An “Interplanetary Shock Wave”

Thought I’d share this for any who’ve been feeling extra exhausted, muscle weakness, sudden purging, and pain-ridden in new body locations lately.


April 20, 2018

INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE: An interplanetary shock wave hit Earth’s magnetic field on April 19th around 23:50 UT. When the disturbance arrived, the density of solar wind flowing around our planet abruptly quadrupled and a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. The resulting G2-class geomagnetic storm sparked unusual “electric blue” auroras.

“I’ve been flying airplanes for 20 years and photographing aurora for 10 years, but I’ve never seen anything like this before,” reports pilot Matt Melnyk who photographed the display from 39,000 feet:

“Electric blue auroras!” he says. “This was while on a red eye flight from Edmonton to Toronto around 4 am over northern Manitoba. Unbelievable sky. I was able to grab some hasty shots with a cell phone.”

Auroras are usually green–a sign of oxygen. Rare blue auroras are caused by nitrogen molecules. Energetic particles striking N2+ at the upper limits of Earth’s atmosphere can produce an azure glow during intense geomagnetic storms.

During the storm, Northern Lights spilled across the Canadian border into the United States as far south as Indiana. Hongming Zheng, a student at Purdue University, saw the blue glow just five miles from his dorm:

“I was preparing for bed at 1:32 am on April 20th when I read that there was an Interplanetary Shockwave,” says Zheng. “I immediately started driving north to see the show. A weak green wisp showed up at 2am and faded, but shortly after 5am a sudden outburst occurred. Purple pillars were easily visible to the naked eye. It’s funny how one minute you are in a humid dorm struggling to get the laundry door closed, and the next minute you are chasing one of the most spectacular phenomenon known to man.”

What is an interplanetary shock wave? It is a supersonic disturbance in the gaseous material of the solar wind. These waves are usually delivered by coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Indeed, this one might have been a minor CME that left the sun unrecognized earlier this week.

Alternately, it might have been an unusually sharp co-rotating interaction region (CIR). CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving streams of solar wind. They contain plasma density gradients and magnetic fields that often do a good job sparking auroras.

High latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras on April 20-21 as Earth’s magnetic field continues to reverberate from the impact. Free: Aurora Alerts

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  • “THE MYSTERY OF LAST FRIDAY’S AURORAS: Before sunrise on Friday, April 20th, Northern Lights spilled across the Canadian border into almost a dozen US states. The unexpected display was seen from Washington to Maine, with sightings as far south as Illinois and Indiana. “The lights danced from sunrise to sunset,” reports eyewitness Thomas Spence, who sends this picture from the Superior National Forest in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota:

    The display was sparked by an interplanetary shock wave that hit Earth’s magnetic field during the waning minutes of April 19th. Interplanetary shock waves are supersonic disturbances in the solar wind, causing sudden discontinuities in the speed, temperature, and density of gaseous material blowing around our planet. During periods of high solar activity, these shocks are routinely delivered to Earth by coronal mass ejections (CMEs)–that is, big explosions on the sun.

    And therein lies the mystery.

    There was no big explosion on the sun last week. So what caused the shock wave? No one knows. Despite the fact that there are multiple satellites keeping an eye on the sun 24/7, we missed something. The stealthy disturbance left the surface of the sun and traveled across the sun-Earth divide, unseen and undetected for several days, before it hit, sparking a moderately strong G2-class geomagnetic storm attended by strangely colored, widespread auroras. Surprises are still possible in space weather, after all.”

    What the scientists don’t know, what they missed and continue missing is the evolutionary Ascension Process 😉

  • Thanks so much for your observations, Denise — those in your blog and embedded in comments. I also give thanks for all those sharing their experiences — especially physical symptoms — in these times. I’m experiencing an aching body, with serious pain in my right side (sacrum, hip, leg, foot). Have had serious heel pain (right side) for the past several years. … But that’s not what I really want to share — all the painful symptoms are getting boring, aren’t they folks!? … When I was just “asking” if seemed to me that the correction of the “tilt” to the axis of the planet has just recently been completed. Yeah! … And, the other thing is that major changes have been made — how and/or by whom isn’t yet clear to me — in the “geometry” of the biosphere / geosphere. Geometry is the word that I got (on the 21st). It wasn’t until today (the 23rd) that I read this blog and associated comments, so I find it very interesting that a number of people sending comments have made references to the planetary architecture. Same wave length or at least a similar one?? … Anyway, the only thing I have been given to “know” so far is that this “restructuring” will allow for greater ease in embodiment of the 5-D Christ Self. Wowwie! Bring it one! … Many blessings to all. Let’s all keep sharing and embodying! Kristin

