Portal People & Mind Control


I was going to write an article about how often I’ve experienced certain people responding to something I’ve written about myself or my life that was said in complete honesty but these people see that honesty as weakness and immediately come in for the kill, come in to preach, or come in to teach me about how wrong I am and what I should do to fix whatever it was I shared. Honesty is not weakness or lack of awareness, lack of Higher Awareness, stupidity, gullibility or confusion yet many people (egos) see it as only that when they encounter it in someone. Especially in someone that’s carrying Light, and there’s the clue.

After just reading this great blog article by Lisa Renee, I thought I’d quote it instead because it gets to the deeper, darker reasons behind these types of prevalent “attacks” more of us are experiencing. Thanks very much for it Lisa Renee. ❤


June 3, 2016



Manipulation Turnaround

by Lisa Renee

May 30, 2016

‘Lately, there has been a wild increase of complex levels of psychological and emotional manipulation that is trickling down from the macrocosm into the microcosm, impacting our lives. As the collective unconscious rises to the surface, many humans remain completely unconscious while playing out destructive behaviors with little to no self–awareness. Most of us did not realize that on the Ascension path, we would need a spiritual Ph.D. in evaluating and discerning the range of ego defense mechanisms that are a result of global mind control, that take such complex forms as splitting behaviors that use many different kinds of manipulation tactics. One of the most common methods of emotional manipulation that is heightened now is the “turnaround”. Manipulation turnaround are those situations that if you make a statement, or share certain communications, in any kind of social situation (job, business, organizations, family life, etc.) the manipulator will nitpick and comb through that statement in order to turn around the information that you have shared to be used against you in negative ways. It does not matter how kind, forthcoming or honest you were in sharing that communication, the manipulator is hell-bent to find something to use against you as a form of character assassination. This is a common form of Dark Force Manipulation, using unconscious people as dark portals to wield chaos and confusion into the environment or social setting. The Imposter Spirits are targeting many Light bearers for forms of inciting persecution complex in their social groups or perpetuating what is referred to as the Victim-Victimizer mind control. It’s a form of dark harassment in using other unconscious humans that can be easily manipulated into fear based behaviors of attacking or accusing, so that the dark forces get the weakest human in the near vicinity to carry out their dirty work. The dark forces are very clever in using strategies to manipulate the weakest link in the chain and to get that person near you, who may be emotionally troubled and unstable, to act out in a variety of ways to take out their personal issues on you, and destabilize any project or situation you may be involved with.  It’s a diversion tactic, as well as an energetic drain, dealing with the lies, hysterics, projections and accusations that generally have nothing to do with real actions and accurate facts. However, it’s a great spiritual lesson in making sure that you are as clear and impeccable with your words as possible, as we must remain accountable to all we say and do. As we hold integrity and accountability for our actions, those people that truly know us will be able to see through the masks of deception and lies that are used to confuse and distort the truth.

Due to the unconscious trauma based fears and accumulated emotional pain that exists within so many people, along with the fact that many of the current social, educational and business structures reward extremely negative behaviors, humanity has developed incredibly complex forms of ego defense mechanisms that use many forms of aggressive psychological and emotional manipulation. The promotion of the Archontic Deception Strategies to ensure that one’s social status and money remain as the reward system on the material plane, which has shaped anti-human values and influenced the deep pockets of corruption and greed that exist behind every form of social control. As a result of this rampant infiltration and social acceptance of anti-human values to rule on the earth, we have bred an entirely new kind of species of human. Humans that are conditioned from birth into childhood to become very good manipulators, developing potentially, into master manipulators in adulthood.

If you grew up as a child being manipulated by family members, manipulation may be harder to discern when it’s happening, because it feels familiar. In these situations where people are manipulated by family, while they smile and say “ I love you” at the same time masking hostility, can create very unhealthy and destructive relationships in adulthood. The manipulator may use words that are pleasant and sound reasonable, or they trigger buttons of emotional guilt or sympathy, so that you override your instincts and don’t know how to respond. The manipulation may seem benevolent, friendly or even flattering, as if the person explains that they have your highest concern in mind, but in reality it’s to achieve an ulterior motive that really serves their needs or desires.

