The 6th Uranus/Pluto Square December 14-15, 2014

‘…We are in crises over the survival of good values, human decency, and love. Four hundred years of scientific materialism have nearly blocked our spiritual access to the higher dimensions that make life meaningful, and two thousand years of religious dogma have weakened our freedom and willpower. What’s going on?…’

astro glyphs flashing colors

That first sentence really got me because that’s exactly what’s been nearly breaking my heart and spirit this year. Trudging daily through such compressed darkness at the end of the long reign of Darkness isn’t easy but we’re doing it, besides, what else is there to do but this? ❤

Barbara Hand Clow has written articles for each of the Uranus/Pluto squares that have unfolded since 2012, and this one in December 2014 is, as usual, excellent and very helpful. Here’s a link to her News page containing these many articles.

Also, here’s the link to her December 2014 article which has some great info about the Nine Dimensions as well.

Click to access Sixth_U-P_Square.pdf

Thank you Barbara Hand Clow. ❤


December 11, 2014