More Solar X-Class Divine Human Crowning Preparations

I’ve had an on-again-off-again “X-class” Solar headache since last week’s 9.3 and 9.1 X-class Solar flares and other cosmic energy downloads evolving everything/everyone globally. I have one now which means this will have to be short just to let everyone know that this particular AP and EP Stair-step Process is still unfolding. And, as the coronal holes spewing these very high X-class solar flares rotates away from Earth over the next two weeks, they’ll return and be Earth-facing again around the time of the September 22, 2017 Equinox. Koinkydink? Not hardly. This is our ongoing Divine Solar Crowing or “coronation” Process as Sandra Walter called it recently. This is why all the amplified head and/or body pressures and physical pains, interior and exterior head area Light Shows we’ve seen in and around ourselves since June of this year or so. These intersecting lines of more NEW Light Energies entering our heads from different angles with cosmic laser-like precision targeting and intersecting specific brain glands and areas in our heads and brains (Pineal and Pituitary primarily) have been so amplified recently. Think of this as Divine Cosmic Evolutionary Brain & Brain Gland Surgeries!

Another aspect of all this has been extremely intense and physically painful periods of right side of the body (masculine) Work that I began having in July and greatly amplified throughout August 2017, so much so that at times I couldn’t walk. My right shoulder joint has been very painful, right elbow, right hip joint, right knee, right ankle and right foot into some toes. I’ve never before had the entire right side of my body’s joints all hurt like holy hell like this at the same time. Certain areas yes, but not the entire right side mainly in the joints, and this told me that I’ve gone through some major Divine Masculine upgrades and Embodiment Processes since July. I mention this if anyone has had severe right side body and/or joint pains this 2017 summer/winter quarter; we’ve Embodied more NEW higher frequency Divine Masculine energies into us, our physical bodies, DNA and consciousness in preparation for our upcoming Crowning or “coronations” with the start of the September Libra Equinox.

I’m going to do my best to be discrete about Embodying more Divine Masculine energies, but some of us have had some very intense energies blasting around inside of us in all ways, and how we each experience this is unique to us for the most part. It can, at times, be registered by us as highly amplified sexual-like energies, but I suppose that may be because I’m in a female body this incarnation. Point is, it’s not “sexual” at all but sometimes can feel a bit like that throughout the whole body as we acclimate to our having Embodied a LOT more Divine Masculine energies within us and our physical bodies. When it’s not that, it’s more like severe joint pains in the right side of the body! One extreme to the other! Such is the ongoing Embodiment Process. 😆



Lately I’ve been Seeing our current DNA evolutionary upgrades looking to me much like these photos of Aura Quartz. If you took these iridescent pastel colored quartz crystals and crushed them to about the size of salt granules, that’s what some of our latest DNA changes look like to me. Our DNA is, at this time to me, looking like pastel colored iridescent crystalline Light glitter! Beautiful beyond words and I know there’s so much more to come too.

Add these seemingly different things together and it’s much of what we’ve gone through since June 2017, with July, August and now in September having each month be more intense and of a higher frequency than the previous month. These energy Stair-steps of ongoing Embodiment are bringing us to the latest phase which is personal Crowning for those who’ve integrated and unified the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in themselves and have been birthing the NEW Divine Child in and through themselves and their physical bodies. The important part of all this however is that with our ongoing Crowning process, we’re not one or the other or all three of these Divine Trinity aspects; we’re all of them and more which means we’re becoming something very NEW in these physical incarnate bodies and selves. Makes the head spin and the HighHeart swoon with Divine Creative Potential. ❤ ❤ ❤

More soon but for now this X-class headache and I need to get horizontal again and do our best to relax into and enjoy these latest Processes. Please do the same and even better. ❤


September 11, 2017

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GEOMAGNETIC STORM PREDICTED: “NOAA forecasters say there is a 60% chance of moderately strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storms on Sept. 13th when a CME delivers a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field. This is the CME hurled into space by yesterday’s powerful X8-class solar flare. In the United States, auroras could appear as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state. Free: Aurora Alerts

MAJOR SOLAR FLARE AND RADIATION STORM: Departing sunspot AR2673 erupted again on Sept.10th (1606 UT), producing a major X8-class solar flare.  Protons accelerated toward Earth by the explosion are swarming around our planet now, causing a moderately strong solar radiation storm. (continued below)

NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare’s extreme UV flash

A pulse of ultraviolet and X-radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a shortwave radio blackout over the Americas (blackout map #1). That blackout is now subsiding. However, an even stronger blackout of shortwave radio communications around the poles is still underway (blackout map #2). Stay tuned for updates about this significant event.”

