Evolving Beyond the Old Lower Frequency Range & Its Energetic Systems


In my June 17, 2016 article Falcon asked why some people she knew can no longer visualize their 2nd chakra and that they were having some pains in that location as well. Unfortunately I didn’t go into much if any explanation about that particular question because I focused on other related information. Let me add here however that more and more people are having or soon will have similar experiences of not being able to clairvoyantly See, feel or sense not only their 2nd chakra, but all three bottom chakras as they have been.

I’ve been saying for years that as we continue evolving or “ascending” up and out of the old lower frequency energies, consciousness, world and reality we were born into, those old lower things, beliefs, habits, loves, hates, abilities sense of self and so on will slowly disappear. We in fact are disappearing from that old lower frequency world because we’re literally vibrating at a much higher and faster rate than it now. Hence the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. 

A few years ago I wrote an article at TRANSITIONS about this topic of our bottom three chakras changing and losing focus because humanity is evolving up and into the High-Heart as the NEW focal point and base of operations. Not the survival fight of the Base chakra, not the sexual and reproductive issues of the Sacral chakra, and not the ego as primary self of the Solar Plexus of old, but something completely NEW, different and of a vastly higher frequency and level of being, consciousness and reality. Please read or re-read it and take a look and feel at the images in it as they’ll probably make more sense to more people today than when I wrote it.



800x800 colored beings Recently Lise Renee wrote something in her blog section about this topic of the bottom three chakras changing dramatically due to our evolution/ascension entitled, Dissolving Chakra Membrane. She gives great explanations about how the old lower chakras were intentionally invaded and greatly distorted by what I call Team Dark, what she calls by many other names. Take a look as it helps explain much of what many of us have been going through all year on multiple levels—physical, energetic, emotional, psychic etc. Thanks for it Lisa Renee. ❤



‘…Currently, as certain fields collapse, there’s a lot of smash and grab, thuggery and Mafia like behavior happening with these dark hierarchies. They are desperate to cleave on to the collective pain body and try to wreak havoc in the masses, to ensnare people into emotional dramas, as many of us are moving out from these lower fields…’

‘…The organ system and the glands system that is involved in the function of circulating energy, and what was being fed by the chakra, it’s now reversing the pattern. Before the chakra was in control of that function and now the organ is actually becoming in control of running energy in that system…’

800x800 colored beings Quite often I’m so intensely living some aspect of the Ascension Process that I don’t have the time, energy or sometimes the needed distance and elevation to fully perceive all that I am going through and why. This has been the case for me personally very strongly since December 2015 nonstop to today. I don’t mean it’ll end tomorrow but that so much has been going on that I haven’t always had the whole picture to report on because I’m still, you’re still, we’re still very much living it.

This year I’ve had to go on those things highlighted in my life and awareness, whatever they are, because there’s something in them needing my further attention and deeper understanding. This is a bit hard to explain because the method that these changes are happening now are very different from what they’ve been all these Ascension years. Why? Because we’ve changed that much.

One of the things that’s been hard this year for me is that my  personal stuff/issues now are always intimately interwoven with global stuff/issues in some strange micro/macro business that’s gotten much more complex over time. Said another way, it’s gotten harder to separate my stuff from mass humanity’s stuff and Earth’s stuff etc. It’s all the same stuff at this point and one simply reflects all the rest. What’s going on in the world will show up in my personal life like some strange and horrible ‘mini me’ type micro/macro business. Weird and I hope you understand what I’m struggling to express.

Another thing that’s been building all year has been certain body changes that are unlike earlier Ascension related symptoms/side effects. Again, some of these symptoms are different because we’re different from a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago.

A couple of months ago my diaphragm area bloated up again (the “Buddha Belly” business) after it having deflated a bit which was really hard to have back again. Also my feet are burning hot again and I’m having some chemical sensitivities again. And then a few days ago my head, skull and eyes exploded once again with one of those rare head pains and pressures that you know is permanently altering your head, eyes, optic nerves and physical and higher vision.

The pains from this have been so severe the past four days now that I haven’t been able to do much other than nap every day and ride out the head, eyes and flashing optic nerve pains shooting over my skull and down the back of my neck. I’ve had these particular head and eye pains before and they’re so severe I have to do only the necessities each day as I go through them. This severe physical pain business happens after I’ve gone through weeks or months of fairly serious emotional and energetic stuff/issues that had to be dealt with at deeper levels and in different ways than I’ve ever dealt with them before. And I’ve dealt with some of them for over twenty-five years! Right now is the bottom-line cutoff point with whatever remaining stuff each of us still has within us. This old stuff (relationships, old habits etc.) has to be dealt with and disconnected from for us to continue moving forward in our personal Ascension Processes. This I’ve done personally all year, much like what the UK has recently gone through; I’ve disconnected from how it’s been because it’s an absolute necessity now. I know I’m being vague about this but only because it’s very personal. I’m certain you can relate in your own way(s). ❤

This article may sound all disconnected and rambling about different topics but trust me, it’s talking about one thing; our lower chakras evolving into something totally NEW and of course all that’s been connected to or related to those energies has been up and in our faces, hearts and guts too… personally and collectively. Just keep rollin’ through it all because even though it’s rough and painful at times, you ARE, we ARE making tremendous evolutionary leaps forward now. Your ringing ears, aching body and at times very heavy heart of the past tell you so. The old lower cannot co-exist with the NEW higher and so we Work to change what must be changed within ourselves.


