Solar Winds Escalating Evolutionary Changes In Earth & Human Magnetic Fields At NEW Levels


“SPOTLESS SUN SPARKS BRIGHT AURORAS: The sun just did something ironic. For a whole week, Oct. 9th – 15th, the face of the sun was utterly blank. There were no sunspots and no solar flares; NOAA classified solar activity as “very low.”  At the same time, space weather was remarkably stormy. From Oct. 11th through 15th, not a single day went by without a geomagnetic storm. This is what the sky looked like outside Fairbanks, Alaska, on Oct. 12th:

“It was an all-night, all-sky display that gave me ‘aurora neck,’ a stiff neck from spending 10 straight hours looking up!” says Todd Salat, who took the picture. “The reflection from Olnes Pond doubled our viewing pleasure.”

Similar stories poured in from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Canada, and Finland. In the USA, Northern Lights descended as far south as Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Washington–all without a single sunspot.

What happened? This:

This is a coronal hole, a place in the sun’s atmosphere where the magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape. Solar wind spewing from this hole hit Earth’s magnetic field on Oct. 11th. It mimicked the effect of a CME (a cloud of gas hurled toward us by an exploding sunspot), rattling our planet’s magnetic field and lighting up polar regions with beautiful lights. Five days of G1- and G2-class geomagnetic storms ensued.

In Preston, England, aerospace engineer Stuart Green captured the “rattling” of Earth’s magnetic field on his backyard magnetometer, buried a half-meter beneath the surface of his garden. Click on the image to see the full 5 days of geomagnetic storming:

“Passing in two main waves, solar wind flowing from the coronal hole sparked beautiful auroras around both poles and clearly disturbed our local magnetic field,” he says. “The activity now appears to be subsiding ahead of the next wave heading our way in the coming days.”

Coronal holes are present throughout the solar cycle, even during Solar Minimum when sunspots are scarce, and they are a key reason why space weather never stops. Stay tuned for more!”


We’ve been experiencing repeated blasts of Solar winds impacting Earth’s magnetic field and our own individual magnetic fields for nearly two weeks now and Earth/you/me/us are entering another Solar wind stream starting tomorrow. From my perspective however, it’s not as clear-cut as solar winds here one day and then gone and then returned a few days or weeks later with no side effects whatsoever other than some bright auroras in the skies for a few hours. Due to the Ascension Process, these Solar winds cause Earth’s magnetic field to vibrate differently, higher, just as they do to every human alive on Earth. Our individual human magnetic fields are also “rattled” by these Solar winds and for most people this is very much felt within their physical bodies, their emotions, and in this latest case even some of their thoughts.

Since October 10, 2017 —10•10•10—it’s been non-stop extremely high frequency energies and in NEW ways to all of us, even the seasoned Elder Forerunners, with only slight reductions in them for a couple of hours here and there, but mainly it’s been knock your evolving socks off levels this month. Many of your reading this are probably nodding your aching, screaming, pressurized, expanding heads in agreement. What we’ve gone through in just this month so far has been so NEW and different to me personally that I’ve had to take a few steps back to cope with what I’ve felt emotionally. I’m used to physical aches and pains but it’s the emotional onslaughts from humanity that occasionally get difficult for me personally, as they do for most Sensitives, Empaths, Blue Rays etc. And as I mentioned, some have had thoughts that are highly out of character for us, for me. I know my own personal stuff and most of what I’ve been emotionally feeling lately isn’t mine but from mass humanity. One of the main things I’ve not wanted to have to go through was feeling humanities collective fears, pains, imbalances, exaggerations, distortions and confusions within myself and my body but I’ve known for decades that this time was coming and that I’d have to, that many of us would have to, and that time has arrived.

Don’t forget that magnetic fields hold Codes and global beliefs etc. in place for humanity throughout an entire Evolutionary Cycle, but during times of Ascension the Sun and other sources (Galactic Center etc.) automatically transmit different energies to help quickly break down the old cycle’s Codes on planetary, solar system, galactic, universal and individual human levels which certainly includes the human body and current level of consciousness.

“We are dissolving density through our experience of activating the Crystalline Divine HUman.”  Sandra Walter – October 14, 2017.

In case you glossed half aware over that quoted sentence from Sandra Walter, she’s reminding each Forerunner about what’s happening now, why, how and through who. Through who is key, and something that I’ve had to repeatedly remind myself whenever I’ve become momentarily lost (and I have been in this Divine turbulence of NEW evolutionary change lately) and/or confused by what I am living, Embodying, feeling and thinking. Increasingly so since 2015, because this has all been and continues to be NEW at NEW higher and more vast levels of being and awareness which is normal for what’s happening at this point.

Most of the Forerunners have already done the majority of their personal Inner Work over the past twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five years. Because of this we’re intimately familiar with our own stuff, whatever of it that still remains at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process. The more Light and Higher Aspects of my Greater Self/Selves I Embody, I automatically and instantly see/know/feel and understand any remaining density I have within me. This has become an instantaneous and nearly effortless process at this point for many of us thank goodness. But, what I’ve been experiencing in super amplified ways this month via the Solar winds altering Earth’s and my own magnetic fields at this NEW higher Galactic level is totally NEW to me as it is to all of us—I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary—has been very difficult emotionally and in some ways mentally as well.

“Sustained geomagnetic activity can be challenging to the body, emotional and mental levels.”  Sandra Walter – October 14, 2017.

Infreakin’deed! I’ve had weird and wild thoughts roll up on me this month that were so ridiculous, so uncharacteristic, so silly, so discombobulated (isn’t that the best word) and downright asinine that I was shocked. Thoughts such as how stupid I am, how inept I am, how little I’ve accomplished in this life, how much of my life I’ve wasted and on and on. Even at my worst I don’t think like this about myself; I know what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at but beat myself up over stray feelings of lifelong worthlessness isn’t me or mine. But it is one of many very old negative global programs (density) that are currently being dissolved through and by OUR (Forerunners) activating the Divine Crystalline Human (what we’re Embodying and more).

