Does Anyone Know If This Is True?


On June 6, 2018 a reader—”GA”— emailed me that she found Karen Bishop’s obituary a few hours earlier and was very surprised. She said she and Karen occasionally emailed back and forth so GA knew Karen “…wasn’t doing well…” but after emailing Karen to see how she was doing and getting no response, GA looked for an obituary and found it yesterday. I emailed GA back asking her to please send me a link or copy of Karen Bishop’s obituary because I want to see it for myself. I’ve searched online for it but haven’t had any success. I knew Karen lived in NC but not which town. If this information is true, and I feel it is, I wanted to include the obituary for others who I know greatly loved, appreciated and benefited from Karen Bishop’s many years of online ascension reports in her What’s Up On Planet Earth?’ and later ‘Wings’ including her ascension books, and would want to see and know this information for themselves as I do.

Does anyone know if this information of Karen Bishop passing recently is true or not? If so, please write a Comment here and share that information and her obituary with all of us. Thanks everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

June 7, 2018

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  • Denise , “our” Karen has born 4-29-1954 ,and she has one daughter ,. She used to live in Brevard County the last years NC.

  • Denise and all.. I think of Karen Bishop often and still go on Gammabooks once in awhile just to see if there is anything there from her!!! What a guiding Light for SO many of us!!! I am glad that she is still on the planet and I have written to her before and now will again to say hello and thank her for her work on behalf of us all. Thank you dear Denise for bringing her energy to my life today and re minding me of her immense contribution to us whom she wrote for. Great Blessings of Peace to all.. Ingrid from Aurora Ontario

  • I checked her publishing site,, and there is no mention of her passing. The last I heard, she lived in Pisgah Forest, NC, near Asheville. I am still looking for the local newspaper there to see if there’s an obit. (There does seem to be a 94-year-old woman in Pisgah Forest that passed away, and I fervently hope that is the cause of the confusion.)

    Her books and postings helped me SO much in my AP. I owe her a debt I can never repay.

    I so much hope she has not passed from this plane, but if she HAS gone home, I wish her loving peace.

    Correction: I believe Karen lived in Brevard, near the Pisgah Forrest. She posted in “Wings” that she was lead there to be near the many waterfalls in the area.

  • Just now getting to this thread (my old eyes don’t always see the “new” title against the blue background) but, like Catherine said, I wonder it we are being guided to Karen’s work (“to communicate”) so I dug out her books and will scan or go deep into them – just in case. Denise, if you can ever remember “3 days ago” you are doing way better than me! I have to leave notes (on calendar) so I can tell when I last went to the grocery.

    As for the afternoon naps, naps are my only form of sleep; from 1/2 hour up to 4 hours, once in a while perhaps 5 hours and even one time (during 2 years) 6 hours, with one hour up to 5 or 6 hours in between those naps. “Bedtime” is when TV goes off and all lights go out, and it can fall anytime between 11 PM and 5 AM. There is no such thing as routine anymore.

    Thank you for noting the June Cosmic light blasts which show no sign of easing up, but yesterday (I remember!) I felt – for several hours – at full strength (like many years ago) and wondered if it was a kind of threshold of some kind. Thanks to your articles (and your many fans) I am adapting to the lifestyle that the AP/EP requires of me; I appreciate the great days and cope with the difficult days. Dealing with the 3rd dimension outings (shopping, etc.) requires a full day of preparation before the outing as I can easily get rattled when I’m out among them. Things like “where are my keys” or “should I get toilet paper now or next time” (it’s not on the list) will freak me out momentarily. I have changed to shopping in smaller groceries than I used to and it really helps; the people seem nicer (shoppers AND employees) and I’m not as tired when I get home. You are greatly appreciated – and loved for all you do Denise.

    • “Thank you for noting the June Cosmic light blasts which show no sign of easing up, but yesterday (I remember!) I felt – for several hours – at full strength (like many years ago) and wondered if it was a kind of threshold of some kind.”

      Barb K.,

      Indeed we have, I was impacted by it, this invisible but incredibly potent energy threshold very strongly on June 5, 2018, which is not saying the days before and after that date haven’t been nearly as powerful and trans-formative because they have and will continue to be. But, June 5th felt to me and in my personal life like I very much reached another huge “threshold” and cried and stated my intentions and purged my way through it. Becoming Conscious Creators is teaching all of us of the ‘Light Tribe’ NEW things almost every day now about ourselves and “reality” and the AP and EP and more. Get the toilet paper, take the naps, and hang on because we’re deep in ascension transit! ❤

      Everything you said I’ve lived for many years and still am. I too have HAD to scale-back how many shopping stops I’m able to make in one outing because both my body and my CNS find it very difficult and painful on certain more intense energy days to just be outside my house. We are in transition now or ‘migration’ is the term Sandra Walter uses for what’s happening now with this shift, this rising, this ascension of Earth and us on it to NEW Earth and us on it. Mega huge process and it’s going to get more intense and strange and surreal feeling in June and every month the rest of 2018.