June 29, 2016

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  • I’m painfully aware of how very difficult the month of June 2016 was for many. I continue working to clear out the recently accumulated energetic filth, lack of awareness, self-absorbed patriarchal egos, male tantrums, general delusions and negativity, and mental and emotional imbalances flung about by some people. Mars retrograde along with everything else did exactly what they did but now it’s clean-up and move on time.

    If anyone needs or wants to verbally rant, spew, throw tantrums, ego stroke themselves, preach, delude themselves and soapbox, negatively thrash about on other people publicly, you’ll need to create your own online space to do that because Comments containing any of this will no longer be allowed/published here. Need I remind you of the title, meaning and messages of this article?

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  • For when I think the struggle never ends, I think of Mother Teresa who went through a 40-year Dark Night of the Soul: Her confessor knew her despair, her abandonment of hope, etc. She had health problems for much of her life, and maybe they were a part of her ascension, and also dark attacks on her. She knew how to put one foot in front of the other, and listen to the Source/her intuition. There were nuns that stood against her, even though she helped the poorest of the poor, which no one cared about; and some of the very people she helped betrayed her.

    I constantly have to watch my sneaky ego. It thinks it is better than others, and perfect, and close to enlightenment, even when I am knee deep in dark crap–delusion, all delusion. It also likes to play a game that if it pretends it is perfect, then it can trick itself and others into thinking it is perfect–more delusion. It’s the negative ego of the reptilian brain. When is that effer ever going to leave me? Not until I get more light. And it isn’t up to my ego when that happens. Jesus mentioned that it isn’t possible to be perfect in physical form. I knew an old, blind shaman that had siddhi powers like Jesus, and she would smoke like a chimney, in order to stay in physical form. Perfection is the ego.

    I think about the physical pain and how easily I forget things for the convenience of my ego. My kundalini rose 32 years ago, and things were pretty blissful for a bit, but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t meditate sitting up. I had to lay down. Then the childhood memories came, and I had to clear my being for almost 30 years, and learn more things about Beingness. I’m not sure what was crappy health and ascension, and dark attacks because I wasn’t always aware. I’m still not sometimes. And here I am at almost 65, and once again, I am in so much pain that I have to lie down to meditate. I am so imperfect.

      • I think maybe I am getting what you are looking for Denise, although I could be wrong–I can be wrong.

        I begin to see this site as a sort of 12-step ascension program. We come, and we tell our truths, devoid of our “perfect suits,” which society has so programmed into us. We let our pimples and farts and stinkiness hang out because that seems to be the way to rebirth, and we won’t find it in out “perfect suits.”

        Cross talk is probably not good. We get to talk about ourselves/our trials and our path, and our solutions, or non-solutions that we have experienced. We get to know we are loved, especially for the truth of our faults. What we hide turns into our shame. We don’t need fixing because we are what we need to be, and we have all the answers we need within.

        I stopped going to twelve step groups several years ago when I became profoundly deaf, even later with a cochlear implant (and most likely a physical dark implant), I can’t get much. And I am attacked by unconscious people via their prejudices non-stop, but though I cannot necessarily control them, I find I can control myself, but there are days/periods of anger and frustration, along with all the other things.

        I remember reading on Lisa Renee about the dark spirit “deaf and dumb” (Mark 9:25). It’s still with me, but I live with it. I have come to accept the gift of profound peace it gives me–I am learning to take the bad with the good. I don’t want to be hearing any more, but I still have clairaudience. It has taught me so much, too.

        I have protections, but sometimes things remain for a reason–more transcendence required–and it is not all bad, but a part of the path to not really caring what happens, to neutrality, and acceptance. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have days when I am so sad, I don’t think I can keep going. Until this “me” is consumed into ash, no Phoenix will rise. I must have ashes to rise, and I still have fuel to burn. Just for today, this moment, I am OK, though, but tomorrow will bring new things, new challenges.

    • Caroline, I so luved your “I Am So Imperfect”! I am reading some Lisa Renee info and I just came across her mentioning “humans traversing through the underworld realms in order to reach their final destination as a Krystic being”. My feeling is, if we are in these underworld realms then yes, we are going to be imperfect and might as well enjoy some of that imperfection to the best of our ability. Just as the shaman used smoking like a chimney in order to stay in physical form, I use sexuality. And yes, maybe it is imperfect in some of it’s form but it is perfect for myself. Helper for me to stay in physical form but also knowing I also am heading towards that destination of a Krystic Being and that imperfection will not impede me from attaining that destination. So I would say, It is all Perfect in it’s Imperfection!!!

