Forerunners Embodying & the Sun

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Every now and again I do my best to write an article that, as accurately as I can, reflects what I’ve been living, perceiving and better understanding in my own way. These particular articles are often a bit hard to follow because they cover a variety of things, events, experiences, awareness’ and so on, and they do so across multiple dimensions and typically take place over weeks, months, decades and/or lifetimes in many cases. This article is another of this type and I’m sorry if it sounds at first read-through as if I’m jumping wildly from topic to topic and that none of it is quickly or easily coming together for you. Please push on however because it will make more sense to your HighHeart consciousness as you read and feel into the material. This article is important in my opinion, not to mention highly complex and multilayered as all of the really great stuff always is.

Those 5D Coinky Dinks

We’ve all experienced those wonderfully weird n’ wacky 5D (and higher) “coincidences” throughout the Ascension Process. They’re typically higher Light—aka information, knowledge, higher awareness etc.—aligning uniquely for us personally because it’s time for us to be consciously aware of something. To help us get there, these higher often strange twists n’ turn coinky dinks abound for a while until we finally reach one of those big Aha! moments. That’s what’s been happening to me for months now and they’ve all led me to this particular article about what some are calling ‘The Event’.

I hadn’t even heard this term until a week or so ago after I was led by further “coincidences” to read an article one of my reader friends emailed me recently. That article was by David Wilcock, March 6, 2016 ‘Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!’  At my first read-through of it I thought it was talking to me mainly about the ‘Negative greetings’ that David has gone through due to being someone who’s (also) working his backside off to help humanity get free, evolve, “ascend” etc. via his extensive writings and other works.

                                                               *  *  *

And, let’s be honest, there has not been many Ascension Teachers out there that have dared to write about the dark side of the Ascension Process in particular. There are numerous reasons for this but this article isn’t about that, and it’s going to be long anyway.

Suffice it to say that I’ve only come across a minuscule number of us that have publicly written about the negative side of the spiritual Ascension Process; of Team Dark as I’ve called them all. Lisa Renee, Cosmic Awareness, myself, David Wilcock… To any others out there I’m unaware of, I apologize for not knowing and including you Lightwarriors in this tiny list. The only other in-depth information about this that I’d read many years ago were the The RA Materials and The Law of One books two through five by James McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert. The last book in the series very much dealt with what those people went through from Team Dark (my term) and the constant ‘Negative greetings’ (their term) that they all went though due to the spiritual Work they were doing and giving to humanity in book-form. Carlos Castaneda talked briefly about what he’d learned from his Master Teacher Don Juan, about some negative, nonphysical beings in his last book, but for the most part, this has been a topic very few have talked about for a variety of reasons.

                                                               *  *  *

As I read through David Wilcock’s article mentioned above, I at first assumed it was, for me, mainly about him sharing publicly about the ass-kicking abuse (attacks) he’s gone through just because he sits down to write something. This was meaningful to me because I’ve experienced this many, many times since I started writing about the Ascension Process online in 2003; even more so when I work on writing a book. My point is that I thought David’s article was mainly for me to hear someone else publicly talk about how painful, dangerous and difficult it sometimes is (or has been) to write about the Ascension Process in whatever form that takes for each of us writers that do it. We’ve repeatedly gotten attacked for doing so which I’ve often written about at TRANSITIONS over the years. But, as the coinky dinks go, this was only one aspect in an unfolding series of connected “coincidences” all trying to help me connect more important ascension related dots.

Next up in this ongoing series of connections was once I’d read David’s article, I was impulsed to quickly tear through a couple of his other recent ones. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I’m always very aware of when I’m being invisibly led to something in a long string of things because some important “punch line” is coming for me, meaning you too.

While hurriedly reading through another of David Wilcock’s recent articles, he mentioned someone else saying that sometime soon (post 2012) ‘the Sun was going to sneeze’ and that this would cause ‘the Event’. I was like, what Event?! I thought ALL OF THIS was “The Event”! It is, it’s just that a major Stair-step or tipping point is about to be reached soon and that will automatically activate other great happenings—aka ‘The Event’—which will cause everything to suddenly evolve/ascend into the NEW to such a degree that we can’t quite comprehend that profound of an evolutionary jump by all that quickly.

We’re all doing the same thing and writing about the same processes yet communicating them from our unique individual perspectives which sometimes makes the material sound different enough that we don’t immediately understand what’s being talked about. Doesn’t matter because to someone it makes perfect sense because she/he/me/you did said it exactly the way we each did.

Told ya this was gonna be long.

