‘I Have The Right To End This Anti-Christ Game’


In my opinion it’s incredibly important and deeply helpful when a public Ascension Teacher shares some of their personal experiences with what I call Team Dark (TD), even though they’re highly negative and unpleasant and most people don’t want to know these things have existed. My article published only yesterday, April 24, 2018, Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions, contained a few of my personal experiences with being attacked in different ways and through different living humans over the decades because I AM the I AM that I AM. I’ve shared these negative dark issues online over the years, as has Lisa Renee, and her April 2018 blog article quoted below, is invaluable on many levels because it covers some common retaliation tactics TD—or one of Lisa Renee’s terms for them, ‘NAA’, Negative Alien Agenda—use on people for sharing higher information, aka Light. Sometimes the negative blow-back, retaliations, attacks, intimidation and discrediting tactics by the negative unseen alien beings & Co. is carried out in the physical by what I’ve called Portal People—living humans that are easily used by nonhuman, nonphysical beings to directly attack teachers/writers/people of the Light for revealing things they do not want revealed. Online these Portal People attacks typically come through private emails and public blog Comments, and I’m speaking here about my personal experiences with this ongoing problem since 2003.

The two images I’ve included above speak for themselves. Organic energy lines (Earth’s axial tilt) that were long ago deliberately knocked and distorted out of alignment by Team Dark to more easily insert and transmit their agenda distortions and control humanity and Earth are currently being deliberately shifted back into organic vertical alignment by Team Light. Does that mean Team Light is out in space in UFOs and big Light Ships Working the Earth’s axial tilt back into vertical alignment? Not hardly. No, you are doing it right in, through and from your individual ongoing HighHeart Embodiment Process dear Pathpaving Lightwarrior readers. Feel into that truth and be glad and strengthened by what’s happening now. Once Earth’s “rabbit ears” are realigned and receiving nothing but Source transmissions, as are our inner “rabbit ears”, the positive changes will happen quickly and be obvious to all. They already are which is why Team Dark has been manipulating certain humans mouths speak and fingers to type lowly negativity at those of us responsible for escalating the freedom and evolution of humanity.

There’s a hundred other things about this topic I’d like to discuss and share, and maybe we will in Comments here at HHL, but Lisa Renee’s blog article below says it all, plus gives the readers tools to continue overriding these negative aliens, beings, demons, devils, entities, negative humans and so on. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I’ve stood in power and made the same sorts of exorcism-like demands upon Team Dark. The insanity and negativity ends here and now and that’s not deluded wishful thinking but living Ascension evolution and Embodiment making it so. Thank you Lisa Renee for sharing this. ❤ ❤ ❤


April 25, 2018

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Dear Ascending Family,

“Perhaps the topic of this week’s blog is for my own catharsis, in bearing witness to the destructive behaviors and hate filled emotions of unstable people that I’ve witnessed in the environment that have escalated into the incredible depths of fragmented psychosis, from what appears to be an incredible amount of unhealed inner pain, fear, trauma and confusion. Over the years, I’ve been open and transparent about how being a public person with an online presence known for disseminating a range of unapproved topics related to planetary ascension, sets one up to be targeted and harassed by both humans and nonhumans. The masterful methods used by the negative ego and dark forces to manipulate and gaslight people through divide and conquer strategies, to purposely confuse, defame and intimidate, really cannot be overstated, especially during these tumultuous times. These dark attack methods are generally used to get someone like me to shut up, because something that has been disseminated for the public has touched a nerve and that piece of larger truth ripples out into the collective consciousness field. And they don’t like it.

As a result of the truth spirit frequency rippling out into the field, the NAA entity tracks it back to me or the community field and then starts on its tantrum based rampage to launch its attack. It appears the recent April newsletter hit a nerve or trigger event in the collective consciousness field, and this set off an assortment of dark forces into a rageful tantrum, who in turn start to contact and agitate those traumatized humans they can use as a dark portal, because they have primed them up for this very reason. Similar to Manchurian candidates, the NAA have their group of sleepers that they use for dark harassment, especially those people they want targeted to shut up or to derail their mission. The majority of these sleeper people have been tortured by some type of direct Satanic Ritual Abuse event, in which that person was infiltrated or invaded during the time they dissociated and manifested a schism between their physical body and their energetic body. The satanic entity gains access to a human body in this way, by intentionally using the hole in the aura created from the deep, painful trauma event. This is called a dark portal, it is a person whose aura has severe holes in it, so severe it disconnected the layers between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Disconnection between these layers of the consciousness bodies is also called fragmentation. When a person is fragmented, their consciousness body is effectively in pieces, and these holes allow dark forces to easily pop in and out of the body. This is a partial possession, when an entity cannot sustain itself entirely in its host, but comes in and out when the person is being emotionally triggered into destructive emotions or behaviors. In partial possession, one will experience a person “grow a head”, all of the sudden the personality changes and they blurt out something emotionally charged or hostile.

The intent to fragment people through trauma is done on purpose, so that the offending parasite can latch on and get access to the persons consciousness body and carry out its machinations for a variety of reasons. One reason is to get the dark portal person to attack and intimidate any other person that reveals information to the public about the NAA, SRA, Pedophilia or the multidimensional nature of reality. This is self-enforced enslavement, people that are enslaved by entities are used to enslave others through fear, intimidation and threats or conversely, through swallowing the bliss pill or complacency implant.

