‘All Hearts On Deck’

In one of Sandra Walter’s recent articles she used this great term ‘All hearts on deck’ indicating that, well, it was needed now. I’m borrowing it for this article for multiple reasons.

Before I go any further, this is one of those articles/information where I paused before writing it to inquire and discern at higher levels whether or not it was something I should share publicly now. Usually when what I write about is based exclusively on what I’ve experienced, there’s no need for me to check at higher levels if it’s appropriate to share certain information or not. If it isn’t I sense it and just leave those parts out of my article(s). However, in this case what I’ve experienced was connected to another person, one I admire and respect greatly for their elevated and accurate Ascension related Works. I’m talking about Sandra Walter, so, because another person’s energetic and physical Works were involved to a certain degree with what I’ve experienced, I checked in at higher levels first to decide if my experience would be insightful enough to call for it being shared publicly. I perceived it would so I’m going to go ahead and share what I’ve experienced in relation to Sandra Walter’s (weekly) Sunday ‘Global Unity Meditation’ recently. At first it may sound like I’m talking about a big negativity but I’m not. All hearts on deck remember? Not fear on deck, not weakness, retreat, shock or confusion but all Radiant HighHearts on deck… and bring your Lightwarrior attitude with you for the moment as well. 🙂

Since September 2017, I’ve repeatedly sensed that I should make a PayPal donation to Sandra Walter at the end of December this year. Every time I’ve felt this over these past months I’ve wondered what was up but didn’t ponder it any deeper than acknowledge it and try to remember to do so before this year is up. I’ve never perceived this before with her or anyone else so it has remained a highlighted question point in my awareness since September.

If you are on Sandra Walter’s mailing list and receive updates from her, then you’ve heard about her having been in a car accident Saturday, December 16, 2017. I don’t know any more about this than what she wrote in her latest notification sent out yesterday, December 19th. Evidently she is okay, no doubt feeling rather beat-up, bruised and sore from head to toe however, but her car died in this accident. So there’s my answer as to why I was sensing I needed to make a donation to Sandra by the end of December 2017. All hearts on deck. ❤

The next layer is that for the past three months I’ve experienced energetic and mental interference every Sunday when I’d try to join in with Sandra Walter’s ‘Global Unity’ meditations done weekly at 8:11 AM, 11:11 AM and 5:11 PM. I’d never experienced this before three months ago so this too was another question point in my awareness over why was this suddenly happening to me in relation to my attempting to participate in her Sunday meditations. I repeatedly experienced this same type of negative interference back in 2012, every time I’d reach a certain point within Lisa Renee’s ’12 D Shield meditation’ technique, so this is NOT something new to me or something related only to Sandra Walter and/or her Sunday meditations. This is NOT about any of that, but something else, something that some of you reading this already know all about because you’ve experienced it many times too over these arduous and oftentimes dangerous Ascension years.

In the case of my trying to join in with Sandra’s Sunday meditations over these past few months (prior to three months ago I’d never experienced any interference or problems whatsoever) it was getting increasingly difficult for me to do something that’s usually effortless and immediate. I’m very familiar with what negative interference feels like no matter what latest form it takes or method it tries; you are blocked from entering something you want to enter and/or are repeatedly interfered with in an attempt to derail you or exhaust you to the point where you just give up trying to push forward and go do something else instead. This is Team Dark remaining unseen but doing their best to prevent you from gaining access to a higher frequency. In this case it was to stop me from entering the Group Collective or what Sandra calls the ‘High Vibe Tribe’ to further Consciously Create, assist, build, anchor, Embody etc. via her Global Unity meditations.

It wasn’t so much that this happened to me, again, but it was the timing of it that surprised me and it shouldn’t have but did. Did you catch that I started doing Lisa Renee’s ’12 D Shield’ visualization in 2012 and was almost constantly interfered with? And here we are five years later during the last few months and now days of 2017 and I’ve experienced repeated interference nearly every Sunday when I’d entered Sandra Walter’s Global Unity meditations. Not a coincidence which is telling in itself.

I’m going to backtrack for a moment here and include some information that I haven’t talked much about since 2015 when it started up, again, for me only because I was so glad and relieved I’d evolved to a high enough point there for a while to be out of range from Team Dark (TD) and their always changing tactics, methods and more advanced tools. It was short-lived but so very wonderful to be free of them for a while a few years ago. Once one has tasted true freedom from TD, one never wants to ever have to be affected by them or their devices etc. again. Said another way, this old Lightwarrior Elder got a bit “fluffy” after decades of hand-to-hand combat with TD constantly. Once the attacks and interference reduced and eventually disappeared for me personally a few years back, I relaxed and adjusted to their absence, celebrated, ate too much pie, got casual and thought it was finally over blah, blah, blah. And as we all know, when one gets too much like this something often comes flying back in and kicks you in your tender privates to remind you that, It ain’t over yet dip-shit! 😐 You know what I’m saying and hopefully why I’m saying it now.

