People Fighting for Old Lower Consciousness Beliefs

When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I got busted by a teacher who overheard me say something to my best friend as we walked across the playground during a class break one day. This teacher was the playground monitor and was simply watching us kids playing, trying to keep us from breaking our bodies on the swings and other recess play devices. My friend was from a family who were Christians and she often told me things about their religious beliefs. That information was repulsive, crazy and distorted to me even as a child but such is the case for most Starseeds and higher dimensional, higher realm Volunteers who’ve incarnated down into physical life on Earth to Embody and anchor the NEW Codes/blueprints/templates etc. of the Ascension Process.

Most of us incarnate with varying degrees of conscious awareness of where we came from, what it was like “up there” and so on. Many don’t but are pre-coded to be triggered into growing conscious awareness of their higher dimensional homes in this galaxy, in other galaxies, other star systems, in pure Light realms, in Angelic realms, in different positive ET systems and so on at certain points within their lives. I was one who insisted before leaving HOME on having as much conscious awareness and memories of where I came from as I could and still not blow a mental or emotional or psychic gasket from Volunteering to incarnate into what was a planetary septic tank known as 3D physical Earth. Higher and lower energies, frequencies and consciousness co-existing in the same space is a dangerous and difficult situation, but I would not incarnate into this Denise Ascension Process life and timeline without as much of Light realm HOME within me on a conscious level as I could cope with. Too much was at stake and a lifetime goes by at the speed of Light when it’s an Ascension related life and much more such as what this one is.

This best friend and I were walking across the playground and she’d said something to me about sin and hell and I responded that, “Hell is here on Earth,” which is what set the adult playground monitor teacher off like I’d lit her underwear on fire! She couldn’t grab me up by the scruff quick enough and drag my little heathen butt up to the office to be punished. Like I was saying, hell has been right here on Earth for a very, very long time.

This article is long overdue but thanks to each one of the tenacious human egos that have never hesitated to correct me and tell me in Comments and private emails about their beliefs, consciousness and lack of higher awareness how I’ve gotten it all wrong, this article’s for you. You’ve earned it, and now that we’re halfway through 2017 and it’s time for YOU to actually step up and evolve into greater conscious awareness, knowledge, HighHeart and so much more, those of us Forerunners (just as the term indicates) higher and farther along on these evolutionary Ascension Process energy and consciousness Stair-steps won’t suffer fools any longer. This article is for all the egoic, unaware people who honestly believe themselves to be more aware than the Wayshowing Forerunners and NEW World Teachers who have treated me, treated us, like online New Age Jehovah’s Witnesses endlessly pounding uninvited on our doors to force their negative, incorrect and limiting religious beliefs down our throats. It’s time for YOU to evolve, not continue trying to project old lower consciousness, beliefs, religious beliefs, incorrect New Age beliefs and other Team Dark distortions on to Ascension Process teachers, Forerunners and others actually living, being, doing and anchoring the AP for mass humanity and much more elsewhere. This is a fact, not a threat from me or anyone else.

Everyone has always believed that their religion is the one and only truth and that it’s going to last for ever and ever and freakin’ ever on Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth than that and that truth is here now and making itself increasingly felt by all worldwide. Religions as blind and unquestioning mind controlled obedience systems supposed to get one into heaven won’t work anymore; evolving into actually being, living and existing at vastly higher ways individually is. Welcome to the fifth dimension of NEW Earth(s). Here you are your own “savior”, your own “master”, your own Light, Way, Power Source and LOVE. The lazy don’t want to have to do this themselves after eons of being told they don’t have to because someone else did all that hard Work for them, then TD convinces everyone they crucified Christ and billions have bought it all. But this is what Ascension Process evolution and real higher truth is all about; individuals growing up and taking responsibility for themselves in every way. Co-dependency time is over and everyone is feeling this truth more and more every week, month and year now, and with what all has and continues happening in August 2017, it’s going to quickly become unbearable in every way to continue fighting for and holding on to any and all old lower frequency and consciousness beliefs and everything else. Lower and Higher cannot co-exist in the same space together so it’s evolve or go elsewhere (another ascending Earth world) that’s much lower in frequency but you still have to evolve, ascend up a lot anyway because Divine Source (that would be “God” with a capital G in case some are wondering) has already rewritten the whole thing because it’s time for a NEW higher level for All everywhere. Duality education is over, now it’s Unity education time everywhere but at an even higher level.

In my previous article, It’s Okay If August 2017 Is Difficult, I knew while writing it that, because I was honestly describing some current August 2017 Lion’s Gate pains and related difficulties the Forerunners have been going through recently, I knew that someone would write a Comment in it with their incorrect suggestions as to why I, why we were having a hard time of it. Because I knew this would happen because it’s happened article after article since 2007, I intentionally added this paragraph in it for those very people. Did it work? Did they even see it? Did they even recognize themselves in it? No, they usually don’t because that is how deaf, dumb and blind human ego consciousness is.

