Some More Multi-D Connections

A reader pointed out in a Comment under this article that transiting Saturn is currently at 27° Sagittarius, meaning it’s conjunct the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC)—located at 27° Sagittarius—right NOW and has been at that exact conjunct degree since March, April and early May 2017. I didn’t even look to see what degree Saturn’s at in Sag now because my focus was entirely on when it would conjunct (same degree exact conjunct I mean) the GC later this year, which will begin the last week of November and first few days of December 2017. There were reasons for this seeming oversight by me, and they have to do with the Ascension and Embodiment Process events that have been happening throughout these early months of the year, and how many of them will be fully completed later this year via the last Saturn (exact, same degree) conjunction to the GC in November and December 2017, along with other Energy events.

Hijacked timelines/realities are being ended by this Saturn/GC conjunction, coupled with the deliberate seven Solar flares aimed at Saturn to disable all that Team Dark (TD) has done to and through that planet to control physical 3D Earth reality and humanity. When Saturn conjuncts and crosses the GC again later this year, Saturn and much more will be completely free of these ancient atrocities done by TD and the remaining inorganic TD hijacked timelines to those old lower energies will be fully severed. This is just one more aspect of the current Separation of Worlds & Timelines process and there’s more to come. For more information about this topic please read the Comments under this article. The Comment button can be found at the bottom of every article.  



This is the astrological glyph for the planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Briefly and simply, Saturn rules 3D physical reality and physical structure(s); it rules the energetic structure of physical reality. Saturn energetically holds the physical matter world together and in place. Saturn is the skeletal structure, the bones, teeth and skin of physical reality. Or it has been in the old lower 3D Earth world we all incarnated into. What Saturn, and all the other planets are in higher dimensions and levels of being, consciousness and reality is another story however.

As some of you know I’m a Capricorn, so I know a thing or three about Saturn in the old lower 3D ways. Heavy, very heavy, with zero wiggle room it is. Not the point of this quickie article, I just wanted to include that I know me some Capricornian Saturn!

I’m assuming that the majority of you reading this are also familiar with some of the profuse work that’s been done years ago about Saturn / Satan / the Goat / Satanism  etc. by other people such as David Icke, David Wilcock and others. Hold all that information off to the side for a moment as you continue reading, then mash them all together at the end for the grand finale bigger picture.

The other day Sandra Walter said something in an article about Saturn and the seven M-class, Saturn-facing Solar flares that happened recently.

“Passages of the Cosmic Stargate were unlocked last Saturday; a truly powerful experience. Read: Seven M-class Solar flares aimed at Saturn during that passage. That is all I may share at this moment; meditate on this.”  Sandra Walter – April 8, 2017, Evolution of Realities: Opening the Cosmic Stargate.

I didn’t need to mediate on it because the moment I read that seven recent Solar flares were directed squarely and intentionally at Saturn, I knew what was happening and why and it is very positive. Old Team Dark (TD) pirated systems and Saturnian energetic structure holders (“Keepers”) have been deliberately wailed on, torn asunder, assailed by and through these recent super high-frequency Solar Light transmissions or flares. No more, this negativity and theft to continue maintaining TD agenda’s and systems on the hearts, backs, consciousness and lives of humans ends here and now in other words. (And people think, people believe that the Sun is just randomly spewing radiation energies out into space. Not hardly as there’s always so much more going on and it’s very intentional and directed, every time, no matter which direction the Solar flares, CMEs, winds, storms etc. are pouring out.)

“In late March, we unlocked a pathway from the Cosmic Stargate. It was a strong experience for me. The seven M flares which occurred precisely during that activity are testament to its efficacy. Apparently the synthetic timelines has something to do with Saturn, I do not claim to know exactly how that works. The battle over the stargate in Syria reignited a few days later; another testament to the stargate-timeline connection. Please send love and peaceful resolution to all Gateway-related conflict, both here and within our Solar system.”  Sandra Walter – April 25, 2017, Applying Knowledge to Gain Wisdom.

The other day I had a thought pop into my awareness, which is always an indicator that there’s something I need to be consciously aware of immediately. The thought was about transiting Saturn and when is it going to be within orb of conjuncting the Galactic Center (GC). I checked my Ephemeris and sure enough in November 2017, transiting Saturn will move from 24–27° Sagittarius, and the GC at that time is 27° Sagittarius 05. (It’s a tighter orb with the GC.) This means all of November and December 2017, Saturn will be transiting over the GC. Then on December 29, 2017, transiting Saturn enters Capricorn. Oh, Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 and the NEW higher structures and systems!