After days of feeling these negative thoughts I insisted on understanding, clearly and accurately, what exactly I was experiencing and why. The insights I gained showed me that, as has always been the case within the Ascension Process, the old stuff gets cleared out, removed and literally energetically and physically overwritten by the incarnate Forerunners (aka Gate and Gridkeepers, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, Transmuters, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors) because we Embody it (the Source created past cycle codes, and the negative distortions and other mind control systems etc. created by Team Dark and added to those old codes). We override them by running it all in and through our own physical bodies, incarnate selves/aspects, hearts and minds which neutralizes it energetically and then dissolves it all (all old cycle codes and other distortions) so the NEW higher Code of the NEW higher Evolutionary Cycle within a NEW higher Universal level can replace everything. I thought we were beyond the need to do things this way but I was wrong about that; we still are the anchors for the NEW Light and NEW everything else and the fastest way to get them anchored into this ascending world is in and through us and our incarnate physical bodies, selves and consciousness. Divine Source/God/The All That Is throws out the balls and there’s got to be aspects way out there to catch them; we are those who catch the NEW Light and codes and all else and Embody them within ourselves for All everywhere.

So if you’ve been having a time of it lately too, having weird and uncharacteristic thoughts, crushing emotions at times, nearly constant physical head, face, Crown area and Brow area pressures, pains and sense of building expansions internally, classic inner ear ringing, blurry vision, utter disinterest in most everything, absolute intolerance for anything of the old negative patriarchal world with its codes, beliefs, structures and systems etc., then know that you too have been, are and will continue to do your Job as one who Embodies the NEW while simultaneously dissolving the old lower everything. Does doing this hurt sometimes? You bet your Divine backside it does but just keep doing it because no one else can and this is why we’re here and what we excel at. ❤

And before I forget this, remember how we went through another big phase of Embodying some more of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine recently? Know that every time you/me/we do exactly that, another demented patriarchal male sexual predator and his sycophantic crew, including all other negative patriarchal males, loses his/their old negative powers over females, systems and money making structures etc. This is going to escalate and quicken with every further Embodiment you/me/we make within ourselves from moment to moment and hour to hour. See how this works Master Transmuters? ⭐

There’s much more of course and I’ll work when I can but these old/NEW bones need to rest and sleep when they need to get more of The Work done. Thanks for hanging in here with me through thick and thin and the highs and lows. I know who you are and I appreciate every one of you more than you know. ❤ ❤ ❤


October 17, 2017

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61 thoughts on “Solar Winds Escalating Evolutionary Changes In Earth & Human Magnetic Fields At NEW Levels

  • have to say…….the wizard did have a message, he told Dorothy she always had the power to find her way home, what comes first the message or the power behind the message .

  • When I read this writing I felt like writing a comment. I could think only of a kind of thanks, or a hug to you and the community. It was late, I was tired… I’ll write tomorrow…
    The morning after I was knocked down by intense pain. It took some days and pain pills and getting over fear for me to get back to doing anything.
    So here I am again, late but thankful.
    Btw pain was in female organs, and on left side. Maybe some cleaning, mine, collective or both.
    Hugs to Denise and all beautiful people commenting here 💟

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you once again for setting my mind at ease by of course, explaining exactly what I am also feeling lately… so much nervous system fry, so many head ‘stuff’ and wow, the collective clearing that my intuition has been telling me is NOT mine, but of course my human mind telling me thats silly and can’t be. The rage/anger, oppression. So much coming up, clearing, purging, knowing and feeling most of it isn’t even mine. This is exhausting, beyond belief because its felt never ending for 7 years now for me… one cycle ends and another begins always, but wow, so bang on with what you are always putting out. I’m so appreciative and check in frequently to see if you’ve written. Thank you so much for all you do for us all… much needed and appreciated xx

  • Thanks Denise for this update. It really helped me understand why I’ve been experiencing so much pain in different areas of my body which, by the way, I’ve been focusing on healing. It’s just felt like layers and layers of this stuff, and sometimes you just get lost in it all. So, you made my day with your update. Blessings to you, Love and Light,
    Betty 🙂

    • earlier this week I felt like I had broken new ground then 10/19 – today I am in so much pain everywhere. It helped to read this and hear that other empaths are experiencing the same issues. Strength to us all

  • Thank goodness…glad to hear Denise/others are feeling same…

    Woke up yesterday feeling like “I am so done with this” regarding monumental earthly obligations that keep slogging on with no end in sight, especially in regards to ancient family dysfunctional garbage.

    Today I woke up and felt ginormous waves of anxiety — checked in with two fellow empaths, who verified same feelings of jitteriness in solar plexus, waves of sadness, and dread—anyone else here feeling this presently? It feels to me like another massive something is about to play out.

    But I also get that so much is being triggered in the collective currently that it may only be a case that I am being bombarded by what is flying out and about presently.

    Thanks again Denise. It was reassuring to read what all you have shared..

    • I am Robin! And its been the worst by far for this Empath! Thank goodness I am self employed, or I would have already been fired by now, just could not make it out of the house today, filled with anxiety, dread, etc.!! And about that ‘jitterness’, oh gosh yes, my whole body the other evening felt like it was vibrating!! I do believe as empaths that we definitely are picking up on some unsettled collective Energies out there, for sure!!!! I just had to let the TEARS flow last evening!!
      Sending you big love and ((hug))! And know without a doubt, THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

      • Dearest Annette,

        Thank You so much for the virtual hug 🤗— and for taking the time to write and share your experience!