Another of these ongoing “coincidences” was something very specific Sandra Walter recently wrote about in one of her articles. Sometimes it’s only one word that I need, that we need to hear or read written in exactly the way that person said or wrote it and whammo, the Aha moment connects within us and another coinky dink succeeds doing what it was intended to for us at that moment.

Sandra used a term recently while talking specifically about the Sun and the current embodiment ‘Resurrection’  process many of the Forerunners are living now and it was, for me at that exact moment, ‘fractals’ and how some of them are aspects of us that have existed in the Sun. I’m now going to jump over into a recent article I wrote about how I used to lay in the old lower frequency golden rays of the Sun in the 1950s as a young child and deeply, profoundly, worship-fully send my highest and greatest LOVE and respect to the great Beings that lived in the Sun.

While I’m at it, here’s another link to another complex, multi-layered article I wrote on 11-22-2012 that, believe it or not, is connected to this other information—Light—that many of us have written about and are living via the Embodiment phase of the Ascension Process.

Some aspect of me has always known that something really important existed within our local Sun, and as a young child I LOVED It/Them more than I can express. And every decade since then I’ve wondered about this and why. However, I believe I have—with the help of a couple other Ascension Teachers’ recent articles and my own Higher Self and continuing Embodying process—finally gotten enough of those coinky dink dots to line up to the point that they’re saying something loud and clear enough to make me raise my eyebrows in surprise and be downright amazed.

In a few of my earlier articles I’ve even said that as more of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners reach certain levels of the Embodiment or ‘Resurrection’  phase of the Ascension Process, that the very act of this happening in the physical would automatically change everything else. I’ve said that multiple times and yet I didn’t have all the information about it, not that I do now, but I have a good chunk more.

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

What causes, triggers or activates what? The Sun? The Sun soon ‘sneezing’? The Ascension Process? Galactic Center spewing out something more, something NEW? The Forerunners reaching Embodiment in the physical? The Pleiadian Great Central Sun doing something? Moving deeper into the 7D Photonic Light? I say all the above and more that I’m probably not even aware of. I say all of it and more is “The Event” just in Stair-step fashion.

Enough Foreplay Denise!

Having said all this, I think it’s time for me to openly share what I’ve been working up to. It may sound outrageous to some, ludicrous to others, I don’t care either way. I may be wrong about this, and if so, I apologize right upfront for not comprehending the larger picture. But, if I’ve understood this aspect of the Ascension Process correctly, then wow. No pressure Forerunners but, wow.

Long ago WE (by WE I mean the Forerunners, Wayshowers, Volunteers, Pathpavers etc. before we dropped Light to incarnate) intentionally placed an aspect of OURSELVES in the form of individual fractals in the Sun of this solar system Earth is in. These fractal aspects are those great Beings I instinctively LOVED and worshiped as a young child in the 1950s in this incarnation.

Long ago WE also intentionally placed other aspects of OURSELVES in different male and female incarnations around planet Earth in linear time in 3D physicality. WE gave ourselves certain incarnations that would help us in these current lifetimes when the Ascension Process would/is happening in physicality and in linear time. Said another way, we very carefully covered our spiritual, energetic butts to make this Ascension Process as kind and gentle to all as we possibly could.

One of the reasons why WE intentionally placed a fractal aspect of OURSELVES in our local Sun was for when we reached the phase within the Ascension Process where we were capable of starting to Embody the Higher in the Lower here in the physical in these lives and bodies. (As you know, tons of Work had to be done by each of us before this could even be a thought and we’ve done just that.)

Once WE were ready to begin the Embodiment or Resurrection phase of the Ascension Process, WE would slowly and gently start merging the Higher with the Lower/the Lower with the Higher in ourselves, in our physical body vehicles on Earth. In other words, WE would begin becoming Christed, Crystalline, Unified, Integrated Beings in the physical on Earth and that would naturally and automatically attract those fractal aspects of US that have for so long existed in the Sun to merge with US/US with them here in these physical bodies and earthly, incarnate Selves Wayshowing the Ascension Process.


When enough of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners began this phase and were embodying their Solar/Sun/Christic/Divine fractal Selves into their physical bodies and human Selves on Earth, that would automatically and naturally trigger the Sun to do something NEW, something different, something like the suggested ‘sneeze’ causing a tremendous flash of Light to burst out which energetically propels everything and everyone into “Ascending”, evolving in what seems like a split-second.

I feel weird just typing those words. Why? Because even I have had to fight my way through all the lies and BS of those that have done their utter best to have US never realize these greater truths. I’ve known some of these greater truths all my life but I still sometimes have doubts about what I AM. Then that silly shit clears and I remember and know that I AM the I AM that I AM and that shit is about to get real up in here because WE’VE Worked on and towards this since forever it seems at this point.

