The Phoenix-Like June 2016 Solstice


A short note to mention how different and multidimensional the June 2016 Solstice and same-day Full Moon period has felt, and been.

A dear online Forerunner friend recently shared a vision she had the other day about a huge, powerful and beautiful Phoenix bird flying and circling overhead. Her vision felt to me exactly like what I believe many of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and some Forerunners have personally gone through during this June 2016 Solstice. It’s very much felt to me like:

  1. Another living transitional death process out of our old selves and reality
  2. Another trek through some Astral-like junk and gunk type experiences
  3. Immediately after June Solstice we were reborn anew from our own ashes like great and beautiful Phoenix birds

This has felt terrible, wonderful and extremely frustrating beyond belief at times, dead quiet and isolated at times, and blissful and self-fulfilled—Sovereign—at other times. It’s also very much felt like I’ve gone through another living death process and have transitioned into something NEW and Phoenix-like. I believe many of us have had this recent June 2016 Solstice/Full Moon period experience over these past few days and weeks.

A very big and different corner has been rounded by many of us over these past few days, and in many ways, it’s still taking place as I write this. As usual this too will take some time for us to adjust and acclimate to and better consciously understand all that we’ve just gone through internally and how that automatically helps evolve everything externally.


Very well done everyone, Thank You and keep flying anew.


June 22, 2016

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46 thoughts on “The Phoenix-Like June 2016 Solstice

  • Denise

    Throughout the years I have dealt with very low dense stuff and absolutely would not have made it without the help I received. Very definitely there were those who tried very hard to derail me. But and it’s a big BUT – We are in a very different energy and “time” now and need to do things is new and higher ways. So thank you for your reply. I GOT it. It’s been something I have been struggling with lately, trying to find those new ways. Connecting with you and those who comment here is definitely one of them.

    Again with Love and Gratitude to All

  • Hello and Love to ALL

    I have been attempting to write this comment for some time now. (at least an hour) In fact I had just finished and it was rather lengthly and it simply disappeared! All through the writing of it my computer and curser have been jumping all over the place, often switching to Frrench. My intention is to share a couple of TD attacks I have experienced that were very insidious aènd I will keep on until it is done. It has actually gotten funny to experience this feeble effort to stop me and is encouraging to realize that they are having to stoop this low now in an attempt to interfere. So please excuse and enjoy the quirks that show up in this comment.

    What I want to share is a saying I remembered aÈ I was reading the comments this morning:

    When you are up to your ass in alligators it is hard to remember that the original intention was to drain the swamp!

    That perfectly describes what happens at times and it is exactly what we are doing no matter how it feels. WE ARE DRAINING THE SWAMP. Getting down to the real dregs now.

    I want to share a couple of rather insidious attacks I experienced. At first they caught me completely unawares as the usual attacks are more blatant.
    The first was shortly after my husband left his body after a very shor t intense illness. I was devastated and the loneliness was extreme. A woman I had never met showed up from seemingly nowhere. Of course she had all the same interests I did and seemed very much a kindred spirit. It didnèt take me long, thank goodness, to realize she was sucking the life out of me! I severed the relationship immediately.
    The other attack I wanted to share was similar. Again it happened at a very low time for me. I had just had a huge release of very deep dark energy I had taken on that rendered my basically non-functional for several weeks. I had been taking art classes and had to cancel several of them. The teacher call asking if she could help in any way. I accepted her offer and we became friendly. We started to paint together outside of classes. But the more open and creative she became the worse I got and lost my creativity completely. She had also begun to be slightly aggressive. Her behaviour confused me because she was in fact a good woman. I later realized she was being used to take me down. I terminated the relationship and immediately my creativity returned and I resumed painting.

    At first these attac ks confused me but I see it clearly now. TD using my vulnerabilities against me. What actually looked like a godsend was in fact the opposite. It made things confusing for me for some time – who and what to trust. Since then my life has become very solitary as I continue this ascension work I am surprised to realize that I rather enjoy it most of the time. I am discovering Me, ME and my male aspect. It is a wonderful amazing process we are experiencing and most of the time 😉 I feel that it has been worth every second of hardship.

    Since this message has already deleted twice on me I am not going to chance rereading it and will send it as is

    My Love and Highheart Gratitude to each and every one of you on this path.


    • Dhyan,

      Thanks for pushing through the deliberate TD interference and rewriting this Comment and sharing it with us all. And hugs of love to you with everything else you’ve gone through and continue to. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Years ago at TRANSITIONS I used to experience this type of deliberate TD interference with my writing articles and comments too. I'd spend the time and energy, which I had so very little of (and brain fog!) that to lose an article and/or comment was often devastating.

