Releasing More Duality, Entering More Unity


There’s been a lot of interest and excitement over the December 19, 2016 appearance of massive energy waves around the planet. My previous article included a video by dutchsince about it if you’ve not heard about this or seen his video on it. In that article I mentioned some of the Ascension related energy side effects I’ve experienced since about December 17, 2016 when they amplified again and I knew if I was feeling them, many others were as well.

What I didn’t mention in that article were some other feelings I’ve had for a couple of weeks now that I know are directly related to the newly manifested massive energy waves surrounding the planet as of December 19th. Actually, two etheric waves around the planet have been present a short while before this date. Sandra Walter mentioned in her December 6, 2016 article that she’d recently Seen two etheric bands of Light circling the earth and that they weren’t stationary but moved slightly. At the time I read her information about them I hadn’t clairvoyantly Seen them myself, but have since hearing about them in that article by Sandra. After reading about them I went outturned around and had a look back at earth from out in space and sure enough, there were and still are two large and very bright energy waves undulating around the planet. This is all NEW information about NEW evolutionary events so bear with me please as I attempt to combine these many informational bits and pieces and we all view them together from a higher perspective.

One of the feelings and awareness I’ve had since around December 16–17, are that a very small handful of an already small Forerunner group of incarnate humans has not been present on the earth and same space as I’ve been and most of you reading this have been over this time period. Now this isn’t as unusual as it might first sound because often times small groups of Forerunners go off physically on Ascension related Mission Work in other parts of the physical world, and/or to other parts of the nonphysical world, and/or to other timelines and/or to other dimensions. This has always been the case and I’ve been on many of them myself over these Ascension years and have written about most of them. I was not on this most recent one however, but certain other Forerunners were and I keenly felt when they left and when they returned. Not all of them are back yet either, most but not everyone, not completely. This too is normal for 5D consciousness and Forerunner reality and not nearly as unusual or fantastic as it may sound at first. I’d like to name names but won’t for the sake of those other Forerunners who were, from my perspective, not here but elsewhere doing Ascension Mission Work for All. I’m sure they’ll write about it if and when they sense it’s time for them to do so. I’ve been pressured like crazy the past 48 hours and counting to finish this and get it published ON December 22, 2016. Spiritual energetic deadlines (for articles) are made very clear to many of us and this is one of them for sure for me!

Another of the multiple things I became aware of over the first half of December 2016, were different people talking about the return of and/or amplification of the Divine Feminine and other people talking about the return of and/or amplification of the Divine Masculine. At first I wondered if someone had gotten things confused or reversed or something, but as the days of December rolled on, I realized that it wasn’t a case of it being one or the other — classic old Duality — but of BOTH happening simultaneously throughout December 2016. The moment I had that thought, I saw in my mind’s eye two energy waves undulating up and down and through each other as they merged repeatedly at different points and automatically evolved into something very NEW and Unified at a higher frequency level.

Another of these related December 2016 clues was something I mentioned in a Comment on the previous article. It was about feeling external energies so high in frequency a few days ago that they caused my physical body to vibrate very rapidly, almost like being shaken or rattled externally energetically. I mentioned in that Comment that this was NOT the old familiar internal Inner Body vibrations of the Rewiring Process. I’m intimately familiar with that sensation because I’ve lived with it progressing, expanding and moving throughout my entire physical body since around 2001.

As I laid in bed in the middle of the night recently, feeling and analyzing this new profoundly amplified external energy literally causing my whole physical body to shake, I knew that it was matching in frequency the internal Inner Body Rewiring frequency inside me and my physical body. And, because the outside external was almost at the same NEW and much higher and faster frequency as my/your/our internal higher and faster frequency, that something really amazing is about to happen which will propel us into a NEW higher Unified, integrated, no longer separated state of inner being and matching external reality.

Another very important piece to all these related events was something Aluna Joy wrote on her Facebook page recently about her and her small groups pilgrimage (I call them Ascension related Mission Work “jobs”) in Palenque around December 15, 2016, and earlier in the year at England. (I’ll include links to this information at the end of my article.)

In her brief Facebook page mention of her experiences on this Palenque “job”, Aluna Joy said she/they were asked to build a bridge between the Rainbow Serpent ley line in England, and the Plumed Serpent ley line in Palenque/Mt. Shasta/Sedona etc. Their Work took place on December 15, 2016, and three (3, triality) days later, the massive two energy waves were detected via physical instruments and reported on by dutchsince in his video.