The NAA use implants, SRA and blood covenants to claim signature of ownership upon individuals, many in early childhood. Those same people grow into adults that are the most psychologically and emotionally traumatized, are then are easily manipulated by their pain in such ways that they are effectively being tortured even more by these entities directly. But the complex gaslighting manipulations continue, in so the person cannot source where his or her pain is actually coming from. They are so confused and disconnected from reality, they cannot discern what is accurate and what is deception, especially because in the astral plane where this happens it’s all mirrors of delusion. During the vulnerability of experiencing deep emotional pain, the imposter entity points a finger at another and whispers in their ear, “Your pain is that person’s fault”. The standard dark manipulation mind control is something like, “That person over there is the source of evil and all the tortuous pain you have endured at their hands. Go take them down, they are evil incarnate”. And the traumatized person that is being spiritually tortured by these entities, is unable to discern who is who and what is what. They become a mind control puppet that is chained to this dark entity’s whims, through the incredible pain and devastation they feel from whatever happened to them in the past. Possession and entity attachment make us feel miserable, it’s an energy parasite sucking off your body and doing everything it can to manipulate so it can stay there feasting away at your expense. Channeled entities and possessions will tell you anything to make you forget they are there sucking on your energy field, and direct the person to something external in order to keep them fixated and away from the source of the problem, which is the entity attachment itself.

I’ve often remarked that I did not know that I would be required to master mind control, and the events of psychological and emotional warfare on multiple planes, with humans and nonhumans, in order to speak about the Ascension process. I’ve been able to track trauma based mind control software programs and their Archontic deception strategies, such as SRA, through reverse engineering in the planetary fields. Once you see it in the field, and know how it works, it becomes as clear as day what they have done to enslave the minds of people on the earth. However, over the years I had to toughen my skin and evolve into a spiritual warrior for truth. It is the requirement for serving the One unconditionally loving and kind God that promotes World Humanism for all people. The practices of the Law of One are synonymous with Christ Consciousness, it is to live in the Law of Love and Loving. It is embodied harmlessness. The people of this earth deserve to know the truth of who they are and that we are enduring a war over humanity’s potential for ascending consciousness. The Imposter forces want earth inhabitants to remain traumatized by consciousness states of terror, fear, ignorance, poverty and separation thus, easily divided and conquered. Hence there is very little high quality information about the planetary ascension event.

Let’s come back to the methods of dark attack and how they use mind control and holographic inserts to confuse and scare people, people that can’t discern energy correctly, or are unable to tell who is who on the earth plane. Many of these people have no clue what is happening in the fields and don’t understand the terrain on earth presently. The top two psychological and emotional warfare methods that are used most frequently are:

1. Astral body infiltrations: Lots of light workers get stuck in the astral world, a Phantom Matrix this is not an enlightened plane, these are delusions and fantasies that they believe to be true; this is from a lack of understanding of their spiritual selves and lack of discernment.
2. Video or Audio Movies: Projecting holographic inserts of artificial machinery into a person’s body (mental or emotional) or into the levels of consciousness during sleep or dream state to manipulate the being into believing deceptions is another level of mind control manipulation.

So given the high risk that I have in stirring up the hatred of negative entities that I am trying to educate the public about, many times they will insert my image, a false persona into an audio or visual movie on the astral plane in order to get people to believe that I am evil and duplicitous. People uneducated about discernment of artificial technology and how to source it, and those who never met me, can fall for this deception. Over the years, through the grapevine someone will casually mention vitriol being directed to me from people I’ve never met or never heard of.  Unfortunately, when people have been subjected to this alien insert of photo-shopping my image into some heinous action, they believe it and then feel justified spreading lies about me. The NAA tick off their box for creating victims and victimizers, one for their victory, because obviously, this is actually what they want to happen. Anything that can discredit my work, defame my character, and separate people with painful lies, is what they work towards. The NAA forces enjoy creating agony and misery in the human race.

However, the dark entities are feeling threatened, because with recent staff alignments and other developments, it’s harder for them to disguise themselves as something else. It is important to understand the profile of dark forces, they are masterful liars, deceivers, Gaslighters, and imposters. They can concoct complex narratives that include some truthful nuggets of information encoded in a bed of black sewage filled lies. To understand how they work, and what they do to confuse people, is to master the methods used for psychological and emotional warfare. In order to survive as parasites that need a host body, they have become masters of manipulation in every form imaginable and unimaginable. I purposely study these forces in every environment I come across them and reverse engineer their sources, in order to understand how they work, and in actuality they are incredibly predictable. Let me tell you about a recent event of aggression, very predictable and with all the same signature of the NAA and their pitiful antics.