By 2015 however there were small but continuous clues I was perceiving each year that TD had changed their tactics and increased their intent from what I was familiar with, and that my past brief celebrations needed to be combined with more stealth and Higher Awareness and to not fully retire my Lightwarrior gear quite yet. I was not happy about any of this but knew that, and this is the super important part, as the negative increased/increases, simultaneously so too was the positive. I know how strange and unnatural that all sounds, and is, but there it is; the old lower negativity doing its best to survive the Universal Ascension Process no matter what while at the same time the NEW is manifesting. Books could be written about just this one aspect of all this…

In the old super Dark days of old TD would simply abduct me from the Astral while I was physically asleep and OOB, because it was so easy, fast and unseen for them. Years after this it became outright face-to-face battles with nonhuman negative aliens and demons and other lesser negative entities and myself. Years after that it became TD using living humans, Portal People, to get at me because I was getting advanced enough to not be so easily reachable by them directly so they increased using other living humans to do their attacks on me and this went on for many long and miserable years too. After that level the TD attacks, tactics, methods and devices etc. seemed from my perspective to have changed rather dramatically and overnight. This happened as best I was able to perceive, post December 2012. Stair-steps, even with them and the Separation of Worlds.

As most of you know my mom had a triple bypass suddenly and unexpectedly in late August 2014, and two weeks later while in a Nursing Home recovering from that she had a related Stroke. Needless to say my attention and energies were suddenly sucked over into all this unexpected mess since 2014, all the while consciously knowing that I was (and my mom too but in different ways due to her diminished mental state) in a very different state and place energetically and physically due to all this and that I needed to be extra wise and aware. Why? Because TD never misses an opportunity to kick someone when they’re down and do as much damage to them as possible because of it all. I’m not being dramatic nor am I exaggerating. I’m being honest about something even I would like to not have to deal with anymore at this late date within the global Ascension Process (AP).

Since the start of 2015, I’ve paid close attention to the new ways that TD influences were affecting me and they’ve all been very stealthy and unseen for the most part. It’s easy to recognize when negative aliens and monsters are trying to bash your skull in or fracture our soul, kill your physical body or drive you mad. It’s easy to recognize when negative aliens and/or monsters are using living humans—Portal People–to attack you, discredit you, disrespect you, use you and so on. What’s not as quickly or easily recognized has been TD’s post 2012 methods which have, for the most part, been about both interference with me when I want to join in with like-others to meditate to Consciously Create more NEW to benefit all, and intense periods of attempting to keep me focused on lower frequency issues, situations, possibilities, concerns and so on. In other words, onslaughts of interference when doing or attempting to do intentional Higher Work while awake such as meditations/visualizations/creation Work etc. combined with amplified blankets of unseen lowly thoughts and emotions designed to keep one in lower levels and within frequency range of direct Team Dark interactions etc. Lisa Renee has written extensively about this, and her December 2017 monthly article, which I haven’t even read entirely yet, talks about these new TD tactics.

My reasons for sharing this short recap of some of my new and different negative experiences since 2014, more so in 2015 and each year since was to show how TD have amplified their attempts to stop the Ascension Process and those of us (Forerunners etc.) Embodying and anchoring in the NEW energies. They want to survive and have prepared for this “end times” too, just as we of Team Light have. This old Duality battle is nearly over now however but these last moments of it are serious, important and not to be taken lightly. Are they going to “win” this? No, it’s a done deal already, this is just us at the physical level finishing up all the Work, layers, parts and aspects.

Back to current energies in current time.

On Sunday December 17, 2017, the day of Sandra Walter’s weekly Global Unity Meditations’ at 8:11 AM I went into meditation to join in this as I try to do every Sunday. This day however, which was also the New Moon which was conjunct the GC (Milky Way Galactic Center) during this week and last month of 2017, once I was in the meditation I clairvoyantly Saw a large dark-colored metal looking barricade blocking my entrance to higher levels of this particular meditation. My first thought on Seeing this was that it was “just me” not focused enough so I gathered up my determination and focus and tried again, and yet again. I even went around this etheric metal barricade impediment not thinking much about it honestly other than it was a minor nuisance and what the hell was it doing there! After trying this and suddenly finding myself back in front of that etheric metal looking barricade, the unexpected happened and is the point of this article.

  There suddenly in my Higher Awareness was a close up view of a lizard (Reptilian) eye and parts of the side of its scaly face staring back at me defiantly. I’ve experienced this exact event a few times many years ago with another nonphysical Reptilian being. It’s evidently the way they prefer allowing themselves to be clairvoyantly Seen; up close and only one eye and parts of one side of their head. It’s as if they’re intentionally looking through a small portal “window” from another dimensional or extradimensional level at whoever it is that they know can See them. They want to be Seen but in this small, limited way and only for a few seconds and then they close that interdimensional viewing “window”.

