Greater Embodiment of NEW Light Code Templates Approaches



On January 8, 2017 one of my atomic clocks jumped time, again, this time up to March 29, 2017. My two atomic clocks have done this for many years now and I do what I always do, which is make a notation on my calendar the day it happens and the date it jumped to because I’ll forget minutes after seeing the jump date. In this case it’s the late March 2017 date that meant something important to me which is why I’m including this brief story about my atomic clock.

Many Forerunners have been sensing and/or perceiving that something major is coming in March 2017, with the end of the month highlighted even more so for some of us. Don’t fixate on this or any other date necessarily but instead FEEL into the information and discern for yourselves. “Time” is a bad joke anymore anyway so HighHeart feel and discern.

It’s obvious that the first Equinox taking place in 2017 (March 20th) will be radically different from all previous March Equinoxes because we evolved to a much higher frequency state of being, reality and consciousness with the shift into the NEW 1 energies on January 1, 2017. Nothing is the same for that matter, and in a few more weeks we’ll be saying this again from another NEW level of being, reality and consciousness. Stair-steps remember, but now they’re huge leaps forward into NEW everything! One of the biggest tests we’ve had and continue having in my opinion is how much can we let go of the past everything internally and externally, personally and collectively, emotionally and mentally, including our own sense of self, Self and SELF to more easily and quickly be capable of Embodying NEW higher everything, including more SELF. After all the demolition, the old outdated rubble has to be removed so the NEW can replace what’s been removed, released, cleared.

Many times it’s far more interesting re-reading my and other Ascension Teacher’s articles backwards because things fall into place like reading different chapters in one book. This is happening again so far in 2017 with my articles and certain other people’s too. If you go back and re-read my articles from the start of 2017 up to this one, you’ll detect a theme unfolding that may not have been as obvious at first read-through when each article was originally published. It’s that linear can’t see the forest for the trees business which is getting harder to do because we’re increasingly dealing with quantum Now Moment being and consciousness. Because of this it, might be interesting to re-read my articles and your other trusted higher information producers from the start of 2017 forward to see what reveals itself to you more clearly today.


I’m including with this an article from February 27, 2016 I wrote about my Childhood Sun Worshiping in Becoming A Divine Sun in 2016. It may make more sense now too when combined with these other important Higher Awareness information bits from myself and others.

Without complaining too horribly much about how difficult, strange and other worldly my life has increasingly been since 2015, I’ll just say that January and February 2017 have topped the past two years! Said another way, because the pressures caused by the ever-growing gap between the old lower and the NEW higher Separation of Worlds & Timelines have at times been unbearable, it’s a pretty obvious clue that we’re really close now to a major separation/shift from this slow separation Process we’ve been going through since the final Expiration Date of December 21, 2012. In my personal life, this separation between the old way it’s been and the NEW arriving for me to “ascend” more fully into has been excruciating only because of my mom’s escalating health problems. I don’t need to spell this out because we all know what’s going on but sometimes that process gets difficult. I’m working on it for us both, for us ALL. Some of us are going up and out while some of us are going out because that works better now. Point is, the tension and pressure has increased like crazy this year, and like I said, we’re only two months in so far.

In my January 29, 2017 article NEW 2017 Light Codes, I talked about having Seen millions of small geometric crystalline shapes floating through the air and space into and through all of us and everything else. The title of my February 19, 2017 article Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun, hinted at a lot of what’s been happening already this year and also what’s coming in March, the March Equinox and near the end of March and beyond as well.

Lisa Renee mentioned recently about her Seeing a huge wheel-shaped ‘architecture’ that had recently entered or manifested in our Solar System. I shared what I’ve Seen of this same energetic tool too in a recent article and how it’s due to the Separation of Worlds fully manifesting now. And sometime last year I believe it was, I read one sentence by David Wilcock that was extra meaningful to me, quoting something he’d heard another man say about how ‘the Sun is going to sneeze soon’ or something to that effect. What I’m getting at is that all these seemingly different events, energies, activities, experiences, Higher Awareness perceptions and different articles are all related to the now highly accelerated Separation of Worlds and what most Forerunners have been and still are experiencing because of it. It’s here, now, and it’s why things are feeling, looking, acting, sounding and behaving extra strange lately.


This morning I read Sandra Walter’s latest article which was in my opinion, the best, most accurate, concise, simplified few paragraphs I’ve ever read by anyone about the Ascension Process and its primary cosmic, galactic, solar and incarnate Forerunner HighHeart receiving/transmitting humans intentionally co-creating and anchoring rapid compressed evolution in the physical dimension. Thank you Sandra Walter for your very helpful March 2, 2017 article, Changing the Prismatic Effect of the SUN.  ❤ ❤ ❤  [See link to her full article below.]

