Frantic Parasites


I’ve consciously lived with having to deal with, battle and often directly interact with Team Dark (TD) in highly amplified ways for 98% of my Ascension Process, but when it starting easing up a few years ago, I didn’t necessarily want to write about it again when it escalated in epic ways in 2016 for everyone. For this reason I was glad to see that Lisa Renee has written something about this on her blog recently, which I’ve quoted in full below. Thank you Lisa Renee for it. ❤ ❤ ❤

I got the same sense earlier this year that she mentioned, which was/is to lay low, continue working inwardly and rest-up as much as I can because there’s been a dangerous Team Dark feeding frenzy taking place in the physical world this year. I’ve known for a very long time that once enough Forerunners/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Wayshowers/Pathpavers etc. evolved enough to not be easily available energetically to nonhuman, nonphysical Team Dark beings, that TD would escalate their focus/attacks on everyone else in amplified ways and that it was going to get really bad for a while, and it has, and is.

When I sense I need to lay low for a while because TD is on the hunt because they’re desperate due to their old systems dying and disappearing, I know that most everyone, especially those of lower frequency and consciousness, will be attacked and manipulated in some way(s) by them. When TD cannot reach me directly as they always could before, they manipulate some stranger—typically a human male—to physically come to my house and ring my doorbell! This has happened repeatedly throughout 2016, (two weeks ago was the latest and most dangerous so far) and every time it’s been a highly unstable sociopathic, misogynistic Portal Person being used by nonphysical TD beings to attack me in this physical, confrontational way through a human stranger. If you have experienced this or something similar too, you know that discernment in how to deal or not deal with every Portal Person in every moment and situation is critical because you are Team Light and in their cross-hairs. Nothing new about any of this, just that it’s highly amplified now because we’re at the “end times” of earthly and off-world negative control over humanity. We’ve been in far more changes all year (physical and multidimenional) than most are aware of in the Ascension Communities or have talked about. Because so much is at stake for TD, the attacks are now especially heinous and brutal, not slick, covert and easy like they’ve always been. So very much has changed, improved even though our outer world isn’t obviously reflecting that yet. The Monsters wouldn’t be so lathered up and frantic now if everything was the same as they have been.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times throughout 2016, about struggling with feeling depressed from time to time plus feeling increasingly alone occasionally. I also explained why I felt these things off and on this year. What I haven’t publicly talked about however was how some of it, not all of it but some of it was caused by different energetic (and physical Portal People) tactics TD has been pushing hard all year, especially at the Forerunners/Starseeds/Indigos/Pathpavers. Lisa Renee’s blog article does go into some detail about this and why.

The other aspect of this is the human on human one, and in some ways it’s more emotionally hurtful than when some vile dark nonphysical creature tries to etherically bludgeon you to death! I’ve experienced both more than once so I know, unfortunately. When a human reader takes aim at me, at you, at any Forerunner/Starseed/Indigo/Wayshower it’s very hurtful and disappointing in the worst of ways. This has been another aspect of what many of us have had to contend with from the very start of the Ascension Process; Ascension community Portal People attacks. There are aspects of being a Forerunner/Pathpaver/Wayshower that others simply know nothing about, but should based on Earth’s past history with spiritual teachers and people! TD does their best to kill off the Light whenever it’s present in any human anywhere. They’ll not succeed this time but that isn’t stopping them from trying.

There’s a thousand other things I could say about all this but won’t (here) because there’s no time to screw around, play ego games, get distracted, run with the human Zombie herds or any other such negative things. We’re about to enter the Zero Zone of 2016, which is different from any previous transitional points so pay attention, discern, be honest with yourself and others, show some respect for those that have clear-cut through the TD Monsters to make your evolutionary Ascension Process faster and easier, be wise, and if you’ve reached your HighHeart, stay there and don’t “fall” no matter what or who comes knocking on your door. 😉

I’m going to open Comments on this article for readers that need to share, connect and/or ask questions about the 2016 intensities. The Comment “button” on this theme is at the very bottom of the article. Click on it and you’ll see the Comment Box to write your Comment in.


September 24, 2016

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Passing By Black Hole Systems

September 2016

Dear Ascending Family,

“Given the absolute chaos and energetic intensity during the last weeks that have been accumulating pressure in the planetary fields as a result of the Magnetic Peak cycle, I felt to share recent personal experiences from my heart, as it has been a very challenging time for so many people. For some of us on the spiritual awakening path, especially for Gridworkers, this time has been filled with 360 degree rounds of psychotronic aggression, blank slating, psychic warfare, black magic, kill codes, dark projection of AI holograms, 3D controller structure entrapment scenarios, everything and the kitchen sink that the regressive entities and dark forces use as weaponry to target and harm Starseeded or Indigo people. I feel so sorry that this incredible darkness and pain is being directed into and surfaced into the human realm and masses without any tools or proper context being given about Ascension, as the contents of the buried unconsciousness bubbles up like a sewage pipe of energetic vomit spilling into so many directions. I can feel the panic inside people that are desperate for some kind of relief from the confusion and pain they feel from this magnetic field pressure coming in from all sides, also occurring as a result of traveling so close to the phantom realms. Since the Magnetic Peak, my guidance has informed me to become very still, and to stay low and down, going inward and keeping my focus on my work responsibilities and upon the internal sensations of my inner spirit. When this guidance comes in to stay low, it is the same as when an animal is being hunted for food by predators, in many cases the animal being hunted gets very still and conserves energy. In my self-imposed stillness, I have been traveling to view the Phoenix Grid in Egypt, and the portals of Black hole systems that lead to Wesedrak, looking for where there are vulnerabilities in the earth where these black hole systems and reversal portals have been connected into the damaged areas of the earth body. As a result, it can be tracked to agendas playing out on the surface, seeing how these extremely dark creatures from the black hole systems are conjuring SRA (black magic) to become more active in the earth people that are weak or asleep. As an example, the misguided belief that blood sacrifice clears the sins of the people, the ignorant actions that conjure demonic forces into the lives of people that believe these are Angels or Light beings, as the result of these practices. Certain areas are being filled with People that are possessed and parasitized, as these black forces are elbow to elbow with many of those with low fear vibrations in the human population. Many of these forces are going for the children and teenagers, especially in the impoverished areas because they are vulnerable. These forces have told the Satanic Church to go and open black portals in these areas in order to get the Black hole systems opened directly in certain demographic areas. The Satanists believe they are building black houses and opening the gates of hell for Satan, and if they know Satan is a Negative Alien, then they are well informed. The same black forces leading back to the parallel black hole system, is feeding barrages of misinformation to the light workers or vulnerable people that are fear based, generally to attack others, or to breed extreme confusion and paranoia at every level. It is very hard for many people to place their trust anywhere at this time, as the distortions and deceptions are very heavy with an agenda to spin misinformation and chaos, so people cannot tell what is black or white, what is up or down, what is real or false. It is a gaslighting manipulation technique to destroy the inner spiritual compass, or the heart guidance of the people.