What this move informed me of was that the etheric metal looking barricade I’d Seen and struggled to get around was intentionally created by them. Mind you this was Sunday, December 17th, Sandra’s car accident happened the day before on Saturday, and I didn’t learn about her car accident until I received her mass emailing notice about it yesterday evening Tuesday, December 19, 2017. Am I suggesting that Reptilians caused Sandra Walter’s car accident? Of course not, although I wouldn’t put it past them to try. I’m sharing all this ONLY to connect some more dots so it becomes ever more obvious to everyone how deep into the NEW and the changes we are at this moment. Team Dark only resorts to stunts like this when they’re desperate and doing their best to derail what’s happening no matter what they do or try to do. I’m sharing all this because these cheeky bastards intentionally revealed themselves to me yet again, and this time while I was trying to enter Sandra’s Sunday Global Unity meditation. I’m sharing all this to draw your attention to the timing of it all now at the end of December 2017. That in itself is another HUGE insight as to how dramatically the global changes are about to become. All hearts on deck now. All HighHearts on deck now for not only self, for all, and for ALL everywhere. This is who we are and what we do. Rest and recuperate well and as long as needed Sandra Walter and thank you for everything you do from every level. ❤ ❤ ❤


December 20, 2017



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  • I have also felt that little cosmic “nudge” to donate to Sandra Walter in December, which I finally did, yesterday. Like Denise, she has been a big support and “go to” for me in my ascension journey. Both of these women have offered, unconditionally for free, the best they have, which, in my opinion, is some of the best out there, asking only that if you can support their work, please do. We should all support those who support us, when we can by donating, even a little. Now Sandra, who has supported so many so unselfishly, needs some support of her own from fellow lightworkers, and I think it really shows how much the real deal Denise is that she stepped up in her own free post and put it out there.
    And regarding those aggravating reptilian voyeurs, I’ve seen them also, occasionally…they are so over it would be comic if they weren’t still so nasty….I’ve found that sometimes now you can just look at this stuff in complete neutrality and say “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”…and a lot of the time it works….

  • I joined the second of today’s unity meditations and it felt heavenly. Some insights I received: If there was any TD wall left, I saw that I/we just surrounded it with love. If the wall was surrounding the meditation field, I/we just created an extended meditation field around the wall, and the TD wall thus became part of the field (become light or leave).
    This was possible as I/we was/were the meditation field. I am an infinite being of light so I am the meditation field if I wish so. I am it, it is me. That’s why TD cannot block anything anymore, if I do not allow it.
    I love you 💖

  • I’d be interested in hearing your experiences, Denise and Light Tribe, of the Unity Meditations today. I’ve done them twice. The first time, my browser crashed right at the beginning but after putting “Divine Focus” on it, it was very easy, EXTRAORDINARILY easy, to connect. It felt like another level ~ not a human, trying to make something happen but a GOD commanding things to happen. The darkness felt….inconsequential.

    • Kate & All,

      I’m glad this conversation has continued to the other side of TD’s attempts to interfere with the Light Tribe doing their Higher Group Works on Sundays.

      I did the 8:11 AM ‘Global Unity’ meditation this morning plus the 11:11 AM one too (and will connect with the 5:11 PM one as well) and from what I Saw, felt and experienced, the Light Tribe took care of business just like I knew they would once they realized why they’d been struggling with that pesky interference. “Light” is information, is knowledge and with more of that in connection to these lower TD tactics etc., it lights a fire in the Light Tribe to just roll right over them and their lowly stunts. Very well done Light Tribe, very well done. ❤ ❤ ❤ And yes, it was as it always used to for me too Kate, effortless and immediate.

      More things have dramatically changed in very positive ways these past few days… it's so wonderful. It's VERY busy and crowded "up there" in higher levels with plenty of never before seen positive non-human types all extremely excited and directly participating with the multidimensional AP as it stands now at this NEW level we've reached this past week. I've never Seen it so crowded and busy as it is now which is a really positive sign too.

      Again, very well done Light Tribe, very well done. ❤

      • “It’s VERY busy and crowded “up there” in higher levels with plenty of never before seen positive non-human types all extremely excited and directly participating with the multidimensional AP as it stands now at this NEW level we’ve reached this past week. I’ve never Seen it so crowded and busy as it is now which is a really positive sign too.”

        Denise, this is SO exciting to read! Thank you for sharing your perception of this. I totally got chills.

        And THANK YOU for your part in sharing the interference ~ what a VERY important service you did for the Lightworkers, AND the whole AP (I’m sure Sandra is very grateful too). I truly loved connecting in very much a higher way yesterday.

        Gratitude and hugs to you during this sacred time.