      I said the other day in an article or comment here, about how we HAVE to go through this Ascension Process in the physical I mean, on our own. Of course we have constant help, guidance, contact etc. with our Higher Home Crew, but down here in these "meat suits", we HAVE to do this on our own and for important and valuable personal reasons. You've experienced this and more when "tempted" by other people to "help" you through your difficult times. That sort of "help" is more times than not parasitism and nothing more. Difficult things happen to us to push us to change things inside us that need to so we can continue evolving. People trying or wanting to "help" us during these sorts of events only make matters worse and more painful and lengthy for us. That too is part of our spiritual and energetic educations!

      Everyone, never ever forget that Team Dark are bottom feeders. Stay out of the bottom and your golden. ⭐

  • Hi Judy,
    Thank you for your response and your post. It is good to hear everyone’s experiences. I like the idea of tuning in. Maybe we could support each other that way. Or maybe just sharing with each other is the same as extending your hand to help each other along.
    It has certainly been a wild ride, trying to integrate new energies and stay sane, whilst beefing up to deal with all the negative people, spirits, things trying to get at you. Even waking up to that seems to have taken half a life time.
    One day it would be nice to sit on a porch somewhere, sipping a lemonade and knowing that you are “home” , with where you live, and the people you are sharing your life with.
    To all of you on this post who helped me through a rough weekend thank you very much.
    As always love and light or as the pg tips advert says “let’s keep it tea.”

    • Hi Magda! I wanted to say thank you so much for your beautiful Heartfelt reply! Hugs to you!💜💗❤️

  • Thank You Michael, Jeff, Dyhan Denise and everyone who so eloquently described my life right now. And thank you all for accepting and doing this amazing work. It can be such a lonely process. And Denise thank you for stating that we absolutely have to do this on our own. Of corse we aren’t really alone but it sure feels that way. You also summed it it so well of why we must be alone-that we are each in our little nooks (no accident as to the where part) continuing to transmute the energies. Sometimes I get so caught up in the process that I forget that it’s not just about me! But reading all these comments-OMG it’s like a mirror of myself! I know that right now this is my JOB and to just focus on doing the work and digging deep within but to hear others out there-not just others but my fellow tribe of brothers and sisters it is beyond encouraging and awe-inspiring! Getting emotional here! I love you all! Denise-can’t we just get together for one group hug?????!!!! Maybe set aside a time where we can all tune in together with our HighHearts!!! That would be powerful! Ok-much love and super warm embraces to all 😘😘😘.

    • Hi Judy, I Love You Also. A big Thank You back at ya for accepting and doing your part also. I agree, it is beyond amazing to me that so many of us, those of us that seemed to be invisible and in the background but nonetheless Mighty Warriors of Light, are now connecting with one another. I feel it is now time for this connection as we have worked thru much of our own personal stuff and have become Quite Strong within ourselves and I can say for myself, not quite so needy. Lol I think we are already tuning in together with our High Hearts on a continual basis, it was like you said, “I am getting emotional here”, that tuning in. When I feel all of you out there I also become quite emotional and Full of Love! One gigantic Lovefest! Wow, would I ever like to have a lovefest with you all, the energy would be off the charts. My energy skyrockets just thinking of it. Too Scrumptious for words. Now I have to stop before I go too far! Lol
      Also just wanted to mention that for myself this latest period is somewhat of being in a hold pattern which is always difficult for myself, holding steady that neutrality. At this time I am to hold “firmly” the level of human dismantling I have achieved in my own little part of the world and it can feel quite alone/lonely as it is always tempting to do some rebuilding. I Raise My Glass to All of You!

      • Hi Jeff! Sorry for this delay! I was really going through some inner and outer crap! Wanted to thank you and give you a very big hug for your beautiful words!❤️💗💗💗 they have really helped me!!

  • Denise,
    I completely agree – without the internet I would be a nutcase – more than I already am. The isolation is the hardest aspect and the being knocked out by energies so that all you do is sleep. As a long term insomniac I would say that sleeping is always a luxury. It is good to read all the comments. I find this as helpful as your articles. Thank you for being honest about TD. I once told someone about all the attacks I kept experiencing and they told me they had never had anything happen to them, it must be me. They were running a circle etc. And healing people. I found it odd. It took me a long time to realise that maybe they didn’t experience the dark because they operated from it. I look round at a lot of the people where I live and they look so faded and unhappy. I am grateful that the light has always been with me and in me, even though it took me a while to clock on. All my life people have sought to squash me down. They have hated me. But I think what they hated was the light in me. Somehow that is less personal.
    Love and light to you and all who read this site. May you find your heart and may it shine. One day maybe we can all have a light worker hug. But for now it will have to be a cyber one.

    • Hi Magda! Your comment didn’t show up until after I posted mine-LOVE the synchronicity with the group HUG thing!!!