As I said before, no pressure my fellow Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners, but know that as more and more of us Embody our Solar/Sun/Christic fractal Selves into these incarnate earthly Selves, that our doing so tremendously amplifies and quickens the entire Ascension Process and will trigger the Sun to do its ‘Event’ thing because all those fractals in it will have left to be Embodied by human Forerunners on Earth. How could this act not alter everything, not activate everything into further evolution? How could there be increasing numbers of incarnate Christed Beings in human form on Earth and not have that fact alter all of reality? It cannot.

When is this Solar ‘Event’ Happening?

Who knows. There’s lots of possibilities. One strong one is during what I’m going to call another Zero Zone period. This Zero Zone is that powerful point when we’ve finished 2016 (a NINE energy year), meaning December 31, 2016 to the start of 2017 (a ONE energy year) meaning January 1, 2017. It’s a possibility but I sense it’s a bit too early yet.

Another possibility could be at the end of 2017 (a ONE energy year), or the end of 2018 (a TWO energy year), or any point within 2019 (a THREE energy year). It doesn’t really matter if “the Event” happens in two weeks or two years; what matters is that it’s coming and fast and that it will dramatically change (improve, evolve) everyone and everything instantly. Stay focused on getting there, not getting hung up on lower left-brain details.

Thanks for wading through my long-winded article. This one is important and may need to be digested over some time. ❤


April 13, 2016

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31 thoughts on “Forerunners Embodying & the Sun

    • It’s been happening in me and the others like me for over a year now vitomarin. It’s coming, just not the way anyone thought, believes or expects.

  • Fabulous Denise! It’s great to hear the mention of spherical consciousness, I wrote about this alongside the Diamond Solar body activation back in march.. The alignment and confirmations are everywhere. Great team work 👌❤ thank you xxx

  • Hello Denise,

    This article reminds me how when I was 10 years old I used to go around telling other kids how im an alien being origanted from the sun. I was very persistent. As I grew up I thought it was just my overactive imagination but now I see the whole picture. Another past memory integrated perfectly xD

    Btw im 23 now and fully anchored in the now.

    Thank you 🙂

    P.s. you write with charisma of a child 🙂

  • I went to watch the sun set today. In AZ. I have always adored the sun. I feel a deep Love and Appreciation. Today i started crying. A healing cry. A cry of finally feeling like the worst is over and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So many years of “work”. A cry of relief. Universal and personal burdens, worry’s and fear’s was finally melting away. So happy. But also so sad. Cause i kept hearing. I MISS YOU>>>> I MISS YOU. I Love You. I didn’t understand who i was missing. Until i read your article. I’m missing a part of myself that i left on the SUN. I’m feeling myself shining back at me. Reminding me that we are close. Its time to RISE up again. As the resurrection you write of. Thank You for your endless work!! I appreciate You 🙂


  • Hi Denise, thank you for this interesting article. I was interested in the part mentioning how some ascension teachers do not mention the dark aspect of ascension or refer to team dark. I’ve wondered this. In searching for more information I came across an interesting article from a few years back. Maybe it could be that some ascension teachers don’t want to play into the false duality of light vs dark?

    Hi again Denise. I think I may have put an incorrect link to my previous comment. Below is the correct link:

    • Ros & All,

      Sorry but that’s what this past Evolutionary Cycle has been all about; polarity/duality in all things to the extreme! One can turn a blind eye, stick their head in the sand, deny, ignore, focus only on one half of the Energy — Light or Dark, Positive or Negative etc. — but doing so does not make the other half disappear! If only it had been that easy, we’d all have “ascended” eons ago! 😆

      I read the article you left a link to a few years ago as many have. For me personally, I don’t agree with the authors take on things. Not everyone has needed to experience polarity/duality in the same way(s), plus not everyone has been on Team Dark’s radar to the same degree either, and I won’t even go into the whys of that as it should be obvious at this late date.

      As long as one believes or feels that Light is “good” and Dark is “bad”, then the Process of transmuting, integrating and evolving beyond polarity/duality energetics to reach higher frequency unity/neutrality/highheart etc., then this schism continues to exist for that person. This isn’t and never has been about either/or but about re-integration which automatically causes one to evolve or “ascend” to a higher level of being and consciousness. Everyone must eventually learn to remove the sting from the Negative so they can reach Neutrality. 😉

      Yes, many haven’t even wanted to admit that the Dark side has even exited. Some in the Ascension community have called these folks ‘Fluffy’ or the ‘Fluffies’. Again, can’t exist in and learn about polarity/duality and insist on there being only one side to polarity.

