Ascending Humans & Descending Humans

I discovered this short video and thought I’d share it. I’m not familiar with this woman and I haven’t read any of her books (so far), but I enjoyed a couple of things she has discovered through regressing other people about life/reality beyond 2012. It’s information we’re familiar with already, but it was good hearing someone else talk about the ancient Mayans and how they intentionally shifted dimensionally as a collective group back out of 3D when they were done doing what they came to 3D Earth to do. I’ve always suspected they simply returned to their nonphysical home star system Maya within the massive Pleiadian system.

I remember many of the super-ancient Starbeings/ETs in super-ancient Egypt doing exactly the same thing during the early years of the astrological Age of Leo—12,600–11,600 B.C. approximately. Beings like this—and that includes Lightworkers and Starseeds/Wanderers—can intentionally insert and later remove themselves from the physical third dimension and return to their higher dimensional stellar Homes once their work is completed in 3D.

                                                        (image by Barbara Hand Clow)

One of the things I have known for the majority of my life is that not everyone alive (incarnate) now on Earth would or will ascend or be “Harvested” or make the current evolutionary shift to a much higher state of inner being, body and external world. The potential for every single human alive on Earth now to do so has been available however. But, as this woman, Dolores Cannon speaking in the video says, due to their much lower vibrating energies and consciousness they will not make the current ascension and dimensional shift. I was glad to hear someone else talking about this because it is ridiculous to think that so many people who are currently learning within physical 3D duality density—and are having a great time learning these things—would be capable of or want to avoid continuing to live and experience within a very dense physical realm and ascend out of it now. The time of 3D Earth being a location where any and all levels of development and focus can incarnate into has ended. Now only a certain vibrational range of people can and will exist within the old, lower vibrating physical Earth that we incarnated into. The same is true of the new higher vibrating (5D) world of course. Those who vibrate and perceive slower/lower cannot exist within the higher, faster, less dense, non-polarized, individually integrated higher vibrating Light filled New Earth existing within a higher dimension. Things have changed big-time finally and there will be (at least) three different frequency Earth-like worlds for everyone and where they’re current level of development and soul focus.

Denise Le Fay

January 30, 2010

19 thoughts on “Ascending Humans & Descending Humans

  • I’ve been wondering about the following. Let’s say you’re a 6th dimensional starseed incarnated in a 3rd dimensional body, does this starseed naturally make the shift, because on a soul level it’s a higher dimensional being. I can’t imagine that this 6D starseed will get caught up in the 3rd dimensional karmic cycle, if it only makes it halfway through the ascension process.

    Of course I’m also thinking: if I’m a higher dimensional starseed I just can sit back and relax because I’m already sooo high vibrating 😉

    I expect it doesn’t work like this, because it’s our job to undergo the transformation, to make the necessary changes and to shine our light in one way or another.

    • Blue Pixel,

      The fact you’re thinking and asking about this is a very good sign you’re on top of things. 😉

      You’re right about most of us Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers not getting caught up in the 3D karmic stuff. In A Lightworker’s Mission I talk about how I basically had the first 39 years of my Lightworker life ( Dec. 1951- Apr. 1991) to deal with my current life karmic situations and people/family etc. From 39 on, it was primarily about me doing Phase One (of the ascension process). In other words, we, as Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers would not reincarnate NOW and then get all hung-up with other stuff than what we reincarnated now to deal with and live through. It would be at odds with the very reasons we reincarnated into old lower 3D Earth now (our lifetimes this time). That’s not saying we haven’t had our stuff to deal with because we certainly have, more so than most people actually.