  • Karen Bishops physical address if anyone wants to write her a letter. or maybe we all should just for fun. Karen Bishop PO box1053 Pisgah forest NC 28768 This address is on the Gamma books website for those who want to send donations. I don’t think it would still be there if she had passed away. Also if you really want to find her you can use “Been Verified ” people finder website.. but it costs a few dollars.

  • For a dollar or two you can find out about anyone on the people finder websites. There are many. These websites get so deep they can tell you what color underwear you have on. Unfortunately I don’t have a dollar to my name but maybe some one will do some digging. Hopefully Gamma books will get back to someone.

  • I just glanced at other comments, as it seems Karen may still be with us on the Earth plane. Still, there is a paradigm shift that is upon us in the Ascension movement, which in a way was Fem only for a while, until we could empower Divine Fem enough, transmute enough, to resurrect the masculine (currently underway), bring him fully on board and further balance the two. Something about next chapter towards wholeness, balancing m/f, seems to correlate to graduating from the Ascension phase that Karen so nobly led many through…

  • Thank you Denise for mentioning this… I don’t have concrete info yet and haven’t looked. But I feel it is true also. My Ascension began in 99 and was so challenging. I had no map or way to orient to the rigorous process I was immersed in. Karen Bishops work was a Guiding Light of immeasurable value. I know that we keep moving on and we collaborate in the unified realm and what we do and need moves and changes. And she will always have a place in my heart. Again, thanks for the notice… however it plays out or whatever info is still to come

  • I am wondering if Karen is wanting to communicate? If she is needing our thoughts of love sent her way? I know the immense importance she has played in these times..I hope she reads all of these wonderful things people are saying…it would do any soul good..blessing
    ..we are special…all of all are important in these times….and Miss Karen has brought us together on this day…magic

    • Calliope the Muse & All,

      I’m going to use this Comment space to go into more detail about this post and question about Karen Bishop.

      As I said in this post, a reader “GA” emailed me on June 6, 2018 saying that she had only hours earlier that day discovered what she believed was Karen Bishop’s obituary online; the Karen Bishop who taught and wrote online and in books about the Ascension Process. Because GA didn’t include this obituary or a link to it in that original email to me, I wanted to see it for myself and wrote her back asking to please email me a copy or link to it. I got no response from her so hunted online myself for it and ONLY found other people named Karen Bishop that I knew were NOT the Karen Bishop I was looking for. During this search I did find the same obituary that GA emailed me a day and a half later, after I wrote this post asking the question about this business. Had I seen the obituary that GA had based this belief on, I never would have even written this post asking all of you whether Karen Bishop had died recently because I knew it wasn’t her, wasn’t “our” Karen Bishop for the reasons I’ve already stated in another Comment. The age of the woman was wrong, the number of children she had was wrong, the state where she lived and died was wrong.

      Anyway, after all was said and done, the deeper level reasons as to why this mistake even happened was on my heartmind. Many are instantly obvious, or they should be to everyone and that is that mistakes are made and perpetuated online like wildfire. And two, if discernment isn’t used, by us all myself included here, then it’s easy to assume that what we’ve seen online is indeed “true” when as we’ve discovered it is not.

      The main reason I considered that GA’s belief about “our” ascension writer/teacher Karen Bishop might have recently died in June of 2018 was because I’ve felt like I could possibly die since April 2018! I don’t plan on it but it has FELT so profoundly intense, different, surreal and nothing like what I’ve experienced before throughout my own entire physical AP and now EP, that the possibility for any of us First Everything-ers to decide to exit our physical bodies for a number of reasons. Not likely because we’re so invested in the AP and EP, but it sure as hell has FELT to me like I could so easily leave my physical body as in “die” and go elsewhere now. Because I was FEELING this myself, and still am and know that this surreal here and not here sensation I’m continuing to have, I thought it a very real possibility that “our” Karen Bishop may have indeed died in early June 2018. She did NOT, not in June of 2018, and not in 2015 as this obituary about another woman named Karen Bishop shows.