  • This teased something out of me that I have only shared with one person many years ago. What I believe is truth. There were only so many “souls” called to earth. Each soul began as one, then separated/shared with many. Fractals are repeating patterns found everywhere so why not in us humans? I feel so much more but cannot get words to explain. Thanks Denise. Ready Set Grow 🙂

  • Also from rainy Vancouver, BC….A Personal “sunny” CONFIRMATION, as well as Lisa Renee’s….(see below)

    Hi again, beloved Denise,

    I’m one of the very few idiots who volunteered via Soul Contract to lock herself into Gaia’s Core, in order to connect directly through all of the Suns straight back to the Central Core Sun (Source) and supply Planet Earth with constant Higher Dimensional Frequency FUEL for this Ascension. (aka “Plasma”)
    It involves connecting through your Heart Center, and turning yourself into a Heart Center “Sun”, which connects to our Sun, and all the way back to Central.
    Hence, why we left our fractal selves in the Sun.

    2 weeks ago this Sunny information was circulating in the Consciousness Stream and I was attempting to explain this Heart-Sun Connection/Earth Core scenario to my favourite group of Second Wavers, but they have absolutely *no clue*.
    No understanding and no intelligent empathy unless they experience it firsthand themselves.

    It turns out only 5 of us Forerunners have been doing this experimental Direct Downloading into Gaia’s Core Crystal, for the past 5 years.
    (I had attempted it once before, for another planet in a lower frequency reality, but that planetary-core experiment apparently failed).

    THIS Gaia experiment however, succeeded….but I would NEVER recommend anyone else to volunteer for this type of Assignment from Hell, as this has been every single day/night — being radiated nearly to death for almost 5 years straight. NO BREAK.
    Not even one day.
    On top of all of the rest of the heaviest of the “clear conduit” ascension symptoms.

    The non-stop agony of being exposed to at least 47 different higher dimensional “Plasma” Light frequencies (3/4D —> 9th Dimension level)….the physical body is so incessantly damaged it becomes radiation burned 6 ways from Sunday, oozing, bloody, boils/hives/multi-rash-covered, fluid filled, mutilated, itching-falling off all day, non-longer-human consistency torched “flesh” (skin all the way to the bone including cartilage ~ even the bones, are damaged and sore).

    If this is the last of my “hell”, I am now attempting to heal with the very “Aqualine Sun” (see Lisa Renee article) plasma energies….. that I downloaded into the planet in the first place.
    The message from my Team is that they are using these energies for me now.


    Latest from LISA RENEE ~ April 15, 2016 (excerpt):

    “However, this clearing and grid healing in the astral plane allows for new infusions of Solar Plasma from the earth core to be transmitted and absorbed into our cells. The earth core, at the first dimensional level, has been merged with the core of parallel earths in future timelines, thus, weaving together with the Galactic Suns. The opening of inner gates into the parallel allows for new integrations of Cosmic to Galactic Plasmic Sun Source, that is becoming more accessible in the earth crust, and this is called the Aqualine Sun.

    Aqualine Sun

    The planetary body is nested within multiple blueprint structures that are contained within the five spheres of creation; Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic. The Guardians of Krystal Star consciousness have been streaming plasma waves into all layers of the earth’s blueprint in order to raise her frequencies, and to fully anchor the plasma infusions coming from the Galactic waves of Solar Light. Guardian forces have been acquiring solar plasma light from the Suns of Sirius B, then transmitting it into the first levels of Aqualine Healing Energy into the earth. This is purposed so that we may begin to receive and transmit plasma light directly from the earth plane and on the surface crust. Prior to this being made available, Starseed gridworkers would go off planet to gather and infuse these Galactic frequencies into the earth body, so that the human body could eventually connect with that same frequency. This has been successful, and now it is possible to connect with Galactic Sun frequencies right from the earth plane. Plasma infusions have been made into the earth core, which include the process of weaving Solar light from the Galactic Suns down into the Earth core sun frequencies, allowing the fusion between these multiple solar bodies to occur. This has activated the Mother Earth’s Inner Sun frequencies, which appear now as deep ultraviolet and bluish waves of oscillating plasma light. The blue flame merge is from the 5D core in parallel earth, and the violet flame is from 7D core in parallel earth, and together they unite the Ultra Violet Blue light with their Galactic Sun counterparts. The Galactic Sun frequency has been transmitting from above and is now anchoring into the earth core, gradually merging together and braiding completely with the Earth Sun. The plasma light that is being generated is from the merge that occurred with the Galactic Suns, which is transmitting from above, while the Earth Sun is transmitting from deep below. This complete connected circuit of the Galactic plasmic light transmissions that is coming from the earth plane is called the Aqualine Sun frequencies.

