Buddha Moon 2016

533x800 Lapis Buddha

We’ve entered the annual Buddha Moon period of energies once again, except in 2016, they’re going to be more potent and meaningful to far more people than ever before. They may not consciously know that this is what they’re feeling, what they’re being affected by and that doesn’t really matter, just that it’s happening to more of humanity in 2016.

Despite the global appearance of increased chaos and destruction, everything is rising via more and more Light than ever before. I know it’s easy to believe otherwise, but this is normal for the giant evolutionary leaps forward we’re all taking at this point within the Ascension Process.

The higher we leap, the more the old falls apart, and this will continue for a while because it’s part of the Process. When the Earth hurts, shakes, has hot flashes etc., and when you hurt, shake, have hot flashes etc., it means we’re all going through another evolutionary Stair-step which is really good even though it often hurts and can be difficult in a variety of ways for all concerned. None of this is news to most of you and I’m repeating it only to remind any who may need it at this time, and, to ask you to hold as much Buddha-ness or Buddha-like energies and consciousness in yourself consciously for as long as you can during this Buddha Moon period—Full Moon April 21, 2016 at 2° Scorpio 31′ through to next months Full Moon. It’s also happening with a cluster of planets in retrograde motion now so there will most likely be some more inner excavating. The recent Solar energies of the past couple of weeks helped prep us for this phase so do your highest and greatest best for Self and All as these energies lift and open even more.

While the Forerunners continue and/or complete Embodying the/their Solar Crystal/Christic aspects, this Buddha Moon will only help everyone into an even higher state of being, into more HighHeart consciousness which is very Buddha-like. Further merging for all. Hold the growing higher Light that is You as we move through this 2016 energy Stair-step in further preparation for the upcoming summer Solstice (Northern hemisphere and winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere) Stair-step. Thank You for all you continue doing for All. ❤ ❤ ❤


April 19, 2016

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18 thoughts on “Buddha Moon 2016

  • Just wanted to share what I am experiencing at this present time. Another huge chunk of the old has broken away and been sent into oblivion. In these past days this could be felt as more difficult times in human form, for myself it is playing out as extraction of the decaying old. As always on the plus side at this time, l feel a HUGE energetic expansion into the New, now embodying much more of the New which is so frigging expansive. The more the old is falling away, the stranger it feels to be still anchored there in human form. So phantom like walking around in the density and so totally attuned and energetically existing in the New. Quite an experience being dense and fully grounded and fully ethereal at the same time, a totally new experience for myself of fully embodying(100%) them both. Quite a frigging continuing trip. Hope all are weathering and continuing to be in awe of this continuing intense and amazing journey in the New! I continue to spend my days saying farewell to the old and do feel the experience of duality/polarity has served humanity well. For myself, I would not have wanted to miss the experience and am grateful for the entire experience, “good, bad and ugly”!

  • The only thing that gets me thru all of this ..and believe me at 67 this ‘smash and grab’ of energy and the pain and ‘just not feeling well’ takes a huge toll on my body and what a drain it is…well, what I find that works for me with absolute healing..is nature..nature ..nature..paying attention to the magic there..the birds are chirpin away this morn..yesterday..I actually watched flowers open thru the day..and the blossoms on the apple trees..wow..its the most natural form of meditation..I just ‘drink’ the sun..it fills the voids the other energies of solar flares, people flares, earth flares, TD flares..it helps to simmer things down..ahhhh nature..its freeeeeee..just sit and watch a bee..or close your eyes and smell..and listen..take off your shoes find some earth..wriggle your toes..and most important ..laugh..I live alone,but I find ways to laugh..at my self, something I read, or hear, at my cats antics..life is really most beautiful in its simplicity..when we just are not ‘trying’ and ‘doing’..just be..its okay..just be. Imagine the world you want for yourself and imagine the role you want to play in it and don’t loose your own personal dream of what you want to experience..even in the physical pains and emotional pains of all of these energies..one thing for certain..nothing lasts..just wait a minute..exhale..the next breath will follow . I understand Mikey’s point of view..I too have said..hey let the ‘youngin’s” the fresher physical bodies deal with all these energies..I am done with that part..geez how much can an ‘ol’ woman’ take for cryin’ out loud..I want the rest of my days to be able to get up out of the bed..dance on the patio..work in my garden..and laugh. You just never know when your last heart beat will come..so don’t waste the one’s you have on so much stuff and energies floatin’ about that ya just can’t do nuthin’ about..it’s not yours or mine to ‘fix’..nature is waiting for you to go out and wallow in her until your fingers get all prune like..her arms are wide open waiting for you to embrace..happy trails.

  • I thought 2015 was tough until I hit 2016. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally difficult. I am numb, and I am about to sail into murkier waters while all around me are having their lives turned around for the better. I am so happy for them, but so many challenges ahead for me. Some days I really don’t think I can keep going. I try.

    • Elle & All,

      For me this amplification of personal change in the form of sudden and unexpected (keywords for Uranus) “tragedies” and such began with the start of 2014. 2015 was equally horrible and difficult due to my mom’s stroke and everything else and yet, and yet through everything I’ve gone through since January 2014, things are improving.

