Keep It Light, Keep It LOVE & Keep It Steady

This is a quote from the March 20, 2016 channeled Cosmic Awareness message, Coming False Flag Events. Thank You for it ❤ Will Berlinghof, Cosmic Awareness & Co.
‘…That these will be false flag events and even if it seems that the enemy is clear as to who did what, do not be deceived by that which is presented to you through the local media or on the world’s press lines. That the leaders may speak up and suggest that actions must now be taken, that a unified force must come together against a common enemy. But remember this: that this is in service to their plans of creating a situation where that which is their agenda, which is that which is known as the New World Order plan can be fulfilled. It is still their purpose and their goal to create the one world government, to create the one world religion, the one world economy, the one world culture, but this is not for the benefit of humanity, this is for their benefit and as they know that at this time it is a period of intense energy that could promote their agenda, they are moving forward even if one of their plans has now been delayed, they live in complete arrogant faith that they will achieve their goals…’
In my March 20, 2016 article, In The Light, EVERYTHING Is Eventually Disclosed, I mentioned how I’d had a dream a few weeks ago about ETs arriving, lots of them, and that they weren’t the “good guy” ETs. In it I also hinted about March 27, 2016 Easter and those Forerunners that are in some phase of their “Resurrection” Process now and that all this and more was/is connected in rather amazing ways, ways that aren’t always immediately recognized or fully understood by any of us.
‘…A few weeks ago I had a dream about ETs—not the good ones—coming on or around Easter 2016, and that this event was going to be seen by everyone but not understood by most. Typical. Now I’m well-aware that this sort of deliberately created mass message sent out to all but only picked up by those that can remember their dreams is nothing new whatsoever. I’ve experienced it most of my life and have learned to discern these negative created mass messages from my own personal dreams and from higher dimensional actual lucid dream experiences…’
If I read Cosmic Awareness’ previous message where He/It mentioned about this negative ET probable event, I have zero memory of it, but my having that dream a few weeks ago certainly stuck in my mind because I’ve had others similar to it over the decades. Point is that Team Dark message went out loud and clear and many picked up on it in different ways.
This is going to sound like I’m randomly changing topics here but I’m not so hang in with me as we connect some more of these multidimensional “dots” currently playing out, or trying really hard to.
March 20th I didn’t feel all that great, but considering everything, I didn’t sense much else from my pains that day. March 21st however, I woke up with everything hurting from top to bottom, along with some pushing depression-like emotional feelings trying to build in me. The energy in the very air and space everywhere felt like I’ve felt it a thousand times over the years; excessively negative, dark, evil, repressive, suffocating, incredibly dense and highly focused, violent and profoundly hateful. I knew that the physical pains I was feeling throughout my body, and the depression that was trying to take root in me, was how I and my physical body typically detect Team Dark when they are extra focused and full of hate and rage and it’s directed towards humanity and Earth. The physical pain is unbelievable and the emotional, psychological pain is nearly as bad. I just kept thinking yesterday that something negative, something destructive was coming to humanity, again, due to what I felt all day and night in highly compressed ways yesterday.
This morning (March 22, 2016) when I turned my mom’s TV on for her, there it was, the physical manifestation of Team Dark’s hatred and rage towards humanity that I felt so severely the day before—the bombing in Brussels. I won’t say any more about it because the media will lay it in the human collective like it’s the only thing in existence for weeks, like they always do.
Back to yesterday and all the physical and psychological pain I and I know many others suffered yesterday and/or days leading up to yesterday. Because I knew it was Team Dark causing it, I went within to gain some insight about it, and what I perceived blew my mind. It shouldn’t have because I’ve had these particular big old bad-ass Team Dark beings pick me up and shake me like a rage-doll and literally rage in my face, screaming how much they hate me (and all Team Light beings) and want to obliterate me/us in any way they could/can. I wrote about this particular event at TRANSITIONS a few years ago if interested.
What I perceived yesterday, March 21, 2016, was some ancient, big, high-ranking Team Dark beings so freaking angry that they wanted to and would if they could have, blow Earth and all of humanity on her up! I was shocked at this rage, which as I’ve said, I’ve experienced personally and up close many times before but this was so much worse if one can imagine such hatred, such rage, such driving desire for mass destruction just because one is seriously pissed off at the moment! I kinda squirmed a bit in my chair as I was perceiving this, along with the severe physical pain I’d woke up with, and knew something big and nasty was in the works, again. Then this morning after I turned mom’s TV on, I got an automated email from Rainbow Phoenix website—Will Berlinghof who channels Cosmic Awareness—informing us that CA has a new public message available. I read it immediately because I knew it contained more of these multidimensional “dots”. The quote at the top is from it, as is this one below.
‘…That the false flag event was meant to involve a holographic arrival of extraterrestrial beings that were meant to shake the essence of humanity to the core as a new reality was introduced with the proposal that these ones were here to assist humanity. Included in this would be the arrival of one who would represent himself as the true Messiah, of the true faith and the faithful ones, who have been awaiting the Second Coming. That this plan did not occur, not only however for the reason of exposure of these plans through this Awareness and other sources, but for another very important event that this Awareness will now discuss…’    Cosmic Awareness
I won’t spoil the fun but let you read Cosmic Awareness’ entire message for yourself. And re-read my last article too if needed then take another look at it all and how you may have been affected by what’s unfolded so far. I will add however that Nibiru and it’s inhabitants—those old, big, bad-ass Team Dark beings I mentioned earlier—are involved. They’re who I felt yesterday and why they were/are extra pissed off and momentarily hot to obliterate humanity at the moment. They’ll get over it because they’ve got no choice in the matter. Freaking drama Queens; spoiled little children; big bullies; pathetic old bastards. 🙄
Know if you don’t already, or if there are periods when you have doubts, know that Team Dark’s time has Expired even though they’re still throwing tantrums, bombs, bullshit and whatever else they can. They’ll continue this for as long as they can but, BUT their reign of terror is over believe it or not, and these things are last-ditch efforts to ‘smash & grab’ as many energy-producing humans and human consciousness and human emotional “fuel” as they can to sustain them in what’s left of their timeline in what CA has called ‘Planet B’.
Those who can are and need to now and need to maintain the Higher Way, the HighHeart etc. Those who can’t, won’t, or don’t want to will continue down into even greater density, darkness, disempowerment and all that goes with greater density and darkness. Hold the Higher Way, the Higher Path, the NEW in you, your HighHeart and being in every moment and by doing that you’ll be helping more in more ways than you may realize yet. 2016 is the no BS phase, the no fooling around anymore phase, the get with the Higher Program or leave phase, and this year will test us all so we can see where we may need to reinforce any remaining old lower holes with NEW Light LOVE. Hold the Higher Way, which is in you now because it is you and don’t waver no matter what transpires around you or what you feel in your body etc. Easter 2016 is us doing “it” 😉 and that is going to further change and quicken everything for everyone everywhere. Thank You each for that, now lets walk on water shall we? ❤ ❤ ❤
Sorry about the no spacing between paragraphs but things are being difficult in this article, but who cares right? 😀
March 22, 2016
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heartcopyright Copyright © Denise LeFay & HighHeartLife, 2016. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author(s), and you include this Copyright Notice and link(s).

