Ascension Process Info for Newbies & Forerunners

The first half of this article is specifically for people new (“newbies”) to the Ascension Process, plus have no firsthand knowledge about higher levels of reality, consciousness and being. The second half is for the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers.



‘…I get the inner body vibrations most of the time. It sucks. Sometimes I can’t lay on my back because I can feel the energy going up and out my back. I also get like a static energy in my legs. My head used to really hurt. Like tingling and being pulled apart. My vibrations feel like I have a motor in my body somewhere. It scares me. I’m not sure if this is ascension or if something is just wrong with me. I don’t understand 3d 4d or 5d…’

This is a recent Comment  from another article that pretty much sums up how I suspect a lot of “newbie” people feel and think at this point. They’re new to the natural evolutionary Ascension Process, plus are new to complex subjects such as multidimensionality, realities beyond linear time, Spherical Consciousness, different frequencies of energy, different beings that exist within different frequencies and dimensions, Team Dark, Team Light and much more. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with not having knowledge about these complex things, but when a person is activated by the Ascension Process (current compressed evolution) and searches online for information about what they’re experiencing, they typically run across older articles that were, for the most part, written for other Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers/First Wavers/Second Wavers and so on. They were not written for the general masses that wouldn’t be starting the Ascension Process for a decade or more in the future, which is the now of 2016.

The Ascension Process itself is confusing, especially so if you don’t have an esoteric, metaphysical background. Many of us that write/teach/lecture etc. about this and related topics do, but for growing numbers of people just beginning this current evolutionary process without any higher knowledge about reality outside the old lower negative controlled consciousness “box”, it could quickly become overwhelming, highly confusing and probably frightening.

As the person that wrote the Comment quoted above said, she doesn’t understand 3D, 4D or 5D. Most people don’t and that’s fine. If needed you will in time, otherwise do not worry about it or worse, don’t guess or speculate over any of it. Live what you are and learn from it as best you can in each moment. Doing so only expands your awareness and abilities which means you’ll automatically know a bit more and more over time about all things from your own Higher Awareness, not from collecting information from outside of yourself. This is so very important and something both newbies and Forerunners must Master individually.


What everyone new to the Ascension Process and related topics needs to know now is that the majority of online articles were originally written for what’s called among the Ascension Communities – the Forerunners of the Forerunners, Forerunners, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, First Wavers, Second Wavers, Third Wavers and Indigos. They were not written at that time for the general masses who wouldn’t begin this natural evolutionary process for a couple of decades or more. They were written at that time for fellow Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Indigos that needed help in further consciously awakening to why they were reincarnated on Earth now and living the Ascension Process long before everyone else. The “newbies” to the Ascension Process need to keep this fact in mind when they read any of these older articles written by myself or other Ascension Teachers and/or channelers.

Here we are nearly thirty years into this Process at the completion of Galactic Alignment and the masses are being triggered by the NEW higher Light energies entering their bodies, minds, emotions, life, relationships, work and very reality to evolve and quickly now. All aspects of their lives, bodies and reality are suddenly being turned upside down and inside out and they have no knowledge about how to access their own Higher Awareness yet or how to discern mundane or spiritual and energetic information, people, teachers, physical events, nonphysical events, media messages etc. to gain insights or guidance about what’s really happening to them, their bodies, consciousness, lives and reality on Earth at this time.

What I’d like the “newbies” to this Process to know now is that you do not need to know about all the things that were written for Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/First Wavers/First Embodiers etc. one, two or more decades ago. What you need to know is that you are evolving now which means you, your old familiar sense of “self” and “identity”, your ego self, your consciousness, your body, life and both personal and global reality are and will continue changing and rather quickly. Know too that that paragraph reads simply and easily, where living it is a very different story! No fear however because it’s easier and faster to do now than ever before thanks to those Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers that went first to make it easier and safer for everyone else coming up behind them. Stair-steps in all ways with all aspects of this Process.

I read this funny line somewhere thirty-some years ago and it feels right to share here. I’m sorry I don’t remember who authored it because it’s great.

‘Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage!’