Now I don’t know about this, but are these two major ley lines—the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent—dualized as male and female/masculine and feminine energies? At any rate, being two they represent and hold old 3D dualized energies and this whole evolutionary business we’re going through now in highly accelerated ways since September 2016 (due to the third and last 9 yearlong energy cycle of Completion), is about us and earth and everything and everyone else releasing the old Evolutionary Cycles templates, codes, blueprints etc. which were all about Duality, and evolving into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle with its NEW higher frequency and vastly more complex (and fun!) templates, codes, blueprints etc. which is all about Unity right now during the Zero Zone no time space between the completion of the old and the start of the NEW. What has been dualized is being unified internally within each of us (the Forerunners it’s our Higher and Lower Selves and more) and externally in the earth and physical world reality we live and create within. None of this has been or is “small potatoes” and is why we’re feeling like we’re spinning, falling, rising, coming apart at the seams and yet so excited to really get going creatively in the higher NEW with the start of January 1, 2017 — 1-1-1 energies.

One more thing that’s changed recently that’s a big deal and another indicator of how the old templates, patterns and energies including the Ascension Process energies leading up to right now, is that the weather here where I live in Southern California has suddenly and dramatically changed finally. OMG this has been so hard and so miserable for me here during this long period of extreme heat and drought here. I don’t like the hot months and in SoCal 10 months out of the year it has been between 80 and 110° for years and years and years…with zero rain here where I live! Horrible, just really horrible. Hot flashes, Photonic Light frying every cell constantly, solar flares, CMEs and all of it and not even clouds in the sky to give one the illusory sense of momentary relief from the evolutionary onslaught of higher Light Energies cooking you from the inside out year after year after year…

And then, all the sudden a couple of days after my cat died on November 16, 2016, (election day November 8th), it started raining here and actually getting cool, cold in fact and it has not been like this for many years here and that too is Ascension related. So, when the weather here shifted out of the old holding pattern and into the NEW one, the one where it actually cools down here and rain falls for longer than three minutes only, I knew we’d reached the turning point and are rapidly moving into the NEW everything.

Lastly, as I laid in bed very early this morning, not sleeping, I asked my Higher Self and the Angels if there is anything else to all this that I need to know now and include in this must be published on December 22, 2016 article. Immediately came the reply, ‘The Phoenix has risen, anew from its own ashes of evolutionary transformation.’  Yep, okay, that works for me! 😉

Here’s to our current individual and collective Phoenix-like rising from our own evolutionary ashes out of old 3D Duality into NEW 5D Unity. Well done everyone, very well done and Thank You. ❤ ❤ ❤


December 22, 2016

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15 thoughts on “Releasing More Duality, Entering More Unity

  • Hi Denise,

    Is all this latest activity the cause of having electrical socks? It is scary! They are on my left side, by ribcage, then sometimes moves to my upper Highheart area. Mostly after eating, which I hardly want to do anyway. Little energy to enjoy the holidays. Feels like a lump of mucus in my throat. Just wanna rest. I guess age does not make a difference. In my mind, biologically I am 38 years old, chronologically, I am 70! LOL. When will our bodies adjust?

    • Is all this latest activity the cause of having electrical socks? It is scary!


      Yes, there’s been thousands of times during this Ascension Process that the energies and electromagnetics have been so amplified and/or different that we get “zapped” constantly even if it’s raining. I went through years of this during the 2000’s where I’d get zapped so severely out in public shopping that I’d curse out loud, jump, and have to work up the nerve to touch a metal shelf to grab some product I needed. I even thought about — I’m serious here — if placing a rubber “tail” on me so it dragged on the floor would ground out, discharge, the abundant electricity running through my body/bodies. (Years ago big-rig trucks would have these rubber “tails” flapping in the breeze as they drove down the highways evidently to discharge energy. In my desperation during those years I wondered if it’d work for me as I was that frustrated with it all.)