Master manipulators are people that do and say things in order to get whatever they want in order to feel secure or better about themselves, whenever they want it, at great cost or destruction to others.  People are conditioned early in life to build walls of inferiority or superiority complexes that sublimate all personal responsibility in their life, while they give their power away to something external, such as blaming others for their personal issues. Many times light bearers will trigger these kind of people that like to blame something or someone for their unhappiness, and we get into the cross hairs of an unhappy ego that is influenced by dark force manipulation, that wants to use our inner light as their sacrificial lamb. The ego coping mechanism of blame and projection, generally will form into consistent tactics of psychological and emotional manipulation, thus, the manipulator has no sense of accountability to how their actions directly influence others, or the larger picture. Given the interconnected nature of human consciousness, every person has an impact upon others. Manipulators tend to have pent up negative emotions and dominating egos that commonly are felt as extremely energetically draining, earning them the nickname of “emotional vampires”. We all have had those situations being in close proximity to some dominating and unhappy ego, reinforcing the boundaries of our 12D shield many times, to try to neutralize the draining and cording impacts, when in the presence of an emotional or mental vampire.

Manipulators do not take responsibility for their own actions. They are quick to turn around any situation to perceive what others may have done to them, and narrowly focus upon how they have been wronged or slighted. Many times, from their own inner unresolved pain, they make up imaginary story lines from their own obsessions and ruminations so that, they can come up with reasons to justify themselves . This story may be pathologically believed or exaggerated in its importance from their lack of clarity and discernment. Conversely, the disinformation and discredit agenda is to make the information or their target lack credibility, in order to ridicule or diminish that persons integrity and reputation. Generally, manipulators are very indirect and hide in the ambiguous confusion of the shadows, not confronting issues directly or transparently, but spreading gossip. They will not tell their human target how they really feel, but prefer to triangulate and tell other people how they feel, so that you can hear their complaints from someone else. By taking the passive-aggressive route, emotional manipulators are able to deal with things indirectly, while lurking in the gray areas, manipulating between truth and lies. Different behaviors of passive aggressive include, talking behind your back about what a bad person you are, getting others to say to you what they would not say themselves, turning the story around to suit their justification of hurt feelings to be the victim in the story, and finding subtle ways to manipulate circumstances, so that they let you know that they are unhappy with you.

Currently, there are aspects of flagrant manipulation being aggressively used in many aspects of society, to intentionally derail any forward discussion or inquiry that would expose the truth in circumstances. Derailing is to change the subject of discussion and commonly to turn it around so that the manipulator can place themselves in the role as the victim or to gain sympathy. Derailing is also effective to keep a line of discussion going, that serves the manipulators agenda to cover their tracks from lying or conveniently leaving out larger important facts. For example, a manipulator may pretend to be offended or devastated in order to stop any further conversation about their unethical or questionable actions. Also, narcissistic personalities have a hard time not being the center of attention and will act in ways to derail focus of a person, or group, in order to gain attention, accolades or approval.

Manipulators have selective memories. Those who have mastered the art of emotional manipulation are experts in justifying their actions, turning things around against you, and rationalizing situations to defend their position. Master manipulators, also known as Sociopaths, are incredibly skilled in passing off even the most ridiculous lie without giving any obvious clues that he or she is being deceitful. These kind of people are expert persuaders to the point that you begin to question your own memories and sanity. If you have communication with this kind of person, it is best to date, document and write down all communications that have been had. Keeping a log of what he or she says is a good start to having definitive proof that he or she is lying right in your face. Sometimes you may want a witness, having another person with you when the manipulator is talking, and writing it down or recording the conversation.

It will be helpful for all of us to learn how to better handle manipulators, as there is so many of these manipulative behaviors that we encounter in our day to day life, as well as dealing with and vanquishing dark force control. The first step is to know whom and what you are really dealing with. Human manipulators and Dark Force manipulators know your triggers!  We can be informed by studying their tactics and learning their favorite weapons. We gain energetic strength to diffuse and navigate through these dark tactics by building our self-esteem and self-respect. When we have self-esteem we are more comfortable with asserting ourselves to set proper boundaries that are critical to neutralize the impact of manipulators in our lives. This is our best defense!’

(Source: Ascension Glossary – Doublespeak, Lying techniques, Emotional Manipulation and http://www.whatiscodependency.com/spot-manipulation/)

19 thoughts on “Portal People & Mind Control

  • The other point I just wish to make is it is doubly harder if you are awake , a kind , sensitive, person, who feels alone, because no one is on your wave length, you are not saying you are better, but you sure as hell would love to find others who really resonate with you, and we are trying our best , we are human, we don’t need to try to be perfect, god knows it is hard to put up with feeling you do not fit in, and keeping your thoughts to yourself because most don’t get you or what you say, so you feel like you live a continual lie, like you know a big secret, no point in telling it, because you might as well be speaking gibberish…….. its time we were freed from this prison called life……. high time we got our true freedom….