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  • Hi Denise. I appreciate your comments regarding throat issues. Sometimes my throat feels like its moving and it scares me, as if lumps are sliding up and down and this is mostly on the left side. Anyways in my quest from doormat status to sovereignty/unity I see i now need to be aware if now when Im speaking up am i being defensive or am i speaking my truth. And its not an easy one because I feel so afraid when i open my mouth … the workplace surrounded by patriarchal men….and my boss can only accept me by labeling me as “too emotional” when he is confronted with my issues. And after i speak up im aware of fear/anxieties for a long time after because of a fear I’ll be hurt or punished. I know that this fear doesnt have anything to do with here/now things but it comes up in me. Im also questioning my motives and intentions when I speak up at work because usually im motivated by a coworker/situation. I choose to take my issues to my boss when i cant make resolutions about it and he doesn’t mind because he does understand that i let go more easily if i vent, and if he finds merit in what I’m addressing he will assist. I want to be able to handle things on my own but i find im extremely reactive yet and “taking it personally” instead of observant. And i mentally obsess over it too. Ive come a long way, but!

    Head pressures and body joint aches have abated. Sleeping great with cool weather.

    Looking forward to your next article! 💝

  • Just wanted to say that last week I mentioned how I felt so floaty, light, cozy, warm, peaceful on the inside. Very very nice. My body felt less dense and less affected by gravity and this lasted a few days. Then Solar Flares and other stuff zapped me like everyone else, and I’ve had a week of head pressures, dizziness, some nausea, the spinnies, healings at night accompanied with the big heart thump whooshes, and emotional stuff coming up. One release was a blocked throat area from keeping so quiet about all of this Ascension stuff over the years. I haven’t been speaking my truth and this came up as anger, disgust, and aggravation. So I felt the anger come up surrounding that and just began speaking in the car as if I was freely talking to someone about all this. Sure enough, after a few minutes, my voice became weak and my throat was drying up. I did this a few more times this week, and now lay here in my bed with a full on sore throat and head cold. That blocked throat-voice stuff was loosened up with me practicing speaking my truth, and now it is going through a healing with this sore throat.

    My husband affectionately calls all this AP stuff the ‘hokey pokey’ and I went off on him this morning, and he was like ‘whoa, sorry.’ I angrily said, ‘Can’t you just hug me or something and bring me some tea, and accept all I have been going through with this because it IS happening! ?’ Anyway, that was all coming from an opening throat-voice area that’s tired of holding back my personal truth too often for fear of being thought crazy. Let’s face it. Those of us going through this are on the cutting edge of humanity’s evolution and it’s a BIG BIG BIG deal, and yet who can we talk to in our everyday lives. Most are still so asleep, and it can feel like we are leading double lives with this.

    Anyway in this moment now, I feel light, super peaceful and content, warm and cozy like sitting next to a toasty fireplace again! Breathing feels very very light with this very nice, feel good sensation. It feels really good and beautifully spacious to breathe. Speaking is very smooth as if words are just rolling out effortlessly. Swallowing and digestive things like belching (sorry tmi 😩) feels different, velvety, smooth, like my inners are made up of silk or water flowing across glass. I noticed last week that releasing waste from this body feels different (tmi again). It’s very smooth, light, and effortless as if I can barely feel it even happening or the body parts involved. It’s like the body isn’t here as much. Other than this sore throat, this body feels almost pain free, light, floaty and it just feels really really good to be in this state. Being feels so content, perfect, at peace, warm, safe, and dare I say heavenly. It feels like….. finally being home❤️🎉❤️.