During this year’s Magnetic Peak, with gravitational anomalies contributing to the black hole system vulnerability on the earth, this time has been taken advantage by these Black Hole creatures to direct as much black substance to light bearers, Star people, to attempt to slow them down, discourage them, stimulate persecution, victimization, hopelessness, despair, suicidal thoughts and beliefs that we are all going to be trapped here. When we remember that the agenda to suck the earth down into the black hole systems has been a long standing threat of intimidation from these NAA invaders and Satanic creatures, it is obvious they are still pounding on that drum trying to trick us and subvert our real selves for activating our highest potentials. Stay strong and do not let these creatures get you down, they are desperate and clawing for any way to make an inroad. We are slowly separating from these black hole systems, and thus the Guardian Teams have also been working on installing many Override Pillar Gates to handle transits at the death exit cycle, and to stabilize the earth grids while this is happening. We are progressing, but we are in a deeply disturbing evolution phase because the mass unconsciousness of human pain surfaces, it can feel like a massive wave of blackness, and black voids ( these are these black holes) and it can feel overwhelming to witness by the emotional body of empathic and sensitive humans.

The majority of people on this planet do not have access to the knowledge we have about planetary ascension, many of us have had direct consciousness experiences or contact as a result of our spiritual ascension process that help us to better navigate the dark, while the majority of the humans have no idea what is even happening to them, and they are traumatized in pain and fear, herded like sheep to be slaughtered by the cruel and inhumane tactics of the NAA. Yet, I know that for us to make it through this phase into the best possible position of helping the majority of the earth population, keeping the ascension timelines and the ascension knowledge alive in human consciousness, we have to walk through the most extreme and depraved levels of unconsciousness and shadows to bring the light of God into the most diseased and damaged areas. As those awakened with inner light, the true light warriors for God, we undergo the decension into the hell realms to fearlessly face the dark experiences, and during travel into the hell realms, we are exposed to some brutal energies in so that we can hold these experiences into compassionate witnessing. We are recollecting the time records and recording what really has happened here. This can be exhausting, but it is important to keep focused on why we are here on this earth, to help liberate her, to help liberate earth humans from their alien oppressors, even when they are so traumatized they cannot recognize who the real oppressors are. Humans suffer from Stockholm syndrome, and fight to enforce their enslavement into the alien structures that have stolen their consciousness away and filled them with darkness.

In this phase of bifurcation, as we travel the span of realms that opened into the black hole system, it’s a rough time, these forces are gathering every kind of leverage they can to wield attacks against the general earth population. At this time we have very few people on the earth that are truly walking the path of ascension, and it’s clear we really need more people to wake up and start walking their talk. This leads me to a painful issue which is the constant bewilderment that there are still spiritual communities that choose to attack each other, attack other spiritual communities they do not agree with, over ridiculous pettiness, misinformation, promoting confusion and negative ego power grabs, rather than waking up to remember why we are here in the first place. To build a consciousness platform for unity intelligence, we must accept unity is diverse, and we must bridge these gaps with unconditional love and compassion, which is the role for most awakened people as polarity integrators.

On 9/9, another spiritual community filed a DMCA claim of copyright infringement to take this ES website down, and the Ascension Glossary website down. I would like to pose the question for all of us to ponder and reflect in the spiritual community, or those on the awakening path, how this is helpful for anyone, and who is to gain from this action? The earth has very little information available about Ascension, and it is absolutely bewildering to me that I get as many attacks from people who call themselves spiritual people as I do from the Negative Aliens. What in the heck is wrong with this picture? What is it going to take for people in spiritual communities to practice unconditional love, compassion, unity to find acceptance for each other’s experiences, and stop magnifying every detail out of proportion, spreading malicious gossip, trying to stop others from expressing their experiences about the Ascension process? Or strangling others from being able to function well, when the planet is under siege from invaders. Who do you choose, the invaders or humanity? There is nothing productive about the Vicitmizer archetypes that use violence and attacking towards any human, this feeds into the divide and conquer strategies that the NAA use against all of us to keep us chasing our tails, promoting division and wasting precious energy. Those in the families of Krystal Star choose harmlessness, towards all people, we can only deflect and defend, not attack.

I have had a baffling spiritual awakening experience since 2000, in that there is a person on this earth that placed copyright on consciousness experiences and communications that I had before I knew she existed. Somehow this person teaches advanced ascension mechanics, yet does not realize that all consciousness code can be picked up in the multidimensional time field of earth in the instruction sets, and therefore has catalogued and represented me as fraudulent, a plagiarist of her material to other people. I have had direct Guardian contact at the time of walk in. Apparenlty, she says that cannot happen. As this website is a direct evolution of my own direct consciousness experiences, it has been confusing to have another person show up to say they own the experiences that I have had directly, and that I am infringing on her right to own human body parts, and human lightbody structure. I do not understand a person that can place copyright ownership on the human beings core manifestation body. This has been the latest claim to take the websites down. Further, it has been very challenging to understand that what I see in my own inner vision has been placed in the legal ownership of another human person. That has put a crippling effect on my ability to express my own consciousness experiences, and I believe hampers my ability to be of service to the people that need the help the most. This earth needs coherent, sane, humanitarian, selfless and loving people that want to be of service to others, and serve the purpose of helping others re-educate themselves to the changes that are happening on the earth. This planetary shift effects every fabric of our lives, along with the personal and collective state of consciousness. And with that personal commitment, I continue to persevere through bizarre claims and attacking, being labeled a plagiarist, in so that the planet and humanity will have access to Ascension material that is not under 3D legal copyright ownership control. That all people can access what they need to in regards to Ascension, as their right to help themselves and others, and they do not have to dodge bullets and be running away from legal complaints being served upon them. Many times, I feel a day late and dollar short, but the obstacles placed on Ascension material is very heavy, it is a serious topic embroiled in larger global conflicts for public disclosure. Thus, it is hard to penetrate the resistance that is directed to stop people like myself.

This is why I would like to request those in the spiritual communities take a moment to find some kindness in your heart to stop criticizing every last word you think you understand better, stop berating people that are more public than yourself. Start to have some human kindness in your heart for the absolute shit storm many Ascension speakers, presenters, and stewards undergo, to even make it this far. Please stop criticizing and pointing fingers to blame others and get busy on working on your own spiritual pieces and actualizing your mission. Believe me this is not a glamorous job, and it takes all of one’s devotion, dedication and strength. Being slightly public, people constantly project deceptions, images, lies and pure crap on what I should or should not be doing. If you cannot place your life on the line and place 100% dedication at this moment to serve the Ascension timelines, because you have other obligations in your life, like marriages and children, etc., then start introducing the practices of the Law of One in every area of your life. Start to apply behaviors that are genuinely Loving and Kind to everyone and everything that is possible, and be a productive and positive cause in this world to do good works and be of service. We need simple human kindness more than anything right now.  I appeal to the spiritual community to stop bickering and complaining and get to the real spiritual work of being a truly loving and kind human being. Nothing will change on this planet if you are feeding into the divide and conquer tactics and victimizer programs by blaming and accusing others, feeling miserable and allowing yourself to sink into the mire and become a black hearted human being. The purity of heart is what protects us in every way, while the shadows of your mind will haunt you and invite the demonic forces to take control over your body. Choose wisely and know that you have friends in ES community working very hard here to help in the ways we can be of service to support the Ascension. Thank you for reading about my recent personal experiences, while enduring a phase of dark aggression. Bless you and may peace be with your heart at this time.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being of service on behalf of all of us.