        • HighHeart Gratitude hug Kate. ❤

          We all need to be totally honest about the things (and beings etc.) that we encounter no matter how unpleasant and dark it may be. We all benefited from these interference experiences in our individual ways because they taught many people about how this tactic has (as in past tense) worked on us, felt to us, effected us, confused us, caused us to retreat somewhat and so on. December 2017 was certainly not the time for any of that but to be totally honest (from my and our current levels of awareness) about what we’ve experienced with this. Us being open and honest about this both educated and empowered many people to not get “played” by negative methods such as interference and to override it all and continue doing what we do at even higher levels. There is no stopping us or the AP and EP. 🙂 Big Group Gratitude Hugs everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise! So self involved by everything going on i realize i completely ignored your birthday! Im So sorry. I hope u have / had a lovely day. And blessings to your personal new year! 💗💗💗🌰

  • I have repeatedly been blocked from joining the unity meditations and so have to now go out shielded by Mi-Ka-El and work separately! We constantly get Hybrids attack…but they can’t prevent the work! Thankyou for sharing!
    Live the light,

  • I found some courage, thanks guys.

    🙅I like to be I like to see, I like to know just where to go.
    To be the most, to feels the gaps.
    While this age surely must collapse.
    And one day soon, well we will see, a new day dawn, where we are free.
    Joy will prevail and we will know exactly where we want to go.
    I promise you that this old game really cannot stay the same, so while it does, let’s make a pact, Please trust me through this final act!

    I got this from HS in 2008 and now its time to believe it, sounds sad 😢 but the pain, fear, fences, smacks and negatives got me every blinkin time so I was going to feel it anyway, so why be scared?
    Happy 🍁🌵🍀☘🌻🌼🌷 days xxx

  • after reading all, I understand why I was needed in my sacred space this past 18th thru 23rd, did not leave my home at all and was oob most of the time. can not remember much of the week, did write some of the dream times I had
    lots and lots stranger and stranger on and on we go
    back at work, where I have computer to use and after about 3 hrs feeling like I been beat up
    have wanted to send a donation to you before end of year but no paypal
    lovelight and lightlove

  • Me again. 😀

    Just read Sandra Walker’s detailed description about her experience. My facebook just got it.

    The one thing I wanted to add is just how weird my intuition runs. This month ive been a bit obsessed with the when of death and the unexpected. My death. My transition. My unexpected lightening strikes. Praying over it. But this whole entire time the bigger issue has involved people I know or know of…. Its always in hindsight i make connections for what seems like oddball trains of thought. Oh and another friend had emergency serious hospital visit last night! And so it goes….

  • Hi Denise
    Over in Australia we are having summer Solstice. Both my Mum and I remarked how the first 4 days of this week felt like full moon nights with restless sleepless nights and I expect things are getting wild out there.
    On the way TD work and the view that they must tell us what they are doing so they can trick us into consent, the kids movie Monsters Inc is so on this topic with portals, reptiles, harvesting fear, the TD recoiling from happy ( love) energy , the hugely vast magnitude of positive energy versus fear and so on. I’ll have to pull out the DVD and watch it again!

  • Hi Denise. I agree that the more crap hits the deeper I remember I am Living Light Pure Source Intent and purpose. I have asked “The Guardians of The Galaxy”….and i dont know if there is such a thing😄…..to work with me /us bridging Truth and Light and trusting as I walk thru the illusion of the valley of the shadow of darkeness I AM being walked thru it to the other side.

    Because I dont see or experience like u and so many others, or remember who I Am, I wing it with my imagination!

    I pray, I invoke, and i remember there is only Now. I fall back on truths ive read that bolster me up such as the Christ “neutralizes everything unlike itself” .

    And ive taken from Lisa Renee by declaring outloud I am free from the bondage of _________. (Enter name of dark Being). I have found this to b powerful. And simple.

    And coming back to Now and breathe into my heart. I also enjoy invoking the Spirit of Peace, along with all the other blessed “spirits”. Again, per Lisa Renee.

    Lastly And because my mind is so strong along with habits i always make a prayer asking my higher christ self to permeate, penetrate all my lower self bodies and consciousness. And on and on.

    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  • Denise, Speaking of interference ~ I can’t get your donate button to work! But I won’t give up!

    I just wrote you a long personal email, but will share one part here and that’s that I think THIS Sunday’s Global Meditation will be the STRONGEST EVER (and on Christmas Eve!!) because of what you so generously brought to LIGHT here. With every attack we come back stronger. These past two weeks I’ve experienced the most sustained and intense personal attack EVER….I know that I will be the strongest EVER after this one. As we ALL will be!

    Thank you, as always, for your brilliance, your wisdom, your authenticity, and your willingness to speak of topics that are not pretty but SO important to our experience. You’re beautiful, Sister. Happy Birthday.