“When you honestly share what you’re experiencing and that its oftentimes painful and/or difficult etc., lower ego consciousness people instantly believe you’re doing something “wrong” and that’s why you’re experiencing pains and difficulties. That’s the only range of awareness low ego consciousness is capable of perceiving so of course they find fault in others due to their lack of greater awareness and understanding.”

It’s 2017 and unaware people are still trying to crucify Christ/Crystal Consciousness in people who do have it. The negativity takes real personal Inner Work to extricate yourself from oh unaware humans of Earth. But thanks to Divine Source rewriting everything now, everyone of us no matter which awareness level, which energetic Stair-step you’re currently standing on is HAVING to NOW evolve and expand out of the old lower frequency Codes and other negative Team Dark created humanity mind control constraints etc. whether you’re ready for it or not. And know that all of the old lower religious and spiritual and New Age etc. beliefs and belief systems don’t work in higher frequency levels of Light and Higher Awareness. Why? Because you know them as distortions and/or outright lies. End of story. End of lies. End of being deceived. End of self-deceptions. End of being able to deceive others. WE SEE AND KNOW you, we always have, but now you’re being forced to evolve, grow, expand and move out of your old lower ego and up into your HighHeart as the NEW seat and center of “you” and your awareness and reality.

Humans can continue to fight for, defend and promote their human ego selves and lower consciousness and lower consciousness beliefs, but I won’t allow it in MY higher frequency, higher consciousness, higher energy world. I’ve Worked very long and very hard, even as a Forerunner, to repeatedly and continually discover, remove, and evolve beyond all the old lower Earth world (and beyond) programs and belief systems and residual matching energies from them from myself, my physical and energy bodies, and my physical Earth world. Because as a Forerunner/Volunteer/Wayshower we do everything first, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve lived it and continue living it as I write this and will for the rest of my existence. I know how the human ego will fight to the freaking death for some ridiculous and incorrect and even negative thing or belief or whatever. Higher evolved consciousness doesn’t do this because it knows, it Sees, it Feels from a vastly higher level of being and consciousness and reality. No one can know this for themselves until they personally start to experience it and all that goes with it.

I grew up in Anaheim California in the 1950-60s. Back then Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland were just starting and the majority of the county was orange groves, hence why it was called Orange County. Who knew! When I was young, around 5 or 6, my parents took us to Knotts Berry Farm (because youngin’s, it too used to be a huge farm area where they grew berries and made their famous jams and jellies etc.). At one point we came across a goat pen where a baby goat was jumping around on everything. Being a Capricorn, my first physical goat encounter was extra meaningful and what I saw, felt, understood and remembered in those moments watching that baby goat eating trash and jumping around was a huge and incredibly important life moment and Higher Awareness for me. It was an important trigger for me and it did exactly what it was designed to do.

What impacted me so intensely about this baby goat was that it was eating trash—cardboard boxes, metal cans, tree branches, a piece of rope etc.—and I was horrified that he’d die from ingesting such terrible trash. I became deeply worried and uncomfortable that I was going to have to witness this beautiful little baby goat drop dead any moment because it was eating trash. In typical Capricorn fashion, I hide my fears and worries as best I could and my parents didn’t sense that anything was going on with me other than I was fixated on the baby goat. Thankfully they gave me the time I needed for this whole event to unfold. [Other people are often put on hold so to speak when higher Light (information, awareness, messages, exchanges etc.) comes in for Starseeds/Forerunners/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Grid and Gatekeepers and other higher dimensional beings incarnate in human form on Earth to anchor the Ascension Process (AP). We’re given the “time” we need to receive the higher information, whatever it is, by linear time being put on hold and we step out of it and back into quantum higher frequency “Now Moment” awareness to receive, perceive and/or exchange communications with higher dimensionals etc. Once that’s done we slow down a bit vibrationally to reenter linear time space reality and frequency with no one around us the wiser about everything that just actually happened.]

As I stood there white-knuckled, heart pounding clutching the goat pen fence, Higher Awareness filtered down into me. It was — Goats eat trash and are able to transmute it into life sustaining food fuel for themselves. Holy shit! Really? OMG! Oh, I get it… I get it… I remember! I can do this too.

Like the baby goat, this Sun in Capricorn Volunteer Forerunner Wayshower Lightworker etc. Mt. Goat named Denise has always been able to easily, naturally and automatically transmute lower frequency “trash” into life sustaining higher frequency energies. I’m wired for this as many Volunteers from higher dimensions, realms and systems are. I don’t know how to not transmute lower stuff into higher frequency stuff. I excel at this, always have, some other things too 😉 and these are some of the reasons why I’m a Forerunner Wayshower now — I’m able to easily transmute lower frequencies (density, negativity, Duality energies) and turn them energetically back into a Neutral state vibrationally (transmute and resolve Duality or what had been dualized, split, fractured) and then build, Pathpave and increasingly Embody more and more of the NEW higher frequency Light Energies and Codes (which are templates, blueprints for the NEW Earth and NEW higher frequency, consciousness and reality humanity) and anchor them into my body and physical Earth and the Ascending timeline(s) for humanity coming up (“ascending”, evolving) behind me and the other’s doing this and plenty of other related AP Work.