    • jane,

      Much higher Light is now the “norm” on earth instead of the Dark. I know exactly what you’re saying and feeling because I’ve spent my entire lifetime in this incarnation feeling like an alien here. Unless I want to get into what I write about when someone asks me ‘what do I do?’, I can’t even tell strangers that I’m a writer. I too am ready to shine my Light and have those people adjust to me, to us, to the NEW Light instead of us hiding constantly and needing to protect ourselves from them and lower reality. 2017 is going to bring this like nothing else we’ve experienced to date.

      • “what do you do?” one of the most mindless questions asked…I use to be flippant and say “ABOUT WHAT?”..and now I say…” I am fine tuning this human experience”..done …cuz that my friend is a full life time quest..I am not sure I want to ‘fit’ in anymore. I too have been ‘alien’ all of my life and had rare close friendships ..I have two now that just get me and we are on the same quest,but let’s face it ..most folks can’t keep up with the changes those seeking ‘higher ground’ seek..cuz we are not walkin’ anymore ..we are sprinting…most can’t keep up. I used to long for someone like me..but now I realize that being alone is where most of my “DOING” gets done..I have been a daughter , wife, mom..and now a grammy..but I am alone mostly ..family maybe 3 times a year for a visit..I know if I were still ‘married’..I would not be able to keep my energy on chart..so, I am grateful for this ‘alone’ time..my heart and mind are so busy..and I love the drama-free-ness of living alone..that part is amazing…I choose the environment/energy in which I live and can maintain it accordingly.Your (divine) energy you hold in the constant state of becoming…is your gift to us all..and that includes the wide expanse of infinity and beyond.

  • Thank you for this. I have lived through immense emotional bullying from family members all my life. And it spilled into my relationships. I used to think there was something the matter with me. But I realise that a lot of the time I was an easy target and much needed audience for their pain. At times I could “see” that it was not them speaking but something vile and dark. The answer I got from spirit was to walk away as much as I can and understand that those people – my dad and my Nan (not same side of family) cannot see “me” or want to see me. I have sustained energetic attacks from both. But have got through with the lights help. I am completely by myself as a light worker but now that is where my strength has developed. I still find it hard when the dark speaks or seeks to take me down. It has triggered me into letting go of as much of my junk as possible. I still consider myself a work in progress. Thank you for all your insights and for the other comments it helps me take heart. Love and light

    • ‘…I still consider myself a work in progress…’

      Me too Magda, we all are and always will be works in progress. That’s just the way it is for All. ❤

      "Waking up" is for everyone and I mean everyone and that includes the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the First Embodiers, the Forerunners, Wayshowers etc. For me it’s been an ongoing “waking up” at deeper and more subtle levels since the start of 2014, and it’s nowhere near done yet and thank goodness for that! I want to know where I have things (still) that I’m blind to in myself, with others, with Source and so on. This year this process is so amplified and hurried because 2017 is going to make HUGE and repeated leaps upward whether any of us are ready or not. I want to be as prepared as I’m able to for 2017, and sooner rather than later. Every moment some little something in me, in life, in our world reality is suddenly standing there the Light before me to see and deal with is a great blessing and spiritual gift. There is nothing else to do but this…

      People whose family, or just one family member, obliterated ones boundaries in childhood or beyond typically becomes easy prey for other negative egos. Add to this the fact that the majority of Starseeds and higher dimensional Beings (us I mean) that Volunteered to incarnate/reincarnate on earth now are open and loving, we get hammered repeatedly by TD and Portal People — lower vibe, lower consciousness, negative ego people — because we are open and don’t have armor on and huge egos that need feeding constantly. Not the best costume for such a dark negative place as what earth and humanity has been! But, this is how and why we learn, and fast down here. Lisa Renee calls this necessary education our ‘Dark Arts Training’ which I thought was so appropriate the first time I saw that term.

      Keep up the Great Work you’re doing Magda. ❤

  • Denise, I was wondering about your use of word “portal people”…. Are you refering to the term “organic portals”?

    I came across this article years ago




    It was very freaky but also quite ‘sensible’ sounding back then, as many of my experiences confirmed the theory…
    I had no one to in-depth discuss it with and the few people that I did mention it to made a joke out of it and me in the process… So I just sort of filed the info away…

    I would be very interested in other people’s feedback on the topic.