  • As far as the physical…in the last few days I am getting an amazing amount of cranial movement..mostly at the base of my skull and on the right side. It does not hurt,but it is always a surprise.I feel like my brain is ‘gettin’ too big for its britches’ and is needing to stretch.
    In the last 24 hours..the soles of my feet are burning. In the past I have had little ‘electrical’ shocks by walking outside that was really odd.
    It has been awhile and I have not spoken of this, but a couple of times I was just sitting and day dreaming at my dinning table and it was like looking at a canvas of a painting..just looking at the wall with pictures on it..and it looked like it a canvas would was about maybe six inches long and three inches wide. I could not see in the rip..but it was so brief I did not get a chance to overthink it. All of the folks here talking of their experiences are helping to remember some of my journey.
    Denise, all of my life I have had a strong connect with Egypt..there are many things in my house decor that are is where I feel the strongest connection and when I see these things I feel like I am home. At one point in my life I was practicing the ‘The art of laying on of stones” I worked with mineral kingdom and laying stones on chakras , It was amazing to see how it helped those who came to me..such a gentle energy. I did it in a pyramid I had built outside my house. It was only big enough for two people and there were windows on all sides..such magic happened in that space.
    It is foggy outside in my Colorado home..and I hope the sun will burn it off. It is the magical Earth day. I love this day of all ‘holydays’, wonderful to see folks loving their Mother.
    Peace~ and gratitude.

  • Donauld, exact same here except mine started up a couple weeks ago and built slowly, back and forth, until these past few days when I have been barely able to walk with the hip and leg pain and inflammation. No bliss experiences here! It’s been so bad that I went to my doctor and he’s doing exrays. Then this morning I woke up from a great sleep and I feel pretty good. Still shaky but the pain seems to be gone.

  • hi Denise – I went to Glastonbury – my birth place on the 19th as a pre birthday treat with my daughter – stated the morning off with a feeling of muzziness and incipient cold like feeling then gut started feeling decidedly iffy – got worse and worse as the day went on and i ached so much I felt I could hardly walk – by the time if got home I felt totally exhausted as though i’d been battered with something v heavy !! could barely keep my eyes open and just so tired. the 20th April was my birthday – felt a bit less grim but still major gut problems – still massively tired but cant sleep for long once asleep – and so on ……… last night a voice in my head said to me you are being rewired and renewed – so funny it made me want to laugh because although I am sure its true feeling like this the last couple of days on top of the twenty years before with all the ascension symptoms and weirdness has almost finished me off – roll on a brand new me – cant wait much longer ……..

    another thought hit me – I have only – after all these years – realised just how much all this solar activity etc etc affects me – and anything earth related – how dense can I be – twenty years down the line and its only just sunk in !!!!!……………………………

  • Hi Denise. The 19th was a strange feeling day. The atmosphere or maybe vibes felt calm. It was silent. The store was empty. One of the few customers said even the freeways were empty. I was asking myself what this was and came up with the ole cliche, “the calm before the storm”. My 8 hours floated by which is weird because no business makes one more aware of the time of day. I had been working extreme hours exacerbated by not sleeping because of dog and cat concerns. And even when it seemed I could and Should have slept, I really didn’t. But last night I came home and deep fatigue rappidly engulfed me. Fed my fur children, grabbed a pillow and cover and layed outside on the ole couch. I knew I had to be outside for my dog. I crashed. Opened my eyes at 9. Grabbed my bedding and went to bed propper. Couldn’t do anything else. Dog conked out with me. Didn’t wake till the alarm in the morning. As for physical symptoms i cant say. Im stiffer than usual but u see when i indulge in wheat and sugar my body hurts. The only thing that stood out today was I felt somewhat mentally hyper, maybe ungrounded. I am aware of incoming energy followed by heating up.

    Denise with your permission I’d like to share something that has and is helping me daily. (But I know you decide if this is ok to share with everyone) I do find I feel an in-flow and a deep sense of inner stabilization. Im still surprised that anything happens thats even discernable. Reading a DK book by Alice A. Bailey I came across this dedication and he states: This can be done in a few seconds of time….will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, BUT WILL SERVE TO STABILIZE THE INDIVIDUAL, to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process of carrying forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outer exoteric functioning. (Me: does it really do all that? I dont know! It seems such a banal statement):

    “May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
    “May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
    “May I fufil my part in the One work through self forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.”