  • Many times after I process thru a really intense energetic period as I have come out of, I can then look around myself with a new perspective. Sometimes I view this Experience as a Master Holographic Organic Video Game which has a Life of it’s own that goes beyond mere words. When I come back to this center for myself then I can say, yes, those Passions of Truth that I was just feeling were valid for myself but in actuality there is No Right or Wrong within the Master Game. So how I play the game, how you play the game, it is just our Truth in any given moment. Also, not getting so wrapped up in an energetic such as TD as that TD is playing it’s personal role in the game, actually making the game quite challenging and interesting. As I mentioned in a prior comment, I still find some “so called” dark or negative charged energy within myself quite interesting. So at this given moment I will say to myself, no right or wrong, only how we choose to play the game but also holding that in those given moments, Our Truth is our truth and does belong to us, but only us personally as others truth will vary in one way or another within their own personal belief system. This is how I am then able to play this game at another Level. So for myself at this time, I am saying, where will I take myself at this given moment in time and reminding myself that there is no real right or wrong wherever I am heading. Does it continue to be Intense, absolutely, but I would say that is just the level of the game that was are now operating from, kind of feeling like we are now playing at the Expert level and if we have achieved that, then that is something within itself. Then we are achieving Master status in this Master game, so we can at least feel good about that. Maybe what many of us are feeling as achieving a type of “ascension/new and different evolutionary status” is simply that we are mastering the current game that we are in and then will be able to move to a Brand New and Totally Different game for use to once again Master. As I can only speak from my Human Form at this given moment in time, I feel being in that form, it is always looking for way that it can evolve and achieve new levels that it can operate from.

  • “I’ve disconnected from how it’s been because it’s an absolute necessity now. I know I’m being vague about this but only because it’s very personal. I’m certain you can relate in your own way(s).❤”

    Strengthening, personally, as you wrote “an absolute necessity now” Denise. Not vague. Much of my life seems as though I am disappearing, either disconnected, socially destroyed and obsolete or my thinking rolls through my mind without myself being able to grasp a process to it, sort of concluding, about that anyway, “there is nothing I am going to see in this world but a brick wall and now it is a brick wall without hope”.
    Driving ok, in fact better!
    Our nearly 200 yo elm tree and the heavenly expanse of stars at night don’t seem to stabilize and lift me like they have done. Standing on the earth with bare feet still does, and listening to The Perfections of the Creator. And what you write Denise (and responses to yr posts). I’m very glad you said that it is “an absolute necessity now” and not feel as though I am going bonkers … and that something is close (but not a way out, a sort of real reality). The only way out is through. Correction! 3D ‘through’. 5D ‘up’! 🙂
    The out working of ascension is a surprise growing awareness personally, requiring a lot of adjusting, but it’s becoming so increasingly illuminating that’s it obvious it has to be that way. Personally shifting between illumination and a brick wall .. but never a full stop brick wall as it used to be for me, not really. Some have a spiritual ‘bolt from the blue’ but from the first moment I can remember consciousness looking out on the world, it felt a brick wall and like Pilgrims Progress in the dim distant 3D days, I have spent years searching for what it is all about.
    In appreciation and love,

    PS .. Just realised that the Creator says “I Am” and TD, or anything lesser, says “I will”.
    One is no intent, the other is needs it.

  • I have been thinking about what Mikey has written. He is right about the apathy that comes from TD as a way to stop you shining. But sometimes it is more local from your own ego who is frightened that you are not wanting to live with that in the driving seat. Instead you are wanting to live from your heart. Sometimes it will do anything to keep it in your power seat. The emotional pain before you clear stuff can be seen almost as a death cry as another tiny ego piece dies back. I have encountered both types of “attack” on me and it has been heard to discern where it has come from. I never realised that the ego can try and take you down as it is not a team player wanting to help your soul. I have also been in a tremendous fight for my consciousness. I believe it is at this point more light needs to be bought into your body as that is the greatest defence. It does not matter how you do that everyone is different with different ways of working. When you are in the fight moment it is hard to remember to do that, and that is the point of greatest danger, as Mikey put it you don’t shine. All of us are in an immense struggle, but I believe It is about clearing your space so that you are as light as possible. Then you have to hold your space to anchor that light in the reality we call our world. That is my definition of light worker. And that is why Denise is right about us being by ourselves in our various places. We are needed where we are. But it is tough. It is being both a light and a warrior as we hold the line of light and shine in the darkness.

    • Magda-very well put-I like what you wrote here. And Mikey I agree with you also. But one thing I have found that yes even though TD is out there and trying to sabotage-the less emphasis and ‘thought’ I have on that aspect the freer I am from their ways of attack. Years ago when I was more of a beginning stair stepper the attacks were intense to where I saw them with my eyes opened…It’s like Denise has said: we need to focus on and keep our thoughts in check on what we want to manifest. Our thoughts are vibration and vibration is energy that ripples out affecting all and everything on this planet. I work hard to keep my thoughts and words in the Light aspect-so important during these intense times. The less emphasis I give them the more I can stay in the light…I want to say that being on here and reading the comments and feeling the love-GREAT BIG LOVE FEST AND IM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS. Love to all on this holiday weekend. Be safe, stay centered during all the bombardment. 💗💜❤️

      • Despite it being an old lower frequency and consciousness war-based “holiday” here in the US–the 4th of July weekend–(in case you haven’t noticed they’re ALL war-based, the others are religion-based) there are some potent NEW very high Light Energies pouring in all week. Bask in them and do whatever spiritual/energetic Work you need to now and override the sheer insanity of fireworks in severe, bone-dry drought-laden states.

