October 2017 Gateway Choice Point

I feel it’s important to immediately pass this information by Sandra Walter along to as many in the Ascension Communities because things have been and are in such a profound state of change and shift and lift… and there’s much more right around the Divine corner.

For a while I’ve felt many of my readers retreating somewhat, which I completely understand because I’ve done the same myself over these AP years when I’ve needed to and/or been having a difficult time of it. But lately there was a slightly different feeling to this and it didn’t feel good or right and I wondered if some interference was happening. No need to go into detail about that, just a brief mention that some get real happy when any of the Team Light folks become super exhausted, confused, beat down feeling etc. mainly because we’re not Working like we normally do. I bring this up because after I published my October 17th article yesterday, my familiar High Vibe Tribe readers were back again and the vast power I instantly felt from us reconnecting (unifying as a Group of Forerunners) and sharing with each other in Comments here at HighHeartLife, things shifted back instantly and very powerfully. ❤


I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in any article, I may be wrong, but earlier this year while driving and stopped at a red light I physically saw the Sunlight flashing repeatedly and quickly, almost like a solar strobe light. I didn’t see this directly looking at the Sun because I was driving, but I saw it physically and very clearly as I watched the Sunlight around me and the area flash repeatedly. I knew in that moment that we are very close now. Close to what some of you may be wondering? Close to everything flipping up into the NEW fully and completely.

I’ve also mentioned over the years about that amazing AP side effect of feeling a near constant Inner Body Vibration. Over the years this has increased to the level of feeling like I’m shaking intensely internally and almost constantly now. I’ve described this sensation like feeling how a huge passenger airplane revs up its engines right before the pilot releases the brakes and guns it down the runway as fast as possible to get airborne. Last week during these intense Solar winds/magnetic field blasts at a NEW higher level, while half-in and half-out of my physical body I observed this same Inner Body Vibration revved up to a speed that matches the energies coming out of the Sun now. I knew in that moment that these two things, these two Processes have reached that high enough level in the Sun/in most of us Forerunners (High Vibe Tribe) that we’re close to reaching “liftoff” finally. Sandra’s quoted article below hints at this. Don’t get too goofy giddy yet as we’ve got some more Work to do first, but Team Light, we’re super close now.

It’s always extra ugly, difficult and discouraging for a bit before major AP improvements arrive. I know many of you FEEL how dramatically things have improved in just the past 24 hours. Anyway, read and re-read Sandra Walter’s article below so this really gets into your HighHeart human you so you better understand a bit more about what’s been going on recently and why. You and your Creator abilities are needed now to override and overwrite some more old lower crap doing its best to drag this out and hang on as long as possible. Not havin’ it, so let’s do this as the consciously unified Light Tribe powerhouses we are and more quickly vibe up as many more people globally as possible. Thank You Sandra Walter. ❤ ❤ ❤


October 18, 2017



Gateway Choice Point: Assisting the Collective Timelines

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

“Our next acceleration and collective timeline choice-point arrives October 21-25. Gatekeepers opened yesterday for the influx (very strong on Mount Shasta last evening), and this morning the SUN began to get active, right on schedule.

As mentioned in last week’s article, these incoming amplifications hit much higher levels during the 21-25 in both October and November. Last week’s Divine Feminine influx provided a strong geomagnetic storms, prompting a strong release of Divine Feminine expression in the external (the Me too revelations and disclosure dynamics increased). Notice how quickly magnetic field stimulation causes polarity releases in the collective. This sets us up for the second half of October’s shifts; let us actively participate in this unfoldment.

We, as the High-Vibe Tribe, hold tremendous vibrational influence in the collective choice because of our activated Hearts and highest intent. Remember the quantum effect of raising our vibration; it pulls many others up. Highest trajectories are being attained by many; the Primary Christed Timeline has us locked into the experience of pure Presence. Our intent to lift as many with us into this new experience – right now – can assist the Secondary timeline tipping points. In brief, we can end the delay tactics by utilizing our pure intent through grounded activity.