Part Two of this sudden thought I recently had about Saturn’s current degree in Sagittarius, had to do with when is it going to enter Capricorn? My natal Sun is 1° Capricorn, so when any planet reaches the last few degrees of Sag, it’s starting to conjunct my natal Sun and Chiron. Yes, read between the lines here and feel into the personal astrological information, Saturn transits, Saturn conjunct GC transit, Saturn entry into Capricorn (where Pluto currently is still) and the massive collective Cosmic happenings, more of the inorganic or synthetic TD created timelines being permanently ended by Team Light (TL), planet Saturn being cosmically “bombed” by seven M-class Solar flares (how’s that for Shock & Awe’?  😆  ),  because it’s all macro/micro stuff as usual. This second thought about Saturn transiting Capricorn and/or the opposite sign of Cancer, was connected to previous Saturn transits through both Capricorn and Cancer during my lifetime. (One Saturn transit around the whole zodiac takes about 29 years; half of that, 14.5 years, is when Saturn is transiting the opposite sign of Cancer.)

In the dark olden 3D days of TD rule on Earth, every time transiting Saturn was in Capricorn and Cancer, my physical 3D (Saturn) house (Cancer) became the focal point of profoundly negative “paranormal” activities, demonic attacks, negative alien abductions both physical and astral and all that goes with these types of dark, unpleasant experiences. Not a fun time in other words, and when this thought popped into my head the other day about when will Saturn enter Capricorn, my first thought was about past negative attack experiences and how this is NOT going to play out this time in late 2017 and 2018. Again, hold this information combined with the other information about Saturn / Satan / Satanic / Team Dark / Draconian / TD timelines etc. that you’ve known about for many years already. Tuck them over to the side for a few more moments before we get to the positive parts of all this old dark negative stuff.

This morning while having ten other things I’d planned on doing today other than spending time online or writing an article, I sensed I had to see what Lisa Renee recently wrote on her blog. We all feel each other and this is very 5D so everybody get used to it. 🙂  So I checked her blog this morning and sure enough she had a new blog article published, ‘Alien Hybrids & 12 Tribe Healing’. I knew I had to connect all these important current and ancient, Light and Dark tidbits together for any who may find all this very timely and interesting. (Links to all quoted materials can be found outside my Copyright Notice.)

“…What may be important to be aware of is that there is an opportunity for the possibility of clearing out some of the more difficult layers of reptilian hybrid genetic code or alien hybrid genetic code histories that were inserted into the earth for the express intent to gain ownership over the human body and human consciousness via 12 Tribe implantation. Many people on this earth carry an assortment of fragments, attachments, ancestral beings, alien implants, Fallen Angelics, and potentially one or more alien hosts as a result of hybridization, miasma, karmic bloodlines, or alien abduction. Mind control programing and their holographic inserts, allow the consciousness body of the individual to be infiltrated through the energetic signature of the alien implant. Mind Control programs enforced through alien implantation, and their entity attachments or possessions, are two sides of the same coin…”

“…The connection between Yahweh and Metatronic reversal that led to genetic damage and black hole alien hybridization is explained as; multiple millions of years ago the host mission of the Metatronic Family was to help repair the parts that fell into separation in the Milky Way that were originally from Andromeda. This was the result of the Lyran Wars or the Fall of Lyra. Lyra was the 12th Gate that connected directly into the Andromedan Galaxy. When Lyra fell its higher pieces that had connected to the natural Krystal Codes or Kryst Codes and Krystal Architecture, the Eternal Living Light Architecture became reversed and locked into the Milky Way System. As a result it became distorted and the Metatron Collective attempted to retrieve and repair this 12th Gate and unfortunately they failed. As a result of the failed attempts of the Metatron Collective they were absorbed into the AI System that became formed and this eventually digressed into the Yahweh system and it this system or matrix that is connected into a black cube matrix. This black cube matrix is connected in through Saturn and that construct is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system, the place that is the origination of these negative alien agenda intruders. Saturn is also the Solar Seventh Gate so it’s been pumping out reversal violet ray plasma light and this has been a source of the distortion that generates reversal violet light onto our planet. This is one of the alien constructs that is used to impale the crucifixion implants on the axiatonal lines throughout the planetary body. The Saturn control base has been in warfare over these black cube constructs, which also relates to the reversal violet ray plasma fields that were being transmitted from Saturn’s bases.” Lisa Renee – April 2017, Alien Hybrids & 12 Tribe Healing.

When you watch the World News on TV and you see and hear about the warring, battles, bomb dropping, fighting, fleeing and attacking that’s going on in certain places, it’s very hard to watch and know about it. What’s been going on in multiple higher dimensions, timelines, levels of reality etc. is however 1000 times more intense, strange, colorful and dramatic. Down here on Earth is the bottom rung of that very tall multidimensional vertical ladder, and if you can See into (and remember) some of those higher dimensional levels and See, Feel, Know what all has been, is and will continue going on between Team Light and Team Dark, it is mind-blowing. So much so that I rarely talk about what I do See “up there” concerning some of these higher dimensional battles and Cosmic End Times. I haven’t written much about some of these epic “battles in heaven” as it were, because most of us are doing our best to keep up with what we’ve got going on and are living and Embodying physically. It is impressive nonetheless and tremendously positive progress is happening very quickly now in 2017, and I suspect even more so in 2018 when Saturn enters Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, but the NEW and newly freed, cleared and ascended Saturn. It’s not just Earth and humanity that’s been sacked, ravaged, raped and plundered by Team Dark but the entire local Solar system, other Milky Way and beyond galactic systems, and other dimensions too and it’s ALL being taken back from TD now via the Separation of Worlds and TL.