22 thoughts on “Keep It Light, Keep It LOVE & Keep It Steady

  • Denise,
    I just found your blog and am tickled pink… Love your no-nonsense writing style, telling it like it is 😀
    It was extremely helpful to read your account of current situation. There is so much I can say but want to keep this reasonably short.
    During last week I have felt extraordinary amount of (seemingly unreasonable 🙂 rage…

    Due to many circumstances, anger seems to be my ‘default’ emotion pretty much all the time…
    What I usu do is, I blast light through my physical form in each instance, invoke violet flame or articulate some form of forgiveness, ho’opono’pono, etc.

    During last week, all of it seemed useless.
    I would get REALLY p!$$ed off for some laughably inconsequential reason and the rage would increase anytime I applied any of the above methods… Furious anger, contempt for trying to transmute it, exploding rage oozing out of my every pore.
    So I just let it rip…
    Making the declaration that this is for clearing and releasing purposes, I would walk through the house, using any and every expletive word I could think of, cursing everything and everyone, feeling all the vile, suffocating, slimey, oppresive pent up emotions imaginable…

    It seems to have come to the halt by now and def lifted some heavy blanket or web of some hard-to-explain foggy distortion around me…

    Not quite able to explain it to myself yet, but once again, your description of TD feeling this unrelenting desperate rage most def helped to put it in perspective.
    The way I understand it, I am channeling some of their ‘stuff’, because in many of my ‘past’ lives I have played on their team, that’s why the karma I had to clear this lifetime around was quite heavy.

