A 5D Pleiadian Message

Navy Morse Code chart 050322-N-9860Y-109

In the early AM hours this morning, while I was trying to sleep I got an incoming message from the Pleiadians. This isn’t anything new as I’ve been hearing them since 1995 as a very fast, high-pitched, electronic sounding Morse Code type clicking in my left ear. It also sounds much like dolphin clicks and/or hummingbird clicks.  I had ear plugs in (trying to sleep!), which only allows clairaudient sounds to be more easily and clearly heard because physical sounds are blocked out.

Because I was wide awake and in my little ear plug isolation chamber inside my head, I easily heard and saw the incoming clicking message. The only reason I’m sharing this particular message or alert or cosmic infomercial  is because it was indicating a new and soon to manifest “vehicle”. I saw only a small part of it and that part appeared brick-red in color and round, like a nose-cone sort of thing. I knew I was only clairvoyantly seeing a tiny corner of this “vehicle”. I’m using this term “vehicle” because that was the term used by the Pleiadians.

Because my old familiar lower intellectual thinking mind instantly thought “vehicle” must mean individual cars for humanity—the whole thing paused for a nanosecond like hitting a speed bump and that was my clue I’d misunderstood the message. So, I let go and expanded and got out-of-the-way so I could perceive more of their message from a higher perspective. Instantly I sensed this “vehicle” was a nonlinear transportation device. It was a teleportation device and it’s sitting out there in the ether’s, very close to us here, just waiting to slip into our consciousness and manifest.

Oh Santa…really, you shouldn’t have!

Seriously, this Pleiadian message around 3–4 AM today June 11th 2009—yes it’s an 11 day—was nothing more than them confirming what Steve Rother channeling the group said was a potential “drop” into our world around July 21-22, 2009 a couple of months ago. (July 21st is a Solar Eclipse/New Moon at the 29th degree of Cancer. July 22nd the Sun enters Leo.)

I’m sure other people around the planet have also received this same information/Light about this amazing Aquarian Age, higher consciousness, higher world and reality potential technology. I sensed that what I heard, saw and sensed a few hours ago was only to show me how close it is out there, just waiting for enough of humanity to even be open and ready for it.  Honestly think about  how utterly this one device will alter the entire world/reality/consciousness and the Collective.

So to all of the people who disbelieve, continue enjoying paying $3 or $4 or more dollars a gallon for your gasoline, risking life and limb driving the old lower world vehicles around in slow motion, and paying money endlessly to your auto insurance company!  Sorry but we’re overriding you and aiming vastly higher now. Deal with it and adapt to the real new Age.

Denise Le Fay

June 11, 2009


8 thoughts on “A 5D Pleiadian Message

  • Hello Denise,

    I was lead to your site when I was seeking answers to this “morse code” sound that I experienced the waking hours of Saturday, Nov 5th, 2010. It was so amazing, I swore I had an old time radio in my ear. Unfortunately, there aren’t many answers out there.

    During my life I’ve experienced unusual things, I see 11:11 all the time, I am 0 Neg (if that matters) and concider myself “different”.

    What advice can you give me? Please help…I don’t want to miss out on something.

    • triumphig,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I’ve written many times about my clairaudiently hearing this Morse Code-like in my left ear since 1994. If you do a search here using “morse code”, many of my old posts about this topic will come up for you to read through if you wish. I believe that this inner ear Morse Code-like clicking many people have been hearing is in fact fifth dimensional (5D) communications or transmissions from the Pleiadies.

      Many Lightworkers, Wanderers, Wayshowers, Indigos etc. are Starseeds and we’re able to perceive or pick up certain higher dimensional signals, messages, information, concepts, transmissions from dimensions and star systems that we are very connected to. “ET phone home!” Seriously, the ongoing Ascension Process is causing many of us to expand, evolve quickly to where we’re easily able to now pick up these higher dimensional signals. The real difficulty I found with these Morse Code, super fast clickings was to figure out how to read or interprete them. After a few years of struggle with this I discovered that if I UN-focused and did NOT think too much but just felt the clickings and opened myself up to them this way, then I was able to perceive other levels of information within/above/inside the Morse Code-like clairaudient clickings. Left brained intellect and focus typically does not work with these types of higher dimensional Starbeing/ET communications.

      Read my other posts about this for more info okay?



  • I was very pleased to come upon this posting, particularly the reference to a “very fast, high pitched, electronic sounding Morse Code type clicking in only my left ear.” I have been experiencing these same Morse Code-like sounds, only in my right ear, for many months now, and I did not know what they were or how to interpret them. I wasn’t sure if they were “spiritual” in origin or something more nefarious. Can you tell me any more about this? How do you “decipher the message”? Thank you for your post!

    • Hello samadhimann and I’m so glad you’ve connected with something personally helpful at TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      Deciphering higher dimensional Light information from the Pleiadians, which is what this Mose Code or dolphin-like inner ear clicking is in my opinion, is obviously the difficult part. I took me a while before I realized I needed to stop listening to the fast, high pitched clicking sounds, and pay attention in other more subtle ways. Higher dimensional beings/ETs often transmit higher “Light” which is information to us in massive nonlinear chunks or blocks. They exist outside of linear time/space and because of this, they often transmit (to anyone who can pick up their transmissions) in that same form. Listening is linear and lower 3D – being open and paying attention to what YOU are thinking, seeing clairvoyantly if anything, physically and emotionally feeling, and being highly aware of all subtle impressions at the same time is what it takes for me (at this point) to really get these Pleiadian Light transmissions. It takes practice learning how to be in a nonlinear quantum state/consciousness, as opposed to being in our old familiar 3D linear intellectual and polarized state/consciousness. But, that is what’s required at this point based on my years of learning and experimenting with this myself. It’s doable for all of us. Being more in this nonlinear or quantum state of awareness is very much what 5D and our ascension/shifting process is all about anyway.

      Hang in there and just be wide open and receptive because this form of communication via higher Light is so subtle, so fast, so full of multi-layered info that it is difficult to grasp – unless your brain (and Heart) is evolving into Whole Brained awareness which is exactly what’s happening to many of us now. 😉


  • At what degree was the Sun positioned, Denise? It’s currently at 22 degrees Gemini; was it at this degree this morning?

    • balsamicmoon,

      Good to see you again. 🙂

      The message happened in the early AM hours of June 11th. So the Sun was probably 21 degrees Gemini…plus.

      An 11 day and very close to the Sun being @ 22 degrees!

      Stu shares the latest Crop Circles (because I’d never remember to check them out otherwise!) and lately there’s been a lot of triple symbols in many of them. To me this is a symbol emphasising “Triality consciousness” of 5D and not polarized consciousness of 3D.

      Possibly…the Sun being @ 21 (3) is another symbolic indicator of this too. Just a possibility. Is this what you were sensing too or something else?


  • Denise,

    Holy crap, this is awesome news, what a totally amazing insight! 🙂 🙂 I’ve had enough of cars and planes, the time has come for instant stress free travel.
    Get those tea cups ready my dear friend, stubeing is on his way!…….

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      Maybe we’ll be able to get together some time soon after all! 😀

      Hugs n’ Loves,

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