    Then carry the thought forward from the rapidly forming group of world servers to the Great Ones who stand back of world evolution. From, A TREATISE ON WHITE MAGIC, Rule Nine.

    ….and I dont even understand most of what’s in these books!

  • “Rare blue auras are caused by nitrogen molecules.”

    Nitrogen is required by all living things to live and grow.
    It is also required for wound, I would say ..after this “interplanetary shock wave”..we may all be feeling physically stronger..less brain fog..less body aches..and healing on physical levels.
    That’s just my ‘get’ on this..and boy could we all use a big ol’ miracle does of ‘physical healing’..and a reboot..wooohoooo..zippity do dah!

  • Did not know about this event, but over the last two days have been dealing with the most severe neuropathy symptoms I have ever experienced, from hips down to feet. Pain, tingling, numbness almost like my legs are encased in negative energy.
    Stretching, barefoot grounding, energy healing, massage and meditation have made it bearable but it keeps “thrumming” away! Anyone else getting anything similar??

    • Yep! Maybe not as severe as your symptoms. Yesterday, the day of your sharing, I did feel the need to go outside more than usual to ground and clear–barefoot. And when I got out of bed and began walking this morning, almost lost my spine. Symptoms intensified in legs and feet. Moving carefully. Working on myself. And asked for healing and wellbeing support on Facebook (which I don’t do often). I wondered if my symptoms are unrelated to this “shock wave” and measured. I get that 55% of my symptoms have been related to this. Received just then that our physical symptoms caused by this will be over in a day or two.

    • donauld, Deborah G & Angel-Light Love,

      I had to look up neuropathy symptoms donauld because I was unfamiliar with that.

      One of the difficulties with writing about the Ascension and Embodiment Process is that everyone is experiencing and being evolved by the same cosmic, galactic, Photonic, solar etc. Light energies, yet we’re each affected by them in slightly different ways and/or in different body parts and even at slightly different times (now however only by a couple of weeks usually). BUT, it’s all the same AP and EP processes we’re all going through individually.

      I’m going to utilize these Comment conversations about this April 19-20th and counting ‘Interplanetary Shock Wave’ event to cover some more ground about these next-level Light energies. It’s been an intense Light energy week, starting with Sunday April 15th Aries New Moon, then the April 17-19th ‘Cosmic Gateways’ Sandra Walter mentioned recently, and then very close to if not on the day of these “Gateways” the Sun blasts (transmits) out more NEW Light energies because of the Gateway(s).

      Like Deborah mentioned, I too started having severe pain in one heel bone which radiated out into the arch and up the leg about 2 weeks ago. It’s been so bad there’s times I can barely walk so I bought some heel and arch supports to see if that was “the problem”. They haven’t helped so this stems from something else — like NEW Light energies. Then this same heel bone pain started slightly in the other foot too and I’ve been feeling the need to bury my feet in earth soil outdoors to help me with these next-level Light energies. After I had this thought I immediately Saw a past life image memory I’ve had for around 45 years or so now that’s connected to what I and many of you are going through today via the AP and EP. Here’s where we’re going quantum with these AP and EP evolutionary Ascension events and experiences.

      In this ancient Egyptian past life I’ve had conscious memory of for most of this life, I was a male Starseed and was on Earth along with many other Starseeds and three other ETs “Elders” at that time; an 8D Orion, a 6D Sirian and a 5D Pleiadian. [See my book and TRANSITIONS for more info on this and drawings of them if interested.] Many of you reading this were Starseeds too and had a “past life/lives” around 12,600 BC, BEFORE the global catastrophe that caused Earth to go out of perfect organic vertical alignment and into the 23.5 degree tilt it’s been ever since. My conscious memory of this particular past life is directly connected to this life and time of Earths and humanity’s evolutionary Ascension. And remember, it happened BEFORE things got pushed out of organic vertical alignment. For more details about this and related subjects please read Lisa Renee’s April 2018 article Planetary Staff.

      There’s been all sorts of speculations about what caused the Earth to get knocked out of alignment and into a 23.5 degree axial tilt but in my opinion, based on what I’ve personally experienced and consciously remembered for the majority of this current life, Lisa Renee’s explanation about it is the correct one. It was a deliberate act and it was done by Team Dark (TD). My personal past life memories with these three ET Elders, including a few physical Earth visits from a small party of super ancient Sirian Feline Beings too, has been that they, that we all were there on Earth in ancient Egypt and a few other locations to, and I quote from the 8D Orion, “…prepare for the period of extreme Darkness and negativity coming on Earth and within global humanity, and to create, build, bury, seal, and anchor multiple Light Codes and Energies for when Earth and humanity exit this long period of global negativity and Darkness.”