“…Think of the SUN as a film projector running several films at once. Your Higher Levels are using the projector. Your Higher Self projects several versions of lower self through the SUN, and through your Heart center, which also serves as projector of realities, onto the mirror-like screens of Gaia, allowing for multiple films at once…”

“…Our perception of multidimensionality was limited by our DNA, which can access multiple timelines (several films at once) when it is activated and rebundled to its true HUman crystalline state. To enable this state of DNA, a vibrational match must be attained in order to match the background energy of the unified field of creation. The unified platform of this Universe is Unconditional Love; the crystalline/Christ/Krysthl consciousness vibration. Divine HUman DNA contains markers for this Universal consciousness. Participation in the Ascension process, the increase in photonic light, and the dimensional shift of Gaia activates these markers, allowing for an entirely new projection through the SUN, Gaia and our Heart Centers…”

“…We now add a massive cosmic stargate to this equation. As these cosmic templates from the Great Central SUN approach, they are rewriting Galaxies into alignment with the Source command for the new…”

“…The moment this template aligns with our Solar system, the SUN and all planets will instantaneously be affected. It will change the projectors, altering the way in which we co-create our reality into a purer, unified form in alignment with the background energy of Love. This is why so many Gatekeepers had visions of the SUN exploding back in January; the energies are already affecting our realities, and our perception is changing as we take on our new HUman templates. The December vision of DNA splitting the timelines indicates the effects of this cosmic stargate. They are connected. This Solar shift affects consciousness; our experience and perception of creation. Your Heart Center projector and DNA can align you with the brand new film of New Earth, and Gaia’s 5D Solar Self becomes a perceivable reality…”

Sandra Walter

Question is, are you ready to have NEW vastly higher frequency “film/films” start running fully very soon? Are you queued up, in energetic vibrational alignment with matching frequency NEW Earth world(s) or higher frequency place/space/realities that you want to continue creating and learning within next? This is what we’ve done for a while now, but once we entered 2017, this phase of the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds & Timelines has accelerated tremendously, because we Forerunners wanted a great big acceleration of this Process and so, here it is. You’re welcome.

big blinkie grin

This is happening now and has been incrementally for many years, but March 21, 2017 Equinox through the rest of the month will manifest a very NEW level and state of being within the overall evolutionary Ascension Process from anything any of us have ever experienced before, anywhere, at any time. Nothing else matters but you doing your best to be in and stay in your HighHeart consciousness, space and being from here on out because that is what’s automatically pulling you towards a matching NEW higher world reality. Let everyone else do their thing(s) at their level(s). You give your Heart & Soul to launching yourself as high as you’re capable of in every Now Moment because that’s the phase we’re in now and isn’t that just amazing? Very well done Forerunners. ❤


March 3, 2017

heartcopyright Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All rights reserved. You may not use this material in videos. You may copy and distribute this material so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author(s) and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

14 thoughts on “Greater Embodiment of NEW Light Code Templates Approaches

  • Isn’t it strange … that a “white appearing surface” seems to reflect/reject/resist all light, where a “dark appearing surface” seems to be open and receive it all, or maybe let it all or partially pass through …

    Sometimes things are different then they appear …

    A dark object/surface which seems to absorb all light, may some day start glowing when an energy level is reached and surpassed … who knows … I don’t …

    • This is why Light and motion of it (masculine) comes out of the great expansive Darkness (feminine). Being in a female body now at the end of the past patriarchal focus I’ve always known that it’s the great Feminine that’s been suppressed, nearly extinguished from this world reality and highly distorted human consciousness. That’s all ended now however so expect great things to begin finally. Not because we’re still in Duality — Light/Dark, male/female etc. — but because we’ve integrated them and are evolving into triality or unity consciousness and being. No more endless wild extremes between what’s been dualized. Now we’re learning how to exist in NON-duality as NON-dualized individuals. Move beyond white/black, Light/Dark, masculine/feminine stefan because we’re there now and needing to re-learn energy in this more direct and whole form. Evolution… 😉

  • Hey Denise,

    Profound insight as usual with the state of ‘play’ on this crazy planet my dear light warrior! 😮 👌

    The energies sure are increasing, only last week the root canal on my crown filling got badly infected, cue 15hrs of excruciating agony……😱 Thankfully a lovely dentist pulled the bastard out! 👌👍

    I’m sure I read a recent Kryon channelling, saying a financial crisis/reset was highly likely for March?………

    Love & hugs,

    Stubeing xoxoxo

    • Stu,

      Euw, I’ve had a lot of that (root canals followed by abscesses followed by extractions) in years past and it’s pain like no other.

      There’s more than just a “financial reset” coming, but a whole everything RESET!

      Last year I mentioned in an article (if I can remember which one I’ll quote it because it’s time more people understand this fact) about how planetary change would naturally activate the moment that just enough Forerunners reached just enough Embodiment. There needs to be enough Forerunners who have Embodied let’s say — and this is just a number I’m pulling out of thin air please understand everyone — 51%, and that automatically triggers the Ascension Process to “Shift” to the next level. Some (mostly unaware of this aspect and what Forerunners actually are) have been calling this “the Event”, like it’s not related to everything that’s lead up to it! 😡 #@&^%$*%$^#!