    • Thank You Kate for that, plus this December 2017 B-Day is going to be the best ever for all the reasons you’re talking about. Yes the Sunday December 24, 2017 Global Unity meditation with Sandra Walter is going to rattle the Universe because we of Tribe Light won’t take this abuse for another moment. This is the ‘Cosmic Trigger’

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Kate, that is so cool!! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure it’s not new to those of you here, but awhile back when I sensed an implant and couldn’t figure out how to remove it, it was an epiphany to realize that I could dissolve it with LOVE since it’s not something TD can understand or would expect. In hindsight I can see I’ve been living the AP for years, but I didn’t find all the writers like Denise, Sandra Walter, Lisa Renee and Lisa Transcendence Brown until this last summer. I’m so grateful for everything I’m learning in this space Denise created. What you wrote reminded me of a meditation a few days ago where I saw all my lower density crap and/or TD attacks/triggers as a forest made of revolving balls of darkness. It felt like the path through them was very narrow and any misstep would land me in a whirlpool. But then this thin river of light was visible through the path and as I focused on it and chose it, it widened and rushed through to obliterate the rest. I’ve never participated in the unity meditation, but I will join on Sunday! Go team light!

        And happy birthday to you tomorrow, Denise! ❤️

        • Well, shoot, I’m on my phone and just realized I meant to reply to Tuisku’s comment but referenced this by mistake. At any rate, glad to be here and to participate in the conversations!

    • Kate, I feel exactly the same! I’m so excited to join the meditation… 😍💕 See you all there. I hope to hear everyone’s experiences afterwards.

      And Denise, wishing you the most beautiful Birthday!! 💕☄🎉 (It’s already Saturday morning here)

  • Hi everyone ❤ I just got a pretty epic insight during meditation. As the TD is actually very afraid of love-light, I sought a spot on the TD wall (that has been put around the weekly unity meditation field) that contains a spark of light and just loved the heck out of it so the light part started growing. Asked help from higher planes and we just blasted the wall-thingy with all sorts of beautiful colored lights. And I realized it's actually kind of a blessing that the TD uses its resources on us, on lightworkers/lightwarriors/etc, because we have the highest capacity to let them go. We HAVE the best capacity to let them go! So lets use our power! I was actually having so much fun blasting that light, it was so beautiful. Hope this made sense! 🙂

  • Thank you, Denise, and all who have commented here. Ditto for me on the resistance to Sandra’s Sunday meditation and, for several Sundays, I gave in to the distractions and skipped it. However, for the past month it has seemed vital to get back on track with not only her meditation but other areas of my practice as well. Recently when I was feeling a pull downward into darkness, I remembered this that I had read a long time ago: “I live within the Light, I love within the Light, I laugh within the Light; I AM sustained and nourished by the Light; I gloriously serve the Light for I AM the Light, I AM the Light, I AM the Light; I AM, I AM, I AM!!! I put it to music in my head so that I could sing it aloud and sometimes very loudly! I can feel the shift every time.

    Much Love, Light and Gratitude to all who are staying the course.

  • Thank you Denise! Like several of us, I thought it was just me, have had terrible spiritual blockages/a barrier, the last week to ten days, I was mystified and racking my brains for what ‘I’ could have done to have caused it. With your reptilian, Lisa’s voice and Sandra’s crash, I see it wasn’t just me, we’ve all been targeted.
    Good! Every time they ramp up attacks, it is always just before a fantastic spiritual breakthrough/upgrade, as they try to lower our vibrations. Been there before, so I see what they’re up to, and am just going to smile, be aware, and ignore their pathetic attempts! 😀

  • Wow thank you so much for this! I was also in an extremely intense car accident in June in which a dump truck ran a red light at full speed and struck the driver’s side (my) door. I walked away with minor injuries, a totaled car, and $80k medical bills (I didn’t have health insurance). Still trying to settle the case which has been met with multiple delays. I too have had the most difficult time joining Sandra’s meditations. I’ve been feeling like I was regressing into 3D and couldn’t figure out why. Fun times! 😉 Thank you Denise for the reminder to remember who we are! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Oh, I thought it was just ME! The last few Sundays when I intended to join in Sandra’s global meditation, I’ve been feeling more & more resistance and got caught up in distractions. When I sat down to meditate, I couldn’t focus AT ALL. Now I better understand what’s happening. I won’t let it stop me. LOVE to you, Denise & all here.

    • Thelma & All,

      Because of so many of you honestly sharing that this has been happening to you too, I’m going to also share that I experienced the same type of TD interference when I considered writing this article! TD didn’t want anyone to know that this was what they were experiencing, why and where it was coming from, (jerks shouldn’t have revealed its lizard eye to me then!) so when I considered writing this article I experienced more interference in an attempt to prevent me from informing all of you about what and whose really been the cause of what we all have been experiencing for many months this year. See how this works on layers and people and individuals and why? But the jig is up so lets bring this thing HOME now… which is exactly what’s happening. 🙂 Well done everyone, keep it up. ❤

      • Denise, I’m not surprised you also felt a resistance to writing this article. It’s good for us to KNOW how this works. I think TD is ramping up their efforts to derail us in every way they can as we move further away from their reach. Being forewarned is being forearmed! We GOT this!

