An Important Recap from Kryon

This channeled message from Kryon is dated April 3, 2016, published on YouTube April 4th. Because I’m usually very busy, I rarely ever read or watch other people’s Ascension related material, that plus so much of it has been and still is incorrect and/or so distorted as to be harmful and limiting instead of helpful and educational. Occasionally I do share another persons article or channeled message because I know that 1) that information is correct and 2) it has no distortions in it. Those articles, information, channeled messages etc. are the only ones I have ever shared at either of my blogs.

One of my readers shared three links to three different channeled messages and this particular message from Kryon was one of them. She left these links in a Comment under my last article, Embodiment Wave Two, published April 28, 2016. This is how I found this particular message by Kryon.

Because many people need it now, and because it made me laugh out loud multiple times (because it’s true), I’m creating this article to place it in with the hope that those who need this specific information and/or reminder now may discover it and benefit from it, and for those few, make them laugh out loud too.

There have been reasons why I’ve always referred to December 21, 2012 as the Expiration Date. That was the day that the old Evolutionary Cycle completed, ended, expired. Because of this, every human incarnate on Earth at that time experienced a Life Review with the Divine at some point within the three days of December 21, 22, 23, 2012. Mine took place on December 22, 2012, which I referred to in my last article. The information in that article is directly connected to this one and to what Kryon is talking about in his message.

There have been reasons why most of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and some Forerunners have had such a profoundly difficult, miserable, horrible, painful in multiple ways time since the 12-21-12 Expiration Date — 2013 thru 2016. Kryon explains this, he reminds all about this in this short message below.

I’ve talked about it in different articles, but because I don’t always lay things out step-by-step for the readers (because I want you to get there mostly on your own), some don’t or don’t completely understand what I’m talking about or why. I’ve always done this to push those that need it to learn to access and use other parts of their brains, their Higher Awareness, intuition and discernment. I’ve never desired to hand feed my readers and this has been why I usually lay out ‘bread crumbs’ as one of my readers called it, to let the readers discover for themselves and connect them for themselves too.

Having said all that, many are now at the absolute end of their ropes with all this Forerunner Ascension business, which I completely understand and have been there repeatedly myself over the past seven years or so. Because of this, and because it’s time to really lay this particular information out very clearly, I’m sharing Kryon’s Recalibration Completion message. After you listen to all of it, and I strongly suggest you do, I’d like you to add what I’m going to say next to it. Some of you need this, some of you don’t and that’s perfect and wonderful. It’s just that during this five planets retrograde period it’s time for a big, deep, honest, clarifying Recap for all of us.

Those Forerunners of the Forerunners that are Embodying First, more accurately, are living through the primary three Waves of this Process that started around December 19, 2015, are and will continue to be Forerunners of that aspect of the Ascension Process too, just as they have with all earlier aspects of it. This is who they are and what they do; they Pathpave, they Wayshow, they do it all First.

Those that are going to or have begun Embodying First have gone through what Kryon calls the ‘Recalibration’ first, and for those people it’s been one big combined and painful hodgepodge since 2013. This is why your life has been seemingly “falling apart” since 2013ish and increasingly so each year since in some form or another while simultaneously improving a bit here and there.

There are other Forerunners that have been and still are dealing with the Recalibration aspect only and not Embodying yet. There is no right or wrong to this, it’s all difficult no matter which Stair-step or energy phase and level you’re on at the moment Forerunners! This Recalibration is absolutely mandatory so that you/me/we can even deal with, cope with, safely embody and exist within the massive NEW higher energies of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle fully here starting in 2017. This is what I was hinting at in my last article about recently feeling a sense of failure, depression, profound sadness etc. A speck of it was me, the majority of it’s coming from the human Collective at this time, also this potent Recalibration, plus the Embodiment Process I’ve been going through and will continue going through. Each and every one of us has had a lot on our spiritual plates since the Expiration Date. Look at it all with NEW eyes and your HighHeart because it’s all about to get real great very soon now. And Thank You Kryon. ❤


April 30, 2016

12 thoughts on “An Important Recap from Kryon

  • Thank you for this post. Kryon was just what I needed to hear. What an amazing message that resonates on so many levels. When I was a kid I was told I would see end times. And now we are here going through them into something new and magical. I am so glad I have found this site. For a long time I did not know what was happening to me. It has been a very bumpy ride. But I am going to pick myself up, again, so that I can continue to grow in the light. Thank you so much for the encouragement everyone.