About a year ago, a very traumatized female with genital mutilation came to our doorstep asking for help. Her story was painful and horrific, and a few of us felt deep compassion for her and tried to gently guide her to tools that would help her stabilize. After a few weeks, it was apparent that she had a high level of infiltration and possession, as she had no control over her thoughts, and was unable to discern her own thoughts from the thoughts of the offending entity, which were becoming more violent and aggressive. She quietly exited and we hoped she could find something else that could help her get her body and life back together. I’d like to point out to those of you new to possession, that anytime you see or feel the signature of violence, aggression and hatred, this is a dark force, period. It is either a black substance of the collective thoughtforms of the same vibration, or it’s the direct action of an dark entity itself. A dark entity can be one entity or multiple that are enmeshed together. So if you see a person talking about being committed to loving kindness and being of service and there is physical factual evidence of them acting out violently and having emotional tantrums – well there is a big problem. That person is either totally asleep and unconscious or too lazy to correct themselves from impulsive and destructive behaviors. Either way, they are untrustworthy and unsafe people and it is prudent to not believe what they say, because their words do not match their actions.

So this last week, this traumatized woman has returned from out of the blue with a deep vengeance of hatred and venom to accuse me of acts of evil and that she will take me down and burn me in hell. I noticed that her looping and repeated emails of assault were buried within the predictable NAA signature, especially forceful and threatening in order to give me a message from the Yahweh Collective. This last week I had been working in the Ascension Glossary to update the terms in the newsletter that describe the Yahweh Matrix, and lo and behold they drudged out this poor confused woman who apparently was off in an ayahuasca journey and this thrust her into a tirade of foul language and threats aimed at my husband and I. This is what a dark portal looks like, and the pain of observing a completely confused trauma based mind control puppet. She clearly has no idea what hit her really, but all of her violence and her demons are being aimed as if it’s my fault, because I once compassionately tried to help her.

The dark ones like to set up time ticking traps, they know they cannot get at me directly so they send traumatized and confused people, in so that if you try to help, in idiot compassion, they can use your kindness to set up a tar baby trap to get at you. This has happened many times over the years, but this tar baby trap is focused on character assassination in order to intimidate and get me to shut up. I’ve noticed that people that have endured SRA levels of trauma, are generally the ones they use as dark portals to assassinate my character because I am very passionate about educating people about SRA and pedophilia, because they are the most heinous spiritual crimes committed against the human race. People deserve to know what is happening to the children of the earth, and that many adults are also subjected to forms of SRA in varying severity. So the very people I want to help, they fill with the thoughts that I am the source of all things evil, in order to reduce my effectiveness in educating others about SRA. These are predictable tactics and it’s been happening for nearly twenty years now, they don’t let up and just keep at it- catching people in their web of deceit and lies.

Why does Character Assassination work so well for the negatives? It’s their go-to preferred method of attacking human beings in order to divide and conquer, and many people still fall for these antics. Let’s break it down.

Character Assassination is a Victim-Victimizer software mind control targeting strategy that is used to target Starseeds and spiritually developing people. This is one of the Controller Programs that is a sub program of the Victim-Victimizer software program and a collective miasm that has accumulated over many generations.

Character Assassination is a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person, institution, social group, or nation. Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumours, and manipulating information.

Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.

For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by their community, family, or members of their living or work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can last a lifetime or, for historical figures, for many centuries after their death. In practice, character assassination may involve Doublespeak, spreading of rumours through Malicious Gossip, innuendo or deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject’s morals, integrity, and reputation.

Well in my case, the latest dark shenanigans are the result of the Yahweh Collective that are having an angry tantrum because I described the Yahweh Matrix issue, and they have come back to haunt me in a confused dark portal with a vengeance. So I’m calling it out here and now, because I know what it is, and I feel it is always better to be open and transparent to what is the accurate assessment of events.

I SEE YOU YAHWEH! All deceiving demonics and spirits are hereby notified of their eviction and to be cast out of this body of work that is the mission to reclaim the Christos body. My body, my mind and spiritual body are in the power and Authority of God in Christ’s name. I choose the God power of my core spiritual identity to inhabit my body fully and completely as the residence dedicated for Christ, and cast out all demonic spirits and their essences, scents, and residue with malice and subterfuge to harm my mission. I further cast out to remove their demonic spiritual residences in a complete deliverance from their bondage!

READING RIGHTS : All Yahweh Fallen Angelic entities and spirits of servitude involved in this mind control program of deception and Satanism in the Yahweh Matrix, are delivered and released of bondage through my God-given rights:

• I have the right to self-determine and command my space in Cosmic Sovereign Law.
• I have the right to own my sanity and to choose wholeness.
• I have the right to terminate this mind control matrix and end this anti-christ game.
• I have the right to choose and I am free in the Sovereign Law of God’s Eternal Light.
• I cast you YAHWEH, Yod-Hey-Vod-Hey and Tetragrammaton from out of mind, body and soul spirit, in all layers of my protectorate with the Guardian Host Christos mission, and in every level in the power and Glory of Gods truth in the light, The Living Christ.
• I am made in the perfect image of God!

Krystal Star, please provide intercession for all spirits present, and Holy Mother Arc, please provide the necessary transit as obeyed through the Laws of Christ. I ask Beloved God Spirit to heal any wounds, trauma, pain, suffering in the heart, body, mind and spirit in all dark portals and related beings, to completely remove any residue of which is used as an open demonic portal into the collective consciousness body and individual body of any named person. Beloved Holy Spirits please reveal to me now any information, I am required to be made aware of to participate in this spiritual intercession and eviction. I ask all memories I require to heal be revealed to me now in so that I may address them fully for complete spiritual intercession to remove Yahweh dark portals from their servitude of generating hatred, malice under the subterfuge of lies. God Forces, Holy Mother and Father, and our Avatar Christ-Sophia Self, please continue to assist and transport any and all demonics, negative spirits, Fallen Angelics in the Yahweh Collective, through all appropriate levels of transit as required.

