A NEW Landing With A Higher Set Of Stairs

I’ve often used the term Stair-steps to indicate the many energy phases and stages within the Ascension Process (AP) and Embodiment Processes (EP). I’ve also used the term Landings with this same symbolism to show those landmark points where the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the First Ascenders, the First Embodiers etc., reach another higher frequency point, turn an Ascension/Embodiment corner, and begin ascending up another NEW flight of Stair-steps within this ongoing process. This we’ve done again with our entry into 2018. We—and I’m talking specifically about the Forerunners of the Forerunners etc.—have reached a NEW much higher frequency Landing and have begun rising up, further Embodying up this NEW higher set of energy Stairs.

This Stair-steps and landings imagery and symbolism are easy mental and emotional visuals to help grasp this amazing and ongoing process. However, when another NEW Landing is reached by the Conscious Creators Forerunner Collective, from our perspectives the closest set of stairs and previous landing below us grows dark, dim and disappears from our view. The levels of Stair-steps and Landings further below that one are hardly within our awareness anymore, so life and reality-changing is each of these higher and higher frequency Landings with their NEW flight of energy Stairs.

The further and higher into the Embodiment Process I go, the harder some aspects of it are for me to write about because 1) it’s profoundly personal and 2) it’s amazingly difficult to put into linear words and 3) it’s not intellectual whatsoever but everything else! The Embodiment Process from the physical side is fairly archetypal in nature (what an asinine statement that was!) for the Forerunners of the Forerunners, First Ascenders, First Embodiers and yet it’s still a deeply personal and intimate process of integral RE-UNION with the higher and highest vast aspects of YOU into this physical expression of You living the AP and EP on Earth now. To accurately flesh-out in written form what living this ongoing EP is like and what it feels like, how it looks and sounds and so on is nearly impossible, plus most days one doesn’t even want to try to express it to anyone let alone write it down in linear form. But we try, when we can, and carry on at NEW higher expanded levels of being and awareness. Such is the nature of true Pathpaving.

Also, the further along the Embodiment Process I go, the less I care about all the complex details about it. The less that level matters to me at this point. It may again in the future but over the past few years, for me what holds the most personal satisfaction is living it, feeling it, Embodying it, being surprised and/or confused by it, being shocked by how much “it” hasn’t been anything like what I thought or expected “it” would be like whatsoever. At times this not knowing is unnerving and a real test of how stable and sturdy one’s HighHeart seat of being really is. At other times it’s just evolutionary business as usual and isn’t happening near fast enough for me. Separating from Source was exciting and traumatic, and RE-UNITING with Source is equally exciting and traumatic. The in-breath and the out-breath and all those many Stair-steps and Landing levels in-between them.

Another of many of the things we’re re-uniting (current unifying evolution of everything that was intentionally separated into Duality long ago) within and through ourselves is the heart and mind. This 2018 NEW Landing Embodiment Process level is forcing more Forerunners etc. to experience their EP via their HighHearts and not their minds or intellects. If you write about the AP and EP, then this is another reason why it’s gotten somewhat more difficult to verbalize in linear written form what living that taking place in multiple locations, dimensions, times and levels within your body, self and beyond is.

When I’m very quiet and still I can more easily maintain the larger and higher frequency expanse of Higher Awareness and perceive multiple sides, dimensions and levels of my EP, but what I’m perceiving is still very NEW to the Denise aspect. To other aspects of ME it’s old-hat but not so for incarnate Denise aspect. Some of you can relate to how familiar this 2018 new Landing level is, while simultaneously shocked and amazed by how strange yet methodical it is. It all depends on where one is observing the, their personal but multiple EP from in that Now Moment.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot remember January 2018. It’s just gone. So be it. February 2018 is totally opposite however and will take some more Inner Work on my part to clean up after. March 2018 is playing out for me sort of how February did; one intense inner change after another making them all feel like I’m ascending up these NEW Stair-steps extraordinarily fast in comparison to all previous levels. It’s timeless in one Now Moment perspective, then dragging on forever in some strange isolated and energetically sequestered space the next. Again, perspective and frequency as further RE-UNIFICATION unfolds within oneself, consciousness and physical body.

In much the same way the Sun both slowly pulses out and quickly flashes NEW higher frequency next-level Stair-steps EP energies, so too does this manifest in my physical body as EP side effects or symptoms. I’m aware of the solar energy pulses impacting and activating next-level Codes, DNA, Crystalline/Christ/Unity frequencies within Denise me and her physical body. There is no separation between what the Sun transmits or anything else and what instantly takes place within my body and myself and Selves. We are one massive interconnected unit existing in different dimensions simultaneously but All Working on the same things; evolution of Self and Selves to Consciously Create the NEW higher frequency platforms both physical and nonphysical for humanity to now evolve into.