  • *waves gently* i am a first waver and front forerunner. Ive visited you since the beginning. I am fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to fly in to my mothers womb almost at the close of front runners ability to incarnate…so i am younger in generation than most of my counterparts. Because of that simple fact, my running has been very different and sprinkled with doubts and fears that i feel embody a different league at times…as my vessels mind did nit have the proper esoteric milage when all of this began and my patents raised me during major transition periods of my life still dictating things like vaccines/religion etc that effected my poor vessel and her ability to be the grounding rod i was sent to be.
    I thank u for this latest post. After all these years i felt the need to respond that this was helpful on a whole new level. My deepest gratitude for your writings and shared energetic, as theyve been one of the few things that has shown me i was not crazy over these transition years. This latest post was a great addition to your library and we applaud you having taken the time to post it.
    So much tender love-

  • Denise & All,

    Like many here, I’ve not been feeling so well lately and even woke up this morning feeling, once again, very discouraged. I’m not much into channeling, but because Denise recommended this one by Kryon, I decided to listen to it. Then, about ¾ of the way through the video, something fun happened. This old Cass Elliot song suddenly popped into my head and transported me back to 1970 where as a 12 year old girl I’m twirling around my room listening and singing along with my transistor radio. I remember I loved the lyric back then, but only just now have realized WHY.

    It’s wonderful when something clicks into place over time like that, isn’t it? Listening to this again after so many decades did pick up my spirits a bit! Here’s the song, some of you will be old enough to remember it. 😉

    New World Coming

    There’s a new world coming
    And it’s just around the bend
    There’s a new world coming
    This one’s coming to an end

    There’s a new voice calling
    You can hear it if you try
    And it’s growing stronger
    With each day that passes by

    There’s a brand new morning
    Rising clear and sweet and free
    There’s a new day dawning
    That belongs to you and me

    Yes a new world’s coming
    The one we’ve had visions of
    Coming in peace, coming in joy
    Coming in love

    Cass Elliot singing “New World Coming”:

  • Think, speak, expect….is my new motto and it’s happening on a daily basis. Great information. Thanks for sharing Denise!!

  • DENISE!! ! (AM I SCREAMING? YES!!! ) I’ve long been a copious reader ( long -time pro astrologer and several decades weekly columnist) and researcher of all things Acension as as it was ‘given’ to me, the term the Quickening, in 1988… Same stuff, etc as you, been there done that, and since I stumbled upon you last fall — thank you so much for your vaildations (as in misery loves compahy.. Lauren, etc)(Did I mention I’m wise/fool Court Jester type, too.)

    Ok.. After reading down and again clicking on Hand Clow’s article of Aug 2015 .. how did I MISS that ,because I often check for new articles.. Ok.. Then, I noticed she had done an ‘event’ on .. April 16, 2016 .. I mis-read.. as in MISSED the key word.. Yet I was impulsed to click on it..

    IT IS AN ARTICLE she just did, on that date !! Yes, and … wasn’t this like, (snicker) on the very ‘Eve” of this recent rock n rolled us time ?!

    Thanks so very much, Denise! And so, now I’m going to read the rest of her article and watch Kyron’s video.

  • Many thanks again dear Denise,

    Listened to Kryon the first week of April and many times since then, and did share with you at that time I think

    It’s continuing to be a profoundly tiring journey of integration, now assisting my mom with the conscious aspects of the Ascension stair steps, as she’s almost 75 and recently relocated from Cape Cod to California desert area, huge integrations for her

    A trip to AZ and NM is calling, something with having to ANKH-or these frequencies now to 4 Corners area and crystalline grid : :

    You have been a continual source of wonderful support and understanding along the Path, my deep gratitude

    I did want to say that I’ve been receiving since early Feb messages that it’s critical to be completely out of “3d gridwork detection” and well on the Walk of Ascent to the 7 and 8d Rooftop of the World (that’s how it came in) the time frame given was Christmas 2016, and something about a “changing of the guard in the USA political agenda”

    You mentioned this same time frame in your last article I believe, and wanted to confirm my dovetailing info

    Blessings to you and your mom,
    Kachinabluestar/Daphné 🎼🏞🎶🕭🐱🎷🎹🐂😄🎶

  • This post piggy backs what Kryon is talking about. This the greatest message I have heard yet and its about time. Get ready to jump for joy, like I did after you read this message Its has already started for me, as I let my heart lead me to where I go next. Follow the signs and it will bring you such happiness that by the end of the year your life will look so much different than it does now. How exciting to read this now.

    • What next after the so called Calibration? What next after the so called 16months? What next after the so called soon?
      Personally, its all about letting go and more letting go… Letting Go of the so called calibration, letting go of the so called 16 months, sirian council message and letting Go of the so called soon. For good measures… Pls just Let Go of even my comment….

      Peace and Blessings


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