    • Hi Magda, Love back at you also! I feeling this sentence from yourself is one of the most profound ever written, “It took me a long time to realise that maybe they didn’t experience the dark because they operated from it”. This has been the Grand Deception of TD, those that think they are operating from the Light when in actuality they are doing the work of TD! They are channeling, healing, and chanting, etc. the energy of TD and to this day continue with this practice. This morning on a walk I was shown within this figure, 9,999,999 to 1, this is an approximation of how many who think that they are working for the Light have in essence become members of TD. Only 1 true Warrior of Light to all those who have been trapped by TD! As you can tell from some of my posts, I am relentless and will continue to be relentless in speaking this Truth concerning this deception as there is always Hope that some of those trapped by TD can truly begin working for the Light. I feel like a relentless recruiter for True Warriors of Light.

      • Please do Jeff because this particular problem, this particular delusion is something that people NEED to realize and fast.

        The majority of so-called New Age stuff, including some others I’m not in the mood to reveal yet, are totally owned and operated by TD beings and/or lower consciousness and energies. I’ve keep quiet about this and much more since I began writing online in 2003, but it’s time now for these fakes, these liers, these self-deluded people to be outed one way or another.

        And yes to what Magda said because it’s totally correct. When someone claims to have never experienced negativity or Dark, evil, TD etc., then they’re either unaware, asleep, self-deluded, and/or have turned to the Dark Side of the Force and bat for Team Dark! Or they’re so unaware that they’re valuable only as a food/fuel source and to be used when needed by TD to be Portal People against Team Light folks mostly.

        • Thanks for your support on this Denise. I just want to comment on the main reason that I do all of this and that is My Deep Love for Humanity and Earth! I realized a few years ago that I want to remain in Human Form and I want to continue to occupy Earth but in it’s Higher Eden like Resonance. I don’t know how many truly realize that the human race could have faced extinction and beautiful Mother Earth annihilation if not for our diligence in what we have been doing. This “will not” happen at this point in time but it is important for all Humans to continue their inner clearing process and for those that have been fooled by TD to see the True Light. And yes Denise, they need to do this extremely fast as there is not much time remaining for this particular process. The reason that I know this is that the Assimilation Process(Assimilation replaces Ascension for myself as TD has totally tainted the word ascension) has begun to this higher resonance Earth and if we have begun assimilating to that new resonance then there is only so much time left to finish the “clearing out of the old” process. I look forward to sharing what this Assimilation Process means for me as we go forward. Just think folks, “Eden”, and don’t doubt for a second that we can’t have it and haven’t earned it. Continue to Rock On Everyone!!!

  • Michael, I cannot thank you enough for mentioning Denise’s article on Polarity Integrators! I immediately went back and read it, as at that time 2012 I hadn’t yet found this site. It was exactly what I need to hear at exactly the time I needed to hear it!

    I have felt for some years now that transmuting very dense low energies is my mission in this Ascension process. My past is one of intense and prolonged satanic abuse. I have not been able to work outside my home as my “career” was to heal from/transmute these energies and has taken every ounce of energy and focus I have. There have been repeated attempts to keep me from doing this work. With much help from my late husband and a very select few others, I have managed to get to a place where I often feel the sheer Joy! of being alive, of being IN LOVE and BEING LOVE as Denise has mentioned.

    This is where I was before I was hit by the energy of this Solstice. On the Solstice I HAD to get every scrap of darkness/denseness out of my house. I worked all day at it, (and since) exhausting myself even further. I even threw out the screen, grate and logs from my woodburning fireplace and scrubbed off every bit of soot I could. I have replaced dark tables with glass (2nd hand thank goodnessI) Anyway you get the picture! The energy of my house is now so much lighter, airier, less dense and feels soooo much better. Kind of funny but before the Solstice I thought it was already very high. Higher stair steps.

    Then I was hit with all these dark memories of the past and the even greater realization of just how completely controlled both my life and mind had been. Hooks lashed out at me trying to drag me back down. It was like being hit by a speeding train and was completely unexpected. The past few days I have been struggling with transmuting this darkness, slashing away the hooks. So I came to this site knowing I would find support in the thoughts and experiences of others who are also dealing with this energy and process. Reading the older article and more recent ones has helped me so much to put what is happening now into perspective and I am finding my way back to my earlier state of neutrality. Princess and the Pea.

    I want to send HUGE hugs of GRATITUDE to you Michael for directing me to the article, and to all who so openly and generously share their thoughts, experiences, pain, and joy. Somehow the energy feels different today and for the first time, after reading the comments for this article, I find myself wanting to openly share my past and my experiences.