Assisting the Collective Timelines

Let us use this New Moon (Thursday, 12:11pmPT) and the Gateway (October 21-25) to assist in OVERIDING and OVERWRITING the programs used to stretch time dynamics to delay the inevitable fall of old systems and the full experience of Ascension for all concerned. This is part of completing our Ascension; learning to use our collective consciousness to create what we desire in the Now.

Right now, this week, this Gateway, take as many steps as possible (please, just one will assist) in moving forward with your creative expression, new service work, anything that you have been procrastinating. One small energetic shift from each of us pushes the envelope to break through any remaining blockages to the highest timelines and outcomes – in the NOW.

Let us end the old waiting game through our collective action. Just one grounded, physical action in this reality to override the procrastination programming will help. Whatever it is for you: a conversation you put off, a new creation you’ve been desiring, an action to move forward, a Unity Meditation you’ve intended to participate in, a change you have delayed, something you always wanted to create … anything shifting the personal reality assists the global shift-point. It doesn’t have to be huge (although that is appreciated), just forward momentum in the Now.

Changes in the SUN

We continue to go deeper into this highly-charged area. I AM sure you have noticed the different quality of SUNlight as Solaris receives this consciousness-shifting energy. Gatekeepers ask if we can collectively call forth the flashing activity we have seen in our visions into the Now. Events are quickening – even with the manipulation – for the Secondary timelines. Our collective nudge will greatly assist this unfoldment of needed events. Certain things must occur to tidy up the lower experiences, and it can be quickened by benevolent action.

With the bifurcation in progress, many of us are beginning to experience the intended consciousness shifts which the Solar flashing activity will create on a global level. Many have seen the SUN flashing this year, both in vision and external reality, and this activity is opening our Hearts to the more palpable, consistent Now Presence. We are receiving the encodements and reality-shifting frequencies already. We are anchoring this, through embodiment, into the HUman heart collective to make it easier for all when the brilliant moment arrives. In this Now, that series of flashes already exists.

Global Unity Meditations on SUNday

It is our 18 month anniversary of this weekly activity! Let us utilize our collective empowered BEingness to co-create the return of peace and the Christ consciousness, shift the timelines into high gear, and assist this influx of Divine Light. The energy field during these meditations is palpable, healing, and activating. Add your light, every Heart is witnessed. Join us on SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pmPT. Details can be found HERE.

We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You for your service and dedication to HUmanity, Gaia and Source.”

In Love, Light and Service,


32 thoughts on “October 2017 Gateway Choice Point

  • It’s always as if the Universe is sending me a message when I ask questions. I literally just woke up at 3am today feeling as if my body is a jet engine (so constant for me since January 2017, except Ive had a break these past weeks lately, until now of course….) and wondering why now again? Just about to go deep into the human abyss of thinking and self diagnosing until I open this new message and low and behold you mentioned the inner vibrations again! Thank you! Always, thank you! xx

  • Denise, thanks for this significant post from Sandra Walters and for all the support and insight you offer. I’m happy to hear about the “flashing” and that we’re close to flipping into the New. I’m sure we’re all more than ready… I still don’t have a clue what “the New” will look like. I’m hoping the same world only more beautiful. Love to you & all here.

    (Note to Jay: I loved hearing about the meeting with your daughter. Yay!)

  • I love this offering, Denise, thank you so much. I love Sandra Walter, too. Resonating with all you say (again! No surprise there, then! hahaha) xxx

    Two nights ago, I had a vision. I was asleep but aware and suddenly the brightest, biggest flash of neon fork lightning lit up my whole being with neon blue flashing light. It woke me up as I thought there was a storm outside, but of course there wasn’t. The following day, I bumped into my estranged daughter with my little baby grandson, whom I haven’t seen much since his birth. Our exchange was incredible and bridges were built in the heart, thank Mother…

    Later that day, the coffee grinder my daughter bought for me and my husband 12 years ago, died on us. I was upset, but then realised the significance of letting go the connection to the old energy and forging and establishing the new… and even later in the same day, a little metal plaque disengaged itself from the wall and tinkled to the floor. The plaque was bought in America over 20 years ago by my soul sister, Sandy, who was also Anna’s (daughter) Godmother. Sandy went Home in 1997… We have no idea how this little plaque fell off the door, because the pin holding it to the door hadn’t come out, and the ribbon holding the item was still knotted. Sandy was telling me, I am sure, that it was time for new energy with Anna to be forged.

