August 2017 Solar Eclipse & the Physical Separation of Worlds

I’ve tried to write this particular article since July 16th and every time I tried to do much of anything, I’ve had to lay down and do nothing but release more, expand more and Embody more NEW higher Light and deal with the natural physical aches, pressures, pains, hot flashes and related sweating purging, and related anomalies of doing so. This severe amplification started for me on July 16th and lasted that whole week. I assumed it was just a “tough week” and that I’d feel better the next week but these same extra intense AEP (Ascension Embodiment Process) side effects continued into the next week and are still happening as I write this today, July 27th. Some of these side effects have felt being very weak, muscle weakness, joint aches and pains, inner heat hot flashes and shock-like sweating from burning off more density, head spinning, head feeling cosmic-sized and very “spacey” from Embodying more and moving into expanded NEW space etc., linear time not being linear at all and needing to get better at dealing with that, increased anomalies happening such as small physical objects showing up in my house I didn’t buy or weren’t given to me etc., other objects disappearing for periods of time, two atomic clocks and one electric (not batteries but a plug into a wall outlet) clock all suddenly displaying different times at the same time, Seeing/seeing energies and lights and groups of lights and energies in strange clustered shapes moving through my house, and other amplified high weirdness including feeling extra strange and painful in NEW ways continues. I’m still amazed at how I can feel so empowered, increasingly sovereign and at times blissful and all beat-up physically at the same time sometimes!

All to be expected (and more) due to the ongoing Separation of Worlds happening fully in the physical level finally, which the full Solar Eclipse across the USA (Forerunner with this) in August 2017 during the Lion’s Gate has been greatly amplifying since mid-July. Things have and will continue to get increasingly intense, cause more and new physical body aches and pains for some of the Forerunners, unusual otherworldly Spherical Consciousness and reality periods for those energetically able to cope with being conscious of their multidimensionality, and increasingly confusing and frustrating for many others as greater chunks of the old lower 3D patriarchal world and reality rapidly disappears the rest of this year and beyond.

These NEW higher energies of July 2017, have been hard to Embody and do much of anything physical which is why it’s taken me longer than I’d have preferred to get this article written, edited and published. I’m pushing the issue because I know that many other Forerunners have been feeling these NEW higher and very amplified energies in July too, and we know they’re only going to get more expansive with what’s coming throughout August and that we are and will continue to Embody more and more.

I’ve been hot flashing and sweating like crazy again almost every time I move physically, plus I ache most of the time, hurting in new places, purging, expanding, dizzy, ungrounded in those old earthy ways, and feeling rather lousy physically due to these seriously higher July energies. More about that in a moment but I’m using this old cartoon lion image I bought last year for the annual August Running of the Lions as I like to call the Lion’s Gate period, because it makes me smile and remember that no matter how spectacular, how painful, how painfully spectacular, how blissful, otherworldly and simultaneously beat-up feeling I’ve often felt during much of the first-half of 2017, that we’ve reached that long-awaited point where the Separation of Worlds is happening fully in the physical finally, and it shows finally to most everyone, which is very important and a further global quickening in itself.

I’ve had specific Higher Awareness knowings since the start of 2017 about 2017, plus recent visual images/information coming in one after another that show what’s going on now, why, and how important it is within the entire Ascension and Embodiment Processes. The primary knowing that’s been a constant for me since January 2017, has been a higher perspective comparison of the start of the physical biological level of the Ascension Process in 1998–1999, AND the start of the physical level Separation of Worlds & Timelines in 2017. That’s a big multi-leveled sentence so re-read and float in it for a moment if needed for a greater perspective on what’s being experienced now in 2017 by everyone at radically different levels (Stair-steps) and why.



Every time I’d have this particular knowing comparison of 1998–1999 with 2017, I’d cringe slightly because my physical, biological, physical body Ascension Process began fully on February 1, 1999, and was profoundly brutal for a decade. Having 2017 be compared to that was a bit unnerving for me earlier this year, but I understand the comparisons between these two super powerhouse activation points within the evolutionary Ascension Process and Galactic Alignment.