      Because at that time — June 6-7, 2018 — I could not energetically locate “our” ascension Karen Bishop like I can with just about everyone just as many of you reading this can too, and because I’ve been feeling, living and experiencing “reality” and “time” and quantum Spherical Consciousness and everything currently moving to a NEW higher location in a NEW higher frequency and space etc. etc. etc., in ways I never have before — some of you know exactly what I’m talking about — I considered it a possibility that GA’s claim could be true. It was not but this entire thing has, I hope, taught US ALL exactly what each of us needed to understand in this quantum Now Moment. ❤ Even the so-called "mistakes" are teaching tools for each of us about ourselves, about "reality", about linear time, about discernment, about reading energies and energy signatures of individuals and much more. To me this has been an important education for us all about a lot of different things, plus the super great news is that “our” ascension Karen Bishop is very much alive in June 2018. ❤ 🙂

      • Very well put! In addition, with some high-profile exits this week, it does seem possible, doesn’t it. June 6 was a definite game-changer of energy as we build to the Solstice — things are getting very void-like and fuzzy about how long any of us will continue. Something very definite has moved and shifted again. I’m definitely on a new stair step landing point in the timeline, even if nothing is physically very different, but a bit of lightening of symptoms, which is a respite for what’s to come. Thank you for addressing all of this so completely! 💜

      • Dear Denise….what a profound truth about your feeling of “die” as I have also been feeling the same about myself since the onset of 2018 plus I am very much perturbed about the suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain happened just last week in a gap of three days. Please elaborate is it really going to be physical death for us or we are feeling some kind of ascension death of an aspect of our current human self? Infact I had a very visual dream in the morning of 24th May 2018 at 1.00am about me dead and waiting to crossover to other side with some fellow souls. I did crossover, felt flying and free, met some old souls who greeted me and then came back in my physical body while passing through a long cloudy passage thinking that I have to complete some unfinished jobs on earth.
        Please elaborate on this I really dont think its time for me to die physically as I am not ready for it yet aslo I do have many unfinished business here.
        Kind regards

        • “Please elaborate is it really going to be physical death for us or we are feeling some kind of ascension death of an aspect of our current human self?


          The Ascension Process (AP) causes all of us to experience our old familiar, born in 3D patriarchal Earth reality selves to slowly and repeatedly over the years “die” — those different energy Stair-steps — because we are literally evolving, “ascending” to a higher frequency level of being, consciousness, abilities, creativity, external reality and we’re doing all this in and through our physical bodies. Not an easy or fast task but that’s exactly what’s been happening for a good while now.

          To our lower frequency ego-based, left-brain focused 3D selves it always feel to us like we’re “dying” but that’s really only how we’re perceiving this ongoing transition from one state, level and energetic frequency to a higher one. Ego freaks out, panics and fights hard to NOT have anything change, even when it’s a massive improvement! Nonetheless the AP continues and we inch our ways, literally and while in our living physical bodies, up into higher levels of Light Energies which continuously pushes us to evolve more and embody more of these NEW higher energies/codes etc. Again, the old lower self interprets all this as phases of “death”, which is actually, just not the death of the physical body. (I’m getting ready to write a bit more about this ongoing AP and EP process and how we’re in super amplified and quickened states of it now and throughout all of 2018.)

          As I’ve said many times over the years, those people who do not want to remain in their current physical body and continue living the AP in it, and/or those people whose physical bodies are too sick, old, disabled etc., will increasingly and more quickly now be dying and leaving their physical bodies. There are multiple reasons for this but the primary one is that for whatever their Higher Self reasons, they will be dying and exiting their physical bodies because they cannot or do not want to remain in them — especially now in 2018 because EVERYONE is living in these much higher Light Energies constantly — and go through the profound Process of ascension in the physical. They will most likely reincarnate in the “future” with a physical body that’s an energetic match to the external world and universal NEW energies and codes so life will be far, far easier for those people.

      • Hi Denise, Karen used to write about being gently lifted into the “right vibration” on “what’s up” and emerging angels and in her last message in 2016 she said she’d taken down her posting straight away as it felt like she was going back again. Can’t remember exactly as its a long time ago….
        I too have felt like l was dying again recently but again l can’t believe I have undergone all this hospital treatment just to “pop my clogs” now, so l’m just hanging on in there hoping that one day whichever part of me knows what’s happening will pull it all into the right alignments, love you all, thanks 💜

  • I have wonderd whether this was our Karen too. Thanks for raising it. Also thanks for alluding to things being challenging. Even posting that is helpful to me as there are writers tripping out in the joys of the fifth dimension while I have been feeling crumpled.