With love and appreciation,

Lisa Renee”

51 thoughts on “Frantic Parasites

  • Thank you very much Denise for your heartening words. It is so amazing to be able to talk about this in a safe place. Blessings and light to you, and all of us who truly seek xxx

  • Hi Denise,
    I have kinda gone back to two articles ago – frantic parasites. I just needed to tell you about the most amazing things that have happened over the last two, three weeks. My last comment which you kindly published in q & a had me in one of my worst weeks ever. I felt like I was completely in a vice. I was really down. I kept letting dark stuff out and trying to access more light. Well finally I got home from work and was able to confront some really deep fears. I had so much healing light come in it knocked me out. I was a sobbing wreck. The low feelings persisted the next day so I did some more reiki. I have never been a meditator but somehow reiki connects me to source and switches my mind onto another level. The light that came in was pure gold and it flowed through me so much my chest was humming. My little cat was laying on me and could feel it to. I felt like a complete pillar of light. But the next day nor the next week I did not feel blissful I felt really agitated. So yesterday I asked what I needed to do. I went online and did the deliverance from bondage meditation by Lisa renee. As soon as I let the light in up everything started. I managed to get through it and lose some spirits that had still been present. But I still felt uneasy. I woke up at 1:30 am absolutely sweating and several presence trying to scare me. It was like taking a tour through my darkest years as a teen. But I used the 12d shield and pushed out my light. I felt really connected as if I had accessed another level. Eventually after 2 hours I was back down in base camp. And able to go to sleep. I have to say I am glad my cats were there. I have got up today and got out my craft stuff. I have been unable to do anything for years. Every time I have sat down my mind has previously gone blank. The oddest thing of all is the nagging tooth pain that I had antibiotics for and wouldn’t heal has gone. I feel more whole and “warm” than I have for years. I know it’s not the end of sorting this out. But to have been able to connect to God in such a profound and healing way has made my life. Thank you for all your articles and to Lisa Renee. It is amazing that one person can access their divinity and lose the crap. Absolutely amazing. And it’s thanks to people like you both that that info is out there. Bless you.
    Love and light from a rambling woman in England

    • Magda,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with your latest round of Inner Work — feeling, dealing, purging, working hard to replace old density and negativity with higher frequency Light. What you did and will continue doing until you have nothing left to transmute, is no small feat, no easy spiritual energetic task and it is 1000% the Ascension Process. 🙂

      Team Dark does not want anyone to work on getting the old lower frequency density and negativity out of themselves so they typically attack when we start evolving and transmuting and Neutralizing lower frequency energies, consciousness, emotions, thoughts, actions etc. and replacing it with higher frequency Light. These attacks and battles are Initiations in and of themselves; spiritual tests to see how badly we really want to “go HOME to Source Mother Father God” in these Ascension lives when we embody IT within ourselves.

      There’s an old occult term called The Guardian at the Threshold, and what people go through during their evolutionary Ascension Process is that, repeatedly, until we’ve Worked our ways through all the energetic Stair-steps and monstrous “Guardians” we need to to finally evolve beyond them, no matter what forms they take. In other words, it takes some real spiritual elbow grease and sheer determination to face and work our ways through these Initiations where the Monsters do their damnedest to prevent us from evolving beyond them. In this case these Monsters are Team Dark.

      This is a Process but know that EVERY TIME you/me/each of us goes through something like what you’ve described, we’ve moved up one or more very big evolutionary Stair-steps and eventually we do this far enough that TD can no longer reach or influence us in any way(s). Be very proud of yourself and rest and recuperate after each Initiation battle and higher Embodiment. ❤


      Here’s Lisa Renee’s video How To of her 12 D Shield visualization.

  • Hello all, sending lots of love to everyone. Likewise have experienced September like many fellow light workers. I wanted to let you know , My 2 doggies and the 8 street kitties whom i feed and look after as much as possible have helped me get through all of the YUCKIES . Their purrs and little meows make me so happy, most nights til 1 am (lol), I play with them and pat them and they get cuddles form me etc.. ps: Live in the centre of an Eastern European city
    The kitties and my doggies have helped so much and I love them so much! Yes, I have been working on myself – healing thy self- The animals have helped me get trough it all.

  • Your information helps me so much. My friend forwards them to me. My life experience has been sever abuse starting at embryo to teen years including sexual abuse starting at 2. In the last two years I have had friends pay for me to remove implants, blocks, karma, past life issues. And pay for homeopathic doctors and the supplements to help me heal. But there money has run out and I live in extreme poverty. Medical doctors can never find any thing wrong with me because it is from the abuse. Has to be healed energetically. I have been on this path of healing for 35 years. I am a extreme giver. And have been helping people since I was 2 with my many spiritual gifts. I have healed neuropathy, sciatica, ribs out of place and many other things. I have been blessed with many abilities especially extremely sensitive empath. I have had to people send me their labor pain. I am sharing this so you can better understand my need. I have been plaqued with bugs and internal parasites. My immune system can not block and get rid of them. I can not afford the medicines. I need to know how to find the tools to heal, shield, block, protect myself. I isolate myself so I do not get entities and bugs. I cant afford to pay people to get rid of them temporarily and then it happens over and over. My friend said all the work I do and then the light just leaks right back out. I do not know how to stop that. I read, study and go to all the classes I can to heal so I can get in to full power to give it back to the world they way I am ment to. I may need help with Spiritual Parasites. A friend googled it and explain why I am isolated and contaminated. I need answers. I need to know what to do. A book a person what ever. I contacted four Shamans they dont call back because of no money. Money has destroyed this world and even the healers are caught up in it. I understand many do healing for a living. But we need to help in our own country to help for free to some who cant pay. Everyone deserves help whether they have money or not. I have not charged my whole life. I only charged maybe 5 people that could afford it only. Please let me know the tools, techniques, and how to again heal, sheild, protect, keep in the light and raise my frequencys. Everyone talks about these things but I cant find out how to do them. Sorry people for the negativeness. Just trying to be informative so I can get the right directions for help. Thanks so much for your time and help.

    • Clariesse,

      First of all I strongly suggest that you re-read your Comment (as many times as necessary), each time doing so with more and more neutrality so you can see what you’re saying and believing about yourself. This is not about other people but about you and only you.

      I’m including a link to Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary, which is extensive, so you can honestly start understanding what you’re going through and why. There’s so much more to this than what you’ve listed in your Comment.

      Money isn’t needed to live the current Ascension Process. Friends aren’t needed to pay for their friend to go to so-called “healers” or “shamans” or any other external “savior” types of people. The current evolutionary Ascension Process is a totally and completely Do It Yourself Alchemical Process that each of us have to do to literally be altered, evolved by having gone through it on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual/energetic levels. No one else can do this for us.

