HOME is Where the Heart Is

‘HOME is where the Heart is.’

We’ve all heard this common phrase, however, when considered from the perspective of the Ascension Process it takes on a very NEW and different meaning.

HOME (as in Source/God/the All That Is) is where the Heart (the evolved, ascended, fifth dimensional and higher human HighHeart) is.

We’re evolving, ascending from the bottom three chakras with their frequencies and matching consciousness and external world reality at that level and period of learning etc., up into the next higher layer (and dimension) that has the High Heart (thymus) as the main seat and viewpoint on “reality” from that frequency and matching consciousness. Sounds so simple, so easy and fast when just reading that sentence but we know better don’t we? O_o

For weeks I’ve perceived—in my personal ways—these last few epic months of 2014. When the upcoming energetic events or Energy Waves are unusually big and intense, the information and/or things I perceive and See are typically more simplified and symbolic. When I get elaborate blocks of Higher Awareness info it usually means what’s coming up next for the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners is not going to bring us to our spiritual knees and beat us about the head and shoulders. But, when the info I perceive and/or See is super simplified, symbolic and/or visual, then I know we’re about to experience some BIG incoming Energy Waves or NEW Light Codes that we must embody and anchor into this dimension, world, and level of consciousness and it’s most likely not going to be easy and painless.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about, here’s some recent Higher Awareness info I’ve gotten over the past 30–40 days or so. (So hard to keep track of “time” anymore!) I’m going to share this info exactly like I received it because that too is part of the information no matter how simplified and small.

black diamondheart 6  ‘HOME is where the Heart is.’

black diamondheart 6 ‘A December 2014 Gift is coming to you, for you Forerunner(s). It is Divine, miraculous and another very important transition. It is a Gift from Source but from your perspective it won’t feel like a gift at all when it arrives and you need to embody It. Catch this incoming Divine ball with your High Heart as best you can, even if it feels like it might destroy you. It will not. It is a Gift that will make more sense to you as 2015 unfolds.’

black diamondheart 6 11-11 thru 12-12-14 is a “wormhole” or energy tube. From 12-12 thru the December 21, 2014 Solstice many of the Forerunners of the Forerunners will be receiving this latest NEW ‘Gift’ and will be dealing with (reeling from in many cases!) embodying it via our High Hearts. This will be very physical because it has to do with us embodying another good-sized chunk of our Source/God/the All That Is Selves into these current physical bodies, nervous system and consciousness consciously. We have plenty of time to do this up to and beyond the 12-21-14 Solstice so relax and surrender into this latest phase of the Divine procedure. More of Source or “God” is coming from HOME and merging with this physical ascending You incarnate here in physicality. Obviously this will have repercussions, big positive repercussions throughout 2015 for each of us. Newbie Masters…

Remember those beautiful old paintings of Jesus and Buddha blissfully opening their chests and revealing their High Hearts radiating HOME/Source/God/All That Is within themselves? Ready to do the same? It’s okay, just catch this incoming ball with your HighHeart and anchor it within yourself.

black diamondheart 6 As we Forerunners continue to embody the NEW Light Codes or blueprints and more of Source/God/All That Is into these physical versions of “us” incarnate on Earth now, the old lower consciousness folks are increasingly losing it in different ways. The rapidly building contrast between the old lower and the NEW higher is shocking, painful, frustrating, confusing, and at times downright unbelievable in its sheer absurdity. That was me being polite about this! You know, you’re living it too. Just hang in there and catch the incoming ball or series of balls that Source is throwing out and we’re receiving, embodying and anchoring on to this world for All. Release what you think you know, what you expect, how you believe it happens, feels and so on and just receive it. We’ll deal with what comes after at that point, and don’t you know that it all will be vastly easier!

Hugs of Light Love,

Denise Le Fay

December 10, 2014


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33 thoughts on “HOME is Where the Heart Is

  • Hi Denise,

    I’m glad to see that comments are open again, it’s nice to hear from this community. I often feel isolated amongst other spiritual communities, seeing that all seem to reject the the idea that Team Dark even exists, and all my planetary work involves dealing with them.

    The longer this process goes on the more the few remaining team dark humans in my life show up. I have the difficult task of them making up almost my entire family, and being trapped at the home I grew up. Every attempt I’ve made for years to move has been blocked one way or another. I just keep feeling like my vibration should be too high for them to come into my reality or if they do they should want to leave right away. However, this doesn’t seem to be what’s happening, or if it is I definitely am not seeing it. I think there is nothing worse then knowing you are a really powerful being, but feeling completely powerless. That’s exactly how this situation makes me feel.