    I hope I’m not being a blabbermouth here on your site Denise! Just wanting to share with everyone what’s happening so we can all continue to compare notes which is so helpful and comforting. Back in late May, my higher self was giving me a symbol of a cross and it’s horizontal line completion. My hellish summer was the final completion of the horizontal line of my own personal cross with healing what needed to be healed, released, and cleared. It was like a tsunami of healing and transformation hit me all summer…massive final clearings. My higher self would then would move my head up, up, up, up four or so times to higher positions while feeling this lightness I’m now experiencing. My understanding was this state of 5-D will be embodied in these incremental stages which is exactly what is now happening.

    So now, I seem to be embodying it more and more for longer periods of time just like my higher self said back in May (and even before that but I didn’t quite understand the message). Last week, it lasted almost a week, then went away with the solar stuff, and now it’s back again. Prior to that in July, it lasted 2-3 hours. It showed up right before the summer of healing-releasing on June 18 ish. Just wanting to share because to me it’s just mind blowing that I’m experiencing this…it’s so nice, light, feels good. The symbols I got back in May told me after these incremental periods of it coming and going just like it is, I will eventually completely merge into this state! We all eventually will so I write this to share with all of you that boy, oh boy, we are on a precipice!

    Thank you so very much Denise for your amazing site and for letting us post and share. I hope I’m not blabbing too much here but its kind of pinch-me-is-this-real that I’m embodying this beautiful, soft, gentle, light state of Being, and just wanted to share it for encouragement to others! Wow, are we really here????? I had dreams as a child showing me this would one day happen. Part of me wants to say, please please, no more healings, no more solar zaps, no more head pressure, no more spinnies! Please let all of us get to and stay in this beautiful inner reality- space now 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!!

    Denise, you and this site are truly a beautiful, brave beacon of light to so many who are just putting one foot in front of the other as the path unfolds….sometimes in the dark, on the proverbially mountain, teetering off the precipice! Thank dear forerunner Denise of the forerunners for your life work, and for giving us a space to share our experience, and big hugs to all of us for braving this forerunner journey! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Colleen,

      It’s been “normal” during the patriarchal reign on earth for all females to have closed Throat chakras — no voice, no permission to speak our truths or the truth, no ability to disagree with what the males have been doing to all etc. It’s also been “normal” for all males to have closed Heart chakras — no heart, no feelings, no compassion, no empathy etc. so that they don’t have to FEEL what’s done in wars, violence, rape and so on.

      The AP of course ends all this and much more in both females and males so that both groups can start correcting these things within themselves so that the merging, unification process can even begin in both sexes. It’s been a long and very dark, difficult journey up and out of the Darkness/Hell on Earth that’s been considered “normal” by everyone on this planet for thousands of years.

      Congratulations Colleen on your latest Inner Works. It’s not surprising that you’re feeling “sick” from doing all this long overdue purging of your Throat chakra and related suppressed energies. And good on you for yelling your truth and needs at your husband because that’s a huge part of this process for you now. Hopefully his Heart and consciousness will open some more so all this will be easier for you both. ❤

      • Yes, a very, long difficult, dark journey out of the dark hell here on Earth… so much suffering. Many a times on this journey here on Earth I’ve wondered, ‘And whose grand ole idea was this whole Earth business, anyway?’ Finally, with embodying this HighHeart, New Energy-Consciousness, it’s like, ‘Yes, now THIS is what LIFE-EXISTENCE should be/IS like! Finally some feeling-experiencing of Home!’ 😇😇😇

  • Denise, Thank you SO SO much for these updates. I am truly grateful and astounded at how accurately you call it, as always… I have been thinking there is MAJOR upgrades on my pituitary and pineal glands since late June… I cant even describe the pressures and weird sensations and headaches I have been having since that timeframe… This brings SOOOO much relief to hear this. I am a super sensitive already and I’ve been knocked on my ass since late June with this stuff… along with many other pains and pressures, just as you described. I have GOT to stay out of my human mind and get into my high heart/mind and learn to stay there, the last few days have been quite challenging… Thank you again! xx

  • Hi Denise, thank you SO much for your posts – they are so helpful as a guide and validation for what’s going on. I regularly have some weird thing happen and then your next post will reference some aspect of it – and I live on the other ‘side’ of the planet (Australia)! Have you seen Lisa Transcendence Brown’s recent short video in which she films the crystalline structures in her skin? They look somewhat like what you’re talking about!! Enjoy and thank you again for being you!