        Today feels very, very different to me — vastly so. Whatever dark massive energy I could sense out there seems to have noticeably broken up and lifted, and with it thankfully most if not all of the awful jittery-ness, anxiety, deeeeeeep waves of sadness, intolerance have dissipated as well!! Phew!!

        Here’s hoping you are in a much mo’ better place today!

        Big loves and hugs right back atcha. 💜💖💜💖💜


        • You’re SO welcome Robin, and interestingly enough it has lifted for me too, and what a welcomed relief!! Wonderful to hear that you are feeling ‘vastly’ better!

          💞🌺💞 Annette

      • Robin and Annette

        I AM loving hearing your experiences too, even though they’re not Disneyland in Orlando!!! (Mind you, who’d want to go there? hee hee)

        I am being thrown through the thresher too, and at present seem to be in a bit of a lull, feeling calm whilst surrounded by storms of every dimensional level. The anxiety and panic and inertia have been off-scale, and with the inner vibratory shakes that have rendered me totally useless, I could have made a fortune as a walking Milkshake Dispenser! 🙂 That, as well as night-time shenanigans, and flashing neon fork lightning in my consciousness, waking me up believing I was in the middle of a thunderstorm! I wasn’t, of course.

        I feel so strongly that what is going on with us (Team Light?) is that we are undergoing massive upgrading of our physical systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems. Also, the immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems.

        So if you consider all of that going on, and it’s as REAL AS IT GETS, no wonder we are literally breaking apart at the seams! Hang on in there beautiful ones, because I sense deeply that we’re SOOOo close to the tipping point. Everything is having to be re-furbished and replaced in order that we function fully at higher vibrational levels and that means letting go of all the old timeline attachments that our body is so deeply integrated with. It is all good!!!

        Love love and more love, Jay (UK) xxx

        • I couldn’t agree with you more, Jay — it feels as if we are so very close now!

          The upgrades feel nonstop to me now.

          The momentum has built up to such a large degree with both the seen and unseen aspects, and I think that also lends itself to all the shaking, quaking, anxiety, and such.

          As I was saying to Magda on a separate post, it’s worth just turning on some decent music and dancing your jet engine, milk shaking derrière off, if nothing else!

          In all seriousness you have my sympathy with what you are experiencing as it can make you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin, especially when you are exhausted and doing your best to get a decent night of rest!

          Hang in there.. it will pass with time and patience, too.

        • Yay Annette!

          I’m super glad to hear the anxiety and dread have cleared for you as well! This empathy stuff ain’t for sissies.

          I did notice ALOT of off people today while out and about, noticeably so… watched several close calls and near misses between cars while driving and overly stressed drivers while stuck in highway gridlock earlier in the day. Seemed almost as if more of the general population are now possibly getting a wave of what we were picking up on earlier in the week possibly.

  • Alicia,
    You are not worthless! That woman sounds like the boss from hell!! And you’re not alone, either, many of us have to work at unpleasant jobs with low-vibe employers, just to earn enough money to be able to survive on what I sometimes think of as Hellworld A. (I have a boss who expects me to do something, but won’t provide the supplies to do it).

    Is there someone above her? Who’s *her* boss? She hates you anyway, so you have nothing to lose by going over her head! You don’t need to point a finger at her for being immature and unprofessional (which she is); you could just say politely that you want to do a good job, and that you would appreciate some training; you know that [boss from hell] is too busy to train you, so what should you do?
    Also, what I’d do is, next time she tells you something, say, ‘Just a minute, I’ll just write this down, to make sure I don’t get it wrong.’ I have used that method in the past, it will stop her being able to claim that she told you to do it x way, when in fact she told you to do it y way.
    And remind yourself that nothing lasts forever, everything changes. She may leave or get a transfer! 🙂 No situation is ever hopeless or unchangeable.

  • Oh my Deinise, I cannot thank you enough for this post. I have been following you silently for many years, however, this is the first time where I felt I absolutely needed to comment. I have been working for two years as a waitress in a sports bar and grill. I have always fell back on waitressing because it allows me to support myself with fewer hours as I find being out in the world away from my home sanctuary to be so downright painful at times. Long story short, I have been feeling immense pressure to get out of there as it is negatively affecting my growth and the drama that happens there is causing me to contract rather than expand. The main clientele are sports fanatics and find myself in a twilight zone watching all of them turn into sports zombies when a game is on. Not to mention I work for a very verbally abusive boss that screams at the top of his lungs daily and calls as a bunch of names etc. holy patriarchal negativity!!

    So with this said I have been feeling a strong need to make a change, a push to make a timeline jump. So when a dental lab opportunity came up I jumped on it excited about the opportunity. Well, I started the job on Monday with zero experience expecting to be trained and I was thrown into the lions den so to speak. The person that is supposed to be training me has had an attitude with me since I walked into the door on Monday. ( mind you I am extremely smiley, friendly and polite) There is no one else there to train me but her and she has such a rude short attitude towards me like I did something to offend her. When I took her position in scanning, she moved to design. I have been so overwhelmed trying to teach myself something I have zero knowledge or experience in and to be expected, I have had numerous things coming back needing to be redone because they are wrong.