Having said all that, I want those of you who need to know and understand this aspect of this Volunteer/Forerunner/Lightworker/Wayshower/Embodier business that even though I and like others can easily do this and much more, does NOT mean it doesn’t often cause me/us some very real physical pains, aches, pressures and so on because it most certainly does. I shouldn’t need to explain why because that should be obvious but will because we’re this far into this.

Just because we can transmute trash—negativity, density, duality etc energies.—into something else that’s much higher in frequency and plenty of other things that would make your heart beat fast and hard and your palms sweat, doesn’t mean that my being in a physical human body while doing this and oh so much more doesn’t hurt sometimes because it does, plus usually requires a good long nap afterwards for different reasons. Those who can do and we Forerunners do for ALL, everywhere, then we, I mean me here, pop a couple Tylenol Extra Strength and take a much-needed nap. [We Forerunners transmute, Embody, exchange information, move negative beings out, drop off Light/information, close down negative TD timelines, see higher dimensional hospital-like repair shops for quick energy body repairs when needed and more. We often do more while asleep and out of our physical bodies because it’s so much easier and faster and more gets done this way than when we’re in the physical in our physical bodies. So even our naps are Work in other words.] Then we wake up and rinse and repeat for as long as needed.

This is what Forerunners are and only some of what we do, have done, continue doing and why. If you honestly knew who we really are and what we’re really capable of doing, this whole thing would be so much better and easier for us all. If most of us consciously knew, remembered who and what we all are this whole thing would have happened even faster than it has! But, that’s not how it’s been because Team Dark (TD — Team Dark is my term for all human and nonhuman, physical and nonphysical people and beings such as negative aliens, negative ETs, beings, entities, devils, demons etc.) has done a profound number on humanity for thousands and thousands of years on Earth and this current Ascension Shift is and will continue to seriously rattle people’s egoic intellectual mind controlled prison cages and matching belief systems. Evolution is typically not easy, and certainly not in this case where the whole thing from the top down was about Duality in the highest levels and dimensions all the way out and down into physical Earth reality and human life and how things were hijacked along the way by TD beings. The many reasons why for all this isn’t the point of this article. If interested in some of the whys, Lisa Renee’s August 2017 Newsletter, Historical Timeline Trigger Events has a list of whys and when’s that’s worth a serious read through.

Another aspect of this topic is how often I get Comments at both my blogs and also emails from people telling me that all the negativity I talk about via Team Dark and what they’ve done and why to humanity isn’t true because, and I quote, “All of the negativity, the evil, the darkness is inside of you Denise.”

There are so many people who’ve bought into the belief that Team Dark doesn’t and never has existed and that any and all darkness and evil etc. is inside of me, you, anyone who believes in external negativity/darkness/evil etc. Isn’t that a hoot? Christ/Crystal energies and consciousness is “crucified”, meaning unreachable directly individually on a prison planet such as what Earth has been, and as if that isn’t enough, all the darkness is inside of me/you/them, anyone but the people claiming this as truth. Now, I ask you, who does this really sound like? Sounds a lot like a TD mind control con job, but dipped in New Age camouflage. Lots has been folks, lots.

I mentioned in my previous article that I could write a small book about all the super intense and weird and unpleasant things, visions and encounters with many in the low vibe tribe that’s happened since August 3rd. This hasn’t ended and I suspect it will continue because the Separation of Worlds and all that goes with it will continue for probably a full year. There’s plenty more Stair-steps for the Volunteers, Embodiers, Forerunners, Wayshowers and the September Equinox and related gateways are going to push the Volunteers into more NEW roles, jobs, energies and awareness. The more the Volunteers Embody, the faster the rest of everything and everyone else enters fully into the Ascension Process themselves, ready or not. More about this in other articles but sense that the old lower TD Crown of Thorns energies has been transmuted into individual Crowns of Christic frequency Light—via August and the Full Solar Eclipse with its corona of Light—and the September 2017 Equinox will be the Embodiers having their individual Crowns of Light Consciousness and Being Embodied. Guess how much that phase will further change everything? I suspect the December Solstice will be NEW in all ways too. Things beyond December 2017 haven’t jelled yet enough for me to See some of the many possibilities, which means what we do now in August and September 2017 is some more of the NEW foundations for what will be further built, Embodied and Consciously Created afterwards.