Over the past few weeks I’ve repeatedly experienced something that feels to me like there’s suddenly not enough air in the room. I’ve experienced this many times since 1999, but never at this NEW higher Landing level. All the sudden there’s a sense I’m not getting enough oxygen and my lungs hurt momentarily while at the same time I’ll suddenly smell that old common AP scent of nonphysical burning incense smoke so intensely it almost chokes you. While all this is going on I’ll physically see and clairvoyantly See greatly increased nonphysical activity in my house. It’s like there are suddenly dozens of nonphysical beings and energies and who knows what all moving around inside my house.

After I went through this one yet again, but at this much higher 2018 Landing level of Embodiment, I realized that what seemed to me to be multiple different energy events and psychic anomalies and ongoing EP side effects was actually one thing taking place. It was one event caused by one solar energy pulse being Embodied in my physical body which automatically activated further Crystalline/Christ/Unity frequencies and higher DNA activation’s within me. The smelling of nonphysical burning smoky scents has to do with our Pineal and Pituitary brain glands being further evolved, expanded and consciously RE-UNITED multidimensionally and beyond that even. And when this happens we physically see and clairvoyantly See much more of the nonphysical that’s around us all the time. We’re further activated, expanded, ascended and UNIFIED a bit more and therefore perceive a bit more every time we go through this. We See more, Feel more, Hear more, perceive more, Know more and become more with every solar pulse and flash at every higher frequency Stair-step.

Physical life is like the dream now and dreaming is like some of our other lives and Selves going about their hurried ascension business in their locations, levels and spaces. EP symptoms are our physical bodies anchoring what the Sun pulses out which causes us to change a bit more every time it does it. It won’t ever end, only become larger, higher in frequency and more complex and simplified as we evolve and know and are more. Keep growing into the glorious Divine weirdness of it all and ignore the chaotic distractions and unaware people from one Now Moment to the next Now Moment. Be a mighty receptive frequency container throughout March as more higher Light energies and activations need to be Embodied and seeded by every capable Forerunner. ❤ ❤ ❤


March 9, 2018

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27 thoughts on “A NEW Landing With A Higher Set Of Stairs

  • Hello, Denise Yes I understand as you mention it becomes difficult to express in words; it’s all mental. I know you do the best you can!! Thanks for sharing with us. It takes effort for my personal to understand all the Englisch to read and write (google translation is not so good) but I do feel the energies in it.

    With the changing of the senses time and space losing there meaning.
    I had a few times profound experience, over the last years, with wide open eyes.It had to do with some past personal life situations, They came in front and they turn in a grey picture/ film and then slowly falling in pieces and became dust. There is still a memory but all the feelings etc is not anymore in my system. So it gives space for new energies to let in…..

    I note for some years that as we live in the AP and EP experiences conscious they become a natural part of our life. For the human side not always easy to undergo and understand.But when it is it becomes natural we even don’t remember how it was and when?! ( I write some intense moments and periods down others wise I will forget) I even don’t remember myself about a year ago!!

    But I do still wonder, special when one is in uplifting periods or peaceful( everything goes smoothly) what will comes next around the corner………The 3D world feels far away from my inner life, still, I act as a human to keep contact over here.

    With gratitude and Love for all of you, Diviana

  • “Be a mighty receptive frequency container throughout March as more higher Light energies and activations need to be Embodied and seeded by every capable Forerunner.”

    I will. 😊

    As Thelma said, you’ve described the indescribable. I’m grateful. It helps me understand the embodiment process as I’m experiencing it, too, for while there are themes, it’s all a unique and individual process, too. The stairstep and staircase imagery has helped me so much all these years. So very much. Thank you, Denise. ❤️

  • Thank you, Denise! Haven’t commented in awhile but still reading and appreciating your posts and everyone’s thoughts. ❤️❤️

  • Thanks Denise, I’m seeing a big wheel without a top and disappearing levels below. It’s helping a lot to show me I’m back on track 🛤 now I’m out of hospital, confidence is struggling a bit but really appreciate all that you do, so thanks and lots of love Linda 💙 💛 💜

  • Omg yes!! 2018 has reached a whole new level of intensity. I work in the astral and on the grids almost full time as part of my soul mission to help repair the planetary architecture. You would not believe all the stuff we (me and my MD selves hahahaha!!) have cleared on the old control grid, putrid energy, ash trays, smoking and barbeques to match what we are all sensing and smelling. This was all in the DNA and dysfunction of the planetary architecture which has been affecting our form holding blueprints stored on the grid. Methane, mercury and flouride were dumped on the grids as neurotoxins.