Sovereign freedom consecrated to God Source with all intention now is chosen, thank you.

We pray for all humanity and this planet, for peace, love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, in so that every being may find its way back home to the living light. Please comfort those who are in great pain, so that they may come to know peace, and therefore know the perfect peace of God’s love existing within the Christ consciousness. I harmonize and hold this space in the name of One self God self for humanity. As witness of One, I seal this in consecration to God and into the light of unity and wholeness in service to the One self. Please take this through the morphogenetic field and subtle energy systems on all levels and components of the Collective Being. Fully, completely, and totally seal our christos shield and krystallah bodies as consecrated to the Eternal Light of God Source, and our Christ Family of Oneness. Beloveds, we thank you for this opportunity. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. I seal this session container into the light of wholeness and union. And So it is. Thank you God!

I share this as a case study for educational purposes, and to bring deception and lies into the light of truth and transparency. Deception thrives in secrecy and hidden shadows, we must constantly bring the light of truth in order to illuminate the darkness and ignorance in this world. May we pray together for unconditional love and peace.

May peace be in your heart,


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30 thoughts on “‘I Have The Right To End This Anti-Christ Game’

  • Dearest Edith, I hear you! Just like Denise said, we are all going through this intense clearing right now from eons of galactic wars in other lifetimes and this entire realms fall into density. The fear is quite palpable right now but the bulk of it is the fear from TD as they separated the absolute farthest from source that one can get, have the most hellacious (seriously) karma to clear and have absolutely no idea how to get back. In the astral the frequencies are desperate for survival and we see that playing out here in 3d as all is dismantled. They are the most fragmented and mind controlled of all and totally lost with no divinity to draw upon.

    As we know, we are all one in spirit and unified in our quest to heal ourselves which in turn activates the healing of the planet and the whole of humanity aligned one heart at a time. We are the ones awake and aware so don’t be too hard on yourself as self love and wholeness is the only way we can affect others by being examples of living our divinity within!

    Just wanted to send some love and support your way as this is a very lonely journey for most all of us and I know this loneliness well in my own journey. There were times when I was afraid to write or participate from fear of rejection or getting my feelings hurt until I cleared most of my own emotions and realized these were my perceptions coming from my fears not necessarily the personal attack it felt like (although some do attack for sure and the mean spirit hurts the gentle innocence in us all). The truth is we are all so tired of being separate and divided from the loving unity of oneness that is God within us all.

    I love this quote from Buddha which says it all:

    “In the end only three things matter, how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

    I think this speaks to living in the flow and not allowing the thoughts and actions of others to “stick” to us through reaction, rather just be who we are within no matter what’s happening without 🙂

    With love!!

  • Dear Denise, im feeling so grateful and thankful for your guidance and Patience!

    For those of us that don’t remember or know who we are, for those of us striving for discernment and to make the right choice while blind is hard.

    I have experienced a “setting free” from whatever held me and love, connection, and power, has come flooding inward.

    I had been experiencing a literal inner paralysis and fear. And i couldnt seem to lift a finger or make much of an effort to help myself.

    Often i have been advised to limit my perusal of facebook and exposing mtself to the energies there, but because I couldn’t see the truth of it I kept on. Its like an addiction for a lonely soul. Also I’ve learned mass opinion is pretty useless and doesnt change anything. People are just yapping and no one is listening.

    Im ready to lay it down. Give my time to the inner and true connection.

    The plus is that deeper control issues were revealed. Maybe magnified by td. And I know that at my stage of awareness I must keep a daily discipline putting Unity Awareness first and foremost because i need to grow in strength, focus, and inner stability…etc…

    Im so glad your plain speaking played its part in shattering whatever it was that was holding my consciousness. 💗💗💗

  • Denise,
    Just a note of appreciation not only for your articles but for your continuous engagement within the comments section. Your willingness to answer questions, offer examples or further understanding, and most importantly correct or refute others distortions or falsehoods is invaluable to those of us trying to understand all of this. Discernment is difficult when learning new information or new topics. Misinformation from other’s comments, whether intentional or not, can seed a thought or line of thinking that can send others down a misguided path and delay our progress. Your insistence on keeping us on track with your writings and comments is undoubtedly exhausting for you to try to stay on top of. I feel tremendous gratitude for you that you continue to do it. Thank you.

    • “Misinformation from other’s comments, whether intentional or not, can seed a thought or line of thinking that can send others down a misguided path and delay our progress.”


      I cannot thank you enough for your kind, heartfelt and honest Comment Troy. Seriously, it means so much to me. Giant ❤ gratitude hug.

      It is for the very reasons that you stated that I've endured attacks from certain people over my online years of writing about the Ascension Process from not publishing their links and/or personal beliefs about this topic. I've had people write Comments at both of my sites (since 2007) with links in them promoting other peoples incorrect information. I've said repeatedly that much of this sort of thing is simply unknown by the original writers and/or channelers of material with distortions in them because those people either cannot discern higher and lower energies and therefore beings/aliens/entities etc. that claim to be the ones providing channelled information about the AP and other related topics. When the people that write and/or channel AP related info that has intentional or unintentional disinformation or outright distortions in it, like you said, it goes on and influences a lot of people to misunderstand the AP and what's really going on and why etc. etc. But, that's been Team Dark's reason for doing it all along.