My point in this not so fun article is to let the unaware, the holders on to the old lower beliefs, the disbelievers and such know that you can believe whatever and whoever you want because it has been and will continue to be Freewill for all. What everyone has to understand however is that Divine Source/God/All That Is or whatever name you prefer has already rewritten the NEW Evolutionary Cycle from top to bottom and those Codes in the forms of different energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, universal, Source created have been embodied and Embodied by the Volunteers first as usual, then the rest of humanity starts later. You still have Freewill, but you have it in a completely NEW higher ascension level of being, existence, learning, creating and ongoing discovery. That is what everyone needs to understand now and be willing to release the old lower everything because it’s already done and gone. What’s replaced it all is tremendously higher in frequency (Triality and Unity instead of the old Duality and separation cycle) and is unfolding in a frequency of 5D already but very few people and even Forerunners realize this yet. Why you may be asking? Because far too many people are still trying to recreate the old lower everything because they don’t know how to do anything else. The Volunteer Embodiers do however.

One last thing to share. Yesterday I received in the mail a Jury Duty Summons starting on 9-11-2017. 9-11, oh Team Dark, you’re so predictable. You’re 9-11 timeline doesn’t exist in my higher NEW Earth world and personal reality.

There’s a thousand other things that could be said and shared but I suspect just this will offend a good number of people. 😐 Don’t hate the messenger. Get with the changes and be willing to grow, expand, evolve and change over and over again and this Separation of Worlds won’t feel as intense and unpleasant as it will if you continue your death grip on any old lower consciousness beliefs and reality. It’s a heads up, not an attack. Honestly. ❤


August 15, 2017

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39 thoughts on “People Fighting for Old Lower Consciousness Beliefs

  • Hi Denise! It was SO helpful, for many reasons, to read your article!!! I’ve been a transmuter, like you, for many years. What a heavy, dark, exhausting job yet I also realized, for me anyway, that it was “fuel” that was continuously propelling me forward and higher and releasing my own darkness. I tried desperately at times to connect to the New Age stuff/beliefs, mostly looking for a place to fit in because I felt so alone in who I was but it never seemed to stick/work for me and seemed at odds with the higher vibe Truth I was feeling/experiencing. I was told back in the late 90’s that “my” time wasn’t to come for another 20 years! So it’s been a lot of waiting ☹ Fast forward to the beginning of July, post 2017 summer solstice. I began to feel as if who I’ve been was unraveling in some weird, indescribable way – which has been beyond freaky to say the least – but a lot of the crashed, physical aching/painful body, etc. component seems to be leaving too. Occasionally I’m back in my familiar, now somewhat uncomfortable and strange, old self again but my soul identity of 25 yrs. is mostly inaccessible and what’s coming in is very vague and unformed but light, sweet, expansive, very expansive, and like a 180 to who I’ve been as a transmuter. It’s been extremely confusing to say the least but wonderfully different! I can’t help but think this is what’s coming after the eclipse and beyond. Big, big changes, as you said. Something about reading your article helped many pieces fell into place for me and my confusion lifted a bit. It’s such a relief to get a glimpse/feel of the bigger picture more clearly again. Thank you!

  • Denise,
    Today is the 30th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Such a potent time, then and now. I can’t help but relate it all to the much larger picture some of us have been seeing since we arrived on this planet of the “dim”. Thank you for crawling, feeling, fighting for a new and brighter future. I stopped caring long ago what anyone thinks, but oh do I celebrate each and every word you post on this page.
    Some of the love I sent out with such hope and heart that day surely reached forward and helped soften a few of the blows for those of us that chose to clean up the halls of darkness. How could we know how hard it would be. That’s the thing…we all had a job…and judging each other wasn’t supposed to be part of it. I feel like this time, this story, is nearly complete, a bedside tale for a day I’m working toward.
    As always I’m sending you my respect and my love.

    • “Today is the 30th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Such a potent time, then and now.”

      oldsoul2017 & All,

      Yes, August 16-17, 1987 was Harmonic Convergence and here we are three decades later anchoring in the start of what all this has done. ❤ To All everywhere for your Service to Source and All with this.

      I've been Seeing, perceiving that the August 21, 2017 full Solar Eclipse across the USA is literally going to wipe away, completely energetically clear and fully remove everything that’s happened in this entire country (first but the entire planet too) from the very beginning. This is exactly what many of us Forerunners have been doing individually, and sometimes in small groups, for a very long time; transmuting old lower residual negative density energies left behind by humans and non-humans across time on Earth. This Solar Eclipse at this time within the overall Ascension Process and directly connected to Harmonic Convergence of 30 years ago, is going to do this to the USA landmass and beyond in ways that haven’t been able to happen until right now. As it permanently removes all of the old lower residual negativity/density etc. in this country, simultaneously it will install NEW vastly higher frequency energies and NEW Codes etc. This is another reason why many of our Forerunner jobs and such are going to be changing too.