      The fact that you and I and the majority of people here at TRANSITIONS are Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers means just the opposite of sitting back and relaxing because we are who we are! Just the opposite! We’re the only ones incarnate who have been able to do this work from within the old lower 3D Earth world. THAT is why we came here now. (I’m currently writing a post about this and will have it up soon. 🙂 )

      What you and everyone needs to remember is that this transformational process, this changing of worlds, this ascension/evolutionary process, this whole entire business is happening through us. Yeah…through us. Steve Rother/the group channeling (which I’ll post asap), says and this is so great and true, something to the effect that “Earth is getting ready to give birth to new humans.” All of this is really not about a second Earth manifesting, but it is about new ascended/evolved, integrated 3D humans who’ve cleaned, cleared, transmuted, integrated and resolved enough of their own inner crap/stuff/issues etc. to make it possible for Phase Two to even happen. 😉 Phase Two is about us now going through the really amazing transformations, the higher level DNA changes and so on. Phase One was just to get us to be able to reach Phase Two. Stair steps as I’ve always said. I’ll write more about this soon because it really needs to be clarified now that we’re in 2010.


  • Hi again Denise,

    Your reply below has reminded me what you told me a few years ago about my contact years, I was slow on the uptake with the messages my ET family were trying to tell me! All those hundreds of hours spent sky watching in my garden and out in the fields, man they had some patience!! 😉 LOL

    Love and hugs,


    Denise :Robin,
    You know how the higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs, Angelics and whatever else we call Them must feel when They’ve tried to help us Lightworker’s and other Wayshowers down here? You know how They many times just patiently shook their heads over our deafness, our blindness, our total amnesia over why we are reincarnate here now? They knew we intentionally cut ourselves off from who we were at higher levels and our natural knowledge and memories, simply to incert ourselves into the 3D madhouse! They know this and have near unending patience and Love for us literally hanging out where angels fear to tread. I have cried and slobbered prostrate before many of Them telling Them how grateful I am for Their patience with me down here in the darkness pretending to be one of the locals. They were always like, “Gads, she really has forgotten!”
    Well, guess what we’re currently learning how to do now that We have transitioned to a higher level and state of being? It’s almost funny at this point, and I can still feel and almost hear some of Them smiling and winking over their shoulders at me and you and each of us who’ve taken Their places in many ways. We’ve now got to learn and trust that we are being heard…eventually…somehow…by someone somewhere. Hang in there fellow New Them and share when you know it is important.
    Hugs n’ ESPAVO,Denise

  • Hello Denise Robin and Barbra….

    Many years ago, in the very early 2000s when my babies were babies, an aspect of myself was still caught up in what apeared to be hell and the astral plane, (very frightening, my daughter, who was still in nappies~ as we slept, would call me out. She vibrated too high to reach in to collect me or show me the way out… so I just followed her voice. This took several attempts over several months. This aspect of self then intergrated and my family healed this illusion. My family dynamics started shifting also… although, its all lovingly live and let live. conquering the illusion of fear and limitation, chaos I find it safe and harmonious to hold the space of faith and light/love for ourselves and each other so we all may see our path and truth and to call out ,without loading it up by being scared for them or ourselves, (this relating hasnt happened for about a 8months, it stopped~) higher aspects of myself call out as well as, open and aware groups of people also, I hear them, waking me in the middle of the night because IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP and MOVE ON UP, OK. our collective conscious is very strong and loud as is the galactic voise, to unite…

    My experiences with the twin soul aspect is simmilar to your veiw Robin, in that I wasn`t able to physicaly play out that role. it was important to Love and fully accept that aspect of myself, realizing there is nothing to forgive~ reclaiming personal power. I have seen that we are unifying the entire zodiac, all aspects of ourselves to wholeness. there is no need to follow the sensations or (memory) of the initial seperation of our (twin soul)~ Its sence of )) (( LOSS….. not going there anymore.
    moving up, intergrating the soul partner, moving up, intergrating the twin flame, moving up, intergrating our lightbody, moving up, intergrating our………..G
    getting our Humour back!
    X kesh