    So to get to the point dealing with yesterday’s topic. Twice, I have asked this person a question only to be met with an attitude and a very short snappy answer. In both situations I followed this woman’s direction only to have the item come back as wrong and her saying ” I told you to do it this way, how could You mess up something so simple, I TOLD you!! Well, I felt like I was losing my mind because it was like she didn’t remember telling me to do It a certain way and was denying any responsibility for her lack of proper training. I came home yesterday bawling my eyes out, completely Mentally and emotionally drained and all I kept saying over and over is that I am worthless, I will never succeed at anything. I have screwed my life up. Blah blah blah. I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep for days but as a single mom of a two year old I don’t have that luxury. I need this job so I can support my child but I don’t know how I am going to work in such a hostile environment with someone who has shown hate towards me since the moment I walked into the door. I feel peaceful, high vibrating, connected and empowered when I am in the sanctuary of my home but when out in the world I feel contracted, chaotic, scrambled, as if I am walking in a twilight zone. I feel like I am losing my mind lately and don’t know how to stop from getting swept up in the energies as I am extremely sensitive to them. All I know that without you Denise and your followers I would feel Completely alone in this. Thank you from high ❤️

    • Thank heavens for finding this blog today. What the f is happening? I’m all over the place.
      Other blogs are talking about following your joy and claiming power as a Master of the Universe, yet I’m feeling like the Loser on the Couch. I didn’t even leave home today for security reasons.
      My neighbour came round for taking measurements of the floor which needs to be redone after a break in the waterpipes (oh the energy symbolism…) and while he was talking I caught myself staring at him like he was an alien. I closed the door when he left and said to myself: man, I can’t even have proper conversations anymore. I’m utterly useless.
      My ambitions today were eating and sleeping and my purpose in life seems to be reading ascension blogs. Oh my…

      Thank you for sharing, it does save lives, and hopefully the energy will subside somewhat after the New Moon passes tonight.
      Have a nice day/evening/night all of you.

      • Stefan,

        I know you were replying to Alicia Godfrey but I just had to respond because of your honesty and humor… which are beyond valuable throughout this Ascension Process!

        “Other blogs are talking about following your joy and claiming power as a Master of the Universe, yet I’m feeling like the Loser on the Couch.

        Yep, tons and tons of unaware people lecturing those who are actually LIVING the Ascension Process (AP), telling us how to be happy and blissful and all the rest of it, including that all the negativity is in you/me/us and on and on and on. Quite simply, there are those who are living this AP and a much larger number who aren’t and haven’t been but the great news is that they’re all going to be starting is very soon. 😀 (I need to write an article about this and related layers and player of the AP so everyone understands this better now.)

        I had to leave the house this morning and run a couple errands while we’re being bombarded by yet another Solar Wind shaking our individual magnetic fields (and Earths) causing all sorts of aches and pains and mental and physical stumbling and the always fun emotional crash n’ burn moments. Anywho… I was leaving the Fed-X store and there was a big man behind me and when I got to the exit door I couldn’t figure out how to open it. Seriously! Like a two year old. I finally heard this guy said gently, “pull”. All I could do was glance over my shoulder at him and say, It’s one of THOSE days today! He chuckled and we wished each other well, as we both probably needed it at the moment! But this just one of many strange and often painful in some way side effect of our compressed evolution.

        “My ambitions today were eating and sleeping and my purpose in life seems to be reading ascension blogs.”

        And expect plenty of days just like this going forward, and also know that there’s not one thing “wrong” with letting your body rest, sleep, nap (which I HAVE to do almost every day) and eat whatever it needs/wants from day to day. And read all the good, accurate Ascension info that’s written by individuals who’ve actually LIVED it and still are LIVING it themselves and to hell with all the other BS. Welcome to HighHeartLife 😀 You may also enjoy and/or benefit from my other older blog TRANSITIONS too. There’s a link to it in the sidebar if interested. 🙂

        • Actually I simply wanted give Alicia a virtual hug and leave a comment on your blog post, yet that seemed as difficult for me today as was opening a door for you. Nice one though, made me laugh.

        • I liked your response to Stefan, so thought I would let you know…OMG the door thing, SO many times, also ‘they’re all going to be starting it very soon’….I am already seeing it!
          So much love and gratitude Denise, this particular post was SO on time, and like Stefan said ‘it does save lives’!!! ❤

      • I can SO relate to what you have shared Stefan!! Following my ‘Joy’…what JOY…geeze, they need to walk a mile or 11 in our shoes!!
        Sending you Peace!!

        • At least Annette, at least. We’re pioneers which in itself means no one has ever done this. Therefore we don’t need comments nor hang in there messages. But we have eachother, and that’s a lot for love. We’ll give it a shot. Ooh, we’re halfway theeeeeree. Oops, Bon Jovi took over. Which reminds me of that amazing couple at the gas station, check youtube Living on a prayer gas station. It always makes my day. X

      • Stefan, I just saw your comment and laughed out loud (thanks for making me spill my coffee all over my duvet!!! Am in the Horizontal Office today as the outside world looks less inviting than usual!) hee hee

        A sense of humour is essential at this stage of our AP and I have felt as you do so many times. Like… ‘wtf am I still doing with all this stuff? There is simply no end to it all. Carrot/Stick? You bet!’ And I’ve ranted and raged and sworn like a fishwife at the Universe…

        I’m still standing – well, sitting actually, since my lower back gave up working for me and I can’t walk up the garden without wheezing like an old engine! I’m only 61 yrs young, ffs!

        I think your ambitions are honourable. Eating, definitely. Sleeping, well duh? And reading ascension blogs (Denise’s is one of the best) most definitely.

        Hold hands with Team Light, because you’re not alone, my friend…

        Big hugs, Jay xxx

        • The Horizontal Office. Haha, never heard that one. I love it.
          My lower back is an issue as well and I’m only 42… no worries, this is not a drama reply or negativity dump, just wanted to add that the emotions behind lower back problems are not moving forward in life, feeling stuck. Resonates with me big time, at least careerwise or let’s just call it beingusefulinsocietywise, then again I seem to make people smile, so I am useful after all. Hurray!
          I also link the lower back to the root chakra which is the final hurdle to me with regard to kundalini activation. We have so much to remove as men, so do women but in other areas, especially balancing the male and female energies and this is what we’re currently doing. By December we’ll be doing squats in the garden.
          Good to hear from other guys on this ascension adventure, I was starting to question my sexuality. Listening to Real Men by Joe Jackson didn’t help me a lot either….
          Have a nice day man.