    Thanks for letting me verbalize this, that was very helpful as well…

  • Thank you so much. I wondered what was going on this last week and thought it was from the dark. Your blog has really given me hope and understanding when all else is crazy. It is like walking by yourself in an alternate energy reality. But here in this space that you have made sense can be made. Love and light to all who seek. May we keep on shining

  • Thank you, Denise, for validating this latest face-off and justifying my having to fight to keep from ‘falling’. The nervous tension and anxiety in the past few days have been more-than-usual to say the least, and now the extraordinarily busy and exhausting meeting dreams make sense, not to mention the toilet dream showdown. And I wanted to thank you for confirming what I’ve come to understand about the isolation of the Light Warriors. At least five times I’ve tried to move, and each and every time I have been unceremoniously flung back. For me, there’s something about being a ‘gatekeeper’ or ‘portal protector’ involved here, too. Thanks again for your abilities and your loving support, especially of the Elder Wayshowers, and as you say so often, Denise, “Well done us.” B.

    • Barbara,

      ‘…not to mention the toilet dream showdown.’

      😆 Your latest dream about once again having to mop up others “crap” in some public restroom is so, so perfectly symbolic of exactly what we’ve done and continue doing in even more complex and multidimensional ways. I’ve become, as Denise I mean, so good at this Ascension related shit detail lets call it, that I just don’t care anymore about doing it. Eventually this shit detail consists of not having to do much more now than punching out pulses or blasts of Light and/or Light LOVE on/in/through Earth and humanity and/or beyond.

      Yeah, not being able or “allowed yet” to move to another location. As you know Barbara, I struggled against this in my life for a very long time. Even now the move I made to my “new” old house is in the same area! Obviously I’m still needed in this location and in this “new” old house I’m more comfortable with having to stay in this area for however long I’m needed here.

      Another way of looking at this is the Forerunners, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, Lightworkers etc. have been NEEDED to physically live at certain areas around the planet to help both Earth as Energy Transmuters, Energy Embodiers and Anchors etc. but also to help mass humanity around Earth. Think of yourself–and everyone reading this–as individual living “Sacred Temples”, which you/me/we are as Forerunners, strategically placed for the best global energetic balance and effectiveness for ourselves individually and also for everyone and everything else. We’re like living Obelisks, living Pyramids, living Sacred Temples, living Receivers/Transmitters and Anchors and because of this we’re NEEDED to live and work in locations all over the planet for a bunch of different energetic reasons. Knowing this makes being “stuck” on these long-term details easier to deal with and eventually just surrender into.

  • These last few days have been hard indeed. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Sunday night I awoke at 3:00am. Monday night at 2:00am and last night at 1:00am. Now that I have put it in words it looks like a countdown. Last night/this morning I decided to do some energy work/meditation since I was awake instead of getting frustrated that I can’t go back to sleep. As I finished up my work and was beginning to get a little sleepy, I saw a grey alien face in my third eye. It pissed me off and I send light at it until it left. I did eventually get back to sleep but my dreams were disturbing. I was dreaming about a rental home my husband and I just bought. I have been working on it non stop. Cleaning and so forth. In the dream there were holes in the floors and snakes were coming up through them.. Then there were snakes every where in the home. In the basement I saw 2 huge monoliths! I told my husband we have to get rid of this house because of the snake problem. I felt surrounded. I was attacked by the great energy work I had done. With the lunar eclipse today I feel the attack and energy is still strong as Denise said. The way big baddies are at it. Thanks for the post Denise. It has helped me to understand some of my emotions and experiences as of late.

    • Julie,

      I too have been waking up earlier and earlier over these past few days, again. It’s taken me a while to figure this one out because the perspective has changed, “ascended” to such a different location.

      In the past old lower energies we’d need to fall asleep to get out of our physical bodies for hours to rest, recuperate from all the 3D work etc. that we did while we were in our physical bodies in the physical world. But, as we’ve been evolving/ascending and doing so in, with, and through our physical bodies, this has flipped around which is kinda weird yet.

      Now when we become overworked, exhausted and need to rest and recuperate etc., we’re often shoved suddenly BACK into our physical bodies from higher dimensions! In other words, it’s now often just the opposite to how it always was before the Ascension Process began in our physical bodies! Kinda weird huh? I’ve often gotten peeved over suddenly being shoved out of higher dimensions because my time there (for that night I mean) was over for any number of complex reasons, and I suddenly HAD to get back into my physical body and out of the higher dimensions. Many of us Forerunners experience this for these strange, flipped around reasons now. That plus we’re often even more busy and doing The Work while we’re out of our physical bodies and in higher dimensions and sometimes getting back into our physical bodies is now “rest time” for us.