      This one event is such a blessing in that it’s like an Exorcism for the whole country, and then the rest of the planet, and then tremendously higher frequency energies/Codes being installed at the same time. ❤ ❤ ❤ Takes one's breath away for a moment as so many have Worked for so long for this level of Shift on a mass scale.

      • Thanks for sharing about the Eclipse.. i wondered what it was going to really be about. I thought eh, “just” another shift. Then a friend told me that her dream showed our bodies would get SOOO much lighter, at the eclipse. Then i come across your words here. I am going to enjoy watching what happens. Yesterday, basic income just passed in Indonesia. This is the “opening show” of the Eclipse.. fantastic. I have been sleeping a freakish amount. Even without the Eclipse yet, things have been “extra-mega.”

        I had to chuckle at the calling out of haters.. wow they really have no life to be constantly commenting on a person’s blog who they do not know personally and who will never have their mind changed. Maybe all this intense energy lately makes them feel they have to push on someone so that they dont lose their minds. If they were to admit the darkies were real, itd be too much of a paradigm turner for them. One has to be at a certain frequency in order for it to “catch”… but maybe one day these interactions with you will be their tipping point into the truth.

        • I got quite a chill reading these comments. The feeling of crossing a threshold is so acute. I felt the words above as though my own. But hearing them come from some one else – their reality struck me. It is done. I know I (and probably all of the Forerunners) have been ‘done’ for a long time. This is not that. That was a lonely moment in a dark place. This is standing at the international gate at the airport with a one way ticket. Hunh. We’ll see.

      • This entire summer has been massive cleansing, purging, and upgrading for me and is still ongoing. The flu-like-virus aches as if deep, deep cellular gunk is being released has been ongoing. Major major purging of energetic gunk stuck in my neck, shoulders, throat, and back that took at least a few weeks to clear out layer by layer. Lots of random achy-flu like virus-like pain coming up in back, neck, shoulders, throat and then heat burning the stuff off. Generational stuff being purged and healed. I will heal from something one day, and then two or so days later it shows up in my daughter to be purged. It’s like we are both cleansing and purging stuff in our bloodline mostly related to wounded feminine aspects of low self worth, self hatred, depression, suppressed voice, fears, old fear of (patriarchal) God. If I’m awake and wired one night with releasing issues and physical pain, one or two nights later the same issue hits her. Grief, anxiety, depression, fear coming up with the lower dense stuff being released. Yesterday felt a huge breakthrough with body feeling very light, airy, cleansed, spacious especially in heart chest area with an unusual new vibe, frequency, sensation to it. Then hours later waves of fear, grief, and anxiety released. Vivid long dreams with continual huge waves of strong emotions coming and going all of the time during waking hours. For me, this AP ratcheted up back in June and nothing has been the same or ‘normal’ since!

        • This huge acceleration and compression is the NEW normal for everyone in 2017. What’s happening in August 2017 is bigger than most realize yet, but the September (Libra) Equinox will be another huge Forerunner Embodiment (“coronation”) shift up, as will the December (Capricorn) Equinox of 2017. We’re now doing mega Stair-steps of ongoing Embodiment at levels none of us could do before throughout the second-half of 2017. This alone will further assist to change, to shift the multiple external ascending Earth reality/realities in very big ways. The Forerunners — both individually and as a NEW higher 5D and above Group Collective — are Grids ourselves. ❤ 🙂

      • OMG exorcism for sure please for my mom. Her caregiver said she is acting like she is possessed. I have seen glimpses of it but nothing like caregivers have. Less that 48 hrs..Yeah! The rollercoaster of energies has been “insane” Blasted so hard yesterday thought I would pass out. Hey maybe because I had donated blood?
        As always thanks Denise and everyone who comments here.

        • sunny,

          I’ve gone, go through similar things with my 87-year-old mom with dementia, a stroke in 2014, and a long list of other physical and mental disabilities. I don’t talk much about all this because it’s so, so, so very hard for me to deal with much of the time. Hence why my Higher Self has given myself this last big task/lesson. I know she’s on her way out very slowly which will be so much better for her and me, but until that time arrives, not much of any aspect of this with her is easy.

          In August 2014 she was rushed off in an ambulance in the middle of the night with severe heart blockages. About 8 hours later she was having a triple bypass operation. That all went well but two week later while in a Nursing Home to recover from that, she had a related stroke. The stroke changed both of our lives in moments and it’s been one huge learning and coping and changing process ever since August into September of 2014.

          I bring this up because I’d never spent any time in Nursing Homes prior so it was an eye-opener for me. Talk about hell on earth, it’s plainly visible in these horror places that are both physical and astral all merged together. It was all I could do to walk out of that place after having been in it for two or three hours with my mom. The negativity, density, insanity and “stuff” walking the halls was unbelievable, so much worse when it was in the patients!