    Watching a programme that is on in the UK called Car S.O.S. where expert mechanics take an old, beat up vehicle and restore it to its former glory, is also an outside reminder of what is going on with us. We are really and truly undergoing a major re-furb, in every sense of the word. I know we know this, but just reiterating to myself, really, that our outer world reflects precisely what is occurring within us.

    Not enough words, anymore… but that is because we’re moving into the realms of non-verbal, non-linear communication.

    Love you… Jay xxx

    • Jay, and the Mother,

      Oh my HighHeart! ❤ Thanks so for sharing your insights with us all. The let go of the old business is mandatory as it cannot go with us into the NEW Light of NEW Earth and NEW us. Peeling off more and more layers of our old current/past life stuff seems to never end. I’m so, so happy for you with your daughter, more accurately it sounds, your daughters ascension growth so that the two of you are within a closer frequency range now to even have a relationship. Many of our loved ones don’t move upward like that so the relationship can continue BUT in very new NEW ways for all parties.


      Also I want to mention here to everyone, Thank You for your support, your donations, your friendship, your being my Ascension Process co-workers. It would be unbearable if I didn’t have a readership Group of Team Light ascending co-workers to communicate back and forth with like this. Physical connections hasn’t happened for me yet but will when it’s correct so until then, all of you and Comments and emails are my connection with Team Light humans. I value you ALL deeply and I want each of you to know that. HighHeart gratitude Group hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise and all
        I feel the same too. I would not have got thru without your support and site. And all the other lovelies who post here. I too have yet to make those physical connections. So thank you xx

      • Denise and everyone , I have so much gratitude for you all and for the posts and comments …. ever since I found the TRANSITIONS site a few years ago. Thanks to all of you I don’t feel alone in this process, your shared experiences make it all so much more bearable for me. I have been through so many changes this year, finally feeling as if my head is above water and joy touching my life again. There are days (those rare ones when I venture out) that feel as if the whole universe is supporting me, everything goes smoothly and everyone is kind – it is almost surreal – as if life moves to support me, or at least that is how I interpret the experiences. My body is struggling with AP symptoms most days, just like it has for over sixteen years, but I am still here with Me, Myself and I (alone) but not lonely – thanks to all of you here and a couple of close ‘soul sisters’. Thank you 💖

    • Jay, Lovey, wow! Thank you for sharing your HeartHealing experience with your daughter. I’ve been on my own journey with my Mom (rebuilding a-“NEW” in all ways of trust and respect). It was fractured in 2002 and we reconnected in 2008. We began weekly phone conversations every Sunday (as we live in two different states here in the States). Not only was I able to heal all those old wounds and traumas within myself, I’ve also been able to be there for my Mom as she goes through a deeper level of healing in her own process. We’ve gotten to the point of having truly open-Hearted conversations without judgement or blame or raised voices.

      Bless you again, dear Heart, as your description of the Blue Flash reminded me of something I experienced earlier this week. I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when all of a sudden I “saw” (within, with my eyes closed) this HUGE blast of electric blue, which originated from this blinding white pinpoint within the center. I’m not sure if it emanated from me, had to do with my energy or if it was something that I was connecting to. Either way, it was so beautiful.

      I hope it’s ok if I include a link to a picture, Denise. I found the exact shading of blue I saw (the mid to deep range in this picture), along with the white that the lightning produces in the picture. I understand if you don’t include it:

      And bless you, Denise, for opening this forum for us all to come together and share our “me toos” and Highs and when we stub our toes or fall on our faces, because I know for me it truly helps me to pick myself up without judgement and keep moving upwards. Love!!! Put all feeling to that word as I cannot put it into linear words very well because of how BIG it is!