      That time is our now, our current lives during this AP and EP here, now. Many of us built, seeded, buried and hide Ascension related Light Codes underground, within stones, under Pyramids, under the Sphinx, in crystals, deep underground in aquifers running below the Great Pyramid and many, many other locations around the planet and we all did this to help hold Earth together during the Dark Ages of Team Dark rule on Earth plus have vastly higher frequency Light energies and Codes in place and ready for when WE, once again as the human incarnate Starseeds (and higher) we are today on Earth, Embodied enough of the NEW Light that we vibrationally match these ancient buried and long hidden and untouchable by TD which will automatically activate them in this, our time now. The cosmos, the GC, the Photonic Light and the Sun etc. are all helping this evolutionary push we’re living now.

      In this 12,600 BC Egyptian male past life, I’ve always remembered the Earth being in perfect organic vertical alignment, which meant there were no seasons anywhere on the planet. As a child in this life, the 4 seasons — and a lot of other things! — really confused me and this is why. I’ve always remembered how Earth was BEFORE Team Dark hijacked the planet and humanity. Another vivid memory from this past life is of the male I was as an adult walking across the bare dirt and having large bright electric sparks shoot off from his feet and heels with every step. 🙂 Some of you already know where I’m going with this. There was no pain connected with this, just a pretty visual show of Light sparks flying off of each foot with every step he took. The cause of this at that time around 12,600 BC was related to the Earth entering the Photon Light at that level back then. It was a natural side effect of it; highly amplified electromagnetic energies along with other changes in Earth’s magnetic field and other things all due to its very beginning entrance into the Photon Light back then.

      For the past few months, every time I move and touch anything I get really strongly zapped, so much so that large bright blue-white electrical Light is physically visible in bigger than normal amounts. This current happening reminded me of this past life one of seeing large bright sparks coming from his heels and feet as he walked across bare dirt Earth so long ago when it was wholly organic and entering the Photon Light band back then. It also made me wonder about the heel and foot pains I and many others have been having so far in 2018. Next thought I had about all this was that this is how this feels now at this profoundly higher frequency, higher dimension and next-level on the great evolutionary spiral.

      From my current perspective, what I’ve always been aware of and seen, remembered, known etc. is rapidly becoming quantum in that it’s all interconnected and finally overlapping each other which further propels the entire evolution/ascension. The more WE Embody, the faster the whole Ascension Process is for everyone at every level and phase etc.

      Quickly before I run out of steam, all this is intimately connected to this weeks Gateway and the Sun blasting out what some have called the ‘Interplanetary Shock Wave’ next-level Light energies. We in this AP/EP NOW moment have reached another level and phase of all this where we’re currently Embodying another huge blast of higher frequency Light into our selves, consciousness and physical bodies which is even closer in frequency to all the ancient, long buried and long hidden away Light Codes and activation’s we built, created, seeded, buried etc. many thousands of years ago across Earth way back then. Damn, I should have put this in that article I’ve been working on! I may to help tie all this together in an article instead of buried in a Comment. Anyway… I hope this ramble across space time and Earth history helps somewhat with the highly amplified pains and whatnot that we’ve been going through all week (and before it and will be after it too).

      One more thing before I forget as it’s kinda great and interesting. I’ve known that during all these Ascension years/decades that the Earth has been slowly and incrementally been being pushed back into total vertical organic alignment. No more 23.5 degree axial tilt as that too is being Worked on, healed and realigned by Team Light. This has been happening slowly and tiny bit by bit with every large high-level earthquake throughout the AP as doing it this way is tricky and dangerous. But, now that we’ve Embodied enough NEW higher frequency Light within our physical bodies and have seeded it into Earth in these lives, the Earth is more easily able to “shift” back into vertical alignment again but at this vastly higher fifth dimension and NEW Light energies. I sense that this latest ‘Interplanetary Shock Wave’ energy has moved Earth a bit more toward full vertical alignment. Light is doing this now instead of 8. plus earthquakes around the planet. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Awesome! It’s like I can’t get enough info to satisfy me. Also u reminded me of a period of time, I was getting intensely “shocked” via people and things everytime I turned around. It’s been a few years since. And now after a long work day on my feet my body just tightens up so that I hobble shuffle some feet before I can straighten up slowly. Last night i swallowed a mega dose of MSM/glucosamine with a couple of magnesium supplements to help the body relax. Plus I periodically experience heart palps and last night it was such a long drum roll it scared me. And I’m longing for a chiropractic visit!

