Why The Ascension Process Is So Painful & Difficult

From dense Duality 3D carbon to

higher frequency, light-filled 5D crystalline

From 2 strands of DNA to

multiple strands of quantum DNA

From 2 separate Duality right / left brain hemispheres

to right / left brain hemispheres being evolutionarily Rewired 

creating whole-brained individuals greatly energetically aligned with their Higher Self

From 3D ego-based, painful high drama emotional wounds and karma to

polarity resolution and natural evolution to 5D HighHeart Consciousness

From lower 3D Duality frequency, consciousness and reality to

ascended Triality consciousness of 5D and higher

From separated and Dualized female / male individuals and humanity to

integrated unified Triality individuals in both sex bodies

From quarantined, dark, negative and totally controlled 3D Earth to

conscious re-integration and evolution back into the Milky Way galaxy

and return to Universal Society as individually integrated crystalline beings of Light with 5D HighHeart Consciousness.

Considering we’ve done all this and more in the last twenty-five, thirty years of profoundly dense, difficult physical linear 3D time, we should be mighty pleased and impressed.

Denise Le Fay

May 21, 2010   


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31 thoughts on “Why The Ascension Process Is So Painful & Difficult

  • Wow that is why my last 25 years have been a roller-coaster. Thank you for the reason and understanding of my continuous transformation. I thought it began in 1999 with the slight glimpse, then in 2001 with a huge awakening then the visual witnessing of the negative forces fall by the wayside especially when it was emotional and physical bonds that normally would be held onto. Thank you.

  • Hello Denise,

    I think there’s a post of yours that talks about the rewiring of the brain’s hemispheres. This morning, I feel a great buzzing and vibrating force of energy specifically in my left brain and I do wonder what this means…:| Do you have any insight on this?

    Much love,

    • Rakka,

      I’ve described the rewiring process (of both our body and brain halves) as physically feeling like an internal electrical current running, an internal vibration, a buzzing, moving sensation. This is very much how the rewiring process feels in our bodies. The rewiring process inside our brains/heads/skulls not only has this same inner vibrating feeling but other sensations; pains, seeing lights and flashes of lights, hearing sounds that are not generated by anything within physical 3D, smelling scents that are not generated by anything in 3D, headaches, pressures, sense of spinning or falling over, seeing with your mind’s eye different geometric (6D) energy patterns and lines that are within your skull, and seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and sensing many other types of energies and other-dimensional beings.

      The body and brain hemisphere rewiring is an ongoing process and takes time. You need to remember that you will be feeling and seeing, possibly smelling, hearing and sensing all sorts of new-to-you type of colors and energies and also other-dimensional beings and energies because your two brain halves are literally being reconnected. It is simply what is becoming “normal” for more and more people as the Veil between the two brain halves disappears and the two halves are rewired and reconnected, meaning we will have whole brain function instead of primarily left brained only consciousness! In other words, as our brain halves rewire and become UNIFIED or integrated, we will be a new species existing within a new higher dimensional reality. 🙂

      The incoming solar flares, astrological transits (Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries is a big part of the brain rewiring process), galactic center Energy Wave Pulses and so on are all triggers for our continued body/brain/consciousness compressed evolution. Don’t fear these strange new body and head sensations and the changes in perception they cause because THAT is the ongoing ascension process. 😉

      I got a big top of my skull headache today which tell me the energies are pouring in again and many of us will feel those energies right inside our heads.


      • Thank you for the explanation, Denise, now I understand the constant weekly vibrations I feel in my head. That explains why my head feels like it’s spinning around and around when I’m conscious, and the weird dreams of feeling like light-beings are constantly talking to me, guiding me towards the future. Also explains constant strain I feel in my eyes!

  • Hello Denise and everyone,
    did anyone watch the final episode of Lost? It was all about ascension symbolism! It really moved me. I wonder if the authors did that consciously or not. Nobody near me understood these symbols. So frustrating, I could not comment! I suggest everyone to watch, it is really touching. Any thoughts?

    • Lya,

      Stu mentioned that he was deeply moved by this last episode of Lost too. I’ve never watched the show and didn’t see this last one either, so you and Stu and anyone else may have to tell us what happened in it.

      I think a lot of writers get their ideas from things said and personal stories shared by other people on forums, blogs, websites and so on. On the other hand, some writers plug into (often unknowingly) higher levels of Light/Information and believe it to be just their imaginations.