“Newbies” don’t necessarily need to know what 4D has been all about to the same degree that you know the back of your hand! It’s enough for now to know that 4D—the fourth dimension—is what’s been called the Astral plane and that you’ve been moving through it in this natural evolutionary Ascension Process. You do not need to spend years or decades mopping and polishing the vast labyrinth of floors there, just deal with your stuff, your inner emotional issues you’ve ignored, suppressed, denied and/or projected and keep moving. Don’t tarry and build a summer cottage there in whatever remaining dank Astral rubble of the collective past still exists because it is not your job to do so. YOU and you alone are your job. Please read that last sentence again or as many times as you need to.

You also don’t necessarily need to know all the wonderful details about what 5D—fifth dimension—is and isn’t at this moment either. You’ll soon know for yourself exactly what 5D is and isn’t because you are existing within that dimensional frequency. For now, just know it is “heaven” in comparison to the old lower 3D (third dimension) physical Earth world of profound negativity and dense Duality we incarnated into! There’s a big payoff to all this difficult evolutionary work “newbies” so just keep moving forward and don’t get sidetracked over the complex details that don’t apply to you personally but were written for Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers/Indigos that needed that info it at that time for their personal reasons.

At this point all the “newbies” to the evolutionary Ascension Process need to do is be flexible and brave; flexible to constant changes, and brave because they’re happening no matter what! Again, that sentence reads easily but actually living it usually is more difficult and confusing but such are the times we live in. And how absolutely amazing and unique is that? Be proud that you’re incarnate now to personally experience such rare and profound change, growing freedom and increasing responsibilities.


Please keep in mind and heart the fact that most all the information about the Ascension Process that was written by myself here at TRANSITIONS, and by many other Ascension Teachers at their online sites, is now ten, twenty or more years old and was, once again, written for other Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Indigos that very much needed to consciously know and/or remember why they were reincarnate here now and why they and their bodies and consciousness were going through such profound weird changes, painful experiences and repeated attacks. That information still stands today however the newbies won’t need to experience exactly what most Forerunners did because it’s simply not necessary for them to do so. The newbies won’t go through the same symptoms or side effects or for as long or as severely as the Forerunners did. Be very glad of that fact!

All you need to do now is live through what you are while constantly releasing your old lower concepts and beliefs about everything—yourself included—so that you can move through these rapid and amplified changes easier and with less “friction” created from resisting or fighting this Alchemical Process. When you hunt for information online or in books about the Ascension Process and related Kundalini (not the old info about Kundalini from a hundred years or so ago!), keep in mind that the older material was written for the First Groups that Volunteered to go through this first and Pathpave it all so that you and the masses could step on to that NEW higher Path much easier, faster and less painfully. In other words, take from the older information only what you need now and ignore the rest of it that doesn’t apply to you.

Also I need to mention the obvious, which is the growing insanity, negativity and chaos of the old lower patriarchy and their old lower systems and beliefs etc. It unfortunately goes with what’s happening which is their “end times”. Many of these negative lower vibe and consciousness people and beings are still fighting, hustling and trying their best to hang on to as many humans as they can, be they awake or still asleep doesn’t much matter to them at this late date in the Ascension Process. Bottom line with all this is to not be stupid, gullible, naïve, lazy, careless or expecting someone or something else will arrive on a snorting white steed to “save” you at the last moment. Ain’t gonna happen, this time is about YOU/ME/WE doing it, not about someone else or a group of someone’s (like ETs or Angels etc.) coming down to Earth physicality and “rescuing” you or doing all the hard work for you. These beings have always been where they are, working their etheric backsides off helping all of us to do it ourselves now down here.

And finally, know that life as we’ve all known it here is over and a NEW higher way of being and reality is rapidly manifesting in each of us and of course externally too. The prep work is always the longest and hardest while the great stuff happens pretty quickly in comparison. (I’m going to repeat that line for the Forerunners too newbies.)  😀



My tone is going to change with you my fellow Forerunners of the Forerunners/Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers because it’s time to quite screwing around getting distracted by all the silly left brained crap from people who don’t have a real clue about what’s going on. Discernment beings of Light! Self-empowerment beings of Light! Said another way, stop trying to read the tattered old tea leaves lying in the dirt of the past and/or ancient past and just get on with the current business at/in your own HighHeart!