    Thus, the Mother Earth has woven her Sun’s frequencies, from deep inside the earth core while moving up and through the Galactic layers, uniting with the Galactic Suns. Indigos, Starseeds and the Oraphim are the first waves of conduit for transmitting the ascending Aqualine Sun frequencies into the earth. We are the natural conduit for growing these frequencies on the earth surface, as we help to anchor these plasma infusions on the surface grid, this also serves to repair damaged networks or descending hubs.

    The Aqualine Sun frequencies directly stream the Krystal consciousness coding into the surface. We are able to absorb these frequencies to collect and reassemble all of our spiritual bodies and parts, our complete Diamond Sun body and crystal heart. As we commune with the Aqualine Sun frequencies, these blue plasma energies will gradually remove all that is artificial or false, restoring our body and consciousness to reflect its true essence and divine nature. When the body has absorbed enough light frequency to prepare for plasma transmissions, the body is able to connect with and absorb the Aqualine Sun plasma frequencies. This is a spiritual body integration process which activates the crystal cells, both in the mitochondria and within the permanent seed atom.

    During the process of divine light shielding, we can direct our merkaba star with our consciousness to absorb and fill (from underneath our feet), with Aqualine Sun violet blue plasma frequencies, and direct them into our navel center (recoding the lower umbilicus), and merge into our higher heart center to activate the thymus role in higher monadic functioning. At the top of our RA shield, we can now merge with the Galactic Suns and beyond plasma frequencies, KA RA YA SA TA AA LA and bring them down to circulate anywhere into our physical being. As we begin to integrate and unite with the Galactic Suns, we may bring the consciousness memories and instruction set of our eternal Diamond Sun body back into our crystal heart, which ignites our true nature to return us back into the consciousness of Oneness. As more of our Diamond Sun body frequencies are aligned with the physical body, more and more of our consciousness memories will be restored.

    It is through the Mother’s Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) transmitted through the Aqualine Sun frequencies that creation can heal itself to its original divine blueprint. Through our Beloved Mother Arc, we are able to access the Galactic Sun frequencies to create the Aqualine Sun, which is also connected to the plasma light from the Aquarian races in the Andromeda Core. These plasma frequencies are that which deeply heal us. The Ascension Cycle is about reclaiming the Christ and the Mother principle for the planet by building the architecture for Mother Arc Hubs, connecting to the Aurora and Aqualine Sun and building Triad Communication Stations to connect to Krystal Star architecture.”

    Full Article:


    • Deborah,

      Thank you for sharing some about one of your personal Mission Work “jobs” and abilities within the Ascension Process. The majority of people, even other Groups or Waves don’t have conscious awareness of what every other Group or Wave, and certainly not every individual Forerunner/Wayshower/Pathpaver etc., has “Contracted” to do primarily because they’re really good at it and want to help All.

      I mean, even the Sun and higher Light affects me differently than it does most everyone else and vice versa. Team Dark has affected me differently than it has most others and vice versa. Earthquakes, magnetic changes, hatred, the Embodying phase etc. affects me differently than how it does other Forerunners and this is perfectly normal. For starters, we are each unique, plus we each have our individual abilities and specialties and because of this we “Volunteered” and “Contracted” to do specific tasks, jobs, missions etc. in the complex Ascension Process mix for both Self and for All else. Because of this fact, we each experience certain things everyone else does NOT need to because it’s not their personal Mission Work etc. So when unaware Forerunners and Lightworkers display such disrespect and lack of awareness at other Forerunners because they personally have not experienced what someone else has, well, that bothers me from time to time because we all should know better in my opinion.

      Instead of insulting or disrespecting someone living something that you haven’t, aren’t and won’t, I suggest you be extremely grateful that you didn’t have to do what they did! I’ve often thought and felt this when I’ve read a few other people’s writings! I respect them for doing what I don’t want to, don’t have to do, or don’t need to do now within and for the Ascension Process. I don’t insult them for their abilities and desire to do The Work for All. Too many unaware do this and it’s time to let everyone do their “thing” and time for you to be grateful to them for having done it so you didn’t have to yourself.