  • Hi Tieshla,

    Well, I don’t know everything, I’ve had to learn as I go along. All I know is what I’ve heard/seen/experienced myself, and I can’t do it at will 24/7, unfortunately! (Talk to higher beings, etc). And sometimes I’m slow to grasp what they do tell me! : ) So I thought I’d ask if anyone here has had twin soul problems. I don’t blame you for thinking I sound mad or unhealthy! 😀
    It’s hard to explain ‘how do I know this other is my twin soul’, it would take a book. I knew as a child that we all have a twin flame, & that mine was alive on earth. He died when I was a young child, and reincarnated quickly. He told me where and what month of what year he’d be born, what he’d look like, etc. (All were correct). I didn’t wait for him, just knew he’d turn up one day, which he did! The spiritual beings tell me that at a certain stage on your path, you will meet your twin soul. It’s a given, it just happens. However, my TS got attacked so badly by dark entities that he got stuck very far down. Physically, I no longer see him; astrally, he’s trapped in a kind of prison.
    I’m not permitted to intervene, because he has to fight his way out himself. (Sometimes he does astrally ask for help, & I can remove a little of the dark energies; but at about an inch at a time).
    No, he’s not holding me back, but here on earth it is pretty lonely! I think it’s nearly impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t met their twin, because until you meet him or her, you don’t know what you’re missing; even the closest soulmate relationship pales in comparison….like losing $100,000.00, and someone saying, ‘Never mind, here’s 5 cents!’ 🙂 I wondered if anyone here is clairvoyant, and has had experience in a case like this. Most people have not run into this problem, because their twin soul is either discarnate, or, much more frequently now as the population climbs, is on earth, but they haven’t yet met. But clairvoyants can usually be helpful, as they can ‘see’ even if it’s outside their experience. (For instance, I can tell you what happens to suicides, and how to help them, even though I’ve never been one). I think I’m rarer than I thought, though. 😦


    • -:¦:- hello EVERY-ONE-in-the-ONE! -:¦:-

      (( (( (( ((One root, many branches.)) )) ) ))) )

      What is so amazing to me here is how we colourfully converge our unique perspectives with an open willingness to share our spiritual diversity, even when the cosmic lens we are peering through is so distinctly different that it sometimes feels lonely to us, befuddling or isolating.

      Barbra dear, NOT ONCE did I think you sounded “mad” or “unhealthy”, and my “Higher Self 101 class” response to you was based on the limited awareness I had of YOUR experience. While I have not had an encounter quite like yours, (I’ve had my own to process) it resonates in my heart as YOUR sacred truth, which I honour and respect. ESPAVO! I do hope you find the inner resolution and grace you desire.

      As Masters-in-the-making, I’m humbly reminded of how many lucid realities are gathered into a very rich tapestry of core-expression, wisdom and experience. Ascended Mastery is not about co-creating a map of conformity or homogeny to a particular ‘wise-one’ posture or stance or ascension dogma. It’s about a unified field of OUR Truth, OUR Love and OUR Creative Vision, and this manifests as an infinite number of pollinated possibilities. Yay for that!

      Sometimes the most exquisite God-Realizations come in a simple, modest and innocent moment which can be easily overlooked by our more cosmically grandiose perspectives/ experiences, or even sometimes our need to feel special.

      I am most happy to celebrate and honour ALL of you in this forum, including mySelf and OUR Truth together……and how this is shaped by the miracle that is YOU!and ME! and WE!

      Much gratitude to everyone who shares honesty here, who reads here, who dreams here. I feel the silent readership who gather here with us too, and honour you as well. hi!

      We’re all special, unique and immensely LOVED!

      …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
      ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
      ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { Tieshla } -:¦:-
      -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

  • Denise

    I just had to laugh when I saw your latest post. Synchros abound with this one for me personally!

    Saturday evening, my husband came into the kitchen and started talking away about something he was watching on TV – and I guess it had something to do with the Mayan’s. It was probably some science based show. Anyway, I interupted what he was saying and made a remark about how they all disappeared. I could tell he wasn’t in the mood for that direction of the way it could go, so I left it alone. Got online yesterday to see if there were any updates here and had to laugh!

    But more synchronicity too given your conversation with Barbra. Since viewing the clip and reading your blog, I have pondered a bit as to this split that several people are now speaking about. And felt some somberness about possibly leaving and not having those that I love the most transitioning along with me. Anyway, your discourse on this was spot on and has helped me feel a little bit better in that regard so thanks for that.