Know that you are and always have been a part of ALL this both here in your current physical body and self, and simultaneously in other galaxies, other dimensions, other star systems and so on. As above, so below, and this macro/micro business is getting increasingly conscious in us meaning we’re simply becoming more consciously aware of the fact that we’ve always been Multidimensional Beings. What’s happening is beyond belief. What we’re doing is beyond belief. What’s coming is beyond belief, kinda sorta, um not really if you can See, Know and remember more of it all. If you can, then it’s just what’s happening now and you’re very proud to be a direct part of it and doing the Great Work for self/Self/Divine Self and ALL everywhere. Gratitude hugs to Sandra Walter ❤ and Lisa Renee ❤ for their recent information about all this and much more. And extended Gratitude hugs to David Icke ❤ and David Wilcock ❤ and all others who’ve spent so much time and energy connecting many negative TD events, tactics, agenda’s and such over the decades. Put it all together and the whole mess is rather extraordinary, especially the take out the trash end times business. Great Work everyone everywhere. ❤


April 26, 2017

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21 thoughts on “Some More Multi-D Connections

  • All interesting stuff. After reading post and comments, I remembered seeing on tv report that the satellite that has been orbiting Saturn and sending really neat pictures, I especially liked seeing the rings. Anyway sometime soon it will be crashing into the planet because it is going to die/run out of power. Some how after reading all this and thinking about the satellite…..well hehehehehe me, I um am just tickled
    Lots of love, hugs and pure blissful peace to all. We truly are family!
    And extra special thanks to all the mommies for sharing their goodies with us. Denise, Sandra, Lisa and others 🙂

  • Hi Denise, I am so appreciative of this article posted today. A couple of weeks ago, I read Sandra Walter’s article which contained the information about 7 M solar flares being directed to Saturn. I KNEW immediately to the core of my being that this was a HUGE and positive event on behalf of the Light forces as I felt it dismantled “Team Dark’s” negative alien outpost on Saturn. This is a necessary event in liberating planet Earth from the horrific impositions (implants, mind control etc.) of karmic miasmic exhaust that humanity has shouldered and been recycling this TD garbage for so long. Saturn energy has always felt heavy and stifling to me, and once I became aware of the off planet dark forces who set up shop there, I realized how manipulated humanity has been into believing life is this one long horrible, joyless struggle and I feel this is partly due to Saturn being hijacked by Team Dark. The shock and awe of the dismantling through these 7 m solar flares is cause for celebration at this protracted stage of exhaustion and decades of ascension work by many of us Forerunners. Thank you for linking this together as I had not read Lisa Renee’s blog yet. I had chills going up and down my body reading your article. This is enormous for Team Light.

  • What a sinkybaby!! that’s synchronicity btw 😀 Just yesterday my wife and I were reading an article on Lisa Renee’s website which also spoke about Saturn and today a friend posted your blog on fb!! ” “It has been confirmed that Saturn is a headquarters used for zodiac mind control and that this planet’s aura and Logos is the densest and most problematic in the entire Solar System. Saturn is an Orion outpost for many of the N.A.A. activities to distort and pervert the lower dimensions and propagate the 4D astral delusions along with the 5D false ascension programs. Most of the false ascended masters using the 5D false ascension program through Orion are actually transmitted through Saturn. Additionally, it was confirmed all forms of blood cult worship were designed through Orion Groups by using Saturnian worship interchangeably for propagating Satanic Ritual Abuse on earth. These distortions and their disadvantages remain heavily prevalent with those humans who may have heavy Saturn influences in their zodiacal birth chart. So for spiritual clearing purposes of curses, hexes, blood covenant or blood cult history, one may need to review Saturnian influences for removal of satanic types of bondage made in agreements to serve the Orion Group.” Lisa Renee

  • Thank you, Denise, for the great dot connecting. My understanding is that it is the Rings of Saturn that are the means by which TD has kept Planet Earth, and her Galaxy, vibrating at such a low frequency for eons. With the blasting of Saturn of our Sun’s higher-vibing frequencies as they come from the GC, and because all frequencies must ‘ascend’ to align with the one that vibes the highest, I have to agree that the dark days of the “Lord of the Rings” are about to expire. I highly recommend David Icke’s brilliant book, “Phantom Self” for any who may have a desire to learn more about… as Denise says:

    “Briefly and simply, Saturn rules 3D physical reality and physical structure(s); it rules the energetic structure of physical reality. Saturn energetically holds the physical matter world together and in place.”