      ‘…It turns out only 5 of us Forerunners have been doing this experimental Direct Downloading into Gaia’s Core Crystal, for the past 5 years…’

      Yes, only 5 Forerunners doing this particular difficult, painful and dangerous Mission Work. Only five. This is often the case however with many of these different “jobs” and most of us doing them never even talk about it publicly. I know I’ve done things that most haven’t. I also know that some others have done things that I haven’t and by gawd am I glad I didn’t have to! I’m so, so, grateful to them for having done what they did for ALL the rest of us. ❤ Is everyone getting this yet? I sure hope so.

      Also, as many other Ascension Teachers have been saying, our "jobs" are going to be changing, again, so be prepared for it when it arrives. Some of this has very recently happened again for some of the Forerunners. When you read, see, feel, sense a theme happening as it is now with the Sun, the Sun and those living the Embodying phase now, and the focus suddenly now on Plasma — then know that most likely you are or soon will be experiencing another change in your Mission Work because you’re now able to do it for Self and for All else. We’ll better understand this latest Plasma business as we go along with it, but for now, be kind and respectful to those living through some fresh NEW hell that you aren’t. Thanks for the platform with this business Deborah and Thank You for what you’ve done for me and for All else. ❤

      • Deborah and Denise, wonderful sharing above. Yes, I feel the same way concerning other people’s tasks, didn’t need to do that one, thank you. The task I was involved in for the last few years was only being done by myself and one other person. We had each other to hang onto thankfully or it felt like we never would have survived. I am so appreciative of the rest of you and the tasks that you have undertaken. So that is why this evolutionary process can feel so different to us individually. We each came in with various matrix of embodiments with different tasks to undertake so that we could achieve our goal and this we have done with flying colors, at least from that evolutionary point where I now sit. We should all feel very proud of ourselves for a job well done. Also, yes Denise, as you stated in another post, we are in Duality and there is no way around having to do the work regarding both aspects, especially the so called “negative” aspect. Burying your head in the sand concerning the negative just won’t work, you just won’t be able to find your way forward towards the evolutionary leap that needs to be achieved. I remained stuck for quite a few years until I just finally knew I had to deal with the negative work or I would stay stuck in that one place forever and never achieve my desired outcome, that of an Evolutionary Leap!

  • ‘I HEART SUNSPOT: You gotta love AR2529. The giant sunspot has morphed into a heart more than three times wider than Earth. Karzaman Ahmad of the Langkawi National Observatory in Malaysia photographed the active region on April 13th:

    “I used an 11-inch Celestron telescope with solar filters to photograph the sunspot,” says Ahmad. “It is very easy to see.”

    The dark heart of this sunspot is made of magnetism, a tangle of magnetic fields that blocks the upward flow of heat from the sun’s interior. That’s why it is dark, because it is cool compared to its fiery surroundings.

    NOAA forecasters say there is a 10% chance of M-class solar flares from AR2529 on April 13th. If such a flare does occur, it will be geoeffective. The sunspot is directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts: text or voice’.

    Thanks Mikey. Don’t know how to get the photo of it to work in a Comment so if anyone wants to see it, click the link.

  • Sure explains my wonderful dream/vision two nights ago… I was watching a dark haired woman who was talking to a little dog-like creature, and furiously polishing a picture that stood agains the wall. When I walked over to talk to her to let her know I ‘got’ her, the picture too my breath away. It was made from thousands of tiny, pearlescent fractals! And the more you looked at the picture and moved around, the more it changed and morphed… I knew it was significant – the colours in the picture were exquisitely unique and I knew that the woman was talking to something ‘other worldly’ as she cleaned up the picture.

    So, so much in this writing, Denise. Thank you so much for your offerings, and for the commitment to your work which makes sense of life for many of us who are ascending alongside you… we know of Team Dark, have also fought the good fight and are now coming up in True Light to take our places as Suns of God (and daughters!)

    I, too, always worshipped the sun. Still do. It is my life force… now I know why.

    Bless you dear soul… you are so appreciated xoxoxox

  • I have heard several ‘speakers’ say that in the fall of 2016 everything will change. Bashar has said it many times but he elaborated that even if you didn’t notice the change you would be able to look back on this point in our linear time and know that was when it started.

  • I’ve probably read many of the same channelings to which you refer. Recently I read one – sorry, can’t remember who or where – that stated this “Event” was going to happen sometime between the Summer’s Solstice, and before the Eclipses in September 2016. This “Event” appears to be known to many ETs and Star-Beings as they keep saying that they are aware of its imminent happening, but decline to give details.

    • ‘I’ve probably read many of the same channelings to which you refer.’


      Really? What I said? I seriously doubt it. Let me clarify this for everyone that needs it.