    • Jana C.,

      My term of Portal People refers to all living humans with lower consciousness and are still “asleep” or unaware. Because of this, they are very easy people to be used, manipulated and negatively directed by nonhuman, nonphysical Team Dark beings, entities and negative aliens etc. These people are exactly like negative “portals” that are used by more advanced negative beings to deliberately attack, harm, discredit, derail etc. people that are carrying Light (are awake and are continuing to evolve and grow etc.). Nonhuman, nonphysical negative beings use living unaware humans to get at humans that are working to help humanity through the Ascension Process.

      • Yep, sounds very clear… It is pretty amazing how high the stakes seem stacked against us, yet we still seem to be piercing through all that crap…
        Funny part is, as someone else pointed out, sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish honest, sincere, genuinely seeking person who has just been starved out for love/light their whole life from these mindless ‘portals’…
        At the onset of my journey, I was prob. considered one of those ‘vampires’… Was not necessarily ‘attacking’ the light per se, but my enormous neediness and hunger for love, affection, attention, validation, etc. must have felt very draining and overpowering to those around me.

  • It is amazing how these kind of people/energies work. They are so subtle and subversive and we are all ‘taken in” by charm it seems..our little ego snack..and these manipulators operate in that give and take scenario..they charm you by words or actions..and then bam..the whole wash/rinse/repeat scenario..I ended a 27 year marriage and recently a 35 year friendship..and there was no big ‘ah ha’ bout it..it was more of it just does not ‘feel’ good anymore..and I am DONE..you just are not done..until you treat yourself with respect and love yourself enough..to just KNOW you belong to yourself..it was amazing..(not the marriage ending so much that was challenging on many levels) how such a relief I felt when I chose to not ‘dance’ with this person any more..so, many actual things they did/do in Lisa Renee’s article..wow..I have had the experience, but to see it broken down in to words..wow..there it is..naturally this person in this long friendship did not put themselves in the mix of the situation that told me I was done..I am now the ‘bad’ girl in her world…and she is the victim..well, as this person heads towards 60 and lacks so much awareness on how she affects with her ways..well not likely she’s gonna change her spots..but I carry on..and oh what a relief it is..not to have to deal with the inevitable slights and snarkiness and just the plain not following thru..but forever the victim..gawd it feels so good to be clear,but more importantly….the one I have been waiting to show up is ME!!!!!!!! glorious wonderful in love with myself..in a healthy way 🙂 ..it is difficult to meet and make significant ‘friends’ at my age of 67,but I have been living alone for the last 9 years and there is even a comfort and peace in that ..I never imagined..life is juicy still.

  • This really hits home because I can look back in my life and see that I engaged in these sorts of behaviors. Bullying, manipulating, becoming confused by doing that, stepping back and seeing the confusion, clearing it up, and then understanding that behavior of the past and how it has changed…has been an integral component of evolution in this life time. And…it’s still going.

    Working through interactions of a manipulative nature (originating both within self and others) has made it a lot easier to see it externally…and it does seem that the more one awakens to one self, the more lessons there are to be learned and tools to be gained to sift through the manipulation that is still rampant in the world. It serves to hone discernment in the greatest of ways, and probably necessary as we step into greater, more expansive aspects of our being.

  • I find this quite tru recently. I have been helping, lots of peeps, who are having emotional junk thrown at them. They pass the results on them to me.
    i been feeling anxious etc…..But realized it not me… it collective, stuff, and i dont have to take it on. So bless,and transmute it.
    beloved guides showed me.
    the weird thing is, people dont seem to want to release or cure, their problem, so solutions not wanted…. just to perpetuate, this 3d shit.
    we are blessed to be living to see the higher resonances.
    thank you forvyr confirmation, ★★★★★★♥♥♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★

  • Lisa describes my childhood! I still have a difficult time recognizing deception 2 face behaviors. I work with such a person and he fooled all of us with lies and misdirected and none of it registers even now. I can’t feel or sense it. Nothing.

    I have to keep looking at myself too, to discern where and how I’m giving my power away. Also a wretched life emotional trauma rose up in my awareness wherein I believed I must cater to those in charge to save my life ir keep safe from retribution . What a difference this healing has made in me! It has also lifted my intense scrutiny on spiritual teachers who write off “needy people” while not making it clear the vast difference from someone caught up in fear shock and trauma wanting desperately to heal (me!), vs the emotional vampire etc…. Yet it goes back to that life AND this childhood with the master manipulator turn around. And wanting to be acknowledged and safe at the same time! I do still nit pick over simplistic out of context teachings that have only an element of truth, like positive thinking etc…

    The key for me that I thought I knew but clearly did not was that I’m not my mind or my thoughts! I found, was led to teachings that were just right for my type of mind set that began to penetrate all the false beliefs. The other aspect is that its NOT EASY and was frightening for my human ego mind, and it has taken over a year of nose to the grindstone work with so much hell involved but clearing the crap one step at a time and connection with my inner divinity grows deeper.