    Also had to laugh about your comment about posting on forums and having your part of the conversation tank. I can really relate to that — I have had that happen the few times I have posted somewhere recently — even if it is relevant to what is being discussed — it is as if I am not there. Or that I am not a part of the so called clique!! I guess that does happen alot, but still the feeling I have had is that I am not even THERE or that whatever I am saying doesn’t seem to resonate whatsoever. This is not just in spiritual based forums, either! So thanks for your explaination on that b/c I was really starting to think I should just stop posting entirely b/c I was starting to wonder if I am not adding anything to the discussion and that is why the lack of any acknowledgement or little if any response….

    And one last thought — in Barbra’s regard to the question about twin souls. I believe some people have tossed around the idea that part of the dynamics with ascending may tie in with reconnecting the other (and many) halves of ourselves (male/female) in a more concrete way so that we are not living as many aspects of our H. Selves in multidimensions, but instead as a more integrated self, if that makes sense – and I’m not sure if that even helps, but that is what came to mind when I read your comment!


    • Robin,

      You know how the higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs, Angelics and whatever else we call Them must feel when They’ve tried to help us Lightworker’s and other Wayshowers down here? You know how They many times just patiently shook their heads over our deafness, our blindness, our total amnesia over why we are reincarnate here now? They knew we intentionally cut ourselves off from who we were at higher levels and our natural knowledge and memories, simply to insert ourselves into the 3D madhouse! They know this and have near unending patience and Love for us literally hanging out where angels fear to tread. I have cried and slobbered prostrate before many of Them telling Them how grateful I am for Their patience with me down here in the darkness pretending to be one of the locals. They were always like, “Gads, she really has forgotten!” 😉

      Well, guess what we’re currently learning how to do now that We have transitioned to a higher level and state of being? It’s almost funny at this point, and I can still feel and almost hear some of Them smiling and winking over their shoulders at me and you and each of us who’ve taken Their places in many ways. We’ve now got to learn and trust that we are being heard…eventually…somehow…by someone somewhere. 😉 Hang in there fellow New Them and share when you know it is important.

      Hugs n’ ESPAVO,

      • Denise

        Thanks for that very clear reminder! When you put it in those terms, it really does make sense 🙂


  • Hey Denise 🙂

    Thanks for posting this great clip. It is great to hear about the shift the Mayans made.

    This video will be good for people who have no idea what is going on, but know there is something changing!

    Love and hugs,


  • Thank you.
    (Oh dear, am I hijacking the thread? Sorry! :$)
    Oh, Vlad’s become a catchphrase for me, too! My daughter was incredulous recently that just one email exchange with a somewhat dense-energy friend had messed up her aura for two days. I said wisely, ‘Vlad the Impaler…’ 😀 The image of you lunging for the remote, but – too late! was so funny that if I find myself about to read or look at something negative, it comes into my head as a sort of shorthand reminder: ‘NO, don’t!’


  • Hello Denise,
    Thanks for answering. I know exactly what you mean about ‘going down’, to lower-vibrating people, whether in the flesh or on forums. As you say, dash in and then out! 🙂 The last year or so has been a really interesting learning process in that regard (I laughed a lot at your earlier Vlad the Impaler post). What I’ve learned is that we can talk to & be around those people, but not, NOT, ‘engage’ with them. If you open up/link with them, then instantly, all their crap lands in your energy-field, and you have to sort of detonate it. A few lessons like that (OK, five or six), and you learn. I can no longer watch the news!

    I’m totally with you on leaving others free, including close loved ones and soul-mates. But what I meant is that, normally, your twin soul (not soul mate, but your other half) is energetically at your level. You will meet this complement, in 5D. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced or seen what happens when one half of the pair is still deeply mired, and is not in 5D. I seem to be the only person in the world in this situation, and have no map. : / It’s very different from being on a different level from a husband, soulmate, and so on.