    And I have to think that Saturn is darned pleased about it all. Love, B.

  • hi, Denise
    Capricorn here too, the last year has been intense for me on a profoundly deep level (even more intense than just being a normal Capricorn) like nothing before and I know I have to take it slow and be patient because it seems like everything is conspiring now too bring in something utterly new, that my whole life I have been working and suffering towards, I’m 33y now. The death card all the way lately, I’m feeling though deep down that it will all have been worth it once Saturn gets into Capricorn. The Pluto stuff has been rough lately, going through fire (as usual for me) but now more than ever I feel a movement that started almost 2 years ago now that is pushing me naturally to become my true self with absolutely no excuses, to finally step into my power or in other words master myself to an extent that all TD stuff is cleared from my past and from my present timeline. I can’t explain it very well but I know that you know what I mean and I relate to your posts, they help me enormously. I love you and thankyou.

  • Thanks Denise, thanks for everything, without your words, I would be stuck in the dark, Linda xx

  • Isn’t Saturn conjunct the Galatic Center now? It is retrograde, but at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

    I use Planet Watcher as my ephemeris. I don’t want this to get caught in your SPAM (this is a link to the Planet Watcher page) so I put spaces between the URL…

    http :// www . planet watcher . com /

    • The VacillatingPath & All,

      Wow and even more interesting than it already was because I totally missed the fact that RIGHT NOW Saturn is indeed at the same degree (27) as the GC in Sagittarius! The “First Hit”.

      I was looking in my Ephemeris for these dates and placements when I wrote this article, but I didn’t even look to see where Saturn is now in April 2017. The seven Saturn-facing Solar flares that happened earlier this month — during the first Saturn transit (exact conjunction) at 27 Sagittarius to the GC — is why they happened at that time. They literally came directly from the GC, to our Sun, and on to Saturn to stop TD and how they’ve used physical and etheric Saturn and Saturn energies against humanity for Ages.

      The fact that I missed this exact “First Hit” conjunction happening this month, but was pulled to the only other time Saturn will conjunct the GC (I’m using a 3 degree orb because it’s the GC), the “Second Hit” which starts in November 2017, tells me that this specific Cosmic Work will be completed on all levels, timelines and dimensions etc. with this particular situation with TD and Saturn having been hijacked by them etc. from November 2017 on. Physical reality (Saturn) and TD and the old patriarchy and those timelines etc. will be permanently separated and ended via these two conjunctions between Saturn and the Galactic Center (GC). It will be very interesting to witness how reality is quickly improved through these two conjunctions with Saturn/GC. End Times indeed! 😉

      Thanks for helping me to see and understand this transit better and more completely TVP. This is some very interesting, highly positive and completely epic evolutionary happenings — “Divine Interventions” — taking place now. ❤ 🙂

  • Denise,

    It is nice to hear again from you and that you are feeling better. 🙂

    And thank you for the info and the links.

    Like you, I have read long ago a lot about the old Saturn, no need to go in details, about the hidden history of humanity and Earth and about the real Star Wars and Intergalactic Wars from the ancient times, who are still going on today.

    At one moment I said to myself “ENOUGH! This is not my Universe I choose not to Observe it!”

    So if we ask ourselves, “Can this AI Universe exist, if there’s No Consciousness around to Observe it?”

    It is like the famous Zen koan:

    “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    Sound familiar? 🙂


  • Wonderful article Denise. Saturn has been on the galactic centre throughout March and April and so much is being set up from now ready to manifest in our physical reality when it returns to that point in Nov/Dec. I remember years ago when Saturn first hit my triple conjunction of sun. neptune and mercury in Libra I became so aware of its majestic feminine and benevolent energy which totally surprised me. Then I found out that on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, Saturn is Binah on the feminine pillar. This is the true Saturn before it was hijacked by team dark. Things will certainly come to a head when saturn and pluto meet in 2020!

  • Hi Denise. What a coincidence! First i woke after extensive deep sleep, over 12 hours. Then i ended up focused on everything u discuss. I remember feeling great excitment about the sun flares aimed at Saturn when i read Sandra’s blog. And today i decided to catch up on Lisa Renee’s blogs. I was reflecting deeply upon the inner Christ and felt renewed strength, grace and inner purpose. Also I’m so aware of the building fear / anxiety in people on FB about world events. …..My mom lived a hideous life under natal Saturn, and thats my moon. I dont even understand what it means in the way u can for yourself, except that it wasnt pretty! And here I am sharing in your latest share during my own short hours awake today.😙 Thank You, Denise. I shared your article on FB too.

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