    Thank you for always talking very openly about TD, it’s definitely saved me on more than one occasion.

    • Courtney,

      Hi you. 🙂

      I agree, nothing infuriates me more than the unaware, the controlled flat-out denying that half of duality even exists! And on this planet after all it and humanity has and still is going through! What’s interesting however is that the more and more each of us “wakes up”, evolves some more each week, the more obvious it is to us who’s who and who’s perceiving/existing/functioning etc. in the old lower Team Dark consciousness still. It’s exactly like having to interact with and communicate with a drug addict that’s high and/or an alcoholic that’s drunk; they really believe they’re functioning perfectly and that no sober/clean person would EVER know that they’re “wasted”. The old lower consciousness people are exactly the same and treat those of us who are sober/clean and have Higher Awareness like we’re complete idiots. This extreme duality contrast is so extreme now and will continue for a while until those people start to evolve in this life, or die off because they can’t or won’t in this life and body. Harsh but true.

      I’ve been trying to write a book about TD but my life has been turned upside down due to my mom’s health problems. I hope to be able to get it done in 2015, but can’t promise anything at this point. I’ll do my best because I know that it would help a lot of people now and in the near future.

      I’ll add that I’ve been paying very close attention to what all I perceive and experience personally with Team Dark since 2010. Each year it’s changed rather dramatically, and now TD nonphysical nonhuman entities do not make contact with me at all as they used to. What an improvement! But, oh yeah there’s a but to this situation, and it’s due to those lower consciousness humans that STILL are living, perceiving, functioning, working, and harming other humans (and animals and earth etc. etc.) as they always have due to the massive old TD influences. Those people are STILL behaving in the old lower ways and many of them won’t be able to get with the NEW higher Program like many other people will.

      My point was that even though the “big bad guys” meaning nonphysical, nonhuman TD beings are greatly reduced in general and most others gone from our NEW higher level of being since the Expiration Date of December 2012, there’s billions of living humans that are STILL on Team Dark Auto Pilot and they continue to interfere with, go after, attack, lie to and try to manipulate ANYONE that they unconsciously sense is Team Light. I experience this every time I leave my house and it’s a real “test” for me and for each of us in learning how to Master our NEW amplified energies amidst the masses of lower consciousness humans on earth. This will and is quickly becoming easier for us at some levels but it’s still a challenge and a fight at times. I hope to have the energy to include some of this I’ve been going through the past couple of months in an article soon.

      What I want you and everyone dealing with this to remember as often as needed is that the Light is running the show here now and that the old lower consciousness humans are the ones that now must come up into the Light, come up into the NEW, not us compromising or making excuses for them any longer. Stand your NEW higher ground and make them come up into the NEW. ❤ Lower consciousness humans are very talented at manipulating, bullshitting, lying and distorting reality and we of the Light have to stand firm in our HighHearts and not give in to their old tactics. We will not go back down; they must come up into the NEW higher. If they can't they can't and we keep moving forward. Never ever fall for the lie that you are "powerless". That's old TD programming still running in lower consciousness people and you and I and all of us embodying the Light cannot any longer afford to think or believe such negative things. ‘I AM Love, I AM Divine Light, I AM that I AM’. Never let anyone or anything make you believe or think or feel otherwise. This too is a “test” for each of us.

      ❤ Hugs,

  • Denise and All,
    Wow what a Seriously cold bold blast into the winter solstice or as some call it Holi-Days! I send you all highheartlife energy hugs as for it is truly finally starting to feel like a high heart life experience after allllll the dirty work 🙀👸 here’s to the new incoming high heart life experience !!! What a Gift🎉🎁🎊

  • Oh holy cats, I’ve been thinking of this post all day as I woke up this AM with Ascension flu, “real flu,” or more likely BOTH. I’m trying to receive this giant ball that feels like a bowling ball lobbed at my high heart. It’s a lot like labor: forcing me into the moment and trying to breathe through the deep aches, pains, and chills. I’ve got terrifically cold hands and feet, as I did last week along with others.

    I see just what you mean about the gift not feeling like a gift because I want this to go €U%# off, lol. Have not felt this awful in a long while.