          I’ve watched negative energies and/or lesser beings just step into her because she’s so open for multiple reasons. When this happens her personality changes instantly and I have a fight on my hands because she’s got a negative working her and trying to work me. I’ve also noticed over the past three years of this hell with her, that when the Light energies amplify etc. she either get more weak and frail which is understandable, or she gets more delusional and aggressive with me such as what you and your caregivers experienced with your mom sunny. This cycles in every ten days or so it seems. I so want this to be over…

          Okay, flowers, rainbows, ponies dancing and playing, chocolate candy and happiness for all. 🙄 Like I’ve said before, my Higher Self has repeatedly bundled big “tests”/Initiations/educations/experiences for me to fully and completely reach MASTERY within myself with. This is another one of those cases and I’m golden 98% of the time; it’s that last 2% that’s a flaming bitch still but I’ll get it too. 🙂 ❤ Do your best sunny, this won't last much longer for either of us.

  • Perhaps I should have said it sooner, Denise, but I SO appreciated your last bulletin because this eclipse season has been and continues to be so physically debilitating that, sometimes, I can barely function. I frequently fail to comprehend the detail of what ascension commentators talk about, but you are my favourite, because you accurately describe the physical symptoms I have been experiencing with increasing intensity over the past three years. Whenever it gets too uncomfortable, invariably I receive High Heart encouragement from you that lets me know I am not alone. Because I don’t understand what’s happening, I cannot explain and find it practically impossible to talk about this stuff, even to my closest friends. I have come to rely upon you for reassurance that I am not completely delusional and to celebrate the idea that I am playing my part in this unfolding process, even though I haven’t seen the script and don’t know what my role is yet. Thank You!

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ HighHeart Gratitude hug Russell.

      Just in case people, another blast of Light energies arrived this morning, August 16, 2017. It's just like the BIG one that came in very early Monday morning, the 14th, but today is slightly less intense only because we did Monday already! 😉 I'm not feeling so great again because of this so going to take it easy the rest of the day. Everyone remember that all this is the prep Work, the Embodiment Work before the Solar eclipse on August 21st. The eclipse is actually more for the whole country and population here and is one huge, coast to coast energy clearing of the old lower past everything and simultaneous insertion of the NEW higher in the USA. Things are going to get interesting from here on out. 🙂

  • Many, many thanks to you, Denise, and to all other Wayshowers and Forerunners for providing the examples the rest of us need to guide us through the process of growth, evolvment, and Ascension.

  • Denise, your post brought me to tears … the sheer authenticity and HONESTY of it. Bravo on telling it like it is! There are so many misconceptions and disinfo in the New Age movement that many of us fell for, because the distortions were cleverly mixed with truth and told us what we wanted to hear. It was all about giving our power away, following different “ascended” masters who seemed to know more than us. And this is still going on. We really need to become self-responsible to stay in the New energies.

    LOVE your goat story! What a perfect way to explain how energetic “trash” is transmuted. My heart-felt gratitude goes to you and all others who have taken this on and more by coming here.

    I read Lisa Renee’s “historical timeline” piece … and am astounded that she sees the interference and takeover of what was a pristine planet going back 20 MILLION years. Holy mackerel. I get a sense of being involved in the original seeding of what was 5D Earth at the Elohim level. I know I have been coming back again and again to help with the Light quotient and to get to this point where the foundation of this creation is Divinely rewritten.

    Funny about your Jury Duty Summons slated for 9/11, Denise … I’m hoping it WON’T happen in your reality! Much love.

  • Me too Denise, in the last nine weeks “my team” have been healing a wound that finally manifested in a simple and physical way so that after years of surgery, gastro intestinal treatments and scary trips in ambulances, it could be identified and cleared from within, and I am NOT delighted to tell you that now I am so much better that I can absolutely still feel the pain but without fear………. shit, had to moan about that somewhere!

    In my tired, beaten up and completely bonkers “spiritual” self HA, I had lost trust in my higher self and so I hoped that finding a medical solution that resonated with what I was experiencing, it would disappear and I would feel fabulously fabulous, but I have learned that the difference between being physically vulnerable and attacked is old human wounding and terrifying, and that my soul knows exactly what I am doing and at a human level I am still very much a work in progress, individually and as part of a fantastic team. I have learned through this that I am AWARE but not responsible at last, so I can release the shamed martyr that has been holding this painful fear in place (a throw back from my religious upbringing). Miracles are showing up right left and centre and although all I want to feel is physically well, I now understand that we have a job to complete and we will.

    SPIRIT is responsible and aware and I hear that coming through you loud and clear here, so thanks Denise, I love you,…….. Linda

  • Great article thanks Denise! I’m defo in the process of evolving out of co-dependancy! I also sometimes find myself being pulled into the new age belief there’s no team dark its all inside us! But then I have so many personal experiences from childhood with TD i can only go by my own experience!! it it good to read tho as surrounded by a new age community I sometimes think maybe it is all my own internal darkness and not out there! Even tho I have personally seen TD and dealt with them in my dream state all my life! Definitely feeling the split of worlds and timelines right now! Thank you again for all that you do and share! I have been with you since my programmed awakening in 2012 at age 30 and on fast track remembering catch up since then! But I awakened remembering TD becoming very aware of them and then all making sense in my history! The new age community makes you feel negative for talking or addressing these truths!!