My gawd it amazes (and surprises and sometimes frustrates) me how so many of the Forerunners are still, I repeat, still in 2016 looking for answers, information, guidance etc. outside themselves for things they already have/are within them! Now to be honest, on those extra bad days I sometimes do this too because I’ve momentarily forgotten who/what I really AM so I go back to the old lower familiar, which is searching outside myself for whatever.

Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners hear me when I say to you that our old times of transmuting, clearing, cleaning ourselves, others, blood lines, timelines, the human Collective across time, spending years or decades mopping and polishing the vast labyrinth of floors in the lower Astral, all we have since the start of the Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment around 1998-1999, has ended. We did it, all of it, now we need to get with the current program which is VERY different from the Work we’ve done since 1999ish.

Now we Forerunners of the Forerunners need to get proficient at constantly being the Light while in (insert your name – Denise) form on Earth. Not just for ten minutes every other Tuesday, but all the time no matter what insanity, distractions, chaos, negative interference attempts upon us or any other dark crap is taking place. None of that matters as it’s TD’s “end times” and the old patriarchy hanging on for dear life in whatever ways they can get it at this late date in the Process.

We’ve always known the Separation of Worlds & Timelines wouldn’t be all warm and fuzzy. Let the old things go while you/me/we Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners learn to constantly be the Light in the NEW World. That’s one of our jobs at the moment; becoming fully Sovereign and using ourselves as Source incarnate as you/me/we individually on Earth. You have constant access to higher information via your Higher Awareness and other dimensional Selves etc. You are the Light. You are Source incarnate as (insert your name) here on Earth in the physical. What exactly are you searching for externally now and why? You/me/we must learn to always look within first because that’s where everything is and we need to consciously know this and live from this HighHeart place of individual Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty (Embodiment of Higher with Lower). I know this is the complete opposite of the old lower world brainwashing from Team Dark (TD) but I hope you better understand why it’s so important for the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners to correct this lie and do so from inside ourselves now. We are becoming the living examples of being Self as Source, or Embodied, or Sovereign as they’re all the same thing. This is an aspect of Embodiment. After that we can teach the masses how to do it if they desire or need it.

We’re now having to learn to never look without for things we need but always within for them. That sentence also reads much easier than it is lived and mastered. It’s what’s on our spiritual and physical plates now however; being Self as Source, being Sovereign in all ways, being the Light, being our I AM all the time no matter what or who tries to convince us otherwise.

I’m well aware that the best way for one to learn something and become really good at it is to do it many times, and probably need to do it a few more times! This is how we learn all aspects of something NEW to us and how to fully Embody it within ourselves and use it when we need it, whatever it is. Do this now fellow Forerunners and stop the old lower habit of always looking outside yourself for answers, insights, energies, love/LOVE, Light, power etc. Who ascended anyway and why? Don’t forget who you really are, who and what you’ve become or are becoming. It’s important and needed that each of us honestly understands this now at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

The prep work is always the longest and hardest while the great stuff happens pretty quickly in comparison.

Denise Le Fay

May 13, 2016

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12 thoughts on “Ascension Process Info for Newbies & Forerunners

  • Wow. So glad I stumbled onto this site. A tremendous wealth of information here that provides great insight into what the Frack!!! is going on!

    I began a metaphysical journey around 1999- alone and having no idea- just NONE-where any of it was going, just thinking that I was a loony toon, nutter- butter who thought about ideas and concepts that were foreign to almost EVERYONE I knew.

    And so, I journeyed alone experiencing synchronicities and spiritual experiences that were very real to me, but not really understanding what I was doing- or why…I would often tell my students… we are going to raise our vibrations, we are going to use both our left brains and right brains…all the time wondering if I was a total weirdo…I kept things grounded in enough reality that most of my students enjoyed my class. But I was trying to talk to them about all of the stuff that you are discussing here in this site, without really having the language to do so.

    It’s only been recently (like this past month!) that I have stumbled onto the concept of light workers and dark enemies. But everyone speaking and writing on this has developed language that describes what I have been feeling and struggling to put into words FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS at least! Why I am just getting the memo!?!?!?!