  • Great article! I relate with what was said. I’ve had terrible headaches, backaches, and knee pain partly from the injuries from the car accident, and partly from the solar flare energies. By using the violet flame, it helps me to pull through it and feel better. It really works! Thank you so much for this wonderful message! 😊 💖 🕊

  • Hi Denise and All,

    Another physical manifestation thats been increasing is within my throat. Often it feels like how one of those horror movie special effects looks like when some body part begins moving and pulsating with a life of its own. Scares me. Accompanied by strong throat based coughing activated by a specific pin point location on the left side. And just a few minutes ago on fb i was attempting to answer a question, “what is duality consciousness?”. I took a sip of water when WHAM pin point tickle in that spot caused me to Spew out my mouthful of water all over my new cell phone! Thank God its ok because my phone is my only internet, the only outreach i have. The only phone as well. Back to throat, it often feels like the inner walls are moving. I do wonder if allergies are part of this. Sometimes my entire lower legs just move and my hips jerk for no reason. This never disturbs my sleep or causes me discomfort. Im writing about it because the throat thing is disturbing. Thank u for letting me share. 😌

  • Denise, thanks for making the effort to post about the solar flares and immense impact physically! Whole of August has been superintense on my body & nervous system and since last week I’m having extremely intense nights with regular heatflashes and anxiety when waking up after a few hours. Then with the super solar activity it all intensified even more. Just like Colleen also mentions I can’t move my head at night then everything starts swirling, feeling nauseous and from time to time I feel this enormous heat&pressure at the back of my head/neck area (8th chakra?). Next to this headaches/ear ringing, electricity vibrating through my spine and lots of muscle pain in my neck/shoulder area. I feel the heating mostly in the back of my upper legs and sometimes feet. All I want to do is lie down and rest, but at the same time I go crazy with all vibrations and pressure lying down. Best is being outside and standing barefeet in the garden but with the rainy season starting here in NL that’s getting more and more impossible. So I’m trying hard to not go completely insane and keep myself calm and trusting that this will ease down again soon. This is hell, I can’t understand how you can relax into to it and enjoy it….
    Thanks Colleen also for you comment, so much recognition is always helpful!

    Love & trust to all

    • HI Annemiek,
      Oh wow, your August sounds like how my late June-July went. Super intense! In my case, it did ebb off and ease up a bit by early August where I was able to function mostly normally again, but still with some stuff going on of course. My entire back, shoulders, and neck went through this huge healing all August with these strange, localized flu like aches as if some really stuck, deep old energy was healing, clearing, and releasing. I too tried lots of grounding things this summer when things were ultra intense with lots of time spent under a tree in the yard barefoot. Body was electrified in late June. Not fun. My dear hubby thought frisbee at the park barefoot every few days would help and we actually did this for a couple of weeks just to try to ground this extreme energy. The whole summer was very difficult, but the intensity ebbed off by August. The neighbors must have thought I was crazy just hovering under the tree so often! Just try to trust the process. It can get so frightening and upsetting at times, but for me, everything seems to happen in cycles with things coming, going, intensity then ebbing off and stabilizing for a bit to integrate. Lately, yes, things can get pretty intense! Hang in there and know you are not alone! We are all in this together!

    • Annmiek – same symptoms here since June…. Massive head/ear stuff, I also, every few days have nausea all night if I even move my head, hot flashes and even cold flashes are constant since June for me, inner vibrations, I can’t sleep much. my body is exhausted and my brain is exhausted but my mind won’t shut off and somedays I feel like I will go crazy…

  • All that babbling in my previous comment and I forgot to ask my question! Why does all this stuff happen to some and not others when we are ALL going through this ascension-DNA change? I read elsewhere that we are not really “supposed” to talk about all the physical 3D troubles, just suck it up and carry on into the new. But I want to talk about this, its important to me. Thank you Denise!