1998–1999 was the halfway point of the Sun transiting across the Milky Way Galactic Equator (GE) and the Ascension Process (AP) got triggered on the physical level and dimension then due to the Sun reaching that alignment or exact conjunction point. The Forerunners of the Forerunners, the Forerunners, the Wayshowers and Pathpavers etc. were activated physically, biologically first then to begin the AP in their physical bodies.

2017 is the completion and exit point of the Sun starting, reaching the halfway point, and finally completing and exiting out the other side of this rare evolutionary alignment transit across the Milky Way Galactic Equator. Reaching this 2017 completion point of this cosmic transit fully activates the Separation of Worlds & Timelines physically on the physical level. It is also triggering NEW and slightly different AP and EP symptoms or side effects in the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners which is why some of us have felt more physically beat-up and achy, dizzy, hot flashing, purging, not anywhere we’re used to having been and much more this month. It felt like it felt to each of us back in 1998–1999 when we were activated to start the AP in our physical bodies, and it feels like it feels to each of us now in 2017 as we complete and exit this lengthy and incomprehensibly potent natural evolutionary transit of the Sun across the Milky Way Galactic Equator. It hurt entering this, and it’s hurting exiting it and ascending into the NEW and that’s perfectly okay, just realize the why of your amplified NEW aches and pains of late plus other related side effects and anomalies etc. manifesting not only this year but much more so in July 2017. August should and will be epic and literally propel us into higher NEW locations that are a frequency match to each of us during these mega transitions.

One of these has been the repeated higher image of the floor under my feet dropping away yet I’m able to continue being supported in NEW, higher frequency ways and through my own ongoing Embodiment and growing sovereignty and higher abilities. The floor under my feet disappearing represents the old 3D patriarchal Earth world all of us were born into. It informs us that those old lower Codes for that Earth world and matching global reality structure (old Saturn energies Team Dark distorted) no longer exist and no longer have any energy being directed into them whatsoever. They are disintegrating under humanities Piscean Age feet and yet we’re supported because we’ve Embodied the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s Codes or blueprints or templates. This image informs us that a lot more of the old lower patriarchal Earth world reality we incarnated into is about to disappear in much larger chunks than anything that’s happened so far, and to not energetically fall into fear over any of this. The August 2017 energies will dramatically escalate this entire process of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines much faster now in the physical than what could happen before so be aware of this and don’t panic when old stuff and systems etc. suddenly disappears in greater, larger and faster ways than what’s been happening for the past twenty-five years or so already. Other higher NEW things will replace them and they will be so much better for you and for All. Trust the Ascension Process and this Separation of Worlds phase of it. Who are the Conscious Creators of the NEW? Those who’ve Embodied it. ❤

The other side of this floor under my feet dropping away process is that of releasing even more from myself (sense of self, old habits, old beliefs, old thoughts and emotions) to make space for more Light/Higher Self/crystalline Christ frequency consciousness currently being Embodied. That floor dropping away is both external stuff and internal stuff so be ready to off-load even more of your old lower stuff—whatever that is at this point within the AP and EP for you personally—because these two Processes always happen simultaneously now. Old lower frequency junk out while NEW higher and much better comes in and is Embodied by each of us.

From a Single Crown of Thorns to Individuals Wearing Crowns of Light


Another Higher Awareness image and information I’ve Seen and perceived repeatedly for a while has been, and this is unusual for me because I’m not and never have been religious in this life, an overhead image of the Crown of Thorns. No head of Jesus, no intentional Emotional Body manipulations or hooks, just an overhead image of a Crown of Thorns in black and white like this image. The accompanying information was about the crucifixion having been done to all of humanity, not just one person or being. Another reminder that the deliberately distorted negativity around the entire Age of Pisces primary world religions is one of those things that’s disappearing beneath humanities Piscean Age feet now. These two main world religions that have been inserted into the human collective for the past Age of Pisces (2,160 plus years) is one of those deliberately distorted old Codes that’s no longer supported energetically because they’re not aligned with real Light and LOVE and are literally disintegrating and disappearing because of that.