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post. I so wanted to tell you how wild the last three weeks have been but thought I would come across very negative. I have been struggling with bad asthma and chest infection that seemed to come out of no where. I had to leave work due to the asthma and now because I have had three Sep occasions off in 6 months I have to have a review at work. For improvement! The entire time I have also been struggling with the 12d shield. I had hoped those days were over. It has been pretty intense. As soon as I get really creative wham day to day becomes very difficult.
    After reading all this I don’t feel so alone or down. Bless you all. It’s the separation that they try to achieve. The not coming together either here at Highheart or with the meditation. Anything to shut us down.
    But we are still here. Battered literally but still in the game. There is that great quote about the darkness not being able to overpower the light of even one candle. We are many.
    Love and light to you and all
    Thank you xxxxx

  • I knew it I knew it. I knew something was interfering with me joining in her meditations. I have several alarms set to join in and I don’t hear them or ignore them cause of no good reason… thank you again Denise. im fully aware now and will try to do better to join.

    • Laura & All,

      Yep, me too, increasingly so over the second half of 2017. It amazes me that I’m VERY consciously aware of this particular TD tactic because I’ve experienced it over and over and over again for the majority of these Ascension years. I knew all that and still didn’t instantly recognize WHY I was having increasing difficulties entering Sandra’s Sunday Unity meditations week after week, month after month this year. Pardon the language but it’s unfuckingbelievable that this type of TD crap still gets past so many of us, myself included obviously. Live and learn and be greatly empowered. ⭐

  • Thank you so much Denise, for talking about this! I’ve felt the same thing when trying to join the weekly unity meditations the past few months. Couldn’t focus myself in and the energy of the field felt very distracting and noisy. I thought I would get an answer one day, for why it was so, and here I got it 💖💖💖 Also, I got a lot out of you explaining TD strategies and bringing some of them out into the daylight and visible 🌞🌞🌞

  • Dearest Denise and all,

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this post for it helps me understand what I have been feeling lately and a series of dreams (three nights in a row) I had about 2 months ago. It has been in my radar strongly for the past week. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling the need to share here but it didn’t seem to fit. This post hit it on the nail. These dreams really put things into perspective for me. Helped me SEE/FEEL/KNOW a greater picture. For us all. To remember.

    Dream time scenario. First night – woke up several times feeling fear during my dream state/ OB time. Second night. Here it goes. I was in a place that was dark and maze like. Myself and many others were being chased and hunted down by monsters/aliens/reptilians and I felt pure fear/terror for my life/our lives/ the LIGHT. Some were overpowered. I finally was backed into a corner. This one monster/reptilian came right up to me face to face (like Denise mentioned in her vision), eyeball to eyeball. It was cocky and felt it had me. I was scared! Then I heard a voice say YOU ARE THE LIGHT. It sparked something in me. I started saying I AM THE LIGHT over and over again to myself. I AM THE LIGHT/ WE ARE THE LIGHT! Then I looked this reptilian mofo in the eye and said with divine strength – I AM THE LIGHT. It seemed startled by the words. It was then that I remembered with a strength, will and determination of who I AM/ WE ARE. I felt like Gandolf at this point and screamed those words (I AM THE LIGHT – basically “you will not pass”) at it and I lit up like an orb of light that knocked it back on its ass. I cried out to my brothers and sisters telepathically. They heard it too. I then heard a single voice with me say I AM THE LIGHT. Then more and more. A chanting of many voices. It was like an orchestra. It stopped the monsters/aliens/reptiles in their tracks. They were frozen. Their tactics weren’t working anymore.

    I was then pulled up into the galaxy and looking down on Mother Earth. I saw bright lights shining and forming all over her. More and more. Like Christmas lights. It was beautiful and powerful. Souls remembering, standing strong, BEING the LIGHT.
    I woke up shaken and muttering I AM THE LIGHT. The next night was another small tactic by TD to try and dominate. Nope! Not this time asshole! Score again for TEAM LIGHT.

    Every time since then that I have felt resistance, fear, anxiety, depression, darkness – I remember who I am – I AM THE LIGHT. I immediately feel a shift. This experience has also cleared out more space within me to allow more light, love to come in. Yes, my physical body aches and hurts (big time this year!) Yet I know my higher self/selves is/are growing, expanding, embodying more LIGHT and vibration than ever before. It’s worth it! YOU ARE WORTH IT. Remember that dear friends. I don’t know if this helps or not but I felt a push to share here.