    • Lyn & All,

      After writing this and all the helpful Comments coming in this morning, I HAD to go pass out, which I did for the past three hours! due to this early June energy blast which is another Stair-step after April and May 2018. I’ve experienced more “drugged” feelings since June 1st than ever before and more dismantling of realities and old familiar “reality” landmarks, this whole Karen Bishop confusion over is she dead or alive still being one more aspect of all this. I’ve felt massive space and distance between the atoms and molecules in my physical body and face/head that are physical Denise, to the point that at times it’s hard to define where I am in the old lower ways we’re all used to. When I feel more up to it, I’ll try to write an article about this ongoing dismantling process both within and without.

      Thanks again everyone for your feedback and I hope Karen Bishop knows how much she was and still is LOVED and appreciated by the Light Tribe. ❤

  • Denise

    I called Karen Bishop’s post office a couple months ago when they told me she regularly comes in for her mail. So all is well.


  • Back to the old WC Fields quote: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’ (or however it goes!)

  • Oh what confusion and what a joy to know that it is not she that I thought was dead.
    Well, I think I was not the only one who had this confusion. On the web that I have shared many show their public condolences to “our” Karen, they refer to their books and writings.
    I sent a message, private, of condolence to his family. And they gave me back a thank you note.
    I suppose that her family will be wondering who we are or that her mother had double life.

  • Hm, I’m thinking “Kansas Karen” is not “our” Karen Bishop. Karen wasn’t married to “Walter” – she was out on her own, and briefly married a man she thought was a twin flame in AZ, but that quickly ended. This obit says nothing about “author” or “spiritual messenger” or the like. My 2 cents!

    • Hi Whitehawk and I agree that this is NOT “our” Karen Bishop. I remember her brief relationship/marriage back in AZ and I remember Karen mentioning that he passed away around the same time — a year or two? — of her Father’s passing and feeling for her for all she was going through back then.

      I hope at this point “our” real Ascension Teacher/Writer Karen Bishop is having a good belly laugh over all of our confusion over is she alive or not?! I’ll invade her privacy and email her and see what comes of it. 🙂

    • Oh White hawk, I had read on your blog an old message from Karen that I had read on her blog and that quickly deleted and replaced by another. He explained why, few lucky people could read it.
      Seeing that later you also eliminated him. I believed that this confirmed the fact that she had died, that it was your way of respecting her wishes.
      What a silly confusion.
      Karen will be laughing at all this mess !!!

  • Denise

    It was me who found that OBIT and I believe emailed you, after talking to a few people who said “yes she had passed” I phoned the Pisgah Forest, NC post office where she received her mail. The women there at the post office said yes she is definitely alive, just that month she had been in to collect her mail. So, the Obit and the 6 or 7 people who thought she was dead are incorrect, I tried to call the people responsible for the Obit but there is nothing they can do to change it. Found it odd the person who really did pass her family must wonder who those people leaving comments are???
    Anyway, she for now is ALIVE and well!!


    • “Found it odd the person who really did pass her family must wonder who those people leaving comments are???”

      No kidding kathy!

      Yes, I now remember you sending me an email about your checking on all this about Karen Bishop. What was the date when you called the Pisgah Forest NC post office? It was 2017 right? Sorry I don’t remember when you emailed me about this. Heck I can barely remember three days ago anymore, and we’re getting Cosmic Light blasted again in June just like April and May with each month more extreme, intense, strange feeling and more surreal than the previous one. It’s been profoundly intense since June 1st and I shouldn’t be writing anything at the moment because of that!

      “Anyway, she for now is ALIVE and well!!”

      Most excellent to hear kathy and thank you for checking on all this for me and for All of us. There are no “accidents” and we’ll see where this goes if anywhere. Gratitude. ❤

  • That 2015 obit wasn’t her. She had only one daughter, as far as I know. And had been single for many years, apart from a brief marriage which ended in about 2005. Memory fails me.

    My intuition says she has been in serious ‘trouble’ physically since 2015. So she may well have passed recently. I wish her well whatever the case. She was my first ascension teacher, and I still love her and thank her every day for all she did.

  • She was in Asheville for a bit, but then, unless memory fails (very possible), she moved to Brevard, NC. Ultimately, this doesn’t seem helpful, however, because I didn’t find any NC Karen Bishop obits.

  • Denise, her mailing address is Pisgah Forst, NC and she’s not listed in their most recent obits. For what it’s worth. There’s a site of FB Friends of Karen Bishop and nothing there about her leaving her body.

  • P.S. The one that I saw most recent was March 22, 2018.” Karen I. Bishop”, all the books that I have, I’ve never seen Karen I. Bishop, anyway if you find out more than I’ve shared I would love to know, as I followed her from start to her last post 8-25-15….my very first Ascenion teacher, and I love her dearly!!