    • YES! Exactly! I thought the same thing and I too was watching it with a couple of people who didn’t “see” it the way I did. It blew me away. I’m so happy to see your post 🙂
      Love Chrys

  • Hello!
    This is the third time I have this dream over the past 2 years: I am in an airplane full of people, preparing to take off, but for some reason it doesn´t happen, in one time the plane stops and even go in the reverse. The second time, it didn´t have strength to take off. But yesterday, the same dream, I am with my mother, and we finally take off. I think it´s about us finally ready to fly! Let´s go! 🙂

    • Lya,

      I had totally forgotten about a bunch of dreams I’d had during Phase One of my ascension process until I read your Comment! I too had numerous dreams about being on an airplane getting ready to take off; being in an airport trying to board the plane; being in the plane with other people and waiting to get where we were going; being in the plane but flying it with a co-pilot. I had so many dreams about getting on the plane and flying in it or piloting it or wandering around in a huge airport or even out on the tarmac waiting for the plane to land so I could board it! Thank you for this important reminder and ascension insight. 🙂

      You’re very correct about the symbolism with the airplane/airport/flying in it etc. and how it indicates an important change in you, your life, your Mom’s, your consciousness, your very frequency or energies. These types of dreams are indicators that we are indeed changing elevations 😉 and going much higher, getting off the earth or 3D, functioning at a higher level etc. It is a great sign that you are well into your ascension process and are literally changing (once again because this happens repeatedly) energy/consciousness/dimensional levels.

      Hugs and keep flying even higher,

  • I like the ascension picture show 😀

    I wonder about something, will our outside appearance also change in a visible way? I met some shiny happy lightworkers along the way, with clear eyes and a beautiful smile, but will we physically look different after we complete our process?

    I’ve been through all sorts of changes, this was above all inner work, sometimes I can feel really shiny and happy, but my body might look and feel old andf tired. I’ve actually been too tired to fix my outer appearance, I’m still very much under construction.

    But I’ve got some weird things happening, it’s like my arms have grown about 1 inch each, they look thinner and longer than before and my sleeves are always too short. My eyes have this piercing x-ray look and they are much clearer than before. So I wonder what else to expect when our DNA is a activated, especially our ET strands 😉 Will we look absolutely gorgeous all of sudden or very very alien, including a blue skin and cat’s eyes, you never know!

    Espavo amigos 🙂

    • Blue Pixel,

      I loved your line about being too tired to fix your outer appearance and being under construction. We all are! I too feel that way at this point…and it shows!!! 😉 I hope I’ll be able to adjust this soon myself because I’m showing the wear n’ tear of it all.

      I suspect that many of us – due to the brain and body rewiring process along with the consciousness changes that and continued DNA re-connections – will be able to modify our inner/outer bodies through mental/emotional intentions. The whole “conscious creating” business is an aspect of this too I sense; us being able, if we want, to alter our external appearance slightly due to our changed consciousness and ability to consciously create. Time will tell about this one, but I know it is much easier for 5D beings to morph their appearance when desired. These types of abilities go with 5D and having a fifth dimensional consciousness and body etc.

      Not only these DNA and consciousness changes in those of us who’ve been incarnate long before the ascension began…but think too about the Indigo’s incarnating and how some of them have slightly different eyes and/or eye colors. They are a new race, a higher vibrating species that comes in as a frequency match to the “new earth” that’s birthing itself now.

      I sense there will be far more different eye colors showing up in people; silver, gold, different shaded of blues, grays, and mixed colors that I’ve seen other nonphysical Starbeings/ETs have. Also slightly different skin tints, especially within Caucasian skin. Tints like pale blue, pale pink tints, pale gray tints. Again, this is based on Starbeings/ETs I’ve clairvoyantly seen during my lifetime prior to the start of the ascension process.

      I think that some of us will choose to show, to externally reveal more of our different stellar genetics. In other words, more human earthlings will choose to also reveal some stellar traits like those different eye and skin tints. As we become increasingly able to function inter-dimensionally and also with other forms of life (ETs, Starbeings etc), some of us (not all) will start looking more like citizens of the Universe and not only 3D humans. Very exciting. 🙂


      • Hey Denise,

        Wow: my adolescence/teenage fantasies are coming true?!? You SPEAK MY LANGUAGE!!! I have always known—without any proof—that having such skin tones do exists. I also “see” in my daydreams that it’s highly likely that we’ll also have skin tones that we’ve never really seen before. This is what I naturally daydream/or make up stories about.

        As for me… I have always have people staring at my hazel eyes. Some people witness it being grey. Others as green or green/brown eyes. My mum mentions that my eyes keep changing colours depending on the lighting of the sun or if I’m under a shade. Overall… I do have ancient… deep… grey/green/brown eyes.