        And 35 years ago was the first and last time I was introduced to the info about the advent in history DK termed as The Electrical Ones. And here’s Lisa talking about The Electric wars. Back to work now….

      • Yes, excellent memories thanks for sharing!! I work on the planetary architecture in full lightbody and we are finally down to working on clearing these earth timelines from the original “fall” just as Lisa describes. As these timelines clear our biology that was trapped and resonating to these lower frequencies is being released and returned to us to heal within. Our central nervous systems are finally recalibrating to life before these electric war timelines where the whole planet went out of whack. I believe this is where the artificial time construct came into play and our DNA became linearly sequenced which allowed TD to broadcast all these mind control frequencies controlling what we are able to percieve.

        So all these lights and beautiful colors are returning to our field of vision as the planetary staff corrects and is restored to natural cosmic harmonious cycles.

        Deborah, I too had these same visions as you and traveled all over the earth picking up and opening all these hidden time capsules and light codes all over the earth at Macchu Picchu and Easter Island, in and out of pyramids, under the waters in many caves and caverns, tunnels and other nooks and crannies.

        I too am stiff with feet and hands numb and tingling as well as some sacral issues like Lisa mentioned. Feels kinda like rape energetically.

        I believe the final clearing of these timelines and the recalibration of the central nervous system will open the way for all our natural bliss, euphoria and ecstasy to return in perfect love and alignment again with mother earth and our beautiful universe!!

        So neat to share! Thanks to this small but mighty group we are getting it done at all levels!!

        • Hi Cheri,
          The in-depth past life experience you refer to was written by Denise, not me, but I thank and honour you both, and indeed this entire group, for this share. I have no clue what the universe is doing or will do, but i would like to share my past if that’s okay. I am Sirian, from the water world, originally. From three shamans, I have received the same story. I am on my 96th incarnation but only five have been here on this planet in this dimension. I have lived here only during times of great change as an Observer and I have felt the cataclysmic events. Apparently according to the sayers, I was not supposed to return this time. I was supposed to be part of a council (still not sure what that means), but I begged to come back one more time to experience the Ascension. I was allowed but on the agreement that I experience the full suffering of 3D humanity, not just observe, and that this would be my last time here. And here I am now, 62 years old and feeling like going on a thousand. A starseed? A wayshower? Who knows. All I know is I experience the full suffering of 3D humanity and people come to me to talk them off the ledge. I get a lot of heart and soul soothing being part of this process despite the fact that I know I will probably not experience any bliss state from my work here. And that’s okay. I can now remove negativity with only a focused thought (which is pretty cool) and I now live by water which sustains me. Okay enough gabbing about this girl. ❤️

      • Thanks for your lengthy comment, Denise. Appreciate you! Yes, making this comment into an article is a good thing to do. Truth be told, I’ve not jumped into the “ascension symptoms” stuff because I realized we’re all being affected in different ways, and sometimes the symptoms may not be related to ascension at all. Sometimes all I can do for myself is witness what is happening physically and deal with it. Showers of blessings upon you!

      • Thank you so much for bringing up the ancient feline Lion Beings, rang true so much for me first time reading about them and their energy in connection to Egypt…and that they were and still are. Have always been drawn to big cats, less so house cats though, they bring me comfort. There is so much extraordinary information in your comment to digest, much of it new but also as if I knew and resonating to me, thank you for the care you take to write it all. 🙂

      • Hey Denise,

        I just felt “compelled” to reply to this that you wrote because something internally “Recognized” what you wrote here about your Egyptian past life, and the event that knocked the axis off it’s perfect alignment. First off, I also had at least two Egyptian lifetimes that I can clearly remember. One during Atlantis that I can remember as well. All three of these I was female.

