August 2017 Eclipse Gateway Video by Sandra Walter

August 7, 2017 is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 15° Aquarius 25′. August 21, 2017 is a Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 28° Leo 53′.

In Sandra Walter’s beautiful video she explains what this 2017 physical event is in multidimensional terms and its physical role in the current bifurcation of timelines, Earth worlds and all that’s gone with it/them.

Normally I prefer written information over videos only because I get distracted by what I’m seeing and Seeing visually that I don’t always fully hear what’s being said. Because of this I watch the video twice; first run-through just being visually dazzled, expanded and uplifted, and the second time focusing strictly on the words being spoken. Watch, listen and FEEL as many times as you need to get all the layers of Light in this video. Thank you Sandra Walter for it. ❤


June 30, 2017


Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway: Video

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The strong entry to the August eclipse Gateway during the Solstice prompted me to complete a video about preparations, Gridwork and the current unfoldments with timelines. The intention is to reach the Lightworkers who prefer YouTube to reading articles, so that everyone may unify in this Divine Service.

While the intel on what the eclipse symbolizes was mentioned in recent interviews, I will save that topic for next week’s article. Remember that New Earth grid system preparation, especially along the eclipse pathway, is a focus through July. The dates for the August gateway, the path of totality, and the timeline bifurcation are mentioned in the video.

July 1-7 is the traditional (etheric) conclave of the Ascended Masters at Mount Shasta. We will focus on owning our Mastery during the Unity Meditations on SUNday.

Tuesday, July 4 is Independence Day here in the USA; a wonderful day for Gridwork and grounding the highest intentions for the August Gateway. Enjoy the video!

In Love, Light and Service,

10 thoughts on “August 2017 Eclipse Gateway Video by Sandra Walter

  • I respect you totally Denise, and I know your ability to check people out is impeccable. I am probably the only person a bit bothered by what I saw in the video.

    What is niggling at me is that this person is sitting with a Flower of Life pic behind her. Maybe I am wrong here, but isn’t the Flower of Life connected to Fibonacci math, and isn’t that parasitic and connected to metatronic reversal systems and AI? Belial groups? Didn’t it mainly become mainstream with Drunvalo M. who is Thothian? The Krystal Spiral would be zero point related. So, I guess that is what is bugging me.

    Maybe it happened by mistake in the filming?

    I mean no disrespect to you Denise, and I apologize if I am out of line, but that kept niggling at me. Deep respect, CEK

  • Dear Denise, thank you for your articles and your contributions, I always follow them punctually and resonate synchronously with me.
    About this video I would like to ask you if there is a written transcript of it. Or maybe a good summary, which picks up the most important points.
    I can read and perfectly translate written English. But the English spoken, no. I miss much of the message.
    Thank you. With lots of love,

    • ❤ hugs back. This is really important and every Forerunner (the real ones I mean, not the deluded wanna be's) Gatekeeper, Gridworker, Embodier etc. to continue doing our Work this year, every linear moment and every moment each of us is in the Now Moment too. 😉 Lot's of physical level change starting this year meaning all the higher levels of this Process are fully manifesting in this physical dimension and Earth world. Because of all this I wanted to do my part in passing along Sandra Walter’s video about all this to hopefully have more Forerunners see it and stay diligent in their ongoing Great Works. ❤

      • It’s HUGELY important and I’m already seeing physical evidence of just how powerful it really is. You ALWAYS do your part I helping us all take steps forward, Denise, and I’m so grateful for you. 💜💕💖

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