        I’m also very mixed race. I’m never felt belonging to neither the black/negroid race… nor the white/caucasian race… nor any other racial labels according to where I am geographically located. I sense my Soul deliberately has me all “mixed up” with indigenous, black, east indian race… in a melting region pot called the Caribbean… for reasons left unbeknownst to me. I don’t talk “local” either. VERY out of place that I am. Very… all of my Life I am. Had inter-racist issues because of my skin colour. ^_^

        Do you have anymore insight about the Indigos? You’ve given interesting “hints” that we are the “Root Race”… the ones who will establish our true gifts in the New Earth. If not… then I’m fine with those little hints and clues you’re naturally sharing to us… besides finally finding sunfell.

        Also… I know you have mentioned before that … because of you First and Second Lightwavers (thanks to you all)… most of us Indigos are not necessarily have all ascension symptoms. I’m not experiencing ANY ascension head/body aches due to this important rewiring. Sometimes I wish I had it to have self-proof that I am being upgraded. 😦 O well… ^_^

        Namasté everyone,
        Lou Ann

        • Lou Ann,

          Thank you for this important Comment because it tells me things about the younger Indigos and how many of them must feel about many different things. I’ve suspected that Balsamic Moon has also felt rather left out because of her being a young Indigo. I think I’ll try to write a bit more about this topic thanks to what’s you’ve said here. Plus it’s getting very close to the time now when the young adult Indigos will need to step up and take the place as the elder Lightworkers retire from what we’ve been doing for so long. It’s almost your time…finally! 🙂

          I can see how your mixed race and beautiful mixed skin and eye colors are an extension of your Indigo-ness and being “different” in that way too. Soon all this will change for you and other mixed races like you. That is another level of this breaking out of polarized black/white consciousness and energies that have been on the old lower earth. Obama is a symbol of this evolution beyond polarized white/black, into a third or “mixed” state beyond the old lower polarities of the old world.

          Many of the Starbeings/ETs I’ve clairvoyantly seen and interacted with have silver eyes, gold eyes, deep sapphire colored eyes, or really light ice-blue colored eyes and most of them have milk-white skin. Many others have these different tints underneath the milk-white color which makes them look pale blue, pale gray, pale pink and so on. Very beautiful, especially with the different eye colors. It sounds to me like you’ve always sensed or half remembered these other dimensional Starbeings/ETs. “Imagination” is often really deep memories of ours. 😉


        • Thanks Denise and Lou Ann 😀

          I’ve always been very thin with a pale white skin that almost doesn’t tan. I’ve been trying to hide my alieness since my teenage years, but that didn’t really work. Now I feel more connected to my true self I feel like re-decorating myself. I want to be ME in every way. But I’m not so sure yet what that’s supposed to look like.

          Younger Indigos and Crystals are probably differently wired than the older generations. The younger generations flew in with their DNA upgraded and ready.

          I’m very curious about the “new human”, and how they will think, talk, act and dress once they are fully awakened and aligned with their higher selves. Everyone will become more real, because fake-attitudes just don’t work in a 5D setting. But they also might become more expressive, more colorful and beautiful because they don’t feel the need to hide their true light anymore. I feel that we’re getting closer to that point when more of us feel ready to open up and to start shining.


        • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

          I’ve pondered often why we identify ourselves with the national identities of our forefathers. We may or may not have been incarnate during their lives, in their respective cultures. Truthfully, the old souls among us have been male and female, members of indiginous tribes and great civilizations across the world, during every historical epoch. We also have experienced lives in other dimensions and in other galaxies.

          Speaking of such, I would like to share this link about planetary origins: http://www.lightconnection.org/planetaryorigin/planetaryorigin.html. It’s limited, yes, but helpful. I’d love to hear from others who are relatively certain of their planetary origins. One may be “mixed,” by the way. 😉

          Balsamic Moon

        • Balsamic Moon,

          Thanks for sharing that link with everyone. 🙂

          I know I’m ET mixed 😉 because of my ancient (12,600 B.C.) Egyptian past-life connections (and this current life too) with some 5D Pleiadians, some 6D Sirians and super ancient Sirian Lion or Feline Beings, and some 8D Orion beings. Having said that, I also remember coming and going through a large and important portal somewhere in the Orion system from someplace outside of the Milky Way. Many did and probably still do, unless that too is changing due to what’s happening via the ascension process.


        • Hey Blue Pixel and Denise,

          Wow: you’re thin too?!? Omigosh… have you been labelled in anyway as an ADHD…. when you know deep down you are not??? If not… then that’s fine.

          During all of this upgrading…. I can’t help but being underweight. If I catch myself… be aware of the time… my usual eating hours have come and gone… leaving me to find a way to relieve the empty stomach and to quickly attempt at gaining my weight back with hot food and herbal teas and certain yogic positions. So funny to see the media advertising so much obsession to “LOSE it”… instead of encouraging balance. LOL

          Every “symptom” linked to that “ADHD” labeling is … for some odd reason… also linked up with the ascension symptom. Just sure hope the Universe knows what it’s doing… as my mum is seriously planning for me to visit a clinic in California in June.