    Thanks again, Denise for all that you do and are. I look forward to your posts and seem to sense when you are writing or about to post (like several others here do). I appreciate everyone’s comments and sharing here too. I feel a kinship here, a safe haven of friends and family. Thank you all! Much love!

    • Karina,

      And that’s how it’s done people. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've said before that one thing that gets us Lightworkers/Forerunners/Starseeds/First Embodiers/Pathpavers etc. into trouble down here is that WE FORGET WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE AND WHY WE'RE REALLY HERE NOW. The second we do this we shrink back down in energy, consciousness, vibration, frequency, potency etc. and start acting like a "regular human" again! Team Dark sits back and smiles over this and knows how easy it is to overpower us when we forget what and who and why we're here now.


      Team Dark has worked long and hard to cause everyone to forget these facts. Don’t let them convince you that you’re less than what you actually are Team Light. Happy Powerful December 2017 Solstice everyone. 😀 Now rock on. ❤

  • I understand Denise, only too well what you refer to here, and one day I will find the strength to tell more but for now, my prayers are with Sandra, Lisa, you and all those of courage who print these words simply to say thanks and love ❤ to us all who continue this massive onslaught to the 🎠 …………..

  • So, how do you get around the interference to joining the meditations? Once you know it’s there. What’s the most effective?

    • “So, how do you get around the interference to joining the meditations? Once you know it’s there. What’s the most effective?”

      Making this discovery is the main solution Jan, and from there it’s go into ultra determination and Lightwarrior mode and blast your/our ways through the negative energetic barricades, the BS, the distractions, the inability to mentally focus and/or stay focused etc., only getting so far into it and then finding yourself back at the “Front Door” repeatedly and so on. Once you’ve learned this type of Team Dark tactic from firsthand experience, you need to NEVER forget it and how it worked on you, how it felt to you, the different ways it — the negative interference — manifested in your situation and so on. Burn that hard-earned knowledge — aka Light — into your consciousness and memory so you’ll hopefully instantly recognize it when it shows up in your life again. None of us wants to be suspicious and living in Battle mode constantly but that awareness needs to be instantly accessed by each of us to prevent these types of TD attacks; attacks in the form of interference with us doing our Light Work. This is how we learn about TD and how they’ve functioned against the Light and humanity.

      • Thanks greatly for your reply Denise. I seem to be a deep undercover Witness rather than a Warrior, and have such a different perspective about how to do these things, I really appreciate that I could ask the question here.

        About wariness… in childhood I shared a room with a sister who threatened to kill me in my sleep if I continued to report on her lies and destruction. I’m 64 now, and like I said, I know how to Witness. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought it would be safe to relax from that.

        Thanks again. I honor your clarity and ability to articulate about this.

  • Oh Denise thank you so much for writing this… exactly the case for me also and I have not been able to join the Sunday meditations since the start for that exact same reason and thought I was alone… but suspected not.. on this! All of this is my experience… thank you for speaking up and my love and thoughts are with Sandra and you also. Happy Christmas, with love and thanks for all you do.

  • “Podcast is not recorded due to the fact I’ve lost my voice due to illness/attack. When it returns it will be recorded. Thank you -LR”

  • Thank you for sharing this Denise – I’m so sorry to hear about Sandra and I hope that she is doing fine
    now. What you shared here really got my antennas up. It got me thinking if this wasn’t a collective hit
    out on the majority of light workers.

    I’ve also experienced the up close eyes staring back at me through another place to look in on me. Its
    not fun at all – and I’ve even been scratched and woke up with cuts on my body which I know was them
    most nights while I was OOB. The funny thing about December 2017 is that I feel multiple timelines are
    converging. The latest attack on me has been ” 4 grand in debt which I didn’t even know I had – hit me
    on Friday the 15th ” apparently since 2011 my accountants had been doing my taxes all wrong. So I had
    4 grand to pay and I knew it was all of the negative aliens and beings trying to stop me from embodying
    more of the Ascension process. of course what did I do “I dealt with it and paid it off.” And I had to quickly
    move way up and remain standing where I had always been standing. It really caught me by surprise this
    time around and like you mentioned I was thrown into lower emotions that I had to pull myself out of.

    Since 2011 – so now I’m thinking to myself wow is source clearing this for me because now its time to put
    an end to these dark and twisted events that have been in play for all these years. Denise, by the 16th I
    spoke to my financial advisor. By the 18th we called CRA (Canada revenue Agency.) by the 19th I was in
    again on the Tuesday paying off my debt. Then later that night Saturn entered Capricorn. Years of TD attacks
    on me revealed and undone by me no longer having to be unaware of debts. It’s been so crazy Denise. I’ve
    really struggled over the last few days and now I’m wondering if this wasn’t a deliberate attack on many light
    workers embodying the AP (Ascension process.)

    All hearts on deck in indeed. Thanks for another accurate and detailed article about what I’m sure many are
    feeling in December 2017. What a strange coincidence.