    Are there any other comrades feeling the same?

    Breathe in. Breathe out. This too shall pass.

    Calliope the Muse/Karin

    • Calliope,

      Me too. Just horrible but due to “the system” of old (the negative patriarchal Medical Machine). My body hurts because I’m hurting emotionally but that’s my “gift” at this time that’s just for me.

      Hang in there Karin and All. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    This is in answer to a question posted previously about us feeling an inner super cold sensation; Yes and Yes! This has been my experience for the last several weeks, regardless of how many layers of clothes I am wearing including wool socks, it seems impossible to actually Feel warm on all levels. This exists regardless of the outside temperature. As a matter of fact, my feet feel like they are freezing as I write this.

    There are also intense New time jumping energies during sleep and while awake. Some time jumping while dreaming involves realizing I am in my past (this life); knowing/sensing/feeling I am lost and have forgotten where I truly live in this physicality. With me in my dreams are pets who have crossed over and I am holding them in my arms. These dreams are quite emotional because they, my cat(s) are just that much more alive in spirit, when I do finally wake up.

    The transition is terribly difficult at times and the process of recovery can take hours and even days. I continue to Intend out loud every day and night to reenter my physical body painlessly, safely and comfortably and ask for help from my Higher Self/Ascension Angels/Starbeings. I was wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing difficulty with transitioning back into the physical body when waking up?

    I intuitively see the phrase “please stand by; we are currently experiencing technical difficulties” Ha! Ha! 😆

    Thank you for all you give to so many. We forerunners/lightworkers will continue to support you through financial return/exchange of energy. You freely give to us and do not require this exchange as so many others do; the importance of this exchange is huge. As You lift our burdens by sharing, we in turn lift yours ………… this is the way of giving/receiving required at this time.

    Thank you for all your loving kindnesses through the information you share with us during these accelerated as well as exciting times …….. you are so loved by so many.

    • Helen & All,

      The inner cold is intensifying again due to our approaching the December 21st Solstice. Typically there’s a 3-day window or portal around Power Days so from the 20th thru the 23rd will produce the inner cold sensations and others as well of course. Pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle blasts coming in already everyone. Receive these latest Divine Gifts arriving now and into next week. ❤


  • Good day everyone and how nice to have these comments open again.

    What I was told about the hot and cold body thing. When hot, I am releasing old and when cold down loading new.

    I agree completely about the craziness of the energy now, surrounding the holidays but more so on the racial issues going on, for me feels like a big blinking sign saying pay attention to the dark and light.

    Usually. I get depressed at Christmas. The overconsumption of material items, even the wasted electric for lights used to get me down. I have no connection with any of these things this year and it has been so freeing, not that I have not had days that I feel down but more up days. So to all here, a wish for many, many more up days and weeks to come in the new year. In Peace, Namaste

    • ‘…When hot, I am releasing old and when cold down loading new…’

      That’s it exactly sunny. ❤

      Hang in there everyone, the 12-21-14 winter Solstice will rock everyone’s boat so to speak. Lots more changes and they’re happening faster now than they ever could before. Stay flexible and bend in the cosmic/galactic/global/personal/collective winds of change.


    • Hi sunny, I’m right there with you re. the detachment from Christmas, it feels so odd that people are still so asleep and deep into the materialistic side of things. I don’t bother with any of it, it floats right over my teflon coated head 😆

      The hot and cold thing ….. OMG it drives me crazy, for donkey’s years I have had bouts of being unable to maintain a stable body temperature – putting more layers of clothing on, then taking them back off, and absolutely whacking myself out in the process. The body heat seems to appear immediately on waking in the morning, I could literally heat the whole house all winter if I could store it all ( that would sure p— the utility people off). Then there’s the cold stuff, starting in the core of the body, freezing from the inside out, cold bones, cold everything. That’s the dodgy bit for me, cos if I don’t warm up pretty quickly I feel really unwell. In the early years of experiencing these extremes, I thought it was all down to the ‘power surges’ of menopause, then a few years later I was informed that it was all part of the M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) symptom picture, and I strongly suspected that my thyroid gland was underfunctioning. How relieved was I to discover that 13+ years of experiencing a dodgy body thermostat was all down to Ascending …….. Oh joy !