        • And being in and around that energy right now is intense-felt it at the food store yesterday. It is so not for me to be around that-i can’t. And I’ve moved way beyond any guilt associated with having to be removed even from my own flesh and blood family members at times. I’m SO glad to hear that there will be an influx of light right now so we can all dig in and bask in it. Will hear the fireworks from my abode but will be creating my own within. ❤️💜💗

  • I have to say I am grateful to have found this article tonight. I searched google for “spiritual symptoms June 2016,” and here I am. Denise, and some of the responders, thanks for the confirmation of this week’s energy. I am a designer and a medium, YES, both, and I have to function in the world sometimes. I do not work nearly as much as ten years ago and have emptied life to little obligations, bills, debts. AAHHH, but it has been 25-30 years of this transition/ascension. UGH, enough already. I’m ready for my TV show to share with the world. Let’s get on with it. I’m from NJ and can be a little Jersey Sopranos. Please don’t take offense, since none of you know me, YET! LOL Thanks for writing Denise. This was a pleasant and clarifying read.

  • Hi Jeff
    I am glad you have been able to see yourself for who you are. Worthy. I recently had a complete meltdown whilst putting together an ikea cabinet. It was the culmination of a massive energy clear out. It was awful but boy did I feel better when the dust settled. I don’t know if you do energy healing like reiki. I always find that helps me. My hands pick the spot and I sort of press stuff out then bring in light to let the crap out. Or imagine the light coming in the top of your head and filling your entire body. That allows the rubbish to come up as it can’t exist in the light. I sort of switch between the two when needed. I have spent about ten years doing this on and off. I just used to get sick all the time with my chest and sinuses. The only thing that helped was letting in the light. By letting go I have gradually learned to love myself. You will get there, you are there already. It just hurts on the way sometimes.

    Thank you Judy for your ideas for food. I am not brave enough yet to try but I will keep it in mind for when I am ready.
    To all of you love and light.thank you for this conversation that spans half a world.

    • Magda, what I am working on in this now moment is Being Love. I am trying to stay aware of my “content” and reminding myself that such things as one path vs. another or TD’s energetic tactic’s do not have anything to do with myself Being Love. These energetics don’t have to knock me temporarily out of this Love ever unless I allow that. I think this is what Denise is referring to as being Master of Myself or yourself as Loving Myself. I don’t have to allow that to escape from me, Being Love, it belongs to me, it is my Sovereign Right. I need to continue working towards mastering not giving it away for a lower resonance energetic which would then actually be of my own making.
      P.S. – Thanks for your tips.

  • Thank you Denise. Judy is right when she says it is going to get harder because more light is coming in. Jeff as Judy said hang in there. Last week I was sitting by myself wondering who the hell I could talk to about what I am going through. And you all have listened to me. The phrase is “darkest before dawn”. Try and ride out the emotions you are feeling and let them go. Your frustration etc is just part of this process, another layer to the onion to be gone. All of us are there with you on our own small step journey. Just when we think we have turned a corner another onion layer is waiting to be peeled away. Our world is energetically crumbling we knew it had to. This is the moment we have all been waiting for and the love out there and on this blog is amazing. Think how wonderful it will be, is. Even when it rains above the clouds the sky is blue. And that is you Jeff, Denise all of us. There is light in us and that cannot be put out. Evil, the dark is an absence, a nothing. It is cold and untended. Love is all the warmth in life, the friends you have, the family you love, anything that warms you through. It is the glue of life. The thing that connects us and makes us both divine and human. Bless you

    • Thank You Magda, I have heard all your words and Thank You for your Strength! At this time, this blog is my Family so to have this beautiful Love flowing to me really means a lot. It is replacing that temporary cold and untended feeling that I had been feeling with the warmth of Love. Yes, you are so right about that onion layer as another level is peeling away for me from my past in regards to my ancestral family and how it ties into my alone/lonely feeling.

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for your latest article. I find your honesty refreshing and that is why I enjoy your site. I am sorry some people and comments have been “inappropriate” (which is Code for out of order). I feel this week a lot has happened with your site and the people reading it. There has been a lot interference and mischief making. But there is some great support for you, and amongst some of the individuals who post. It has just got lost in translation. Your article was spot on for me with regards to food and other sensitivities. I am struggling with what to eat at the moment as food seems to send my stomach crazy but I am permently hungry. I have been wearing fairly loose clothes to work and have had some amusing moments. But my stomach is like a bloated ball. And I feel so flaming tired it is hard to put one foot in front of the other. England is a hotbed of negativity at the moment and I have tried to not listen to the news. The way the EU referendum has been reported has been to stir up as much hate as possible. It is good that the uk voted for change and that our government have shown themselves to be so self serving. Change has been well overdue. I am just waiting now for the light to start to infiltrate the places where dark has resided.
    Love and light to you

    • Beautifully said Magda. ❤

      Yes the positive changes that the recent EU referendum vote business is the Light at work in a very Dark place which means there is and will be a lot of very negative, very old energies/beings/consciousness/agendas etc. up and flying about everywhere and the sensitive folk See and Feel these things. The second the vote was announced on TV I energetically felt things here in the USA go into instant re-action in an attempt to further lock down consciousness in this country for the same reasons. It doesn’t matter or make any difference because this is the disintegration phase of the negative global patriarchy and its structures. It’s just going to be rocky for a while as the old is overtaken by the higher NEW. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions everyone so that you don’t add to the fears of the unaware.

