Another Phase Where The Dark Is Running Loose Again


For the past week now I’ve been psychically seeing a lot of little Dark shapes, balls, things, and critters zipping and zooming around inside and outside my house. In years past they weren’t little but very big, potent, and horrible. I’ve been through this repeatedly over the past many years and thankfully this phenomenon is vastly less powerful, potent and bad ass than it used to be. All that hard Light work over the past decade or more has already transmuted so very much of this lower vibrating crap.

However, we still experience these now less intense and increasingly shorter periods or phases within the ongoing ascension process where Darkness, in whomever people and/or in whatever nonphysical form, gets all pissed-off, frantic, and flies around searching for other people to attack and/or other places and people to land on/in again. Let’s face it, the Dark doesn’t like getting energetically cutout of the Big Picture.

When we have another big energetic ascension related move forward, whatever Darkness that’s still within us or around us, or still in other lower vibrating people and places etc., comes out again flying around trying to attack and lash-out at anyone vibrating brighter carrying Light. It’s just what happens now with the dying Darkness everywhere. I hate that any of us still, after all we’ve already been through, have to even go through these short-lived phases where the Dark thrashes about and lashes out at us. But, it is what it is and this is just another one of the phases within the cycles of the ongoing ascension process. Eventually we’ll all be so crystal-clear inside and out that there won’t be ANY lower, slower, Darkness anywhere within us or our world and reality. Stair steps remember?

I’m writing this post for any of you out there who’ve recently been having crazy and wild, less-than-wonderful dreams bordering on nightmares. Also, for any of you who’ve had or seen some Darkness visit you (usually) in the middle of the night recently. You know, it’s that Darkness that’s darker than the natural middle of the night darkness, and it’s seriously pissed-off and wants to take it all out on you. Yeah…I mean that Darkness! Just know that it will end again soon and then we’ll have the wonderful opposite; lots n’ lots of higher energies everywhere. This is like high tide and low tide but with many other phases in between them both. And know this…eventually you’ll be vibrating so much higher/faster than the Darkness still out there, that it has a much more difficult time even being able to reach you…let alone attack you. Hang in there as this phase is almost finished. It will come again and again however as we cycle through the ascension phases and adjustments, but it’s getting so much easier and shorter than ever before.

Denise Le Fay

April 19, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Another Phase Where The Dark Is Running Loose Again

  • Denise,

    I have been seeing dark shapes as well in my house. Also my dreams have been less than pleasant, trying to make me believe I am near to the end of everything. I see this as a last ditch effort to try and turn me to the side of ‘fear’, no way will this work.

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      Yep this latest phase of the lower “dark” energies running wild has caused my dreaming to be just weird! Multiple crazy dreams every night for nearly two weeks now with many of them rather dark and borderline nightmares…which is rare for me at this late date. But we go through these phases where anything/everything vibrating lower gets sucked up into our new space for a bit because we’ve moved forward energetically again. These cycles seem to be happening faster and faster than last year and the years before it.

      You are very right about these dreams and energies and even psychic attacks are those dark energies “last ditch effort”, as they’re dying away or rather, being transformed energetically. It is the “end times” for these type of lower energies and consciousness! 😉


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