      Much HighHeartLove,

      • “And bless you, Denise, for opening this forum for us all to…”

        Chrysalis & All,

        This has always been my dilemma, my catch-22 at my two blog sites because Comments are for people to comment on what I’ve written in each article, not an open forum.

        I know how needed it is for the Forerunners and others being activated after us to have an energetically safe, sane, honest, clean, higher frequency space to talk, share and learn more about the Ascension Process and what we’re personally experiencing and so on. I know how important and valuable that is because regular open forum websites go negative and incorrect very quickly and repeatedly. Those people who know more about the AP and EP processes because they’ve been living it for nearly two decades already can safely navigate and discern their ways through forum — and any other locations — heavily ladened bullshit, incorrect information, disinformation, egos, head cases, fluffies, Portal People, intentional and unintentional distortions and so on, but people new to all this do not and so they end up reading forum posts that only further confuse them and give them incorrect information in many cases.

        I have Comments open at HighHeartLife and TRANSITIONS and because of this I also have the responsibility of keeping the conversations on track and on topic and of a consistent higher frequency and HighHeart level of consciousness. In physical life I’ve never enjoyed lowly “normal” conversations with people; “counterfeit conversations” as I recently read Lisa Renee calling these types of low frequency, empty BS conversations most people have with each other, and I just don’t do them with the unaware. I certainly won’t do them with people living the AP and EP as life, focus and intent is too important this time around. Now I’m all for having a good laugh and lifting spirits and hearts etc. but if I allow too much low conversations to go on in Comments, the overall energies here get lowered very quickly which attracts more of the same if you get my drift and soon I’m having to deal with TD Portal People in Comments. I’m not a bitch for shits n’ giggles kids; I’m one only when needed to keep us all going higher and higher. I will not allow anything or anyone to derail or sidetrack or lower the frequency in my online Workplaces. This too is another aspect of my Job as a Forerunner of the Forerunners with an online readership. I’m sorry if all this sounds harsh and unnecessary but I know better based on what I know and can feel instantly, plus past experience has proved this out time after time over the past ten years I’ve been doing this online.

        Keep it HighHeart real and honest and we’re all good. If not I won’t publish your Comment(s), it’s that simple. Said with LOVELight believe it or not. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Dear Denise,

          Thank you for that reminder. I do recall now that you’ve brought this up in comments before… Comments, not forum, not sure why I typed forum. I guess because of the HighLove exchange of support that I feel when reading and feeling other people’s comments. I do remember you sharing some past (horrible) comments that came through your inbox and again, I appreciate what you do in filtering all that crap out for those who come here and aren’t quite able to do it themselves yet. I know it’s not fun having to be the stern hall monitor when you want to join in the giggles and fun too, because you know how important the boundaries are. Not easy, not fun, yet highly important. So again, I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate that you do that here for all who come here.

          HighHeartLove to you,

        • ❤ ❤ ❤ HighHeart gratitude hugs Chrysalis for totally understanding all this, plus for opening the door for me to say what I had to for others. ❤

  • Thank you Denise. Yes, I know the airplane revs thing! I’ve often struggled to describe it, no 3D sensation or sound quite matches it.
    Yes, I can feel the power when we all connect! Team Dark would just love it if we all crawled defeatedly into separate hermit shells to lick our wounds, wouldn’t they? 🙂

  • Hello all,
    Is it a coincidence that today is the Indian festival of Diwali? Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana. … Yeah, let’s celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness and demons.

  • Thanked Denise, turned out my abusive, offensive and quite frankly terrifying scamming experience forced me into action which meant throwing away dozens of old connections, rebooting everything and starting a project on my new laptop that I have been putting off for years due to “something ghastly” threatening me not to do it, so “knickers” to them I say, lets get on with it again, love to all Linda

  • omg, “procrastination programming” ? – wth, I feel like I’ve been getting slammed with that since 2000!
    Where does one get more info on that?