        • Hee hee… Hi Stefan… actually, I’m a girl! (Well, on the inside – outside I’m a W.O.M.A.N.) although Jay is a unisex name, and also I am told I have a lot of masculine energy (Lionheart; will protect anyone who needs it!)… xxx

          Still got the back stuff going on, but it’s all good. And I love how you express the male aspect of Ascension. We women often think there aren’t any heart-based men out there, so thank you for being in this!

          Hugs, Jay xxx (female, feminine, woman thing)

        • Haha, sorry about that Jay. It’s a male name here in Belgium and I’ve recently found out it’s actually a bird’s name. Looked it up after a jay flew into my garden with an acorn in its beak. Didn’t know the word for acorn in english. Funnily enough, acorn pronounced in the same way in Flemish (eekhoorn) means squirrel. A few centuries ago some tourist must have come back from the West and mixed up eekhoorn with acorn and squirrel. Anyways, sorry bout the confusion Jay and have a nice evening. X

        • Stefan, don’t apologise! It is a common mistake – and yet synchronicity always surfaces from these wonderfully magical exchanges. You mention that Jay is a bird (Jaybird is what my friends call me) and the acorn connection? Well, as you know, from little acorns Great Oaks do grow – Oak is the tree of the Heart and I am surrounded by Welsh oaks in my mountainside cottage. Also, a dear friend who passed away a year ago, always brings oak and acorn to get my attention, so thank you for being the messenger, blessed angel!

          I love our world. Don’t you? 🙂

          xxxx Jaybird Lionheart! xxx

        • Glad to have been the messenger and a mountainside cottage in Wales sounds like a dream.
          I don’t love our world unfortunately, I wish it were different. Not that it isn’t beautiful, I just want to go home.
          I had a car crash in 1997 with a Near Death Experience. The white light sent me back though, apparently had a task to fulfill which I’m unable to find to this day. I’m merely surviving here on this Planet, wish I could say something more uplifting or nice, but that’s how it feels.
          Have a nice day. X

        • “I had a car crash in 1997 with a Near Death Experience. The white light sent me back though, apparently had a task to fulfill which I’m unable to find to this day. I’m merely surviving here on this Planet,…”

          The contortions I oftentimes have to go through to get things to where they really need to be is unbelievable, but after nearly 66 years I get it. That was me openly talking to the Universe Stefan, not to you directly. This next part is to you directly however Stephan. I also suggest you be very mindful of how you reply to me. 🙂

          You said in your first Comment how glad you were to have found this, my blog site. Now let’s see if you can begin to solve the problem you mentioned above (what I quoted) with what I write about here at HighHeartLife and TRANSITIONS. These two things are connected and it’s obviously time for you to know and remember more about why you didn’t die back then but got out-of-body far enough to learn there’s much more going on, AND this Ascension Process that’s taking place during your lifetime. Big clue right there.

          I’ve never liked this planet either, correction as that’s not true, Earth is beautiful, it’s the monstrous, egoic, unaware, selfish, mentally and emotionally sick humans that I’ve never liked or wanted to be around. I Volunteered to come to Earth, put on a physical human body suit, dive into the global sickness, negativity and insanity ONLY to assist with the Ascension Process down here at this level too. Most everyone reading my words did this, at different levels. I knew from you’re first Comment Stephan that the conversations you and I have here now can help you with your lifelong situation. Or you can blow me off a second time, however it will be the last time, so this is important you see.

          Your Higher Self sent you back into your human body and physical life on Earth in 1997 because the Ascension Process (AP) was happening and you earned the great, great right to be incarnate on Earth during it. Is it fun? Is it easy? Is it comfortable? Is it full of joy and good times? Nope but we’ve EARNED the right to be down here in negative crazy land during the AP to live it ourselves which is exactly what helps all other unaware humans to begin waking up from the old negativity.

          Your “task to fulfill that you’re unable to find to this day” is for YOU to live this Ascension Process and embody the evolutionary upgrade changes it causes in you, your physical body, your heart, your consciousness and your Soul. That is your primary mission work Stefan, everything else is secondary.

          Because I AM what I AM, I had a few conversations since your very first Comment with your Higher Ascension Crew upstairs and told them to help you quickly open your heart enough to even hear me or else I was most likely not going to publish any more of your Comments. Normally I don’t share information like this publicly but in your case, and because I just wrote a Comment about this in a round-about way to Chrysalis because she opened the door for me, I’ve been discerning all this for days now about you. Because you opened your heart in your latest Comment, that was my answer from your Higher Ascension Crew I’d asked them for days ago. Thank You Stefan’s Higher Dimensional Angel Ascension Crew. ❤

          Now young man, it's up to you mostly but to me too somewhat to either do this now or not. Do NOT answer (Comment) me about all this but wait and let these big energies (and communications) that have been bouncing around for the past couple of days settle in first. I say this because it's your very life and future that's at stake.

          To everyone else besides Stephan reading this, I hope certain recent things I said now make more sense. 😉 This is some of what multidimensional life and consciousness is like. Thanks All. ❤

        • Oh wow, Denise… that was incredibly powerful and very beautiful… my heart is zinging from your words, dear lady. Bless you xxxxxxx

        • Haha, you’re funny. In a sad way though, but please do continue to play the Wizard of Oz. Everyone knows he has no power over others or true power. True power lies within and I hope you may find it some day. Nevertheless, keep your condescending nose out of my business and never ever make a fool out of me again in public or I will show you what true power is. Over and out.