      Btw even tho I am ignoring the 25th (fake date), I will be celebrating the ‘Light Festival’ otherwise known to me as the Solstice (oh boy, can’t wait). I even bought myself a Solstice present that I shall greatly enjoy on the day (Deva Premal in concert).

      Here’s wishing everyone a special, joyful Solstice

      Love ‘n hugs

  • 12:12 my time as I read this. Oh yes, literally a bombardment of numbers lately. So good to connect with others on the same wave length. No words for anything else right now, just open and ready for what comes next – feeling peaceful (at least for today).

    Thank you Denise for your hugely comforting contribution, and to all who connect here.

    • Elle & All,

      Yes it does feel better today…for the time being that is! 😆

      Another thing I wanted to mention to everyone at seeing repeated numbers, number combos, triple and double numbers etc. is how some of my atomic clocks have been time jumping again. Sometimes one of my atomic clocks will jump two, three days or months into the future. Other times it’ll be only hours into the future on the same day, other times days or weeks into the future but the hour and minute remains correct.

      The first time I ever experienced this atomic clock time jumping, time shifting anomaly was on December 24, 2012. In other words, the FIRST day after the “Three Days” of December 21, 22, & 23, 2012 — the Expiration Date to the old everything! I’ve also noticed that this clock/time jumping or shifting business escalates throughout the fall quarter each year since the “Three Days” up to the December 21st Solstice. It doesn’t end then, but increases as we complete our ways out of each ending year since the Expiration Date or “Three Days” of 2012. Interesting isn’t it? 🙂

      Group ❤ Hug,

  • Speaking of numbers, anyone thought of this day 12-13-14. I had not until it was mentioned on an am talk show and the next time we will have something like this will be 1-2-34. I found it interesting though not sure what it could mean.

    Also, Denise, I agree completely with the communication upgrades we will be getting better and better at. My best friend and I do this a lot. Funny thing, I was thinking of upgrading my mobile phone and I keep thinking why. I am not going to need it much longer. Thanks so much for you time and energy.

    * no need to post this part if you feel it is not acceptable
    P.S. I listened to Lee Harris December report. In my words, because I cannot remember exactly what he said… if we don’t know who we are or what’s going on with the earth and are doing things different than we ever have before then we are on the right track. UMM

    Jim Self in his posting was talking about memory and how we are having difficult times and this is a way for us to erase old belief patterns. Again my words because I can’t remember 🙂 They are both on the Spirit Library site, most of what I read there is good (for me)

    • Sunny,

      Back in early 2009 I was unexpectedly informed by Higher Awareness that it would be a great idea if I quickly wrote a book about my Ascension Process and many of the related subjects both Light and Dark up to that point, that publish date, which turned out to be Jan. 2010. I was already spread too thin with working at TRANSITIONS and Comments there at that time so inquired why should I write such a book. The answer I got in early 2009 was that I would soon be forgetting most everything from my “past life” as Denise. Hearing that, part of me thought hey, I worked hard for those memories and then another part of me immediately followed that thought with one about how great it would be to not have any memories about Team Dark and all the other unpleasant lower things I’ve experienced, seen and survived! So yeah, bring on the freeing aspects of releasing all old lower personal memories from my lower “past life” in 3D as Denise. All of those memories are put into the Akash Library for All anyway so release, release, release all past pre-Ascension stuff. 🙂

      This Shift out of the old lower energetic blueprints into the NEW higher ones is doing this naturally anyway, but for those of us having repeated breaks in memory and disintegrating sense of old self, linear time and all the rest of it, it does get a bit weird now and then! 😉

      Hum, hadn’t thought about 12-13-14 but it feels really good, really positive, like we’ve crossed over some big and important threshold into the NEW. Anybody else feeling that inner super cold sensation that indicates we’re moving deeper once again into a very NEW space/place? I’ve had it for hours today (12-14-14 and start of the 6th Uranus/Pluto Square) and can’t get warmed up because the cold is internal radiating outward… like Hot Flashes do.

      ❤ Hugs,

      • Wow. Interesting. I’ve really been kind of concerned about how some of my memories seem so … distant … and even vague. Even recent “memories” that should be very clear are sometimes shrouded in something like the actual “brain fog” I sometimes get when I am having difficulty connecting with the “real” 3D world (ugh… I would just stay indoors and see no one if I could!)