    • Barbra,

      I’m glad my Vlad post made you laugh. It was a real shock to me at that time to so suddenly not be able to even watch graphic, violent stuff like that on TV now. It’s become a standing joke and catch phrase with me – “Fuck you Vlad, not in my world!” 😆

      Thanks for clarifying between twin souls and soul mates for me. I have a different sense about these other halves of ourselves in this sense, and so, will stand back and let the others respond to your question.


    • Hi Barbra,

      While I’m a wee bit unclear about what your own unique perspective/ vantage point is on ‘twin soul’ and ‘soul mate’ energies, I hear that you have a connection with a significant mirror-to-your-soul who is still in “early Phase I” of their journey.

      I may have a different sense than you of these kinds of soul-activating relations. However, I’m going to give this a sincere response based on some of my own navigations with soul-intimacy.

      I’m curious about your belief that another person is your “other half”. This seems to me, a fragmented perspective in and of itself. YOUR Multi-D Higher Self, once fully anchored through all the levels and bodies of your complex energetic system, is your full and complete compliment, your Divine and Cosmic Marriage & Mastery, YOUR alchemical conjunctio.

      Experiencing a deep union with your heart’s compliment in a person who is so mired in lower frequencies may reflect how your own soul essence may need to be reclaimed/ reintegrated/ karmically resolved so that your Ascension Self can be fully realized.

      I have for some time now been in an intimate friendship with someone who is still deeply entrenched in his Phase One, and very much mired in some lower-density narratives there. However, because we are linked at the level of Soul, my awakening mastery is naturally and easily activating some profound processes in HIM, which he experiences more at the quantum level (5d and beyond), and all the more powerfully when we are further apart.

      When in proximity, I focus on keeping a high-vibrating resonance between us, I don’t talk about his work in the world, and I keep the flow of galactic communication alive through our eye gazing, touch, laughter and a naturally warm heart-connection. I actively play in the zero point with him, and it’s delightful, and strange at times too. In a notable way, this seems to be accelerating his process in Phase I, while accelerating mine in Phase II.

      When star-seeded individuals become fully Realized, the geometric matrix of our ‘soul-group’ lights up and brightens each person, each relationship within. Our dreaming processes also link together more deeply and we may experience heightened synchronicity together, meeting each other in the world with increased frequency. I believe more in ascended, star-seeded soul-groups than I do in the ‘one and only’ other half notion, myself.

      I really don’t believe another person can hold your ascension process back unless you have fragmented into the very story between you at some point in your shared incarnations. If this is the case, it is highly important to engage whatever integration/ transformation process necessary to retrieve your own soul essence back, and to complete your mastery/ marriage with your Higher Self, first and foremost! All-too-often I’ve seen significant loss of soul essence within karmic relationships where there has been shared tragedy, trauma and violence at some point within the narrative.

      Any true “soul mate, twin flame…etc” will be of greater magnitude and of a yummier love-juice when your own integrated Higher Self meets theirs in a union of two Masters co-creating a Heart-Universe together.

      Anything other than that, to me, is an unhealthy attachment to an ‘old karmic story’ which is crying out for rememberance, release and reintegration.

      This, of course, is just my own perspective from this current angle. I trust you’ll take from it whatever truly nourishes you at this time.

      Mighty-Bright Blessings on your Sacred Journey,
      …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
      ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
      ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { Tieshla } -:¦:-
      -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

  • Hello!
    I’ve just recently found your site, and this is great, to find kindred spirits who know about the shift into 5D. I agree, I was thinking today that there is just no way everyone is going to be able to live, consciously, on the fifth dimensional earth. It is already 2010, and many people are still firmly enmeshed in 3D. But while in 5D, I’ve sometimes seen the more advanced souls helping to teach the lower-vibrating ones, which puzzles me. Are we maybe visiting them in ‘their’ space? (Just as angels and space-friends appear to us and help, even though they don’t reside at our 3D level).
    Can I ask you a question? (I realise you may not know the answer! : )) What happens if your twin flame/ complement/other soul half – you know what I mean – has got trapped in matter, so that one of you is ascending and the other is at a very dark level? (As, although two halves, each is still a sovereign self, with free will). You’d then be in 5D, but lacking your twin. I just wondered if you know anything about what happens in that situation!