  The Higher Awareness image I received immediately following the Crown of Thorns energy imprint is that of the upcoming August 2017 full Solar Eclipse corona. The moment I Saw these two images—the old negative Crown of Thorns and the August 2017 full Solar Eclipse corona—I knew they were informing us that the old limited, imprisoned and crucified energies that had been laid on mass humanity for the past two thousand plus years is over and being replaced with the thing itself; higher frequency, higher evolutionary, higher world consciousness that is individuals capable of Embodying and existing with a Crown of Light, a Solar Christ Crown. Could these two images with their radically different energies, consciousness and global realities be any further apart? This particular evolutionary event alone is such a huge and massive energy, consciousness and reality shift that it takes some time to even consider the consequences of this upcoming and ongoing unfolding Embodiment event(s). Separation of Worlds indeed!

Most won’t know what to do with this sudden falling away of one of many negative contraptions that have deliberately held them captive at a very low-level of being, awareness and external physical reality and life. This one change (but there’s many happening simultaneously) is so huge and globally encompassing, even for those of us who’ve never believed in the Piscean Age religious myths yet have lived our lives in the global human collective that did and still do, that it’s going to change humanity so completely and relatively quickly that it will amaze and uplift All. Breath, release, Embody more. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed cause this one is a biggie for sure. The con is over and now it’s time to do IT ourselves individually. Open your HighHeart, become Embodied crystal/Christ frequency and consciousness and wear the NEW Crown of Light yourself. External reality will follow for All but this is a DIY affair for each Forerunner first as usual.

  Another very helpful bit of information about this huge Shift/Process/Separation of Worlds down in the physical happening now was something Sandra Walter said recently in one of her articles. Thank you for it and much more Sandra. ❤ It was that of the August 2017 full Solar Eclipse as a Solar corona which is a Crown.

This upcoming August Solar Eclipse corona/Crown has to do with our  Embodying a huge NEW amount of crystalline Christ frequency energies and consciousness into our bodies and selves now in July and throughout August and the rest of this year and beyond. The old negative Crown of Thorns is no more and is being replaced by NEW HighHeart crystalline Christ frequency energy and consciousness by each individual person that’s ready to do so. That is one hell of an evolutionary jump fellow Forerunners! What’s that building pressure in your Crown chakra above your physical head? It’s much more crystalline Christ Light Energies coming in and being Embodied by you/me/us.

I did my best to find images that represent these profound events and Processes the Forerunners and mass humanity are and will be going through. They’re always lacking to me but it’s the best I could find to help visually express some of these massive transformations, highly compressed evolution, the physical level Separation of Worlds, beliefs and consciousness. One reader wrote a Comment on another article recently that in her meditations a Lion shows up on the beach with her. Leo the Lion is the opposite sign to Aquarius the Cosmic or Galactic Human, and Leo is ruled by the Sun and rules the 5D and higher HighHeart. Not much more needs to be said about 5D Leo! So 5D ascended human and Earth Leo, plus ancient Sirian Lions, Hearts and HighHearts and individuals Embodying Crowns of Krystic/Crystal/Christ frequency Light Crowns via the August 2017 full Solar Eclipse and more. [This morning, July 23, 2017, was the New Moon at 0° Leo 44′ indicating we’ve entered this phase already.] Our spiritual HighHeart cups and plates are full, and overflowing. Just deal, feel, release, expand and Embody more.

Want more NEW? Want higher world reality and life for yourself and All else? Want to live in a very high NEW Earth world and reality? The quickest way for that to happen for each of us is to off-load, release, let go of EVERYTHING that was the old lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower reality Earth world and life in it. The more we Forerunners release the old lower everything internally and externally, the quicker and more effortlessly the vastly higher NEW EVERYTHING can come in, be Embodied, be anchored and be manifest for more and more people globally. Now that sounds easy, but as more of us have discovered since 2013, it actually takes tons of very hard Inner Work, trust, Higher Knowing, HighHeart and nitty-gritty soul determination to walk between worlds and stars and star systems and realities and collectives and not have much of anything under our NEW feet yet. There is but you know what I mean. 🙂 Increased sovereignty from ongoing Embodiment, and now putting on the NEW Christ frequency Crown of Light ourselves, is getting this job done however. Here’s to your/my/our ongoing Service Work to Source, Self-as-Source and ALL everywhere. ❤ ❤ ❤


July 27, 2017

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Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author(s) and this URL and Copyright Notice are included.