      Anyway, because of this, those of us who are able to discern higher from lower frequencies, energies and beings/aliens/entities etc. that exist in them have needed to work even harder to correct this type of negativity done by them on people. This has been a very real battle on more fronts than most even realize, so I thank you deeply for shedding Light on it for everyone. ❤

      Sometimes the real deeper level conversation and exchange of AP/EP related information happens between readers and myself, such as this conversation. Writing articles is, for me, having a conversation with myself which sometimes is very boring to me because there's no exchange, no interaction with the readers about the info in the article. That's where Comments are a great thing because everyone makes the topics come to life via the conversations about the material based on personal experiences and so on. So, Comments are a blessing and a nightmare… but there's old lower frequency Duality consciousness in action. 😉 Thanks again. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Ay yi yi yi Yi!!! Remember your third to last report? You’re “no shit” report. I called it that. It was like your here-it-comes-ready-or-not article. I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t freaking out then! Well, it is definitely, officially freak out time! I am grateful for what I read from you and Lisa. (You could just post links, but you copy and paste. That’s love. Thank YOU.)

    So, new game UP with td, I see. I’m personally surrounded on all fronts. My work situation (once nightmarish, now removed and peaceful) was flipped on it’s heels three weeks ago. Now lies, false accusations, and abuse…are baaack. (so missed those guys.) I’m feeling the heat and temptation of anger. I have been wondering 3 days straight HOW to respond…fight/attack…defend…speak …LET IT GO completely and only answer the problem when addressed…

    I remain strong, standing. A new me. I feel like Wonder Woman dodging bullets with my new bracelets. And you gotta LOVE a golden lasso. Incredible how you can squeeze truth out with that one! ;P Love to say it was fun. I have enjoyed a powerful retort or two. And I would like to be GONE from mission work NOW.

    My concern is this, it’s an AMbush… Lol (can any of us laugh right now?) Never knew how CONFUSING and messy one of those would be. Though I’m strong, clear, no victim – I know the STRESS will mount. I’m grateful the school year will end in 3 more weeks. I can hold out. But your article and words, and Lisa’s, have inspired me to ASK myself the QUESTIONS I never have before…. I have been LIED about my WHOLE life. Long experience with deceit. I was a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. It tortured me. And I was silenced. (one reason I’m so chatty now.)

    So – Question – Do you think it is TIME (or a good idea) to FINALLY communicate more? Differently? To those that deceive/abuse/annihilate or to those who are fooled by them? In light? It could mean letters to relatives. Could mean pushing back at work. Could mean anything….outloud.

    Speaking up is my personal issue. Possibly others, too. I’m just wanting to talk about what NEW tactics to take. I’m on new ground. I’m ready, but God help my inexperience. Lol And God bless you. :)))

    • “So, new game UP with td, I see.”


      Yea, they’re all lathered up again and lashing out at anyone with that stinkin’ Light in them. 😀 Every time there’s another BIG evolutionary ascension Light expansion, like it is nearly constantly now, Team Dark (TD) again takes aim at and goes after those who are responsible for their “end times”. It just is what it is and we’ve been learning a lot about how they–nonhuman and human–work and why etc.

      “So – Question – Do you think it is TIME (or a good idea) to FINALLY communicate more? Differently? To those that deceive/abuse/annihilate or to those who are fooled by them? In light? It could mean letters to relatives. Could mean pushing back at work. Could mean anything….outloud.”

      Discernment, always lots n’ lots of honest personal discernment first.

      When I publish certain Comments by people attacking me at HHL, I do so to share these experiences with those who honestly understand what’s happening and why. We all learn (well most of us!) from seeing how negative ego and lack of heart, honesty, empathy, common sense and respect for other people etc. manifests through certain people (Portal People) at others that they cannot manipulate for whatever their reasons. I’ve always been honest about how these situations have affected and tested and pushed me since 2003 online and how sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s a real challenge. This is how we learn and grow however.

      The other aspect of this is that I’m publicly letting people know that these types of negative behaviors are no longer accepted here or elsewhere in the world. TD and the patriarchy are used to getting away with bloody f-ing murder left and right and never being confronted about any of their negativity and treatment of other people. By speaking out against this old negativity and consciousness we increasingly let everyone know that this is no longer allowed, anywhere. There’s backlash from doing this of course but this is why we’re Lightwarriors and have learned and Mastered how to Hold Higher Space even while under etheric and/or physical attacks.

      If something isn’t of enough Light, integrity, honesty and heart etc. with someone, then step away from them. Doing so will either inspire them to step up their evolution or continue fighting the Ascension Process. Your, our “jobs” is not and never has been about “saving” them or humanity; our “job” has been to help them get free of TD and point out the evolutionary Exit Door and then let them with their Free Will choose what they’re going to do or not do now. ❤

  • Denise. I think my comment re Lisa Renee that appears and disappears doesnt want to be posted? Maybe it shouldn’t be? Or if its not posted HOW can it pop up from time to time? Creepy. I’ve realized when im down i can be used as a door. And i apologize.