    • ‘…I have to keep looking at myself too, to discern where and how I’m giving my power away.’


      Bless your HighHeart because this is true, and true for each one of us.

      It’s ease to see it in another, whatever “it” is, but much more difficult to turn that view around and look at and in ourselves…but we must because it takes two to tango as that old saying goes! 😉 This is the old lower world of Duality, and as one evolves out of it into increasing Unity/Neutrality/Triality/HighHeart, one automatically turns inward, into themselves to do their personal Inner Excavations, oftentimes for decades because there’s that many layers we’ve all had to dig through! But dig we must because until we honestly SEE ourselves we can’t even begin to work on those issues/energies/stuff etc. and finally get free of them. You are doing this great spiritual Alchemical Ascension Process Work Edith. ⭐ You should be very proud of yourself for what you’ve done for Self and All. Kept it up. ❤

  • Thank you for posting the Lisa Renee article. I and a relative of mine, yes we are lucky that we are both light workers feel quite cut off from society. I guess the energies are pushing up the patterns ever more strongly? one feels like one has a big secret and if you don’t get down to their level, which I tend not too, you are pretty much on your own. I find I cannot talk freely to most people, and not surprisingly my responses might baffle them! It is for sure hard being awake a lighted person and dealing constantly with the walking dead……! yes I am judging, I do not profess to be a saint yet. It also is amazing how many people do respond automatically with no real awareness, the lights on , but no one is in, even in so called light workers….. we have quite a way to go yet:) but keep up the good work..

    • ‘It is for sure hard being awake a lighted person and dealing constantly with the walking dead……!’


      No you are not being judgemental in saying that because it’s the truth. What are the most popular and common themes in movies and TV shows now? Zombies and Vampires. That is no accident but a terrible and deliberate insult coming from TD about humanity. They did there best to get humanity to be “the walking dead” zombies and parasitic vampires and then they make endless movies about these “monsters” and humans pay for it and eat it up and TD has a good giggle from the unseen. It’s almost too much sometimes but it is what’s happened. Now however that has/is changing and the “walking dead” and energy “vampires” are waking up (or not) to this longstanding fact and having to make some HUGE changes to evolve now. If everyone knew just how tremendous and how astonishingly difficult and vast this whole Ascension Process actually has been and still is, they’d have thrown the towel in many years ago!

      ‘…It also is amazing how many people do respond automatically with no real awareness, the lights on, but no one is in, even in so called light workers…..’

      Yes, they believe themselves to be “lightworkers” but they’ve not done the Inner Work on themselves that’s absolutely necessary. We’ve all had and continue doing this in ourselves and it’s easy to see, feel and know who actually has changed, evolved energetically and who has not but claims they have. They don’t even know they haven’t and believe all this is a strictly intellectual only Process when it’s just the opposite. Yes, a way to go but we’ll all get there faster the more we continue Pathpaving, Forerunning etc. It’s always been this way. No pressure everyone but keep doing what you have and are for Self and All and Thank You. ❤

  • Wow, this is so very relevant to me right now it’s spooky! Thank you so much for posting this Denise, it has given me the clarity and confidence to move on. Much love xx

    • signalman,

      I usually don’t confess these things publicly, but I’ve felt you and some others going through this too in more amplified ways this year. So much so that I almost emailed you last month.

      All this goes back to why I published those three unpleasant comments/emails a couple of months ago, and after a week (and the Full Moon) deleted it all. It’s time this and other negative tactics and traits that humanity has accepted as “okay and normal” is seen and clearly understood that they’re most certainly NOT! That plus everyone needs to better understand how complete the negativity done by Team Dark (TD) to humanity and humanities consciousness has really been. Honestly, it’s no wonder why the human species has needed so much Higher Help (Light, LOVE, Embodiers, Forerunners, Angelics, positive ETs etc.) to assist them in breaking out of this lowly prison that they don’t even realize has existed for thousands of years and that they’re part of. It’s happening/happened and this is just another of many aspects of how severely humanity has been intentionally interfered with and suppressed in every way imaginable by TD for thousands of years.

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  • Excellent and timely information. The manipulation can be so stealth that it is not noticed until I can get some space from it and then it truly does appear as sourced from darkness. It has been exhausting.

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