27 thoughts on “August 2017 Solar Eclipse & the Physical Separation of Worlds

  • I seemed to have stumbled upon something that sounds right but I have little clue what any of it is or means. I guess in my head I called it different things. I kept trying to make sense of all I was feeling, thinking, exploring, new ways my mind could sometimes think. Then the hard core crashes, they line up w/ when u said u had yours. Well now that I’m here- still not sure what here is though- I’d like to know more. Where to start since it seems we’re smack dab in the middle of something. Sorry if I’m confusing my hearts still racing and my heads floating from excitement to discover what this means and if all this info I’ve been gathering and researching is for a purpose.

    • Melissa,

      If you’re new to the evolutionary Ascension Process and information about it, its different symptoms, anomalies and other related things, I suggest you read through my older articles at TRANSITIONS . You’ll find a lot of helpful information there if you’re new to all of this.

  • Hi Denise. I realize I’m being tested. Its been tough because of over active adrenals /ptsd reaction which in a feeling state and the mental habit of erroneous thinking over my lifetime, I find breathing, relaxing, staying Now, difficult. Also am experiencing intense head, face, jaw pressure. And the need for sleep insistent. Im using all my tools to remember the truth, feel what im feeling, but stop assigning beliefs, reasons and whys.

    Lastly, last night my dreams were an all out war on BUGS, UGLY cockroach brown Insects, that were dsngerous, spitting out an acid, some looked in shape crablike. Big. Also little ones being born by the dozen. I had a can of raid! It was working. They were coming from the hallway closet and floor furnace, and from the floorboards in a house i had been trapped for near 30 years, my mom’s house that became mine after she died.

    I am embracing acceptance, breathing, melting, NOW. Letting go of rigid fear and a need for outcomes. This is new for me. I barely understand. I finally realize its not about circumstances. What i mean by that is im LIVING IT, not embracing an intellectual concept i thought I understood. Its moment by moment choice. And remembering all my old thinking and beliefs are Not Who I Am. Is not what i am. At the same time i recognize continuing attachments. Identity and so on.

    The rest of my dreams were chaotic. Honey bees had a hive in bedroom window, old fancy furniture and builtins in the house were falling apart. I walked outside and a wooden fencepost fell on me! And all the emphasis on wood means the masculine.

    And all the triggers happened in a few days, the events to trigger my fear based belief system.

    And I feel a bit alone with it all, and sharing helps me realize im not. And at least You will see it regardless of if its fit to be posted.

    • Edith & All,

      From the moment we entered August 1st at midnight this morning, it’s felt like an avalanche of change happening within each of us… as it should be now through this mega Shift and drop-off, disconnection, full release point from the old lower everything, into greater Now Moment HighHeart NEW everything. All of August 2017 is going to be like this and more so everyone just stop thinking and release and release and release so you’re an even better energy/frequency match with the latest NEW energies and Codes/templates etc. that we’re Embodying and stepping into.

      Like all AP and EP steps, this August Eclipse one is also Initiatic, which means it feels to us while we’re in it, like we’re “alone” and on our own. We are and we aren’t and don’t get caught up in old perceptions like that but just DO IT, BE IT, LIVE IT, EMBODY IT, make the TRANSITION into the NEW and don’t worry about all the old lower frequency stuff, codes, systems, structures etc. that are and will continue literally disappearing beneath us because we’re focused on and Embodying, manifesting, creating our places/spaces in a brand NEW higher New Earth world and reality. This too is a Process and it’s highly amplified all month but it will continue on and at even higher levels for each of us in September, and then in November and of course in December 2017. Stair-steps always but these are MASSIVE and permanent and all about the NEW higher in all ways. No fear fellow Forerunners, this is us doing IT in these NEW and vast ways this month and beyond. Just release the old lower and open your HighHeart of more NEW higher everything in all ways.