      I don’t doubt that many other “channels” — ETs or otherwise — have said something about an ‘Event’ to happen some time soon and that it has something to do with our Sun. I don’t doubt that at all. (Let me also add here for any who need this clarified, I do not channel and never have. I get information directly myself, there’s no “middleman”.)

      However, what I said about the Forerunners Embodying their fractal aspects that have lived in the Sun for the reason I mentioned, is what I believe will be the cause of the Sun to go into this change because it’s a trigger “event” in itself.

      I’m trying to not get frustrated over some of these responses because people, who do you think the majority of Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Volunteers etc. are? They’re Starseeds — aka ETs themselves incarnate in human form on Earth! *(&$#!&#(#)%!

      Not all of this is directed at you ronstarman60. I knew this particular article/information/Light would, once again, be misunderstood by some and that’s why I prefaced it the way I did. Sigh…

      • Yes, please everyone, notice what Denise is saying above, “Forerunner’s embodying”, as in us, “Human Beings”! This is our responsibility, not some aliens that we truly don’t know anything about. I also think we are past the point of relying on channeled messages. I haven’t trusted them for years now. I have done the hard work without relying on the aliens messages or channeled messages. This is our Show, Humans, not theirs. Also, we are already “at that point” that everyone is sitting and waiting for, feel it within, it belongs to us. I agree with Denise in that we are not quite there yet meaning things are still moving along “linearally” as we are still in dense linear time. Time to own it for ourselves, not because so and so says on a certain date it will be ours. None of the past predicted dates ever came to fruition, for me, years ago this was a sure sign that something was wrong with that info.

  • We, perhaps not everybody but some of us are from the Sun. I’ve experienced this only once in this 3D life with such a huge impact – I was walking on a sidewalk towards the Sun which was going down above a line of a forest. I felt so very magnetically attracted to it as if it was calling me to connect together, to be One again and nothing in me resisted, unlike when gazing at the night sky, trying to find some ‘home’. As if literarily the 3D dimension had changed into many blurry realities, everything else disappeared, the sidewalk changed into a track and I was walking ‘home’.
    But there’s a new scientific discovery which may ring a bell and help in understanding this ‘belonging’ to the Sun or ‘sun activation’ on a human level:

    Quote: “As a first step, an artificial comet was produced at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale. (…) The sample was then warmed to room temperature, as in comets when they approach the Sun. (…) Several sugars were detected, including ribose. ”

    As for the worst case scenario, the event may mean a Sun flare of a class which was never recorder or see on the Earth yet, with disastrous effect, making people live underground, either uniting together and helping each other or continuing greedy behaviors, fighting against each other. I’ve been in a process of writing a s/f book about such an event so please dear readers, do not copy this idea 😉

    The Event may be also that all sleeping angels inside of us will be woken up to unite and create a ball/net of energy which will implode – destroy that bad vibration resisting to leave the Earth which disallows for the New Earth to emerge smoothly. Who knows. We’ll definitely learn internally but we won’t find it on the news when it happens in a spiritual way 🙂

    I’ve also a theory that the Sun may be a ‘passage’, the other side of the wormhole which is so brightly hidden that nothing can’t go in or even approach closer and yet it lets life grow to the Earth specifically.

    We will be informed inside when anything is about to happen, the inner knowing revealed from the heart as it holds all what we were showed and programmed to discover when the time comes. I’m not very rushing to know, it will happen as much as 21/12/2012 and nobody died, at least not physically due to the ‘Event’ 🙂 We only started dying spiritually to be reborn with more authentic qualities next. I’ve no resonating feelings about the next 2 incoming years but 2020 and 2022 do resonate well.


  • This article has always resonated big time for me and a few of my friends, take a look at the references to the SUN ………

    The Mythic Call

    From THE MAYAN ORACLE : A Return Path to the Stars, by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, Bear & Co., 1992.

    Once upon a time, a galactic council was called and a mythic call was sent out to countless light beings: the children of the Sun, the angelic winged ones, the Sun runners, the rainbow warriors, and other luminous ones from many star systems. This great circle of light beings gathered from far and wide. At the appointed nexus, the Love of the Spinning Galaxies, the Great Spirit, entered, gracing them all with celestial light and the following words.

    “You are invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation will take place, ” began the Love of the Spinning Galaxies. “You who respond to this call will go to a place of planetary evolution where the illusions of fear and separation are strong teachers. I am calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there, to lift and transform the frequencies of planet Earth, simply by embodying and anchoring love’s presence there. In this myth, you will be the creators of a new reality, the reality of the golden octave. ”

    The Love of the Spinning Galaxies continued: “On other journeys, each of you has proven to be a “feeling navigator,” able to awaken your consciousness and align your heart to the promptings of pure love and compassionate service. As Sun runners and torch bearers, you have already demonstrated that you will hold the light high. And so, I invite you to incarnate en masse among the tribes of Earth to assist Gaia and all her children in their transformation.