    • Alii Bek,

      It would take a book to get into all of these negative Team Dark programs that they ages ago overlaid on global humanity. Mind control, sexual control, religious distortions, hatred of females, males programmed to fight and kill over thousands of years and so, so much more. Because I write so much, I’ve had to condense huge and complex topics like this one into catchall names like negative interference and Team Dark and Astral abduction and so on. Sandra Walter just called this particular one “procrastination programming” whereas I’d call it and some others intentional interference with those on the Ascension Path to try to stop them, derail them, sidetrack them, get them to not do their Inner Work that automatically increases the Light and NEW evolutionary Codes being embodied now and so on.

      Because these negative beings cannot create on their own, they resort to stealing natural, Source given life-force energy (their food and fuel) from humanity. And to keep humanity from escaping their lower frequency range of influence, they’ll do anything to get humans to NOT evolve/ascend beyond them, hence their procrastination programs. This is why it’s always important for us to discern everything and everyone and also those thoughts and emotions and little voices in our heads that sometimes sound more like interference with our ongoing Ascensions than us just being lazy at the moment. 😉 Hope this helps.

  • Bless you and thank you. I thought things felt off. I have been pushed into a situation I am not happy with and feels really off. This happened Tuesday night. Two random women turned up to tell me I am the executor of the will of a lady I used to know. She has passed bless her. The executor bit is true. But the rest feels like a punch from the dark. Every phone call I have made or information I try to gather just adds up to nothing. I cannot get any further forward and my gut feeling tells me I have no part to play. The reason I think it’s been an energy attack is the horrible darkness and disturbed sleep, despite my 12d shield. It feels like something is wanting me off track.
    Please take from this rambling what you will. And thank you. There is indeed strength amongst us here , so bless us all
    Love and light

    • Magda, I had to reply to you dear heart, as this happened recently to my dear friend Kay. She was also appointed executor of a will and the trail of sleepless nights, energetic attacks and resistance had her on her knees. In the end, I said to her, ‘Drop it! It’s not your remit’ and she did, and since she did, she has regained her energy and her personal power! These ridiculous ‘legal’ procedures are old hat now, and do not belong in the newer, refined energetic of Love and Trust xxxxxxx Bless you darling xxxxx

      • Dear Jay
        Thank you. That is what I have done. I feel like myself again. Had to pick some black energy out of myself but got there in the end. I think it was about setting a boundary and saying no. It was also trusting what I discerned. It also opened my daugter’s eyes to beginning to trust her intuition too. So guess that is the light side of a dark coin. Thank you for your kind blessings xx

    • Oh my goodness..ditto…me too, Magda!

      My mother died last winter and I am coexecuetor with one of my siblings…

      It has been a looooong arduous, test in patience, sanity, and staying on the right side of the track, and not falling down. The negativity this has all brought up has been especially difficult, and has been such a painful eye-opener on so many levels.

      I have had delays non-stop as well (this week, however, takes the proverbial cake, IMO) with so much of it–— a large part due to my sibling and brother in law, who sadly fit the “portal people” bill to a tee, and much of the mind control descriptions that both Denise, and Lisa Renee often write about. Trying to not get triggered and going into a negative reactive mode with them has been by far the most difficult thing I have been faced with in some time, and sadly, I have to admit I am failing at more often than not.

      It really took me until mid–summer to recognize that every single time I got some space to recover, and reorient my mind, thinking, and did some positive readjustements on self, they would come back in every single time, with yet another issue, disagreement, ball dropped, huge discrepancy, etc, etc. to the point that I was often in complete disbelief in what I was actually watching happen. And getting completely and utterly worn down, disgusted, and resentful. Both of their memories seem to be going or are gone relevant to all of this estate stuff, almost like early onset Dementia. So entire decisions that are made in mutual conversations become completely and utterly lost to them, as if what was said never even happened. So there is endless backtracking, redoing, cleaning up, and an assortment of other efforts that goes along with the territory of this.