        As far as 12-13-14: I had a great and very energetic day, but, also suffered the inner cold (which I suppose you’ve mentioned elsewhere but I’m just now connecting to the reference!) I’ve also had a series of changes to my “tinnitus” tones. Occasionally they become sharper or deeper or louder and once today, the right ear sound went away for a few minutes.

        Hugs to all …

  • Denise – you are so right on. We, my husband and I, have been told told about some kind of energy surge “coming through”. Very similar info, sounds a lot like what you are writing about. Also, there is ALREADY tremendous tension everywhere, it seems…and it is not just the christmas-craziness we get every year anyway.
    I also really liked your article a bit earlier – that list of symptoms so resembled mine. Made me smile – although I really didn’t like having them, but it felt good to get a reassurance: I am not completely insane (perhaps just a bit) 🙂
    Getting real rest at night? Hasn’t happened in a while! Just keep wondering how much longer I can keep going like that. It almost seems like a continuous climb (or increase of tension, pressure etc). Where or when do we at least reach a plateau to take a break?
    Questions over questions…and all we can do is go with the flow.
    Thanks for your posts! I wouldn’t be able to write, have difficulty to even write these half-way intelligible lines. No more energy…but keep on going anyway!
    Here is to the forerunners!

  • Great news, thanks Denise. I’m excited to see if I’ll get a “gift” now, and keep looking outside for some reason! We are definitely on the same wavelength as I had just finished posting about being at home and with family when the email for your update came through!!

    Love and Light xx

    • Wow. I did receive a gift today. It is mind-blowing and not what I was expecting at all. Totally life-changing, and from an unexpected source. I can’t even begin to put it into words yet but I will say that until today I have been looking in entirely the wrong direction, or at least looking at things the wrong way. This is going to take some time to figure out within myself but at last I have been shown my true soul. I don’t mean to sound cryptic, but I guess things are going to be different for every one of us, so there is no use in me spouting what I learnt here just yet. Thanks for the heads-up about this Denise, I would never have recognized what I was told today as being a gift without your insight. Time for meditation and reflection, and a lot of hard work for me!


      • Well done you! 🙂

        All of 2014 has been one hell of a year of repeated personal revelations and collective revelations too. 2015 will only continue this as we and more of humanity “wakes up” more and more to what’s been hidden from us either by ourselves and/or others. Just take it in, make the needed changes in self and keep moving forward. That’s what I’ve been doing — with an occasional bout of crying, high frustration and then momentary “victim BS behavior” until I dust myself off once again and get back into what’s really happening and why! 😉 This is what it is now so be proud that you’ve seen the Light 😉 with this personal thing and be prepared for more. ❤


  • Denise; thank you for making this comment page possible for so many of us who are truly needing to connect on this level. regarding the 5:55 references in these comments (this has been a constant for me when it comes to seeing the master numbers on a daily basis displayed on the clock). not only have been seeing these master #’s increasing in intensity each day, it has gotten to the point where I feel like rolling my eyes when I see 555 since that # denotes change.

    Denise, your latest post nailed it again for me as usual. one point in particular being home is where the heart is, perfect! the visual I got from that recently was seeing Dorothy clicking the heels of her red sequined shoes and saying there is no place like home. I personally do not see myself staying sane without you and your urgent and over the moon important messages you so kindly share…………..you are so loved.

    • Helen,

      ❤ Hugs back at you my friend. 🙂

      Yes I've been getting pummeled with triple Master Numbers all of 2014. I literally see all of them nearly every day/night. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and still seeing 11:11 and 12:12 too. This has been a year of great change for sure and will only continue.


      • I totally started laughing because for me, your comment posted at 11:44, Denise! Oh yes, not just the 5:55, but all the numbers as you say. I love seeing the 4:44 and :44 past the hour because it reminds me I’m being supported in this time. I’m fascinated to see the acceleration of the master numbers. I keep wondering when I’m going to have the sense that they are no longer reminders as the things they recall have come to pass!

        One more thing: of the sources and people I trust and follow, and from my own intuitive guidance, I’m sensing the Gift you speak of is triggered by the 6th Uranus – Pluto Square and definitely ushered in by the 12-12 portal.

        If this reflects anything of what 2012 in December was like energetically, or more so, I’d say hold on (but also “Let Go!” If that makes sense).