        The thing that “triggered more memories” was when you mentioned the axis shifting. I remember in all of these past lifetimes, the weather was stable, the world was energetically stable, the axis was aligned and so were all the other planets. Everything was organic and fully connected to source and source energies. Can’t say I know exactly what knocked off the axis – I may have been or may not have been on earth when it happened. Although, I don’t feel I was. The connection after reading this … made me think of the 4.1 earthquake that we had in my area just south of where I reside. I’m in southern Ontario – and Denise, this 4.1 earthquake hit in an area where we just don’t see any earthquake activity. This happened April 19th. I felt something big coming after checking Spaceweather days prior to all the events I’m going to list. The first event we had was an ice storm a week prior to this shock wave gateway, which lasted for two days. Which has been odd because it was the middle of April and we don’t see events like that anymore so late in the spring season. Then the 4.1 earthquake hit us a few days afterwards, which shifted me and my area to a different location on the 19th. I felt it. A day or two after – I started receiving images, sounds, in my mind which were showing me that in my area I shifted more towards the north pole. If I take the time out now to sense I’d say I felt myself and my area shift NE a few degrees; 1-3 degrees to be exact in range. Then I was shown and given information that since my birth in 1990, I and my area have since shifted and moved from it’s original physical origin location. Even though I’m still in the same town.

        Then the interplanetary shock wave – April gateway, and earth axis correction event which I feel is what has really happened in my area took place. It’s all left people confused in this area. Meanwhile, I’m the only one who’s felt excited, elated, and content with these evolutionary events taking place. I also feel like (internally) I’ve shifted a few degrees myself. It feel so good – and when I came on here and read some of these comments it’s when I put the connections together. I really need to read more of the comments on this site – it’s amazing to find out others can sense the same events I do.

        Lately, I’m feeling the need to stay quiet after the huge attack on me in December. Might be why I’ve just stuck to myself – it’s no time to take risks, but thanks for the multi-dimensional connections.


        • Michael,

          Everything you’ve shared is correct. Well done you. ❤

          That ‘Interplanetary Shock Wave’ that happened early April 20, 2018 — the Gateway — has moved much. Like you’ve correctly perceived and felt, the Earth’s axial tilt has been adjusted a bit more and so have we internally, energetically. You can also feel that due to this latest shift/move/adjustment a lot of people have gotten moved around — in or out — of our lives. This has been a huge shift in April and more are coming throughout 2018. They’re getting bigger and more obvious to more people that “reality” is changing on Earth and within humans. Like you, I’ve been excited about this because these AP/EP internal/external changes are clearly seen, felt, recognized by more people. I sense the Sun’s soon going to be experiencing some more AP related changes which also will be visible to more people. Expect more phenomena with all these changes everyone as they go together.

    • Yes, Donauld,

      I have had a lot of pain and stiffness in all of my joints and muscles for weeks now, but especially in my lower back, hips, legs and feet! Lots of muscle aches/cramps and clicking and cracking in joints too! Movement such as walking and stretching does help a little but symptoms just gradually get worse again. First thing in the morning is particularly challenging! I am hearing of similar symptoms from friends and work colleagues as well.

      • Its so beautiful to read and share all these things, I’m do very thankful for your article Denise, I had no idea about this tremendous unusual energy that was hitting the earth last week but experienced the body pains particular the hips legs lower back feet, fatigue was at a record high for me, resorting to getting in and out of bed for nearly 3 days whenever was possible, I’m not a lay down kinda person but had to completely surrender to this process, funny thing is at the same time I had a total feeling of being protected.

        Its great to share with light embodying companions and I too read Lisa Renee articles, and practice the 12D shield technique for few years, I also use mantras for magnetic fields from a chap iv worked with also for over a decade his name is Shadan his website is, the source light project, he helped remove from my family many reptilian devices and back up devices on our children this lifetime, my family origins are north American Indian and it was put on by blood/murder within the family tree line, once that happened we all began to wake up very quickly to this holographic reality and yours and Lisa Renee light work along with Shabdan have helped in this process, many of us are rhesus negative blood too which through Lisa’s stuff on it helped me also to clear for myself and the planet elements of this, it was my saving grace as I’d heard so much horrible stuff about rh neg blood but I knew it was negative media lies.

        I’m just so thankful to all of the light workers I read and have helped in my embodying process as its only this that has helped me and my mum to keep going, when many we’ve known over the years became too weary, here is one of shabdans mantras which are freely available on his site, if it resonates do take a look if it does not then just let it pass you by…”I invoke the sacred rays of gravity, magnetic cohesion and quantum stabilization, to resonate throughout my being now, under the law of grace, and so it is” he has another one similar, please take a look if it resonates with your being. Much love and light to you all, and you Denise for doing what you do….nameste

        • So great to hear these stories and experiences from us all because it is so meaningful to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

          I am Arcturian and it appears we are here to repair the damage to the planetary and universal architecture.