    • Alicia Godfrey,

      “Well, I felt like I was losing my mind because it was like she didn’t remember telling me to do It a certain way and was denying any responsibility for her lack of proper training.”

      This trait is an epidemic in the unaware. They absolutely refuse to take any responsibility for anything they do, say, feel, think etc. None but they instantly deflect any and all blame on to someone else or a group of people. And unfortunately in most of the people that do this aren’t consciously lying about things, they actually believe themselves to be innocent of all wrongdoings. If you really want to delve deeply into this and other negative traits, there’s no one better at explaining the many negative (Team Dark — my term for all negative aliens, beings, devils, demons, entities and negative living and dead humans) programs and such than Lisa Renee. Check out the drop down menu under her Ascension Library heading.

      I could tell you to try to talk with this woman to let her know that you’re both working under the same roof so let’s make nice and all that but it may not work or worse, it may backfire on you. Do your best to figure out, to discern how to deal with her when you must. Call in her Higher Self and her Ascension Team to help her. Bottom line is it’s not you but sounds like her fears and some “mind slides” and negative ego as Lisa Renee calls this negative mind control trait. People in the dark don’t like people in the Light. It’s that simple and that uncomfortable. Be strong and wise and tell yourself as often as needed that you are an aspect of Divine Source and have the Divine Right to exist without any of these negative sicknesses in people in your day to day life. ❤

    • Alicia, your words hit my heart, as I had a similar thing happen to me some years ago when I worked for a very well-known company as a laboratory secretary. The manager who was appointed by the departing manager (who had a major gripe with the company, hence she was leaving) turned out to be a complete bully who, for some unknown reason, had it in for me. Not only would he twist my words, but he had access to all the databases and he would cover up any of his own mistakes by tweaking the info on the system to divert the blame to me. I seriously thought I was going insane. The man was bordering on sociopathy, seriously.

      He would also make lewd and obscene comments, disguised as ‘I’m only joking’ – (whatever!) and when I began having daily migraines, and nightmares followed by severe anxiety attacks, did I think, ‘Maybe this is NOT my stuff?’. I went to see my GP and told her what was going on and she saw very clearly that I had a case for workplace harassment and bullying (sexual and mental).

      I tried all the usual tactics, such as ignoring him, making sure I treble-checked all my data and then made copies of it. I also reported him several times to senior management, who took the view that it was just a bit of office banter and that I was being a little ‘menopausal’ maybe? WTF???

      In the end, my husband took over and took legal advice from a brilliant lawyer he knew of, and I ended up winning my tribunal and was awarded £15,000 – but the year and a half it took, did take its toll and I never went back into an office again.

      In a way it was my direction out of that system. My fear of not knowing what the future income would be, had shrouded my innate wisdom and intuition – and since that time, I can honestly say that I’ve never put up with any crap from anyone.

      I was reminded of David and Goliath story, and I felt like it was happening to me. I was determined that I wasn’t going to be beaten to the ground by an illusion that was so antiquated, out of date and resistant to change, that I carried on to the end.

      I’m not saying that you should go down this route, my love. But I do know that IT IS NOT YOU! You can either stay and get stronger – but make sure you document all the details of every single time something happens to you, and report the incidents to a superior. OR… you can simply leave. There are other avenues of income, my love. Seriously. You are the most important person in the world and your light shall not be diminished!

      Big love, dear one…. Jay xoxoxox

  • Ahh. Thank you, Denise, that explains a lot. I have been bewildered this week. I KNEW this wasn’t my stuff, as I know myself so well, but I couldn’t understand why I seemed to be feeling completely foreign emotions.

    To the howlers at cats and cockerels, I totally understand! My feeling has always been: ‘Throw whatever you want at me in the daytime; but *don’t mess with my sleep*. 😀

  • Denise,
    When I first started reading your articles and you shared the AP processes you were physically experiencing I would say, “wow, I’m so glad I don’t go through those experiences.” Well the cosmic shit did start hitting my cosmic fan lately. Of course I have had periods, many periods, over the last 25+ years that were healing me and assisting me with the AP process, even before I knew what was happening. Most healing periods throughout my life were while I was teaching, doing readings, massage therapy that all kept me in the flow of the AP experience while helping others.

    The last few years my work has shifted as I asked to use more or ALL of my abilities to help people and had completely lost my passion for any of the work I had done for 27+ years. I had experienced many endings before, during and after the financial crash years, that I literally experienced my work life come to a halt. Work has opened up to designing remodels, while working closely with the owner(s) and their contractor. At the same time, I am open to receive spirit messages and then write from one or more of their family members. I then have the “reveal” where the family views the house and I read the message. Everyone cries and healing has been achieved. “HOUSTON, WE HAVE HEALING!!!!” Cool right? It seemed so, until this last job. Suffice to say we had some weird bumps throughout the job, I did write from the woman’s father, healing was felt and the house looks like an HGTV reveal. Gorgeous!!!!

    The weirdness I felt and experienced coincides with multiple points from your current article. All summer emotional and mental turmoil has had me feeling intense waves of fear, anxiety, dread, confusion and often rage, complete lack of patience and inability to get a handle on my reactions. It often feels like I am someone else who is losing it.

    Yes, I’ve got the ears ringing (got used to it), vision blurs (thought it was age related) and the most disheartening is the disinterest in anything. I have always had immense passion in whatever endeavors I partake. I still do when taking on a remodel and writing messages from spirit. I am feeling however that the passion and joy only comes in waves. This summer, I feel like I have been in the “no joy” zone. Spirit has consistently reminded me to “find my joy,”” follow joy, “”jump into the flow of joy as it is always there for you everyday.” I guess my New Jersey Sopranos stubborn Italian ego got stuck….again.