      During this time I also had years of weird problems and glitches with electric sensor devices, such as public doors that open automatically when you reach the sensor. The doors wouldn’t open for me and I’d be outside waving my arms, walking back and forth, basically looking like a “crazy person” just trying to activate the damned auto door sensor! And then there were the auto activated public toilets and hand-wash sinks. They didn’t work for me either during that time and other people, other shoppers would just stand there watching me at the sinks trying to get any one of them to turn on so I could wash my hands or get a door to open. Gawd, books could and should be written… 🙄

      Our bodies will adjust, they always do but this too is an individual thing because we all process and integrate and change at our own pace. There’s no right or wrong to any of this, only DO IT and move on to the next thing. 🙂

  • Just been over to Grace’s site @ EarthPlan – she writes a lovely update in relation to your article Denise. Hope you and your mum have a lovely holiday weekend 💖

  • To confirm the merging of the feminine/masculine, a quick description of my dream last night. I’m hiding under the covers on my bed while in the bathroom a man murders a woman. I peek now and then to see what’s happening. The dirty deed (the destruction of the feminine) is done and as the man leaves he pats the covers of the bed, but doesn’t realize I’m hiding there. This scenario is followed by lots of snippets of lifetimes as a female on Planet Earth while the search for the murderer continues. The final scene of this dream: I’m in a room in the present time and there are five men lying on the floor chained together. They are as glad as I am that the search for the murderer is done and I was surprised that there was more than just the one male I had seen in my first scene. A male who has been in my dreams constantly over the years as the masculine Light/Love symbol comes to me and says he is leaving me now. I realize he has been the false Light/Love symbol and though I am somewhat confused by this announcement I realize that with his leaving I (we) are finally free of patriarchal BS.

    And to add to the Phoenix Rising, I went to pay a bill yesterday afternoon, and what do I see, but the business cards of this company have on the front of them the Phoenix Rising, because last year their store had burned down, but they rebuilt and took the symbol of the Phoenix Rising as their new identity! I immediately asked for a business card and of course was instantly obliged!

    Happy, happy birthday, Dearest Denise, and love to all here. B.

  • I live on the heart of the phoenix, in glastonbury, it drinks from the wells red and white just up the road. For 2 or 3 weeks, my guides have been with me sending beautiful coloured light to here, saying it for the rebirth of the phoenix, the light being her feathers. The most beautiful, ruby reds, golds violets, etc. For a couple of days we sent pure white light, but it was like it was to a seperate phoenix. I asked guides, was it 2, or was it a male, or female phoenix… not clear yet, but relates to the bennu bird of egypt… where its voice, sings in creation…also at the red and white springs here, and in the abby grounds, at the old altar. The micheal and mary line cross, male and female earth energys unite the take seperate twinings round the tor…. solstice was giving light to the two wells… thanks for this article as confirmaion, and this comment is confirmation for others. At winter solstice 2 yrs ago, i had clear phrophercy, the phoeñix was activating again. So happy solstice to you all from the heart center of earth…. on personal level, same, having to eat even lighter foods lots fruit, nuts, milk products, naff yesterday, but told it body throwing off toxins, as well as letting go of the old, the body, doing same. I give thanks to all the light workers, and those whose job, is to write for us articles, that assist and confirm

  • Finding it hard to find words… which for a storyteller/writer is a little challenging! But YES and AY-MEN to all of the above… Denise, you’re a STAR!

    Time does not exist for me any longer. I have not known what day or month it is for some long time now, and it doesn’t matter… which is awesome. Living in the Eternal Now was given to me many years ago when I was awakening, and I didn’t understand it entirely. Hell, do I know now what it means… hahaha

    Feeling it all, and loving every second.

    I AM THE LIGHT; THE LIGHT I AM is all I can say to myself all the time. It helps like nothing else does. The other day, I had a profoundly incredible experience when a dear friend who crossed over (fell off a mountain in the Sacred Valley in Peru – you can’t make this up) came to me and asked me to take a Yule Log of Oak to his parents. I’d never met them, and my dear friend Harry was also a friend I’d only met a couple of years earlier. He was without doubt an Ascended One, and very clearly of the light of Christ.

    As I stood in my sitting room, feeling him communicate with me, the whole room dissolved into pure, crystalline light, and I merged with it. This experience was so beyond words, that all I could do was sob from my soul. I phoned a girlfriend (another one of us) and she just let me cry and Be… I merged Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and felt the presence of the Mother of All Creation as the circle (trinity, it felt like) completed within and without.