    There aren’t words Denise, to thank you for the work you are doing, sharing what you experience and holding this space so that others are able to communicate and support each other through the rough and the not so rough of this wonderful ascension. I have taken the support offered by you and those who have written in and it has helped me through some very difficult times. I feel in a place now where I WANT to be open and connected with others doing this work. For me this is a HUGE step and I thank each one of you for helping me come to this.

    From a Highheart overflowing with LOVE and GRATITUDE


    • Hi Dhyan, in regards to your following sentence: ” I have not been able to work outside my home as my “career” was to heal from/transmute these energies and has taken every ounce of energy and focus I have”, I would like to personally say Thank You for taking on this role for myself and all of humanity. In your sharing I feel your Strength and Resolve which helps myself to maintain those attributes. I understand when you speak of those “hooks dragging me down” as I feel this energetic every few hours at this time. For me it is, hooks pulling me down, High Heart pulling me back up, etc., etc., etc. From my High Heart to Yours, Love and Gratitude for all that you do!

    • Thank you Dhyan. I’m happy that my comments resonated with you.I loved your comment about this transmutation work being your career. Many moments I’ve sat alone in my little apartment contemplating everything that is occurring on the Earth at this time and feel like I’m outside the loop or not doing enough to help bring in these changes. Understanding that it is for some of us to be in solitude and feel these waves of energy intensely in order to anchor and transmute them has helped me immensely in accepting my present situation.

      Love and Hugs back at ya,

      • Michael & All,

        As much as the human part of us desires to be with, or at least physically near like-others, it’s still painfully clear that we need to do this Ascension Process thing on our own. Even this seeming Forerunner isolation from each other has it’s reasons, some of them being so we know absolutely that WE did everything WE did and no one else did any physical aspect of it for us (old lower consciousness). We each have to be empowered and sovereign within ourselves for multiple reasons.

        Another reason for our continued “distance” from each other in the physical is because we’re still balancing the NEW Light Energies like receiving/transmitting stations around the planet. If we all bunched together to have like-others close so we could get together and have a Forerunner Hug-In :wink:, we’d leave the planet with large portions energetically unmanned so to speak and unbalanced and so forth. Until this aspect is completed, we’re needed to anchor where we are now like hundreds of thousands of receiving and transmitting stations around the planet.

        Without the internet to be able to communicate physically, our jobs have been intolerable and broken the strongest of us. Gratitude! ❤

        • Denise, that first paragraph about the Forerunner Isolation from each other is so spot on for me. I have wanted to “pass the torch” more times then I can count but there hasn’t been anyone to pass the torch to, hence, I had to learn to be empowered and sovereign within myself which was quite a daunting task for me. I avoided this for so many years of my life until my life started disappearing around me and I had no real choice other then trying to comply. It took the severity of what amounted to forced seclusion, isolation and solitude. Also as Michael stated, that solitude has been a major task for some of us. As always, you are spot on!

  • Thank you Denise and everyone who shares their experiences here! Often, no amount of spiritual techniques can equal the reassurance I feel when reading that other brothers and sisters are going through similar challenges on the Path. I have felt for a few years now that I’m “treading water”, doing all I can to keep my head above the waves. What used to be day to day has become moment to moment. My experience with this Full Moon/Solstice has been waves of intense apathy (and boredom) followed by a feeling of being in a “new place” although everything seems the same. I wouldn’t say it feels good, just different. Oh, and that lingering feeling of being separate from the unawakened masses I’ve felt most of my life now feels like a great chasm.

    I identify strongly with the Polarity Integrator role which Denise, you have wrote about in the past. The first time I read that article I cried uncontrollably for 15 minutes. I am an empath like so many of us here and know how difficult it is to be a hyper-sensitive in this world. I came to this realization a few years ago when I noticed that when driving out of my city into the country I would feel, sometimes instantly, all the angst and sorrow literally just lift right off me. I can be in a state of complete despair, wanting to just check out, when in a moment as I reach a certain point, my energies lift and I’m in Joy. Needless, to say my dream is to one day live in the country.

    As a male one of the hardest things for me to heal has been the false masculine ego programming and aggressiveness that we are constantly being bombarded with. I, as I imagine many here, could write a small book on all the attacks I’ve experienced from other men in my life. I will end with a story of one of these experiences that I think is a good one. About 5 years ago a former employer of mine bought a ticket for me to see his favorite hard rock band, whose name I won’t mention, although most would probably recognize. I love all kinds of music but this band seemed to have a dark, satanic element to their sound and I was rather leery to go but I went anyway. It was a packed venue and we were about 50 feet from the stage. As the concert progressed I noticed that the lead singer seemed to be looking at me in what I’d describe as mix of anxiety and annoyance. I dismissed it as my imagination but at one point he glares at me and telepathically in my head I heard quite clearly, “What are you doing here ?!” I’ve since learned to rainbow my aura when out in public 😉 Thank you Denise. It felt good to share.