      • Denise I just started reading your stuff in Jan of this year when I finally realized what I’ve been going through for the past 7 years or so is happening on a global scale.. words don’t really do it justice but thank you sincerely for what you do. It means so much to me and those of us on this journey. Every post of yours is another light along the way, or stair-step if you will. ❤

    • Edith your message touched my heart and I just had to reply. I’ve been going through the AP since late 2010, probably sooner but all the BS psych drugs they had me on wouldn’t let the process unfold but that’s another story..Needless to say this has been one Hell of a ride, emphasis on Hell, but oh, when the Heavens open up every now and then as they do during this crazy ride it makes it all worth it. We are absolutely being tested to our limits but we are strong enough to be tested in the first place. Through this process I’ve been shown just how strong I really am and I can stand proudly and say I’m a warrior, but even with that said even warriors need tender love and care and unfortunately we can’t always get that from others so that forces us to go within and give to us what we’ve been needing. Love yourself through all of this in whatever capacity you can. Don’t judge yourself for being scared, needing to cry or whatever. Allow yourself to feel those feelings and weep into the night or scream into the pillow. You are LIVING this and you’re doing this right, it’s okay. You are absolutely not alone in this, sister, I feel you.

  • Gotta LOVE that lion! I really hope the energies in August will be a game changer for those who are ready. I often get that feeling of the floor disappearing beneath my feet, it’s good to know it’s part of the process. Love to you & all here.

  • Hi Denise. I love the lion energies and your analogy of it. Funny, I wanted to put a crown on this male lion’s head. (king of the jungle). He looked liked wise, old Cecil. Amazing how all the symbols and connections link together for the meaning of the Lion’s Gate energies.

    I too have been seeing these little energy anomalies zipping through the air. Very deep sleep, and unpleasant body aches around the mid-riff up to the chest.

    I had to laugh at the irony how one LW writer saw the Solar Eclipse path as “in with the New, out with the Old” as the Eclipse starts in Oregon (pretty progressive) and ends in S.C. (history of slavery).


  • what a ‘master’ piece Denise, very timely info, which I resonate with big time. I have experienced the ‘floor shifting beneath my feet’ for quite a while, and use that exact phrase to describe what happens to me, the hot flashes have returned again this past week …… yuk.
    I felt awful, fatigued and had a lot of pain during most of July, with only the odd day off for good behaviour 🙂

    June was a ‘month out of time’ for me as I experienced a severe bout of vertigo (spent two hours lying on a cold bathroom floor unable to move, except to put my head over the toilet at intervals 😦 ) the following weeks were spent holding onto walls and furniture whilst attempting to move around, it felt like I had moved to another planet ……. my eyes wouldn’t work properly, legs didn’t work, couldn’t stand straight, head felt weird ……. so all in all, quite an eventful June.

    Then Wednesday 26th July arrived with a wonderful prezzy, yes I woke up feeling ok , the day got better and better, body had energy, I felt more alive, did some housework, had a little meditation during which I remembered that it was the galactic new year – Mayan style. It was a day of feeling the new energy, my gratitude attitude overflowed.

    This morning I read this new posting and my heart leaped with excitement, I resonate with all of it, the timing is perfect, it sort of feels like all the cogs are turning and something is moving, and that something is US.

    big hugs Denise, bless your heart x

  • INCREDIBLE, Denise! Thank you so much… I love all of this and resonate fully with it. Seeing CROWNS everywhere, too… and the Lion energy is so very much a part of my life. My son is a Leo (haven’t seen him for a number of years, and this has cause me much heart pain as I am sure it has him, too). In 1980-something I got divorced from an abusive and violent man, and as a mark of my passage through the baptism by fire divorce, I claimed my power back and had the most magnificent Lion’s Head tattooed onto my right shoulder on my back. He’s a little faded now, but he’s still there. Guarding my back! I’ve been re-thinking giving him a facelift….