    • “Why does all this stuff happen to some and not others when we are ALL going through this ascension-DNA change?”

      Deb & All,

      The Forerunners of the Forerunners go through everything first because we’re Embodying and literally Holding Higher Space in and through ourselves, our consciousness and our physical bodies. We receive the NEW energies, Codes, blueprints, DNA upgrades or expansions etc. first, always have, and because of this we and the other Forerunners coming up close behind us feel these things more strongly because they’ve literally not been here or in human bodies before. Pathpavers, Trail Blazers, Wayshowers are literal terms for us and what we do for Self and ALL everywhere, not just humanity but all else too.

      In all honesty, I’ve had times when I’ve had to go out and run errands, grocery shop, auto maintenance etc. and I’m really sick with Ascension side effects and can barely function. I look around me and see everyone else moving about and functioning like NOTHING has changed whatsoever for them. They’re not hurting, not sick, not struggling at times from all of this compressed AP and EP business and basically just having a good old time of it and I feel like utter shite and hate the old patriarchal “hoops” those people insist I and everyone else keeps jumping through endlessly. You get the picture.

      But this is what I Volunteered to come here to do, because I’m really good at it, just like all of us Volunteers are, we’re Universally renowned in fact, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt and is easy and fast because it isn’t. It’s the energy Stair-steps I’ve always mentioned for the past ten years online. The Forerunners of the Forerunners (aka Gridworkers/keepers, Gatekeepers, Lightworkers/keepers, Lightwarriors, Embodiers etc.) go through everything first because we’re capable of doing so and Embodying the NEW higher frequency Light and Energies etc. which will eventually be experienced and felt and lived by the the rest of humanity, BUT, at a vastly less intense level than what the First Forerunners experienced. By our Embodying all these NEW layers upon layers of evolutionary change within our bodies and consciousness first, we make the AP much more easy and quick for mass humanity to enter and experience, and with far, FAR less side effects/symptoms than what we experienced because we went first from the most density and negativity etc.

      “I read elsewhere that we are not really “supposed” to talk about all the physical 3D troubles, just suck it up and carry on into the new. But I want to talk about this, its important to me.”

      I’m so glad you said this because it opens the door for me to finally talk about it. I’ve wanted to write an article about this very thing but didn’t want to name names of certain other Ascension teachers/writers that I admire who’ve said judgemental things like this over the years. I just cringe when I read something they’ve said that I don’t agree with and keep reading with the hope that their growth continues too, just like mine and everyone else. 🙂 ❤

      Anyway… it's because of this that I still write about (in 2017) these super intense AP and EP symptoms, side effects, and natural reactions to what all we’re going through because of the AP and EP!!! I don’t care if some teachers believe this and say it to their readers, I don’t believe this because I know that we’re each unique and each have been, are and will be experiencing our own AP and EP (Ascension Process and Embodiment Process) in our own ways and times and that is perfect and normal and necessary for overall stability in all ways. Stair-steps again, plus some Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners are better at Transmuting Density and Negativity than others, while some are better at Holding Higher Space, while some are great at Pathpaving into higher NEW space and reporting back to the others and on and on and on. And because of this we all feel and experience the AP and EP processes in our own unique ways and NO ONE should judge anyone else for not experiencing exactly what some Ascension teachers are currently experiencing themselves! I can’t believe I even have to say this! 🙄

      Having said all that, I know that sometimes these other Ascension teachers are telling their readers to NOT get all fixated on the ascension symptoms and obsess over them etc. because that only helps keep one at a lower level energetically which is not the point of having these AP aches and pains! Nonetheless, unless the teacher carefully explains these sorts of fine details in their writings/articles/newsletters etc., then a whole bunch of readers misinterpret the information. I’ve been guilty of this myself, many times over the years, mainly because I’m always hurrying, usually in some type of AP pains myself, and I’ve said/written it a thousand times already and just don’t want to take ten more seconds to write it out again!