    Many Blessings,

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your sharing as the sentences in your first paragraph totally resonate with exactly what I am feeling at this time. It was like you said concerning the reassurance you feel from reading what other brothers and sisters are sharing, I thought to myself, wow, there is a brother out there who understands what I am going thru, he is going thru it also, now I don’t feel so alone. It also warms my heart to see so many males commenting at this time and you mentioning working with an individual male issue. I felt at times in past years to be the only male commenting for long periods of time. Not that I don’t love the shit out of my sister’s here on the blog, it’s just nice to hear some male voices. Denise has created quite a special spot here for us to converse at. It feels to me that all her hard work, diligence and authenticity over the years have allowed for a new style hang-out that we are all so desperately seeking. Thanks again for the sharing Michael, it has helped me to see another Ray of Light!

      • Thank you Jeff. Actually, it was your comment about boredom that inspired me to comment! Spirit’s workin’ haha !! Yes, the boredom has been intense at times lately. My challenge is to not attach shame to the fact that sometimes I feel weary of this whole Ascension process. Periodically, I’ll have a day of clarity (I call it a breather) and be reminded that all the frustration, fear, and discontentment is just illusion being experienced so it can be healed and released. I’m ready, however, for it to start feeling like we’re going downhill instead of climbing a mountain whose peak is obscured by clouds. Blessings Jeff and Godspeed everyone to Victory!

      • ‘Not that I don’t love the shit out of my sister’s here on the blog, it’s just nice to hear some male voices.


        I could not agree more! ❤ ❤ ❤

        ‘Denise has created quite a special spot here for us to converse at. It feels to me that all her hard work, diligence and authenticity over the years have allowed for a new style hang-out that we are all so desperately seeking.’

        Thank you very much for that too Jeff because it has not been and still isn’t easy for me to monitor and screen Comments to keep the energies, conversations and topics way up where I insist they be at both my blogs. What’s the point otherwise? If one wants to kick others in the guts repeatedly, there are plenty of forums that happily feed on that level of energy and consciousness. Not ever gonna happen under my cyber roofs however. Thanks for this acknowledgement Jeff as it hasn’t been easy Pathpaving this either over the years.

    • Michael, I’ve had that experience too. I dropped by the local Buddhist centre in my town last year and sat through a sermon by the priest there. While she was talking, I sensed she was very angry with me and demanded (telepathically) to know what I was doing there

      • Sophie,

        Thanks for sharing your experience with this type of attack too. And in a Buddhist center nonetheless! The Dark often fools people into believing that what they’re doing is of “the Light” when it’s just the opposite.

        I really believe that more Forerunners, Lightembodiers, Starseeds, Indigos etc. need to share their personal experiences with Team Dark (TD) nonphysical, nonhuman beings/aliens/entities/demons etc. AND with TD humans or Portal People as I’ve called them. I know this is common but more Team Light people probably need to know that they’re often under attack from TD through these two main ways simply because they Work for the Light, the Law of One etc. It’s super easy for a lower consciousness human to be used by nonphysical, nonhuman Archonic beings to attack incarnate Forerunners, Starseeds, Wayshowers etc. I know it will help more to realize that they’re not alone in these experiences either despite how weird (and sudden usually) they are. Thanks again for sharing this Sophie. ❤

        • Well Denise, since you stated you think more personal experiences should be shared, here we go. Some probably won’t like hearing this sharing. Back in October 2011, I remember the time period because this was Calleman’s end of the mayan calender, the door was abruptly shut for me on the “higher realms” and my “higher selves” which had all merged within my human self by this point in time. I was now to operate 100% as human Jeff with no more assistance from without the earth plane. I did all the typical new age things, channeled entities and Light Language, which I loved the sound of, and so on. So when I was cut off from all of this I was quite lost feeling but then started to build full trust in myself as a human, not needing outside assistance, What I had heard at that time of being cut off was that 99% from those Higher Realms of what is showing itself as “Light”, was actually the total opposite, TD. I now know this to be a fact. If the majority of those realms where truly helping us this would not be so difficult, it is difficult because this is being done by human beings in a very dense 3D reality. Denise has stated more then once that those Old ways of doing things do not work anymore and I agree wholeheartedly. We are at the most critical period yet so it behooves us all to constantly soul search for what can truly help at this time. We need everyone’s help. I always say that is was so ingenious of TD to totally infiltrate those so called Higher Realms as so many have become lost there not able to be of any true assistance.
          In prior posts I spoke of having to repair “chinks in my armor” and can tell that I have made great strides with that as I can once again fully speak my truth from my High Heart.

