Timeline Split & August 2017 Eclipse Interview

I’m certain many of you have listened to this great interview by Lauren Galey with Sandra Walter already, but in case you haven’t heard it yet and/or may need to listen/FEEL it again right now on the 8-8 Lion’s Gate peak point, I’m sharing it for all the reasons that Sandra talks about in it. Thank you Lauren Galey and Sandra Walter for it and so more. ❤ ❤ ❤


August 8, 2017



4 thoughts on “Timeline Split & August 2017 Eclipse Interview

  • Hi Denise: Thanks for the reminder. I have yet to watch the video. … In any regard I’ve “learned” in the past week that I’m on a “new” timeline with others who are working intently, intentionally on AP/EP — it feels as though it’s a little different from the main AP timeline. I’ve discovered that EP is really intense and different from what I’d assumed. Experiencing it on two levels — one is via a greatly expanded sense of consciousness (clearly in touch with what might be called “Source” self) which is allowing for healing of physical issues (3-D) and the second level is that of transformation at a molecular level to crystalline Christ consciousness. A few weeks ago I became aware of a “new” template (not the “old” Adam Kadmon template that I’d been aware of for some long time) that had come into my energy field. I think it is this template that is guiding the molecular level transformation. … The “downside” of the transformative experiences (occurring since I’ve integrated so much of my 5-D Christ Self into my body) has been unprovoked verbal attacks by strangers on the street and clients (who are near strangers) at my work place. These have been shocking to me because in the main I try to avoid provoking people. But this is all going to show that there are many persons who are losing it (mentally and emotionally) as the energies intensify. These folks clearly are not loving the light that I’m bringing through / embodying. … Believe it or not I’m still working at an office job for 40 to 50 hours per week, plus commuting about 12 miles a day by a combination of car and subway. Most evenings I marvel at how it is that I am able to keep up this schedule while still intently focused on AP/EP. Oddly enough I do some of my best meditating in my car once I’ve parked at the subway station in Berkeley. … SO MUCH THANKS AND LOVE TO YOU for helping me to stay “sane” (if there is such a thing any more). I feel as though I’ve been walking along with you since the ’80s and even before than (I’m a year or two older than you). Many, many blessings to you (and your Mom). … Kristin

  • Thank u Denise. So powerful for me that Im taking a break! Releasing dropping as I listen. New ideas for moving forward too.

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