        Oh it’s so wonderful to have your energy and interaction back here! 🙂

        Blessings to All!
        Karin – Calliope

        • ‘…One more thing: of the sources and people I trust and follow, and from my own intuitive guidance, I’m sensing the Gift you speak of is triggered by the 6th Uranus – Pluto Square and definitely ushered in by the 12-12 portal…’

          Karin – Calliope,

          Yes, I sense that this particular (the 6th of 7) Uranus/Pluto Squares is going to be… slightly different from previous ones because of what all we’ve gone through in 2014. I just realized that tomorrow is 12-12! Here we go, again! 😆

          ‘Oh it’s so wonderful to have your energy and interaction back here!’

          Thanks dearest. ❤ The world has been so harsh, so crazy, so anti People of the Light this year that at times it’s felt like I could break under the repeated BS from people mesmerized by the old patriarchal systems that I’ve been having to deal with so much this year. I know many other People of the Light are feeling this way now too, so for all our sakes, I felt it was time to open Comments on some articles so we all–myself included–have like others to talk with and connect with during these difficult times.

          ❤ Hugs,

  • Hi Denise! I am very glad to see you have comments again. Waking at 3 AM this morning I got up and the words home is where my heart is came to me. How nice to see your new post in my box with the same sentiment. With everything going on around me I need to stay in my heart space. It is in that space that will allow me to be me, to ascend and lead my soul to where it will flourish. Much love to you Denise! Hang in there. BIG HUG!

  • I was so excited by seeing your newest post at 5:55 that I forgot to mention that for two days before this latest article from you, Denise, that the phrase “Home is where the Heart is” had frequently been popping into my mind. So your title sure perked up when I saw this. Thank you, Denise! Heart Hugs from Home! 🙂

    • Nikkoale,

      For about four days before I wrote and published this article, I kept projecting that phrase out on a 5D frequency range so others functioning at or within that range would sense, feel, hear or see it. 🙂 This is what 5D or HighHeart Consciousness or “unity” feels like; a Group functioning within 5D or higher are energetically connected and can easily feel/hear/sense each other. Telepathy between individuals and Groups of individuals is going to increasingly become the NEW way (which is really the normal ancient way 😉 ) we’ll communicate, interact, create and so on. We’ve always done this at higher, nonphysical levels and dimensions anyway but now we’ll do it in-body while awake.

      Well done you! ❤

  • Thank you Denise. I’ve been getting these conceptual messages too and it’s always wonderful to hear the confirmation. Hugs for you and your mother. 🙂

  • Thank you so much — so much gratitude — for opening comments on this post. This year has been quite a ride, and these past months since the 10-10 have intensified past points I thought possible.

    I’m with Nikkoale — I have been seeing the 5:55 very much in this time as well as :55 past the hour. I’m buckled up, high heart open more than ever before. Sounds like I need to really focus on receiving now, too. My how things have changed since 2012 at this time… I have not written anything for my blog about it (very little energy to deal with it along with everything else) but I have had a shift that is nothing short of what might be a really huge plot twist that leaves one gasping in a novel, movie, or TV show. It’s been that wild.

    I’m living with my very conservative (religiously-speaking and politically-speaking) parents at the moment. I’m learning compassion and detachment at levels I never thought possible, and also getting key core healing from the experience — understandings galore!

    Thank you for walking us through this process from your perspective, Denise. It’s been invaluable all these years.

    Much Love,
    Karin (Calliope the Muse)

    • Karin – Calliope the Muse,

      It’s great to connect again via Comments. And it has been an epic year for sure. I look back on it and can’t hardly believe the personal changes, repeated revelations all year, the huge struggles and the growth… ‘Compassion and detachment’ have been front n’ center for me too this year. Prep work for fully functioning within 5D frequencies and being. 2015 will be this in spades as more of mass humanity enters The Process… one way or another!