    The subconscious mind control broadcasts in our brainwave states of alpha, delta and gamma are clearing now which was causing our DNA to vibrate to very low frequencies invoking all kinds of lower emotions within. The DNA was sequenced to experience linear time as a point of control. The artificial intelligence programs are glitching out and our sense of time is changing from living in tge past and future to being here and now. All this is lifting now as we embody our full soul blueprints and th3 earth energy returns to an organic unconditioned state.

    All of this was affecting our natural bliss and ecstasy. So hang in there family, when this is done (I believe this year for sure!) we will feel our serenity again as joy and bliss return as the DNA heals. Once the human and planetary DNA is fully healed, bliss charge fires our chakras, they start spinning so fast, the DNA goes quantum and fully multidimensional.

    What a ride!! Love you all for sharing as we get this done at all levels!!

    Hope I didn’t post this twice, sometimes these things just disappear as the illusion of time is lifting and our perception of the world around us changes so our thoughts are constantly creating the new earth rather than the old energy of repeating history over and over yay!!

    • Cheri,

      Thanks so much for your input and encouragement (and all the work you do). It’s great to hear about the AI programs glitching out and the clearing out of mind control programs. Finally! Blessings to you.

  • Great post Thank you,Denise! I, however, usually smell ‘dirty socks’ then realize it’s w/in… then overstimulated sense of smell (seems my left sinus ‘allergy’ is clogged – due to left side of neck ‘outage’. Years ago, I had a profound experience and smelled steel permeate the room. Others smelled it a few seconds later! Point is, as I read this ,the word INCENSE came up -GREAT ONE – IN SENSE (physical sense) INCENSE/IN-CENSED.. What’s ‘incensed”’. of course, ‘holy smokes’!!! Which we breath into and experience via our ‘sense’ of smell..or. hahaha..the term, incensed’, as in someone is furious/hot anger/emotion! I never cease to get a kick out of the ‘bad’ wordplays and puns! Oh, yeah…and that smell of steel was so strong, we could taste it! Yes, there’s such a … so hard to put into words of these latest physical things. I find myself sitting SO still. And mega tones, within and seemingly without. AND the sense of the floor vibrating, making it feel like it’s coming through the floor and my body, along w/ a loud, UPS truck type rumble (for years). Thanks so much again for the updates!

  • Dear Denise & all here,

    Perfect image! I really like the word “landing,” because it implies that we’ve reached a new energetic space but also need to integrate the energies.

    Denise, you’re doing a marvelous job of describing “the indescribable,” though it may become more difficult going forward.

    For me, living from a High Heart now brings heightened senses. Every little sound is magnified, and I literally have to cover my ears with loud music or people shouting at each other. I also immediately feel the energy behind other people’s words. Their intentions becomes crystal clear. As our spiritual awareness, telepathic ability and intuition become stronger, transparency is inevitable.

    I, too, have often longed to speed up the process. I believe each of us has embodied this at our own pace but things are now accelerating with stronger waves of Light coming in.

    It’s what we came for – to welcome the Divine Light, anchor it within ourSelves and radiate it outwards at the physical level. No small feat because of all the clearing we had to do beforehand in this dense reality and these dense bodies. Just when I think I’m done, another illusion shatters before me. Every belief, everything I thought was important, has been rooted out and destroyed. It’s real quiet on this stair step, and there’s peace in that, but there’s no looking back.

    Thanks, Denise, for so authentically expressing what this process entails and what it means for you/us. You have also provided a safe place for others to share their experiences in this pivotal time and for that we are grateful.

    Love to you and all here.

  • No smoke scent here. Not even sure where I fit in on any scale, as I feel disconnected from everything these days, but I do know that I come here for a reason. No air in the room resonates big time and I’m having serious time glitches and I’m wondering if anyone else is? An hours gone by, so it seems, but when I look at a clock, maybe 5 minutes has gone by. It’s potent and constant. As always, thank you Denise. 🙂

    • Pocahontas – I too am starting to experience time glitches where hours seem to have passed and then I realize it’s only a couple of minutes. I believe this has to do with entering a higher dimensional frequency space and then returning to a lower one (going back and forth between “worlds”). 5D is “timeless” but back in 3D, we’re artificially governed by the clock.

      • Thelma & Pocahontas & All,

        Linear time changing more and more for people (and so much more besides that) is due to our ongoing increasing frequency rate — aka Embodying more and higher frequency Light energies etc. Everything, including dimensions and the beings and energies that exist within them, are becoming open passageways for us, with things not being so severely locked in place (dense, solid, linear, dualized etc.) like we’re used to in old lower frequency 3D Earth, reality and consciousness.

        As we continue Embodying higher and higher frequencies those old barriers and borders and constraints such as what linear time (and space) have been for humanity at those old 3D levels, have and will continue to disappear. This is what I meant in this article about the lower set of Stair-steps disappearing from our view; we continue to energetically, vibrationally rise/ascend beyond them which means they disappear from our view and in most cases our consciousness too.