    • ‘I identify strongly with the Polarity Integrator role which Denise, you have wrote about in the past. The first time I read that article I cried uncontrollably for 15 minutes.’


      And that sentence made me cry. Mutual gratitude hugs. ❤

      ‘As a male one of the hardest things for me to heal has been the false masculine ego programming and aggressiveness that we are constantly being bombarded with.’

      Thank you for your honesty about the false masculine ego as it’s a huge, and as you mentioned, difficult to transmute. Also, I especially enjoyed your story about the Dark recognizing you/the Light. I’ve experienced this too in many different ways as all carrying Light have. The battle (and hate and attacks etc.) has been and still is very real with this.

      Michael & Jeff,

      I also want to thank both you Michael and Jeff for your much needed and very much appreciated Inner Work for starters. Males have had such profound Team Dark oppression and violence to dig their ways out from under, while females have had sheer hatred from TD to survive and heal from. None of this has been easy for either sex, but I for one want to tell you two males carrying Light how much I’ve personally needed to hear from, interact with, be around and physically have as spiritual friends and co-workers sane, honest, integrated, balanced, individually unified males in my life now. ❤ ❤ June has been unusually filled with narcissist sociopath males in my life and reality which has been rather difficult to get through and not let retrograde Mars, or anything else, pull me down into the insane fray with them. Nothing clears the patriarchal negativity as beautifully as Light-filled males with HighHeart. Thank you both for all you've each done to reach this level of being while incarnate in male bodies during the Ascension Process. Thank you both and hugs and hugs of Love. Keep going because you're more needed than you may understand yet.

      • Wow Denise, now you made me cry. No one has ever thanked me for the part I am playing because my part has been one of constant invisibility because of a role of intense seclusion. Last month Lisa Renee spoke of those of us who are going thru a “dismantling” process which I started almost 8 years ago, around the time period I discovered your blog. My life abruptly went from 5 crazy and intense years of travel and constant movement in my personal “new age” quest to the beginning phase of the total and complete dismantling of my life, the way I heard it within was “Now it is Time to Get Real” and all I could do was let out a groan. Lol I was a good candidate for this role as in typical Piscean style half of me is a loner so I feel I was matrixed to play this role. But after all these years that type of monastic life style has grown wearisome to say the least. Yes, many periods of amazing Peace and some Blissful states but also many of total and complete aloneness and no one being able to appreciate my worth. Last month the final piece of dismantlement was completed, there is nothing left, the onion has been totally peeled and I am at the center.
        So, for you to state appreciation for my role has really touched my heart, probably more then you could ever imagine. Yesterday I spoke of repairing “chinks in my armor” and your comments to me and feeling Michael’s brother energy and his sharing has helped me tremendously. I feel sometimes, and I know you have stated this, that my comments may come across in a strong opinionated way at times and I am very aware of sharing from a male perspective and that I may be misunderstood. I spoke very strongly of the “New” in the past and that was only because for the last few years I have spent time there and was sharing my experience of it, that was a gift I received as part of the intense dismantling. Now, I am speaking very honestly about where I now reside and like so many of us, just looking around to see what there is to bolster myself back to a resonance that I need to return to.
        I know there are others out there that have had a similar experience to mine of a role of dismantling and seclusion as I have seen the comments over the years, so I want to say to you how much I Love You and Appreciate You for having the strength to take on this role as it is the road less traveled and Thank You for your endurance.
        I think of the slogan that I grew up with, “Make Peace, Not War”, which sums up what the male matrix now has to come to terms with. Who wouldn’t want to Be Love and Make Love rather then go to war.

  • Dear Denise, I want to thank you for writing so clearly about this powerful time. I have had the most terrible and the most wonderful time of my life over the solstice and have been clearly shown my own true path – a lonely path in many ways but I now understand it the only path I can walk with integrity and authenticity. Thank you so much for continuing to write of the intense changes some of us on planet earth are currently experiencing. Down here in my corner of southern Australia I now realise that although many are experiencing fundamental shifts in their perception of reality, very few are focused on the higher light waves of ascension. It is blogs like yours that help me understand the nuances of this journey. You and other writers like Sandra Walter help me stay focused. I am in deep gratitude to you.

  • Love your comments on the Solstice Phoenix and earlier post about the 36 year transition of 1980 to 2016. Long time reader of your great site 1st time comments. This past Solstice was very very strong for me so much so it was like the whole of the old “dualistic” belief system just fell away and vanished overnight. The Triality awareness is MUCH MUCH STRONGER NOW than ever before.

    So we finish up the 36 year “transit” (i.e. much like one BIG long and at time painful birthing canal) in December 2016. Four quarters in 36 years for a total of 144. And 3 years of 1980, 1998, 2016 all 3 years sum to “9” for total of 27 or a cube of 3. The 999 Activation over the old 666 Carbon “Beast” system??? The 666 system only add to 18 or only 2/3 of 27.