    Holding on in here, right with you in the heart…

    Jay Lionheart Atkinson, North Wales, UK xoxoxox

  • Dearest Denise,

    Bless your High Heart 🙂

    I’ve been feeling a lot of abundance lately flow into my life and I now realize that there’s no “attachment” or “judgement” about it. No “Ooo, how much more can I get?” or “I want to get everything and then more on my list”, just Be-ing in that lovely flow and feeling amazed and grateful for it.

    Today my head is pulsing and dizzy without being dizzy if that makes sense. Certainly brought me out of my self when I was driving and singing along to mantras I had playing in the car. I felt as if I was definitely in my own world in my car and could sense and almost see all the different levels and layers of people within their cars… that one on a lower timeline, that one close to me, going in so many different directions, and the sense that some just weren’t there. I was in full view of some people who were full of kindness and laughter, and it was as if other just didn’t see me. I thought for sure one woman was going to walk through me; as I tried to figure out which way she was going so I could move to the left or right.

    Also today I had this pulsing (how to explain). I sit here on the futon and there’s a pressure at my hairline or there abouts and a pulsing that’s causing my head to rock back and forth of its own accord. Sometimes I can feel it down my spine into my High Heart area, to where more than just my head is rocking back and forth (bit of my upper body). I felt the impression that it’s the energy pulsing through my nervous system, making its way through me where it needs to go. Mainly contained at my head and down my spine to my High Heart in the back.

    I’ve recently begun to write this book I’ve been talking about writing for years. I would very much like to throw out all the old journals and cards and letters and all that, and yet I need all of it in order to write the book. I definitely have felt over the past many months an inner push and feeling of a looming deadline and that I need to finish things in my external life. I’m feeling it with the book too. It’s a huge undertaking and yet I feel it’s important to put it out there; and most importantly, I’m actually sitting down and working on it. Maybe once it’s out there I can throw out all the journals. There are certainly other things I can shed in my home as well as within myself. And maybe sitting down and writing all this out is a huge way for me to get rid of it once and for all (aha!! Just realized that as I typed it!!).

    PS: I LOVED the “Le puff, le pant…. le perfect!!” Thank you for le laughter! LOL!

  • Bless you Denise.
    Just yesterday I was in tears with my one friend at the restaurant from all the intense intensity that I have been undergoing since the last week or two. I am starting the menopause too I think so its full blast with the flashes, the crying, the loss of appetite, muscle weakness, weird arm pains and near total inability to interact or be around co-inhabitants of the planet. I keep describing it as being in a coffee press. Surges come from below and a counter force pressing down against it is purifying but hard really hard.

    I was explaining to him about the separation of worlds and how it is happening so rapidly it is making my head spin. This evening I got the distinct impression of being brought back to a time before a massive reset occurred. It is very difficult to explain but it was like accessing the original recording of my memories.

    I love your use of language and your friendly lion images. The crown of thorns and the sun Corona makes complete sense to me. Thanks again for your wondrous insights and your generous support to all and for always keeping it light. X

  • Wow! Denise, thank you so much for getting it together to write and publish this. After years of struggling fruitlessly to do something similar, last night I just let go. I recognized mySelf as the gift to be shared. Now, instead of fighting with technology, I am going out into the world and sharing as much love, light & joy as I can. Also just continuing to let go of everything I’ve thought about who I am and what my work in the world is. Now, with this latest post of yours, I’ll have a go at discarding all papers that are of the old, so I am ready to move on to my next location asap. What you have written here is such a beautiful confirmation of my own sense of things. Lots of deep breathing and quiet time. I couldn’t leave my apartment for 3 days…no energy. Until I read this, I was giving myself a little bit of a hard time over it, judging myself as “lazy” and “holding back,” Now, I can let go of thinking I should be through with this process already. So weird to have all this symptoms mixed in with the newness and bliss! Thank you again, sweet one.

    • “… last night I just let go. I recognized mySelf as the gift to be shared. Now, instead of fighting with technology, I am going out into the world and sharing as much love, light & joy as I can.”