      Based on what you said in your Comment you have big issues, big distortions with the Victim-Victimizer issues (see Lisa Renee’s info on all of that plus more), plus with external healings/healers and also money and self-empowerment. I don’t mean for this to sound intentionally hurtful but you HAVE to realized that whether one was sexually abused as a child or an adult or not, everyone has varying layers of these same identical issues in them and have in most cases worked on them within themselves for many years or decades. The Ascension Process naturally and automatically triggers, activates ALL of our old inner issues no matter who created them originally because we simply cannot evolve with them remaining in us. Period. This is the Inner Work I talk about all the time; each of us having to face our inner stuff no matter if we originally created it or our parents did or Team Dark did or religious beliefs or sexual abuse or emotional illness etc. did. In the end that aspect of all this really doesn’t matter much, only that each of us does our own Inner Work to get ourselves free from all that old negativity and start regaining self-empowerment and finally energetic emotional and consciousness Neutrality instead of lower Duality of endless battling back and forth.

      Maybe you’ve heard of that old saying, ‘Heal thyself physician’? This is where and what you must do now internally and forget about “healing” other people when you haven’t dealt with your own inner unresolved stuff yet to the degree that you’re healed! The answers you seek are NOT outside of you, are NOT external to you but exist within you just as they all do for each of us. Because the Ascension Process is amplifying like crazy now every remaining bit of lower frequency negativity now matter where or from whom it came from originally, each of us HAS to now deal with our stuff or risk being crushed by it due to these higher frequency evolutionary Light Energies. I’ve been working on my own inner stuff very intensely since 1991 and I’m still doing it today. It’s vastly different now than it was but my point is that this Process doesn’t happen overnight nor does it ever happen by paying someone else to remove our inner issues via whatever methods. Those tools are old lower tools and they simply do not work nor are they spiritually or energetically beneficial during the Ascension Process.

      You have bugs — physical and/or etheric — because you haven’t as yet de-bugged yourself. It’s that simple and that difficult of a cure and only you can do it for yourself.

      There are no magic methods, no healers or shamans or anything else external that will do this for you or for me or for anyone reading this. Only individual evolution now during this Ascension Process will do it for us now, and faster and easier than ever so get with it, dive into your own inner pains and unresolved issues, your beliefs, your old habits etc., anything and everything that has been and still is dis-empowering to you and is dis-empowering you still. We’ve all got scars from living in negativity in Duality but the difference with all that is if one is willing to drop all the BS and other delusions and self-delusions and ego and do the Inner Work to get free from it all now all by oneself. The whole Universe is behind you (behind each of us doing this now) so take advantage of the plentiful higher Light Energies pushing you (all of us) to do everything each of us needs to now to evolve and this torture will end for you. No fear, no bullshit, no allowing yourself to get distracted with helping others while you continue to ignore yourself. Just do it. 😉 ❤

  • oh – Denise

    I’m in tears after reading this, I was just led here, as tonight was one of the worst nights I’ve experienced yet from this very thing of having to deal with beings who are being used. I’m soo tired, i’m soo exhausted, I honestly can’t bare this anymore.

    It’s been very hard, but i’m feeling so depressed that i’m starting to feel numb. Thank you for writing this, as sharing does help, believe me it helps.


    • i’m with you, mike. for those of us who deal with the nonphysical dark ones directly (me with the christian dark ghosts, demonics, and satanics … whew … there are some very very dark missions … anyway, they are on the warpath something fierce. i’m holding your hand, so to speak, as we face the unendurable day and night, year after year … denise thank you for being one who does not forget us.

      Infinite Love,

      • hi arishantia

        Yeah, don’t get me started on the Christian ghosts, demonics, and satanics. I have two family members who are sheeple and who obey every command of the church. I can’t tell you how many house cleansings (energy clearings) I’ve had to do.

        Dark missions that’s exactly what

        It feels enhanced lately, I can’t put my fingers on it. All September I was having mixed emotions about what we were experiencing. The one half of me felt tremendous up-liftment since that 999 portal/gateway. The other half of me has been picking up on awful, horrible, dark aspects to what was coming in during this time. I’ve days filled with visions, images, of the devil himself. That he’s now surfaced in this realm to cause mischief. It’s definitely increasing and is pronounced, and it’s like Denise wrote we’re entering a transition period. They seem to know about it at this time, because they’ve picked up on this.

        Denise I understand the frequent male psycho paths, this week alone, yikes! A guy at work (obvious portal person) was making me feel uncomfortable. The second time I’ve experience sexual harassment. I had to speak to my boss about it, and gear up my own tactics in how to deal with team dark’s tactics. I now don’t have any shifts with this Portal Person. It’s getting more separated for sure, the new 5D earth – and the OLD 3D world which is currently being invaded by these real dark entities. More and More.

        Arishantia Hand holding is most welcome here, and so is hand holding from anyone else who is aware, dedicated, and diligent at this time. Much love to you Denise, Arishantia, and all my bros and sistas enduring these difficult trials in this difficult time.

    • yes, the only way to deal with even the most horrible of conditions, missions, etc. is to cultivate and vigilantly maintain what Denise calls (i love this phrase; it’s perfect) being Self as Source. being strong at our core. being Infinity, Infinite Heart, Infinite Peace, NO MATTER WHAT. that’s how we Be with whatever is.

      not that it’s easy or simple. we have to dig deeper and deeper, and that’s what this is all about, whatever we have been given to deal with. we are in the deepest of master training … whew. even if our lives and health, our “doing,” seems to be over, we are here to Be Pure Love and Light here on and with earth; to Hold Space for the new.

      much love to you, clariesse, and to everyone else.

      so good to have comments back. thank you, denise. i know it can get tricky.


  • Hello All, I live in a small, idealic village in Devon, England where there is little poverty and much beauty, no-one has anything to be particularly unhappy about, all basic human needs met…and some! However, this whole year has been an amazing “sorting” time and things have really hotted up in September. Everyone is irritable, silly power games being enacted over the most irrelevant matters, judgement, criticism, negativity…everyone’s unresolved personality issues laid out for all to see! Even the meditation groups I run feel unsafe places to be unless I take control, which of course brings up my own unresolved issues! So, even those of us with no public profile, living in quiet, out-of -the-way places are involved in this massive clear up and I, for one, am going even more to ground! I feel the need to completely withdraw and just involve myself in deep communion with My Darling, my beloved dogs and Beloved nature…nothing and no-one else. However, the guilt surrounding this is enormous as I’m withdrawing at a time when surely we all need to be coming into greater community and all hands are needed “at the pump”. For this reason I found it incredible that those who claim to follow a spiritual path with increased levels of awareness should be wasting precious time and energy in ego clashes…more unresolved issues!

    I intend to continue sending as many good vibes as I can muster out to the world whilst I temporarily lick my wounds and try to regain some much needed energy, it seems the best way to continue my particular journey at the moment. Soooo, sending you all many warm and heartfelt vibes from deepest Devon!

    • Penny,

      What a wise, insightful and honest Comment about the current state of Ascension Process affairs. Thanks for it. ❤

      Yes, the ONLY way we can honestly be of help to other people is if WE are doing or have done the majority of our own personal Inner Work on ourselves.

      Intentionally distorted religious teachings have taught humanity to not focus on self but on everyone else which only perpetuates chaos at that lower level and no one grows, evolves. The evolutionary Ascension Process is the opposite of that and it forces every person to look within themselves and get to that Inner Work! When this is done, then we have energetically equal people being honest with themselves and everyone else and actual external progress happens very quickly and easily.

      So, everyone, never ever feel that old religious guilt over working spiritually and energetically on yourself and stepping away from others to do so. It’s the way you will be able to help them just by being and existing and radiating higher Light Energies constantly.