    Looks like Triality Consciousness is here to stay this time! Can’t imagine thinking or doing anything any other way now. And 2017 will be the first full year in this awareness at least for those who choose it. You are NOT alone there are many of us out here allowing the “mutation” to happen!

  • Thanks everyone!! Just beautiful comments. I had so much energy shoot straight up to my heart I ended up in the emergency room again:) This time I laughed a little because I could see the perplexed look on the doctors face:)..As if a caterpillar had come out of it’s cocoon still a caterpillar..But I was the only one who could see its wings:) much peace..What a contrast..Still coming to terms with all the changes..what a wild ride…and extra big hug to you Denise..

  • yes,we are spiritual warriors..we have ‘wings’ of wisdom that help us to rise to the ‘occasion’ of the moment..sometimes aggressive where need get lower vibrational debris out of the way.I had created a ‘sacred’ space in my garden on the solstice…the people next door..two couples and two sisters in those couples..they all have a history of marriages of turmoil and turmoil in the sisters relationships..and the day before one couple going at it..arguing loudly..and the night of the solstice..the other couple outside! in their yard at 9;30 at night going at it..I turned on soft music, had incense going..rang my chimes to let them know I was on my patio..and they continued for an hour..same nasty they do ..different day…well, the ‘spiritual warrior in me..finally had, I yelled..’shut the f@#k up…take it inside..” silence..I guess they did. It was disturbing even to myself that I found that warrior voice. after spending two days of smudging and creating a space for the ‘magic’ , calm, love I hoped to encourage for the planet..and bam..there is the ‘darkness’ again..these are 30 something year olds..and it does not give me a whole lot of hope for our planet if these young people can’t get a grip on their anger. In the nine years I have lived here and the 4 different sets of people in that same rental thru the years..all of them ..yes all of the folks their have basically self destructed with their anger..and leave..and the next group comes..I wonder if it is the numbers of the house address..10/1..As much as I did not like my anger response to that situation..I almost felt as if it were a ‘challenge’ of the ‘dark’, I rose (phoenix like) to the ocassion..and took my sacred space back to its natural state..and the darkness retreated to inside of their that’s spiritual warrior at its best..sometimes sending ‘love’ to those situations just does not help..I tried it.

    • Catarina,

      Oh, so been there done that for decades. My heart goes out to you and anyone having to go through these types of things.

      About the apartment/house/space etc.

      Because I too have witnessed the same identical type of person/people/families with the same lower consciousness etc. move into homes right next door to me, I’ve learned–the long and hard way–that when one set of unaware egoic, negative emotional and energetic drama addicts moves out, immediately energetically clear the house/apartment/property/ground/air/space etc. yourself. If those of us who know better don’t clear away residual negative energies left behind by others, they’ll automatically attract the SAME type of people to that space again and again and again.

      And yes, sometimes we have to yell and confront and let the Dark know that their crap is no longer allowed here. Very well done you. ❤

      • Miss D, I have been smudging my property line boundary with ‘intention’ and smoke billowing over to their space for quite some time. It is interesting that the two sisters who live there, both have some ‘spiritual’ and soul growth knowledge and I do think there is hope there,but its like they have this slow simmering know like the pot that is about to boil with the little bubbles around the edge..just any minute it will boil over with hot energy. It is amazing to me how much the sisters moods and energy affect the husbands, the children and the animals..I have been honest with the two women in a rare conversation( I am after all almost 70 and they are 30’s so they let me have my say) and said to them I noticed how they affect and wouldn’t it be amazing what they could do in love and kindness and cooperation..but alas..they are used to the dance they have been doing as sisters for 30 plus years. I feel they have an opportunity by living so close to one another to do exactly that..change their dance and be a source of light…but again..the anger is right under their cloaks of longing ..they just don’t understand how they affect the very air the plants, birds, children, neighborhood are breathing in….and for me…it just makes me angry as I am on the side of creating and keeping a sacred portal in where I live…I also find it disturbing I allow them to affect me. ( I feel a custodian of my home and the energy here… unbeknownst to me when i bought my house and did not find out until closing, that this was the Shambhala Budhist center for, no one actually lived here it was used to teach and meditate..walking meditations were done in my living room..actually on the electrical box it still says ‘main shrine room’)

  • Denise, this morning I wrote about my experiences from the previous days and weeks leading up to June 20, 2016. You are spot on!


  • Is anyone else feeling really bored with all of this at this point, that is the wayshower stuff??? I feel I want to once again be Fully Alive either There (wherever we are transitioning to) or right here, right now. I want to be a full participant in Life once again. I want to transition out of the neutral observer mode and be an active part of Life. I want to be able to Be In Love with someone once again without all the hindrance that these last years have brought about. I want to feel blissfully crazy and all ga-ga about Life once again. I want to once again just fully feel what it is like being a Human Being in a semi normal experiencing way!