      Enough Forerunners (and by Forerunners I mean Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Lighwarriors) are very close to reaching this critical tipping activation point which will automatically activate other Cosmic, GC and Solar activations because the two things are and always have been interconnected! I’ve said this many times over the years; there has to be enough someones (Foreunners) ready and able to catch the ball(s) that Source God throws out, and when there are the exact number at the exact level of Embodiment, the ball (NEW templates/blueprints/codes) is caught (Embodied and anchored into this world/dimension/reality) which triggers the “Shift”, the “Event” or payday as I like to think of it. 😉

      This March 2017 Equinox AND the rest of this month and beyond is another HUGE step in this overall Process, meaning that we’re super close to enough Forerunners being at the level of Embodiment now which will automatically active the next phase of the Ascension Process. ❤

  • Hello Denise I keep on reading that this year is a 1 year. But if one counting 2017 it gives a 10. Numbers should ,to get a the deeper meaning, be connected with the Tarot and Astrology fore a complete reading. Its 1 plus 0. . The Wheel of Change is the 10 card. So this year has a lot of challenge .If it is a 1 year then the Magic-er will be in charge.But one can take that Magic-er card meaning; the tools he/she can use in all the challenges!!

    I can say personally its was very very intensive the beginning of March. The “blows” came very deep in the body .This body changes in the biologic is going on fore the last 5 years. Yes over there in the higher consciousness everything is nice! but down here brrrrrrrrrrrr.
    with Love Dhyana.

  • Thank you, Denise, and Sandra Walter, for your wonderful, ‘makes sense to me’ articles.

    “Are you queued up, in energetic vibrational alignment with matching frequency NEW Earth world(s) or higher frequency place/space/realities that you want to continue creating and learning within next?”

    YES, but apparently I’m still in-line, on hold, stamping my feet in impatience, I can SEE the NEW store, but it hasn’t opened for business yet, though the cardboard that covered the windows while the ‘within development’ was going on, is coming down fast… Oh, wait, the queue just moved forward…. oops, I mean upward….. hang on….. Love, B.

  • I’ve been feeling so heavy with need for sleep and have been experiencing the deep types of dreams. Its like i cant get enough sleep.

    Based on your information i realize i physically/ symbolically upgraded myself and network yesterday. After many years, and having my cellphone as my computer, my all in one, all things tech….i still have 20 year old tv with rabbit ears! Anyhow i switched available networks, a whole NEW system, new phone, and unlimited data access, no capping or throtteling for the same monthly payment that gave me extremely limited service and a defective phone. I had been with that other carrier for years, AND i switched even tho it was unfamiliar and for some reason anxiety inducing to do so. We become attached dont we? And the New System is stronger, steady and delivers!

    Thank u Denise for keeping us informed. Hugs. 😙

  • Thank you. I have been shown it, in a golden narcisuss flower, . I am planting my garden, with flowers as a living altar. The flower is golden, has 3 stamens, enclosed in drak golden frill, ( looks like sun rays). Then 3 golden petals, with 3 outer golden petals. HT, showed me itsgeometry. Golden triple flamed heart, surrounded, by triple flame love our creator… tuning into golden, and orange and broen, crystals. It like a lot is happening, in the three bas chakras, we earth, through them, our ascension column, and earth flows back her light…It all held in heart… def solar plexus stuff as well. It feels like new, way to root to earh, but in a 5d way. Mega, eh. They yellow, gold, solar plexus, is alighning our will with the divine. This seems to be happening. Amazing eh… ego still worried, i just calmly reasure. Thanks article, and HT.

  • The past two months have been intence, full of deep deep healing’s for me. Been crying a lot. Like in the beginning of my awakening 2000. Periods of intence weeping. Big changes for me and everyone in my life. Seeing, feeling the splitting of the earth in a very clear way. All I can do is consciously breathe through the incoming energies. Spending much time in nature. Grounding. Holding space. Ocean is helping me let go. Facing deep fears and pains from child hood trauma. Relaxing my body. Deep understanding of why everything has been the way its been. Gratitude for all my relations. I can feel a building up of potent creational love inside. Its rumbeling. Its shaking. Its moving. Its healing everything for me. Gratful for you Denise. Appreciating everyone still standing strong…. Bruised, wounded and tired. But we are so strong. Together we will rise. Just like the sun. Deep Love for all of you. ❤️


  • Thanks for keeping it real Denise. After the eclipse and the mass meditation that took place on Sunday, I felt a great amount of very heavy, dark energy get kicked up into the Collective. As a Polarity Integrator I’ve been working with clearing Collective shadow for awhile now and the psychic pressure has hit a new level of intensity. This Forerunner/Lightworker/Lightbearer path is definitely not a giddy one. I think when some who aren’t aware of the Energetic War that’s going on and aren’t tasked with “rolling this boulder up the mountain” hear things such as “Embodying New Light Codes” they think that it’s a blissful, pleasant experience. It can be, has been at times and will be more and more, but for those of us who have agreed to act as anchors for these new energies, we know how difficult and down right uncomfortable the process often is. And yes, this Solar Flash or Sun sneeze seems to be key in knocking out forever the Dark grids and negative AI. When that happens I think we’ll finally know the true extent of the control and manipulation are Consciousness has had to endure.

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