      Thanks again Penny and Devon sounds beautiful despite the current Ascension Process pulling everyone into it. 😉

      • Thanks Penny, I live in a small village in South Africa with several lei lines crossing and the same is happening here. After reading this I feel better because I also became a total hermit. just couldn’t take it anymore. I find my joy in my garden and dogs and the incredibly beautiful sunsets we get these days.

  • I received contact during the first week of September. Amongst other things they told me the most important thing is to remain ‘calm’ and stop focussing on anything negative. They told me focussing on the negative is destructive to self and others and to disengage from negative thoughts and processes. They strongly suggested this ‘calm and do not engage with the negative’ since this contact my body mind is permeated by peace. I have pain in my back and arm, I feel that a negative entity has entered my being and as of last night I am asking the entity to leave. I feel some difference today, yet feel it has not yet left completely. My suggestion for all is to stop focussing on the negative if you want to enter the realm of creative magic. Every time a negative thought and or feeling comes do not engage. Let it go.


    • Do your spiritual/energetic/consciousness/higher awareness Inner Work that you just shared Sheri and don’t worry about anyone else. It’s ‘heal thyself physician, time for each of us.

      I strongly suggest you re-read your Comment from outside of yourself (from Neutrality) to better see what you said from sentence to sentence. I’m editing myself left and right here with you because you don’t understand yet. With that I say again with HighHeart that I hope you’ll honestly re-read your Comment with yourself in mind and not anyone else. That’s where the insights and answers for you at this time are.

  • I have to wonder why this is all so much work and energy involved..this process of ascension I have gone thru some of the more brutal challenges in this life : from abandonment at birth, physical, mental, sexual abuse a twenty seven year marriage that dealt with my partners many addictions ..too many to list. Finally making the break at 58 and now here I am heading towards 68.
    I have not had a significant relationship and really have not met people who resonate in the new town I moved to. I had the fortunate experience of moving to a home that was a Buddhist meditation center before I moved here . I was welcomed by the warm healing embrace the energies had for me.
    It is the house next door and the many people that have moved in thru the years. I am not sure if a house can pull people in or if the house changes the people,but it has been this on going battle ..energetcaly.
    Someone mentioned in the comments about how they were soothed and hopeful thru some millenials.. well, I live next door to now a family of MElinialls.. two sisters husbands and kids..and wow..these two 30 something women are like no one I have met. The anger the meanness the blaming the darkness coming up in every conversation like they can’t control it..and yet they seem to want to force their latest book of spiritual thought and lip servicing some other stuff that is so trying to be is so obvious they just are not in the energy of what they speak because what they are doing is so opposite
    I initially welcomed these two women in as was longing for companions in my neighborhood.but then they only connected when they wanted to dump all of their nasty ways…always the victim never taking responsibility..and the group disrespect is over the top ..the two girls have even physically hit each other..not girls women there is so much anger within the is unfortunate small children are in the mix.
    I have had to withdraw. I am so clear about what I want to ‘bring’ into my life..disrespect, dysfunction and dissappointment is not in the mix.
    I find I am better to be alone at this time. ..and a constant reminder..things and people are not what they seem. I have learned just because someone has mastered the charming manipulator personality..listen to their words and watch their ways..manipulator charmers are eventually ‘found out’.
    I have decided to just ‘stay in my lane’ I don’t need the distraction at this point. I am trying to survive these last years of life. I am almost insulted at this point and feel defeated at all the focus and ways of doing the spiritual path for so many years of the way the world at large is. I have no answer. I only know that I have to be true to myself..not a dogma..not a have to because I am a forerunner or light being..I have to do this spiritual walk and try to do no harm,because it is the only way I feel I will survive this so called civilized world we live on. It is like living in the wild west .
    Folks just wanting to do harm because they is just downright annoying at this point..such a waste of heart much as I believe in doing no harm..I would really like to slap the faces of these two mean angry women next door and lower energy over all ..and just say..’SNAP OUT OF IT<<SIT UP STRAIGHT"
    My fighting spirit is strong and well..and it seems no one really has my back ,but me. Our 'battles' are so individual and fine tuned for our own personal soul dance..we are all in this together/seperately it seems..I certainly have no one fighting my energetic TD battles for me..and I am friggin tired people..

    • Catharina,

      Absolutely houses (anything really but houses, property, buildings etc.) can and do hold the residual energies from earlier residents both living and dead. Human emotions are super potent things and imprint into things, places, objects and houses/buildings easily and often. What I’d suggest you do is the second the current tenants move out, you do the strongest energetic cleansing and clearing that you’re currently capable of. You don’t need to be in that house to do it, just do it from your own residence and I strongly suggest you do it repeatedly over the weeks or months the house is empty. You are literally clearing it of these negative residual energies so that it does NOT attract more “like others” to it, which it automatically will if no one removes the old negativity from the house and property/land there. This is Lightworking at its most basic levels here in the physical.

      We’ve all HAD to withdraw and here’s why. Once we’ve disconnected from all the external BS and distractions etc. and focus exclusively on our own personal Ascension Process, we start to become, slowly at first, increasingly Sovereign or Source connected and existing as Self-as-Source. When we start doing this normal evolutionary Process, it becomes unnecessary and actually repulsive, unthinkable any longer to need or desire another person or Being to “fulfill” us. Why? Because we’ve cutout all those “middlemen” folks and beings and simple gone Home right within ourselves, hence why we are now Sovereign humans. We’ve become isolated spiritual refuges for very important and much needed reasons and they are to get us to finally be able to become, embody, be, live and exist as Self-as-Source or Sovereign individuals. You’re doing a great personal Inner job on yourself and try to give zero awareness/energy/focus to the Assholes & Idiots around you. I know, easier said than done but do your best and eventually you’ll be so Source filled that you’ll be able to Consciously Create what you want and don’t want. This is where we’re headed and won’t it be just the best thing ever?! 😀

      • Hi Denise, thank you for your input. I will say I have been smudging that property and my property boundary for some time now..usually on the new and full moons and equinoxes..and powerful portal days etc. I know nothing of the history of the house next door..well, some…it was built in the 1920’s and in recent years such as the 1980-90’s it was a home for foster boys..the house has always had a male energy in it.I wonder if the energy of those ‘lost’ boys has a lot of anger and dissatisfaction and non love… I have a 10 year old grandson and his energy is very intense with just his group of young boys in foster care who probably are very angry about their circumstances.
        As it turns out week one of the ‘mean/angry ‘ girl/women sisters are moving out with her husband and new will be interesting to watch the dynamics.
        Clearly my smudging is not the answer,but I will carry on as Intention is the most important aspect of life..we can’t always know the ‘outcome’.
        I also will focus on not ‘feeding ‘ that energy by talking about it anymore. It is what it is and it is almost like giving them what that want…energy at all..they will take it..and for those kind of humans…bad attention is better than no attention.
        I visualize a protective coocoon over my house..with reflective mirror on the outside to reflect back to them what they are putting out in to our world..and leave an opening at the bottom and top of the coocoon so, that I can still let love come in and out into the planet and universe ..infinity and beyond.
        I think focus on detaching from the dark..not giving them what they want energeticaly..ignore them..look away..out damn spot…I am no longer interested in wasting the heartbeats i have left to deal with these energies/people/events…I will just try to look at my world as “hmmm now that person is choosing and interesting evolutionary experience”
        Thank you!