    “It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting,” the Mystery of the Spinning Galaxies went on. “However, as you remember the feeling of childlike innocence and trust, you will become the harmonic leavening in this cycle of initiation for Earth. You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally dense areas on the planet. To some, this illusion of separation from love may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and alienation. But by embracing your humanness, your love will transform the depths of duality, and your light will quicken the many.

    “Your participation on this quest is purely voluntary; however, this transformational shift on Earth is very rare and precious. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It is up to you to choose how you will dance with Terra Gaia and her children as she completes her ceremony of light.”

    So spoke the Creator, the Light of the Spinning Galaxies. And so it was that the luminous beings who formed the countless alliances, federations, and councils of the faithful of the stars chose to incarnate on planet Earth to assist in this crucial event, the awakening of the planetary dream. There was even a fail-safe process built into the plan to awaken these beings from the illusion of separation and the veil of forgetfulness that is so rife upon Earth. The luminous ones who would journey to Gaia’s assistance agreed to spark each other’s remembrance. Thus, these starseeded ones were encoded in many ways with sounds, colors, lights, images, words, and symbols — a vibrational resonance that would assist them in remembering their commitment to the light. It was agreed that these coded clues would appear everywhere: in visionary art and music, in penetrating looks, in speech and feelings — all creating a deep yearning to awaken and become the embodiment of love.

    So it is that you, the children of the Sun, are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance, prepared as rainbow warriors to fulfill the promise of the new and ancient myth. By simply anchoring love’s presence on Earth, you lovingly draw down the mantle of the gods, sending waves of healing and love throughout Gaia’s eagerly receptive body. As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and empower others. Utilizing the tools of laughter, song, dance, humor, joy, trust, and love, you are creating the powerful surge of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the old myth of duality and separation, birthing the miracle of unity and peace on Earth.

    Utilize your gifts on behalf of Gaia. In a supernova of consciousness, Gaia and her children will ascend in robes of light, forming a luminous light body of love, to be reborn among the stars! The mythic call has been sounded. The great quest has begun. Awaken, rainbow warriors, Sun runners, luminous beings from the galactic alliances, federations, and councils! Ancient skywalkers, newly formed in this moment, stand in the beauty and power of your true identity as love’s gift to Gaia. Set aside self-doubt. You are the divine child of the Sun! Go where your heart draws you to share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic and the light. The miracle will be manifested on Earth. Remember, we dance and sing here for the One Heart.”

  • Denise, take a look (when you have a moment or a week (!) or two) at the Alice Bailey books. The Tibetan master she worked with says the Sun is a living entity. More than that, there is the idea that we all began as high spirits and came down for a purpose. That suggests we are still high spirits in drag if you will and we can, when we realize it, call on our own higher selves for help as we do our work here and now. Leaving parts of ourselves in the sun seems to fit the ideas you’ve written today.

  • Dear Denise – Yes, yes and YES! And now we know the primary reason for the chemtrails – blocking the sun’s rays from us, and the big push with sunscreen all these years. What you have written is critical and makes absolute sense to this child of the sun.

    Thank you so much.

  • Thank you, Denise! As always, your information mostly always rings true for me, but especially today. I have been spending time sunbathing and doing some sun gazing after years of avoiding it. (Everything “they” say is actually the opposite, right?) Something lately has turned around and I have just felt like it is food. I have such trouble lately putting things into words. It all just seems too big and complex but simple at the same time to verbalize. You are so appreciated…your humor, too…Love it!

  • Denise thank you for this post. It resonates with me and makes sense. I look forward to “the Event” and hope it will solidify all team lights work and bring peace, justice and the energies of love deeper into our world.

  •  Hi Denise – looking at your list of the courageous – i’m thinking of at least one person you really should know about who has been deconstructing the ‘teams’ and a great deal more for a long time.  In fact, I suspect maybe you knew and forgot – but just in case – Montalk: Transcending the Matrix Control System

    Transcending the Matrix Control System Attaining spiritual freedom through knowledge, wisdom, and awareness. Requires knowing the dark and seeking the light. View on

    THANK YOU!!!!!xoxo *janet in Vancouver, BC.. ps.  of course there’s always David Icke, but things have gotten to complex & messy around him it’s frustrating…  such hard work…

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