    • Donna & All,

      Here’s that link I forgot to include in this article by Lisa Renee. The timeline history puts this past Evolutionary Cycle into perspective for us all and it’s mind-blowing. So glad it’s reached its Expiration Date and Source has rewritten a NEW one for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle.

      Remember that famous old line —

      “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

      People who’ve had personal conscious experiences/encounters/battles/confrontations etc. with any Team Dark (TD) being knows that they do NOT like revealing themselves to humans because then we’d start fighting back against them and their anti-life, anti-human actions against us all. So, they’ve preferred to work from behind the veils so they could do more to humanity.

      Long before the 1970s TD knew that the evolutionary Ascension Process was coming and the old Evolutionary Cycle was ending and one of many things they worked in and through was the New Age movement and communities. This is why so much of that information was so profoundly distorted by TD and the majority of people didn’t have a clue about any of this. The same thing happened to the UFO/ET communities and the Conspiracy communities and on and on and on. If someone isn’t capable themselves to discern energies and people, beings, ETs, channels and other information etc., then they’re sitting targets for TD to have their way with them. I clearly remember my first encounter with a New Age group back in the early 1980s. I could not believe what I was hearing from them and knew in that moment that the Higher Path was going to be very hard for most people to even discover let alone get there! TD had run this planet for eons and this evolutionary AP Shift and Separation we’re all going through now in 2017 is one MASSIVE change from how life, consciousness, reality and everything has been for humanity and Earth and far beyond.

      Keep it simple if that makes all this easier. I have to do it sometimes and what I do is just remind myself that what we’re evolving out of is super low frequency Duality everything, way up into much higher frequency Unity everything internally and of course externally. This transition for mass humanity is so volatile at one level of consciousness, and at a higher level it’s already happened! TD is real and were a huge aspect of the past Evolutionary Cycle in Duality for All. The NEW Cycle is so profoundly different and better it’s hard to even articulate and TD isn’t any part of it whatsoever. 😀

      Stay in your HighHeart everyone and be willing to change and change and change as we continue this now very compressed Shift and Separation process. ❤

  • I am so glad you’ve posted this, Denise. It feels like a real release and it’s been a long time coming. Sometimes I have to remind people, including myself, that love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude has to be directed inwards as much as outwards. It feels like that’s what you’re doing with this post. YOU matter just as much as all those you serve. ❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Hi Denise….enjoyed your blog. I personally enjoyed the goat story. I too am a forerunner …new term for me. After a tough day, I said to myself, “I feel like a bush whacker” not knowing at the time that this was exactly what I was! I’ve had to cut through a lot of stuff and transmute a lot of energy. The journey has been challenging but exhilarating at the same time. Each time I’ve cut through the thick brush of illusion, I’m eager for more. Keep up the good work! I’ll be coming back to get updates.

  • Denise I truly do not think that some people can even begin to imagine the work that is done when transmuting energies. They just do not believe the unbelievable toll that it can take to do this demanding work. And it can be demanding, while trying to live a normal life, raise children, work etc. feeling all the energies around and taking them into our bodies, and then have all these other duties out of body. I do not even talk about it anymore to anyone. That is why I come to your blog. Sometimes I just need validation, encouragement. Thank you for providing that. Good job 🙂

  • In linear time, I am 69 years old. Even as a child of 5 yrs old, I KNEW that church was a bunch of BS. I despised being dragged to church, and I despised the adults who tried to convince me that “growing up” was a necessary part of life. More BS. Even on my own FB page, I have a rule that anyone putting down another person and telling them they need to grow-up, and be practical and realistic will be unfriended. It sure the conversations going on a more positive note.

  • Thank you Denise! Your messages are ones I respond to with a sigh of relief that there is someone who can mirror back to me what I am experiencing during these amazing, yet trying times! It’s bloody hell at times, and also raising 3 conscious kids (20, 16 and 12) who feel the energies as well!
    I so wish there was a way to post a pic I took this weekend that shows a crown/halo coming out of my head in my cast shadow! I just keep going back to stare at that photo-more proof that this IS happening and we ARE the ones! Thank you SO much for your service and authenticity! ❤

    • Amy & Mikael,

      Yesterday, Monday, I was bedridden all day from more NEW very high Light energies coming down in through my Crown chakra area, further expanding my Pineal and Pituitary glands and then that Light energy made a 90 degree turn and blasted out my Brow chakra making my entire head, face, jaw, teeth, eyes and even my speech different. It caused a near migraine headache that made me nauseous which was why I had to lay down all day. When I’d fall asleep the inner body vibrations were practically violent in their intensity. I could feel and clearly see and hear when I talked that my face and bones in my face and teeth and jaw were being altered (blasted apart) on a cellular level and reconstructed anew. It was the most intense Ascension Process side effect I’ve ever had and that’s saying something! Crowns of Light indeed.