    The exploration of these concepts- and the total weirdness behind the concept of aliens like reptilians, grays, pleaidians is blowing my mind- but also weirdly resonating in ways where I’m like…it just seems crazy…but! but! why is it that…and how do you explain? And what’s with all the pyramids and the eyes and the bizzarro Sumerian and Egyptian hieroglyphics and symbols? Why are so many people seemingly obsessed with all of those same symbols still..serpent, serpent, serpent all throughout the mythologies, why? It is so freaking bizarre that my logical mind strongly wants to reject all of this- but my creative, intuitive mind is like, wait up…hold on…how does this stuff make you feel?

    It makes me feel like finally questions are being answered! Finally, the full picture is clicking into place. The one thing I know for sure is that there is a dark energy on the planet- revving up, acting out – I don’t know what it is! (Reptilians, demons, psychopathic humans- basically it’s all the same energy by a lot of different names.) I don’t particularly care how it’s defined. I want no part of it- and the best way to take no part in it is to refuse to feed or acknowledge it.

    I’ve been arming myself from this dark energy with a text called “A Course in Miracles.” Do not ask me how or why, but it works. I have no idea how it works the book is weird, and I could not understand the text on any intellectual level- I just know that it works well to keep darkness at bay. I stumbled across the text in 2004, through a series of synchronicities.

    How does knowing what I’m up against make me feel? Surprisingly, I am okay with it. I AM TIRED, however. This has been no cake walk and I’m feeling beleagured. Coming across so many others who are able to clearly articulate- hey this is happening, and if you are feeling A, B, C, D, this is why, actually helps a lot.

    Thanks so much for all of the work you have done! And it’s not been for nought! Consciousness is expanding – everywhere – and your work is definitely contributing to the expansion.

    Well Love and Light!

    Amber Lisa

  • Hey Denise, It’s GiGi, a Forerunner/ Second Waver. I used to hang out at Transitions and comment all of the time a few years ago. I’m all grown up now…lol, and have a Ascension ministry of my own. I Re blogged this article for the “newbies” who are now beginning to come to me. It explains everything PERFECTLY! Thank you so much! Much LOVE to you!


  • Thanks Denise for everything you have written. Everything resonates spot on for me. I also want to add in that I never blindly follow anyone or anything. I question everything from all angles. But what you write just hits the spot perfectly . YES look inside, be flexible and brave. Expect no outcomes but KEEP GOING. There is no answer except inside of us. There is no-one else to do this but ourselves. No answer outside. I think I always idealised the outside world and I AM still an optimist, idealist, but slowly reconnecting with myself I realise that there is not all good out there. That the whole system would rather destroy you than have you remind them of what they lack themselves.
    I had what I thought were Indigo friends. But so much changed last year and was probably slowly shifting over a few years but I kept the old friendships, not questioning them. But what changed last year was after many years of searching, studying, I took the big step: I actually got out the system (for me this was the corporate world). What I was not prepared for was the reaction around me in actually doing this. As I started to pursue what I wanted to do after years of studying, actually doing it brought out a hideous reaction in ex-colleagues. But more of a shock was from the people I thought were friends. I was told by one friend who smirked while I was still in the corporate system and said “well you are burnt out, I won’t say anymore”. These people started to relish my exhaustion. As if I had already failed, enjoying how hard it was for me to keep going as I started my new work. Then blamed me for being the one who was attacked or just used and exhausted when in the system and this led to confusion: maybe I AM the one to blame?! Maybe it is me.
    I saw them in subtle ways start to accept the system, to say everything is just fine. I saw almost everyone else I thought I could trust go from sharing pain and ideals to judging for any such discussion and instead talk in ways messaging of how they now felt they “belonged”; whether to another person, a place, a community…. talking in terms of entitlement, judgment.
    But there is no way other than risking everything and looking at everything inside yourself to progress. Looking on the outside as if all is well has nothing to do with your inner state. It’s easy to sit still, do nothing, risk nothing, and save face. But it is a constant connect, not just a one-time check-in, a constant accountability and check-in with self to progress, at least that’s how it is for me. Digging up the dirt inside, working on resolving inner pain, admitting your aloneness. It is more a mucky process of looking inside at our own dark side, staying connected in every moment, full mind-body. And let go of any ounce of expectation. Bit by bit I knocked down expectations as to how my mission would turn out and even how it would manifest. The ONLY reason things are working out now is because I just kept searching. It was then a case of testing out, trying, searching, always searching, then adapting as I saw and felt what resonated and what worked.
    That was loooong, sorry. But I also wanted to ask you: is it possible for Indigos/Starseeds etc. to lose their roots, to go to Team Dark or simply forget their past / present soul or shut it down? I see others, even those I thought were Indigo, become more concerned with saving face and their entitlement and ego, or just lazy, with their desire to remain accepted in the current world means. Other than hypnotherapy how else can I deal with this anger? Because unless I am honest about what I need to improve on how can I then keep going? But I feel betrayed and angry through what happened.
    For me, what I’m doing now clicks completely. When I write and record and I listen to it back, I feel it is an insight into the potential of what I can be. And to let go of anything in our life that is the old system.
    The fatigue is a killer. I have been exhausted since Sep last year. Put it down to doing way too much for too long, being 15+ years in the “old system”, the patriarchal corporate world. My whole body aches as if everything is constrained: spine painful, neck locks always. I still stay indoors so much, I still constantly get “tapped into” by even random strangers who want to offload their problems on me, drain me, take something, most of the time they do not even know my profession so it’s something they can feel. This has happened for many years but is so frequent now and I am so tired so much of the time that I stay indoors just to keep some energy. Thanks for all your posts.