      ❤ Hugs,

  • Denise,

    You are ever so immensely insightful! My highheart flutters EVERYTIME I see a new post in my email inbox . All that you have written in this article as well as all the others I’ve read, but in this particular article I was experiencing literally looking up into the evening sky and clearly witnessing meteors falling!! I was shocked but not surprise as weird as that may sound😜 to really see what I saw and to hear myself within say surely this is a sign from Source (God) and in a instant feel a connection to comet Ison! Weird maybe to hear seemingly 1 year exactly later… But to me and my *abovestanding* (one of my many new words I’ve made up along my ascension journey when daily dialect barely made sense to me😮) it all makes perfect sense. I feel it could be even easily explained through Quantum Physics, if indeed a huge time anomaly It is highly possible Comet Ison could have just now (11-12/2014) recently made perihelion and NASA just got another good pull on our legs (if we were kind enough to actually let them touch our legs)! And told the public a complete lie and saw this coming later or just totally got their math off… Or as I said before there was simply a time anomaly. I just wanted to thank you and share my connection to your information!! Lastly I decided to email instead of commenting in the Comments because I felt I somewhat got off your point but as I said it all makes sense to me. At the same moment I’m aware it may not make much sense to another and it may make absolutely no sense to someone else and from experience I’ve noticed that’s when people seem to get the most offended so I was being careful to respect your guidelines for posting comments.Thanks for your service to humanity Denise 💓!


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    • Jade, in my time zone (Central) your post is timed at 4:44 PM. 😀

      I second all the “thanks for opening comments again”… It has been lonely out here without connection 3D connection to all you brilliant points of light.

  • This December starting from December the 3rd was the most intense month for me so far.

    On December 3rd something happened to me. I am not quite sure where I should begin. Because since that day it never stops and gets stronger each day that passes!

    Let me start from the beginning. On December 3 I was just doing what I always do. I helped my husband with promotion, I ate good and did nothing out of the ordinary.

    But coming to the point, in the evening of December 3 I was standing in the bathroom, as I suddenly felt a strange buzzing and vibrating sensation in my lower back area. Like it was coming from the base of the spine! It was feeling weird but I didn’t think anything about it. So I went to bed. But then it got even stranger. The buzzing and vibration moved up my spine and I felt weird electric kind of liquid energy feelings inside my body moving around and resting in different areas. Like the heart, the forehead etc. This was a rather mild experience of it. But the days since then got stronger and stronger.

    The 3rd day after this experience I started seeing vision changes. I sometimes see colorful sparkles hanging in the air like little light beings, sometimes even moving around. But that’s not all. Again in the night I started feeling the buzzing coming from the spine again and this time it felt like prickles and tingles and electric kind of waves hit me continuously throughout the days especially when I read something that contained truth. Spiritual things especially!

    Then one night I was relaxing as I suddenly saw with closed eyes purple whirls in front of me. Whirls that seemed to move into vision and out again and then it happened, that I suddenly got startled by a very bright flash of white light, all with closed eyes! It does definitely do something with my body.

    It seems to open blockages, as certain body parts sometimes release tension in the form of a blowing up sensation. I also started hearing inside my head a whistle kind of noise and a feeling of something pulsating and vibrating in my left ear that sometimes brings another noise that sounds like a deep tuned flute! It is now the 10th of December and it gets stronger each day. Sometimes it feels like a blissful caressing wind is surrounding me. Especially while lying in bed. It seems with 3 thick blankets on top of me I shouldn’t feel wind right?

    But there is definitely wind leaving my scalp and surrounding my body even though it’s covered!
    It feels like my body is being transformed, by something that is intelligent. I mean people do sometimes imagine things, but this is not an imagination. I feel the movements of energy inside my body, I feel most of the times wind around my head and my body, even though there is no wind in the house. I have a sparkling dot in front of me all the times. It’s there with open eyes and closed eyes. It’s like it’s burned into my vision or something. This dot does move. It looks like it’s rotating with glowing and sparkling particles inside. When I close my eyes I see the dot in a haze of purple that looks some kind of like the eye of Nebula: https://newheavenonearth.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/gods-eye.jpg?w=640
    Not exactly, but that what it resembles!

    But even more though, whenever I hear or read something that contains truth I get this sensation of an electric current like goosebumps from toes to crown of the head and when it reaches the head, my scalp starts sparkling like champagne and I feel like air is leaving my head. And of course the constant vibration and buzzing inside my body on different areas or in a total.

    What happened yesterday night was also spectacular. I was lying in bed trying to listen inside of me, as I suddenly felt like a tube of energy was pushed inside my left ear (It felt like something was literally entering my ear). It was buzzing and I could hear a river inside of me. I did not hear this river with my ears, it was more like I heard it from inside of my head. Then something happened. It felt like an electric jolt was passing from left ear through the brain towards the right ear, in that moment I felt a huge shock inside my brain, with a bright white flash behind closed eyes. The same moment that happened, I heard a very loud ping sound right beside my bed. It sounded like the lamp’s bulb (which was off) short circuited! Very strange phenomenon.

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