    • Edith,

      I edited your Comment for the same reasons you spoke about in this and your other one about Lisa Renee and why she didn’t allow you membership.

      Yes, you and all of us can be used as a door (portal) for negativity in many different forms to enter and cause more suffering, chaos, pain and aggression to all of us.

      These are NOT easy times nor are they safe at many levels and we all need to be constantly aware of ourselves and our actions, thoughts, words, emotions etc. AND, we all need to be constantly aware of the negativity other people are directing at us intentionally and unintentionally, knowingly and unknowingly and more. There’s A LOT of multidimensional change happening right now and the energetically unprepared, unbalanced, unhealed, unaware people are getting increasingly volatile, ridiculous and unbalanced and this will only increase unless they make huge personal inner changes immediately. Most of them aren’t capable of doing this so we’re going to see and at times have to directly deal with other people going “crazy”, acting unbalanced, infantile, profoundly selfish and absolutely not caring about you or me or any of us. Negative ego cannot do anything other than this and more of the aware people are encountering this in them more frequently now.

      I’m dealing with the attacks and portals and “crazy” unaware negative egos myself Edith, as are most of us, so you’ve GOT to get a handle on the things YOU do or don’t do or say or don’t say etc. etc. etc. that amplify any of these things and people. Each of us HAS to do this Edith so don’t think I’m saying this only to you because I’m not. Every minute I’m aware of when I go unbalanced in the smallest of ways because there’s immediate negative backlash because of this. We are Keepers of a much higher way so everything we do or don’t do etc. is immediate in our lives, homes, work places, bodies, hearts, minds and so on. This would be easier if there weren’t unbalanced unaware negative ego humans still running much of the old lower world but that’s not the case, not yet at least. Until then it’s up to you, me, all of us who are aware of the AP/EP and what’s going on to Hold The Higher Light & Way and do our best with the negativity trying to get us to stop doing exactly that.

  • Hi Denise. Re Lisa Renee. She has created a 2nd website with easy access to her public material. And btw I was denied membership to her website. I don’t know if it was a typical rejection everyone gets and then u prove your intentions by following her suggestions and then re ask to join in 45 days! I simply hoped to gain access to a little more in depth info IF people asked questions about material given. Like…and i emailed her this one….How can an ascended master be trapped? What’s it like for them? Do they know they are trapped? As there is no “time” I wonder what is the experience. (I admit this particular bunch of questions isnt stellar but im wrapping my mind around info I never heard or thought possible at high self and monad levels. Its disturbing too.) And regarding being denied membership made me sincerely hope I wasnt somehow infiltrated on some level that would contaminate her group and it would have been a heads up if she would have said something.
    She did state her action is based on keeping her group protected.

    As for me these days Ive fallen into a mental tailspin. Not able to control my thinking or impulsive talking. Lots of confrontational judgement or control/fears rising up. And anger. A feeling of aggression. Mental replays. Identifying and fearing my own stories.

    At my job we have this little computer daily questions to answer. It’s created to look unassuming. Fun. U can play a game first. U have an avatar cartoon buddy walk u thru the questions. U can build points to bid on goodies. I began to notice that some of the questions were not clear to me..and the multiple choice answers were equally obscure on topics that are SIMPLE. Meaning u continously choose incorrectly. I dont like it. I wanted to discuss or give feedback about it. So the other day I called. I launched into venting to a guy who quickly transferred me to a woman. And she immediately reacted to my opinions as a hostile attack at her. And she reacted in kind. I did ask her why she was so defensive and she said because i used words like idiotic and so on. She’d ask me something and then talk over me. Now this is my corporate im talking to. In the end she wanted to know who i was and i told her that after the way she talked to me I wasn’t identifying myself. Well she tracked me somehow and complained to my management. Now im all scared and stuck in it. My boss asked me anout it and I emailed the higher boss my version. I Fear the unknown
    How ever i had called our anonymous line right afterwards and told my story. And yet the other day i wanted to report on crazy service i received at the vet with my dog by the technician woman ordering me to stand up at the exam table so she could hand me papers! And she tried to insist and force me multiple times! U had to have been there. I wanted to report it but let myself be talked out of it. Now i was and am blessed by a benefactress paying for all my dog’s test and meds! (Im exhausted from all his digestion problems for him and keeping me up nights and i do wonder if he’s being targeted or is it ascension symptoms). So im NOT in my high heart. I Haven’t had it this challenging in a while.

    And Denise I really do ponder how is it TD can mess and trap or capture those levels of being….while i sit here moaning in my ole human self.😔😣💗

  • Is anyone else unable to access Lisa’s (energeticsynthesis) webpage?. I tried yesterday and today (4/27 ,4/28) numerous times, I have never had this issue before.

    • Dee,

      I just tried and everything is fine there. https://energeticsynthesis.com/

      Sometimes online locations and things at them such as Comments etc. are blocked or don’t work correctly due to negative interference aimed at accurate high frequency Ascension sites. I’ve received many emails over the years from readers who’ve not been able to write Comments at both my blog sites. I wrote about an etheric energy barricade that I clairvoyantly Saw and experienced a few years ago at TRANSITIONS that instantly caused a horrible headache. It didn’t take much effort on my part to energetically clear that negative etheric barricade but it’s sad these types of attacks even happen to some of us.