    • Hi Magda-see if a more liquid diet resonates with you-a smoothie filled with leafy greens, a plant based protein powder, curcumin berries… I’m telling you we ARE being guided to less dense foods as we lose our denseness. Of corse LISTEN to what your body is telling you and drink tons of liquids-water tea… Light and love to you! 💗💜💗

  • I totally agree with what Diviana has shared here. With Energy becoming more and more severe on a daily basis so many are just totally fucking out of control. The aloneness feeling is also becoming more and more severe. I think many of us are at the point of Why Fucking Bother!!! I think the fact that we cannot support one another in a respectful way is just too fucking sad for words. The True and Real Work hasn’t been done by the majority and because of this it continues to feel unbearable. Why is it so hard to just become Real with all of this instead of fucking chanting, channeling and playing around with your fucking crystals. I for one am just totally feed up. Denise, if you choose to not publish this comment I totally understand. I honestly don’t know how you can stomach to read some of these continuing comments. One from yesterday was so friggin airy fairy all I could think was, how friggin high is this person. This is my Truth at this time. I just feel so disappointed.

    • Jeff & All,

      I’ve had to accept the fact–and this is a fact whether or not some people like it or want to believe it–that there is always going to be this gap between people who are farther and/or much farther along in this evolutionary Ascension Process than the people on lower Stair-steps of it. This fact isn’t going to change in my lifetime which means for me and for the rest of you further along in this Process of becoming so much more in these current physical bodies, that until WE are constantly in a higher frequency and Christed state ourselves, I repeat, ourselves, WE are going to be effected by lower frequency, lower consciousness people both online and in our physical lives. I’ve known this fact for a very long time, but as I’ve said repeatedly over the years, knowing something isn’t remotely the same as needing to LIVE it so as to be evolved by it. Two very different things and this fact has been front and center throughout 2016, and amplified tremendously throughout June of 2016.

      Some of us are at that point now of being between a rock and a hard place with this issue in OUR individual evolving processes. I learned much about myself throughout June, and a few more things about narcissist sociopaths, making the month highly valuable spiritually but a dangerous, flaming pain in the heart at the same time. Such is higher and lower however. For me there is nothing else to do other than Master staying in a higher frequency of being constantly now. The moment WE do this in ourselves, the lower stuff and people and consciousness won’t bit and tear at us the way it still does from time to time. This is about US, not them please understand. The responsibility is all ours to reach this state–which we’re doing in case you’re wondering–and stay there no matter what or who etc. comes in at lower levels.

      I’ve been very honest and open about this aspect of the Ascension Process and about how hard it’s been for me personally over the years, both here at HighHeartLife and at TRANSITIONS, to not have my Emotional Body jacked up, jerked around and deliberately manipulated by both humans and non-humans. I’ve done this because I know this is a common hurdle in the Ascension Process for everyone. Many of us are currently 99% done with this particular aspect, this hurdle so don’t give in or give up now! There’s so much higher energetic help here NOW to push and lift us up to where we’re going with all this so take advantage of it and finish this thing in yourselves now. See you all on the Higher Side. ❤

      • I hear and totally understand what you are saying Denise. I know beyond a doubt that for myself your words are also my Truth. As you said, knowing it and Living it are two different things, of course living it being the difficult part. I honestly just don’t know if I want to see this process to completion, more and more I just feel I am tired of caring about what I call the Grand Experiment. Why not return to all the addictions once again, at least it made life in this reality bearable. I know I am a holographic out picturing of the Infinite Energy that I occupy. I don’t feel I will be a failure if I choose to move forward and leave this form that I now occupy. I feel I have tried my best and you have humbled me concerning my comment and I have to say, who am I to say that I feel others should be at such and such a place. I have to now say I apologize, the frustration belongs to me and I should have fully owned it for myself. I understand because of my frustration I will have to remove myself from the blog and I Thank You from my High Heart for all you have done for me by Being your individual Truth! I know the part I played on the blog was just that, another part of the whole. At this point of intensity I was forgetting that there is No Right or Wrong, there are only our individual choices. Maybe I’ll recognize some of your energetic signatures in another place and time.

        • Jeff-HANG ON! You are simply stating your truth. At least you own it. Denise is right that each is on THEIR path so we really can’t get frustrated with others Who don’t yet see the path that they are on. They will get there eventually and we can trust in that. And also that we have to continue to bear this burden – it is what we signed on for. At this point many of us are experiencing exactly what you’ve stated/which is WHY BOTHER?!!! I have felt it stronger than ever recently! Hmmm wonder where THAT inference is coming from as we get closer and closer. Makes sense that these difficulties are now increasing as is OUR own LIGHT becoming stronger. Now is time to grit down-it’s down and dirty time. Exactly what my body is expressing through this rash from hell! HANG IN THERE JEFF! You are such an amazing positive light surrounded by more love than darkness! Ask for help constantly! I’ve been BEGGING FOR IT! We all LOVE you and send you emended love and light! HUGS BROTHER! ❤️💜💗💗💗💗💗

      • ‘…I felt so ashamed for my rant but you are right, it is My Truth but my energy became somewhat misplaced.’


        This dear double Piscean, has been going of for a while and it’s okay, it’s totally okay. I’ve often said how hard it is to look good while going through huge spiritual energetic changes such as what we have been. When I told you that I love LOVE you a few days ago, just that caused ripples and waves in you. This is how much ALL OF US needs to know that we are loved LOVED and that we are love LOVE ourselves. None of this has been easy, not one speck but we’re doing it and more nonetheless. Ego wants to look good, sound good etc. all the time but we’re going far beyond that and sometimes we don’t look so good while we do that and that is perfectly okay.