      • This is good to read and connect with others experiencing similar situations, because it sure is a lonely, isolated ride. I too find male energies directing their hostile, anger directly at me. Family males, neighbors etc. and its not easy to be in that space with them. I’ve always experienced distorted male energies…since I was little. I’m learning to be strong and stand my ground with them too! I also live near a few female energies I can do without too. So I try to keep to myself most of the time and when I need to keep some boundaries, I say what I need to say. They like to gossip and talk shit but I’ve learned not to give them my energies and to ignore them, for the most part. The closest companions I have are my dogs. I’m blessed to have them.

        • Coleen,

          I’m positive everyone reading this can relate. Nothing has been easy about any of this, and yet, and yet, we are lucky to be here now living, embodying and anchoring the NEW through the Ascension Process. And yes, our blessed Ascension Process pets, our literal co-pilots and best buddies and fellow Lightwarriors. They all are so, so special. ❤

    • Hi dear Catharina. I know you are ‘friggin tired’ and I so understand that. This forum allows us to ‘catch each other’s back’. You are not alone my dear, and thank you for everything that you do ❤

  • I find it difficult to comment on the nastiness of the dark aliens/humans. It’s something I have to do some processing with at this point. I had a spate of their attacks at one point in my life that was pretty intense, and I had technology aimed at me that gave me a heart attack, along with intense black magic attacks, and a few weeks later the youngish doctor that diagnosed the heart attack mysteriously died, and that was after a friend I was trying to help escape their clutches also died–they said it was suicide, but it wasn’t. It was after that, that I became a hermit pretty much, and ironically it was also that which brought me to surrender to God, not their nasty version of god, but the real Godness.

    And I know that that is exactly what the dark element wants us to do–back down, and stop defying their agenda. I don’t know. I think this is an area where people can get burn out, too. That sometimes you have to regroup, and take time to do some healing from it, even if it isn’t a convenient time. If I was fully enlightened, no problem, but I’m not.

    Some things in life might be seen as a curse, but sometimes they can be a blessing, too. In mid-life I became profoundly deaf so, though, it can be a tremendous source of prejudice via others, the one thing I don’t have to do is hear others that may object to me in some way. They can yell son-of-bitch to my back all they want or pound on my door, or phone me, but I can’t hear them. I’m not interested in hearing them either. There is always the blessing side of the curse–until the polarity is no more. Now, I’m laughing.

    I have noticed the intense intensity of the dark element this year, but I can also see a pattern. They seem to build to a crescendo, and then it seems like the Light intervenes with a surprise–just when we are about ready to pack it in, something (I would say the Light, God’s helpers, God, etc.) bursts their dark bubble, phbbtbbttttt–sort of slaps them down. And there is some relief. Then it repeats–sort of like the wash, rinse, spin cycle. I try to remind myself that it isn’t just the dark element that has been in play here, but there has always been a Source of Light that has had our backs in the worst of times and continues to do so.

    And that’s all I have to say about that, except that, yes, this year and next year may be the years that usher in kindness as a way of life for the humanity, definitely throwing the dark agenda off their game. I don’t know why I think or know that, I just do.

  • Right on Denise! Right on Team Light! We Got this!

    I find it particularly challenging of late to wake up Clean, Clear, Refreshed, Vibrant and Alive and Ready to Celebrate another Glorious day on Planet Gaia!…. Team Dark is often lurking around these doors of perception I am passing through as I am awakening just waiting to throw a blanket of dark vibes on me! Vibes of self doubt, disappointment, disillusionment try to cover me….

    I struggle to find my willful internal voice and scream….Awaken Light warrior within! Now it is imminent I awake with infinite love and knowingness that my love is limitless and I choose this to be my leading tone today! Love Abides! I am a powerful creator! I seek to recognize, emanate and amplify love ! TD I am not your consciousness slave…….I will not hold those vibes!!!! Rock On!

  • Dear Denise and Lisa Renee, I love you both, thank you so much. Yes ‘I am God, I am Sovereign, and I am Free!’ Have been under such heavy fire of late, that I feared this latest assault had the capacity to finally take me down after all these many long years. This has helped me to regain composure, and to return to that point that speaks of home. Thank you sisters. ❤

  • Thank you Denise and to Lisa for your blogs, I am so appreciative.. I am glad this subject was raised as it helps to know that others are feeling and experiencing the negative energies and attacks; I don’t feel alone. It makes me more determined to stay heart centered and at peace. I follow the work of a couple of other ascension teachers who I greatly admire who wont write about the negative aspects, and I wonder why. Knowing and recognizing the TD influence for me personally makes me more aware of staying high vibe and sending love to this darkness. Much love to all the other commenters; I enjoy reading the other comments.

    • ‘I follow the work of a couple of other ascension teachers who I greatly admire who wont write about the negative aspects, and I wonder why.’


      Thanks for opening the door for me to talk about this particular, very important topic Ro.

      Most other Ascension Teachers don’t write/talk/educate about Team Dark (TD) and there are many reasons for this. One main reason is that it’s something they are not familiar with (either a little or a lot), and/or it is not one of the items in their personal Soul Contracts to educate others about based on their own personal experiences. And of course, there are many who simply do not believe that the other half of Duality has even existed, which is ludicrous in my opinion. I understand that many people in the Ascension communities have not even wanted to think about this let alone have to experience it, but that doesn’t make it/they magically disappear. We should be so lucky! 😉 In what’s been a world of Duality, means two primary expressions have been “learning, creating” etc. here for a very, very long time. All that is evolving into Unity/Triality now so HUGE changes/improvements are rapidly unfolding finally. But to deny that the ‘Dark Side of the Force’ even exists is stupid and dangerous.

      Some Ascension Teachers are Soul Contracted to educate others primarily about Grids and Grid work, or about working with Light/Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, or multidimensions, ETs, Angelics etc. In addition to these different categories is also the great need for different types of Ascension Teachers that can express certain information in very specific ways to target very specific people. David Icke and David Wilcock (and others but these two come to mind first) are good examples of male Ascension Teachers “Contracted” to educate large groups of people that would better hear/receive Ascension related information through highly technical, scientific, left-brained intellectual ways. Many of these people start learning about higher things via “conspiracy theories” type information. Problem with this is that often they don’t evolve beyond that first level of education about all this.

      Then there are the Ascension Teachers (ATs for short) that still have a lot of Atlantis type energy in them which certain people feel and relate to best. And of course there are Ascension Teachers with more Lemurian type energies in them which other people sense and are drawn to and relate to best. There are ATs that are Starseeds that other Starseeds feel and relate to best and there are other ATs that are Lightbeings and/or from other galaxies that certain people relate to better and on and on and on. Some people are more attracted to ATs with more Goddess/Mother type energies where other people relate better to ATs with more masculine type energies. And there are a small handful of Ascension Teachers that are Soul Contracted to educate people about the negative Aliens/Beings/Entities/Demons/Creatures etc. and what they’ve done to humanity, why, for how long and so on and how all that ties into this current evolutionary Ascension Process. There’s an AT “flavor” for every incarnate person on Earth now because everyone needed to be reached as best as possible with this Ascension information. ❤

  • A light warrior centered in the truth of their being is more powerful than and army of a thousand in 3D.

