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I created HighHeartLife in September 2013, mainly for the Volunteers/Forerunners/Pathpavers/Embodiers who’ve been living, transmuting, integrating, embodying, seeding and anchoring the Ascension Process higher frequency Light Energies for many years already but who may still benefit from another Volunteers Higher Awareness, multidimensional insights, personal Ascension and Embodiment Process experiences and ongoing discoveries.

You won’t find any personal information about me here. No expensive patriarchal letters behind my name, no elaborate, shining descriptions about my accomplishments and abilities. If you want to know who I am, all you need to do is read my HighHeartLife and TRANSITIONS articles and books. That is who and what I have been and who and what I am becoming.

The name of the site suggests a fifth dimensional (5D) core platform which is the bottom level of the NEW frequency reality we’ve evolved or “ascended” to at this point. The High Heart exists physically and vibrationally above the old lower third dimensional (3D) physical heart and Heart chakra and is the NEW platform, the NEW focal point, the NEW brain/mind and seat of consciousness, being and reality for ascending humanity. Not all are there yet of course, but they’ll arrive when they’re able, and it will be sooner rather than later.

If the Ascension Process is new to you personally, along with many other complex related topics, then I suggest you visit my first site TRANSITIONS created in 2007, and read those articles first. There’s plenty of archived information there about the Ascension Process and its many unusual side effects plus related topics that contain valuable information to help people living this compressed evolutionary process. The Comments left by readers under articles (at both sites) are often very helpful and make it a bit easier to understand that one truly is not alone in this Ascension Process.

I hope you both enjoy and benefit from HighHeartLife.

Denise Le Fay