        For the past hour I was impulsed to go find something, I didn’t know what but I could easily feel that something wanted me to find it now so I do what I always do when I get this feeling, I follow my nose with an open heart. Very quickly I found what it was that I needed to hear/see/feel at the moment and I very strongly believe there’s a few of us that do right at the moment! Because of this I’m going to share what I was led to. Get tissues cause there will be crying at times but it’s good, really good. Here’s living in our HighHearts. I love LOVE you all, deal with it!!! 🙂

      • Wow Denise, this TED Talk was phenomenal, as you stated, just what I needed, What I most picked up on other then the amazing content was that she was just a normal human being giving this talk, one human being speaking to another, myself. What I realize is that our individual path’s are very unique to us but all path’s will one day converge together. I think a saying went, it’s not about the Destination but the Path Taken to arrive there. This seems accurate because without all the processing of the unique individual content on the Path, in essence we would not have arrived at that convergence point a changed Being. Also, the content contained within the path is only important within the now moment on that path, what is important is what I have become when I arrive at that destination, in essence at this point of convergence the content is no longer important. This point is so Extremely Important for me to have arrived at because I was placing too much importance on the “content” of my path and no longer seeing that convergence point that as you stated Denise, is so close at hand, 1% to go. All that will truly matter at that point of convergence is who I have Become! Your impulse to find this talk Denise was so on the mark for me and I Thank You for that. Now I feel that my worthiness “to myself” has just skyrocketed. So even though I just had been feeling shame in a now moment on my path it has quickly shifted to worthiness in this now moment on my path which is all leading to my becoming a changed human being. Now it doesn’t feel to me like it has all been for nothing, quite the opposite.

  • Hi Denise, yes get all that you are saying…. I did some clearing in January and a big one in March had the budda belly too as with one on my soul group members … I’ve got full 13 chakra activation for 7 years now….. I have no lover chakra feelings at all only heart, upper heart and above, I no longer live from those areas or sexual feelings or attachments… none but I can feel my blades and heart fully open. I’m seeing colours all the time and telepathy has become real strong.. connections are strong and I have no feelings about TV, drama, magazines. news, gossip… nothing…. only want to be around love and give love and compassion I no longer feel that I have needs … its strange but I’m at peace… I’m trying to work the mission and that’s it..

  • OMG! Where do I start??! Denise in one of today’s links there was a date in January 1992. I have had BIG spiritual experience since a kid of corse like most of US have. But around Jan 1992 is when I had a full-on Kundalini Awakening-an intense beautiful crazy experience. The ensuing years were filled with much! Fast forward to 2011-2012-head and neck pains……lots of other symptoms. 2014-2015- a sensation of my solar plexus area flip flopping inside. Not just a sensation-something was actually flipping over inside of me. I was told it was a resetting. Now, reading your msgs it makes so much sense!! Recently releasing much fear showed up for me. My eating habits which have always been on the healthy spectrum since teen years evolved to where my huge smoothie has become my main meal. I’m mentioning this in case anyone is being guided to move to lighter foods. Definitely listen to your inate inner wisdom guiding younwith this. I was getting into a habit of my habitual past-eating after my smoothie which the smoothie alone filled me up for the day. (I also eat nuts and other superfoods during the day…) as the issue of releasing fear came up I was told that by stopping the habitual non-necessary eating the fear which was in my low back area would also wash away. Well what happened was that when I dropped the over eating my ‘back fat’ disappeared along with a ton of fear. Felt it right away! And funny now because now I am so away from that while self driven ego thing of how I am perceived by others! Also and this came out in the link given today: what has shown up for me presently-like the last couple of weeks till present is the releasing of VICTOMIZATION. Please read those links Bc they are so dead on insightful! My whole entire lifes theme has been VICTOMIZATION!!! This makes sense now. And his past week knowing this is my thing to release now I almost got totally ensnared in being the victim again as I typed the words to a friend who I thought was wronging me ‘I know the Universe is using me to help me with this’! I still almost got caught. When I relealized it I feel like my ‘current’ physical Ascension ailment shifted! I’ve had this insane epic rash from hell since around Dec of 2015. I’ve tried all healthy remedies known to man including a little medical treatment when I felt desperate. After the medical stuff rash came back worse. Anyway I have felt to not use any more natural creams or a thing else as this whole ‘victim’ thing showed up to be released. I even let myself start scratching!! I felt that the scratching is allowing the old physical victim crap to physically surface and release. Now not being concerned with the appearance of blood marks…it is getting less intense. Crazy crazy crazy stuff which all makes so much sense and I had not put it all together with global events but that makes more sense now too. The Universe really does have IT all under control.

  • Thank you, Denise! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well but I’m happy to hear I’m not alone. Starting June 18 out of nowhere my health started getting bad with swelling of my feet and knee joints. Now, every joint in my body is swollen, my skin is tight because of all the swelling and my whole body aches and I’m so bloated. I’ve become a 55 year old bedridden hot mess who is depending on others to take care of me. I even went to the doctors and had tests done thinking this time I am truly dying. Of course they can’t figure it out because it’s ascension. I made the mistake of thinking after 20 some years of doing ascension work I was well past the physical pain part. I was wrong. Thank you, again. This post has been a lifesaver. It helps me to keep the tears and the swearing in better check. I will be sending you a donate as soon as I get back to work. PS. You may want to check out Mahalas Astrology Planet Alert July 2016 with her take on things.