    • “Thank you for sharing this Denise – I’m so sorry to hear about Sandra and I hope that she is doing fine
      now. What you shared here really got my antennas up. It got me thinking if this wasn’t a collective hit
      out on the majority of light workers.”

      Of course it’s been dearest, because WE’D reached a high enough level with enough of us with enough Light/Embodiment/Crystalline/Christ/Unity etc. within EACH of us individually that we’d become the NEW 5D ascended Collective. TD has been attacking many of us in these and other ways post 2012, but increasingly so throughout the entire second half of 2017.

      Everything is changing, improving dramatically right now however so be strong everyone and hold the Higher Light/Space/NEW. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • BAM! You nailed it again SiStar! Aside from feeling distracted or thoughts popping in, I also noticed I wasn’t feeling the group coming together 15 minutes before the meditations like I usually do. I wasn’t feeling the connection at all. This fall I once again experienced that drill into the head that made me nauseous and fall down to my knees in pain. During 11/11, sitting in a restaurant just before entering a vortex area to do work, I was hit so hard I thought I was being ‘heart attacked’. I ended up losing my voice and developing an extreme bronchial condition. I woke up last week with a red mark on my arm (that revealed an obvious puncture mark as it started fading) and immediately had the worst flu and bronchitis of my life needing antibiotics which I AM still recovering from but will push through with my Solstice plans on my knees if I have to. I AM Loving the Blissful incoming energies and still I was thinking what did I do that required such drastic ‘clearing’. As soon as I received Sandra’s e-mail, I let up on myself. Gratitude to you for this Share, I always sync with you who is another me. I will check out Lisa Renee now. Huge High Heart Hugs! Happy Solstice! Yeehah!

  • TY for sharing Denise,

    I’ve been very blessed by not so much interference by TD at least what I’m conscious about. However the last two weeks have highlighted some stuff that showed it self through different individuals attacking me for no reason. I expressed a different view point in both cases but one literally jumped me, I managed to distance myself though.. one week later another individual came by and wanted some help from my. The individual had read and visited by blog.

    At first it sounded like the individual wanted help but I had a hunch already early on that this individual wanted to spill their beans about their world view which was far far off what I’m thinking.

    The conversation ended I wished the individual good luck after being accused of being part of a sekt.. huh…?

    You can so tell when you are at totally different timelines by peoples re-action and triggers. The interesting part the many call themselves LIGHT WORKERS when in fact they are far from it simply stuck in their belief systems.

    Hugs and love


  • Hi Denise. A lot if obsticles began for me several Sundays ago. I work on Sundays but wanted to tune in and align with Sandra Walter. All manner of crap began to unfold that day. I wrote u about it too. And personally All types of financial challenges cropped up. Including The Fence!. On the night of the 14th i received an awful phone call. My bff soul sister of over 30 years had just received a call her husband had been struck by a car. She is disabled and couldn’t get to his side till next day. Broken ribs, face, brain trauma…. He’s healing up! He’s a Capricorn Vietnam veteran. And today i read Lisa Renee saying she has been attacked! And a healer friend has an ongoing intense infection issue. And so it goes!!!!

    On the other hand I AM blessed. For the first time in my adult life doors have opened and im truly connecting with family….father’s side Italian dysfunctional healing. I never knew much about the grandfather but none of it good like locking away his 1st wife in an asylum and left her to rot and then went on to abuse and bruise his 2nd wife my grandmother. A real prize him. Never knew him. But its like a veil has lifted for those not afraid to “air the dirty laundry” and wash it clean. This is the work for all the 1st cousins. This also follows my personal release work of my family identity. All the crap i thought defined me.

    Again I feel overwhelmed from the all encompassing info provided by Lisa Renee! I want to sleep for a year! She reminded me about leaky gut and gut weakness that is vital for me and MY health weaknesses. I had forgotten!

    Lastly i felt guided to watch a tv series i had considered a choice to avoid. But curious as to Why i needed to see it i began watching A HANDMADE’S TALE. Hulu. Talk about stirring up remaining anger about controlling deceptive dysfunctional patriarchal bullshit!!! A lot to work with! Also well done and riveting.

    Im glad u r hanging in there. Hoped u poked that fat snarky eyeball!

    And i hadnt heard about Sandra Walter.

    My ego wants to run and hide!

    Let’s dig in our heels and set our face like flint! We are running our race!

    Hugs Denise!😍😘😄😜

      • Denise, it’s at the top of her newsletter – where you usually get the recording of it. She shares she has not been able to record: “podcast is not recorded due to the fact I’ve lost my voice due to illness/attack. When it returns it will be recorded. Thank you -LR” ❤️❤️❤️

      • She usually offers a verbal report. and only had the written December news letter because she is not well. Now im second guessing myself till i go back and look again, but i thought i read that her illness was team dark interference

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