          Gosh yes Tracy, it appears most of us have indigenous DNA and ancient shamanic consciousness as part of our genetic makeup. They are the heart and soul of mother earth. Their DNA made up the original planetary grid that was so infiltrated and heavily implanted. It has been the source of huge suffering that I have witnessed as all this DNA is repaired and purified allowing all these soul fragments to finally evolve and return home for integration within us as we by being the chosen representatives incarnated embody the evolutionary process for all our original tribes!!

          Deborah this may be the source of most of the suffering you are feeling and witnessing. I have had to endure this too since the DNA and my lightbody activated to transmute this horrific suffering of the DNA entrapped on the matrix unable to evolve until now yay!!!

          So this is the most important part of why we are here to feel and witness with compassion for ourselves and others while this DNA comes home to evolve and heal within us!! We are doing the heavy lifting for our entire soul groups because most of us are still fast asleep (however once these blueprints heal, the awakening will quicken exponentially).

          We have found that the entire human and planetary biology was completely locked down within the matrix and within all these artificial timelines created. The DNA was totally infiltrated with implants and mind control to resonate to the lower frequencies of suffering and grief which then produces all sorts of lower emotions of frustration, anger, survival, desperation ect.

          The sun was infiltrated as well with prisms implanted to refract the light rays from coherence. I mean it was insidious and absolute!! Until we all arrived within the very system to take on all this emotional dross and still hold the love and light on high to allow the cosmic light to infiltrate and anchor upon the earth once again!

          I think most of us are from higher dimensional societies and have already ascended so we are here to observe, compassionately witness, communicate and anchor the energy or attend to various missions to accomplish the destruction of the matrix and allow the DNA to heal within (hence all these bizzare symptoms).

          My mission has been a nonstop battery running inside me since the activation of my lightbody. Once my kundalini arose I was seeing moving pictures on the walls of my apartment. I went on a shamanic vision quest as an eagle and it was amazing!! I started hearing all these voices, tones and sounds that were used to drive the lightbody multidimensionally through my pineal gland and it took me about 3 months doing this full time to realize they were coming from my own vocal cords omg!! Hahahaha!!

          If you can imagine I have been doing this full time for 6 years now (thank God I took early retirement at 54). All the people I loved jettisoned out of my life and I found myself alone to do this work. I know who I am because I mostly just listen and let the clearing process run through me. It has definately been an investigation and now we know so much from entering and clearing all these infiltrated epochs and timeframes to figure out what happened. It is really criminal as no light could get in or out and so there was no awareness in the higher dimensions of the depths of this depravity and the extreme manipulation that has gone on until now. Although my voices kept referring to the Atlantian Lamenated Millenium Proposal which must have been planned by us all and why Denise and I have been all over the place picking up hidden light codes hahaha!!

          The mind control and wiping of our akashic was so complete, I still have no real memories of who I am or where I came from.

          So let us dedicate this long winded post of mine to the beautiful american Indians and our indigenous ancesters across the planet. It is my Mayan DNA that travels these timelines multidimensionally. I have found I carry DNA from the Maya, Inca, Egyptians, Algonquin, Kickapoo, Iroquois, Paute and Yavapai.

          All these indigenous ancestors we are healing are the 12 strands of DNA from the original angelic blueprints stored on the earth grid. Part of the 144,000 master blueprints made from the original pleroma which we are all a part of!!

          Thank you so much for letting me share and hearing from you all as these personal stories are so fascinating and supportive as we try to figure out who we are and what the heck we are doing here hahaha!!

          Love you!

          I AM Cheri from the soul monad Hilarion
          House of Ra
          Order of the Seraphim

        • So lovely to share your story too, thank you, I too have awakened to sound work, the vocal is the most sacred healing tool too I feel, sometimes its like the universe is pouring through my body when I connect , like pure source light! Amazing and all have this gift within I feel, I hear a lot of what your speaking about, and when I read Denise’s article about this cosmic wave, and these stunning blue Aurora’s I knew from what I was hearing around the magnetic fields of my own body and the earth’s as well as the bodily symptoms that something had triggered it, so was so thankful this article arrived in more e mails to read and share, it helps a lot to know that we are all here together even if sometimes it can seem a lonely path as is said. I’m just very thankful my mum has walked the path with me too…especially the last 15 years. I did actually read somewhere i believe somewhere on nasa website history, that apparently we had a similar event almost to the day last year with blue Aurora’s, intensity strength was stronger i think this cycle round. so it seems a quickening of energy! It feels like ten years has passed not a year! Lol what with merging of timelines etc etc and working in my sleep state too…thank you again for this highway of information Denise which has and does always keep myself and my mum in good steadfast mode, my mum is 71 now and me I’m 52 we have a very large family and she did work with the violet flame for many years, but has now been on a quickening of expansion in consciousness and clearings as never before, exciting, exhausting , but wonderful time to be here, and cheri I have recently had a Ra aspect reconnect to myself I’m just discovering what that is, in fact since the speeding up it seems of this energy I have had many parts of my Be-ing freed and reconnect but this part ,being one of the most recent, it carried a pure golden white light energy as I was meditating and using a clearing process, I had a part that was trapped and released and then this energy appeared before me and I just heard the tone Ra! … ….. nameste and much heart love to all I’m so thankful for these communications 💕😊

