    • Magda & All,

      The shift from September into October 2018 was extra unpleasant. Monday, October 1st and Tuesday, October 2nd were downright hostile and filled with anger and rage. I felt it around me and in me and everywhere like very old and long-buried anger, hate, suppression and restlessness just exploded up into the Light and everyone has been dealing with these old underground feelings and energies. It’s almost gone as of this morning but good lord what a couple of days it’s been!

      I’m glad you understood what these energies were and took action to remove them from you and your home. The increase in these types of negative attacks is happening now because we’re going through never before levels of Embodiment and activation of NEW DNA within many of us. That alone is rapidly changing everything which includes these old Team Dark beings. I’ve been trying to write about this latest change but life and ascension side effects, Solar Winds, collective rage and all sorts of other things all ascension related has kept me from doing so faster. It’ll happen however. Take on your power and your Light and do whatever needs to be done with it. ❤ Keep getting brighter and brighter everyone. ⭐

      “Many Christos lightworkers deal with Astral Plane Black Magicians, human and non-human, who consistently throw etheric weapons and curses and implants with intent to harm, from the astral or during the sleep state…” Lisa Renee

      • Ohh, yes, October 1st and 2nd, what the hay?! Team Dark seemed to be flinging everything they had at me, and a sensitive online friend of mine noticed it too, for 48 hours it was like a maelstrom. I know astrology, and I checked the ephemeris over and over again, puzzled at what was behind this, I could find no planetary aspects to explain it. I soldiered determinedly on, and yesterday, the 3rd, was better, and today, the 4th, all is back to normal peacefulness again. But October the 1st and 2nd were straight out of hell!

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