    This week I seem to be revisiting the “how stupid can I be,” “I really am a failure,” and what you mentioned, “worthlessness.” Of course we all know this is not true for any of us. We are doing the best we can with all the power available for us and running through us. We are learning great new stuff everyday that can be used to assist us to be more, have more and live with more love, joy and happiness than ever available. However, this week, that all sounds like bullshit to me.

    I will be open to more insights and allowing whatever this is to run its course as quickly as possible and restore me to me.

    Thanks again for you continued sharing.

  • Thanks ever so much — as always!! Loved your “Infreakindeed.” That’s how I felt reading this post. Kept nodding my head, yup felt that and yup experienced that, etc. I’m really very grateful in particular for your pointing out that as we embody and expand into the Divine Crystalline Body we are still involved in transmuting the “old stuff.” Join the TT (Transmutation Team)! What I should say is that the TT continues on with its work — more blessing to us all….. Recently an “inner knowing” emerged — that the crystalline DNA is working on reformulating our form is presently and specifically upgrading our glands (at 5-D) so they can function better and help transform the rest of our “physical” form. … Other news: This morning I woke up feeling as though I was surrounded by a very heavy grey emotional cloud, full of death, despair, grief. Quickly I realized this wasn’t my personal stuff. When I sought guidance/information, what I got was that I was feeling yet another (rather significant) separation between the “Ascending Earth” and the “descending Earth” — and experiencing a deep sense of loss and sadness for those who were part of the latter version of Earth. Bless us all in our respective journeys! … With deep appreciation and love to you, Kristin

    • Kristin, that’s really interesting!! I woke up exactly the same, as if in a cloud of despair and sorrow, and I was puzzled because I never wake up like that, and have spent all day wondering whose grief I was picking up and why. Thank you for that very helpful insight.
      How are these earths separating? Is it just an inner thing, like, we all go on sharing the same physical earth, but they have bad experiences and we don’t, ‘same planet, different worlds’?

  • Great post! I’ve been feeling the change in my magnetic field as a kind of pressure. Seems to come and go. But I notice more people becoming discombobulated on the mental level when they cannot ground themselves in the new energies. They forget what they just said or mean to say … Dream time has shifted for me recently – more intense dreams, with vivid colors. I recently saw a “bridge” with many people on it, and more coming. I know we’re working multidimensionally especially during sleep. Love to you & everyone here.

  • Hi Denise,
    thank you so much for your strength and perseverance and ever encouragement to us all just when we need it…Much Love to you ❤
    This is so timely and spot on for me, I've just in the last few days ended a very turbulent relationship with a guy -patriarchal, narcissistic- phew! Luckily I trusted my own sense of self, clarity, intuition to call him out on his behaviours…So here's the thing, it takes a lot for me to feel enraged, oh but recently, the fury that I felt inside and expressed on a few occasions when faced with his oppressive behaviours, was not like me (I wasn't physically or verbally abusive, )I was just so enraged to the point of nearly passing out with its intensity, and yet I aldo felt like inside me was the rage of 1000's of women and centuries of feminine oppression was passing through me! Luckily I'm a woman who won't physically harm someone because it sure was intense…I do feel I was/have been/probably will do more transmuting of that very energy…I did slightly wobble with self doubt for a moment with that guy but boyo boy, that rage sure cleared that out…Many blessings on our journey xXx

  • Thanks Denise, love it, you validate what my own voice tells me, so I can fight to see another day, that’s nice and trusting of me isn’t it, I actually managed to get scammed this week, trying to cope with the ghastly pains instead of listening to myself, so thank the heavenly stars, you are there, love from me at all levels………….xx

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you. It has been intense. My head is so sensitive to touch, it feels scorched. Anger bubbling up, the old patriarchy seeming to show its fangs to me in every relationship. The ways women have been silenced….oh it is such a huge programming releasing its hold. I am so grateful for one another and the ability to reach out through the internet. As I feel these energies on the surface, shocking me in their intensity, I do note the inner wave of peace that all is well and all shall be well, flowing. Yet my surface is broiling! Fatigue like a armored suit weighing down each step. Gentle walks in the woods are soothing. I thank each of us for being here and showing up.
    May love light support and sustain us and allow each being to come to know their own beauty.
    Linda Marie

  • “Thoughts such as how stupid I am, how inept I am, how little I’ve accomplished in this life, how much of my life I’ve wasted and on and on. Even at my worst I don’t think like this about myself; I know what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at but beat myself up over stray feelings of lifelong worthlessness isn’t me or mine”…

    Bloody hell, YEAH! Everything you’ve highlighted, add several zeros for me, too, Denise! 💓

    On Monday this week, in the UK, the sun turned red, orange, then rose-gold. The light in the early morning was a golden grey colour, and the skies were overcast with not a single spot of blue anywhere. Then a rose gold hue descended infusing (in my opinion) the whole of Creation (from where I’m sitting, in this aching, painful 61-yr-old bod). Yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice that Solaris was now emitting a Platinum/Rose energy… I thought I was seeing things!

    Symptoms continue, the worst for me being lower back pain and temperatures off the scale, like the menopause flashes, but worse, if that’s possible. Head, throat (flue-like symptoms on and off for weeks but nothing manifests) and heart stuff going on (still)..


    My inner being KNOWS. My innate wisdom is expanding and growing daily on levels I cannot begin to comprehend with my ‘little brain’. So I’m just allowing it all to pass through, and staying close to home in order to ground and deal with this intensely transformative phase (well, when I say ‘phase’… hahaha)

    Thank you Denise, for simply Being. You are so appreciated, my lovely. Heart-light and love to you, once again, for another fantastic offering.