    • Sandy,

      Thank you for being so honest about this. Too many people still believe that to be in physical pain–especially if they’re more conscious–means they’re doing something “wrong”. In the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers case however we’re living and embodying all this for humanity to have in higher Ascension timeline(s)! We’re not doing anything “wrong” because we hurt and have side effects from evolving, we’re PathPaving for future humanity!

      It’s because of the return of some of my old Ascension symptoms/side effects this year (2016) and because of the tremendous evolutionary changes taking place in our DNA, our chakras, organs, central nervous system, brains, eyes, bones etc. etc. etc. that I wanted to share Lisa Renee’s blog article about these Chakra changes and how that further cuts off Team Dark from being able to control humans (mind control, portal people etc.). It’s super positive even though on the surface it looks and feels like, Hell, I might be dying!!! 😉 We’re not, we’re rapidly evolving which will continue changing everything else in very positive ways…that at first don’t look or feel “positive” either.

      Until we’ve sprouted wings and white Light is shooting out of every orifice we have, 😉 expect some physical aches and pains here and there from time to time. What we’re doing, living through, becoming is hard Work that hurts sometimes. Of course Big Medi won’t find anything “wrong”. ❤ You feel better soon too and drink extra water during these intense periods when our bodies are working extra hard. Swear all you need my friend, I do to release some pressures when needed.

    • Hi Sandy, my High Heart is with you, sorry you are in a period of being bedridden. It gave me a chuckle when you used the term “hot mess” because that is all I sometimes think about myself is, what a hot mess you have become! Lol I think for some of us in our more “mature years”, we are really feeling the “hot mess” effect from all this Energy bombardment. Here’s to You feeling better soon!

    • Sandy it may feel that you are alone with this at times but you are far from alone. I totally sympathize and feel your aches and pains. See if anything is showing up to be worked on-any little details that need clearing. Many hugs to you. 💜💗❤️

  • No Denise, My Dear Friend, your article does not sound rambling and disconnected. It is right on the money. Thank You for taking the time to post this with the physical intensity that you are going thru. I feel if it wasn’t for you as my fellow compatriot I would not be in the Full Resonance of a “Front Liner” that I am today. You have assisted in this more then you can imagine.. I totally agree that we are at the “bottom line cutoff point” and that is why our continuing personal process is so severe at times. Continue to rest as much as you can. I Love You very, very much!!!

    • Diviana,

      Just because someone, anyone, writes a Comment here on my blog does not mean I will publish it. Some I will, some I won’t and I have important reasons for this. There are Comments that I do not want here, nor will I promote other people/authors and their websites that I know have wrong, incorrect, distorted etc. information in them through a link someone shared in their Comment here. I’ve never promoted incorrect information.

      I’ve often wanted to ask people who do this to me, why don’t they try promoting one or more of my articles on those peoples websites and see what happens. 🙂

      • I read about all these ascension symptoms for years now. Other than the ringing in my ears (which someone said it’s the relaying of info from my back-up team upstairs), I have never experienced the other physical signs. I feel I am vey awake and aware but why am I different? Not that I am complaining. I am perfectly happy not to suffer these aches and pains. Even emotionally, I am fine – couldn’t be better really. Life is great!

        • I say this with Respect and High Heart Love, do you feel you Truly are Awake and Aware or is it TD’s false representation of being awake and aware. The reason I say this is that I spent around a decade of “thinking” that I was truly awake and aware when I wasn’t! Only you will truly find that answer within.

        • When someone claims they’re “awake”, it’s often a clear sign they’re not and it’s ego talking. When one is honestly in the long and ongoing Process of awakening, they know what they know from moment to moment and they also know that they don’t know all and don’t have any problem admitting that to themselves or anyone else. Those are people that are honestly starting to “wake up” to greater and higher levels of being-ness and reality. This Process of “waking up” NEVER ends for any of us, ever.

        • Denise, Great Explanation. I find out that all I can do is hang out with my “Being-ness” and see where it takes me on an ongoing basis. My Being-ness is so in flux at this time that I find myself saying constantly that I really don’t know anything, everything is so ever changing and especially so at this time. Yes, I totally agree that this is and will continue to be a never ending process as we are such expansive infinite beings. I find being a Human Being to be utterly fascinating as we are so expansive but also having had to survive in a tightly controlled and confined environment. Feels like quite a paradox to me, Like mixing oil with water.

        • Denise-feel the same way-the more I go and get through and have small moments of complete bliss at times ecspecially lately the less I know. And I feel like I become really ‘removed’ from remembering why this is so right on and so important. Like the hugest test EVER! Makes sense though if we are path pavers. What you called our bodies last week-can’t get out of my head Bc it’s so true ‘Meatsuits!’ That sums up the physical for me lately! As a good friend always says to me ‘ it’s all good’. Like a parent who knows their doing a good job when their kids dislike them at times, if we are hurting at times we know we are on the less traveled path-the correct one!