  • Hi Denise,

    The link I am providing you is to an obituary for Karen Bishop that I found earlier this year, and for a moment, thought it was in fact for OUR Beloved Karen Bishop, as there are several comments offering Condolences and Gratitude for her work as Ascension Guide. That said, I don’t actually believe this is OUR Karen Bishop’s Obituary. Can’t say for sure if this is the Obituary GA is speaking of… please let us know what you find out.

    • Lisa & All,

      Thanks so much everyone for sharing what you know, believe and sense about this as it’s a growing mystery to me and here’s why. This obituary link says that woman was born in 1951 and died in 2015. I was born in 1951 and am 66, until December of this year. Karen Bishop mentioned years ago that her birthday was April 29th (Sun in Taurus) and she gave her age at that time and that’s how I discovered she was two and a half years younger than me. Because of that information coming from her — unless she lied about when she was born — this obituary doesn’t seem correct. And I’ve never seen “OUR” Karen Bishop use a middle initial in any of her writings or books.

      The larger mystery with all this to me is that if “OUR” Karen Bishop did pass away this year or three years ago or whenever, then why hasn’t her daughter — again based on what Karen has said herself, to be her only child — not put something up on her Mother’s website/bookstore about her Mother’s passing? Confusions, and because of them I’m going to send an email to “OUR” Karen Bishop’s email address at Gamma Books and see what, if anything happens. Karen Bishop was so helpful to so many of us early Forerunners that we have thought of her as “OURS”. Time to figure this one out and be sure of it. I don’t sense her on Earth but that doesn’t mean much because, well, most of us aren’t there anymore either!

      Thanks again everyone for your responses to this confusion. Group Gratitude hugs. ❤

  • Found this Denise; I think Karen may have passed in 2015!!!

    KAREN’s Obituary
    Karen E. Bishop, 64, earned her angel wings November 25, 2015, in her home in Overland Park, Kan. Her last days were spent surrounded by family and friends that Karen had touched in some way thorough her short, yet memorable lifetime. Karen’s life would seem brief to many, but to those that knew her understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. Her generous spirit and kind nature brought so much love and joy to her family and friends. Karen was born in Manhattan, Kan., in October 1951 to Eleanor and Earl Bradshaw. She is survived by her brother, Roy Bradshaw and wife LuAnn of Wichita, Kan. She married Walter Bishop of Paola, Kan., on a warm August day in 1970. Together they raised four children. Karen is survived by Walter and their kids, Brett married to Katrina, Brad married to Tricia, Brice married to Sherri, and Breanna with Joe Canfield. She is also survived by 13 grandchildren, nieces and nephews and several great nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her parents, Eleanor and Earl. We will remember Karen’s smile, her warmth, her energy, her love for life, family and friends, but also students, colleagues and clients, many of whom over time also became friends. She worked very hard all her life, up until the very end. She made a difference in the lives of many. She enjoyed traveling, music, playing cards, and reading. Karen may be gone, but her memory will forever remain in our hearts. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29, at Penwell Gabel Funeral Home in Olathe, Kan. To leave a message for the family, please visit

    • I don’t think this is the same Karen as I am fairly sure she just has the one daughter and 4 grandchildren, not certain though!

  • I doubt it. All I could find was this: and her earlier article about leaving…a metaphoric “death” so to speak, in 2010:

    She turned up again in 2011 and as noted above, in 2016. HOwever, her earthangels sit eis no longer functioning.

    She was one of my favorite fNew Age pioneers…I loved her writings, which I found through Spirit Library. Whatever her status or transition, may she be blessed for sharing her heart with us on this journey.

  • Hi Denise,
    I saw the obituary….I don’t believe this is the Karen we all know, however, other than the fact that it said Missouri (there were no other details of family etc.) which would have helped…as far as I know she was/is residing in Pisgah Forest, N.C. (P.O. Box 1053) 28768
    I also believe that if it were her, would have shared. Hope this helps.

  • Dear Denise,
    unfortunately it is true. Right now I do not remember the exact date, but I think I remember that it was November 2015.
    I found out months after the event. I sent a message of condolence to his family and I received a response of thanks.
    I think it was a cancer (I’m not sure), but it was a disease that I could not overcome. It was not an accident, or anything violent … thank God. And they told me that she made the transition surrounded by her children and grandchildren.
    I have her in my prayers. For me she was a mentor. I read all his books and followed him through all his blogs, the last one by Gama Books.

    • No, this is not our Karen Bishop. She was married for a very brief time of 1 or two years. She only has one daughter and only has a couple of grandkids.

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