  • Thank you so much for this update Denise. I felt the dark attack too, and woke yesterday morning feeling like I was drowning within myself from emotion. There is bleak energy around, I feel angry and sensitized. March has been incredibly intense for me in the energies. When I watched the news tnite about Brussels it felt like a dream to me. I was so disconnected from it. It was an awesome feeling that I must be in a different plane of existence to the regular crappy world. I just need to hold onto my higher heart and keep creating the new light. Keep the focus on who I am and express and focus on that. The light quotient in my world continues to grow….💚

    • meadow,

      ‘…When I watched the news tnite about Brussels it felt like a dream to me. I was so disconnected from it. It was an awesome feeling that I must be in a different plane of existence to the regular crappy world…’

      You are, literally, existing at a higher level of being, reality, consciousness, energy etc. Most of us are and that’s why it often feels dream-like, surreal to us because we are existing at another level of frequency etc. than those people experiencing whatever they are that we hear about in the media. This is what I’ve called the Separation of Worlds & Timelines over the years. This year it’s so obvious to more people that a split exists still. Eventually even that will be gone because these two radically different levels of energy, consciousness and very reality CANNOT co-exist in the same place and space together. That time has Expired too and we’re in the last phases or “end times” of the old lower reality, despite all the war games and tired old religious control humanity games Team Dark is attempting to roll over from the old Piscean Age into the new Aquarian Age. Don’t get me started on that! 😆

      Keep up the great Work and you will be fine and it will also help so many others as well. This is who we are and what we do and why we do it for All. ❤

  • Denise, this post goes way beyond a need for simple thank yous. It is wonderful. The last days have been hellish and you turn up, bringing us explanations and understanding . Heaven sent I am certain. I heard myself cheering out loud as I read your words and saying, “Tell it like it is Denise!’ So often I could reply to your posts but don’t, this time I felt I must let you know how much I value your help.

    One question please. Do you know why are we isolated? And so many of us are, wouldn’t we be much stronger if we were not? And we are needing our strength more than I could have imagined. I would be so grateful for even just one person I could talk to who feels and believes as I do. And isn’t it moving how we – to use your phrase Denise – elder wayshowers – are still in at the end? When I look back over the years – and years – my knees want to buckle, I can’t believe I have survived – and only just at times. Those early years seem so naive and innocent now. And easy! You have woken up my beyond weary fighting spirit. We will do this won’t we?

    • silvia,

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m so very glad they helped in any way as none of this is easy, not to mention the weirdness factors! 😉

      I too have longed for one or two other like-people that I could physically connect and interact with. It does get lonely not having any like-energy, like-consciousness friends/buddies that you can shoot the Ascension breeze with. However, there are important reasons why we’re still being kept strategically placed around the planet instead of being allowed to unite physically in one location and say, have a big celebratory meet & greet party.

      I’m going to be graphic here to bring this point home because it’s important for everyone to consciously know, you know it at higher levels already. Just imagine if hundreds of thousands of us Forerunners of the Forerunners, Forerunners, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Indigos etc. did gather together in one place physically to say have a conference or whatever for just us. Guess how easy it would be for Team Dark to kill all of us off while we were all in the same physical location? That’s right, we’d all come under instant attack, physical attack of some sort in an attempt by TD to get rid of us from the physical dimension. It’s more complex energetically than just this simple example I’ve given. TD cannot kill anyone whose not vibrating/existing/living at/being in a lower frequency level. In other words, if we do NOT drop or “fall” energetically, become corrupted in some way etc., then we’re really hard for any TD being or human to kill us. But, the moment we do drop our level or we “fall” energetically down to old lower frequency levels for whatever the reason(s), then we are within range and will experience attacks and/or attempts on our lives, our sanity, our souls etc.