    I felt I had just had a massive Ascension myself, and since then have been hearing new frequencies continually and have felt to stay largely alone, feeling utter bliss one minute and the next minute, having a meltdown whilst the energies of the old duality dissipate – as my personal Phoenix arises from the Ashes (and I get the feeling that this experience is a personal sojourn, and will be happening to each one individually in different ways).

    Wow, bloody wow! is all I can say…

    Love and gratitude, beloved soul.

    Jay from the UK xoxoxoxox

  • Oh Denise, this and the previous post both align so much with my own experiences in the past week. Thank you, as always, for your keen perspective on everything.

    So much love. ❤
    Calliope / Karin

  • this is so interesting Denise, thank you for once again joining the dots. For quite a long time I have felt what I can only describe as a ‘spacial awareness’ kind of thing – as if the floor was moving from under my feet. This was not a dizzyness nor a visual thing, but a body / energy awareness that I found difficult to explain. Then comes mid December 2016 and the experiences changed or ‘ramped up’ and I really felt my balance was off, it felt like I was walking around during an earthquake, but I knew it had something to do with the energies, I just couldn’t figure it out.

    Today (22nd) is the first day for a fortnight that I feel the symptoms and motion thing are settling down …… phew !

    During my Solstice meditation yesterday I was strongly drawn to focus on the ley lines in Glastonbury, especially on the Tor ( places I have visited many times ). There is an astrological Phoenix shape in the landscape surrounding Glastonbury. How’s that for joining some dots ?

    Brilliant, simply brilliant Denise ~ heart hugs 💖

  • Thank you Denise. I wonder if these mega waves of energy are dissolving linear time even more? This week, so many people I know keep mistaking the days or thinking it’s one day later than it is – really feels as tho’ we’ve lost our footing altogether in 3D (well some). And yet time seems to have gone very slowly the last two days. Seems to be bubbles of excitement and constantly seeing double numbers, yet feel very refined sensitivity as to who I resonate with and who I don’t (including other spiritual folk) as tho’ our frequency bandwidth is getting extra finely tuned in the heightened energies. Here in the UK weather is the other way, and temperatures which are usually very cold are pleasantly mild at the moment. Phoenix like rising makes sense in a perverse way. Set fire to my hair on a candle last week at my mother’s wake, and candle burst into flames in the kitchen at my Solstice gathering. The energy can’t be contained :)…

  • Denise, I just recently started reading your posts and find them pretty much right on point for me. As an almost 65-yr.-old woman (just a few weeks younger than you) I’ve lived most of my life in a dominantly masculine energy even after my awakening 25 yrs. ago. The last two years or so it’s been obvious my feminine energies were beginning to come on line and then WOW, in an unbelievably BIG way over the last month or two. Since the beginning of Dec. it’s been nothing short of phenomenal!!! On 12/15 I felt the familiar rewiring and “flu” symptoms which continued for six days!!! Highly unusual for me, usually a day or two at most, but I was amazed, though not entirely surprised, to read your earlier post about the two new energy bands around the planet which fit the same time period perfectly. On Mon. the 19th I had the strangest sense of crossing a line and the energy of it and around it was very, very thin and brittle like hardly anything holding it together anymore. On the 20th I could not get out of bed at all but kept getting the word “Goddess” and finally held a book about the Goddesses to my heart just to make a physical connection with the energy. Yesterday I woke up feeling very different and knew the feminine which had been missing for so long in me had been birthed. Whew!!! Today I’m blown away and very aware that I am a different person now. This happened SO fast and yet overall it was fairly smooth and seamless. I am so glad to have read your posts. My wife and I are going through this together and have no one in our lives who is aware of this process. I was also delighted to read about the amplification of the Divine Masculine as well as the Divine Feminine as she (my wife) and I have been doing this balancing act for years in our relationship with masculine/feminine and for her it’s been about birthing the Divine Masculine in herself just as I’ve been birthing the Divine Feminine. I’m an overjoyed as well as incredulous at the speed at which we are moving now and can hardly imagine what is coming next but can’t wait to experience it. Thank you so much for the validation!

  • Wonderful article. I was in England Dec. 6th and awoke at 2:19 am. I knew my guides wanted my attention and so I asked what they needed. They instructed me to send HF Reiki into the ley line at Glastonbury. I was already scheduled to travel there on the 6th. I gladly did as requested, but wondered why it was necessary. Now I know it was to help with the rainbow serpent and plumed serpent. Thanks.

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