Wave X & the old Team Dark LOOK OVER HERE Tactic


‘…It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them….’

‘…That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September 2015 when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself…’

‘…That those in power, in their desperation, will try many things to misdirect attention and focus so that they, those who might be affected will not look upward, will not look inward, but rather will follow the calling of those who have for so long misled and deceived. That it is a time for choice: to choose the highest and the most positive, or to believe the liars and deceivers and to be misled down the garden path.

That this week coming is a week of greatest importance for all…’

Those were some random quotes from the September 20, 2015 channeling by Will Berlinghof for Cosmic Awareness about “Wave X” and its arrival throughout this week, along with the Equinox on September 23rd and the final “Blood Moon Eclipses” on the 27th. To read and/or listen to the entire channeled message see the LINK below.

Click to access 20150920M.pdf


As usual there’s already plenty of frantic Team Dark arm waving to grab as many people’s attention, mental and emotional focus, energy, consciousness etc. as they possibly can now because gawd knows they don’t want humanity to benefit from “Wave X” or anything Ascension related! And so, they yell and wave their arms wildly to distract you and pull your attention into whatever negative scam they’re pushing at the moment to draw human awareness AWAY from everything that they would naturally benefit from. Don’t fall for this old TD tactic especially now.

Thank you Cosmic Awareness, Will Berlinghof and Co. for this important reminder. ❤


September 21, 2015