      I also began to notice a very discernible trend happening which ties in with when we are/I am having an especially large bump up or upgrade that how each time it seems to send things from their direction towards me flying out of control in dramatic ways in an instant as well…so yes, I so get your comment as well in observing what lurks behind the outer shell with the people you are dealing with.

      Funny how those of us walking this path should be able to connect the dots and see the deeper implications, but often don’t until having their millionth spill off the bike onto the street before they realize who’s actually doing the damned pushing to begin with.

      Congrats to you, Magda, for having the wherewithal in figuring it out —unlike myself who is now having to gather my wits about me and figure out a better way to continue to deal with what I am tasked to do and not allow myself to feed the beast any longer by allowing my negative reactions to throw me off center and back down where I definitely do not want to go.

      Best of luck with the process..stay strong, resilient and centered as best you can!

      • Dear Robin
        That’s a tough one to deal with. My situation was not family so I was able to walk away a lot easier and quickly. I just got to the point I wanted to be sick every time I tried to move forward or resolve something. I have realised that is how I register extreme negativity. I literally want to purge it. It’s easy for me to say use your shield or try this or that. Sometimes those very painful places that we get taken to help us grow if we are able to remember our light. And it can take that pain to make us remember. I hope you get sorted soon. And believe me I have fallen off my bike more times than I care to remember. Waking up is just so bloody human. Xxxx

        • Magda

          The sick tactic I know all too well as I used it for the majority of my life, as I felt it was the only true excuse I could get away with, most especially with my family. I also would feel like I had to purge/transmute or hide a large majority of the time growing up. I was really allergic to a vast combination of things, and although strong in many ways, also so prone to illness so much of the time. And I think that was a means for me/my body to try and expel the gross level of things I was surrounded by, and doing my best to transmute!

          My sickness routine became so refined that I didn’t ever have to lie…if there was anything I couldn’t deal or cope with having to walk into with my school, family, friends, marriage, etc, waaalaaa – near instant chest cold, sinus infection, etc. Overtime, both the toxicity of those elements, and my grand propensity to bow out by becoming ill became something I no longer seemed to have any control over as with repetition, long term chronic illness became my reality!

          It took me a incredibly long rocky climb to finally see the truth in it all, as well as having the tools to turn the patterns, and the majority of learned responses around.

          And for me, shielding seemed to work only so much. It took me years to come to understand the large picture in exactly what you said. All that pain was a means in remembering. Oh what a very long assed time it’s finally taken to get here in remembering for us all, Magda. And heck ya, bloody worth it for sure! As hard as all of this has been, and how intense these feelings, sensations, emotions that we are having are, and all that we are having to stand back and actually witness..we are all of us waking up from the dark dream at last!

          Hang tough and put some good music on with that shimmy shimmy shake!


        • Me too! Sexual crap, estate (mom) famdamily drama…UGH………Happy High Heart YEAH 🙂
          Way off subject but did not know where else to go with this dream space. I had a female cut all my “meat” off my bones. Started with down both sides of my spine. Then walking about and needed to stand on my head at one point and was some dust bunnies and was little concerned about germs but completely accepting of what was going on. So anyone want to chime in here about this off the chain dream…..seriously just when I think my dream space cannot get any wilder.
          YES! me too again! felt the reconnection of voices in your last post. We are family of light. Love to all

  • Dear Denise. Thank you for sharing your Truth. I resonate with your sharing. The words “interference” “imposter” “revelations” “ordained” “decreed” and so many others popping…. Gentle and loving awarenesses. Aware of the attempt to divide and conquer in my space and Beings close to me = being baited. Denise I often recall your sharing in previous news and the (revelation) of what is unfolding, drawing strength, courage and more from these posts. Thank you for your guidance, support and love. A BIG group HUG to ALL OF US!!!

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