          As for these lovely skin tones Denise mentioned… I’m wondering about those that are “blue-black” and are just as much on the Ascension Train…

          African-citizens do not see any of us Caribbean folks as part of their family… no mater how dark some of us are. No matter: that kind of “family” is very warped and ego-based. I roll my eyes to how much over-emphasis on Mother Africa and going “back to roots”… when we are so much more than that.

          Nonetheless … as a very mixed-race Indigo… I am wondering what about those of us who are on the darker hue? Would there be such skin tones for that group???

          My skin tone is more like olive-brown. If I don’t get enough sun… I’d be looked upon as “pale”… close to creamy vanilla… but not as milky white as the ones deemed “caucasian”. I have seen those who look “white” but act and talk “black” or other ethnic races on the inside… and vice versa.

          My two cents in all of this… goes back to my usual daydreams: I see those who “used-to-be” black/dark as having darker skin tones of red, orange, silver, grey… or any dark rich soil/earth tones. Maybe there is a catch to the critics ranting and raving for Avatar?!? Who knows. But this would be very interesting for other ethnic races too. Maybe our colour of skin would no longer represent a particular group of any sort. So many possibilities…

          This may be my left brain trying to figure out all of this in linear time … with me being very aware of all ethnic humanitarian issues… but this is all part of the learning curve in this Transitioning Process I find.

          Namasté to all, :*
          Lou Ann

        • O… and one more thing for Blue Pixel:

          “I’m very curious about the “new human”, and how they will think, talk, act and dress once they are fully awakened and aligned with their higher selves. Everyone will become more real, because fake-attitudes just don’t work in a 5D setting”

          Based on my own experience… I find that my taste in style and dress are very earthy… in colour and in look. Maybe the “new human” would be that down-to-earth as well. 🙂

          Namasté to all once again ^_^
          Lou Ann

        • In response to the talk of Indigos, you young ones dont feel left out! Hah. As one of the elder Indigo’s, from what I can tell, we’ve had a much bumpier ride. Im a mix of Indigo, lightworker, warrior all rolled into one and taken on the tasks of all the roles it seems at one time ot another since day 1, and now all signs point to ‘retirement’, and it cant come quick enough.

          I do feel a protective role to the younger youngs, wanting to keep that pureness and light shining. Im sure its part phsycoligal yearning to save them (myself) from all I have been through, but in my attunements and sessions it has been pointed out to me I am to help them specifically. I started a web site and pratice, but with all the changes I think this isnt on the table anymore and now its ‘me’ time.

          Seeing the imagery is great, it reminds me why Iv been grinding my teeth at night for the past couple years so much so I wake up with headaches every morning and have to wear night guards. Last summer before 9/9 I thought I had an infected tooth, I couldnt sleep laying down for several days, I was in horrid pain, but as quickly as it came it went and no infection.

          This si all like a science fiction movie, but I always said, as young as i can recall the world can be anything we want, anything….

          Thank you for allowing me to comment and let off a little emotion, I feel like were going through another strong hiccup. I have to remind myself this is the process because it wasnt always quite like this, though its always been very very hard, and when one is surrounded by people who CANT even imagine what some are really going through it gets very lonely.


  • My Kite’s been flying around for a long time. It’s tired. Might we get some relief?

  • HI:: :: ::

    The images combined with words is really working for me in Phase II….full brain functionality! It helps me ‘get’ it at lightening speed.
    Thank you for affirations. Just the high heart boost I needed right now. The past few days have been emotionally difficult, another round of contractions after weeks of expansions, it feels like.

    In Ever-Emerging Radiance,
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

    • Tieshla,

      I’m so glad the visual symbolism helps. And I hear you about the past few days being “emotionally difficult” because I’ve been WAY down emotionally with plenty of crying, which for me at this late date is unusual, and a sense of REALLY being ready to retire to some place in nature after so many years of living as a prisoner inside my house with no nature around…only people I’d rather not ever have to hear/feel/see again. It has been very intense for me since mid May, but this past few days has been severe emotionally and I don’t want to play anymore. (Not to worry because I’ve been through this hundreds of times throughout this Process and it will go away soon…it always does. 😉 ) The ascension highs are usually followed by deep lows but the great news now is that this up/down high/low Aquarian-like wave energies happen super fast now compared to Phase One. We all should be feeling better again soon and on it goes…


  • Hey Denise,

    What a beautiful set of images, really explains this whole process perfectly my dear friend 🙂

    Yeah, we have all done very well, but I get the feeling this was always going to be the case. We had a vision of change that no other beings had completed before, and so it is…..

    Love and gentle winged hugs,

    Stu angel xx

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