      The other important aspect of this has to do with each of us individually evolving/ascending to that level, that point where we are enough for ourselves in all ways and don’t “need” another person for anything. Once we’re individually sovereign energetically and emotionally etc., then we’ve reached a level of self-empowerment that’s really potent–aka Christ or Crystal etc.–and at that point it doesn’t much matter to us, individually, whether we’ve got buddies nearby or not; we are, as Lisa Renee calls it, ‘God, Sovereign and Free’. We’re closer to this now in these bodies than ever before. Know too that we do get together in the higher dimensions often. 🙂

      And yes, we will do this my fellow Elder Wayshower, in fact, we’ve already done it. ❤

      • Denise, your above statement, “that point where we are enough for ourselves in all ways and don’t “need” another person for anything”, this is the point I have arrived at. Silvia, I had been extremely isolated for 6 years and constantly waited for the isolation to end. This year, as Denise stated above, I have found I am totally content with my existence of isolation and frankly in these chaotic times, don’t want to be around any of the drama. It is not a fit for Triality (New). I often wonder, when the bifurcation ends, which I feel and sure do hope will be by the end of this year, what will I be feeling then. I think it will be a whole different ballgame because the chaos and any remaining old will finally have fully dissipated. An exciting time to look forward to. Yes Denise, we have already done it and should be damn proud of our accomplishments! It’s a feeling of passing the final major exam and having passed with flying colors. Now it’s time to receive our remuneration. Just as you are so often doing Denise, I think it is important that everyone see the words that “we’ve already done it” as for some, I think it is too good to believe.

        • Jeff,

          ‘…Just as you are so often doing Denise, I think it is important that everyone see the words that “we’ve already done it” as for some, I think it is too good to believe.’

          I’ve always known in this lifetime that this job, this mission, this Work would of course be successful across the multidimensional board. I think I demanded that that knowing always be with me as I “volunteered” to incarnate as Denise in this life and completion time of the Ascension Process. Actually, there were a number of things I insisted upon having consciously if I incarnated now because I wanted those tools to use during this really difficult time and job.

          So I’ve always known that this would work beautifully no matter what silly stunts Team Dark pulls out of their dark hats at any time. We and other Team Light beings have always had all bases covered. (This is why some of us Forerunners spent years off and on recently, Working out-of-body at night in so-called “dreams”, shutting down and dead-ending many old timelines all to prevent Team Dark from using them as they do with everything, to perpetuate more of their horrors on other people and beings. We’ve covered all bases, not to mention, Source has always had our backs wherever we go to do The Work. 😉

          Knowing this has made it easier for me to cope with all the negativity and BS and disinformation etc. claiming otherwise. I know we’ve already done it because I can easily pop down the road a bit (into the so-called “future”) and see for myself what I and you and all of us have done that me and you and all of us are heading towards. Time jumping or “time travel” is so easy now that more and more will be consciously aware of when they intentionally slide forward a bit and then slide back a bit and forward again and back again and so on.

        • Bless you Denise for always knowing in this lifetime that the work would be successful. That’s that amazing strength of the Feminine Embodiment that is you because I have to tell you, probably a million times over, prior to this year, I didn’t think we would do it. You have been a Rock for so many of us through these last years, a genuineness in your shared words that I found in only 1 or 2 others thru the years and as so many others mention, I Thank You. Also, thank you for never giving up on your blog, I know I would have.Lol I’m following you for around 7 years now.

      • Denise I am still being sequestered and this year have come into more alignment and peace with my situation after I had a vision come to me one morning as I walked through my lounge room. I had a vision of a future self coming back in time on a particular timeline making sure I was hidden and protected and exactly where I was needed to be to fulfill a certain plan I was hurriedly protecting. It was the most amazing experience. Like watching a movie and I had the knowledge skill and power to do what was needed. I suddenly fully understood on many levels how nothing in my life was by chance, and that all was orchestrated by higher me for very important reasons. It was so cool and that amazing vision has stayed with me, reminding me of multiple levels and dimensions, time line jumps and my basic hard working lightbearer/ warrior awesomeness. It brought me great comfort to know I was already across it all. 💚

    • Silvia,
      I felt deeply moved to tears by your post. You say
      “I would be so grateful for even just one person I could talk to who feels and believes as I do. And isn’t it moving how we – to use your phrase Denise – elder wayshowers – are still in at the end? When I look back over the years – and years – my knees want to buckle, I can’t believe I have survived – and only just at times.”

      I felt such a surge of love and honor and appreciation for You and Your Being… I can very much relate to all of it and know that feeling of loneliness can be one of the hardest, most devastating or dehumanizing feelings we go through in this 3D maya…

      Sending you all my love, honor, support and blessings on your journey and deep thanks for staying on course and not giving up!
      Love, blessings, hugs!