    For about a month, TD “unhelpful energies” , opposite energetics, them bad boys have been using my sisters and 2 of my mothers caregivers against me. Wed this week, I pulled ALL of my energy away. I took about 24 hours for my body to be mine again. Crazy what we can get pulled into still. 😦
    Love and dancing heart balloons to everyone. My joy is overflowing at this moment and I send out to share.
    I appreciate every one in this circle!

  • I also have been having a problem with a teenage boy who is trouble. Funny how the dark can easily control the most loudest wild child in the bunch. When he walks past my house every day from school he always has a few choice words to me, and no one else. This has been going on for three years now. I thought I had him taken care of with his parents and the police but, he’s so easy manipulated by the dark over and over again, I had video taped him putting fireworks on my porch and burning my patio furniture and ringing my doorbell several times a day and running. How annoying and ridiculous, so now I send him love and he leaves me alone for a few days, then he starts up again. And I keep sending him love etc… Hopefully I wont eat my words tomorrow.

    Also had that dream that something is holding you down when your sleeping and you cant move ,(maybe called sleep paralysis ) I used to have that dream a lot many years ago and was always confused and in fear and scared when I woke up in a sweat, It happened again yesterday and I was more annoyed that fearful , I immediately called upon a Mahayana? (an ascended being ) to help me, and I was let loose immediately. No fear no problem, just shooed it away. I don’t live in fear of ANYTHING anymore.

  • Whoever is trying to “copy write” or otherwise own your work and prevent you from radiating your words and light, must be either influenced by dark forces or is victim to ego more than heart, or both. In any case, I am praying for this person that she will be moved by God to a higher loving consciousness, and I am praying for you that the assaults discontinue and you find peace and further inspiration. You are amazing. THANK YOU for all you do!! Truly. 💜

  • Dear Denise, I was shocked by Lisa’s account of being attacked by someone who claims that only she/he can talk about ascension. I think there is also a purging going on on lightwokers. Some (or many!) of them are slipping and falling. I guess there is nothing we can do about that, except stay out of their path if you can. Love, Maria

    • Maria,

      Yes and from what Lisa said in her blog article I quoted, it’s been a problem since 2000.

      Team Dark (TD) fired up like crazy back in 1998-1999-2000 when the Galactic Alignment process reached the halfway point and many Ascension Teachers and Forerunners were energetically activated by that to start teaching, educating, writing, lecturing etc. about the evolutionary Ascension Process while they themselves lived it first physically/biologically. Not an easy time at all and this is why TD went into heavy-duty action directly targeting the ATs and Forerunners back then. If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission, it was April 2000 that my demonic attack through a Portal Person next door neighbor started.

      I’ve known for years that once we reached the Expiration Date of December 21, 2012, that many would fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons; primarily that being that they haven’t personally, actually lived and done their own Inner Work but have claimed or believed they have. This is one big reason why every year after 2012 has been so freakin’ difficult; it’s do or die time for everyone and the pack has been thinned out greatly because of this. We’ve all felt the intense weight of our own spiritual growth and evolution starting in 2013 and amplifying every year since then. 2014 and 2015 were doubtful for me at times but I’m stubborn — as some of you may know already 😆 — and I’m not giving in or giving up after all I’ve/we’ve already been through. Heck, the great stuff is starting right now so all we’ve got to do is get through this Separation of Worlds & Timelines business what’s happening very intensely now.

      Speaking of more “good stuff”, I woke up this morning — September 25th — with the ringing in my ears at screaming level (again) and I’m feeling a specific physical pain in the top of my head that’s connected to my eyes which means some major NEW Light is here now and impacting us. This latest “Wave” of Light/Energy will be potent all week, especially if you’ve a sensitive. There’s another “Wave” coming in days later and all this will further propel us into what I’ve been calling the 2016 Zero Zone. It’s going to be a wild ride to the end of 2016 as very NEW energies arrive and further change each of us and therefore external reality too. It’ll be wild but it’s “good” so fear not and fly high everyone. ❤

      I forgot to mention this –

      One big reason why Lisa Renee has had such ongoing negative attacks is because one of her goals has been to have a Group of humans holding higher space or container I think she’s called it.

      You see everyone, the moment we start to collect together as a Group of humans all living this Ascension Process (which is an energetic container of Light and LOVE), Team Dark panics and goes into attack mode even worse. Why? Because whenever there’s more than ONE human connected with other like humans, the higher energies and consciousness etc. they instantly and automatically produce is terribly threatening to TD and so they do their best to break that Group, any and all Groups that honestly carry/embody/are higher energies to stop the spread of that positive freeing energy. This is why they try so hard to keep us separated from each other. I’ve watched it happen here in Comments many times. We’ll start re-Grouping here and producing very positive Group energies and whammo, someone or a small cluster of someones writes negative Comments to break it all up and get me to close Comments again (separation, isolation etc.). Yes, I’ve been very consciously aware of this TD and Portal People tactic and you all need to know this too. Enough of this lowly crap, I miss these conversations and Group energies with all of you and we all benefit and grow when we share and connect in this way.

      • Dear Maria and Denise,

        Such important information you are bringing forth for so many of us, deep gratitude😄to you both, and all here fighting the Good Fight!! The timeline you are mentioning, Denise, of 1998 onward to the 911 event, is a window of time I shall not forget, it had the effect of literally knocking me and others I know off of their Ground of Being : : and the literal physical grids of the earth that were under their stewardship and care.

        There are no compromises possible now, either we hold ground for the Christ within, or the Adversary, ie, Team Dark, there is no time any longer for fence-sitting, the Great Bifurcation has begun in earnest!

        Wanted to mention the supportive work also of Aliyah Marr, a longtime reader of HighHeartLife, she put out small ebooks entitled Exit From the Matrix and now Avatars of Eden, I think you might find them very helpful in distilling so much of the confusion of the Ascension journey for newbies.

        God bless you Denise and all here,
        Much love from Big Sur : : Daphné Kachinabluestar 🐎🐱🐯🦁 xx

  • Denise, thank you for your HighHeart! I so appreciate your words and information. I have experienced a tiny bit of being attacked (nothing like you, and Lisa Renee, and David Wilcock and such) and it is a strange crazy energy to navigate. You are appreciated, and I am so incredibly happy to have found you. Thank you!!

  • Thank you Denise. Its ironic that reading this “stuff” makes me feel better because I’ve been feeling so low and like giving up and Afraid! And there is no real Reason for me to think and feel so sensitive and under attack! I’m so grateful for the info u share, and as u know so many of us live isolated lives without any comforting or hugs, and so things seem amplified. I appreciate u bringing us up to date on the “dirty laundry”. Hugs!

    • I have felt alone sometimes, too, but looking back on my life I realize I was never alone. For all the nastiness of the dark elements, there are always equal light elements that help us–that invisibly are always trying to help us. If you enter “Lisa Renee and Core Fear Removal” into a search engine, you will find a clearing that helps tremendously with fear. It is best if it is done on a daily basis, or at least every few days. Denise has posted Lisa’s 12-D Shield, which is good for protection, and I have found it to be extremely helpful. Another thing that helps tremendously with fear is having a daily spiritual practice: whether it is meditation and prayers (favorite life enhancing ones), or whatever. It will dispel fear and engender a sense of well-being, even when the crap hits the fan.