      I’ve also gone to Lisa Renee’s site and instantly felt tremendous interference there from negative forces. I also mentioned my experience (a few months ago) when participating with Sandra Walter’s Sunday Light Tribe meditations (at three times throughout every Sunday) and running into one of these etheric barricades there. As I kept pushing my way around it, I encountered an etheric Reptilian alien doing its best to keep people out of energetically coming together and meditating on raising and accelerating the Ascension Process. Here’s the deal everyone; online web/blog sites that actually and honestly carry real higher Light frequencies and are accurate in the information (Light) they present on them are sites that get attacked by Team Dark. Ones that don’t do not experience negative TD and Portal People attacks because there are no threats there.

      • Denise, I have tried to post some comments on this site of yours and am not sure if that failure is due to outside interference or your personal right to veto.

        If you are filtering me from posting, that is fine. I am curious though as to why. I guess I am not likely to find out if you are though. So no problem here either way.

        Just wondering, as other sites a while ago were bringing the same result, and the site owners were not blocking me. The search engine was deleting certain key words and phrases, until I recognized what was occurring and found a way to circumvent the censorship.

        Thanks, Judith

        • “I am actually grateful that I am not clairvoyant. Seems like a lot of obsolete drama to distract attention from living on Earth as a divine physical human being.”

          For starters Judith there’s the first quote above and you and I both know that it was a deliberate insult aimed at me. But, before that there was your first Comment which I did not publish (and the lengthy others that followed) because anyone who writes their first Comment and sentence in it like you did most likely won’t get published. You wrote something close to — ‘Hi Denise, let me tell you how wrong you are about all of this…’ and proceeded to tell me in your first Comment about your personal beliefs and actions done three decades or so ago and how because of all you and those other people did back then none of these current ascension related things and actions etc. are even needed according to you. Way to make friends Judith! 😆

          “If you are filtering me from posting, that is fine. I am curious though as to why. I guess I am not likely to find out if you are though. So no problem here either way.”

          You betcha it’s “fine” because HighHeartLife is mine and I pay annually to have this online place to write about what I do. Manipulation tactics, no matter how well written, are easily recognized and felt and this tactic won’t work either. You can perceive my not publishing your Comments as “censorship” if you want but that like everything else you’ve said won’t encourage me to publish anything you write here.

          Of course you and everyone can believe whatever you/they want, however when anyone comes into my online place of ascension related Work and insults me, disrespects what I’ve done on multiple levels and informs me that I’m wrong and what I’m doing is not needed then as owner of this website I have the right and ability to not publish your or anyone’s Comment(s). Reverse this situation, if you’re honestly capable Judith, and tell me that you’d be eager to publish someone who blatantly disrespected you, your (free) online Works, your abilities, your Higher Awareness, your lifelong Works and so on. That is why I didn’t, haven’t and probably won’t publish any more of your Comments Judith.

  • This is so sickening to hear from our ascension communicators! I work full time on rebuilding the planetary architecture in full lightbody so I rarely get out into the public to experience these things nor am I assaulted in communications with others. I can see this playing out in the macrocosm though through all the attacks on our President and anyone speaking out against the satanic takeover of our government in the truth movement.

    I wanted to mention also that we are clearing all the timelines now from the original fall and the dark forces are fighting hard to hold on to our angelic blueprints. It is a frequency war in the astral to get these blueprints released, and it is hellacious!!

    Also I made the mistake 20 years ago of letting the medical community talk me into getting a full hysterectomy after a bout with breast cancer. It appears that these dark entities attach to all removed organs and tissue which is why organ harvesting and abortions have been escalating within the black market as well as what is finally being revealed about SRA and omg!! pedovore practices now being revealed in human trafficking of our children.

    So while reengineering all these timelines I have been fighting in the astral as well (within my soul mission) to free and reclaim my reproductive organs as well as my DNA blueprints and it is physically and emotionally painful as I can feel this energy clearing inside of my reproductive organs and they are so are and assaulted, it feels like energetic rape!!

    So hang in there family as we stand strong in love and light fighting for our full mental and biological sovereignty. We are almost there and team dark is pulling out absolutely all the stops in complete desperation!!

    Thank you Denise and Lisa for standing strong and reporting the truth. Have no doubt we are winning!! We are the ground crew and as Denise said this is an inside job coming from within the system. We are the ones we have been waiting for and our huge lightships are our multidimensional lightbodies!! We stand united and GSF!!

    Love you all!!
    I Am Cheri from the soul monad Hilarion
    House of Ra
    Order of the Seraphim

  • Thanks Denise, finally learning discernment, and trusting my feelings again, with me l don’t get the emotional backlash, l dont do much or go anywhere to see it, its some medical monster that’s been taunting me. But I’ve been living with this awful fog, that has blocked my way to the truth, and its clearing at last. So few places to find support so thank gawd you are there that’s all l can say girl 💙 that goes for Lisa and all your wonderful readers who express things much better than me, thanks everyone 💚

  • Dear Denise,
    We’ve been constantly clearing our own traumas or pain… how do I know what’s real? Or if there’s any manipulation involved in what feels real to me??
    In gratitude,

    • Ivy,

      In the end it really doesn’t matter if what we clear is “ours” and/or someone else’s and/or negativity piled on us (humanity) from negative beings/aliens/entities etc. It’s ALL lower frequency dense crap — ours and from other sources — but it’s our job to Work on ourselves to take the sting, the filth, the hate, fear, anger, wounds etc. out of it (neutralize it) so we can continue evolving/ascending beyond all of it and them.