      This is why I’ve written about the AP and EP side effects, symptoms etc. but also when they get EXTRA intense such as what’s been happening this year especially, because, in my opinion, it helps other Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners realize that this is “normal” for where we’re at now and what we’re going through now and so on. In other words, see it, understand about it a bit better, and just continue doing what we’ve been doing all along anyway! So what if it hurts worse sometimes? Seriously, I’ll take X-class solar headaches, ear ringing, blurry vision, alienation, diarrhea, spinnies, nausea, joint pains, muscle weakness etc. to NEVER AGAIN experience the old lower patriarchal hell negativity and insanity. I want us all free of that and them for good and we are now in 2017, and finally the rest of mass humanity has entered the AP at the levels each of them are now and they’ll work their ways up these AP energy Stair-steps now too. We do “suck it up”, we always have, but it’s okay and needed sometimes to talk about the heavy-duty phases such as this year has been so we all can move through these nearly incomprehensible evolutionary changes happening one after another and another and another with more ease, comfort and magnificence. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “This is why I’ve written about the AP and EP side effects, symptoms etc. but also when they get EXTRA intense such as what’s been happening this year especially, because, in my opinion, it helps other Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners realize that this is “normal” …”

        I totally agree Denise. It helps understanding, not getting obsessed about it, feeling less alone.
        Among a few ascension teachers I like, you’re the best at making things clear: even when you’re talking about subtle preceptions, you “bring them to earth”, to tangible images. Maybe a common ground for earth signs 🙂
        Btw lately I’ve had miserable days too: in the weekend it was more emotional, since yesterday it hit hard on physical: nausea, dizziness, ache.

      • Thanks SO MUCH for this Denise! I always love reading your articles because they are so down-to-earth and explain so much that others sometimes don’t. I agree, everyone has their methods and that’s cool too, I’m just happy I can go to Highheart for explanations everytime I get popped in the blender. 😊❤️

      • I am definitely one who is grateful for this type of information because it DOES help me and give me relief that this is normal for where we are at in the now. It also really helps someone who is in the process of transitioning from 3D to much high dimensional realities… I still usually have one foot waving in 3D and 5D…. it really helps to be reminded of even the language and new way of thinking .. 🙂

      • Hey Denise,

        You think there will be a time when we can feel like the “regular people” in the sense that we can actually operate and enjoy in the world. It’s been several decades if not the whole lifetime so far of pure agony, and tolerance of AP sh*t. One cannot truly call this as living but barely surviving 🙂 Sort of depressing to think that this might be it for us for decades to come. Just trying to seize a few moments between intolerable fuzziness and agony…

        “I look around me and see everyone else moving about and functioning like NOTHING has changed whatsoever for them. They’re not hurting, not sick, not struggling at times from all of this compressed AP and EP business and basically just having a good old time of it and I feel like utter shite”

        • Pete,

          I can certainly relate to what you said as I’ve lived it too, still am, and I’m doing my best to not get pulled down by certain old things, people, old beliefs of others, the dying patriarchy, my own personal situation and lack of greater awareness and so on. What I do know is that all of this is very much about OUR individual frequency rates now. What I hold inside of myself in the form of Light Energies, personal beliefs, fears/concerns and what I continually focus on mentally and emotionally etc., is what dictates my personal internal frequency rate. And, that lands me on a matching frequency ascending Earth world. If I want to get myself up into a higher or highest ascending Earth world, then it’s all up to ME to increase MY internal frequency rate and that is achieved by how much more Light energy/energies I can Embody into my physical body and consciousness and so on. This is the “formula” for everyone.

          Its gotten harder this year (2017) because we’re in a totally NEW and very different space/location/level of the AP and EP within very NEW Light that’s doing very NEW things to each of us, and we’re all doing our best to make these hour to hour now shifts within ourselves, our consciousness, our bodies and everything else. I’m working on an article now about this and will try to get it done and published before the September 22 Equinox on Friday.

        • Dear Denise,

          Thanks for your response. This is partly just a comment but a clarification, too, for my earlier post + your response.