      We are being mind-controlled by dark aliens, but we can do something about it with things like the Shield and Core Fear Removal. Also, both Denise and Lisa Renee have information on this. If you search for Lisa Renee and Victim-Victimizer, you will find information on mind control and the other things dark aliens do–they want us to be afraid and depressed, and they are actively trying to promote this in us, so there is a reason that we feel that way. I’m sure Denise will have some wise words for you. We are all in this together. I am hugging you Edith. You are never alone. Someday I will be on here, and you will bring comfort and hugs to me, too.

  • Sometimes the amount of provocation we get is so….provoking…that it can be hard not to react…internally as well as externally. I know ‘trust’ is a big message that keeps coming to me at the moment (and for a long time of course!)
    It is very sad when we are attacked by people who we feel would naturally be ‘with’ us. I can only say that having experienced so much deep and difficult mental, emotional and physical manipulation throughout my life from the ‘unhelpful’ energies (TD to you) that I try to stay as unreactive as I can when others act from those influences. Definitely not easy when you have them knocking on your door though! I try not to buy into any of the negative thoughts and hurts too much after these attacks too. Forgiving quickly I guess….another thing that isn’t too easy at times!
    I find it hard too at times to see clearly enough as to whether I need to be processing inner stuff at times or if my triggers are just being pushed so the ‘unhelpful’ ones can feed again…I know the unhealed traumas are a doorway for them so it needs the healing…but sometimes I know they are just trying to keep me in a loop. It feels like quite a crazy balance we have to tread at times doesn’t it?
    Much love with your own journey and many thanks for what you bring. Katy x

  • I work in the scientific/engineering fields in Los Angeles. Here is a recent report similar to Lisa Renee’s latest post in the field of medical research:

    Are there any traits of serial fraudsters that overlap with traits typical of some personality disorders?

    CM: I don’t think that all researchers accused of or found to have committed research misconduct have a history of mental health issues per se, but I think some of them fall under the pressures and culture of the research environment. If there are hierarchies that only allow room for a few and the only way to succeed in your area of expertise is to test the ethical waters or commit fraud as way to achieve that higher status, then this behavior may be engaged in without any previous history relative to the acts. That said, I do think it is possible that there are individuals in this area with personality disorders. Personality disorders, though they appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), are not considered diseases with traditional pharmaceutical treatment, but rather, a series of traits inherent to the way they get through life and interact with people. One that comes to mind is Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which easily could describe many features of a highly competitive researcher. Narcissistic Personality is described in the DSM-5 by exaggerated self-importance, the need for admiration and power, lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, and selfish behavior that takes advantage of others

    • ‘…Narcissistic Personality is described in the DSM-5 by exaggerated self-importance, the need for admiration and power, lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, and selfish behavior that takes advantage of others.’

      That accurately describes a staggeringly large population of Earth humans unfortunately.

  • Thank god for Denise, Lisa, and all the others who have worked so hard to bring the truth into the light of day. I work in a public service job and I can tell you it’s been very challenging. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Even though it’s been a struggle I am no longer afraid (mostly). I feel stronger than ever, sanded and battered around the edges, tired, of course, all those things that we all are feeling at this time. And yet…there’s a part of me that has become so grateful to just be AWAKE. Yes, I see the ugly more clearly. But the beauty! It fills me in those moments when I’m able to see it. And I’m more willing than ever to do the work. Sometimes feels like there is so much more work to be done on myself, I know there is. But I’m willing.

  • Thank you, Denise. As always, your insights are so reassuring as they parallel (as do, Lisa Renee’s) the Lightworker/Forerunner/Ascending Christed Heart path we’re following. I’m in complete agreement with what you’ve said, but would like to add something. I’m 51 (soon-to-be 52 in 1 week) and, recently, I’ve been taking a good, close look at some well-adjusted Millennials. I’ve been amazed at how much better-suited they are to the new energies and am trying to learn from their community mindedness and giving natures. It’s naturally hard for us, born to such dense energies, to adapt to living in the new world we’ve worked so stubbornly hard to help create. But now seems to be the time to have the courage to LIVE in that new world, take risks in opening outwards. We KNOW however, that this opens us up to energetic attack, as it always has. AND YET, we kind of have to now. As a long-time reader of both your blogs, I know you’ve been talking about this too. The hard part is knowing that the attacks MAY come (I had some NASTY etheric attacks to deal with yesterday…and I did) and still open outwards into the new world. Coming out of the cave when we can, in other words. I wish it were as simple as saying…oh thank God! Now we can live better and do what we want. Of course you CAN try, but TD is still here and causing their hellish mischief. We’re ahead of the curve…AGAIN! *sigh* Still, there’s nothing for it but trust and live. And I don’t know about you but my skin is pretty thick at this point. I also swing a mean etheric broom. Anyway, thanks for listening and for you lovely posts.

  • Dear Denise,

    As always, I appreciate all you have done and do and BE 🙂

    I just wanted to say how I relate with the “staying still”. I finally came out of the fog of exhaustion (still am tired though upon waking from OOB activities) weeks ago, yet I found (and still find) myself glued to my futon. It was as if something were telling me to just “sit”. At times I get annoyed by it, wanting to get on the treadmill or stretch etc, and yet there it is. I must just sit. And then I found on the day that I run errands that it felt monumental to shower. When I finished that it was monumental to even think of getting myself ready, of uncovering my car, driving, going store to store. This is a new experience for me, and I knew it somehow tied in with this something within me telling me to just sit.

    One of my portal neighbors (with 4 boys who all played around my car, scratched it more than once, and no one else’s) finally moved out at the beginning of the month, yet they still come by and hang out. The other 2 portal neighbors left are using the same tactics: upstairs they burn food or cook meat in a disgusting oil (I’m vegetarian and feel nauseous by the smell) so I’m either running my stove exhaust fan (noise hurts my sensitive ears) or burning incense at least twice a day, and both the neighbors park blocking me in. There are 6 parking spots, 1 is for a car that is “for sale” but just sits, the 2 next to them are fine, but the 2 spaces that are in line with mine are almost always empty. Instead the other car, they pull in right behind my car perpendicular effectively blocking me in all night until they leave. Granted I only go out 1 time a week because it’s so exhausting for me to put the car cover on and off (to keep the kids and skateboarders from scratching my car), and yet there’s no reason other than to get a rise out of me to park like that. They only do it to me.

    I have to remind myself more than once that this is a tactic, they are being used, and to try and quit grumbling that I have to pick up after everyone here, picking up their messes, putting out their garbage cans and picking them back up (have done it 4 years every otherwise no one does it). Have to get to the stage of quit grumbling and just move on from there yet. Work in progress. Part of it is, I feel like I worked so hard myself to get out of that low level junk personally, that I literally can’t stand feeling it around me anymore. Ah, feel like I understand that experience of “being repelled by the opposite energetic” thing on an experience level and not just a mental level. Never intend for my comments to be so long and then they are 🙂

    Much HeartLove to you!

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