      Having said that, it’s super important that we learn to discern energies, emotions, thoughts, actions etc. so that we KNOW for ourselves what lower negative frequency feels like to us, in us, in our bodies and emotions and thoughts. You know what’s yours and you know what’s coming from someone or something other than yourself. Teach yourself to pay attention to the subtle things so you can honestly and consciously discern or “Read Energies” for yourself.

  • Thank you so much, Denise and Lisa. I’m through with pleading, I’m DEMANDING that this insane, repulsive Anti-Christ ‘game’ END NOW!

    • Pleading or hoping or sending Love does not work with most of these negative beings. Their time expired years ago. It’s Light’s time. ❤

  • Denise,
    I’m wondering if this is an attack. When my washing machine (which is in the garage) empties, water has been coming up through the concrete; it even flows up thought a seam in the concrete. My husband has witnessed this occurrence. A team of three plumbers came and dug up the concrete to repair the pipes. The dirt under the concrete was fluffy dry – no dampness at all. And this is the morning after flooding. What is this??? I’m flummoxed.

    • Gerry,

      Yesterday was a difficult pain day all day so I couldn’t respond as I wanted to. Gotta roll with the Energy waves and do when one can and Embody more when one is and recuperate when one must.

      It’s good you had the concrete removed to see for yourselves what was or wasn’t going on underground. Some of these types of anomalies are so, so strange and hard to figure out what, who, why and how. So the washer is only doing this when it’s draining out the water? Did plumbers check the drain pipe too? I’m sure they must have if you went to the trouble and expense of having the concrete dug up. Are there any other water pipes or a sink, hot water heater etc. in that area too? Strange…

      After going through all the physical possibilities and not finding answers, people like us need to look to NON-physical possibilities as well. And symbolic ones too. In this case, water (emotions) are flooding back up from underground (subconsciousness) every time you try to get things clean. Just tossing out possibilities here.

      Another one could be 2D, second dimension related. This is a stretch but a possibility nonetheless. Sometimes energies and/or Elemental beings etc. that have existed within 2D (below Earth’s surface), are used by Team Dark beings from 4D or elsewhere to mess with, affect, attack or whatever humans existing on the Earth’s surface, what used to be our old 3D. Water is also used because it’s a natural amplifier of energies, emotions, thought-forms etc. Because you’ve already checked the possible physical reasons for this problem and come up empty, I’d suggest that you consider if there’s any psychic/energetic reasons that may be causing this. You or any family member having a hard time lately with life, the AP, emotions, has anyone been suppressing their feelings about something lately? Go through all of these types of things that may be causing this strange anomaly. Humans can cause all sorts of strange phenomena like this but so too can Team Dark so you need to go through all possibilities to be able to check-off the list.

      Another possibility with this could be that of reality changes due to you living the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds and everything else related to them. One day there’s water coming up from underground, the next there isn’t. Anyway, I’d suggest that you try different methods that YOU believe in and trust fully to energetically clear your entire garage, and if needed, your entire house and property. Sage it, salt it, incense it etc. and DEMAND that this business permanently stops immediately. Clear the energies as best you can then replace them with what you do want; a washing machine that washes and drains perfectly as it should all the time. Good luck and let us know how this one turns out.

  • Beloveds Denise and Lisa it seems like thank you for ALL your work is not enough, But still my humblest and sincere thank you. Through all the severe physical symptoms and daily TD attacks without your guidance I have no idea where I would BE. We are in the front of this wave and I AM ready for it ALL. I the physical form may not make it to see the Golden Age but I AM certainly going to stand my ground and LOVE and LIGHT the Shit out of TD and help this world ascend before I go .. in service to ALL…e*

  • Ok, I just had a person as described above threaten me as I am sitting in the library reading this! Apparently he thought I was touching his phone as it was recharging next to me. He placed it as I was sitting here and then came back and called me a “black b****.” For the record, I’m white and 65 yrs, hardly threatening. Needless to say I changed to a different seat. Now I will go home and cleanse myself of the negative energy. Very unusual, as I normally have pleasant interactions with people.

    • Tyche1,

      And that’s how accelerated and amplified these changes are right now, and how immediately the unaware and Portal People are being affected in various ways because of it.

      Another thing I’ve been witnessing more often in more unaware people out in the world has been them totally misunderstanding something I’ve said to them. It’s like they didn’t hear me or they did but reversed it and weren’t aware that they did that. Strange times with all these people experiencing the AP (and the negativity fighting the AP and people living it) in their different levels. Be careful, wise and aware everyone. ❤

      • I’ve experienced the verbal misunderstandings for awhile too. All the things you post makes so much sense. I just never connected the dots with this AP/EP process!

        Thanks Denise

  • Love Lisa,

    This was absolutely brilliant – and timing, as I had my “Dark Portal” boss message me early this morning at 6 am trying to steal my energy. I had to run up into my higher crawl space and remain there before I was knocked out from sheer exhaustion.

    Bring on the peace, please.

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