        When I find I need more time to do something physical, I intend (aka Consciously Create) “time” to stop or pause and I step outside of it into the timeless quantum Now Moment and do whatever physical work and/or Inner Higher Work it is that I needed or wanted to get done. When I’m finished I ease up and go back into our NEW 5D version of “time” which is this increasingly fluid expanding and contracting linear then nonlinear transitional strangeness we’re now experiencing. The old borders, restrictions, constraints etc. are gone and we’re adapting to this and to how to work and Work with the Now Moment. So much more to come like this which is so exciting. ❤

        • Denise, thanks for sharing your “technique” for expanding “time” to get things done in the physical. Awesome! I will try this too.

      • Yes, I have experienced the time glitches off and on for years now. It has just become more predominate these days. Very much so. I have smelled the incense/smoky smell off and on for years as well. I have had to remove things with scents from my home due to the scents becoming utterly overwhelming. Things such as candles, etc. I can’t tolerate the smell of your average cleaning product anymore. These things come in waves/periods and each wave seems to get more intense as time goes on. I have recently moved and some unusual occurrences are happening . . . again. Netflix remote was missing for 3 days. I was sweeping and talking about how we had been searching for it. I opened my front door in that moment and the remote was directly in front of the door on the grass. We walk to the left of the door and had several times for 3 days and that remote was not there. Needless to say, it freaked others out. A hummingbird came to my side yard and hovered about two inches from my face. I don’t have a feeder right now and had wondered the day before if there were any in this location. Thing such as this are minute to most, but most certainly command ones attention. I found something missing of my side patio this morning. It was there at 2:45 am, as I was unable to sleep and sitting outside. At 8:30 this morning, it was gone and has not been found. This is also strange, due to the related thoughts I had for a few days prior. Things just seem to be ramping up, but it feels very different from the average wave(s) I have been so accustomed to.

    • I do smell a type of incense and some isolation. I feel joy than a sudden drop in feeling. The floor and frequency seems to shift and then I am in a new place. It used to stun me… now I find it pleasant and in the now.

  • I, too am grateful for knowing that the smokey/incense smells are related to my pineal and pituitary glands evolving further. Now I can quit driving my wife nuts, (or making her think that I’m going nuts), repeatedly asking her if she is “*sure* she doesn’t smell that?” I was pretty sure it was ascention-related, as so many unexplained things in life have proven to be over the years, but affirmation is always welcome.
    Thank you for your continued efforts, as I am sure that writing about all of your experiences has got to be both taxing and tedious. I find myself not so much withdrawing as just not wanting to explain very much lately, as looking back and trying to find a way of explaining things so that someone who hasn’t experienced something can understand it, feels so counter-productive and tedious, (not to mention pointless).
    Please be assured that the efforts you are putting forward here, however tedious, are not pointless and are extremely productive, at least insofar as the effects they are having on me personally.
    Again, thank you for all of the upliftment you are providing all of us.

    In Lakesh

    • “Please be assured that the efforts you are putting forward here, however tedious, are not pointless and are extremely productive, at least insofar as the effects they are having on me personally.”

      Thanks for that darrensdiatribe, I appreciate it. ❤ I know how it's always helped me to read about the personal AP/EP experiences from trusted others. Most of the AP and EP side effects and symptoms are so bizarre that occasionally some of us second-guess some of our extra strange symptoms. This smelling certain smells that at first one is positive are physical but later realizes is indeed not is one of them IMO. Our sense of smell often gets highly exaggerated, amplified, for long periods because so much evolutionary change is taking place in our DNA and brains, endocrine system and glands etc.

  • Thanks for explaining about the smoke scent. I never understood where it is coming from. Never made the connection. Tried to find the source outside, neighbouring houses, someone having a barbecue? Could not find a source. Thanks

    • Maria N.,

      I too first thought what I was smelling was completely physical and walked my neighborhood over a decade ago looking for the @^%#!* with the smoking chimney! Never found one and eventually realized that what I was smelling was caused by the AP and wasn’t physical or external like I’d believed. I’ve also had my sense of smell go seemingly haywire for months at a time — for these same AP reasons — causing me to smell old physical scents for weeks or months. It was horrible and beyond frustrating to constantly be forced to smell scents that weren’t there physically but so constant they made you feel crazy and sick.

      Here’s a link to 2 old articles I wrote about this ascension related side effect at TRANSITIONS years ago.


      • yes yes. getting the ‘where is that smell coming from?’ thing. Also the not enough oxygen. sitting under a rotating ceiling fan makes a surprising difference, though I suppose any breeze would do.

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