    • …’But I also wanted to ask you: is it possible for Indigos/Starseeds etc. to lose their roots, to go to Team Dark or simply forget their past / present soul or shut it down? I see others, even those I thought were Indigo, become more concerned with saving face and their entitlement and ego, or just lazy, with their desire to remain accepted in the current world means…’

      Sarah C.,

      Excellent insight and question and thanks for it because it allows me to discuss this all too common situation.

      It most certainly is possible for any human — including Volunteers, Forerunners, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Indigos etc.– to get down here in the physical dimension and negative darkness that’s been the norm here for so long, and not be able to “wake up” and start to even remember why we as Volunteers/Forerunners/Indigos etc. came here. Because we all knew this long before we “Volunteered” to drop Light and incarnate at the 3D level in physical bodies, we insisted on having a ton of help from our Home Teams from those higher levels. We safeguarded ourselves in so many ways it’s amazing and all to protect us and help us not forget who we really are and why we’re really here on Earth again now. And yet, with all these safeguards in place in ourselves and constant connections with our Home Team Assistants, many still forget and can’t remember and buy into the brainwashing down here of Team Dark (TD) and the lower consciousness BS. This is why more of us Volunteered to help with the Ascension Process than was actually needed; because we all knew beforehand that a certain number wouldn’t succeed at their “Mission” in coming down here. Their Love and dedication was so great that they risked “falling” energetically and getting stuck down here, or dying, or being killed, or becoming mentally/emotionally ill from the negativity, drug addicted etc. because of the brutality and negativity of the place and so on. We factored all this in before any of us Volunteered at higher dimensional levels to even do this in the physical. This is why I insisted on retaining more Higher Awareness in this life from birth even though I risked harm from that too. I wasn’t about to come down here and fully forget who/what/where/why I was here again now!

      Anyone can say anything, can claim anything, like claiming they’re an Indigo or a Lightworker or whatever. However, people with Higher Awareness or discernment always know instantly if someone is actually carrying higher Light in themselves or not. They know if they’re Team Dark claiming or pretending to be Team Light. It’s easy to tell, to feel, to know absolutely whose lying or a wannabe or self-deluded or BSing and who is actually living and doing it in themselves. Of course people with negative egos don’t know any of this and believe they can lie and manipulate, con and screw-over the people with Higher Awareness. It’s almost funny… definitely sad, but no one is fooled but the unaware people.

      Because of all these layers and layers of 3D earthly negativity each person has to dig through to even start to perceive that Higher Awareness and real freedom even exists, many people choose to remain where they are because they are lazy or deluded or work for Team Dark. They’ve made their choice and are sticking to it no matter what at this time. Many of these people need or want to experience further, much more intense negativity (which is exactly what’s coming for those that don’t want to evolve now) before they figure all this out and realize that the only way out is up and that up is hard and requires real Inner Work and lots of it. There are no wrong choices here, only individual choices and eventually everyone gets enough of the Dark to decide to turn back towards the Light and do what’s required to get there.