    • Jeff,

      Just in case I’m going to clarify this. “Neutral” or “Neutral Observer” does not mean be silent, be still, do nothing, be weak, be unempowered and so on. Neutral in this Ascension Process means evolving beyond lower Duality reality and consciousness. When we’re “Neutral” it just means we’re not bouncing back and forth endlessly between old lower Duality energies anymore. We’re energetically Neutral but certainly not limited because of it.

      Having said all that, which you probably already know, I hear you and have often felt the same myself over these many Ascension years. I also know that for me it’s not going to happen in those old ways and not externally either, as that’s not what all this Work and pain and Forerunner misery has been about. You know this too, I know you do. I too want to feel “in Love” again but I want to feel that way about myself and all the time. 🍸 If I can be “in Love” with me all the time then nothing else much matters! It’s just Me & ME & Source having a menage a trois within Denise. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 Sounds like a plan to me! 😆

      Again, I hear and understand what you're saying and why you're feeling it, I really do. It's just that humanity has entered a huge period of change so on one level this inner happiness and peace and love etc. we're desirous of could be seriously messed with by the rest of the world! That is unless we can get there and stay there ourselves, which is exactly what I’ve been struggling with for a long time now myself. Some moments great, others not so at all, but it’s up to Me/ME/Source in Me and ME to master this one. It’s just taking us longer than we’d like is all. If it helps at all, I Love LOVE you. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the reply Denise and it does help to hear you say I Love You and I can’t thank you enough for that, I am so alone feeling at times. I also understand when you said above, ” unless we can get there and stay there ourselves”, yes I have been having trouble maintaining that being in love with myself. Lately it has been feeling to me like it isn’t quite enough but then that would be me returning to the old style of “I would like someone to do it for me”. I am in a period of doubting myself which then causes me to feel really confused about the Process but have to say I have been feeling much better for around the last 10 days, energy not nearly as heavy for me. I so admire you and thank you for your Strength and the constant authenticity of your blogs. Also, the neutral observer has been difficult for me because at times I want to use it as an excuse to do nothing. I struggle with how to become actively involved once again as in years past something would always align to make it much easier to head to a new and different juncture on the path. That isn’t happening these few past years and I just feel confused as to what I should do. Bottom line is there is a big “chink in my armor” that I have to work at mending, maybe I just needed another period of feeling sorry for myself, us Pisces just love swimming in that direction. Lol

  • Profound writing – very great and intense newly perceived understandings that I am in the process of coming to terms with. It’s beyond words what you write sometimes Denise, this is one of those posts for me. Thank you isn’t adequate either so I imagine you can comprehend what I mean. Neither does it seem I can string two words together and make sense any more! Please, then, accept this post as great gratitude for your work, influence and writing…. sincerely

  • You have described the last 3 weeks brilliantly…and oh true this has been. Finishing with a betrayal issue allowing the depths to go deeper. This is surely no place for the faint hearted. Heart blessings…Libby

  • This explains my dreams. For so long I’ve dreamt that I’m 9 months pregnant. Yesterday and day before I dreamt that I was nursing a newborn baby. I was given that I gave birth to myself. The new baby is me. This past month or so I’ve had moments of feeling the light within me and what an amazing feeling. That feels more like ME than anything. Then I continue dealing with my junk. Having those blissful moments though…it’s all so worth it. Not that we could stop the process at this point but we could certainly hinder our growth by how we respond to everything we are going through and everything around and outside of us. I’ve been so grateful even for this intense rash/shedding process. Can’t wait to be the complete fully integrated me that holds more light…and love…

  • You never fail to solidify the experiences of us as a group my dear soul-friend.

    I am just now really coming out of my hole after 4 years to start communicating with other “rrunners” so here goes 🙂

    The front forerunners have been going thru some very different energies this past week and i knew not what to expect from the Solstice. …however as we anchor the energies, it seems we’ve gotten good at decoding them and then passing them down to the forerunners to amchor into Gaia and the collective. (Just my personal experience anyhow… being a front runner with a forerunner close by, who takes the baton the front runners pass, into the actual society/physical collective)

    My only beef with this stage has been how familiar everything really feels. Lol. Its like everythings changed and nothing has moved. Or everything has shifted and nothing is different. (Obviously this isnt true. It is just as you stated that we are birthung anew thru so much of the old again that needed another polish and still transforming into the new space outside of time/still within the Grand Galactic Cycle)

    Thank u for solidifying everything you have. It is beautiful.

    Lovelovelove everyone,

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