          At least for me this AP stuff is _just work_. Yeah, I’m fully committed and do it because it’s my _job_. But, like a job you have had a while it’s not that interesting or gratifying. You can only do so much and it becomes an semi-automated process. Yeah, it hurts, there’re a certain amount of things to process and probably some drama, too. But, you get used to it and are detached from it. It’s not ours. We just process it since we volunteered. And we are doing it at the speed and level that the total factory has been set to process. We are part of the system but cannot decide the overall speed nor change the course or make detours. Like a bus driver thru desert. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t think about it.

          The job is to be a harbinger light bulb that is continuously amp’ed up to shine more light while ascending the power band (stairs), like you described in your latest article. But that’s the job: you clear and heat up slowly the bulb to radiate more without breaking it and run to the top (whatever that is or wherever/whenever).

          And that is just the lowest levels in Maslow’s hierachy, at least for me. I get so bored and do not get satisfaction nor enjoy the job as such. It’s dull. It takes only 10% of my time and capacity. Yet, you’re not allowed to do more than your job. You’re disengaged from the world – you’re not an energy match to the most of humanity. It’s like watching a black-and-white movie with a really bad script. A total turndown. But there’s nothing else to do. You have to wait the critical mass to follow you sufficiently to get to the color broadcast era…

          I’m not complaining per se. My life has been drama-free for a long time and things sync up and stuff happens automagically so much that it’s just normal and expected. I don’t worry, stress, nor take things personally. My mind is quiet and I’m aware of my role and what is expected next. Also, when the script is changing and actions are required.

          Still, all this feels like moving in a local train yet it is still the 1st class car and the fastest state of the art vehicle available but unfortunately in a primitive backwards wild west era you happen to visit from the unimaginable future, and crave home 🙂

          (the system did not allow me to directly reply to your response – feel free to reposition to the right thread level for readability – and thanks a lot for your answers and articles!)

  • Hi Denise, wow does this article resonate! I feel like I’m in a blender. I’ve had headaches for years but they subsided a few months ago when they found arthritis in my jaw and I got a mouth guard. But the last week or so, the headaches are back with a vengeance, leaving me feeling very spaced-out and blurring my sight. I also have arthritis in my hips but I do a lot of anti-inflammatory work and it seldom bothers me anymore. But again out of the blue for about a week now, my right hip and area have flared up and nothing seems to help. And to add to this, I also have mild IBS. You can imagine what I’m going to say next, lol! 💩 Yep, all week long, back and forth between 4 am and 8 am and very painful in the belly. Doesn’t matter what I eat, and I’m being super careful these days. I have always been affected by solar flares and ascension-related stuff, but this is much stronger than usual and interestingly it is hitting me in all my weak spots. And the energy fluctuation is nuts. One minute I have zero energy, can’t get off the couch, the next I’m painting my front door! 😳

    • Doesn’t matter what I eat, and I’m being super careful these days.”


      Nope, doesn’t matter one little bit because it’s all energy related purging of more old lower frequency stuff/”programs”/beliefs/energies etc. The higher NEW comes in from the top and the lower old get purged on out and gone for good. Fun times! 😉

  • This past week hurricane Irma had all my attention and energy. Physically preparing came first then I put all my intuitive and magickal energy into dispersing it. It was over for us yesterday and we came out of it totally unscathed. Miraculous! But suddenly, yesterday all my energy was depleted. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My left knee, which started paining right before the storm was now in excruciating pain and I could barely move it. I got pale and weak. Thank goodness I have a Biomat! I have spent the last 24 hours in the mat, on the ground and am now starting to feel my energy come back. During all this my head was swimming and images would flash in my mind. I have no idea of what but it felt other dimensional. I hope we all get through this next blast as gracefully as possible. Many Blessings! ☮️💜✨

    • “This past week hurricane Irma had all my attention and energy. Physically preparing came first then I put all my intuitive and magickal energy into dispersing it.”

      starseedme & All,

      I need you and all other people like you who believe they need to “disperse” these earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornado’s, heatwaves, blizzards etc. to clearly understand that THEY ARE NEEDED NOW, ARE IMPORTANT, ARE HERE TO ASSIST IN “DISPERSING” THE OLD LOWER FREQUENCY PATRIARCHAL WORLD, STRUCTURES AND CONSCIOUSNESS.