        • “So let us dedicate this long winded post of mine to the beautiful american Indians and our indigenous ancesters across the planet. It is my Mayan DNA that travels these timelines multidimensionally. I have found I carry DNA from the Maya, Inca, Egyptians, Algonquin, Kickapoo, Iroquois, Paute and Yavapai.”

          Cheri Lawrence, I find so much validation in what you wrote in connection to the Native American and indigenous ancestors. Somehow I feel like in order to go deep and high, that is a core connection I try to embody within myself more and more though I am not Native American in this lifetime even as my DNA and past lives likely trace back to various indigenous resonances. I just feel so much that “modern” society and work/pop culture in the east and west has lost quite a bit of its soul and that is me being polite about it…thanks for your comment.

        • Blue Cliffs & Tracy Ron,

          Most Starseeds and spiritual AP Volunteers have had one or more past lives as Native American Indians. I’ve remembered being a Shoshone Wise Woman or Shaman in a past life. Many of us have also had a life/lives in Mayaland and other native cultures in norther, central and southern Americas. We are reincarnated Elders, Starseeds, Wise Women, male Shamans and Initiates from multiple cultures from different past lives from ancient times all across Earth back here now to assist the AP in this dimension and timeline. ❤

        • Denise, I was so excited about hearing your memories which prompted alot of knowing within me (sorry about the name mixup). I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for all your hard work in feeling through and documenting the process for all of us to share!!

          While I love hearing all the channeling out there as it is so inspirational, it takes a divine communicator such as yourself to express it coming at it from a human perspective and that experience is something we all can relate too, share in and resonate with!! Most excellent!!

          Blue Cliffs, I too am not an not indigenous this lifetime. I began to realize my French and Irish family genetics as more the dysfunctional societal heritage and memories of war and strife, suffering and survival hahaha!!

          But I like you know in my heart the keys to the kingdom lie within the so called junk DNA that lies within our indigenous DNA, the part of us that was connected to the earth, the universe and all of life multidimensionally. So precious is this DNA that it was disconnected and tampered with because of the sheer divinity within it. We see this in the beauty of the shamanic wisdom, animal communications and harmonious lifestyles with the earth herself within the indigenous tribes still existing today (however silenced by the mess we created in ignorance). But the remnants and stones that lie all around us from these golden ages of high consciousness and connection to all that is are our clues. The fact that all these groups disappeared from the earth was due to the fact that they ascended as their vibration could no longer match the lower densities. This is the part of us we are here to heal, purify and reconnect with again!! This will allow the earth to heal as the DNA is part of her energy and our original blueprints of perfection are stored on her grid.

          One thing I know is that through this embodiment process and reclaiming our divine DNA we have changed the energy construct back to the Law of One which will no longer support war, disease and dysfunction!! Only the truth of who we are. It is great confirmation to see the revelation of all secrets and lies being exposed right now as the indigo souls are waking up and exposing all within the truth movement and we are seeing the depths of the evil machinations and inherent sickness that had kept us ignorant for far too long. I don’t think a lot of us had many incarnations during this dark yuga so it is quite horrific to witness whats been done!! However, we stand strong with love and light within and bear witness to it all as conscious beings that will never allow anything like this to ever happen again!!

          I still have no specific memories. But I do think Ra is the creator of this universe and this is the return to his energetic domain as this part of the universal dysfunction returns back to the harmonious oneness with all that is!! Hallelujah hahahaha!!

          Well thank you for letting me share your blog Denise with this small but mighty group of ours! I think it is important we start to share our memories as they return because the DNA is alive and communicates, as we heal it spreads like wildfire. Onward we go remembering this is a journey not a destination!! Love you!!

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