Acceleration of the Divine Feminine

3d-photonic-1024x640.jpg The latest evolutionary Ascension Process side effects I mentioned in my November 27th article have escalated considerably over the past few days, plus some more intense symptoms have been added to the general cosmic mix. Because this November into December 2016 amplification in energetic frequencies is so intense at the moment, and I’m feeling pretty lousy physically, I’m just going to pass along some great information from Aluna Joy Yaxkin about it. Thank you Aluna Joy for if as it’s much-needed at the moment. ❤ Because of Aluna’s copyright, I’m only going to add a link to her article, The Divine Feminine Tsunami – Violet Flame Acceleration!’, at her website.

I’m back to having to lay down and rest as I continue feeling like I’m being energetically pounded into a NEW being altogether…which is exactly what’s happening to all of us now. Here comes sanity via the return of The Divine Feminine like never before.


November 30, 2016

9 thoughts on “Acceleration of the Divine Feminine

  • “You cannot overdose on light”

    (from Aluna Joy’s link)

    I have written this out and put it on my desk at work. Thank you for this last post. I have been feeling so tired and pummeled. Everything feels so dark even though I know that is not totally true. My sinus issues, chest issues and General rubbish have been surfacing again. One day they will be clear and I will breathe free and not as if through a pillow.
    A while back I managed to get free enough to really access the light that is always present it was wonderful. Whilst I was “handing” over some issues I felt as if I was going to hurt/contaminate the light. The feeling I got was that nothing can hurt/touch the light because it is the light! Maybe this seems elementary but somehow I needed to understand it.
    Hugs to you Denise and all of us here on your site. All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of one candle. Xxx
    Love and light

  • Thank you, def feels like end of old, i live in glàstonbury heart center. It marked as the phoenix…. last few days, i been getting to send violet, and other colours to the eart here, with image we are resurecting the phoenix, the fire bird, all beautiful gleaming feathers. Nice, makes up for the aches and pains… i love that, breath in violet flame, to transmute, and cleanse. Thank you

  • I also got Aluna Joy’s offering, which I sent round to everyone I know that is enjoying the process (!) as we are – hee hee…

    I ache EVERYWHERE and my headaches are bloody awful. Neck, arms and shoulders, back and legs hurt, and I am dizzy a lot of the time, falling off my own slippers in the bedroom today! For NO REASON! Feeling nauseous too, as if I’ve got a bad case of ‘flu… of course I know what it all is, but in the middle of the night I’m dying! haha

    Violet Flame has never been so utilised, thank Mother!

    I dreamed a couple of nights ago that I went to the Vet – but it was actually the doctor – and I had an appointment, but they couldn’t find any record of me. I was told that I was officially dead and they then showed me a huge register with old-fashioned writing on, and there were 3 (the magical 3) signatures certifying my demise… I had been, apparently, FROZEN IN DECEMBER!

    I absolutely knew that something huge had shifted for when I awoke, my heart felt lighter than in years and it was as if nothing bad from my past existed anymore in my energetic patterning…

    I am so excited, but so bloody weary… keep going gals and guys. We are doing brilliantly, acting much of the time as anchors (keep dreaming about huge ship’s anchors) for the incoming light frequencies…

    Love love love to you all… Jay (UK) xoxox

      • Hi Denise, I think you might be asking about me? I am also ‘Jay from the UK’, hehe. I knew you from a few forums around the time of my awakening 2005 – 2007, and I’ll never forget how you helped me make sense of it all. . I have always continued to follow your excellent work on here & Transitions. I hope to be ready for my own blog soon. Good to reconnect 🙂 Lots of love, Jay xx

      • Sorry my lovely, I’ve only just seen this… I’m glad we got the Jay’s sorted out… I wish it had been me. I am so glad to know you now, though…

        A Big HI! to the other Jay from the UK! xoxoxox

  • Thanks for this post and I did see Aluna Joy’s post earlier today. I am feeling bone tired and amp’d up all at once. Feels awful. I am one to take very good care of myself physically and try to do so emotionally. Lots of old, old, old grief and anger has been surfacing for over a year now and it’s very masculine/feminine related. I see it in my lineage and I feel it in my bones. My bones are actually hurting (neck and sacrum) thus interfering with sleep and comfort. This is big stuff for me to traverse through and today’s message about breathing in the Violet Flame and breathing out the old is perfect. Of course I want it to be faster but I have been on this path for years and understand the pace of 3rd dimension. Ugh! Thanks Denise.

    • ‘…I am feeling bone tired and amp’d up all at once. Feels awful.’


      I’ve spent many years in this Ascension related ‘tired & wired’ as its been called state. I’ve laid there staring at the ceiling so tired and weak it was all I could do to inhale and exhale but my mind was racing the whole time. It’s like having the break on at the same time you’ve got the accelerator pushed to the floor! Exhausting.

      I’m also currently experiencing my eyes feeling very strange again; numb then in pain and pressure from energies coming in through the top of my head, then cold, blurry and tearing. With all this eye upgrading I expect to be Seeing differently and Seeing different things, colors, beings, energies etc. Weird dreams is an understatement but boy they’ve been something else lately too as would be expected considering how much we’re currently evolving and moving into NEW space, being, consciousness etc. Hang on everyone! ❤

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