    • Barbra,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      Yes, the faster vibrating, higher energy people have to go back down vibrationally, energetically when we go back to talk/write/post/interact etc. with people in locations that are currently vibrating much slower and lower energetically than we are. It actually hurts me physically when I do this and is why I simply can’t post much on forums anymore; I simply don’t fit there and usually just kill threads and/or seriously piss certain people off who don’t (yet) understand expanded levels of perception. So I dash in and post and usually have to dash right back out fast for this reason at the few forums I occasionally post at today. We literally change our vibratory locations to go back down to communicate with certain people now. We understand this, but they don’t, other than how some of them feel when we’re around. We are literally becoming the new “Guides” and unseen teachers etc. to many of these people just as you accurately sensed.

      About those loved ones in our lives/hearts that are not “ascending” now, and/or those who are many, many energy/frequency stair steps below us – we must keep our current frequency and not play co-dependent with them. We’ve got to do what we’re doing because that is what we’re supposed to do now. They will either catch up with us later…or they won’t in this incarnation. That’s not “bad” or “wrong”, just the way it is and always has been with this sort of thing. 🙂 Be strong, stay on your Path, and allow those others in your life/heart to do what they’re capable of now.

      So yes, you will be existing within a higher, faster vibrating layer of reality and even world at this point, and, the person or people you know may still be many, many stair steps below you vibrationally, but headed in the same direction as you and I are. But of course, there are many, many people who simply will not make this same ascension journey now and we’ve got to respect their Free Will soul choices and love them, but keep moving forward nonetheless.

      Hugs and glad you’ve joined us here,

  • Hi Denise,
    Love the video….. Fantastic graphics.
    This letter is just to concure really..

    As a small child in my (shamanic) wanderings, I came across a very run down builings that needed clearing on all levels, as it was decayed. Over a period of many years I have completely reformed the building back to glory. Even though it has doors, they aren`t readily used as the sweeping gardens and animals again work in harmony to regulate the internal environment. In this environment there is a lot clearer communication with plants and animals and (spirit) Harmonious co~operation. In the study/library which is a round room with a vaulted glass domed ceiling there appears to be a direct phone or communication device with higher vibratory or different locale beings….. This is a physical device even though telepathic communication, even global tapping in, is clearer and acknowleged than it is at present. What I am saying is I think from my dreams that appart from energy clearing all that needs care, we have also been busy creating the leap and then in a little spare moment, we have been builing our homes.

    Around this age period, when I was 7 or 8, I also dreampt that I cleaned my death bed and chose at that time that there was no need to physically die or through illness, seperate the body, It was chosen and understood that we would just vibrate higher, through. The memory of being able to shift vibrationally is very strong, fly. I also remember, though much more clearly as a child how we worked with the atoms to link the energies and create things, including the restructuring of our brains. making them dimensionall specific. this christmas past though, I saw that the atoms have re~paired, as to not be polarized male to female. They seemed to be male/male before and then connect to another? This bridging of dimensions started a very long time ago, in the earth sence, as far as I can see with my dreams, a lot of engeneering has been going on.

    A funny ,personal aside of mine… 2 christmases ago, I dreampt I picked up a purple scull and was told of the diamond mind, the next day I went to my car and there was a spectacular engagement ring next to my door…. The feelings I had were, commitment to self (not egoic). This Christmas it feels as though from what I have seen, Things have reconnected energetically.
    Denise we are getting much closer again to being able to communicate with energy/ what we consider matter to be and work together to create…Like when we work as a (healer) with someone and we can talk to their body…..not just their mind~ you so know this teritory…

    This letter doesn`t need posting Denise, this is all just a first for me to meet someone, with such experienses, that I feel I can put perspective to mine.
    I had previously felt that I had a very vivid imagination and sight for things irrevilant to where I seem to be.
    Phillip Lindsay latest posting on esoteric astrologer has interesting things to say about this period. Just received it yesterday.
    Love to You

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