      • Dear Jana, I tried to reply earlier but just could not find the words. I am still struggling a little. Your message for me means more to me than you can know. Many thanks for actually seeing me, and for your understanding. The love behind your words went straight into my heart and has stayed there. Heaven sent indeed. My love to you, Silvia

        • Silvia… Once again, I feel deeply impacted by your words… Feel another surge of deep affection for All who you are, your Higher Self, that peacefully watches all your hardships and travails and your little “inner child” frightened by the traumas it has endured…

          Profoundly appreciating all effort it took to get where you are… You seem to be an angelic presence of the high order manifested in this human “spacesuit”..

          Be assured that your True Essence never can and never will be permanently harmed by any of these 3D experiences and eventually, you and we all come to understand and appreciate their ‘value’ or reason, no matter how distasteful they might seem to be…

          Sending you again deepest respects and honors from the core of my being…

  • Thank you Denise,

    been down here in Palm Desert visiting my mom for a few days, yes, we were both needing serious downtime on Mon the 21st, were supposed to go on the Palm Springs Aerial tram, but felt so poorly we postponed a day

    we got it in today and both really enjoyed it, day 22, interesting,

    however, we did awake to the media blitz about the Brussels Airport bombing, and when I told mom this false flag had been predicted by Will she became calm, turned off the TV, and we left for our outing

    it’s all about paying strict attention, seeing the fear and doom for what it is, and calling it out, loved your analogy about the bullies!!

    Thank you so much for all you do, bless to you and your mom,

    hugz, Daphné xx 😃 🐈 🐱 💚 💜

  • Your post comes exactly on time to verify and uplift when needed, so thank you! Sunday some friends and I did some drumming for the world at a wonderful waterfall, but I felt oppressed for no apparent reason. On the night of your dream, I dreamt of the World Tree. A man with a metal detector was walking around inside it at the base looking for gold coins. I knew it was inappropriate for him to be there. Money in dreams symbolizes psychic energy, so he was trying to take energy from the roots of life of this world. Later, a vast flood of water began flowing out of the tree, and I was not panicked but did begin shouting a heads up to people: “Big flood of water coming!”. Since water symbolizes emotion – and since flooding has scared the bejezus out of everyone since Atlantis – it was the perfect image for what was about to go down in Brussels and worldwide through the media. And who did I see nearly unconscious in the water, whom I went slogging to try to rescue? My mom, who at 80 is very well intentioned and volunteering for good causes but adamantly stuck in the old polarity consciousness, believing in violence as a necessary solution. Unconscious indeed. I bet a lot of us got some warning. We don’t always interpret it right though. All yesterday I was kicked emotionally by TD, but because I had interpreted my dream personally, I thought it was just another horrid emotional layer clearing out, or having sugar sneak into my diet. But in fact TD is indeed having a vicious hissy fit!! They came back this afternoon to try to upset me some more, but I went to bed for a nap with kyanite, sugilite, moonstone, and a lithium quartz (best bed buddies you’ll ever have!), then took a bath with those stones – followed by Celtic Sea Salts after the rocks were removed. Finally (!) they left; and I feel great, now, simply excellent! It was only after I decided not to rinse off the salt residue that they hauled out, however. They must be utterly freaking desperate at this point, as you say. Which can only mean we light holders are about to bust loose entirely! Thanks for your blog, it always upholds. And verification is a very welcome reality check for those of us still without community on this frequency.

  • Denise, two important sentences that I immediately picked up on in this update were,”know that Team Dark’s time has Expired…” and most importantly, “Those who can are and need to now maintain the Higher Way…” Five days ago on my birthday I entered what I call the Shadowlands. I permanently reside in the New state of Triality and sometimes I take myself to the edge of that New Space and through a portal, connect with the Old Space, hence the somewhat shadowy feeling. It’s an automatic energetic directive. When I awoke this morning I thought, good, I feel as though I have left the shadowlands and am now back to the center of Triality. Then I saw the news concerning Brussels and understood why I was in those shadowlands.Team Dark’s time has definitely expired, now they are just being a nuisance and as long as we do as Denise states, maintain the Higher Way, we will continue to counterbalance their tantrums. The bifurcation of Polarity is becoming quite extreme at this time, hence the continued chaos unfolding in the old. We have the Power now, not them, I am 100% assured of this, but remember to always stay in that High Heart place. If we weren’t doing what we continue to do, the tragedy in Brussels would have been much worse even though it was bad enough. Now more then ever we must always remind ourselves to constantly reach for that Higher Way if we feel our Energy dropping back into the old. If you have left the old, you will feel that energy drop play out as a phantom energy, real but not real. Real only if you give yourself fully over to it and choose to be back there and after how hard we have worked, who would do that. Thanks for this update Denise!

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