      Gemma that was so perfect and EXACTLY what each one of us needs to do — BE the highest Light, BE the highest LOVE. That’s what taught me the most from Master Hotei, not the educational words he said, but the magnificent higher Light and LOVE and sheer joy he experienced from BEING the Light and BEING the LOVE. It’s our turns to do this now, to BE this and Wayshow for others just as the Ascended Masters of old have done for us over this past Evolutionary Cycle. And, talking/teaching etc. isn’t even necessary when we ARE the Light and LOVE, but if asked something by someone whose drawn to your Light, then talk as much as you sense they’re ready for, otherwise we just Radiate. 🙂 ❤

  • Thank you so much for this, Denise.

    Yes, the con is over at last. Much appreciation from this exhausted/exhilarated Leo, for finding the words to express this profound journey.

    Le puff, le pant …

  • Denise, Thank you so much for your inspirational messages to us; and really, to all of humanity. After reading this I feel giddy I’m so happy. When I first started reading the article, I just wanted to say “Amen Soul Sister.” So much heat all the time. I feel achy, my head hurts, and I don’t have as much muscle strength as I would like or need. And at night my arms go numb. Not like blood cut off numb as when they “wake up” they don’t get tingly like when blood circulation is cut off. I noticed it happening a couple of years ago at times the energy was amped up; now it’s almost every night. Does anyone else get this too? But, for me, especially it’s the mental or emotional element that’s challenging. My husband and my dad both seem to be doing their best to fight embodiment and they direct their venom at me almost continuously. And yesterday somehow all four of my car’s tires lost most of their air overnight. Definitely strange things occurring, which is even more reason I am so deeply grateful for you.

    • “And at night my arms go numb. Not like blood cut off numb as when they “wake up” they don’t get tingly like when blood circulation is cut off. I noticed it happening a couple of years ago at times the energy was amped up; now it’s almost every night. Does anyone else get this too?”


      Wow, I’ve had this for a few years now and never made the connection to shifts in the incoming energies! Thanks for that as I wouldn’t have caught it.

      Do your best to perceive/feel what’s the best way for you to deal with and learn and grow from etc. what hubby and dad are doing to themselves, but also to you with the AP. I’ve got this with my mom and her illnesses–dementia, stroke damages, aging and more–and it hasn’t been easy but we’ll both get where we need to be and these NEW energies and the changes they’re creating in us all will help with this. ❤

  • Just to confirm about 1998-99. I got zapped July 1998. For ten years I felt as if I was a washing machine on full spin cycle 🙂 Not funny at the time though !

    Big switch for me on 8/8/08 which I think ended about two months ago.


  • Bless you and thank you. The last few weeks have been like being sucked down a plug hole. I have been going back to being a child and letting all the gunk go that happened. Each time I think I have dealt with it it comes back in a different way. I am looking forward to breathing the better air when the newer fresher energies finally blow all the 3D away. I feel like I am in a zombie apocalypse movie where I am completely by myself. When I do speak it is as if my words are not the same language of the listener. Each time I nearly say I have had enough I find encouragement just to plug on for a bit longer. I hope I get there soon

    Love and light
    Magda xxxxx

    • “I feel like I am in a zombie apocalypse movie where I am completely by myself.”

      Boy can I relate Magda. We’re not alone but it sure feels like it at times, especially during the really rough important times. You’re doing great. ❤

      • There’s a current television show about zombies. I don’t know what its called and I’m not going to look. But whatever it is some of the others around here watch it. Anyway, This show is being filmed At this very moment. In MY backyard – not anyone else’s – there aren’t any other homes near it.

        This morning, ‘I *heart* zombies’ license plate is the first thing I see.

        No one else has the least idea what I find so funny.

        Clearly acting as a portal for some interesting traffic at the moment.

        • Now that’s weird n’ wild Scary Monster, zombie crews and TV cameras in your backyard! This overlapping of realities and worlds is getting so much more obvious as the Separation of Worlds escalates. Hold the high road and the zombies & co. will get gone soon I’m sure. Wow. 🙂 ❤

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