  • morinin’ Denise, well, thank you for sharing the whole head , eye etc..info..since the solstice I have had nothing but pain in those areas..it had me down for the count last week..I rarely get headaches and every morn I wake up with one right in my forehead, then it moves all around my head neck could barely turn my head. My vision has been ..from geez I can’t even focus or see..to the other day ( I have worn glasses since a kid..for distance..’can’t see the future?”)..to this magical moment the other day..of a miracle moment..holy cow..I could see so clearly without my glasses. I wanted to hold on to that moment,but it lessened,but nonetheless now I have hope that indeed in all the pain my body has handed me and knocked me down to my knees in the last week..and this week for that matter..there is a real ‘shift’..almost wrote it without the “F”..that works too :).They also started after that emotional outburst and issue if you will of those ‘nasty’ neighbors next door and their trying to do a smash and grab of my energy by trying to include me in the drama…and I yelled “shut the ‘f” up” to them in the night..as they were outside fighting with each other…that was my lesson in it..folks..even ones with smiles on their faces and giving you accolades and compliments and the like..are definitely the ‘ones’ to be on the watch for energetically. I moved to a new town 9 years ago after ending a 27 year marriage..and every time new folks would move next door..I thought..maybe this is them..my new ‘tribe’and gave it a go..and then they show themselves..actually they didn’t think they did..but I am too sensitive to energy to not eventually ‘get it’ what they want from me and what they are up to on the planet. Things are not always what they appear..time and time learn this .

    So, what I have noticed in my own world..and neighbors in particular, I have never seen so much anger, loathing and disrespect next door in such a large group of folks who are all family..even the mother in laws etc..its a huge group..wow..nothing I want to be a part of..and what I am witnessing over there to me speaks of the world at large..these energies..are like watching the birth of a huge sink hole..and it just reeks of FAILURE..for those kinds of folks and energies for that matter..there is life ..so there is hope there as they are still in their 30’s,but times a wastin’..and hey..maybe they are doing exactly what they need to be..it sure is an amazing aha for me to watch the decline..and the clarity of me understanding and taking a stand on energies I DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN>So, dear heart..if you felt like i did last week and some this week..I do know how much energy it takes to think ..and write..and try to make something cohesive ..and you did ( now my Buddha Belly and I will just sit and watch the flowers grow and listen to the birds sing ..and accept what is for now…oh, and EXHALE! peace.

  • What my guides have been showing me, is my womb is now golden, and held within my heart. It is very beautiful. They show me now, that sacred space, is much deeper, and the energys now flow from it, in waves, they showed me a peace rose, beautiful unfurling petals, of yellow, edged peach, and pink….. very holy.A true womans gift, and she can share that with thecmasculine….. I think of the golden children, who are incoming. These children are held in this space, for conception.. golden heart/womb, of pure love. ( it is said that these golden chikdren, actually prepare the mother, and her womb, for their conception…. they held in yhat space, till, they come into incarnation, some learning on the ships first… guides have started on other xhackras, but not that i understand yet…… they have never worked with me on the solar, fire element chackra. Thank you so much for your articles. It is such a wonderful journey. I to have found it difficukt this yr bodywise, but we know what to do to help the process……

    Pps, the root chackra is now, deep within, the earth mothers core. The solar plexcus, just shining light. The sacral, golden heart womb space, it held in heart. Also with talk of first contact. Definately there were many ships, of different beings, in sky, round here. The tor glastonbury, heart center of world. So odd only those who resonate can see them. I did tell a young man who was going climb tor, “keep yr eyes open for ufo,s…. they went onto the festival….. humans trying to bring in a creative, high res, meeting place, music, ecology, creative arts, etc, abikity to manifest a space, in few weeks. Then everyone renewed, go back home, to do it there.

    Ps, been reminded it is the male, who opens this geart womb space for the women. In tantra, i do not know yet what, she gives him……
    what i have found since solstice, (wasnt that a ride),, is, before, people were trying get their hooks into my space, including the society, (i agree, it more n more, not our stuff, but societys..)…..But, now, there is nothing for them to hook into…. just love

    • This message is for everyone.

      On blogs, COMMENTS are for readers to COMMENT on what was written by the author / owner of the blog. COMMENT areas on blogs are not anything goes public forums.

      I’m about to close Comments again everyone. Recently this has gotten so far off HighHeart course again. The lack of understanding and disrespect I experience out in the world is bad enough, but to get it on my blogs is extra painful. I’ve endured this before but I’m not willing to for much longer. Comments need to be ON TOPIC to what I’ve written or I’ll not publish them and if that doesn’t work I’ll be forced to close COMMENTS altogether and I’d rather not have to do that.

      • Oh Denise, I totally understand where you are coming from with this comment. Please everyone, show RESPECT for Denise. Please go somewhere else if you cannot follow Denise’s Guidelines. I will always Respect Denise’s opinion concerning myself and would totally honor her if I am off her guidelines and I would stop posting. Just because you need to spout something off topic is not fair to those of us that have found a like minded community here. Please, if you cannot Try to hold Balance or be Helpful from a High Heart Perspective, just go somewhere else. It is TOO LATE in the process for that type of fucked up bullshit! If you are still playing that game then as far as I am concerned you are TD infiltrating this blog to do harm!!! This late in the Process, how can some of you still have your heads buried in the sand! It makes me feel sad and quite disappointed.

  • Dear Denise
    What I notice the last few days off extreme pain, beally, heat ect. That there was a serious break between the 3D world felt deeply in the “body” Not from the second or third chakra but from deep within the Hara centrum. There was also involved the family biological structure and memories that has be taken by birth in this body.
    There is no road map en we never now what is coming next……..

    I wonder will there be a integration or separation with the old world………the last word is not spoken yet.

    With Love Diviana (NL)

  • Denise, I am so sorry to hear how painful and difficult things are for you right now! You are in my heart, dear one.

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