      Now in 2016, this ongoing Process of Change has felt different and much more personal and intimate, which is hard to believe after 2014 and 2015! What I mean is that many of us Forerunners have reached this current Embodiment phase within the Ascension Process and it really rattles one’s cage to be sure! The level of personal responsibility each of the Forerunners is HAVING to deal with and integrate now leaves one with nowhere and no one else to “blame” or “go to” for help or answers or insights etc. It’s all about us evolving into more of US which means our very reality is changing because of it. I’ve never felt so alone before as I have since 2014, and I’ve always felt alone in this lifetime. But, I’ve come to realize that this is simply because I’m changing into something very NEW and different, and, I’m not done with this change yet so I feel strange, different, not well anchored into the NEW everything yet. I’ll get there, you’ll get there, we’ll all get there but it’s taking some time as has each and every level and stage within this Ascension Process.

      In all honesty, I sense that where we are now within this evolutionary Ascension Process is just difficult for everyone everywhere. Period. And it’s normal for what’s happening! So, give yourself a Gratitude Hug and whatever other self-care you need now. Since April 18th when Pluto went retrograde (and I’m usually really good with Pluto), it’s been heartbreaking in so many different ways — the sudden death of Price being one.

      I’ve thought/felt long and hard about these global icons suddenly dying and causing much of humanity to cry and actually hurt over the loss of such unique souls carrying such Light and shining it for the masses to see and feel. Special souls “Contract” to have not only their lives influence the masses, but their deaths as well. And in 2015 and 2016, this has been the case with people like David Bowie and Price. If you liked or loved these people or others like them, and if you’re a sensitive also, then just this has been hard to get through. Add to this the fact that you/me/we sensitives can feel the Collective mourning them only makes it that much more difficult. At times during these mega potent years of transition, the biggest thing for us Forerunners is and will continue to be NOT “falling” or dropping our energy because of what we’re feeling, knowing, sensing, living through, or feeling from the human Collective. Stay in your HighHeart and surrender to the massive evolutionary changes that are and will continue to take place. I know it’s not always ease to do and I too sometimes just cry my eyes out for days and let it all go, which is cathartic in itself.

      Know too that these sorts of moments, minutes, hours, days and weeks etc. are part of the Ascension Process so don’t beat yourself up for feeling really down or bad at times. Learn from it and keep going forward. At some point in the near future now, everything is going to instantly become so different and so easy, really. Keep that in HighHeart mind as you/me/we work our ways to that blessed point. ❤

  • Pjew it just doesn’t stop anymore, does it. Like Hope my body and nervous system are so wrecked, I really can’t take heavier energies. I need time to recover. And now with the recent solar flare and this full moon coming up, the pressure has been building up again for a couple of days and since this morning I’m feeling again like an electricity central about to explode including anxiety, major pressures between my shoulders and dizziness.
    I so hope this whole year won’t go by like the past 4 months and some relief and enjoyment will be returning in June!
    Wishing everyone lots of strength and calmness!

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

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  • Denise thanks for the article.

    I’m feeling awful the last two weeks, intense physical pain has floored me too, i’m exhausted, been fighting the Ascension flu this entire week. I’m already feeling this Full Moon. However I won’t be “Light excavating” I’ve gone on a strike, i’ve been holding up signs and showing them to the higher realms clairvoyantly, and have decided to shut off/down. I can’t wait any longer, as more and more people are still in the old lower 3D ways of existence. I refuse to transmute more or their lower, stuff, shit, ego, issues. I can’t continue to feel used/abused any longer.

    I need thing’s to expand/grow more down here, I need more higher support, i’ll continue to read your articles. I hope your doing alright with all of these earthquakes, and another round of “Dark Purging’s” going on once again from under the earth. 🙂

    • Mikey I empathise with you, I feel that I can’t cope with much more of this awful pressure, physically I’m wrecked, emotionally I’m tested almost daily by a TD neighbour, plus the energetic surges which knock the living daylights out of me. If I actually get through this it will be a feckin miracle, I’ve asked my higher self to help me get through this with ease, grace and joy, ……….. seems HS is taking a holiday ……… 🤔

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  • Just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the New Creation (Evolutionary Leap) is already here. Humanity is being given a chance to now do their final integration and many of us now are simply supporting them. This week humanity has moved into the area of “deep excavation”, those area’s that we all keep for last. So we are moving along quite nicely and speedily, no rest for the weary as so many of us know about quite well. Keep up the good work everyone.

  • an M6 class Solar Flare a couple of days ago just about floored me, I’m still reeling from the knock-out energies, and here we have the Wesak Moon in Scorpio and a handful of planets dancing backwards ……… excavating, oh gawd I’m having trouble drawing breath and keeping my heart beating ……… 🤕

  • Will do my best, hells teeth it’s hard work,I wish we could all just have a coffee and do it together, but I understand why it has to be this way, Excavating in the UK! Love and gratitude as usual, Denise xx

  • Yes Yes its a never ending Story! Up and down, cleaning ,in (ner)tegrations ect.

    We don’t seek fore recreation but fore a new re-creation!

    Be Happy!
    with Love Diana (NL)

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