      These devastating events I mentioned are intentional and needed to 1) energetically clear/cleanse old residual negative energies in those affected land areas and people that live in them and 2) tear down the already broken old systems designed to help with these types of natural disaster events and 3) open people’s HighHearts to just helping others because they FEEL for them. That is very 5D and will do much more and more quickly to create positive change(s) in both people, society, and to create higher frequency NEW ways of helping others that have nothing to do with the ways things have been done in the past. This is compressed evolution and that very much includes these natural disasters happening and accelerating now because of the Separation of Worlds and the fact that we’ve passed through an important energy point that resembles a massive curtain or veil recently that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

      So, to all the people that believe they’re doing good by trying to stop or prevent or redirect these natural disasters happening everywhere, you need to know that they’re happening because they’re a normal and needed aspect of the evolutionary Ascension Process that Earth, humanity and all life on this planet are going through in super compressed and accelerated ways now. Let it be people, LET THE NEW LIGHT DO WHAT ITS HERE NOW TO DO . If you want to not experience natural disasters, do more Inner Work on yourselves people because by doing that you will shift to another higher frequency ascending earth world where you will NOT experience this sort of thing… because YOU did more Work on YOU, not the external world. Get it yet? 🙂 ❤

  • Check out Suspicious Observers’ video “Nasa Model Flawed for Huge Solar Blast” on youtube regarding yesterday’s flare (NASA feed does not show the extent of the flare’s protons spewing). Some people theorize it was far more powerful than the flares we had last week. I know these flares are all good for us, but ugh, the symptoms!!! Enough with the headaches, neck, shoulder pain, heat & feeling kind of nuts. Argh!!!

  • Hi Denise and Everyone!
    Denise, what’s your take on all this flooding? Could it be some kind of outer, manifested sign of feminine energy coming in with a vengeance balancing the historically so out of balance extreme masculine ?! You may have addressed this, but I’m too spacey and dizzy right now to go back through and read previous posts 😩 ! I know on the micro personal level I cried buckets and buckets of tears all summer releasing emotions…a very watery, emotional summer for me. I’m wondering if it’s kind of the same thing on this macro Earth level?!? Hang in there Everyone ❤️! We are going up, up, up and ascending so quickly now!

  • Yes, yes, and yes. Since yesterday morning, I’ve been very dizzy with head pressures as if something is almost pulling through or on my head. I can’t turn my head too quickly or I’ll lose my balance. Other worldly fatigue all day yesterday like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life despite getting a good night’s sleep. Barely able to walk around the house from point A to B but have more energy today. Kind of nauseous with the head stuff happening. On and off all summer, right arm experience icky itchy heat sensations with strong energy coming in through right hand at one point for a few minutes. Stuff would clear and heal a lot after the right body sensations through dreams, emotions, memories. Too tired, dizzy to write more!

  • Hi Denise

    I got back into eating wheat recently after 4 years of abstinence which causes physical joint pain inflammation. I’ve been shuffling around severely hurting but its mostly on my right. Saturday evening i had a strange experience. I was at the movies and my body ached so much i couldn’t ignore it. I reached up behind with my fist attempting to pound at one sore point. A while later i felt what seemed like a mini hot flash and i HAD eaten sugar, but this time one thing was different. As my body embraced the “hot flash” the pain and aching were soothed away! And i have been turning to carbs and sugar like crazy and especially the more my male gets it how helpless it is, how powerless it is in terms of the old understanding and the way we were raised (subconsciously) to subdue and ” kill off” our inner feminine. So thats my bit input for this moment😁💝

      • Denise, your post helped me to “process” the inner masculine/feminine integration I have been feeling recently, which has been so intense and electrically charged, at times I have thought I couldn’t bear it — until I consciously chose what felt like a different timeline/trajectory. That seemed to be key for me. Thanks.

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