      Thanks Amy for sharing about your photo revealing a NEW crown/halo coming out of your head. I’m certain more NEW “anomalies” like this and others will be experienced by more of us as we continue Embodying. ❤

      • Hello Denise,

        I actually had to go lay down myself at one point – and I had the strangest reaction to it. I started laughing while the light was running around my head like rats on a spinning wheel. I could see it, like Amy said although I could see massive light working in the neck and upper back/spine area. Got to love 2017, bless it in every way because it’s changing thing’s.

        • Yep, the Light Show has been epic lately, both Seeing these evolutionary cosmic Light beams coming in at us from above, and then Seeing them within us because we’ve Embodied them. Monday my head felt and looked like a Lighthouse with Lights moving around just like you described Michael. (I’m glad your not Mikey anymore. ❤ )

          The other night when I went to bed, after I'd turned the bedside lamp off, the whole bedroom lit up like the middle of the day. I looked around and had to remind myself yet again that the illumination I was seeing/Seeing was coming from me.

          Keep building up your NEW Crowns of Light everyone as much more is coming.

        • Denise,

          yep, I’ve been seeing these beams of lights since last year. I had an experience on the first day of the new year. I was asleep and then I moved out of body and moved straight to the side of me, and actually saw the light coming into my body as it laid there. Right into the heart chakra system. It was very surreal. But I knew 2017 was going to be this and much more.

          I’m glad I’m not Mikey anymore either, he was one small aspect, and Mikael was another for the time being. I feel Michael is exactly who my higher self is. He resonates with me, even though I’ve always hated the name. I still can’t get over the fact I’m not a woman this time.

          the light crowns have been seriously lodging itself into my outer aura and now penetrating my very physical skull/head. I’ll keep on and on and I hope everyone else does to.

          We can do this everyone, no giving up.

        • Did these events happen on the 14th at somewhere between 2 and 6pm est by any chance? If so, I didn’t have anything that discomfittingly dramatic, but for a good 2-3 hours in that window something hit me hard.

          I remember feeling the sensation of vast amounts of energy coursing through my body and a complete lack of desire to move in any way while every once in awhile I’d notice I was just sort of grinning in a manner that could best be described as like the grin of ‘a cat that just ate the canary’. If I hadn’t been by myself I have no idea what the experience would have been like. The next day a close friend of mine who I’m pretty sure is being subjected to this stuff hard as well but hasn’t learned about it yet sent me a text claiming he felt like he had something similar to an out of body experience occur unsolicited during the same time window.

  • Denise

    Your singing my jam fellow light bearer, boy am I glad you wrote this.

    I have to say since about noon intense headaches, pressures, pains from my head down into my neck and slightly into my shoulders down my spine began and I’m really feeling uncomfortable as these energies do their thing. But reading this, really turned a painful day into one of the best days I’ve had in a while. Turned my day right around.

    Thank you,

  • Bless you Denise,

    Boy do I get you, and resonate with your article!! It’s time for people to spiritually put on their big kid🦁pun intended🦁 pants, and climb the proverbial self accountability mountain…

    Cap moon here btw, w 3 yods to boot, always had to be the spiritual adult from age 7, maybe earlier, but I remember I knew at age 5 in 1967 that this planet was in the throes of prison pains…ouch!!

    I remember being angry I was back here, and told my mom, who was astounded I remembered a better place than here…

    Then the missed timelines business…convinced that 1998/9 we collectively blew an organic ascension possibility and had to go through 911 crap instead…oy vey

    I’m tired, ok, but tired…my mom is 76, staying with me now, and having a hard time with these Aug eclipse portal energies

    Much love and gratitude to you there in So. Cal, I remember Silicon Valkey from the 70s, while still beautiful orchards…now we get Googleland…🗺🌍🌐

    Bless you, Daphné/Kachina Bluestar🤠🦁👗near Big Sur : : xx

  • Amen, hun, Amen. I totally ‘got’ your inserted paragraph in the article previous to this, which you addressed here. It was comforting and reassuring. I too feel the insidious creep of old thinking disguised as the New (C) Age bs. The old “Just think positively and you will have no pain, no fatigue, no issues, no anything but bliss etc blah and blah”. Lol. Growth hurts. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing negative about that. It just does. Fact. What ‘hurts’ more is holier than thou soap boxers telling one that you’re doing it wrong. Much love to you. Xxx

  • WOOHOO! GO DENISE !! I am LOVING this update so much… thank you thank you thank you!

    I love you, brave and wonderful woman xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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