      I also understand your wounding, your hurt, your anger over being lied to by people you believed were being honest with you and themselves. I’ve lost family members to this same business. It just is what it is and we HAVE to keep moving forward on our own no matter who falls by the wayside. I know how heartless that may sound to some people, but unless you’ve lived it yourself, you don’t know what’s at stake and how hard you’ll work to be spiritually successful. All the rest of it is taken care of naturally if, if one commits to their own personal evolutionary Ascension Process. That is what the unaware don’t know and it’s used against them and their spiritual growth and evolution by those at lower levels of consciousness and reality to keep them where they are — imprisoned.

      As far as the fatigue goes, I’ve been severely fatigued since February 1999 when my physical biological Ascension Process started. I’m exhausted now but I know that this is part of my/our evolution and embodying increasing amounts of Light in my/our physical bodies, selves and beings. This won’t be ending anytime soon so adapt and adjust and rest when needed and as often as needed.

      • Thank you SO much, Denise. Nothing you say sounds heartless, but rather full of heart, life, fire etc. I see this: with people I thought were Indigo, they now have this unspoken “deal” of “let’s look like we are fine, like we have made it”. They don’t want to risk the extreme stress, the pushing to the brink. I have to say, it was not a conscious decision to push myself to the edge, it was just seeing lies and lies everywhere. If you are different you truly feel angst all the time at it. Those who simply pretend it are so easily visible, so comfortable in how smug they are.
        For myself, I can’t explain it more than feeling “pushed” to not sell out, and until I finally accepted not doing the earthly sellouts I was always pushed. But it seems that others could sell out so much more easily, somehow.

        Now I have accepted what is, my different-ness, after wishing so long not to feel different since my first thoughts as a child, always painfully aware of being different. But now I’m no longer fighting within a system or blaming myself for not fitting in with the system, exhaustion has kicked in, and a feeling as if my body is too tight all over, aching all over, up and down my spine, as if this body does not fit well though I am not at all overweight and have no obvious health issues. I have checked all likely medical tests and nothing comes up.

        I agree: there is always a knowing. A true knowing. And there is lip service to “being” this and that and I had to get away from these people: so much BS. Those who find it easy to say they are different are truly not. They do not know or live the angst of feeling so odd and not belonging. Instead of fighting with sweat and risking their own image, their own life and sanity, for the world, they save face and post ridiculous silly posts on social media of empty spirituality sound bites.

        Everything you write hits home and with so much honesty and zero ego or pseudo-spirituality. You tell it like it is and with wisdom that’s impossible to fake. You have a unique message that is so genuine. Thanks so much.

  • This was a Very Nice reminder! Thank You!!! We all need to take a moment to remember “The Process” and to send understanding light to all, including ourselves! I am thankful to you for the reminders.

  • Hi Denise… WOW your article has so many gems in it for us all..newbie and/or otherwise !!Thank you so much.. I also wanted to note that it feels to me that you have done some huge loving shifts of.late & you feel more at.peace…that makes me very happy. You are a gift to us all…blessings to you dear heart LoveDenise :)💖💖

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  • Thanks Denise! Needed that kick in the butt, a lovely reminder to stay on task with the one pointed focus. No sugar coating, you always tell it like it is girl, and I love that!

  • I’m said to be “Indigo” and kept getting messages from friends who do “readings” that the Higher Beings around me say it was critical for me to truly Love myself. Well, through being open to this I feel that 2014 was the defining year for me to personally achieve this ( in October that year I had open heart surgery and my aortic valve replaced – also knew or thought that if I wanted to leave Earth then I could go by not coming out of surgery ). 2015 and 2016 have been difficult years for me personally but I realise through your information and others, etc. that I am “slipping into the slip-stream that is me” for want of a better expression. I have been creating my own boundaries and allowing others to be responsible for themselves. It is challenging but all the signs have been there to show I am on my own right track. I get what you are saying about the approach for Newbies which also helps me to apply what you say about the Fore-runners such as myself – to be the Light by oneself ( no beating up oneself ).

    Thank you Denise.

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