    Love and everything else, Jay (UK) xxx 💜

  • My gawd Denise, this is SO SPOT ON, thank you for this, as I was pretty convinced that I was going INSANE this go around!!
    Much Love!! ❤️

  • Dearest Goddess Denise 😀 Thank you!! Yes, I nodded, yes I affirmed what you wrote about as I read it, yes yes yes!! I’ve just about lost my mind… and I will admit I really did lost it earlier last week. My nervous system has been shocked so much over many months of my cat yelling at me at all odd hours of morning when I’m still trying to sleep. I laid into her one morning and felt like I was possessed!! Some small part of me was watching, thinking, this is just not me… I love my cat, I wouldn’t give her up like I’m threatening to do, these foreign words spilling out of my mouth all apathetic. It stopped abruptly leaving me a bit shell shocked and confused. I’m still doing everything I can to get some rest in spite of my cat shocking my nervous system every time she yells at me to wake up; it’s such a challenge! Nervous system all wired, all the head aches and pains, exhaustion. Doing my best and geez almighty!! Don’t have the energy to exercise my body (doing bare amount of stretching in the morning), feel like my body is so out of shape and bloby, feel like I can barely do the bare minimum of the bare minimum and here comes more over my limit that I have to get done. Doing my best to stay as calm and neutral as possible. Whew!! My Mom even had an episode later last week and commented to me (and herself at the time) that this wasn’t her, she felt like she was losing her mind.

    So thank you, Dear Creator, it helps to know I haven’t blown all the hard inner work I’ve done until now, that I’m not losing my mind (in the conventional sense). I’ve felt you absent for a while and no wonder with all this turbulence! Rest as much as you can, and know I am so grateful you were able to share this (I feel like I just want to go and weep now).

    Much HighHeartLove and Gratitude To You,

    PS: Thank you for last bit. It makes perfect sense to me. The more I’ve become comfortable in using my Voice of Truth (without any hedging or judgement, knowing I speak truth not judgement); I can see it coming out more strongly “on the stage” so to speak (the truth about the old skewed “way things are for males and females”). Such a good and wondrous thing to see, so very much needed!!

    • Chrysalis… you are not on your own in this, dear heart! I found myself screaming like a banshee at my neighbour’s cockerel who was intent on waking everyone up at all hours of the day and night! I was losing it big time and chased him with the garden rake, intent on making contact with his sorry ass… then I sat on my doorstep and sobbed with shame as this was just not a ‘me’ I was comfortable with. I love animals (more than people, actually!)… My two cats, whom I adore, were also getting to me. That is not something I want to feel, ever.

      I realised that for me, it felt as if my central nervous system were undergoing a total upgrade. Wipeout, clearout and release. The pain was felt at every level. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. I totally thought I’d gone GaGa!

      Then it was the Endocrine system upgrade… with all the resulting symptoms. I do believe every physical system that keeps our meat-suits intact and working, is undergoing a major re-furb. If you can see it this way, as I’m trying to do, it helps you not to feel like a total mess! heehee 😻 xxx

      You are ok, lovely. Keep on trucking, and we’ll all get through this together. I feel it deep within.

      Love and hugs, and if you don’t beat yourself up I won’t either! 😉

      Jay xxx

      • Jay, Love, thank you from the Highest of my Heart!! When I began reading your response I burst out laughing at the image and simultaneously burst into tears (which lead to a quick bathroom trip!!). You do know because I know what you felt. It’s enormous in its impact and leaves one bewildered, breathless in its violence. I don’t believe I’ve felt guilt completely about it; however every night and every morning I vow to respond better. Lately, that’s all I can manage is vow to respond better, haven’t quite gotten there yet! I too have always felt love and warmth for animals, sometimes more than people as they’ve seemed to understand me much better.

        Bless you for putting into words that I haven’t had the state of mind to realize: that it’s my nervous system doing it’s upgrades, which zings me extra every time my cat yells or jolts me awake. It’s not just exhaustion (although that’s enough to deal with), it’s the upgrades. Sigh of relief here! Thank you for that reminder. It’s all I can do to just barely do the bare minimum, and then having to deal with everyone else’s outbursts around me and doing my best not to respond and to remain calm.

        And again, Denise, my Love to you for this forum especially in times like now, where we can come together in love and honesty to release and continue on this path in loving support. Going to be a weepy day for me so I can release this. Thank you.

        High Heart Love,

  • Dear Denise Over the last years when your put the post on the internet I allways know from inside when it is there .
    Its a pitty my Englisch grammar is not so well to give a full comment on your post
    The last month from10/8 were extremly difficult!! I had before it started a inner visioen of the difficulty that where to come . But going in the experience is a different matter!!!! I was ( my human side) ready to leave this world!! I know over the many many years from the awakening state, than the intense releases, and now we are getting so far ahead that on there is not a road map anymore! But deep inside I Know it will pass away and make things clear fore new energie ect. But fore the body it is very difficult to scope with That.

    My head special the crown is very sensitieve and all what you write in your in your post.
    I can not express my self to any one in my surrounding most are still bussy to put a identity in this 3D world or/and are bussy to save the world ect. Well I am just a full on the Hill. I only feel some happiness in Nature and beauty.
    Thanks fore your post!

    with Love Diviana

    • Dear Divinia, I feel I’d like to think of you in heart once in a while with loving intent so you know your not alone up on the hill, though I know how that can feel…Here’s a highheart hug for you, much love Shaishannah xXx

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for your post. I have been quiet for a bit due to feeling so bloody weird. Everyday it seems one button or the other gets pushed. Or I notice some behaviour I really can’t stand. Mainly the double standards currently playing out between the men and women in my office. The good ol boys club. Or someone’s energy feels like it is in my face and I am p***ing them off without having to say a word. Happy days. And yet every so often that dreamy feeling of “all’s well” ( despite the previously described ) washes over me. And that keeps me going despite being renta sinus and owning an asthmatic cough that could earn me money as a sound effect
    Love and light to you
    Magda 🌅

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